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JANUARY, 1971 


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1970: CTA's Safest Year 

OPERATING EMPLOYES have set a new public acci- 
dent record, making 1970 the safest year in CTA's 
23-year history. 

Compared with 1964, the previous safest year, 
there were 1,265 fewer traffic and passenger acci- 
dents, a decrease of 9.5 per cent. The 1970 traffic 
and passenger accident rate of 8.2 accidents per 
100,000 miles operated was also the best in CTA his- 
tory and is a reduction of 8.0 per cent from the 1964 
rate of 8.9. 

Contributing greatly to the new record, the surface 
system also had its safest year in 1970 with 1,327 
fewer traffic and passenger accidents than in 1964, 
its previous safest year. The new surface system 
traffic and passenger accident rate of 11.6 accidents 
per 100,000 miles operated set in 1970 compares 
favorably with the 11.9 rate in 1964. A breakdown of 
the comparative figures shows a 32 per cent decrease 
in passenger accidents and a 4 per cent increase in 
traffic accidents which can be attributed to ever- 
increasing traffic congestion on city streets. 

In comparison with 1969, the safest year on the 
rapid transit system, 1970 was the second safest year 
with 118 more accidents. The 1970 rate of 1.62 acci- 
dents per 100,000 miles operated is, by comparison, 
a close second to the 1.55 set in 1969. The slight in- 
crease can be attributed to the number of new pas- 
sengers who were not accustomed to riding rapid 
transit service, as well as to the new routes and un- 
familiar equipment which trainmen had to adjust to. 

Most significant is a comparison of the 1970 sys- 
tem accident rate of 8.2 with the accident rate of 18.5 
in 1948, CTA's first full year of operation, a 56.0 per 
cent reduction. 

In the years since 1948, there has been a steady 
downward trend in public accidents , culminating with 
the outstanding safety record of 1970. In 1954, CTA 
embarked on intensive safety-training activities. And 
in the next six years, the accident rate per 100,000 
miles operated ranged from a high of 14.1 to a low of 
10.4. Since 1961, the rate never exceeded 10. 

Suggesters Win $2,915 During 1970 

IN ITS annual report for 1970, the Employe Sugges- 
tion Plan announced adoption of 125 suggestions and 
the presentation of awards totaling $2,535 during 
the year. 

Supplemental cash awards totaling $380 were also 
presented to eight suggesters whose ideas adopted in 
1969 continued to produce savings to CTA. In all, 
$2,915 was presented to employes according to the 
suggestion plan report. 

Participating in the suggestion plan during 1970 
were 1,131 employes who submitted a total of 1,513 
suggestions. Since the present system-wide sugges- 
tion plan was established on October 1, 1952, 26,147 
suggestions have been received. During the same 
period, to December 31, 1970, a total of 2,355 sug- 
gestions have been adopted and $48,533 has been paid 
out to employes in awards. 

The approximate value of first year savings real- 
ized through the adoption of suggestions during 1970 
is estimated as $17,745. Total first year savings 
realized on all suggestions adopted since the plan 
went into effect amount to $342,540. 

Among the last to receive cash awards for their 
ideas adopted during 1970 was a Shops and Equipment 

Department employe, Joseph A. Miller of South Shops, 
who received a check for $275. Other S&E employes 
who received cash awards include Alfred Haas and 
Joseph Kiselus, both of South Shops, who won $25 
each, and Nello J. Paolicchi of Skokie Shops, who won 
$30. Receiving a $25 award was Paul S. Wallace of 
the Security Department. 

Two employes who earned $25 awards for submit- 
ting a second adoptable suggestion within a year are 
Regina Daren and Rita Wantroba, both of Medical De- 
partment in the General Office. 

Winning incentive awards— a $7 merchandise cer- 
tificate or a Zippo lighter/tape rule set— for their 
adopted ideas were the following: General Office— 
Ingrid Boes, Public Information; Frank Cihak, Equip- 
ment Research and Development; and Arlene Pura- 
lewski and Rita Wantroba, both of Medical Depart- 
ment. Shops and Equipment— Oliver M. Lang, Skokie 
Shops, and Joseph Sarnecki, South Shops. Electrical- 
William F. Glassner, Blue Island. Stores— Edward P. 
Grzenia, South Shops. 

For his idea which was adopted a year ago and 
continued to derive savings for CTA, Joseph Sarnecki, 
S&E-South Shops, was presented a supplemental 
award of $30. 


Twelve Named to New Transportation Department Posts 

IN THREE separate bulletins issued during January 
by Superintendent of Transportation D. M. Flynn, nine 
CTAers were appointed to new positions and three 
were reassigned within the Transportation Depart- 
ment. The changes were approved by Operating Man- 
ager C. E. Keiser. 

Named to new posts at rapid transit operating sta- 
tions effective January 1 were M. V. LaVelle, North 
Section station superintendent; J. E. Roberts, Douglas 
& Congress assistant station superintendent; F. G. 
Ellis, West Section relief station superintendent, and 
E. Mitchell, Lake & Jefferson Park superintendent of 
agents and janitors. Reassigned to new posts at the 
same time were E. J. Heatter, South Section station 

superintendent, and B. J. Limanowski, North Section 
assistant station superintendent. 

In the Operations Control Center, W. J. Pavoni 
was named relief district superintendent and T. P. 
Hogan was reassigned as district superintendent. The 
new assignments became effective January 3. 

Supervisory personnel named to new assignments 
at surface operating stations effective January 17 in- 
clude J. B. Morris, Lawndale station superintendent; 
E. W. Brodd, North Park assistant station superin- 
tendent; A. C. Tabel, North Avenue & Kedzie relief 
station superintendent, and H. Reddrick, Lawndale 
senior station instructor. 

Transit Board Approves Two Bus Route Changes 

AT ITS monthly meeting on January 14, Chicago 
Transit Board authorized revisions to two CTA bus 
routes, the 57 Laramie and 106 103rd-106th services. 

Instead of terminating on the south at Lavergne 
avenue and Flournoy street, 57 Laramie buses will 
operate over the present route to Lavergne avenue 
and Harrison street, and then continue east in Har- 
rison street to Cicero avenue, south in Cicero avenue 
to Flournoy street, west in Flournoy street to Lara- 
mie avenue, and then north in Laramie avenue over 
the regular route. 

Persons transferring between the Laramie buses 
and the Congress rapid transit service will have the 

Park District Offers Free Golf Classes 

IF WINTER is causing you to lose your touch at golf, 
then now is the time to join a free golf instruction 
class under the expert guidance of Byron Harcke, 
Chicago Park District golf supervisor. Classes start 
February 1 and are held throughout the city. So, if 
you just want to learn the fundamentals or if you have 
been trying to cut a few strokes from your game, 
register now by calling one of the park supervisors 
listed below. Just bring a golf club, Byron Harcke 
will do the rest. 

advantage of using the full-time Cicero entrance to 
the station rather than the part-time auxiliary en- 
trance at Lavergne. In addition, this extension of 
service will provide a direct connection for persons 
transferring between Laramie buses and southbound 
Cicero buses. 

The new Olive-Harvey college, 10001 S. Woodlawn 
avenue, will be served directly by buses on CTA's 
106 103rd-106th route operating between the 95th/ 
Dan Ryan transit center and the campus. Special 
route 106 buses will serve the campus Monday through 
Friday at 20-minute intervals between 7:30 a.m. and 
5:00 p.m., and then every half hour until 10:00 p.m. 
(except Friday when buses will operate only until 
7:00 p.m.). 

From the 95th/Dan Ryan transit center, buses will 
travel via 95th street, Michigan avenue, 103rd street, 
and Woodlawn avenue to the bus turnaround within the 
campus. Between 95th/Dan Ryan and 103rd/Michigan, 
the buses will be express just as the regular route 
106 buses. Students using this route will have access, 
with protected waiting areas, to the Dan Ryan rapid 
transit and eight bus routes serving the South Side. 

Both new services will begin in February when 
necessary arrangements are completed. 

La Follette Park, 1333 N. Laramie; Mondays, Feb. 1, 8, 15, 22 at 7:30 p.m. Call Steve Zukowski, 378-0124. 
Ridge Park, 96th and Longwood; Tuesdays, Feb. 2, 9, 16, 23 at 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Call Henry Racic, 238-1655. 
Lake Shore Park, 808 N. Lake Shore Dr.; Thursdays, Feb. 4, 11, 18, 25 at 7:30 p.m. Call Al Benedict, 787-7494. 
Horner Park, 2741 W. Montrose; Fridays, Feb. 5, 12, 19, 26 at 7:30 p.m. Call James Kelly, 267-2444. 
Columbus Park, Menard and Jackson; Mondays, March 1, 8, 15, 22 at 7:30 p.m. Call Jane Dickens, 378-0643. 
Marquette Park, 67th and Kedzie; Tuesdays, March 2, 9, 16, 23 at 7:30 p.m. Call George Carpita, 776-9879. 
Jefferson Park, 4822 N. Long; Fridays, March 5, 12, 19, 26 at 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Call Ray Shafer, 545-3992. 
Loyola Park, 1230 W. Greenleaf; Saturdays, March 6, 13, 20, 27 at 10:30 a.m. Call Walter Norman, 262-0690. 

JANUARY, 1971 

1970's— a Decade of Innovation in 

NEW CONCEPTS and innovations affecting the transit 
industry accelerated last year, and a number of ideas 
will enter demonstration stages during 1971. Their 
outcome will affect CTA, as well as every other 
transit system in the United States. 

The major innovations in buses fall into two cate- 
gories: ( 1 ) Design of the vehicle, mainly the type of 
power plant. (2) Traffic and roadway innovations, 
mainly busways. 

The number of new bus power plants actively being 
experimented with at this time is impressive as are 
present modifications to the power plant now in gen- 
eral use, the diesel engine. Many have already un- 
dergone trial testing. 

One of the most unusual and also one of the oldest 
ideas in new ways to power a bus is the steam engine. 
Like many other novel bus engines it largely grew out 
of the effort to reduce air and noise pollution. In the 
forefront of the steam bus effort are the West Coast 
transit systems. 

With the help of an Urban Mass Transportation 
Administration grant of more than 1 million dollars, 
the Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District in Oak- 
land, California, was able to begin initial testing of a 
steam engine on a standard transit coach. 

Early prototypes are expected by AC officials to 
have adequate power, low pollutant emissions, low 
noise levels, and safe operating characteristics. Ac- 
tive participants in the project being carried out 
through the California State Assembly also include 
the San Francisco Municipal Railway and the Southern 
California Rapid Transit District (Los Angeles). The 
Lear corporation has launched an ambitious 6 million 
dollar research and development program on the 
steam bus, 4 million dollars of which has already 
been spent. 

Buses are scheduled to enter actual public transit 
service in California this August. 


Published monthly by and for employes of the Chicago 
Transit Authority, under the direction of the Public 
Information Department. 

Robert D. Heinlein, Editor 

Mel Alexander, Editorial Assistant 

F. C. Knautz, Superintendent of Public and Employe Relations 

Annual subscription price: $2.00. Distributed free of 
charge to all active and retired CTA employes. Address 
communications to CTA TRANSIT NEWS, Room 742, 
Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago, Illinois 60654. 

Also undergoing tests in the Los Angeles area is a 
diesel bus converted to operate on natural gas. For 
the transit operator, buses fueled by natural gas or 
liquid natural gas offer vehicles with lower emitted 
pollutants, without entailing the development of an 
entirely new engine. The cost for conversion of the 
engine to natural gas operation is estimated at around 
$243, allowing for large-scale conversion without ex- 
tensive retooling. 

Natural gas, along with propane, has been urged 
for the buses in St. Paul, Minnesota. CTA was the 
first transit operator to place a fleet of propane buses 
in service in the early 1950's, and continues to be the 
major user of these vehicles. 

Also under experimentation is the turbine bus 
which underwent a cross-country demonstration run 
by Greyhound last year. The turbine is compara- 
tively low in emitted pollutants and is perhaps less 
exotic than the steam engine. A turbine bus is pres- 
ently being developed by General Motors and will fea- 
ture a mechanism that lowers the bus to curb level 
allowing easier entrance and exit for the infirm and 

Perhaps one of the most hopeful means of reducing 
air pollutants from buses for the immediate future 
lies in improvements to the diesel engine which is 
remarkably low in offensive pollutants. General 
Motors' Environmental Improvement Program is a 
combination of ingredients that relieve the pedestrian 
and motorist's major headache with buses— smelly 
and visible smoke. The package also reduces noise, 
hydrocarbons (by 90%), and carbon monoxide (by 40%), 
according to GM officials. 

The heart of the package is a lo-sac needle valve 
that reduces pollutant-causing unburned fuel from 
entering the combustion chamber. The first buses so 
equipped went into service in San Francisco and 
Washington, D.C., in 1970. It is expected that all fu- 
ture orders for diesel buses, including those placed 
by CTA, will specify the use of lo-sac needle valves. 

A new development in the present effort to reduce 
pollutants and increase the attractiveness of buses is 
the Kinetic Energy Wheel (KEW), which is in some 
respects similar to a wheel-driven toy car. KEW 
would contribute to lessened pollution by increasing 
the flexibility of the trolley bus, transit's original 
zero pollution vehicle. By using a cone-shaped wheel 
spinning at 20,000 revolutions per minute, the trolley 
bus will be able to move about six miles without the 
benefit of overhead power lines. The experimental 


Bus Transportation 

vehicle with the KEW mounted under the bus floor is 
scheduled to operate in San Francisco in 1971. 

Other innovations in the bus engine field include 
the Stirling engine now being developed at Phillips' 
laboratories in the Netherlands. The Stirling engine 
utilizes a rhombic drive and either hydrogen or heli- 
um which is heated to provide the driving force. The 
engine, though expensive to build and slow to start 
and accelerate, emits far fewer nitrogen oxides than 
the diesel and half the amount of carbon dioxide. 

One of the most important factors in the future of 
bus transportation, however, has little to do with 
mechanics at all. Busways (exclusive expressways 
or expressway lanes for buses) have moved from the 
trial stage of two or three years ago to become one of 
the fastest growing means of mass transportation. 

Only one busway has been in use since 1969, but 
already provisions for the use of highway funds for 
busway construction have been written into Federal 
highway legislation. When the Shirley Highway bus- 
way serving the District of Columbia and Northern 
Virginia is completed this year, it will provide direct 
express bus service to the nation's capital. The first 
l| mile stretch of busway was opened for rush hour 
service last September 14 by Secretary of Transpor- 
tation John A. Volpe. Already, ridership has jumped 
30 to 40 per cent. By using the completed busway, 
bus riders will be able to save 30 minutes commuter 
time by bypassing Washington's worst traffic jam and 
patronage should increase considerably again. As 
part of the project, the Urban Mass Transportation 
Administration helped to provide 30 new transit buses 
to handle increased riding, and will help provide an 
additional 60 this year. 

Since that time, a busway with a similar aim— to 
make bus commuting more attractive and to serve 
more commuters with less highway— has been opened 
in New York City. Also funded by UMTA, the project 
put in use on December 18 speeds an estimated 800 
buses daily over a 2§ mile section of an approach to 
the Lincoln tunnel under the Hudson river. 

Busways totalling 11 miles are also being planned 
to serve downtown Los Angeles and El Monte using 
the San Bernardino freeway. A trip should be com- 
pleted in about 18 minutes by busway as opposed to up 
to 40 minutes by freeway. Busways are also being 
tentatively planned for a number of other cities. 

Like the rest of today's transit scene, bus transit 
will need many years more before the biggest changes 
become an everyday reality for the average bus rider . 

International Streetcar Line, 
An El Paso Attraction 

STREETCARS REMAIN in operation in so few cities 
in the United States , that an individual can count the 
number of systems on his fingers. Among the re- 
maining streetcar lines, one especially stands out as 
being a bit unusual — the international trolley line op- 
erated by El Paso City Lines. 

It certainly doesn't have the glamor of the Orient 
Express or other famous international rail lines, but 
the streetcars do provide daily service between down- 
town El Paso, Texas, and the City of Juarez, Mexico. 
Operating on a loop-shaped line nearly 3.1 miles in 
length, the streetcars run every four minutes during 
rush hours and every six minutes at other times. 
Hours of operation are from 5:15 a.m. to midnight. 

The fare from the U.S. to Mexico is 10 cents and it 
is 15 centavos (1.2 cents U.S.) for the return. Fares 
are collected in separate fare boxes. 

When crossing the Santa Fe bridge into the U.S., 
all passengers must leave the streetcar to go through 
the U.S. Immigration Service check. After declaring 
their citizenship and paying duty on various articles 
purchased in Mexico, passengers reboard the street- 
car and continue on their way. 

Local transit service across the Mexican border 
started in 1889. Mule cars which originally served 
the route were replaced by electric streetcars in 
1902. Starting in 1943, buses were phased in on all 
other streetcar routes throughout the city. Streetcar 
service on the international route was resumed only 
last month after operations were suspended for over 
a year while the Mexican Electricity Commission in- 
stalled new underground electrical cables along the 

The mainstay of the international service is a fleet 
of 18 PCC streetcars obtained secondhand from the 
San Diego system in 1954. 

JANUARY, 1971 

Medically Speaking 

by Dr. George H. Irwin 

DRUG ABUSE is an appropriate subject for this page 
in Transit News at this time because the much publi- 
cized, widespread, and alarming use of drugs has be- 
come a universal problem. It has been estimated that 
1 out of 10 Americans has smoked pot. 

The dictionary defines "abuse" as to use wrongly 
or improperly. There is a wide variety of drugs pre- 
scribed by physicians, from aspirin to narcotics, that 
are being used daily for good purposes. It is the 
misuse that is causing harm and concern. There is 
an old adage, "Fire is a good servant, but a poor 
master." Such a statement would rightly apply to the 
use of drugs. Drugs are very useful and needed ser- 
vants when properly administered, but when abused 
and misused they can become a terrible, dominating, 
and controlling master. 

According to the committee on alcoholism, drug 
dependence and mental health, some individuals feel 
compelled to abuse drugs as a way of life— a way to 
shut out the real world or enter a world of unreality. 

Others, especially young people, may see drug 
abuse as an adventure— a road to supposedly new ex- 

For all of us, drug abuse is an expensive practice, 
millions of tax dollars are spent each year control- 
ling abuse and treating persons who are dependent on 
drugs. Equally important, additional millions are lost 
by those who often unknowingly rob themselves of 
their ability to produce and earn and jeopardize their 
physical and mental health. 

Many drugs can lead to addiction from abuse. 
Those most commonly abused fall into four major 

(1) Narcotics (pain killers) such as morphine, 
codeine, and heroin. 

(2) Sedatives such as barbiturates, tranquilizers, 
and alcohol. 

( 3 ) Stimulants , or pep pills , such as ampheta- 
mines . 

(4) Hallucinogens such as LSD and marijuana. 

The narcotic group, which comes from the opiunr 
poppy, are sometimes prescribed to relieve pain. 
When these drugs are used the doctor tries to limil 
the amount and duration before the habit is formed. 

The barbiturates, tranquilizers, and alcohol which 
also play an important part in medical practice, are 
usually referred to as sedatives and can be effective 
or helpful in treating epilepsy, insomnia, or emotion- 
al and mental illness. When taken in excess the habit 
or physical dependence is formed. 

Stimulants or pep pills are sometimes prescribed 
for mild depressions, grief, and as short-term aids 
in weight control. They have been used by truck 
drivers to keep awake. Unfortunately, when the effect 
wears off one is more drowsy than before so the pill 
is repeated. Cocaine is in the group also. 

The hallucinogens, which include LSD and mari- 
juana, are never prescribed for any medical condi- 
tion; strictly speaking, a hallucinogen is a drug that 
produces hallucinations. These drugs supposedly take 
one on a "trip" in another world. Objects take on new 
forms and new thoughts, one hears weird sounds or 
music and sees colors he never saw before. These 
are the drugs that may produce brain damage or in- 
jure hereditary genes. 

The management or treatment of drug abuse is a 
very big problem. The individual doctor is not pre- 
pared to cope with drug addicts, certain clinics and 
agencies are best equipped for this. 

Any individual may help prevent abuse if he never 
shares drugs with another person, even though he 
seems to have the same illness. Encourage everyone 
who is seeking information about drugs to see his own 

The Beth Israel Medical Institute recommends a 
three-way operation to help these addicts: 

( 1 ) An abstinence program. 

( 2 ) The in-patient detoxification hospital service. 

( 3 ) The ambulatory methadone (drug) maintenance 

Occasionally one hears about a person who has 
"kicked" the habit by his own efforts; he fights a los- 
ing battle. The best bet is to seek help through edu- 
cational and medical research institutions. 

Finally, I urge everyone to avoid youth groups 
seeking drug information. Don't buy drugs over the 
counter and never take any drug without consulting 
your family doctor. 


IT GOES without saying that cold 
weather forces many hardships on 
CTA personnel and riders alike, 
but it also presents unlimited op- 
portunities for transit employes 
to perform seemingly small acts 
which win them the praise of pas- 
sengers and improve CTA's im- 
age. Just how much a courteous 
or considerate act is appreciated 
is demonstrated by letters of 
commendation received from the 
public, several excerpts from 
which are printed here: 

Elmer A. Malmin, Operator, 
Limits: "The driver was possibly 
the most courteous I have ever 
experienced. He was polite, an- 
swered questions in a very pleas- 
ant manner and drove the bus in a 
way which provided comfort and 
peace-of-mind to his passengers." 

Nelson Swopes, Operator, 
Lawndale: "I was transferring at 
Diversey and although the Damen 
bus driver had a green light, he 
waited. I want him to know how 
much I appreciated this service." 

George Clark, Conductor, For- 
est Park: "The way he announces 
every station so clearly and puts 
a little bit of his own personality 
in his job makes it most pleas- 
ant for someone who is going to 

Samuel Janke, Operator, North 
Park: "I was sitting near the front 
of the bus so I couldn't help but 
notice his courtesy despite end- 
less questions and extremely 
heavy traffic." 

George W. Schletz, Operator, 
Beverly: "He is a kind and cheer- 
ful man, as well as a careful driv- 
er. It's so nice to know that peo- 
ple like that are still around." 

Alvar Alsterlund, Operator, 
Forest Glen: "Arriving at Mil- 
waukee and Montrose at 11:45 
a.m., never have I seen traffic so 
heavy. I would like to commend 
bus driver #4210 for his skillful 
driving and his courtesy to every- 

Alfred Lee, Operator, Limits: 
"He was efficient and courteous 
and especially considerate to the 
senior citizens, pulling up to the 
curb and lending a hand if they 
needed help on and off." 

Lee E. Langham, Operator, 
69th Street: "He had the green 
light and turned on 71st. When he 
saw the Western bus he waited to 
see if anybody got off and wanted 
to go west. I was very grateful 
that I didn't have to wait for the 
next bus, as it was very cold." 

Louis Markowitz, Operator, 
Kedzie: "He is an excellent driv- 
er, as well as a courteous and 
considerate gentleman. I ride the 
bus often and am glad when he is 
the driver." 

Bernard Koniarski, Operator, 
North Park: "I thought it was 
very nice of him to stop and wait, 
it was very cold and windy and I 
am very grateful for his act." 

John Andrews, Trainman, 
North Section: "I dropped a very 
important envelope into an inac- 
cessible place at the South Boule- 
vard station in Evanston. Your 
employee, John Andrews, recov- 
ered it for me. He was very kind, 
pleasant and polite." 

Gustav Lemar Jr., Operator, 
Forest Glen: "He always waits 
for us if he sees that we missed 
the green light and then greets us 
with a big smile and a cheerful 
word or so. Never have we seen a 
more courteous bus driver." 

Gerald V. Tamborrello, Ticket 
Agent, North Section: "On re- 
questing travel information, I find 
him extremely kind, accurate, and 
helpful. He is always in a friendly 

Frederick Pepke, Operator, 
Limits: "He is the perfect exam- 
ple of what a bus driver should be 
like. He cheers you and always 
greets you with that warm, friend- 
ly smile. While riding on his bus 
you never once feel insecure." 

Louis Grant, Operator, Keeler: 
"He deserves recognition for his 
patience, understanding and help- 
fulness, and is a credit to the CTA 
for the way he handles situations 
that arise." 

Aaron Amos, Operator, North 
Avenue: "To sum it up, he is all 
things a good employee should be: 
efficient, courteous, and helpful to 
any and all of the passengers who 
board his bus." 

Kenneth L. Simpson, Operator, 
52nd Street: "Even though this 
young man was busy with watching 
the change box and issuing trans- 
fers, he was most polite and in- 

John Kolon, Information Clerk, 
Travel Information: "I appreciat- 
ed his patience and helpfulness." 

Parnell D. Anderson, Operator, 
Forest Glen: "He is courteous and 
pleasant to all passengers. He 
greets them as they enter and 
wishes them a pleasant day when 
they get off and is always helpful 
in answering any questions." 

Herbert Dillard, Conductor, 
Dan Ryan: "I was impressed by 
his clear enunciation and sincerity 
in announcing train stops and in- 

Romuald J. Howard, Operator, 
77th Street: "He is well known for 
his morning welcome, his concern 
for others, and his kindness in 
giving information and perfect di- 
rections when needed." 

JANUARY, 1971 


ACCOUNTING (General) - 

The personnel of all sections of the Accounting Depart- 
ment had small group Christmas luncheons in restaurants 
of their choice, and from the reports received, they enjoyed 
the food and getting together for Christmas. . .KEN Mc- 
WHITE enjoyed vacations around home making preparations 
for the Christmas and New Year holidays... ANN ANGST is 
in Hawaii enjoying the sunshine, and when she returns we 
will get her story. . . RITA DEAKIN spent two wonderful 
weeks touring the 50th State of Hawaii. The weather was 
ideal; it only rained pineapple dew and the temperature is 
always between 75 and 80 degrees. As Christmas was only 
a few weeks away, trees were decorated a little differently 
from the traditional trees in Chicago. The Japanese Pine, 
which looks very artificial, is decorated with paper pine- 
apples. Children visit Santa in the department stores in 
their bathing suits. Poinsettia grow in all the gardens by 
the thousands. Though the snow is missing, it still feels 
like Christmas in Hawaii. She and her companion were 
able to spend two nights in the "Presidential Suite" at the 
Royal Hawaiian hotel because no other rooms were avail- 
able. The highlight of the tour was a helicopter ride over 
the Wailua Canyon on the Island of Kauai. ..The personnel of 
the Accounting Department wish to congratulate WILLIAM 
B. FOLTA on his promotion to general accountant, replac- 
ing A. J. FITZSIMONS who retired November 1... Congratu- 
lations and a welcome to HAROLD F. BROWN on his pro- 
motion as assistant general accountant. . . MAURICE H. 
BALLESTRO, transfer counter, West Shops, was 65 years 
old on December 29 and his daughter-in-law presented him 
with a new grandson on the same day. Mr. Ballestro, who 
resides in Cartersville, Illinois, retired on January 1. 
Best wishes for a happy and healthy retirement. 

- fleaxte "pttyfVuUd 

(Tabulating) - 

Henrici's was the place selected by the Key Punch De- 
partment for their annual Christmas party. This year the 
hostess was Mrs. BARBARA DEN HAMER. 

- Sv*fy* ■£"< 

(Payroll) - 

All Payroll personnel were quite busy preparing for the 
Christmas "Holidaze", so no one had time for travels or 
vacations at this time. However, they did enjoy a lovely 
Christmas luncheon at the M&M Club on December 17 and 
had many chuckles when they opened the "grab bag" gifts 
under their tree on Christmas eve. Best wishes are ex- 
tended to all for a healthy and prosperous New Year. 


Thanks to Pensioner BERNIE ZESCH and his wife for 
the Christmas mass card and letter. ..Glad to hear from 
Pensioner BILL RADLOFF. Thanks for the poem, Bill, 
you sure know how to rub it in on all of us that are still 

here... We express our deepest sympathy to the family of 
Superintendent JOHN FARRIS who went to his eternal re- 
ward, and to Operator FRANK BLACK in the loss of his 
son. .. The office force is in bad shape with Chief Clerk 
GRIGALUNAS all on vacation.. .Supervisor JACK CLAYTON 
will be taking his pension soon. John was always a good 
friend, one to know and respect. ..On the sick list are Op- 

Your co-reporter, AMOS FOSTER, just returned from 
Jamaica. I had to try those Tower Tornadoes that Opera- 
tor WEATHERS told me about. I also spent some time in 
Atlanta, Georgia, and 1 must say it is a swinging town. ..Op- 
erator LEROY LILLY has returned to work after his tour 
of the states. He has visited 43 of them and has 7 more to 
go. He also brought some raw cotton back from Missis- 
sippi. Operator BANKS took one look at it and started to 
cry. ..My daughter, BRENDA FOSTER, celebrated her 14th 
birthday January 19. She is trying to catch up with me... 
Our basketball team is at it again, so check the bulletin 
board and get out and support the team. ..I am leaving for 
Memphis, Tennessee, and hope to see you all next month... 
We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and is looking for- 
ward to a prosperous new year. 

- "7am T>atitti & Amai "?<Mtet 


We're starting our New Year on a rather sad note as one 
of our favorite people, GRACE JOHNSON, is retiring at the 
end of January. We know that Grace is very happy about 
retiring but we will miss her happy smile. She has been 
with the company for 43 years. Grace and her husband, 
WALTER (who is also retiring from the company after 42 
years), will live in Antioch, Illinois. They have no definite 
plans right now as to what they will be doing, but they know 
they have a lot of work in store for them due to their mov- 
ing. We sincerely wish Grace and Walter the best of 
everything in their retirement... On a happier note we would 

October 31 for Mr. ond Mrs. 
St. Leonard's Catholic 
church. The bride, the 
former LOIS POTTS, and 
her husband, both em- 
ployed in the Claim De- 
partment, honeymooned in 
New Orleans and Florida. 



like to extend a warm welcome to JOHN SMITH and DAN 
SULLIVAN, two new men who recently joined our depart- 
ment.. .DIANE RITROVATO would like to thank all of the 
people who donated to the Angel Guardian Orphanage fund. 
It made the children's Christmas a little happier... MARY 
TRAXLER would also like to thank all of the people who 
donated canned goods for the poor at Christmas. .. MIKE 
McDERMOTT, our superintendent, is a grandfather again, 
this time it's a baby girl, IRENE MARIE, born December 
16, 1970. It makes him a grandpa for the sixth time. . . 
RUTHIE KAMINSKI, your co-reporter, and her husband, 
KEN, had a fantastic vacation in California and Las Vegas, 
Nevada. We are happy to note they broke even in Las 
Vegas. According to Ruthie, the highlight of their vacation 
was Disneyland where she got to meet Mickey Mouse in 

- ISuti XtUKuuJU & 7mU Xtamvt 

ELECTRICAL (General Office) - 

MARIE HAVLIK and her sister, RUTH, of the Schedule 
Department, enjoyed a pre-Christmas holiday in Mexico. 
While in Mexico City they visited the Museum of Anthro- 
pology, attended a folklore ballet at the Palace of Fine 
Arts, and rode the new subway trains. Marie reports that 
the quiet trains are equipped with rubber-tired wheels, are 
very fast, and are popular with the people. They traveled 
by bus to Acapulco, stopping at Cuernavaca and Taxco 
where they purchased some lovely pieces of silver jewelry. 
From the balcony of their room in the Hilton hotel in Aca- 
pulco, they had a beautiful view of the beach and ocean as 
well as the outdoor swimming pool surrounded by grace- 
fully landscaped gardens. They listened to Mariachi bands, 
shopped in the markets, and watched processions to the 
shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe. They flew home with 
fond memories of sunny beaches, sparkling Christmas 
lights, and warm breezes blowing through the palm trees... 
The Electrical Department's Christmas tree is packed 
away for another year and the "sweet table" has long since 
been depleted. We would like to thank the wives and moth- 
ers of our co-workers who gifted us with their homemade 
specialities. The cakes, cookies, and candies were deli- 
cious. So to Mrs. R. BIENIASZ, G. CHRISTENSEN, J. 
SZEWC, and L. WIKSTEN, you would all get our vote in any 
bake-off contest. .. MARGARET KINSEY, MARIE HAVLIK, 
ALISTER celebrated the holidays with a luncheon in the 
Sample Room of the Mart. . . Best wishes to all for good 
health and peace in the New Year. 

(Blue Island) - 

Well, here it is 1971 and we find another of our co- 
workers taking his pension. AMOS SMITH retired on Janu- 
ary 1 and will make his home along the banks of the Kanka- 
kee river in Momence, Illinois. ..It was nice to hear from 
three pensioners, JOE NAGRODSKI in Southern Illinois, 
FRANK CORRIGAN in Central Illinois, and ARVIN WIL- 
MONT in Florida... Sorry to hear that GILBERT ANDREWS 
had a slight heart attack. Gil is now convalescing at 
Swedish Covenant hospital. ..We had a nice southern break- 
fast Christmas eve morning consisting of eggs, sausage, 
grits, coffee, muffins, homemade peach and strawberry 
preserves, and tomato juice. Thanks to HANK GABAUER 


man First Class CARL L. 
WISINSKI, the son of For- 
est Glen Operator and Mrs. 
Carl, a graduate of Weber 
High school, attended 
Lewis Technical Institute 
in Lockport, Illinois, be- 
fore entering the air force. 
He is now stationed at 
Clark Air Base in the 
Philippines as an aircraft 

and BILL REHDER. No matter how you wanted your eggs, 
they always seemed to turn up scrambled. Next year SAM 
CHARLETON has volunterred to be the cook. ..A very hap- 
py retirement to JOHN (The Silver Fox) DARCY. No ques- 
tion as to what John will be doing, as he is quite a traveler. 
Off sick as of this writing are JOE HERMAN, ROMAN 
PHY. I am sure these men would appreciate a visit, card, 
or telephone call... On vacation at this time is JACK BECK- 
ER. ..Well, I have tried to put together a little column, but I 
am sure that with a little help from the line department, 
construction gang, substation maintenance, substation op- 
erators, and Chicago Avenue, we could put a full page out. 
So let's start in 1971. WRITE ! 


Congratulations to CHESTER (Rusty) RUSAKIEWICZ on 
the arrival of a new grandchild. A baby girl was born on 
December 5 weighing 8 pounds 14 ounces and will answer 
to the name of JACQUELINE MARIE. The mother, FLO- 
RENCE ANN PIONKE, is the step-daughter of Rusty. Con- 
gratulations on your fourth grandchild, Rusty... Congratula- 
tions are in order for Mr. and Mrs. CALVIN POLLARD on 
the arrival of a baby girl on December 11 weighing 8 
pounds 8 ounces. Calvin is an instrumentman in the Struc- 
tural Design Section. ..A warm welcome is extended to two 
new draftsmen, BERT ROSALES and ABEL GOVEA, who 
recently joined the Engineering Department. We all wish 
both men much luck and happiness in their new endeavors. 
..A warm welcome is extended to JOANNE BOETTIN, Real 
Estate Division, a temporary clerk-steno taking the place 
of ROBERTA STEWARD who transferred to the Transpor- 
tation Department. Good luck to both girls on their new 
positions... Congratulations to EDWARD BECKER who re- 
tired on January 1 after 29 years of service. Ed was a 
survey party chief in the Structural Design Section. Best 
of luck and good wishes are extended to him from all of the 
engineering employes. . .BILL HUTCHINGS, drafting sec- 
tion, took the state examination for his architect license. 
From now until he learns the results of the test, he is at a 
disadvantage at work. He claims he finds it difficult to 
draw while fingers on both hands are crossed. Best of 
luck, Bill, hope you pass with flying colors. ..Do you re- 
member a few months back when I announced that JOE 
URBASZEWSKI was the proud godfather of 18 guppies ? 

JANUARY, 1971 


Well, the present count is now 11. I think the new mama 
gets awfully hungry now and then. The weekend of Decem- 
ber 19 one guppy just got up and passed away. I have a 
strange feeling there's a lot of malnutrition going on in that 
fish bowl... Sorry to report that there's no news from the 
drafting section girl-watchers. Nevertheless, they prom- 
ised to study real hard for next month's issue and give us 
a full report on the latest fashions and fads. Until then, 
keep them guessing girls ! 

(West Shops) - 

Superintendent A. W. MALMQUIST, Track Department, 
recently celebrated his 25th anniversary by taking his 
lovely wife, HELEN, out to dinner. He said he was able to 
stay married that long because he did what his wife told 
him to do. Smart man.. .We had several deaths in families 
of CTAers this time. Our condolences to Labor Foreman 
ROCKY FERRA.RO whose brother-in-law died recently; to 
Tinner ADDY JOYCE who lost his father, and to Boiler 
Maintenance Man JOE FLYNN whose daughter, ELLEN 
MARIE , died two weeks after premature birth. . . We also 
had several births in CTA families this time. Surveyor 
CALVIN POLLARD'S wife recently gave birth to a baby 
girl, and the proud papa passed cigars out. The wife of E. 
ZABIELSKI, carpenter, had a baby boy; they already have 
two girls... We welcome back Trackman DAN RENO who 
has been off for five months after suffering three heart at- 
tacks... There are a few changes that have taken place in 
the Track Department recently. Track Foreman CHARLIE 
DUNKINS, who used to handle the Dan Ryan line, will be 
found on the North Side in the spot CHESTER LASKOWSKI 
took his retirement from on January 1. And moving into 
Charlie's spot is Track Foreman BARNEY MOORE. Sorry 
to lose you in the office, Charlie, and welcome to the office, 
Barney, and good luck to Chester who has always been re- 
ferred to as the mayor of the North Side... Bricklayer PAT 
DOYLE is glad to have his sprightly little seven year old 
son home from the hospital after breaking a leg while 
playing football. ..Assistant Bricklayer Foreman CHARLIE 
SCHREY is back from a two-week vacation in Arizona. He 
is beautifully tanned and looking more chipper than ever 
after surveying the property he will live on when he re- 
tires. He also spent some time with his daughter who re- 
cently purchased a home in Arizona. . . Electrician JOE 
CHRISTOI spent a week's vacation at home cleaning up his 
basement in preparation for a whopping big Christmas eve 
party. Joe said that just on his wife's side there were 
more than 70 grandchildren and great-grandchildren who 
were all in attendance at the affair. Mama Mia! That's-a- 
spicy-meatball!..The Division 241-CTA basketball league 
has gotten underway with our team playing two games and 
losing both to Kedzie Depot, 49-32 and 38-34, which were 
very close. Members of the team are: BUD GRAVES, JIM 
HERRING, JOE HILL, and JIM BEATTY. Anyone desiring 
to challenge them should contact Jim Beatty at ext. 416 
West. ..Good luck to two more fellows who are retiring Jan- 
uary 1, EDDIE BECKER, surveyor foreman, and JOE 
(Smoky) MARTELLO, carpenter... Your co-reporter, MARY 
GALLON, spent her Christmas holidays in St. Louis, Mis- 
souri, enjoying herself immensely despite the mishap of 
car trouble on the way back, which certainly could have 
been worse. She also wishes to thank all of those respons- 
ible in helping Santa Claus provide such lovely Christmas 
gifts for her. 

- Qanat 'Siadae & THavf ^alUx 

THE HAPPY bride and 
groom are ROBERT and 

were united in holy matri- 
mony on August 15 at 
St. Stanislaus Kostka 
church. The bride is the 
SKI of the Public Informa- 
tion Department. 


Happy New Year to all. ..Mr. and Mrs. ED KRUSER cel- 
ebrated their 45th wedding anniversary on January 23. 
Their children surprised them with a lovely dinner and 
dance party. ..By the way, men, have you noticed the big 
smile on PHIL MANGAN? Well, it's because of his Christ- 
mas present. I understand his lovely mother was finally 
able to make him happy. He is now the president of his own 
railroad. So from here on in, I believe the CTA will have a 
run for their money. If some of you men are not acquainted 
with Phil, you will find him at the clerk's window in the 
p.m. Thanks, Phil, you will be a great help to "Wilbur." 
Maybe you can give us a little inside dope on the boys, so 
please keep your ears open. . .Another of our outstanding 
clerks is HERBIE SCHMIDT who just celebrated 37 years 
of happiness. His wife has been able to put up with him 
this long, so she's going all the way now. Oh yes, Schmidt 
is a grandfather for the second time. ..Mr. and Mrs. BILL 
LYNAM celebrated their 39th year of love. Bill says the 
old gal looks as good as the day he married her. Well, 
that's love. ..A happy but belated birthday to GEORGE 
DEARMAN who celebrated his birthday on the finest day of 
the year — Christmas. Well, George, you may be able to 
guide the world to peace. ..Our hearts go out to E. STO- 
BART on the loss of his lovely wife. ..Now that the Christ- 
mas season is over many of us are left with a few bills, so 
don't hesitate to drop in at our credit union for help.. .Let's 
work for a better record this year, men, and try to place 
Forest Glen on the top. Remember the ones who ride your 
bus pay your salary. Let's give them service, a smile, a 
thank you, and a second or more of waiting. It will go a 
long way. This is your life line, so let's all pull together. 

7V A. "Zuvuf 

GENERAL OFFICE (Treasury) - 

It was good to see the smiling face of CHARLIE ABT, 
who came back to work after a long siege of illness... Wel- 
comed to the department as a token clerk was DENNIS 
MURPHY who came from Traffic Planning. 

(Law) - 

Good wishes for a happy retirement go to MARGARET 
CEPEK, secretary to the general attorney, who will take 
her pension on February 1 after 25 years of service. An 
open house was held on January 29 and all of her friends 
wished her good health and happiness. 



(Office Services) - 

JOHN PHILLIPS, mail clerk, returned to work after 
surgery. ..ROY COLCORD flew to Tallahassee, Florida, for 
the New Year holidays to visit with his sister. He sure 
hated to come back to this freezing weather. . . JOHN 
SCHWARTZ was appointed co-ordinator of Office Services. 
Congratulations, John, you sure are getting up in this world 
of ours. 

(Insurance) - 

on December 14. Kevin formerly worked in the Stores De- 
partment and resigned recently to join the Chicago Fire 
Department. .. CAROL ARNDT paid us a visit during the 
holidays to enjoy the Christmas party given by the depart- 
ment. ..DICK REDDING was surprised by a visit from his 
daughter, SUE, and her husband and son who drove in from 
Frazier, Michigan, for the holidays. Sue and her husband 
are former employes of CTA...JEANINE GERARD was in- 
stalled as an officer in the Eastern Stars Englewood Chap- 
ter on December 1 at the Lawn Masonic temple. Congratu- 
lations ! 

(Medical) - 

formerly worked in the Claim Department for 18 years, 
paid her a visit along with her husband from Alameda, 
California. They flew in to see the snow for the holidays 
but were disappointed and left before we got the snow- 
storm. She certainly hasn't changed in her style and hab- 
its. It was good seeing you again, Rita, it brought back 
many old memories. . .ROSEMARY SIKIERSKI, formerly 
known to us as Nurse ROSEMARY BECKER, paid us a visit 
during the holidays with her daughter. They both looked 
good and in fine shape. 

(Training & Accident Prevention) - 

This Christmas was made a little bit happier for 135 
teenage orphans at Angel Guardian Orphanage. Thanks to 
the help and enthusiasm of KATHY FABRY of Training & 
Accident Prevention, SUE STENZEL and CAROL CHOPP of 
of Claim, and PAT FLYNN of Engineering, who collected 
$150 in donations from members of the various depart- 
ments. In all, 135 presents were bought, wrapped, and 
delivered to the orphanage and distributed to the teenage 
orphans. As a result, everyone involved felt this Christ- 
mas meant something really special. ..ART HUBACZ and 
his family celebrated Christmas in the old Polish tradi- 

a future "Miss America," 
is little BECKY LAST 
who enjoyed a vacation in 
sunny Florida. Becky's 
is a bus operator at Forest 
Glen Station. 


tional way: all kinds of goodies, but no meat or fowl. It 
was so traditional that it was written up in the North Chi- 
cago Journal. Well, now is the time for Art to start the 
New Year off right. He was seen on the scale weighing in 
and I wonder if that is a hint of one of his New Year's res- 
olutions. ..WALT GARBUTT and his wife spent the Christ- 
mas holidays in Colorado with their daughter and son-in- 
law. Everything went fine until it came time to come home 
when all flights from Denver to Chicago were cancelled be- 
cause of the bad weather. Even this wasn't bad until the 
restaurants at the airport ran out of food. But as Walt 
said, "I didn't mind — I wanted to go on a diet anyway.".. 
Mrs. J. SNYDER celebrated her first anniversary in the 
department... Mrs. WILLIAM CLINE, in her first Christ- 
mas as a wife, said it was the best Christmas she ever 
had.. .BRUCE JOHNSON, the son of FRANK A. JOHNSON, 
superintendent of Training, Employment and Accident Pre- 
vention, is with the transportation corps in the Mekong 
Delta. Bruce helps to guard the port as well as supervise 
the loading and unloading of ships in the harbor, and at all 
times keeps a watchful eye out for any Viet Cong who might 
be trying to infiltrate the area. Since Bruce left for Viet 
Nam about ten days before Christmas, the Johnsons had an 
early holiday... MARY CLARKE, former supervisor in the 
department, made her annual Christmas visit. The con- 
sensus of opinion is that retirement is certainly agreeing 
with her. ..JOANNE BOURNE, former clerk-stenographer, 
gave birth to a 7 pound 11 ounce baby girl on January 5... 
Your co-reporters wish to thank General Manager T. B. 
O'CONNOR for the beautiful portfolio given to us at Christ- 
mas. It will go to good use. 

(Property) - 

BONNIE KLETZKE spent her Christmas vacation in 
California. She probably visited Disneyland to obtain an 
autograph from Mickey Mouse. . . JAMES BARATTA vaca- 
tioned during the same period and visited relatives and 
friends out West.. .PAT CLIFFORD played Santa Claus to 
his scout troop during the holidays... HAROLD BURDA re- 
ceived over 500 cigars from Santa. No shortage there... 
Grandpa BOLAND entertained his family at home for the 
holidays and almost ran out of chairs. 

(Research & Planning) - 

The holiday season is a time to get together with friends 
and relatives and many in R/P did just that. HERMAN 
ANDERS' grandsons flew in from Florida and his son and 
daughter-in-law came in from Flagstaff, Arizona. Herman 
said the house was in a slight turmoil at times, but no one 
cared because they were happy to be together. The kids 
kept him busy and sometimes he came to work a little 
tuckered out. Like we keep telling you, Herman, you're 
getting in that upper age bracket and can't keep up with 
those youngsters anymore. ..The FRANK MISEKS also had 
company over the holidays. They started with about 25 
people for Christmas dinner and kept on going right to the 
new year. That's the reason he took his vacation that week, 
to recover from all the celebrating. .. STE VE LEGLER, 
along with his family, was in Minnesota visiting with his 
parents for the holidays. Steve looks forward to his trips 
back home, he only wishes he could stay longer... While all 
of us were watching the Rose Bowl game on our TV sets 
at home, FRANK IACONO Jr., the son of GRACE and 
FRANK IACONO, was lucky enough to see the real thing. 
He boarded a 747 with his grandparents and was on his 
way. The Rose Bowl parade was really spectacular, only 
to be topped by the game itself. The whole trip was a new 

JANUARY, 1971 

JOINING THE ranks 01 the retired on January 1 were the 
six employes pictured here who had 40 or more years of 
transit service each with CTA and its predecessor 


45 Years 

44 Years 

42 Years 

41 Years 

41 Years 

HERMAN A. AMBOS, Bus Repairer, 

North Park, Emp. 11-26-42 
MAURICE H. BALLESTRO, Transfer Counter, 

Accounting, Emp. 10-10-42 
EDWARD J. BECKER, Survey Party Chief, 

Engineering, Emp. 7-16-41 
LEO J. BIEN, Supt. of Agents & Janitors, 

Lake & Jefferson Park, Emp. 12-27-28 
JOHN D. BUTLER, Operator, 

69th Street, Emp. 1-4-46 
HAROLD W. FINLEY, Car Serviceman, 

Wilson Shops, Emp. 9-17-46 

North Section, Emp. 11-22-41 

West Section, Emp. 5-23-29 

North Avenue, Emp. 2-20-29 

77th Street, Emp. 8-26-42 
CHARLES E. KOPP, Motorman, 

Kimball, Emp. 11-23-25 

Archer, Emp. 11-25-42 

Beverly, Emp. 3-27-34 
CHESTER F. LASKOWSKI, Section Foreman, 

Engineering, Emp. 6-18-36 
JOSEPH MARTELLO, Carpenter "A", 

Engineering, Emp. 5-5-26 
FREDERICK C. McCOY, Operator, 

Archer, Emp. 10-31-42 

Kedzie, Emp. 4-14-43 
MICHAEL J. O'CONNOR, Superintendent, 

South Section, Emp. 6-13-25 
WILLIAM J. ROACH, Operator, 

69th Street, Emp. 3-27-34 
JOHN S. SLATINSKY, Carpenter M A", 

South Shops, Emp. 9-18-39 
AMOS E. SMITH, Electrician, 

Electrical, Emp. 12-28-45 

69th Street, Emp. 10-24-42 

South Shops, Emp. 3-13-51 


HARRY F. HOSANG, Laborer, 

Stores, Emp. 8-8-41 

Forest Glen, Emp. 4-14-43 
EDWIN H. PLATH, Ticket Agent, 

North Section, Emp. 10-5-40 

Keeler, Emp. 10-18-44 

77th Street, Emp. 11-29-56 




experience for Frank Including the ride on the jumbo jet. 
From what Grace has told us, he is still talking about his 
escapades. Glad you had a nice time, Frank... Welcome to 
RON LUCZAK who is now supervisor of project liaison in 
R/P. Also, congratulations to STEVE LEGLER on his pro- 
motion to senior transit planner. ..R/P is going to start a 
miniature hockey team featuring BILL GOODWIN'S daugh- 
ters, MICHELLE and CATHY, and GEORGE MACAK's son, 
CHUCKY. We're recruiting now and should have our whole 
team in no time at all. Bill might consent to be manager 
because he's such a hockey nut. Both dads have been taking 
their kids skating. George hasn't tried the ice out — says 
he just likes to observe. He has more fun watching his 
little boy out on the ice than Chuck probably has himself. 
Bill wanted to get in on the act and tried skating. His 
daughters had a ball with their new skates but old dad had 
to get off because he was trying it without skates. ..JOHN 
O'CONNOR and his son, DENNIS, gave their new pool table 
a workout when they filled one of their holidays with 10 
or 12 hours of pool with our British turnstile engineer, 
TERRY COLLINS, and his wife, CHRIS. Terry is in Chi- 
cago to commission another 65 turnstiles for CTA. 

- T^efuui Vote* & Zittt* TUmautci 


Since I last reported to you it seems as though the 
Christmas presents really did flow in. LEON RICHMAN 
was treated to several nice gifts from his passengers on his 
Taylor-Sheffield run, and STANLEY HYERCZYK seemed to 
survive the Yuletide Season coming into the station several 
days straight with one or two gifts under his arms from his 
Blue Island-26th passengers. .. Lawndale is mourning the 
recent passing of Station Superintendent JOHN FARRIS who 
departed this earth on December 26. We extend our deep- 
est sympathy to his immediate family and friends... LESTER 
MORTON considers himself the best golfer at Lawndale, 
and since the golfing season is approaching very rapidly, 
Lester has put out a challenge to JOHN PATER and EARL 
WASHINGTON, both of Lawndale, to meet him on the first 
tee.. .We had a few men under the weather through the holi- 
days. They were W. HALLA, R. JONES, A. ADAMS, R. 

CHESTER LASOWSKI, Engineering Department section foreman, 
is shown receiving his retirement portfolio from Superintendent 
of Engineering E. E. OLMSTEAD at an open house, December 30, 
in the Wilson Avenue Carpenter Shop. Chester retired on Jan- 
uary 1 after 34 years of service. 


JENKINS, and S. PERRY. We're wishing these men a 
speedy recovery.. .ED McDERMOTT, H. COX, G. WOODS, 
G. BRICHACEK, and M. KARIOLICH all enjoyed a New 
Year vacation... We also extend our deepest sympathy to the 
family of EDDIE KAWCZYNSKI on the recent passing of his 
brother-in-law. ..A hearty happy birthday to the following 
personnel: C. KASAL, G. O'DONNELL, O. LENOIR, T. 
J. BURRIS, E. BENN, and T. JACKSON.. .Say, fellows, don't 
forget that Valentine's day is next month. Remember that 
special young lady. ..See you next month. 

- (fame* TKaiuiatt 


Now that the holidays are over, we can all get back to 
normal. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and 
a Happy New Year ... Congratulations to Operator J. J. 
STACK who took his pension and started his new role as a 
senior citizen. Now you'll have time to do all the things 
you have always wanted to do... It's always a pleasure to 
check for our runs in the morning as Clerks CLARK and 
J. BLAKE always have some kind of a comment to make. I 
wonder who writes their material ?.. Our deepest sympathy 
is extended to Operator M. GILMARTIN whose brother, T. 
GILMARTIN, passed away. He lived in Crystal Lake. ..To 
all the operators on the sick list, I hope by the time this 
issue is out, you will be well on the road to recovery or 
back to work... Don't forget our credit union, save a little 
each payday ! 

- 7£*f m»m d (Jio/uuh 


The Limits Credit Union business meeting and party 
was well attended on January 17. All members are re- 
quested to send or bring in their passbooks so that the in- 
terest can be entered in. ..The beautiful Christmas decora- 
tions that adorned Limits Station during the holiday season 
were put up by Operators WENZEL and PEISKAR. Thank 
you, men. . . Congratulations to MARIE McDANIEL, the 
daughter of Operator WILLIE McDANIEL, who will enter 
into training with TWA airlines as a stewardess upon her 
graduation from Loyola university. . . Supervisor PAUL 
KADOWAKI and his family have returned from a delightful 
vacation down around the Gulf of Mexico. Paul reports that 
he caught a 40-pound fish while on a deep sea fishing trip... 
Retired District Superintendent JOHN JACOBY and his 
dear wife spent the holidays with their son, JOHN JACOBY 
Jr., and his family. Young John is a bus operator at North 
Park Station. .. PHILLIP HUBER, a retired bus operator 
from Limits, was recently united in marriage to a lovely 
bride by the name of ANNE. They met while attending the 
Moody Memorial church. Their reception was held at the 
Merrimac Senior Citizens Club, Merrimac Park. Con- 
gratulations and best wishes to this fine couple... Instructor 
JAMES BROGAN and his family returned from a wonderful 
vacation down in sunny Arizona. ..Among those on the sick 
list at this time are Operators PRADZINSKI, FRANK ROB- 
INSON, and NEWTON MYERS, and Supervisor GEORGE 
WICKMAN. We wish you men a speedy recovery. . . DAN 

JANUARY, 1971 



SON are now back on the active list after a siege of illness. 
..Instructor MARVIN KOCAR did a fine job instructing the 
men at Limits in the use of the telephones which are being 
installed in the buses. ..Our sincerest sympathy to Pen- 
sioner WILLIAM TOBIN in the loss of his dear wife. 

- S. S. S'tXJOX 


We hope all our readers had a wonderful holiday. Your 
co-reporter, MILDRED DOYLE, had a marvelous Christ- 
mas. It was a joy to watch eight grandchildren open gifts 
and stare in wide-eyed wonder at the tree with its bright 
lights and glittering ornaments. The two one-year old boys 
were a special delight to watch as they squealed with joy 
over each toy received. The WKTED family had a wonder- 
ful Christmas also at the home of your co-reporter, MARY 
WIXTED.. .Belated birthday wishes to Student Agent FRED 
TRIEM November 26, and tc Pensioned Janitor PETE 
NAUGHTON December 20. ..MARY GALLAGHER spent her 
Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays on the Emerald Isle 
with her family. You lucky girl, Mary. ..Agent FRED 
FRIEB and his wife, BETTY, helped celebrate the first 
birthday of their grandson, MARC, on December 13. Fred's 
son, RAY, and his lovely wife, SANDY, are now living in 
McHenry, Illinois. ..Clerk JOE MARKOS was seen carrying 
six or seven umbrellas under his arm as he passed through 
one of the stations. Perhaps Joe wants to make sure the 
raindrops won't keep fallin' on his head, if so, you're cer- 
tainly prepared, Joe. .. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. 
RICHARD REDDING who celebrated their anniversary on 
December 18. Mrs. Redding is a former ticket agent and 
now working in the Claim Department at the Mart. Mr. 
Redding is with CTA Pension Department. . . Retired Col- 
lector SPIRO LAMBROS is still enjoying life as a pen- 
sioner. For the past year, he hasn't had to worry about the 
clock ringing, and has really been enjoying the spare time 
he spends with his grandchildren. Spiro and his wife cele- 
brated their anniversary in November. Congratulations, 
and may you enjoy many more years together. ..MARGIE 
WHITE, retired agent now living in Ireland, sends best 
wishes to all her friends for a very Happy New Year. . . 
STEVE CUNNINGHAM, janitor and Loop gang leader, is 

LITTLE FIVE-week old STEPHEN MAY is being held by his 
two-year old big brother, PAUL, and seems to be enjoying every 
minute of it. Stephen and Paul are the grandsons of Superinten- 
dent GEORGE MAY, Limits Station. 


still on sick leave. We hope he will soon be back on the job 
and in good health. Janitor CASTE LLINO is recovering 
from a recent heart attack in Edgewater hospital. Best 
wishes for a quick recovery to both of you. . . Collector 
KAULIS is back from his Las Vegas vacation and feeling 
quite chipper. He didn't break the bank, but says he didn't 
leave any of his money behind. In fact, he left with a little 
more than he went with. Good boy, Kaulis...MARY STAN- 
CZEK was in the hospital for surgery. We hope at this 
writing she is well on the road to complete recovery. ..We 
are anxiously awaiting the return of LOUISE DREWS who 
has been ill... Our sincerest sympathy is extended to MONI- 
CA LEMPKE and MARION KAAD on the death of their sis- 
ters... Student Agent FRED TRIEM had a seven-day holiday 
so he flew to Washington, D.C., and then on to New York 
where he visited Columbia university's College of Physi- 
cians and Surgeons. Fred has plans to attend medical 
school when he receives his Ph.D. at the University of 
Illinois. .. If you are looking for a really lovely poncho, 
sweater, hat, scarf, or vest, check with MORA HAASE. 
Mora does lovely work and is quite reasonable... Switchman 
RANK OLWIG, Douglas terminal, and his family spent their 
vacation in Deerfield, Florida, this year. They visited with 
BILL BARGHOLTZ and his wife. LORRETA. Bill asks to 
be remembered to all his old friends. Anyone planning a 
trip to Florida can look him up in Deerfield and he will be 
glad to see you and show you a good time. ..It is on a sad 
note that we bid a fond adieu to Superintendent LEO BIEN 
who retired on January 1. Mr. Bien was deeply respected 
by all who worked with him. We wish him a wonderful re- 
tirement filled with peace and contentment. . . Congratula- 
tions to ROZENDA MAXIE who will become Mrs. VAUGHN 
HAWKINS on April 17. The best of everything to the future 
bride and groom. 

- THdtOud T>«fU & TKatf TVixted 


Superintendent LEO J. BIEN took his pension on January 
1 after more than 40 years of service. We extend our most 
sincere wishes for many enjoyable years of relaxation. 
Jefferson Park, Lake Street, and the CTA are losing a val- 
uable superintendent and a wonderful per son... We welcome 
EDWARD MITCHELL, a former instructor and line super- 
visor, who replaced Mr. Bien. Superintendent BILL LIMA- 
NOWSKI, Congress and Douglas, was transferred to the 
North Side, and JIM ROBERTS will take his place. Former 
Line Supervisor FRENCHIE ELLIS will be the new relief 
superintendent. We wish them the best of luck and hope 
they enjoy their jobs. ..Your co-reporter, KATY MORIAR- 
TY, and her brothers and sisters are planning to send their 
parents to Ireland in June. It will be their first vacation in 
over 30 years... WILLA HAYWOOD became a grandma for 
the fourth time when her daughter, CHARMAINE BARBER, 
gave birth to a baby girl, CHANTE SHAVETTE, on Novem- 
ber 15 weighing 5 pounds 6 ounces. The baby's father is 
stationed in Korea with the army... Janitor FRANK CULL 
would like to thank all the agents on the Kennedy line who 
helped to make his Christmas a merry one. ..CLEMENTINE 
BROWN was married to ROBERT OWENS on November 4 
and took a short honeymoon to Detroit, Michigan, on De- 
cember 24. Congratulations to the newlyweds... Congratu- 
lations are also in order for ROZENDA PATRICIA MAXIE 
who became engaged to VAUGHN EDWARD HAWKINS. The 
wedding is planned for April 17, 1971. ..ERIC DIXON, the 
son of DOLORES DIXON, is stationed in Viet Nam and 




SZATKOWSKI are pictured 
in front of the CTA bus 
that carried their family t.o 
Queen of the Apostles 
church, Riverdale, Illinois, 
where they were united in 
holy matrimony on Novem- 
ber 29. Peter is the son of 
Electrical Department, 

Rapid Transit Line Divi- 
sion. The bus operator is 

called her on Christmas day. Dolores said that was the 
nicest Christmas present she ever received. . . TRACEY 
JENNIFER JONES, the daughter of Assignment Agent 
JACKIE and Trainman WILBUR JONES, spent her first 
Christmas and her first birthday, December 29, enjoying 
all her new toys. Tracey has found, after only two months 
of walking, that it is easier to ride her tricycle to get 
somewhere faster. .. Your co-reporter, GRACE MOUNTS, 
had all four of her children and their families home for 
Christmas for the first time in 17 years. One daughter had 
to work and missed dinner. ..ALLEN BUTLER, age 10, the 
son of Assignment Agent LUDY BUTLER, had his lifelong 
dream come true on Christmas day when Santa brought him 
a Collie puppy. His mother was as excited as he was... 
BETTY RUSSO and LOUISE DREWS are still home recu- 
perating and we are hoping to see them back soon... Former 
Student Agent BARB (Skinny) POSUCH spent her holidays in 
the hospital having her appendix removed... We extend our 
deepest sympathy to the families of MARIAN KAAD on the 
loss of her sister; to ALAN KERN on the loss of his father, 
and to RONALD WINSTON on the loss of his father... Janitor 
DON LIBERKO, West Section, claims he has never had his 
name in the Transit News, and has promised to give us the 
details on the next exciting thing that happens to him. . . 
You can contact your co- reporter, GRACE MOUNTS, at 
Spaulding, Ext. 2519, Tuesday through Saturday, 3 p.m. to 
11 p.m., and give her all the news. 

- (faux TKtutiiU & "Kattf THmio-tttf 


A buddy and I visited Pensioner LARS PEARSON at 
Mountain Home, Arkansas. We took Route 66 most of the 
way and it was a beautiful drive. It is 575 miles to Lars' 
home. He has a lovely home and his own boat and trailer. 
We fished one of the lakes and didn't get a bite. The next 
five days we fished the White river and just about got our 
limit each day, bringing home a good catch of trout. The 
weather was nice, we had plenty of rest, and the meals 
were exceptionally good. Lars' better half, ANNA, pre- 
pared us some delicious meals for which we thank her. 
Lars is always happy to see his old friends if you are down 
that way. His address is 519 Russell street, Mountain 
Home, Arkansas 72653. ..Operator ARTHUR THIEL and his 
wife spent an enjoyable vacation visiting the Hawaiian Is- 
lands. ..Our congratulations to Pensioner ERVIN DIETZ and 
his wife, ERMA, who celebrated their 50th wedding anni- 
versary on November 7. They live at 706 North Taylor in 


Oak Park. .. GEORGE E. MAY, the son of Superintendent 
GEORGE T. MAY, Limits Depot, passed the principal's 
exam for the Board of Education... We received some wel- 
come letters from our pensioners. GUS MAY and his Mrs. 
send a hello to all their old friends. They are well and 
happy. ART and BETTY MOILANEN tell us the fishing is 
good at Lanse, Michigan. Art has been having some trouble 
with his back. Their address is now 120 E. Broad, Apt. 8, 
Lanse, Michigan 49946. Operator VIGGO WINDFELD sent 
us the address of Pensioner HANS HABBESTAD, Route 1, 
Box 180-P, Eatonville, Washington 98328. Hans sends 
greetings to all and would like to hear from his old friends. 
We were happy to hear from FLORENCE BLAKE, the wid- 
ow of our old friend JERRY BLAKE. FRANK and MARIE 
COLEMAN'S letter reminisced about old times. ..For lovely 
Christmas cards we thank Operators RICHARD SCHOL- 
and Operators J. RICHARDSON, GUY DI MEO, and ROGER 
STEELE of Kedzie Depot. We also thank Pensioners BILL 
GARRY, and GEORGE JOHNSON. And last, but not least, 
North Park garage. .. Pensioner WALTER KRUEGER and 
his wife would be happy to hear from their old friends. 
Their address is P. O. Box 43, Twin Lakes, Wisconsin 
53181. ..The wife of Operator HERBERT JONES was in the 
hospital over Thanksgiving. We are sorry to report she 
may have to return, so how about some prayers for her 
complete recovery very soon.. .Pensioner HAROLD GERTZ 
passed away on December 1. Our seepest sympathy is ex- 
tended to his family. "There, by His love o'ershaded, 
sweetly my soul shall rest. "..If you haven't already done 
so at some time or other, you must go out and cut down 
your own Christmas tree. This is the advice of Switch- 
board Operator WALTER BLLX, who along with his better 
half and their daughter and son-in-law, sallied forth one 
Saturday and did just that. Of course if you go after a two 
day rainfall it makes it that much more fun (?). You wal- 
low in mud that's well over your ankles, to say nothing of 
slipping and sliding in all the gooey stuff. Then there's 
also the chance of getting your car stuck about hubcap deep 
if you're not real careful. They came away with two of the 
best trees they have ever had and the fellows have told 
their wives, "Never again", at least not until next year. 
And now for more news from Walter, who sees all, hears 
all, and passes some of it on to us. ..Now that the holidays 
have passed into history, the fellows in the front office are 
going to miss all those goodies that they had before Christ- 
mas. It seems there was a steady stream of jelly rolls, 
sweet rolls, Italian pastries (thanks to the repair depart- 
ment), homemade cookies from VIRGINIA BLIX's kitchen 
(on three different occasions, no less), and then there was 
that enormous caddy of assorted cookies from one of the 
best kookie companies in the business (spelling it with a 
"K" should give you a hint as to the name of the company). 
For these, our thanks to the wife of Clerk ED (Volvo) 
WITEK. The homemade cookies were the ones that really 
spoiled District "C" Superintendent VIC LAULETTA. 
Again, our thanks to everyone, and needless to say we're 
all looking forward to next Christmas and another round of 
high-caloried days. ..We thought we knew all there was to 

JANUARY, 1971 



know about the Florida vacation of Superintendent BILL 
MOSER and his family. Sorry you didn't get to Cuba, boss. 
After reading the recent column from Public Information, 
down at the Mart, we have been trying to put the following 
items together and come up with an answer; KATHY MO- 
SER, "halo", "cloud nine", and "long-stemmed roses." It 
seems somebody is holding out on us. I wonder how we 
ever got scooped on that story ?.. Clerk TOM HICKEY would 
sure like to hop on that new bike that Santa left at his house 
and pedal all the way to work from Elmhurst just so he 
could thumb his nose at every gas station he passed. How 
about it, Mrs. HICKEY. ..We hope by this time that former 
Switchboard Operator CHARLEY SCHMIDT is out of the 
hospital and well on the road to recovery after a recent eye 
operation. This is also extended to the other fellows on our 
sick list, Superintendent FRANK BUETOW and Chief Clerk 
FRED MURBARGER. Remember them in your prayers. 
Thanks again, Walter, for your help with this column. ..New 
members of the Courtesy Caravan Club are Operators A. 
GLENN. Let's all make an effort to be on the list. ..Win- 
ter's slippery weather is bad for driving, so drive care- 
fully. Be extra watchful especially with the elderly when 
they are boarding and alighting... As I lookback over this 
column, I realize the pensioners are the ones keeping me 
informed of the news. How about the rest of you? 

- TVdliait TKUcUma 


Operators: Let's all try to comply with our parking 
privileges. We are fortunate to have room for parking, and 
a little consideration of following the rules will be appreci- 
ated. Try and use your space only and park in the areas 
according to time schedules... Operator EDWARD BORDES 
retired on January 1 after 34 years of service. Ed was a 
night bus operator on Clark street and made many friends 
on the line. May his years of leisure living be long and en- 
joyable. ..Pensioner JOE LEHMANN of Port Arthur, Michi- 
gan, where he is engaged in truck farming, spent a week's 
vacation in Chicago and stayed at the home of Operator 
JIM and RITA DOLAN... Operator DALE GILMER and his 
wife, OPAL, traveled to Bold Knob, Arkansas, to visit Mr. 
and Mrs. ORTO WHITLEY. Next stop on the agenda was a 
visit to Long Beach, California, to visit Mr. and Mrs. 
WALTER HAMILTON, and then on to Sacramento to visit 
Mr. and Mrs. WILLIAM BROWN. Dale reports that while 
fishing on the Sacramento river he caught a coho salmon 
weighing 22 pounds... Operator TED KINDERMAN and his 
wife, MARGE, visited their daughter, Mrs. PATRICIA 
GABBETT, and their granddaughter, MARGIE, who reside 
in Silver Springs, Maryland. The Kindermans celebrated 
Thanksgiving and Christmas while there. ..Operator BURT 
SCHWARTZ and his wife, LINDA, and their son, SAMUEL, 
vacationed in New Orleans, Louisiana, where Linda's 
parents, Mr. and Mrs. ALBERT ROBBINS, live. This was 
the Robbins' first visit with their grandson, Samuel, and 
Linda's grandmother, Mrs. SARAH KLEIN. Also on the 
agenda were several visits to the French Quarter... Opera- 
tor SIDNEY HUTNICK and his wife, SUSAN, drove to Bonita 
Springs, Florida, to visit with Pensioner CHARLES and 
ANNIE KERR. The next stop was Fort Lauderdale where 
the Hutnicks visited Pensioner JACK and WANDA KRAUSE 
who were most gracious hosts. The Hutnicks then boarded 
the M.S. Skyward for a cruise to San Juan, Puerto Rico, St. 


Thomas, Virgin Islands, and the Island of Haiti. While in 
Puerto Rico the Hutnicks met Board Member FRANK 
LASKE and his wife, GERTRUDE, and had a most enjoyable 
day sightseeing with them. ..DANNY KNUDSEN, the son of 
Operator BILL KNUDSEN, was awarded his numerals for 
his participation as a member of the freshman football 
team at Hirsch High school... Operator CHARLEY KEMP 
and his son, GARY, bagged their limit of rabbit and pheas- 
ant while hunting at Kirksville, Illinois... JOE DAUGRID Jr., 
the son of Instructor JOE DAUGRID, finished his second 
year at Loyola university law school, while Joe's daughter, 
DEBBIE, enrolled at Southern Illinois university, where 
she will be majoring in art... Operator LEONARD WACH- 
OWSKI and his wife and daughters, SANDY and DEBBIE, 
were cited and photographed in the Chicago papers for their 
part in obtaining furniture and clothing for the Bryon Mc- 
Donald family who were burned out in a recent fire at their 
home. We at North Park extend our congratulations to the 
Wachowski family for their timely help to the McDonald 
family. ..JOHN STEINBEISS, the son of Instructor WALTER 
and MARY STEINBEISS, was inducted into the U.S. Air 
Force and is receiving his basic training at Lackland Air 
Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. . .Operators ARTURO 
RIVERA and MORT LIBERT have transferred to Skokie 
Shops and are very happy in their new positions. .. Mrs. 
FLORENCE YAWORSKI, the wife of Operator CAZ YA- 
WORSKI, was seriously injured in an automobile accident 
and at this writing is hospitalized at St. Joseph's hospital 
in Elgin, Illinois. Our prayers are with you, Florence, for 
a complete recovery. 

The Sambruca Club of Chicago held their annual dinner 
dance on Saturday, November 21, at the Chateau Royale. 
Chairman of the affair was Operator PAT SCIORTINO, as- 
sisted by Operators PETE MARCHISOTTO and JOE DE 
SPARTA. Division 241 President WARREN SCHOLL and 
his wife, HELEN, along with Mr. and Mrs. TONY BRUNO, 
Mr. and Mrs. DALE PETERS, Mr. and Mrs. JOE DI GIO- 
VANNI, Mr. and Mrs. LE ROY CARR, Mr. and Mrs. JOHN 
and Mrs. GEORGE HUFF were among the honored guests 
and personnel of North Park who attended this gala event... 
Clerk WALTER RINGHOFF has resigned his position at 
CTA and is moving to Glendale, Arizona, where he will 
have new interests to keep him busy. We at North Park 
extend our best to Wally and wish him luck in his new en- 
terprise... Pensioner JOHN JACOBY and his wife, BERTHA, 
left the warm weather of Scottsdale, Arizona, and returned 

THIS YOUNG man is 

HARVEY, the son of 
Operator W. HARVEY, 
Limits Station. After 

having served two years 
in the armed forces, Rob- 
ertson is now studying 
law at the University of 



to Chicago to visit their eon, JOHN Jr., and their many 
friends. While Jake had a grand time here, he was happy 
to board that 747 for the return trip home. ..Operator DICK 
GUSTAFSON and his wife, MERCEDES, became grand- 
parents for the first time, when their daughter, Mrs. 
KAREN HAASE, gave birth to a daughter, MARY ANN, 
born on October 19 at Columbus hospital weighing 6 pounds 
13 ounces... Happy anniversaries are extended tor Operator 
SIDNEY HUTNICK and his wife, SUSAN, their 29th; Opera- 
tor BOB WALTERS and his wife, DORCAS, their 34th; Op- 
erator ELI PESTINE and his wife, RUTH, their 38th; Op- 
erator SAM POSNER and his wife, their 32nd; Operator 
JOHN EISELT and his wife, LOUISE; Supervisor LARRY 
BENNETT and his wife, JULIA, their 30th; Operator DAVE 
ARREGUIN and his wife, THERESA, their 14th; Pensioner 
WALTER LINDEMANN and his wife, ELEANOR, their 
43rd; Operator JIM HALL and his wife, VIRGINIA, their 
20th, and Operator BILL HODGSON and his wife, LORRY, 
their 21st. ..Happy birthdays are extended to the following: 
Mrs. MARY HOLZMAN...Our sympathy is extended to the 
family of Operator HOWARD LYLE who passed away sud- 
denly. .. Repair Department Chit Chat: Repairman DAN 
PRISBLE and his lovely wife enjoyed their second honey- 
moon with a fabulous trip to Hawaii... Benchman HERMAN 
AMBOS and his wife, EVELYN, spent a week's vacation at 
Powers Lake, Wisconsin, where their daughter, VERA, and 
her husband, EDWARD LASCO, live. Herman reports that 
the ice fishing was fair. ..Also enjoying vacations were the 
CHRISTINE PLUTA, the wife of Repairman TERRY PLU- 
TA, gave birth to her second child, a son named JEFFERY 
SCOTT, who was born on December 8 at Gottlieb Memorial 
hospital weighing 10 pounds l\ ounces... The garage extends 
a hearty welcome to the following servicemen: WILLIAM 
AMBOS retired on January 1 and was honored with a party 
and gift on his last day. Herman's plans for the future are 
indefinite... Foreman PHIL O'CONNOR has asked the oper- 
ators to be sure to mark any defects on their buses on the 
sheet so prompt attention can be given to them... 
The sympathy of the garage and depot is extended to Re- 
pairman ALEX FRITZLER on the loss of his beloved wife, 
BERNICE... Pensioner ELMER KNUDSON was a recent vis- 
itor at North Park and delivered his usual present to the 
credit union. Elmer wants to take this opportunity to say 
hello to his many friends. 

- TlteUu* "XmUM} 


Happy New Year. May we all find 1971 to be a healthy, 
happy, and prosperous year... Here on the North Side we 
are starting things out with a big bang.. .Once again we lost 
our station superintendent, E. J. HEATTER, who was 
transferred to Ashland Avenue. We all wish him good luck 
over there. At the same time, we gained MTKE LaVELLE 
as our new superintendent. We also gained WILLIAM 
LIMANOWSKI as our new assistant superintendent. We ex- 
tend a hearty welcome to them. . . Congratulations are in 

order for Switchman JAMES ZEPP and his wife, BARB- 
ARA, who became the parents of a new son, JAMES CHRIS- 
TOPHER, born November 29. Also congratulations to 
Towerman JOHN NIMTZ and his wife on the birth of their 
first, a girl, NATASHA, born on December 6. ..We wish 
speedy recoveries to the employes that are off sick at this 
time: Agent JERRY OLSEN and Janitor JOHN BONNER. 
Motorman R. FREEMAN underwent surgery at Presbyteri- 
an-St. Lukes hospital and is now back at work. Agent 
WARDEN MARKS has also returned after a long siege of 
illness. . . Our condolences and sympathy to Motorman F. 
KLIECH on the death of his father on December 8. Also to 
DELORES JONES whose 16 year old cousin met an untimely 
death on Thanksgiving day. ..I received a note from Agent 
EVELYN LANZ. Ev thanks all her many friends for the 
calls, cards, and gifts she received while off sick. She is 
getting along fine and is beginning to see much better since 
her eye surgery. She claims she misses the job and her 
many friends, and hopes to be back in February. ..Retired 
Ticket Agent EMMA RENNHACK would like to hear from 
her former co-workers. She misses everyone — and the 
road, too. To all retired CTA employes, we who are still 
here wish you a Happy New Year. . . Ticket Agent MINNA 
KING flew to Florida on December 14 to help her father 
celebrate his 84th birthday... Former Student Agent FRANK 
DE LA PAZ resigned on December 21 to take a position as 
correctional parole counselor with the Illinois State De- 
partment of Corrections. Frank will be assigned on Chi- 
cago's South Side. Frank has received a law enforcement 
assistance grant to continue his studies towards public 
administration in criminology. Frank extends his well 
wishes to the many friends he made at CTA. Our own 
wishes go to Frank in his new venture. . . Former Agent 
ANDY THELIN was home for the holidays from the air 
force. Andy is the son of Agent HENRY THELIN. Mr. and 
Mrs. Thelin also have two other sons in the air force, one 
in England and the other in Puerto Rico. Andy would like 
to hear from his CTA friends. His address is: Andrew 
Thelin, Box 8843-23 C.E.S., McConnell AFB, Wichita, Kan- 
sas 67221... Also home for the Christmas holiday, on a 
four-day pass from the air force, was CHARLES (Ricky) 
KORAL, the son of Howard Street Supervisor JOE KORAL. 
..Howard Street Station Clerk BILL KUCIVER and his wife 

daughter of JOHN W. MUELLNER, Surface Division Garage 
Supervisor. James was awarded a scholarship by the Illinois 
State Library and is now working for his masters degree in library 
science at Northern Illinois university. Joyce, a former Chicago 
school teacher, is now employed by the Department of Defense 
as a teacher at Clark Air Force Base in Manila. 

JANUARY, 1971 



and daughters had a great big reason for having a wonder- 
ful Christmas. Their son, MICHAEL, was discharged from 
the army in time to be home for Christmas. . .Instructor 
WENDELL MANN, known to his fellow employes as Willie, 
was ordained as a minister of the Gospel on November 29 
at the Acme Missionary Baptist church, 8758 S. Peoria. 
Mr. Mann was also installed as assistant pastor of the 
church. Congratulations, Willie, from us all. . . J. W. 
BRUCKER, superintendent of agents, informed us that he 
had a wonderful Christmas. His daughter and her family 
from California, and his daughter and her family from 
Hoffman Estates, all came home for Christmas. Mr. 
Brucker said his house was full of tiny voices and running 
feet and that he ate so much food, it was a wonder that he 
could even move. . . Never let it be said that operating a 
train every day is enough action for Motorman BOBBY 
HILL. On weekends, Bobby goes to Wisconsin and rides up 
and down the hills on a snowmobile. Wonder what he is 
looking for ?.. Birthday greetings to Agent DELORES L. 
and Agent CAROL GREEN STEVENSON. ..A welcome back 
to work to Janitor JOHN DENNARD who was off work for 
two months because of illness. Our well wishes for con- 
tinued good health... Clerk ANGELO (Andy) BIANCHINI and 
his wife, PEARL, flew to Miami, Florida, and spent eight 
days in the sun, swimming in the hotel pool and the Atlantic 
ocean. While there they visited Andy's brother who drove 
them through the Everglades and to Naples, Florida. Both 
came home with a good suntan. Naples ? Leave it to an 
Italian.. .Supervisor HAROLD THURBUSH is now working 
on the North Side in place of TIM McDONAGH who went 
into the Instruction Department. Good luck to you both.. .A 
little note to our foot collectors — now that you have the 
new money carts, don't forget your Wheaties... Ticket Agent 
August 8 in Grace Methodist church. Carolyn is just now 
telling us about it. ..Former Supervisor EDWARD PORTER 
has returned to us as an agent. He was in Haar, Germany, 
for a number of months where he took his daughter to a 
renowned nerve clinic and says she has improved greatly. 
Haar is a small village just outside Munich. Ed also wants 
to thank all his many fellow co-workers who are helping 
him in his new job. .. Janitor JAMES O'MALLEY and his 
wife were blessed with a baby girl on December 4. All 
poor Jim keeps doing is staring into space and saying, "I 
just don't know how it happened." Come on, Jim. .. New 
agents to the North Side are: BETTY STANLEY and Stu- 
dent Agents T. ZETTERLUND and R. RAHRMAN. Welcome 
aboard, and may you enjoy working for the CTA...I would 
like to say that at Christmas time my many passengers 
were simply swell to me. Who would think that an agent 
would get gifts ? I received a total of 62 gifts from my 
many passengers, even though they won't read this, I am 
very grateful. ..Kimball Motorman CHARLIE KOPP retired 
on January 1 with a total of 45 years of service. His many 
friends at Kimball will miss him, and they all wish him the 
best of everything and hope he will enjoy many happy years 
of retirement.. .Say, fellow employes, we are trying to get 
a bowling team together. Anyone interested, please contact 
Clerk ROBERT STEWART, care of Howard Street Termi- 
nal, giving him all information with your days off. You can 
also contact me at Chicago and State subway station, ext. 
480, except Tuesday and Wednesday. Mr. Stewart and I 
believe that we, as a good working section, should do some- 
thing together and all pull together for a better CTA. So 
either write Mr. Stewart or myself and we will take it from 
there. This includes agents, conductors, motormen, jani- 


tors, and anyone working on the North Side. So let's get 
with it and sign up for a bowling team. 

OPERATIONS (Transportation) - 

KATHY KRUEGER flew to London for two weeks of re- 
laxation. She stayed with her friends JIM and MARY 
GRACE JEWELL (Bremer), formerly of the Training De- 
partment. Kathy spent a good part of the time playing with 
their new baby, DIANA, and also did some shopping. She 
said it was quite an experience being there when they were 
having problems with the electricity and the lights kept 
going out. A must was riding the subway trains and the 
upper level of a double-deck bus. The weather was very 
nice, she had a wonderful time, and would like to make a 
return visit. ..We would like to welcome ROBERTA STEW- 
ARD, our new clerk-stenographer, who transferred from 
the Employment Department replacing LORRAINE BRAZ- 
ZLE who transferred to the Specifications Department. 
Another new member of our department is MARILYN KRU- 
PINSKI, telephone operator, who is replacing ROSEMARIE 
HEMZACEK who transferred to information clerk. We 
wish all of you good luck in your new jobs...BURCHARD 
POGUE and his wife, FLORENCE, drove to Nashville, Ten- 
nessee, during the Christmas holiday to see their new 
granddaughter, JENNIFER (the total number of grand- 
children now stands at ten). They stayed with their son, 
MICHAEL, a former mechanic at Forest Glen, for two days 
and returned home after a very enjoyable visit with their 
family. ..ART and FLORENCE ROEPKE recently became 
grandparents for the second time. On December 27, DEAN 
MICHAEL came into the world weighing 7 pounds 11 ounces. 
The proud parents are DEAN and KATHY ROEPKE. The 
LUKES, MARTY and SHIRLEY, proudly announced the ar- 
rival of another baby boy, TIMOTHY JAMES, born on De- 
cember 23 weighing 7 pounds 3 ounces and 20 inches long. 
They now have two boys and one girl. Congratulations to 
all the new parents and grandparents... During the Christ- 
mas holidays, SAM KELLEY, a retired information clerk, 
came to the general office to visit with his friends. He 
looks real great and is enjoying his retirement. . .Your 
scribe flew to Miami to spend the New Years weekend with 
JACK and WANDA KRAUSE. Directly from the airport we 
went to a party and I also went swimming. After a full day 
of fishing on Sunday, January 3, I returned to their home 
and was stunned when I walked into the house all decorated 
and filled with my friends for a surprise birthday party for 
me. Believe it or not, I was speechless. My sincerest 
thanks to Jack and Wanda for the wonderful party. This is 
the first time anyone has been able to put something over 
on me like that, and I'm sure this is one birthday I'll never 
forget. I did many things during the short time I was there 
and had a great time. 

(Utility and Emergency Service) - 

We extend our deepest sympathy to STEVE HERMAN 
whose brother passed away, to ED KENNEDY on the loss of 
his mother, and to ART FRANK who lost his mother-in- 
law. ..We were all happy to see L. GALLE, C. GAGE, and 
W. MOOG return from the sick list. Still off sick are T. 
back from his vacation recently was N. GWELKE, who we 
understand did not make expenses at Las Vegas. Other 
holiday vacationers were W. MOOG, F. FIORE, H. FELTZ, 




SIMON ANDERSON, 79, Kedzie, 

Emp. 3-6-23, Died 11-9-70 
BERNARD C. ANDREWS, 66, Forest Glen, 

Emp. 4-7-25, Died 11-1-70 
ARTHUR BADER, 70, South Shops, 

Emp. 3-27-34, Died 11-5-70 
GEORGE BAGNALL, 87, Kedzie, 

Emp. 4-18-16, Died 11-11-70 
ROBERT BELL, 78, North Avenue, 

Emp. 10-9-22, Died 11-1-70 
WTLLIAM J. BOND, 74, 77th Street, 

Emp. 1-13-20, Died 11-5-70 
WALTER C. BUDZISZ, 53, South Shops, 

Emp. 5-17-46, Died 12-1-70 
CHARLES A. DICKE, 79, 77th Street, 

Emp. 9-24-12, Died 10-30-70 
STANLEY EISIN, 61, South Section, 

Emp. 6-29-34, Died 12-6-70 
THOMAS A. ELLERY, 66, Keeler, 

Emp. 10-1-42, Died 11-10-70 
JAMES P. FANLON, 86, Cottage Grove, 

Emp. 5-28-08, Died 11-9-70 
JOHN S. FARRIS, 63, Lawndale, 

Emp. 5-4-40, Died 12-26-70 
FRANK FILIPPELLI, 65, Congress, 

Emp. 9-2-41, Died 11-8-70 
CASPER FRANZ, 69, Forest Glen, 

Emp. 4-6-42, Died 11-8-70 
HAROLD E. GERTZ, 57, North Avenue, 

Emp. 8-24-37, Died 11-28-70 
SAM GUCCIONE, 85, Track, 

Emp. 5-16-22, Died 11-24-70 
ROBERT A. GUYSSENS, 63, North Park, 

Emp. 6-21-39, Died 11-20-70 
WALTER J. HANNEBOHM, 68, District "C", 

Emp. 10-20-27, Died 11-26-70 
ROY C. HARTIGAN, 81, Devon, 

Emp. 1-5-29, Died 11-23-70 
GEORGE A. HOLMES, 75, Shops & Equipment, 

Emp. 3-16-48, Died 10-29-70 
LYLE HOWARD, 57, Kedzie, 

Emp. 12-2-42, Died 11-28-70 
EARL H. JOHNSON, 84, West Section, 

Emp. 9-3-09, Died 10-26-70 
CORDELL JONES, 39, Archer, 

Emp. 7-2-69, Died 11-28-70 
OTTO JUREW, 75, Kedzie, 

Emp. 1-31-17, Died 11-21-70 

FRANK J. KLEICH, 76, North Section, 

Emp. 5-21-24, Died 12-6-70 
WILLIAM F. KOEHLER, 77, North Section, 

Emp. 5-8-23, Died 11-13-70 

FRANK J. KOFRANEK, 84, West Section, 

Emp. 8-27-24, Died 11-28-70 
WILLIAM E. LAWLER, 72, 77th Street, 

Emp. 10-10-24, Died 11-10-70 

HERMAN W. LEUSCH, 75, Devon, 

Emp. 10-15-13, Died 11-25-70 

MARCO LOCASTO, 57, 69th Street, 

Emp. 8-5-41, Died 11-2-70 

DAVID R. LONG, 71, Howard Street, 

Emp. 1-7-29, Died 12-3-70 

JOHN C. LUNN, 78, Way & Structures, 
Emp. 4-1-26, Died 10-24-70 
ROBERT B. MacMILLAN, 71, Devon, 
Emp. 11-6-22, Died 11-12-70 
BERNARD McCORMICK, 38, Electrical, 
Emp. 7-15-48, Died 12-6-70 
Emp. 7-23-23, Died 11-14-70 
TONI MORTELLARO, 58, Building, 
Emp. 6-30-43, Died 11-24-70 
Emp. 4-16-37, Died 12-6-70 
GEORGE G. NEAD, 61, Forest Glen, 
Emp. 4-16-34, Died 11-5-70 
JOHN A. O'BRIEN, 75, 77th Street, 
Emp. 6-20-23, Died 10-7-70 
MAURICE V. O'BRIEN, 74, 61st Street, 
Emp. 7-6-27, Died 11-9-70 
EVAR OHLSON, 61, Forest Glen, 
Emp. 5-19-42, Died 11-28-70 
IVAN O. OLSON, 63, 77th Street, 
Emp. 1-22-34, Died 11-26-70 
Emp. 8-11-43, Died 11-25-70 
FRED H. PLATTNER, 81, North Section, 
Emp. 1-9-23, Died 11-24-70 
SIMO S. POPOVICH, 83, Way & Structures, 

Emp. 4-15-21, Died 10-26-70 
JOHN RAKOCZY, 71, Police, 

Emp. 10-10-29, Died 11-28-70 
EDWIN R. SAVAGE, 38, Kedzie, 

Emp. 11-8-62, Died 12-4-70 
HERBERT H. SCHWARZ, 82, North Section, 

Emp. 1-31-42, Died 11-4-70 
GUST G. SKIZAS, 79, 77th Street, 

Emp. 3-30-43, Died 10-24-70 
ROBERT SMITH, 88, Devon, 

Emp. 10-5-17, Died 11-12-70 
JOHN A. SOKOLOSKI, 84, Track, 

Emp. 8-3-29, Died 11-19-70 
BERL L. SPARKS, 66, 77th Street, 

Emp. 11-22-28, Died 11-22-70 
JOHN J. STEVENS, 60, 77th Street, 

Emp. 8-21-46, Died 11-28-70 
JOHN STUPP, 84, North Section, 

Emp. 12-3-40, Died 11-26-70 
GEORGE W. SWARTZ, 74, 69th Street, 

Emp. 2-10-43, Died 11-21-70 

Emp. 5-16-27, Died 11-16-70 
WILLIAM VAN LENNEP, 75, West Section, 

Emp. 7-19-22, Died 11-12-70 
PEARL E . WALSH, 92, West Section, 

Emp. 3-24-30, Died 11-22-70 
WILLIAM J. WELCH, 82, North Section, 

Emp. 8-27-23, Died 11-19-70 
RAY L. WILL, 84, Inspections, 

Emp. 5-29-33, Died 11-20-70 
CLARENCE WILSON, 72, North Avenue, 

Emp. 4-11-36, Died 11-28-70 

JANUARY, 1971 



TOPPING OFF their wed- 
ding cake are newlyweds 
FINCH, who were united 
in holy matrimony on No- 
vember 28. Virginia is the 
daughter of NELLO PAR- 
RILLO, Congress Rapid 
Transit Maintenance Ter- 
minal Shop. 

KUTA. ..JOHN ROCHE, the son of Superintendent J. J. 
ROCHE, was a member of the St. Patrick High school bas- 
ketball team which came in third in the Carbondale holiday 

(Traffic Planning) - 

BILL WINTERS and his wife, MARION, drove to beauti- 
ful Miami, Florida, for their vacation. They did nothing but 
relax, swim, eat at many different restaurants, have some 
liquid refreshments, and enjoy the warm sun. As usual, 
they had a great time and can't wait to go there again. ..JIM 
TOOLIS' daughter, BARBARA, who is presently teaching 
school, received her masters degree in science from Chi- 
cago State college on December 21. The week of Christmas 
is one she will always remember as she also celebrated 
her birthday and became engaged. Congratulations and best 
of luck.. .We would also like to wish DENNIS MURPHY good 
luck in his new job in the Treasury Department. 

- getttte Sfepfrfui 


The month of November brought some pleasant sur- 
prises to the BOB MCCARTHY household. Bob's oldest 
son, ROBERT, 16, was chosen unanimously by all coaches 
of their conference as defensive lineman for the All- 
Conference Football team. Robert is a junior at Immacu- 
late Conception High school in Elmhurst. This is quite an 
honor for Robert, as those selected are usually seniors in 
their class and considered the best in their league. Robert 
plays on both defensive and offensive teams during the reg- 
ular football season. Not to be outdone, Bob's youngest son, 
BRIAN, 8, won five medals in the Olympics Day Competi- 
tion of Cub Pack 25. Two gold medals represented the 
football throw, another gold medal for the baseball throw, 
one silver medal for the football kick, and one bronze med- 
al for the broad jump. Let's not forget Bob's daughter, 
THERESA, 13. She is president of her student council and 
was chosen as vice-president of the student council for the 
entire Elmhurst area. Quite a family you have there, Bob! 
..The welcome mat was extended to a young lady recently 
added to the Specifications Department, LORRAINE BRAZ- 
ZLE, who replaced SANDY MATUSZEWSKI. Miss Brazzle 
formerly worked in the Transportation Department... ROD 
DAUGHERTY's 11 year old son, DALE, was really excited 
when he was chosen from among junior high school students 
to star in the Evanston Township High school Christmas 


play, 'Amahl and the Night Visitors", on December 13. 
Rod, Specifications Department, was very pleased with his 
son, and we sure don't blame him. ..WALTER HELMER, 
who retired as an employe from the Specifications Depart- 
ment in 1959, recently informed us that he and his wife, 
MARION, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. 
Among those who helped celebrate this festive occasion 
with the Helmers were their children and grandchildren 
(one grandson in the navy was unable to attend). Walter 
said they enjoyed themselves, especially on the beach. We 
hope the next 50 years together will be just as wonderful... 
LEE DeSUTTER, Specifications Department, spent her 
week's vacation improving her skills driving a car.. .KEVIN 
BARRETT recently resigned from Stores, General Office, 
to take a position with the Chicago Fire Department. Kevin 
will certainly be missed and we wish him the best of luck. 
By the way, the very best to Kevin and SANDY MATU- 
SZEWSKI of the Insurance Department who recently be- 
came Mr. and Mrs. .. HARRY HOSANG, laborer, Stores- 
South, retired on January 1 after 29 years of service. 
Harry will be missed very much, and we wish him loads of 
happiness during his future retirement years. . .KATHY 
McATEER, Stores, is leaving us to be a mother and house- 
wife. Boy or girl ? We hope it's one of each, Kathy. That 
way you will make us all happy. We hope you'll visit us 
often.. .We welcome BARNABA GAGNON, better known as 
Barney, back to the Stores Department. Barney formerly 
worked for Stores but was transferred. We're glad to see 
you missed us so much that you decided to return.. .HAR- 
OLD ENWRIGHT, stock clerk I, Skokie, became a great- 
grandfather on December 16, at 6:00 a.m. MICHAEL 
DAVID PARISI weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces. . .JOHN and 
CATHY, your co- reporters, would like to close by saying 
that this magazine is for you — the employe — and if you 
want 1971 to be as nice as 1970, we ask you to contact 
either one of us on any news you may have... We wish all of 
you a wonderful New Year! 


Congratulations to C. DUNLAP Jr. and E. WOJECIE- 
SZAK, Dan Ryan, who are in repair training.. .Best of luck 
to THADDEUS GUTT Jr., the son of TED GUTT, Dan Ryan, 
on his tour in the service. Ted enlisted and is now in 
training at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas... 
A good time was had by all who attended the CTA American 
Legion Post 1216 annual Christmas party. ..Enjoying a win- 
ter vacation were R. DAVIS, L. STEWART, and G. NICHOL- 
SON, Dan Ryan. ..Our deepest sympathy to W. SPARKS, 
61st Street, and his family on the passing of his father, 
BERL SPARKS, on November 22. The Sparks family would 
like to thank all for their condolences. ..Wishes for a speedy 
recovery are sent to M. BRINSON, 61st Street, who is still 
on the sick list. ..Enjoying holiday vacations are: J. MOL- 
D. WILBORN, G. BUNDLEY, and T. LALLY of 61st Street, 
DUBE of Wilson. . . Congratulations to HAROLD FINLEY, 
car serviceman at Linden, who retired on January 1 after 
24 years of service. Best of luck to Harold for a long and 
healthy retirement. ..Welcome to M. GARCIA and J. HOFF- 
STAD, new car servicemen at Howard Shop. ..Held over by 
popular demand was the stamp collection of Pensioner 
RALPH DANIELSON. Ralph's stamps were to be exhibited 




for one month at the Smithsonian Institute, but after their 
display, they were held over for six months. 

- Say 'Siftejti 


Happy New Year to all. ..RICHARD FELDMANN, electri- 
cal worker, was presented a baby girl, HEIDI JO FELD- 
MANN, by his wife, HOLLY, on November 28, weighing 6 
pounds 11 ounces. ..LARRY KING, retired electrical work- 
er, regrets to report that his wife, BETTY, was hit by an 
automobile and suffered a broken leg and arm and is now 
confined in Ravenswood hospital. ..ROY SUAREZ, electrical 
worker, suffered the loss of his new Buick Skylark, due to a 
person driving on the wrong side of the street. The col- 
lision was head on, but their little baby was not injured. 
Sorry for your loss, Roy. .. ROBERT B1NNIE, electrical 
worker, is back home after having his gall bladder and ap- 
pendix removed at St. Francis hospital. Bob was able to 
bring home enough stones for a necklace. Good luck, 
Robert... HARVEY (Moe) WILLIAMS, assistant superintend- 
ent, rapid transit shops and terminals, is enjoying a fishing 
vacation trip in southern Texas with his wife. Hope you 
both had a good rest...EMMETT NOLAN, retired electrical 
worker, paid us a nice visit at the shops. Emmett and his 
wife have been vacationing a lot. Keep it up and enjoy it... 
A lot of the employes went on vacation over Christmas and 
New Years, but they forgot to tell their reporter where 
they were going. Hope you all had fun... Pensioner ERNEST 
JONES, Wilson Terminal, and his wife, LOIS, sent their 
hellos from San Juan as they are enjoying a Caribbean 
cruise. Hope they enjoyed the beautiful ports.. .ROBERT 
MUELLER, machinist, is back to work after a few weeks in 
the hospital and at home. I know it was tiresome lying 
around the house, Bob, but welcome back.. .EDWIN KEN- 
NEDY, carpenter, HARRY MINGEE, painter, EDWIN 
KNIAZ, machinist, and JOSEPH MICHALCZ UK, electrical 
worker, are still on the sick list. Hurry back, fellows, we 
all miss you. ..A hearty welcome to JOHN HUMISTON who 
has recently joined Technical Services, Rapid Transit Di- 
vision, here at Skokie Shops. 

Sueutt S Stqlful 


Here's hoping for a good year in 1971 for everyone. ..The 
Agent's Pension Club held their retirement and Christmas 
dinner on December 13 at the Beverly Woods restaurant, 
and it was a gala affair with about 140 people attending. 
The retirees honored were: Agents ANN O'CONNOR, 
Foreman JOHN LEMKE. Their families and friends were 
also present to see those honored. Everyone at work 
misses these fine people. The Agent's Pension Club de- 
cided to surprise our station superintendent, MICHAEL 
O'CONNOR, who retired January 1 by also honoring him, 
and he didn't know anything about it until he arrived at the 
dinner. Mrs. O'CONNOR came in from Tucson, Arizona, 
especially to attend the dinner. Mickey said it was a won- 
derful surprise, one he will always remember. Also at- 
tending were Superintendent of Operating Stations and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. THOMAS STIGLIC from the General Office, 
Retired South Section Station Superintendent RICHARD 
MEISNER, and Retired North Section Station Superintendent 

THIS SMILING couple is 
Pensioner BILL and L0R- 
are pictured in their yard 
in Deerfield, Florida. Bill, 
who retired in 1959, was a 
West Section trainman. 

KEN MANAUGH. A token of remembrance was given to 
each of the retirees. As always, when one wants to take 
pictures at an important dinner, the camera will not work 
so I was unable to get a picture (darn). My hubby, ROL- 
AND (the cameraman), was really disgusted. There were 
so many people at the dinner I couldn't begin to name them 
all. Our hats are off to Retired Assignment Agents LULU 
HAMANN and ROSE HEIDENBLUT who ran this beautiful 
party for all these beautiful people. We wish all the re- 
tirees good health and happiness... A hearty welcome to our 
new South Section station superintendent, EDWARD HEAT- 
TER, who transferred from the North Section on January 1. 
Hope you will enjoy working on the South Section. ..A big 
"Hi" to newly-hired Conductors EDWARD DAVIS, JULIUS 
REY BROWN, and a transferee from the surface system, 
Janitor RONALD SARNECKE...We were saddened to hear 
that Retired Agent ESTHER McDERMOTT and Retired 
Shopman PAT McEVOY, brother of Retired Agent SARAH 
McEVOY, passed away recently. Our sincere condolences 
go out to their families and friends. ..Conductor LEONARD 
SUCECH is off on a holiday vacation in sunny Florida 
where he can relax on the sandy beaches... Retired Motor- 
man ANGELOS YPS1LANTI dropped in to visit everyone at 
Ashland Avenue and looks wonderful. He said he had been 
to Greece this past summer. My, our pensioners sure get 
around the world. ..Good-good news: Retired Division 308 
Board Member CHARLES BURNS is now home recuperating 
after a stay in the hospital. He says he's feeling better and 
wants to thank everyone for all the kindnesses, cards, and 
phone calls received while he was in the hospital. 

The men at Ashland Avenue gave our boss, MICHAEL 
O'CONNOR, a rousing send-off before he went on pension. 
We had ham sandwiches, rolls, cake, and coffee. A token of 
remembrance from the men was presented to him. Mrs. 
O'CONNOR came down to join in the festivities. Mickey 
had worked here for 45 years, and that's a long, long time. 
He says he enjoyed all the years and made many friends 
along the way. He will be missed by everyone. He and his 
wife are moving to Tucson to live. All day long people 
came in to wish him luck and there were many phone calls. 
Many of the superintendents, supervisors, and instructors 
dropped in. Our former bdss, Retired Superintendent 
THOMAS O'HARA, and former Assistant Superintendent 
DON LEMM from the General Office also stopped in. Our 
pensioners came down too: Yard Foreman JOHN LEMKE, 

JANUARY, 1971 



posed with Mrs. CLAUS for 
this picture after the an- 
nual Chamber of Commerce 
Christmas party for the 
children of Forsythe, 
Missouri. Santa is none 
other than Pensioner 
ARTHUR MUIR, and Mrs. 
Claus is his neighbor, 
Art was formerly a bus 
operator at North Park 

Towerman PATRICK HICKEY, and others. Everyone 
wishes the O'Connors many, many happy retirement years 
in Tucson. ..Met Motorman PAUL DUCAR and his wife and 
family were in the Millionaire's Club in Ford City one night 
when Roland and I went there for dinner. The Ducars were 
celebrating their 29th wedding anniversary. First they 
went to see a play at Drury Lane Theatre and then to the 
club for dinner... Our sincerest sympathy is extended to 
Clerk JAMES CAREY whose father passed away recently; 
to Janitor BEN MONTGOMERY on the loss of his father, 
and to Agent JEAN JACKSON on the loss of her mother... 
Motorman ROBERT BUTLER and his wife took a vacation 
to Oregon where they spent the holidays. They traveled by 
train so they could enjoy the scenery.. .Retired Conductor 
VERNON AMMONS's wife, ALICE (who worked for the 
company years ago), was in the hospital recently but is 
home now. We hope she has a quick reoovery. . .Agent 
MILDRED CHEATHAM received a passenger commenda- 
tion recently for her nice attitude while performing her 
duties. . .Received a nice letter from Pensioner ALFRED 
GRABES who is now living in Mountain Home, Arkansas. 
AI was in the hospital in November, but is now home and 
feeling better. They send their best wishes to all their 
friends in Chicago. ..Just heard that West Section Super- 
intendent of Agents and Janitors LEO BIEN went on pen- 
sion January 1. Leo worked on the South Section for many 
years as chief clerk and he and I worked side by side for 
years. So I personally, along with all his South Section 
friends, send Leo and his wife best wishes for a happy and 
long retired life...P.S. Don't forget to attend the annual 
credit union meeting and get-together on Sunday, February 
14, at Avenue Liquors Hall, 119th and Michigan. See you 
all then. 

- 1/cuta "TfattKUf 


Superintendent GEORGE J. CLARK, Shops & Equipment, 
had something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. He and 
his wife arrived at his son's home in Cadillac, Michigan, 
and found they had to rush his son's wife to the hospital, 
where she gave birth to a baby girl, JENNIFER JEAN 
CLARK, who weighed 8 pounds 5 ounces. This makes three 
girls and two boys for the Clarks...JEAN GUSTAFSON of 
the Print Shop became a grandma for the sixth time when a 
baby girl was born on November 30 weighing 6 pounds 4 


ounces. She was named JEAN after grandma... VICKY JA- 
RECKAS became a grandmother for the first time when her 
son's wife gave birth to a boy, DAVID LAWRENCE JA- 
RECKAS. David's father, LARRY, works in the Machine 
Shop.. .HERBERT PUGH, laborer, became a father for the 
fourth time when a 6 pound 7 ounce baby boy, HERBERT 
Jr., was born. Herbert and his wife have three girls. ..RAY 
KLAUB's wife presented him with an early Christmas gift, 
a baby girl on December 19. ..Mr. and Mrs. STANLEY E. 
MAZUREK, Upholstery Department, celebrated their 25th 
anniversary with a surprise party given by his son at the 
Midway lounge. Among the guests was ANDY DRAUS, re- 
tired foreman of the Upholstery Shop. . . The South Shops 
would like to extend its deepest sympathy to the family of 
STANLEY J. EISIN, general foreman of the Body Shop. Mr. 
Eisin passed away on Sunday, December 6. We would also 
like to extend our sympathy to Mr. WILLENIUS on the 
death of his brother. . . Congratulations to TED PIETRUS 
who was promoted to general foreman of the Body Shop; 
VERN HOWE who was promoted to foreman of the Paint 
Shop, and W. LEWIS who was promoted to leader in the 
Paint Shop.. .Congratulations to Mr. ROSELAND, Area 312, 
who was first prize winner in the South Shops picnic raffle. 
How about sharing some of that booze. Mr. COYLE, Area 
334, won second prize, and VICKY of the Print Shop won 
third prize... I would like to extend a speedy recovery to 
Co-reporter BOB BROWN. Hurry back, I need you. A 
speedy recovery is also extended to LEWIS JACKSON, 
laborer, and C. ANDERSON of Bay 6 who underwent sur- 
gery. . . Congratulations to SANDRA PFUND and JOHN 
HOFFMAN who became engaged over the Christmas holi- 
day. Sandy is a stenographer in the Material Control Sec- 
tion of South Shops. John is the brother of KAREN HOFF- 
MAN, and at one time worked in the garages. ..BOB WEG— 
NER, Material Control Section, gave his girl a ring over 
the holidays, and MIKE LINTER, part-time employe of the 
Material Control Section, is going to be married on January 
23 to a model in Lafayette, Indiana. We wish you all many 
years of happiness... JOSEPH J. ROSENDHAL, superintend- 
ent of Material Control and Office Procedure, and his wife 
spent two weeks in Yucatan, Mexico. While there they vis- 
ited many Mayan ruins and other types of ruins. They had 
many days of relaxation and also went on a jungle safari... 
TOBIE GOWANS, Blacksmith Shop, spent his vacation in 
Montreal and Quebec, Canada, visiting friends and rela- 
tives. .. HOWARD HELFERT, tinner, will be enjoying a 
week's vacation with his son who is home for the holidays 
from the armed services. ..There is a rumor going around 
that McGEE bought a Volkswagen and we can't figure out 
whether he is using it for a toy or an automobile, the way 
he is driving it around... THEODORE CATTONI, Print Shop, 
has been hit three times in one month on the left rear fend- 
er of his car, so everyone who parks in the rear, please 
proceed with caution when you see him coming. 

- £lauu SttuuKt & Sei S'kmwk 


After a long absence, 52nd Street has returned in time 
to wish each and everyone a Happy New Year, and if you 
look at life the way I do, you can count your blessings... 
Most of us worked during the holidays, but for a choice few 
there were vacations, like CHARLES O'KANE, repair de- 
partment union representative, at home playing Santa; 
DORSEY GARNER, repair clerk, who motored to East St. 
Louis, Illinois, to visit his mother at Christmas; STILMAN 




CRAWFORD went to Jackson, Mississippi, and JOHN CUR- 
REN spent his time at home. ..At this writing, Repairman 
JAMES NAUDEN is off sick. We're hoping for a speedy 
return... Operator JOHN MARSHALL celebrated a birthday 
in December. He didn't tell us his age, but we know he has 
accumulated 21 years of service. . .Superintendents JOHN 
LYNCH and VIC COLEMAN have their fingers crossed to 
win the fourth quarter ISC award. By the time you read 
this, it might be all wrapped up. ..The 52nd Street basket- 
ball team, coached by FRED POWELL and assisted by 
JAMES TERRY and WILLIE HUDSON (no relation), played 
their first game of inter-league play. Even though they 
lost, it was a very good showing of spirit and teamwork. 
They had good support from management and union, as well 
as from operators throughout the system. ..The last com- 
ment I would like to make is that the success of this col- 
umn depends on you. I write it, but you make it. So when 
you make that news pass it on to me so that all can share 
in it. 

- fat* 4. "ZiOtOH 


Well, it is now 1971 and the MICKEY YOUNG fan club 
members are all hoping that nothing serious will happen to 
him this year. Last year the Mick took a bus home and left 
his car parked at the barn. He still has an old standby in 
his daughter, TERRY LYNN. She was named "Check out 
girl of the month" in November by radio station WLS and 
received a color television set as a prize... Operator BAR- 
NIE PULICK is sponsoring a CTA bowling team at Oak 
Lawn Bowl. WILLIE WILLIAMS is co-captain with Barnie, 
and the anchor man. Also on the team are STEVE CHAT- 
LOS and ED OJER, and they are fighting for first place. By 
the season's end, Pulick claims everyone will be wearing 
"hand over shoes. "..Our list of champs grows with J. J. 
KELLEY taking the title away from R. FELTZ for the most 
times breaking down on the street. On top of that, Kelley 
and A. J. VANDERBURG showed up for their runs on their 
anniversary day. ..On December 12, 35 years ago, WILSON 
GOURNOE was married to his wife, KRISTINE. May they 
have 35 more years of happiness. On January 2 my wife 
was married 33 years to the same man... I broke MICKEY 
YOUNG'S heart when I picked his run on 59th Street. It is 
a good run because fellows like T. F. McDONALD, A. P. 
and R. D. REESE are among the men who picked there and 
they run on time. ..JIM WHITE is going to Las Vegas for 
five days of golf. He is going with the Chicago Tribune 
Printers Association and will stay at the Flamingo hotel. 
Last time there, Jim and his wife both hit jackpots. ..A. E. 
KRUEGER is back on the sick list and was in Christ Com- 
munity hospital. G. MALIK is in the hospital again, and W. 
PETERS is in Jackson Park hospital. We all wish you fel- 
lows the best, and take your time and don't try to come 
back too soon. ..We of 69th Street extend our deepest sym- 
pathy to the family of Superintendent JOHN FARRIS of 
Lawndale Station who passed away on December 26; also to 
FRANK SOMMERS on the loss of his brother. SAM VAL- 
LONI lost his mother-in-law. She was 101 years old... I 
wish to personally thank Pensioner M. ENSWORTH for the 
nice Christmas card he sent me for the holidays. ..Please, 
fellows, drop a few lines of news in the Transit News mail- 
box, as this column depends on you... JIMMY AHERN of the 
Repair Department wishes those on the sick list a very 
speedy recovery. They are: BRYANT GRANT, WALLY 


pictured here relaxing at 
home before leaving for a 
tour of duty in Viet Nam. 
Kenneth was formerly a 
stock clerk in the Stores 
Department, South Shops, 
before his induction in 
the army. 

GROCH, and LIONEL MAURY. ..It is nice to hear from our 
pensioners at Christmas and to know that they are well and 
enjoying retired life. They are: JOE GAMEN who resides 
FIN, CON CROWLEY of "Notre Dame fame", DENNY 
GEORGE LAPHAM, and JOE HAGUE, the former treasurer 
of the credit union. To all of them we wish a very happy 
and prosperous New Year. .. Here's hoping that PADDY 
FITZGERALD will have a nice time in Florida this winter, 
and HARRY MINOGUE, who resides in Stonewall, Texas, 
will enjoy good health. . . Good luck to PAT HEALY who 
transferred to Archer after many years of service at 69th 
Street.. .BILL LORENZEN took his vacation in time to help 
Santa Claus climb down the chimneys. Bill is an old pro 
at this and about the same size. Given a bag and a red suit, 
you couldn't help but say, "Hi Santa." BENNY BUTKIE- 
BOSCO were all on vacations and could have been his 
helpers. Hope they all enjoyed it. ..So from Jimmy Ahern 
and your reporter, we are wishing that this year will be 
your best year yet. Keep the news coming and drop us a 
line. God bless all of you. 

- rftt&wi 'P. Sue&ity 


A Happy New Year to all of you and your families. May 
the new year bring good health, good luck, happiness, and 
plenty of money.. .1 am sure "Old Santa" was busy Christ- 
mas eve spreading his gifts and holiday cheer around. ..Op- 
erator GEORGE DALMAS is home recuperating from in- 
juries received in an automobile accident, and at this writ- 
ing has not returned to work. ..Operator JAMES ERING is 
home from the hospital where he underwent surgery re- 
cently. I can sympathize with you, James, I know what it 
was like. ..A very happy birthday to little Miss CARMEN 
COLLINS who celebrated her 12th birthday on December 
12. Carmen is the daughter of Operator JAMES COLLINS, 
who along with his wife celebrated their 16th wedding anni- 
versary on December 13. Our congratulations to you both. 
..We did it again! We broke our accident and complaint 
pars again in December, and we had coffee on the house. 
Keep up the good work, fellows. .. The Division 241-CTA 
basketball league is underway and our team lost its opener 
to 69th Street Station 45 to 40. We hope to bounce back 
with a win in our next game. ..See you next month. 

JANUARY, 1971 


'.■,■:.— .: :..=. - — ■'■ - ._.. :■•- ■-.,'.■: ■■ .'_■ 

v%;;^ ,; : :;~ -i?~s ;_:«:-- ;«:: : -« rn-Sij -v£" 

< c» w a 
i» — a; s> 
ZO-3 z 
CD 35 '- '"■ 

<-, «- ni i 
Z Z 0> u.' 

►. s» m * 

r- z u) -3 
t- z- 

i» 1 
o < e z: 

O M Z 

m — ra 

o < -s 
f. ma 

-3 » f 

Z •- 

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cji -| 

= > 

55- I 
05 O 
S =0 

CT> — 

en H 

*■ ■< 




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S. PO 




O £ 

Po (/) 

— • 50 

F 9 sj 
r > 

r !20 



£> N \, 









9 Trackmen Train as Equipment Operators 

RECENTLY COMPLETING the formal training phase 
of a new Engineering Department training program 
was a group of nine CTA trackmen. The initial phase 
of the Track Maintenance Equipment Operator Train- 
ing Program was conducted at West Shops and con- 
sisted of four 8-hour classes on Saturdays. 

The students learned theory, basic components of 
the machinery, maintenance, and operation of equip- 
ment used by the Track Division of the Engineering 
Department. The equipment includes hydraulic cranes 
in use on work trains as well as a profiling tamper, a 
production tamper, and a track liner which were 
acquired by CTA last year and used on the Dan Ryan 
and Kennedy extensions. 

Selected from among 23 applicants who had been 
trackmen for at least a year, the nine trainees were 
chosen because of their work records and results of 

written tests. Their training is to be supplemented 
by actual field training, under operating conditions, 
on each of the machines. All training is done on the 
student's own time, without remuneration. 

Posing on the profiling tamper in the picture above 
are, from left, trainees N. Boccuzzi, P. Forde, D. 
Cinquepalmi, F. De Monte, C. Williams, R. Ham- 
monds, M. Reilly, and S. O 'Sullivan. The training 
program staff, kneeling in front of the machine, in- 
cludes, from left, Superintendent of Track & Struc- 
tures T. Wolgemuth, who administered the program; 
Track Foreman T. Staunton, chief instructor; and 
Track Foreman A. Knerr and Trackmen R. Sullivan 
and H. Akines, all assistant instructors and qualified 
operators. Not present when the picture was taken 
were Trackman J. Chambers and Assistant Instruc- 
tors A. Allen and C. Pitts. 

52nd, 61st Street Stations 

Win Fourth Quarter ISC Awards 

ACHIEVING THE highest scores in their respective groups during the 
fourth quarter of the Interstation Safety Contest were 52nd Street and 
61st Street Stations. This was the fourth ISC award for 52nd and the 
seventh for 61st; neither station had won previously in 1970. 

Closing out the quarter with a point score of 67.59, 52nd Street 
won the Surface System competition and missed the perfect score of 
75.00 by less than 7g points. Accepting the ISC plaque from Super- 
intendent of Transportation D. M. Flynn in the top picture are 52nd 
Street Superintendent J. H. Lynch (right) and Assistant Superintend- 
ent W. V. Coleman (left). 

Winning the rapid transit competition with a perfect score of 75.00 
was 61st Street Station on the South Section. In the picture at left, 
Superintendent of Operating Stations G. A. Riley is presenting the 
plaque to 61st Street Assistant Superintendent J. J. Tvrdik. 


C. Karschnik, C. Malottke 

Join Retirement Ranks 

THE LENGTHY transit careers of two CTAers who 
started with the former Chicago Surface Lines drew 
to a close with their retirement on February 1. With 
more than 50 years of service, Charles Karschnik 
retired as chief clerk of Beverly Station, and with 
over 47 years of service Clarence Malottke retired 
as Electrical Department superintendent of construc- 
tion and maintenance. 

Mr. Karschnik, who joined the CSL as a clerk on 
August 25, 1920, remained at Lawndale Station until 
1951 when he transferred to Archer. He became chief 
clerk at Archer Station in January, 1960, subsequently 
went to North Avenue Station in 1963, and finally to 
Beverly Station in 1964. 

Many of Mr. Karschnik's friends and fellow em- 
ployes were with him on Friday, January 29, when he 
was honored at a luncheon in the Beverly House at 

103rd and Vincennes. In the picture at left, Mr. 
Karschnik is shown with Superintendent of Operating 
Stations G. A. Riley (left) and Beverly Station Assist- 
ant Superintendent J. E. Will. 

Mr. Malottke entered the service of the CSL Elec- 
trical Department as a laborer on August 15, 1923. 
Remaining in that department throughout his career 
he subsequently became a helper in 1924, lineman in 
1926, line foreman in 1941, general line foreman in 
1947, and assistant superintendent of construction and 
maintenance in 1964. After serving as acting super- 
intendent starting in July, 1968, he was appointed su- 
perintendent of construction and maintenance in Janu- 
ary, 1969. 

Co-workers and friends of Mr. Malottke gathered 
on Sunday, January 24, to honor him at a retirement 
dinner at Robert and Allen's hall at 5319 W. Diversey. 
In the photograph above, Mr. and Mrs. Malottke are 
shown with Electrical Engineer A. R. Sandberg (far 
left), Operating Manager C. E. Keiser (second from 
left), and Superintendent of Transportation D. M. 
Flynn (far right). 

43rd-Root Buses Serve New High Rise for Elderly 

TO SERVE a new high-rise development for the eld- 
erly at 43rd street and Princeton avenue, a new rout- 
ing for the No. 43 43rd-Root buses went into effect 
Sunday, February 7. 

The new routing provides service in 43rd street 
between State street and Princeton avenue, and in 
Princeton avenue between 43rd street and Root street. 

The 43rd-Root buses no longer operate in State 
street between 43rd street and Root street, nor in 
Root street between State street and Princeton avenue 
where little passenger traffic is generated because of 
the Dan Ryan expressway and railroad yards. The 
balance of the route between 43rd-Oakenwald and 
Root-Halsted remains the same. 

OUR COVER: Providing bus service directly to the new 
high rise for the elderly, No. 43 43rd-Root buses stop at 
43rd street and Princeton avenue. 


Number 2 

Published monthly by and for employes of the Chicago 
Transit Authority, under the direction of the Public 
Information Department. 

Robert D. Heinle in , Editor 

Mel Alexander, Editorial Assistant 

F. C. Knautz, Superintendent of Public and Employe Relations 

Annual subscription price: $2.00. Distributed free of 
charge to all active and retired CTA employes. Address 
communications to CTA TRANSIT NEWS, Room 742, 
Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago, Illinois 60654. 


Medically Speaking 

by Dr. George H. Irwin 


IN THIS day and age, medical research and American 
business are interested in preventing disability from 
any illness whatsoever. With such a program in 
mind, pain and suffering among people may be re- 
duced while family finances and work production in 
all businesses are being improved. 

Of all the disabling chronic diseases, the most 
serious and widespread is arthritis. Over 11 million 
people over the age of 14 suffer from arthritis and 
other rheumatic disorders. Of this total, about 5 
million are victims of rheumatoid arthritis. More 
than 25 per cent of these are so seriously affected 
that their ability to work and care for themselves is 
markedly limited. Each year about 148,000 persons 
temporarily or permanently become invalids. The 
problems thus created for the community, family, and 
individual become more complicated and serious. 
Naturally, the inability of the sick person to work be- 
cause of pain and discomfort is the most important 
problem. In addition, it is estimated that the econom- 
ic loss to business is about one billion dollars yearly 
according to the American Medical Association. 

The word arthritis is the medical term for inflam- 
mation of the joints. There are many different and 
associated forms of arthritis, but in general most of 
the cases fall into two large groups, namely, rheuma- 
toid arthritis and osteoarthritis which are discussed 
in this article. 

When a person says he is suffering from rheuma- 
tism, it means that he might have any one of a number 
of rheumatic diseases, which ailments are character- 
ized by pain in the joints or muscles. Of every 100 
patients complaining of rheumatism, about 40 percent 
usually have rheumatoid arthritis, 30 per cent may 
have osteoarthritis and about 15 per cent have mus- 
cular rheumatism, neuritis, sciatica, etc. The rest 
may have arthritis following injury to a joint, gout, 
rheumatic fever, or other forms of the disease. 

What is rheumatoid arthritis ? As mentioned be- 
fore, it is a generalized disease of the entire body 
which produces inflammation of the joints. Usually, 
the first symptoms are fatigue and pain and stiffness 
of the involved joints and muscles, associated with 
weakness and weight loss. As the disease develops, 
one or more of the joints become swollen and painful. 
The muscles around these joints knot up, producing 
spasms and progressive stiffening of the joints so 
that they become increasingly difficult to move or 
bend. In severe cases, the arthritic joints fuse, the 
muscles shrink, and deformity and crippling result. 
It is estimated that 15 to 25 per cent of all rheumatoid 
arthritics become progressively disabled. 

What is osteoarthritis ? This is a form that comes 
to people at or past middle life. For the sake of 
clarity, it should be mentioned that rheumatoid ar- 
thritis is more common in children, teenagers, and 
young adults. In many early cases of osteoarthritis 
there are no noticeable or serious symptoms. It is 
known as a degenerative joint disease because it at- 
tacks the bone and cartilage of the joints. This type 
is especially common in persons who are overweight 
or with curvature of the spine and flat feet. The spine 
and knees are especially vulnerable. 

The specific causes of rheumatoid and osteoar- 
thritis are, unfortunately, unknown. Suspect causes 
include allergic reactions and either bacterial or vi- 
ral infection. Contributing factors to the disease are 
prolonged emotional tension, infection from any 
source, chronic fatigue, injury, shock, exposure and, 
as stated above, overweight, plus any condition which 
produces excessive wear and tear on any joint. 

After the two types of arthritis described above, 
arthritis due to gout and following injury are seen 
most frequently. 

The aim of treatment in all types of arthritis is to 
control pain and inflammation, to maintain the best 
range of motion possible, and to preserve strength 
and use of muscles. There is no sure cure for ar- 
thritis as yet, but early, persistent, and modern 
treatment reduces the amount of suffering and dis- 
ability. Therapy and care must be individualized. 

From a preventative standpoint, it is well to have 
regular examinations by your doctor to discover and 
eliminate hidden sources of infection. Control of body 
weight, proper diet, exercise, proper climate, and 
good hygiene are very important. 

Physical therapy including heat, massage, whirl- 
pool baths, and gait-training are helpful in reducing 
the stiffness of the joints. Most physical therapy 
treatments are given in hospitals but some of them 
can be carried out at home by the patient, 
(continued on next page) 


John Milton, Retired Supervisor 
Celebrates 90th Birthday 

portant anniversaries 
within a month is John 
Milton, whose 90th birth- 
day is March 3 and 25th 
anniversary of retirement 
is April 1. 

Before entering retire- 
ment in 1946, Mr. Milton 
had completed more than 
40 years of transit service 
with CTA predecessors. 
He started with the old Chicago Union Traction Com- 
pany on December 2, 1905, as a streetcar motor man 
at Lawndale Station. 

In February, 1920, Mr. Milton became a supervi- 
sor in the downtown area. He returned to Lawndale in 
the thirties and although he continued as a supervisor 
until his retirement, he often served as station super- 
intendent and was regularly in charge of snow work at 
Blue Island Station. 

Mr. Milton and his wife, Elizabeth, have been en- 
joying retirement in the peaceful Fox River Valley 
since moving to Algonquin, Illinois, in 1948. Although 
he finally admits that his age is catching up with him, 
Mr. Milton has, until recently, completely cared for 
the spacious and beautiful grounds of their home. 

Living with the Miltons is their daughter, Eunice, 
who is a talented artist and creator of animated dis- 
plays such as those seen during the holidays in store 
windows on State street. 

Medically Speaking (contd.) 

Warm, dry climates help in certain cases which 
are not too far advanced. Drugs are beneficial in 
selected cases. Aspirin and aspirin-containing tab- 
lets are among the old and helpful remedies. When it 
comes to the newer drugs such as cortisone and its 
derivatives, gold injections, or hormones, your per- 
sonal physician should be consulted. 

In conclusion, remember that arthritis tends to 
run a long, drawn out course. While it usually is 
considered a year-round disease, it tends to be more 
noticeable in late winter, spring, and fall. There is 
no miracle cure for arthritis. The sensible plan is to 
select a physician in whom you have faith and follow 
with courage and persistence the recommendation he 
outlines for you. 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Johnson Retire 
With 85 Years Combined Service 

WITH COMBINED service of more than 85 years in 
the transit industry, Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Johnson 
retired February 1 as employes of CTA. 

Both of the Johnsons started their transit careers 
with the old Chicago Surface Lines. Mrs. Johnson, 
the former Grace Springer, has served in the Acci- 
dent Investigation and Claim Departments of the CSL 
and CTA for more than 43 years. Starting as a clerk 
on March 11, 1927, she was advanced to acting chief 
clerk in June, 1942. She became clerical supervisor 
in January, 1951, the position which she has held un- 
til the time of her retirement. 

With more than 41 years of transit service, Mr. 
Johnson started as a laborer in the CSL Building De- 
partment on July 15, 1929. Since December, 1936, he 
has served in the Utility & Emergency Service Di- 
vision of CTA and its predecessor. His first assign- 
ment in that department, as utility chauffeur and 
helper, lasted until he entered U.S. Army Ordnance 
in April, 1943. After completing his military service, 
Mr. Johnson returned to CSL in March, 1946, to serve 
as a wreck truck chauffeur. He was named supervi- 
sory chauffeur in June, 1959, the position which he 
has held until his retirement. 

The Johnsons, who were married on July 20, 1946, 
presently reside at 5143 N. Tripp avenue. Their 
plans for retirement include moving from Chicago to 
a home in Antioch, Illinois, where they plan to fully 
enjoy retired life. At their new home, Mr. Johnson 
hopes to achieve his lifelong ambition of "farming" a 
tomato patch. 

In the picture above, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson are 
receiving their retirement portfolios from the super- 
intendent of their respective departments, J. J. Roche 
(left) of Utility & Emergency Service and M. J. Mc- 
Dermott (right) of Claim. 



ACCOUNTING (General) - 

ANNE ANGST spent her vacation and holidays in the 
Hawaiian Islands. She saw the islands of Hawaii, Maui, 
Kauai, and Oahu. She said the biggest celebration of the 
new year was in Honolulu. Fireworks started at 3 p.m. and 
continued until 2 a.m. the next day. Anne had never seen 
anything like it before. The weather was ideal, never 
lower than 70 degrees or hotter than 90 degrees. It was a 
paradise. ..Our condolences go to KATHLEEN SLOYAN 
whose uncle, MICHAEL SLOYAN, passed away at 83 years 
of age. He had 26 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. 
..Our sympathy also goes to JOSEPH CASTRO and his 
family on the passing of his uncle, JOSEPH PANEPINTO, 
who underwent open heart surgery. ..The 20th annual meet- 
ing of the General Office Credit Union was held on Friday, 
January 15, in the cafeteria. There were 240 members 
present and palatable refreshments were enjoyed by all. 
There were 35 door prize winners, including two from this 
gratulations are in order for DENNIS McFADDEN on at- 
taining the position of accountant V... Congratulations also 
to RITA DEAKIN for successfully qualifying for the position 
of accountant III. 

- (/eatHt "yttyptxatd 

(Tabulating) - 

CLARENCE BUTHMAN and his family vacationed near 
St. Louis, Missouri, in order to spend the Christmas holi- 
days with relatives. After a very pleasant and serene 
week, they were driven to the airport; goodbyes were said, 
and the relatives went home. Due to a severe snowstorm, 
no planes were taking off, nor were there any taxicabs to 
be found. So, Clarence had to rent a car to take them all 
back to the relatives who had bade them farewell so much 
earlier. ..We offer our condolences to ERMA POINTER and 
her family on the loss of her grandmother, Mrs. ADA 
PETTIS. ..On Friday, January 15, the CTA General Office 
Federal Credit Union held their 20th annual meeting. All 
of the officers and members are to be congratulated on the 
conclusion of a most successful year and a wonderful 

- SveOf* £eu 

(Payroll) - 

This issue finds our scribe away on a fabulous vacation 
trip to lands under the Southern Cross, Australia and New 
Zealand. After a brief stop at the Hawaiian Islands, the 
next day, or was it the day after tomorrow with the Inter- 
national Date line confusion, she arrived at the Fiji Islands 
where she enjoyed a refreshing dip in the hotel pool. This 
was followed by relaxing poolside, gazing over the tropical 
blue waters of the Pacific and dreaming of the snow and 
cold weather she left behind. Her last card showed she had 
arrived at Sidney, Australia, where she was to visit for a 
few days before moving on to New Zealand. We will leave 
the rest of her trip to be described by her in the next issue. 
..We are pleased to have VIOLA MEYER back at work after 
her unfortunate fall. ..We also wish a speedy recovery to 
MARIE COARI who has undergone shoulder surgery. . . 

CHRISTINE CAMERON is enjoying her vacation in Califor- 
nia visiting relatives and various attractions in the state... 
To celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, BEN TWERY 
and his wife took a seven-day Caribbean cruise on the M/S 
Song of Norway. They enjoyed daytime temperatures in the 
upper seventies and made stops at Nassau, San Juan, and 
St. Thomas. Ben retired nine years ago as supervisor of 
rapid transit payroll clerks. ..Our thanks to STAN MAI- 
LUCK who compiled the news for this issue. 


Brrr, the hawk is here. Hello everyone. Your co- 
reporter, AMOS FOSTER, made it back from Memphis, 
although he had to drive 15 to 20 mph all the way from 
Cairo, Illinois. The highway was a sheet of ice. And 
speaking of ice, the most cold-blooded bus driver I have 
seen in a long time is working 103rd-106th. I had just been 
relieved at 103rd and Michigan, and the temperature was 
hovering around 4 degrees below 0, and as I tried to step 
on his bus the driver closed the door and sped away. I 
won't call his name, but I hope that he reads this and does 
a little thinking... We broke our commendation record for 
the fifth straight time, and the operators enjoyed the free 
coffee. . .Operators EUGENE BANKS, GUS WRIGHT, and 
FRED GIBBS are at it again on the checkerboard. Each is 
claiming to be the champ. We are going to settle this with 
a playoff. The tournament is over and Eugene is the winner 
with Gus and Fred the runners-up. Operator GONZALO 
GARZA is coaching Operator JOHN (Mighty Mite) MAHO- 
NEY on how to move the red and black checkers. Gonzalo 
is feeding the Mighty Mite carrots every day, but this is 
supposed to be only good for the eyes, not the mind. ..On the 
sick list at this time are: Operators R. TIERNEY, J. 
J. McKINNEY, and R. ROBINSON. ..We express our deepest 
sympathy to Operator GEORGE HARDY on the loss of his 
father, and to Instructor J. FULLER on the loss of his 
brother... We would like to wish a happy birthday to Super- 
visor L. MARTENS who was (?) on January 25. His buddy, 
JOE ROSSBACH, District "A" clerk, retired on February 
1.. .Pensioner ED TROST paid us a visit at the depot and 
was glad to see some of his old friends. ..We are glad to 
see Operator VICTOR (No Pain) PACISKI back in the saddle 
after a long siege of illness. By the way, Vic just moved 
into his new home and is planning a house-warming party 
for his pals, soon. 

- Horn VtuieU & /4-uu Jiutn 


Congratulations to SAM VAUGHAN, locator, and ROY 
JACKSON who were promoted to statementmen. ..Statement- 
man AL PORTER fell on the ice and broke his arm. Al 
said he is now trying to "get it together. "..The open house 
for GRACE JOHNSON was a huge success, and was attended 
by many of her friends and co-workers. Grace retired on 



February 1 after 43 years of service. Her husband, WAL- 
TER, also retired on February 1 after 42 years of service. 
Grace and Wally wish to thank everyone for their thought- 
fulness. ..JOHN JANKOWSKI is still recuperating from his 
recent operation, but is expected to return to work shortly. 
..Our deepest sympathy is extended to JOHN HENNESSEY 
and his family on the loss of their son, JOHN, who died in 
an automobile accident on January 29; to the family of 
HARRY BONESS whose brother, CHARLES, passed away 
during the Christmas holidays, and to WILLIAM COONEY, 
property damage adjuster, whose wife passed away after a 
long illness. 

- TZutt "Kamiiuii & leni Xxamtn 


Good wishes are extended to EDWARD BECKER who re- 
tired on January 1. A luncheon at the Playboy Club was 
given in his honor and 26 of his co-workers from the Civil 
and Structural Sections were present. A gift was also pre- 
sented to Ed. Once again, the Engineering Department and 
his many friends would like to express good wishes to Ed 
in his new endeavors. ..A warm welcome back to Superin- 
tendent of Design C. G. KALOGERAS who spent his vacation 
in the Florida Keys. He went deep-sea fishing and his son 
brought in a 56^ pound sea bass. He and his family also 
attended the Orange Bowl game on New Year's day and saw 
Nebraska beat L.S.U. It was a special treat for the Kalo- 
gerases as their son attends Nebraska university. All in 
all, it sounds like a great vacation — one you'd hate to leave 
behind. ..RON HAWKINS, Drafting Section, has mentioned on 
a number of occasions that his name has never appeared in 
Transit News. Well, Ron, here it is— RONALD HAWKINS. 
..The drafting section "girl-watchers" claim they have quit 
watching for awhile because they are now engrossed in the 
new fashion book for spring. They say some people study 
sea catalogues at this time of year. Well, they're starting 
a new hobby. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join 
the club. The monthly dues are very reasonable. They are, 
all you can study and evaluate before the deadline of the 
Transit News. Just keep those cards and letters coming in, 
boys. ..Congratulations to CHESTER (Rusty) RUSAKIEWICZ 
who has managed to remain on the winning team for the 
Annual Engineering Bowl Match for three consecutive 
years. Keep up the good work, Rusty. ..BILL VIGUS of the 
Drafting Section seems to have caught on to the new fad — 
knickers. He is going to dig into his grandma's closet for 
a pair for himself. So be on the lookout. Any day now Bill 
may be showing up at work sporting his beautiful legs. He 
claims if girls can hide their legs, why can't men show 

(West Shops) - 

The annual West Shops Credit Union meeting was held 
recently. There was an election of officers, reports were 
read of the previous year's progress, and quite a spread of 
eats was provided for the members. Five $10 door prizes 
were awarded, and a prominent well-known tinner, who was 
handling the door prizes, just happened to have his number 
drawn by his wife. Hmmmm.. . RICHARD POLLIZE, labor- 
er, is reported to be taking the plunge into the sea of mat- 
rimony very soon. More about that later... We 're happy to 
see Clerk CHARLIE PAVESIC back in the office after his 
five-week vacation... Painter JAMES KEEGAN is at home 
convalescing after breaking a leg when he fell off a ladder 
at West Shops recently. ..We extend a hearty welcome to a 


new machinist in our midst, ROBERT APPELQUIST. . . 
WEST SHOPS FLASH: What laborer who is mostly known 
for his scathing remarks, shocked a certain individual in 
the office recently by bringing coffee ? 

- Caul Giadcu. & 7K*Uf $aUo» 

ELECTRICAL (General Office) - 

CLARENCE MALOTTKE, superintendent of Construc- 
tion and Maintenance, retired on February 1 after 47 years 
of service. He began his career with the Electrical De- 
partment of the old Chicago Surface Lines. He was honored 
at a breakfast "open house" in the Mart and received a 
lovely gift from his co-workers at that time. A "coffee 
and" was also held at the Chicago Avenue shop to wish him 
well. A dinner at Robert and Allen hall on January 24 was 
another well attended celebration. It was our pleasure to 
have worked with Mr. Malottke and we all join in wishing 
him and his wife good health and happiness. Think of us 
when the cold winds blow in Chicago and you are basking in 
the Florida sunshine. 

(Blue Island) - 

Well here we are into the month of February and we 
find JOHN DARCY and AMOS SMITH on pension. A nice 
going-away party was held for John and Amos at Sharkos 
West on January 8 with about 44 of their co-workers pres- 
ent. John received a three-suiter and a portable bar as a 
gift, while Amos received a rod and reel. Now we can look 
forward to a good fish fry. We all wish these two great 
men a happy retirement. Retiring after 47 years of service 
was CLARENCE MALOTTKE, who was feted by 150 of his 
friends at a party. He received a beautiful wall barometer 
as a gift. Happy retirement, Clarence. ..It was nice to hear 
from the following men via Christmas cards: JACK BERN- 
CORRIGAN. Drop in any time, men, the coffee pot is al- 
ways on... We have three new arrivals to announce. CHERI 
ANN RYCHLEE made her debut on November 8 weighing 
7 pounds 5 ounces. The proud parents are CAROL and BOB 
ANDREWS who was born on January 9 to TERRY and DOR- 
OTHY McANDREWS. The third baby was DEBRA JEAN 
BOURNE who was born on January 5 weighing 7 pounds 6 
ounces. The proud parents are JIM and JOANNE BOURNE. 
This little one made ANDY BOURNE eligible for the grand- 
fathers club. ..Our deepest sympathy is sent to the BEEM- 
STERBOER family in the loss of LARRY'S dad, and also to 
the family of WILLIAM McDONALD... Welcome back to JIM 
BRANDON who returned to work after four months of ill- 
ness. Still off sick at this time are: JOE HERMAN, 
cation at this time is WILLIAM STAUNTON who took his 
first plane ride to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. ..Lucky ROB- 
ERT MONSON won a trip to Miami, Florida, for two. He 
celebrated by buying coffee and rolls for the men at Blue 

- TOitlcam. IZeidn 

GENERAL OFFICE (Training & Accident Prevention) - 

ARTHUR G. HUBACZ, the son of ART HUBACZ, an 
electronics mate 3rd class in the U.S. Navy stationed at 



Great Lakes announced his engagement to KAREN COBB of 
Hales Corners, Wisconsin, on Saturday, January 23. No 
wedding date has been set as yet. ..JOHN F. McKENNA, 
training assistant, retired February 1 after more than 39 
years of service. An open house was held in John's honor 
on January 29 and we wish him lots of luck in the future. 

(Insurance) - 

At the recent General Office Credit Union gathering 
three employes of this department were lucky and won door 
prizes. ED DONAHUE, a fountain pen; DICK REDDING, a 
mixer, and HECTOR ROCOURT, a $10 bill. ..As of this 
writing TONI MISETIC is confined in Cuneo hospital, and 
we all wish her a speedy recovery. 

(Medical) - 

Dr. ILLA ROMAN and his family spent a two-week va- 
cation in and around Downers Grove enjoying the good old 
winter snow. ..Dr. SYDNEY FABIAN and his wife enjoyed a 
beautiful and exciting trip to Amsterdam, France, and 
London. Because of the stormy weather they were delayed 
in London enjoying the fog, but said it was the best trip 
they had taken and would like to go back again. 

(Public Information) - 

RUSS WARNSTEDT, employe suggestion coordinator, 
welcomed a new grandson, RICHARD CARONE, who was 
born on January 17 weighing 9 pounds. This raises the 
number of his grandchildren to six. Congratulations ! . . 
PATRICIA HALLAHAN announced her engagement to JOE 
DE SILVESTRO of Marseilles, Illinois, on February 1. No 
date for the wedding has been set. Good luck, Pat. 

(Reproduction Services) - 

JUNE VAN CAMP flew to Florida for one week and then 
on to Montego Bay, Jamaica, where she stayed at the 
Shangri-La Apartments. Now she is spreading the news 
that anyone who is really looking for a restful vacation, 
this is the spot for it. It has all the comforts of home and 
MEN, too, so girls, here is your chance. 

(Employment) - 

A surprise shower was held at Petricca's restaurant 
lounge on January 24 for RITA BRZECZEK by her future 
sisters-in-law. She received many beautiful and useful 
gifts. ..MAUREEN McGILL left the Employment Department 
to teach art at Trinity High school in River Forest. 

(Employe Relations) ■ 

JERRY McMANAMON enjoyed a two-week vacation in 
Canada and the northwestern states during July. Jerry 
says that ten streetcar lines, two rapid lines, several trol- 
ley coach routes, and Government of Ontario Transit, along 
with the usual gas bus lines, make Toronto a railfan's 
heaven. Seattle, Washington, included a ride on the mono- 
rail, and Butte, Montana, offered photographs of the Bur- 
lington Northern and the Milwaukee Road. Heading back 
home through St. Paul, Minnesota, he arrived in Chicago 
only 1 hour and 45 minutes late, but Jerry says it was well 
worth it. 

(Research & Planning) - 

Our deep condolences are extended to GEORGE KRAM- 
BLES, superintendent of R/P, whose mother, HERMINE, 
passed away on January 26 at the age of 90. All of us in 
R/P and your many friends at CTA express our sincere 
sympathy. . .DAVID (Tom) HENNINGSEN became a grand- 


father on January 23 when his daughter and son-in-law 
were blessed with a healthy 9 pound boy. Tom's face was 
all aglow as he announced to everyone the birth of DAVID 
JOHN WILLI. Congratulations, Tom, and also to David's 
new parents from all of us in R/P...A hearty welcome to 
JIM STUART who is our new co-op trainee. ..Congratula- 
tions to Mr. and Mrs. CHARLEY DROZDA who celebrated 
their 15th wedding anniversary on February 18. The 
Drozda's, along with their friends, made it a night out on 
the town and attended the showing of "Cactus Flower" at 
the Drury Lane theatre. The whole gang wishes both of you 
many more years of happiness ahead.. .R/P members were 
pretty lucky at the annual credit union meeting. STEVE 
LEGLER's number, the first one picked, won him a new 
watch; DIANE GRAZIANO received an electric hairsetter, 
and MIKE DALEY a crisp $5 bill. Everyone in the planning 
section won something except the boss, FRANK MISEK. We 
figured we'd get Frank's name in the article anyway and 
make him feel good. 

- ISufuta "DatiK & Sit*** "Htwuuitm 


Hi, fellows. If you forgot to send that best girl a Valen- 
tine — for shame. For consolation, always remember this 
bit of wit: "Any man who agrees with his wife can have his 
way." So, gals, forgive and pretend to forget... Ye olde 
scribe just turned a half century on February 1 , so you can 
see that he is subject to come apart at the seams at any 
time. In fact, for four long weeks I was on the sick list and 
missed making our Keeler contribution last month. To 
compensate somewhat, my little tender hands are raw from 
pulling the rope for the birthday bell for January and Feb- 
ruary. Ding-dongs for January are for: Operators JOHN- 
SON, January 1; KUZYK, January 1; BRASWELL, January 
2; HOUGHLAND, January 3; HAMPTON, January 5; HOL- 
DEN, January 10; MOSELEY, January 16; BORNER, Janu- 
ary 17; GRECO, January 19; DABROWSKI, January 19; 
BOOSE, January 20; KUMBERA, January 21; LATIMER, 
January 23, and DAVIS, January 29. February birthdates 
are: A. SEGAR, McFADYEN, and JOHNSON, February 2; 
FOX, February 9; GRABOWSKI, February 11; Board Mem- 
ber SCHNEE, February 12; GRAHAM, February 15; WIL- 
SON, February 16; ROBBINS, February 21; CZUBERNAT, 
February 23; PRIMM and BABER, February 24; RUTLEG, 
February 25; HAAK and O'NEAL, February 26; STEHLIK 
and McGHEE, February 27, and last, but at his size, by no 
means least, Operator JARECKI, February 28... Proud 
father and thoughtful husband, Operator CARSON salutes 
his daughter, DEANNA, on her birthday January 30, and his 
lovely wife, GLORIA, February 7... Operator NEIL and his 
wife, ROSIE LEE, made it a baker's dozen, that is 13 years 
of the right ingredients, February 7. This coosome two- 
some blended together a delightful treat because it was 
their son, GERRY'S, birthday February 10. . . Operator 
ARTHUR DAVIS and his wife, FAYNIA, commemorated a 
six-year merger on February 25. ..Would you believe that 
ANDY and MARY SEGAR celebrated 24 years of wedded 
bliss this month?. .LOUIS and FRANKIE HOWARD relived 
wedding memories on February 11. ..Repairman JIM ALEX- 
ANDER and his wife, ROBERTA, declared their 5th amend- 
ment on December 18. ..Custodial Technician SY GOLDMAN 
and his wife, NELLIE, became proud grandparents for the 
second time on December 20. Their daughter, ROSETTE 
STRUBEL, presented to them (and her hubby) a little baby 
girl, LISA, who weighed in at 7 pounds 12 ounces... A late 



entry in the birthday sweepstakes was Garage Foreman 
FRED SCHMIDT on February 17. Other thoroughbred per- 
formers in the Schmidt family include his son's birthday on 
February 5, his mother-in-law, ALMA JOHNSON, cele- 
brated her birthday on February 22 and couldn't do her 
favorite jig due to a broken hip. Fred's granddaughter, 
DAWN, birthdayed on February 23, and rounding out this 
highly illustrious family is Fred's wife, ELEANORE, who 
barely got in under the wire on February 27. . . Operator 
BECKER always has a gleam in his eye whenever he gives 
out news about his son, JOHN, who was home recently on a 
furlough. .. Another proud papa is Operator BABER. His 
son, BRENT, just returned to Tucson, Arizona, after 16 
days at home. Brent, an Airman 1/C and jet maintenance 
mechanic, was recently made chief of three fighter jets, 
and still has his burdens to bear. If only he could get his 
mom, CHARLETTE, to quit worrying about her baby. ..I 
deliberately left the following items until last to give them 
the emphasis they are due. JIMMY SYLVESTER, garage 
mechanic, retired on January 1, and his many friends and 
co-workers tried to show him the high esteem in which he 
was held. Sorry, fellows, but I must admit that Jim was my 
favorite mechanic. Here's hoping that you will have many 
happy years of retirement mileage, Jim. ..Another recent 
retiree is Operator JAMES BORNER who took his pension 
on February 1. James was well liked and a widely known 
mainstay of Keeler. He will be missed by all his co- 
workers. Borner wound up his tenure of service as my 
leader, so I always kept an eye on him and gave him a hand 
whenever I could, because I didn't want him to begin his re- 
tirement tired. To you, Borner, may all your years of 
retirement be glorious and happy beyond your wildest 
dreams... Pensioner LEROY GOSS suffered a broken wrist 
after falling on the ice. Leroy, isn't ice hockey a wee bit 
extreme for retirees ?.. So until next time, bear in mind, 
"You can preach a better sermon with your life than with 
your lips." 


Congratulations to Operator and Mrs. CLEVELAND 
WHITE on the birth of a daughter, KIMBERLY, January 16, 
weighing 6 pounds 12 ounces. .. Lately Operator TOMMY 
PHILLIPS has been the subject of quite a bit of teasing. 
Why? It seems that he never knows exactly when payday 
is. Now can you imagine anyone forgetting when payday is ? 
..On February 1, JIM JAGOS of the Repair Department re- 
tired and said goodbye to his co-workers. MARTIN NEE, 
of the same department, also retired on March 1. Good 
luck and happiness to both of you fellows. ..STEVEN OLAN- 
DESE, the son of Repairman JOE OLANDESE, will gradu- 
ate soon and has plans to attend Central YMCA college... 
DAN GALLAGHER, who has given the Repair Department 
many fine days of service, says that he has finally received 
the opportunity to work beside the best "chicken plucker" 
in the business, JOE OLANDESE. ..On January 20, the men 
at Lawndale were treated to coffee and rolls for breaking 
their commendation and complaint pars for the month of 
December. Congratulations, fellows, and keep up the good 
work... One of the new men here at Lawndale congratulated 
the personnel for their continued effort in keeping the fine 
image of which Lawndale is very proud. This new man is 
none other than Superintendent JACK MORRIS. Mr. Morris 
said that he knew he was coming to a fine station, and ex- 
pects it to be the finest in the system with the help of all 


its personnel. We the men of Lawndale salute you, Mr. 
Morris, and your goal is our goal. ..Recently we had some 
of our pensioners pay us a visit. They were: TOM KUREK, 
They all looked great and said they were feeling fine. ..We 
also received a short note from Retired Instructor ED 
HAVLICEK who commented on Lawndale's only "Polish 
Count." Nice hearing from you, Ed, you are still a part of 
our thoughts. If you get a chance, stop by and see us. ..Our 
sick and shut-ins this month are: C. SANDRIK, S. PERRY, 
A. KENNEDY. Hope to see you men back very soon. . . 
Happy birthday greetings are sent to the following: E. 
KONOPACKI, C. GREEN, and I. DAVIS. .. Well, fellows, 
that's it for this month. See you next month. 


Superintendent M. HARRINGTON and Superintendent G. 
DAUBS want to congratulate all of the operators for their 
part in beating our all-time low in accidents in 1970. Let's 
strive a little harder to make a better showing in the Inter- 
station Safety Contest. . . Congratulations to Operator J. 
TALLEY who took his pension on February 1 after 43 
years of service. John started his transit career with the 
Chicago Motor Coach in 1927. The best of luck to you, 
John, and your wife. ..Operator R. HARMON and his wife 
became grandparents on January 5 when their daughter 
gave birth to a baby girl. This is Mr. and Mrs. C. 
MOORE's first child.. .Pensioner C. DALBERG paid us a 
visit at the depot. He sure looks good and is enjoying re- 
tired life. Pensioner R. JOHNSON of Three Rivers, Michi- 
gan, dropped us a few lines. He's doing fine, and says hello 
to all at Kedzie. .. Chief Clerk F. CARPINO and his wife 
spent the month of February in Florida just enjoying life at 
its best. ..Clerk (Red) O'CONNOR is back to work after 
being off sick. It's good to see you back, Red. ..Don't forget 
our credit union. Save a little every payday. As you save, 
you help another brother in need. 

- ^ayMtut Gia/UuK 


Operator RICK RHEINSTROM had an enjoyable vacation 
visiting with his family and sightseeing in New York City. 
Rick is one of our many young operators and is doing a 
good job... Operator LUCAS DANIELE and his wife had a 
most enjoyable time entertaining their son and daughter- 
in-law, Mr. and Mrs. SEAGAL, from Culver City, Califor- 
nia. It's always a happy time when your loved ones come 
for a visit. . . Supervisor H. GOETZ and his wife became 
grandparents when their son, PAUL, and his wife, ANN, 
presented them with a cute baby girl, JILL KATHLEEN. 
Congratulations to the proud parents and also to grand- 
father and grandmother ... Operator LAWRENCE WEATH- 
ERLY and his wife welcomed their first child after 13 
years of married life. Congratulations !.. Instructor GENE 
DIEDEN and his wife welcomed home their son, JAMES, 
who recently completed his tour of duty with the armed 



43 Years 

ranks of the retired 
February 1 were 
the six employes 
pictured here who 
had 40 or more 
years of transit 
service each. 

44 Years 

41 Years 


GEORGE W. AUSTIN, Bus Repairer, 

Kedzie, Emp. 2-14-46 
EDWARD P. BORDES, Operator, 

North Park, Emp. 11-30-36 
JAMES BORNER, Operator, 

Keeler, Emp. 9-7-43 
PHILLIP BOYLE, Machinist, 

South Shops, Emp. 10-7-46 

North Section, Emp. 1-8-46 

Law, Emp. 2-1-46 
FRED L. CROCKETT, Operator, 

Limits, Emp. 7-26-48 
JOHN J. DARCY, Foreman, 

Electrical, Emp. 1-8-29 

Beverly, Emp. 10-30-33 

Archer, Emp. 10-27-33 

Limits, Emp. 11-29-27 
WILLIE K. HARE, Operator, 

Archer, Emp. 4-24-44 
FRED HA USER, Electrical Worker "A", 

South Shops, Emp. 6-12-25 

77th Street, Emp. 1-11-45 
JAMES JAGOS, Bus Serviceman, 

Lawndale, Emp. 10-2-46 
CHARLES T. JAKALE, Traffic Checker, 

Schedule-Traffic, Emp. 11-11-36 
GRACE A. JOHNSON, Clerical Supervisor, 

Claim, Emp. 3-11-27 
RALPH J. JOHNSON, Operator, 

Forest Glen, Emp. 9-2-41 
WALTER R. JOHNSON, Supervisor, 

Utility, Emp. 7-15-29 

Beverly, Emp. 8-25-20 
WILLIAM J. KEARNS. Supervisor, 

District D, Emp. 10-15-26 
WALTER H. KERBS, Operator, 

Archer, Emp. 1-3-44 

41 Years 

WILLIAM J. KVIZ, Operator, 

Forest Glen, Emp. 12-3-41 
JOSEPH LEE, Janitor, 

West Section, Emp. 11-4-53 
RUDOLPH F. MAAS Jr., Operator, 

Forest Glen, Emp. 5-13-42 
CLARENCE W. MALOTTKE, Supt. of Const. & Maint. 

Electrical, Emp. 8-15-23 
JOHN MASCARI, Carpenter, 

Skokie Shops, Emp. 11-9-42 
JOHN F. McKENNA, Training Assistant II, 

Training & Accident Prevention, Emp. 10-11-30 
: RONALD A. MENDYK, Chauffeur, 

Utility, Emp. 8-4-58 
LOUIS R. MENKEN, Ticket Agent, 

West Section, Emp. 1-16-43 

Forest Glen, Emp. 11-29-43 

North Avenue, Emp. 6-7-29 

Campaign Area, Emp. 10-24-47 
GEORGE J. PINTA. Mobile Bus Repairer, 

Surface System Garages, Emp. 8-25-36 
JOSEPH A. ROSSBACH, Supervisor, 

District A, Emp. 1-27-34 
JOHN TALLEY, Operator, 

Kedzie, Emp. 10-17-27 
NICK A. VERLATTO, Operator, 

Beverly, Emp. 9-12-42 

Forest Glen. Emp. 10-22-29 

Disability retirement 




forces. This makes father and mother very happy now that 
their three sons have completed their military obligations. 
..Pensioner NICK KOEHNKE sends his best regards to all 
of the men at Limits. Nick is enjoying his pension to the 
fullest down in sunny Port Ritchie, Florida. DALE 
KOEHNKE, his son, is one of the most liked persons at 
Limits, and is following in his father's footsteps as an 
operator. ..We are happy to see Operators FRANK PRAD- 
ZINSKI and GUS PETRUS back on the active list after being 
off for some time due to illness. ..Instructor HENDERSON 
is recovering slowly from his illness, and only time will 
tell when he is able to come back to work... Operator ROB- 
ERT PENDLETON has been in the hospital undergoing 
tests to determine the nature of his illness. . .Operator 
CARMEN IACULLO is wearing a cast on his left arm due 
to a fall on a bit of ice and snow near his ho me... Superin- 
tendent MILES DeWITT is now recuperating at home after 
a siege of pneumonia. Superintendents LOU MUELLER and 
JIM BROGAN have been doing an excellent job filling in for 
Mr. DeWitt. ..Our sincerest sympathy to the families of 
ELMER GEBAUER and ARTHUR MAAS who passed away 
last month. 

- S S. 6t*J« 


Belated birthday greetings to Agent MARY MARBLE, 
January 16. ..Speaking of birthdays, it was just one year ago 
on February 1 that the Kennedy extension began operating... 
MARY GALLAGHER hasn't returned from her mid-winter 
vacation in Ireland. I guess she must have heard about our 
cold spell in Chicago. . . FRED TRIEM was unable to get 
home during the holidays to visit his family. He took a 
two-week leave of absence and flew to Washington where he 
had a wonderful visit. ..We are delighted to report that ANN 
CINCETTI is back to work again. Ann says her stay at 
Duke university did her a lot of good. The doctors there 
found medication which has helped her bronchial condition. 
Glad to have you back. ..Co-reporter MILDRED DOYLE 
is off the sick list and back on the job. Stick around, 
Mildred, both the Transit News and your co-reporter need 
your cooperation. . . GWEN (Smiley) WASH was ill from a 
virus for awhile, but fought the bug off and is now back 
again being her usual cheerful self. . .DOROTHY ADLER 
was feeling miserable with all the usual symptoms of the 
flu bug, but refused to let it get her down. She kept right on 
the job in spite of the sniffles and sneezes. That's our gal. 
..WILBUR STRASSER and his wife took two neighborhood 
children down to Holiday Park in Ingleside, Illinois. They 
met DOROTHY DISMANG and her son, JOHN, and a friend 
down there. The boys had a marvelous time skiing and 
eating hot dogs and other goodies while the older folks had 
a ball watching them. ..We hear that JUANITA HARRISON is 
back in the hospital again. We hope it will be a short stay 
and that we will soon be seeing Juanita back on the job... 
Janitor J. LEE, who is retiring this month, will be missed 
very much by the agents on the Kennedy line where he 
worked. All his co-workers wish him the best and hope his 
retirement days will be happy ones. ..It was a surprise to 
everyone when GENEVIEVE RUSSIN left the Grand Avenue 
Station on the last pick. Genny worked at that station for 
20 years. We wish her luck at her new station... DOROTHY 
PARKER also decided a change was in order. She left the 
Dearborn subway after many years of working there. Dor- 
othy is now working at the Addison Station on the Kennedy 
line. We hope you like it there, Dorothy, we know you will 


make a lot of new friends... Welcome to TITUS ALLEN, one 
of our new student agents who just moved to the West Sec- 
tion from the South Side. Glad to have you with us, Titus... 
Retired Agent MARY LYONS asks to be remembered to all 
her friends. She also asked us to convey her thanks for the 
retirement and Christmas gifts she received. . . MARION 
KAAD wishes to thank all her friends for their thoughtful 
consideration during her recent bereavement. ..We wish to 
express our sympathy to JUSTIN MCCARTHY of the Cen- 
tral Assignment Office on the loss of his father. ..I'm sorry 
that Clerk JOE MARKOS caught heck over the two umbrel- 
las he was taking to be repaired. I would like to inform 
those who turned the story around and really started some- 
thing. Joe is a swell fellow and wouldn't take a thread from 
anyone or any place. So, more than one owes Joe an apol- 
ogy. Those umbrellas we wrote about were his personal 
property. ..Glad to see CATHERINE McKENNY back on the 
job after being off sick. ..Agent M. HAASE has been sewing 
for her three granddaughters, and now that the fourth little 
one just arrived, grandma is so happy she keeps that new 
sewing machine humming every evening making their sum- 
mer dresses, I guess. .. Happy birthday to Agent D. DIS- 
MANG who was one year younger in February... Clerk DAN 
DOYLE just returned from a wonderful vacation in Califor- 
nia. Dan flew there in January when the weather was a 
warm 90 degrees; the warmest January in 31 years. I 
guess the weatherman knew he was coming. Dan's friends 
had so many places to take him that he would have had to 
stay longer than he had anticipated in order to see all of 
them. Some of the places visited were: Knott's Berry 
Farm, San Juan Capistrano Mission, Busch Gardens, and 
Disneyland. He enjoyed a nice cool ride to Mexico where 
he and his friends walked around and shopped in many of 
the colorful shops. The highlight of Dan's trip was when he 
visited the Steve Allen show and met Charo, the wife of 
Xavier Cugat, who sang a song for him, and after the show 
she gave him a quart of wine and a big kiss. .. Please, 
friends, get that news rolling in, we need all your help to 
keep our column going. 

- IKMnd t><t<fU & Want TVitttcL 


It's good to see Agents BETTY RUSSO, MARY STAN- 
CZYK, ANN CINCETTI, and Assignment Agent MIKE 
TOBIN back to work after so many weeks on the sick list... 
Agent LOUISE DREWS is home from the hospital and re- 
cuperating nicely. Louise hopes to return to work soon... 
Agent LOUIS MENKEN took his pension on February 1 af- 
ter 28 years of service. Louis plans to spend the first six 
months relaxing and enjoying that wonderful I-don't-have- 
to- go-to- work-tonight feeling. Best wishes to Louis for a 
long and happy retirement. ..ESTER JAMES has promised 
never to be asleep again when picking time comes around. 
Who knows, Ester, you might enjoy working Peoria No. 1... 
Congratulations to KAREN DOMINO who became a regular 
assignment agent when the new pick went into effect... Wel- 
come to the great West Side to Student Agents DON MAT- 
SUNAGA and LARRY GIRTLEY who were transferred from 
the North and South sides. .. Belated birthday wishes to 
MARY BURROWS, January 13; Janitor LEE and ADAM 
WAAS, January 22, and to your co-scribe GRACE MOUNTS, 
January 8. Grace spent her birthday visiting her husband, 
CLEMENT, who has been in the hospital since the holidays. 
Grace also spent three days on the sick list herself.. .Jef- 
ferson Park's favorite clerk, PETE GURETZ, and his wife 



and sister-in-law, Mrs. JOHN TURINI, have gpne to Lima, 
Peru, to visit Pete's daughter, Sister JANET HELEN. 
Hope they have a safe and enjoyable trip. Pete has prom- 
ised to give us a detailed account of his trip upon his re- 
turn. . .Superintendent RALPH DeMARIA is still off sick. 
We all wish to extend to him our best wishes and prayers 
for a speedy recovery. ..Best wishes for many happy years 
in their new home to LINDA TAPINS and her family. ..We 
wish to extend our sympathy to Assignment Agent JUSTIN 
MCCARTHY and his family on the death of his father. . . 
MARION KAAD wishes to thank everyone for their cards 
and kind words which she received at the time of her 
sister's death.. .A big welcome to the Kennedy line to DOR- 
OTHY PARKER. Hope you are enjoying the sunlight and 
fresh air. Dorothy's coming out of the hole caused a chain 
reaction on the Kennedy and a bumping good time was had 
by all. . . I can understand why a name with 20 letters is 
shortened, but why drop the LOLLI from LOLLIPOP and 
settle for just plain POP, Pop?. .Strange happenings on the 
Kennedy. Who was the agent that was searched by the 
police at Irving Park the other day ? Rumor has it that he 
was suspected of having a concealed weapon. And what did 
that alleged weapon turn out to be?.. Best wishes for a 
speedy recovery to the wife of Clerk NORMAN LODER- 
HOSE. Mrs. Loderhose is at home recuperating from sur- 
gery. ..Hope the Vamp of Van Buren is feeling better. She 
told me the other day she hadn't been feeling very vampish 
lately. ..BETTY RUSSO would like to thank all who called, 
sent mass cards, flowers, and plants to cheer her during 
her recent illness. . . Belated wishes to Part-time Agent 
GEORGE SUPKAY, who was married to CARMEN F. 
BOBBIO on September 5. 


We welcome TERRY McGUIGAN who became assistant 
day foreman at North Avenue. We also welcome back Night 
Foreman JOSEPH WARD. ..JOSEPH FIORITA, formerly day 
foreman at North, now at Archer Depot tire center as day 
foreman, became a grandfather for the seventh time when 
his daughter, PATRICIA RILEY, gave birth to a baby girl , 
EILEEN MARIE. The Rileys also have four sons. ..Super- 
intendent FRANK BUETOW paid his friends at North Ave- 
nue a welcome visit. Frank has been on the sick list. ..Pen- 
sioner BILL ECHOLS writes that he enjoyed Christmas and 
thanks all of his friends for the cards he received. Bill is 
well. I had a visit with Pensioner ERNEST BOCK who was 
on the sick list. He looks good and I hope to have him 
ready, willing, and able for the summer fishing season... 
Operator WILLIAM BUETOW enjoyed a quiet vacation 
watching the bad weather while the rest of us had to work 
in it... I trust all of you remembered your special gals, 
wives, or sweethearts, on Valentine's Day. If you didn't, 
you're in the doghouse now. . .Operator DAVID KISSANE, 
Kedzie Depot, celebrated his 39th birthday, again, on Janu- 
ary 25. How many of you remember way back when he first 
celebrated his 39th birthday ?.. Hopalong Cassidy rides 
again. This time he will be a Polish Hopalong in the person 
of WILLIAM KOSEK of South Shops. He is always dashing 
around so the men at South Shops have offered to buy him a 
horse to lighten his work. Anyone want to donate a ten- 
gallon hat?. .And now, from Switchboard Operator WALTER 
BLIX, comes the news from the Inner Sanctum. This month 
there's a bit of vacation news from the fellows in the front 
office. Clerk BOB WITTENBERG and his Mrs. have just 


returned from Nevada, the land of the one-armed bandits. 
From all indications Bob wasn't able to take an early pen- 
sion, which means that we'll all be listening to more of his 
stories for a good while to come. Our genial Assistant 
Chief Clerk ART OLSEN is taking two vacations. One is 
the one he picked, and this will be followed by his retire- 
ment. All of us here wish you loads of good luck, Art, and 
needless to say, we're all going to miss you. By this time 
another member of the Inner Sanctum, Clerk ROLAND 
HEAD and his Mrs., should be basking in the beautiful 
Florida sunshine. Just to make sure that they don't get all 
of it, Clerk TOM HICKEY and his wife, BEA, are going to 
follow them down there. Another clerk who doesn't intend 
to stay around and endure our cold winter weather is 
FRANK PASCHE. He and his wife will also head their 
little ol' Chevelle in the direction of the Sunshine State... 
Our belated best wishes to Switchboard Operator JOHN 
STICH on his (?) birthday. Needless to say we all enjoyed 
the calorie loaded cake that went with it. Speaking of birth- 
days, January 30, 1921, must have been a very important 
day in history. It was on this day that Superintendent WIL- 
LIAM MOSER let out his first yell to let everyone know 
that hereafter he was to be counted in every census. Con- 
gratulations, boss. Congratulations are also in order for 
Relief Superintendent EDDIE BRODD who has been ap- 
pointed night superintendent at North Park Station. As the 
saying goes: North Park's gain is North Avenue's loss. 
Acting Superintendent ART TABEL has been doing a good 
job seeing that things are kept in order here at North Ave- 
nue. We've also lost one of our sanitary engineers, EDDIE 
LYNCH, who recently went to Kedzie to help clean things 
up. ..If any of you happen to run across JUDY STACH, the 
lovely daughter of Clerk BOB STACH, be sure you're 
wearing your dark glasses because the gleam of that ring 
on the third finger of her left hand just might blind you. 
How's that for a Christmas present? Wedding bells should 
be ringing sometime in mid-1971. ..Our sincerest condo- 
lences to the families of Operator TERRY REGAN on the 
loss of his mother, JANE, and Instructor PAUL WINKOW- 
SKI on the loss of his father. ..Without Walter's help this 
would have been a mighty short column. How about it, 
somebody must have done something? Also, all of you 
pensioners; north, south, east, and west, let us hear from 
you. How's the fishing? Is it a good vacation spot in your 
part of the country ? I want news. Help! 

- "William THiaUMO. 


North Park's annual credit union meeting was held on 
January 8 at River Park fieldhouse where a fine report was 
delivered by Treasurer JOHN O'BRIEN. The officers de- 
clared a dividend of 6% on savings, and all members are 
urged to bring in their books so that they may be brought 
up to date. PAUL COOK was elected to the credit commit- 
tee for a 3-year term, while WALTER UHLEMANN was 
elected president and a member of the board of directors. 
Refreshments were served and the following won door 
prizes: Mrs. ETHEL PERRY, Mrs. SUE PETERS, Mrs. 




Instructor WALTER STEINBEISS, Ticket Agent WALTER 
LOWING, Sanitary Engineer STANLEY GUSTAFSON, and 
ZCZYK. Our congratulations to Treasurer John O'Brien 
and his assistants, TONY BRUNO and DALE PETERS, for 
a very efficient job. . . Superintendents ROBERT KEAG, 
JACK MORRIS, and VICTOR JOHNSON would like to take 
this opportunity to thank the operators at North Park for 
making 1970 the best year we have had in accident reduc- 
tion. A total of 186 operators made no reports of any type 
for the year. ..Congratulations are extended to JACK MOR- 
RIS who was appointed superintendent of Lawndale Depot, 
while EDWARD BRODD was appointed assistant superin- 
tendent at North Park. We extended a hearty welcome 
home to Mr. Br odd who was formerly an operator at North 
Park and hope his stay will be a long one... Operator CARL 
HANSEN, who has been off sick for a considerable period 
of time, has returned to work as a street collector, and we 
at North Park are happy to see Carl back again. . . Chief 
Clerk RAY SIMON is counting the days until he can return 
to his summer retreat at Noblesville, Indiana, and get his 
vegetable and flower gardens started again. ..Clerk of the 
Year, TERRY LATTIN, spent his vacation in Michigan 
showing the natives how to ski and snowmobile, and reports 
that the results were excellent. ..Mrs. EDITH POSNER, the 
wife of Operator SAM POSNER, is recovering satisfactorily 
at this writing from recent surgery at Edgewater hospital. 
Our prayers are with Edith for a complete recovery... Op- 
erator WILLIAM KNIGHT and his wife, ELKENA, became 
grandparents for the first time on December 23 when their 
daughter, Mrs. MURIEL BALDWIN, gave birth to a son 
named KEITH WILLIAM at St. Elizabeth hospital. ..Opera- 
tor EDWARD (Aces) O'BRIEN became a grandfather for the 
first time when his daughter, Mrs. KATHLEEN MICNOR, 
gave birth to a daughter named DONNA JANE on October 
21 at Ingalls Memorial hospital located in Harvey, Illinois, 
weighing 8 pounds 9 ounces. ..Operator ZEKE JAGST was 
married on Saturday, February 20, to Miss HILDA GEB- 
HARD at St. Lukes Lutheran church. The reception held at 
the Belmont hotel was attended by 150 guests. The young 
couple honeymooned in Austria and the Alps in Switzerland 
where they enjoyed a skiing ball. ..Pensioner JOHN KARA- 
SEK and his wife, LILLIAN, and their son, Dr. MARVIN 
KARASEK, flew via TWA to Lisbon, Portugal, for a grand 
vacation trip. Also on the agenda were trips to Tangier, 
Africa, and Seville, Granada, Valencia, and Barcelona, 
Spain, then on to Lucerne, Switzerland, Paris, France, and 
London, England, before returning home... Pensioner CARL 
DESIMONE was a visitor at North Park and reports that he 
is taking a two-month trip to Bellflower, California, to vis- 
it friends, and then will leave for Tampa, Florida, to visit 
relatives for the rest of the winter. ..Pensioner GARRETT 
FOY stopped at the depot to see his many friends. Garrett 
and his lovely wife, JEAN, who are living in Jasonville, 
Indiana, report that the hunting and fishing are keeping 
them busy. Garrett invites his friends to stop by and try 
his strawberries, tomatoes, corn, and other assorted vege- 
tables. ..Pensioner HARVEY GEHMAN and his wife, INGE- 
BORG, of Highlandville, Iowa, were in Chicago for their 
annual visit with their children, TED, HELENE, and 
MARIE. Harvey looks and feels fine and invites his many 
friends to stop and see him as they pass through Iowa... I 
would like to take this opportunity to thank my many pen- 
sioner friends who have sent me Season's Greetings and 
keep those grand notes coming. 


Happy anniversaries are extended to the following: Op- 
erator JOE SCALETTA and his wife, DOREEN, their 13th; 
Operator HENRY NEUMAN and his wife, LEONA, their 
39th; Assistant Superintendent EDWARD BRODD and his 
wife, ANN, their 34th; Operator MEL VTN HORNING and his 
wife, VIOLET, their 33rd; Operator ARTHUR OLSON and 
his wife, LENORE, their 31st; Operator ED ZIENTARA and 
his wife, ROSE, their 35th; Operator ROGER AYOTTE and 
his wife, HELEN, their 12th; Pensioner JOHN KARASEK 
and his wife, LILLIAN, their 41st; Superintendent ROY 
RIPKA and his wife, IRIS, their 7th, and Utility Chauffeur 
JOHN MILLER and his wife, ROZIA, their 37th. ..Happy 
birthdays are extended to the following: Operators IRVING 
NEUMAN. ..Our sympathy and condolences to Operator 
DALE PETERS on the loss of his father, Mr. J. H. 
PETERS, of Nashville, Arkansas; to Operator TOMMY 
SIMMONS on the sudden death of his beloved wife, ERNES- 
TINE, and Pensioner MELVIN ZAHR on the loss of his be- 
loved wife, LILLIAN.. .Operator STANLEY KAZAK and his 
wife, JOANNE, flew by 747 to San Francisco, California, to 
attend the funeral of Joanne's brother, Mr. LOUIS WAG- 
NER. Our condolences to the Kazaks... Repair Department 
Chit Chat: Clerk GENE LOTITO and his wife, ELSIE, his 
daughter, DONNA, and his son, ALLEN, spent a week at 
Boyne Mountain Resort near Grand Rapids, Michigan, 
where they received several skiing lessons. Gene reports 
everyone came through with flying colors and the family is 
looking forward to returning for the next venture... Repair- 
man FRANK (The Cat) SCHENDL, while on vacation in 
Iowa, was snowed in at Davenport where they had 30 inches 
of snow, and when he got to Waterloo, he had trouble start- 
ing his car in the 27 below zero weather. Frank and his 
wife again enjoyed their stay at the Dodge House motel 
where they savored the meals in the Gypsy Tea Room... 
Pensioner JULIUS MERSCH donned his Santa Claus suit 
again and gave his seven grandchildren another wonderful 
Christmas party. . . Bus Dispatcher GEORGE SERITELLA 
had the good fortune of picking his two-week winter vaca- 
tion during our recent zero weather... Repair man FRANK 
CIONE enjoyed his vacation in Las Vegas where the shows 
were super, the meals great, and, well, Frank's pocket- 
book is a little flatter. . . Repairman PAUL (On the Ball) 
SCHREVES entertained his neighbors with his annual 
Christmas concert on his theatre organ. ..Remember, the 
Credit Union is ready, willing, and able to help all who 
need cash to meet those Christmas bills and income tax 
problems. So see JOHN, TONY, or DALE for ready cash. 


Congratulations and best wishes to WALTER LIND- 
BERG, Howard switchman, and DEBRA MAYFIELD on 
their recent marriage. . . Welcome back to Howard Yard 
Foreman JAMES PRENDERGAST after a two and one-half 
year absence... Congratulations to Student Ticket Agent H. 
CHERKOSKY on his recent engagement. Plans are now 
being made for a November wedding... Ticket Agent ROSE 
McANDREWS became a grandmother on January 9 when 
her son, TERRY, and his wife, DOROTHY, presented her 




with her first grandson, TIMOTHY MICHAEL. Rose in- 
forms us that he weighed in at 6 pounds 11 ounces and was 
19 inches long with auburn hair and knows how to smile at 
grandma... Birthday greetings are sent to Agent THELMA 
ZINNINGER, January 9; Janitor WARDELL LEE, January 
9, and Agent LILLY WILLIS, January 10. . . The father of 
Janitor JOHN McCONVILLE and Agent BETTY FIFE is 
confined in Ravenswood hospital at this writing. Mr. Mc- 
Conville is to undergo surgery, and we wish him a com- 
plete and speedy recovery.. .Ticket Agent DANIEL DIASIO 
became a grandfather, twice, when his daughter-in-law, 
DOROTHY, gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, on De- 
cember 28. Dorothy is the daughter of Retired Howard 
Switchman H. HENGELS. Dan also told us that his son, 
DANIEL, the twins' father, was also confined to the hospi- 
tal and passed away and was buried on January 25. To Dan 
and the rest of his family we extend our heartfelt sympathy. 
..We welcome eight newcomers to the North Side: H. 
..This month the news is short as your scribe, at this 
writing, is on the sick list having been hospitalized in For- 
kosh hospital. I wish to thank everyone who phoned and 
sent cards. . . If anyone has any news for the next issue, 
please give it to the clerks at Howard and Kimball. 

- 7<W4 3We 

OPERATIONS (Transportation) - 

On Christmas eve, DIEDRE MARLENE, the daughter of 
BOB TALBOT, received a diamond ring from CARL L. 
COLOMBO. They are planning their wedding for Easter 
Sunday. Diedre is a school teacher and Carl is an archi- 
tect. Congratulations and good luck to the newly engaged 
couple. ..JULIE WtLLEM recently returned from a vacation 
in Puebla, Mexico. She spent two weeks with her son, RAY, 
and his wife, ADALINA. Julie went to Lake Chapala for a 
few days, which was very pretty, and did some sightseeing. 
She also went to Guadalajara where she saw her first (and 
probably her last) bull fight. The weather was beautiful and 
she had a wonderful time, especially being with her son and 
daughter-in-law during the Christmas holidays. . . While 
JAMES R. BLAA was doing snow work around his home, he 
slipped and fell and broke his left leg. He is now taking it 
easy recuperating. RAY STRATTON is presently off sick 
and in the hospital. We wish them both a speedy recovery. 

(Transportation Instruction) - 

WALTER STONE, a surface system instructor", recently 
passed the entrance exams and has been accepted into a 
program for deacons in the Archdiocese of Chicago. For 
the next two years he will attend classes on theology and 
scripture at Quigley North. Congratulations, Walter, and 
keep up the good work. 

(Equipment Research & Development) - 

After spending a week in the hospital undergoing sur- 
gery, CHARLES RICKER is now home recuperating. He 
had the misfortune of falling and injuring his achilles ten- 
don. We hear he is coming along fine and we send him our 
best wishes for a speedy recovery. 

(Utility and Emergency Service) - 

On February 1 WALTER R. JOHNSON began his retire- 
ment after 42 years of service. Coffee and rolls were 
served at Blue Island in his honor. A few of those who 


came to give him a good send-off were JOE MULREE, 
presently off sick. On this same day, his wife, GRACE, 
who worked in the Claim Department, also retired. We 
wish them the best of health and a very happy retirement... 
PAT PORCELIUS and his wife flew to Las Vegas for four 
days of fun. They saw some shows and left there not 
winners, but not losers. The weather there was something 
else. While they were there, Las Vegas experienced the 
coldest weather since 1950. They went on to Oakland and 
visited with some friends, went sightseeing in San Francis- 
co, and ended their vacation at Lake Tahoe...A. CANDELA 
had an especially nice Christmas and New Year as he spent 
the holidays with his daughter in California... CASEY De- 
BOER, who is now living in Minnesota, stopped in to say 
hello while he was in Chicago. He then traveled to Florida 
to the sun and warm weather. . .RICHARD O'GORMAN is 
presently in the hospital after suffering a stroke. We send 
our best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery. ..We 
are happy to see that TONY CALABRESE is feeling fine 
and is back to work after a lengthy illness. ..We would like 
to extend our sympathy to the family of JOHN DUBIN who 
recently passed away, and to BEN LONGINOTTI whose wife 
passed away on January 29 after a short illness. 


As this icy weather continues to freeze us, we have the 
assurance that when the groundhog makes his yearly ap- 
pearance, we will thaw out once again. Now, while we await 
the coming of spring, let's spring some news on you.. .Pur- 
chasing's REBECCA COUSIN rested with her parents at 
their home in Nashville, Tennessee, over the Christmas 
holidays. ..DARLENE JANSEN, Purchasing, spent her vaca- 
tion entertaining relatives over the holidays and, of course, 
getting up early — in the p.m. ..We were happy to receive a 
letter from MARGARET HANSON, retired employe of the 
Purchasing Department, stating that she was well and re- 
questing that we write in this column that she thanks her 
friends for the birthday cards she received. . . GEORGE 
ADAMS, superintendent of Specifications, was really high 
in the air while on his vacation. He spent most of the time 
in airplanes. However, he did get to enjoy some of the 
California weather, which has warmer temperatures than 
the Windy City. ..Great news— your former Transit News 
reporter, JANE URSO, became the mother of CHRISTO- 
PHER ARTHUR URSO who was born on January 8 at Co- 
lumbus hospital. Christopher weighed 6 pounds 10 ounces. 
Jane and Christopher are doing just fine, we are happy to 
report. ..JILL MISE was all smiles on January 14, the day 
that she formally announced her engagement to ELLIOT 
LINNE. No wedding date has been set. The ring was pre- 
sented to her the night of January 13 as she was having 
dinner at the Arc in Glenview. Elliot, her husband- to-be, 
is a former employe of CTA and is now stationed in Cali- 
fornia serving in the U.S. Marines. By the way, Elliot's 
father, BURT, has been a member of the CTA team for 35 
years. He's a ticket agent at Montrose on the Kennedy... 
KATHLEEN McATEER, Stores G.O., has left CTA to await 
the birth of her first child (or will it be children?). A 
luncheon was given in her honor on her last day by several 
of her friends. The luncheon was held at Henrici's on New 
Year's eve. Serenaders were present this day and asked 
for requests. When they asked Kathy for her request, she 
answered, "I'm getting married in the morning." The song 




was announced, and everyone joined in the singing. After 
the song, everyone applauded and Kathy stood up to take 
her bow! Of course, as she did so, laughter rang out! 
Kathy has a sense of humor, and this is one of the many 
reasons we will miss her. Much happiness to Kathy and 
her husband, JIM, along with the new addition — or addi- 
tions — to their family. ..A double welcome to Stores G.O. 
this month—to JERRY KILLMAN, replacing KEVIN BAR- 
RET as order clerk, and to MARY ANN CAHILL, replacing 
KATHY McATEER as typist I. Glad to see you both with 
the team in the Mart, Mary Ann and Jerry. ..BARNY GAG- 
NON visited with his sister in Kankakee, Illinois, during 
Christmas vacation, and enjoyed some time with his wife's 
mother in Beaverville, Illinois. ..CHESTER SKORA, Stores, 
while on his vacation, which he spent at home, replaced a 
faucet in his kitchen sink (he has this thing about drips). 
Also, while he and his wife spent a day taking a drive in 
Lemont, Illinois, he got a flat tire on the Dan Ryan Ex- 
pressway. Of course, he shook his head; and as he did so, 
a Good Samaritan came along and offered to change the tire 
for Chester — and he did, too!.. As you can see, there's no 
news from our Storeroom personnel. So, men, PLEASE 


Our condolences to the family of FRANK BENANTI in 
the passing of his mother on January 22. ..Our sympathy to 
G. SMEROS, Kimball, and his family in the passing of his 
wife on December 24. ..A wish to hurry and get well is sent 
to FRANK FAWCETT, Kimball, who is off sick. ..Wel- 
come to DONALD FALBORSKI, new car serviceman at 
Kimball. ..Congratulations to C. L. DUNLAP Jr., Dan Ryan, 
on his marriage to CHERYL LAWRENCE in St. Louis on 
December 24. Best wishes for years of marital bliss are 
sent to the newlyweds. . . Back to work after an enjoyable 
holiday vacation are T. FRIEND and R. DAVIS, Dan Ryan... 
Farewell to M. MOLLOY who transferred from Dan Ryan 
to 61st Street, and a welcome back to C. L. DUNLAP Jr. 
who returned to Dan Ryan... Welcome back to JOHN KOFER, 
Dan Ryan, who was off on the sick list.. .Sorry to hear that 
F. RIO, Congress, is back in the hospital. ..Congress now 
has added a bowling team to its collection of athletes. The 
terrors of the tenpins are: J. McDONOUGH, R. SCHEIBE, 


RUTH HAVLIK and her sister, MARIE, of the Electrical 
Department, flew to Mexico. One of the star attractions 
was riding the new subway in Mexico City. ..Mr. and Mrs. 
RICHARD GOLDSTEIN celebrated their 33rd wedding anni- 
versary on January 8, and Mr. and Mrs. B. ALSTON, out- 
side checker, celebrated their wedding anniversary on De- 
cember 12... The Schedule Department has three first-time 
grandparents. JAKE SUMNER 's daughter-in-law gave 
birth to a son, and DOROTHY ETSCHEID's daughter gave 
birth to a baby girl. BERNIE KINCANNON's daughter gave 
birth to a doubleheader — twins. Congratulations to the 
parents and to the grandparents. Bernie is now convalesc- 
ing at home after a stay in the hospital. We extend our best 
wishes to him for a speedy recovery... ANTHONY MICKO- 


VIC, outside checker, and his wife flew to Arizona and then 
on to Ohio to spend the holidays with relatives and friends. 
..WALTER THOMAS and his wife flew to Oregon to cele- 
brate Christmas with his in-laws and their children. This 
was the first Christmas reunion in 14 years. . . WALTER 
SCHWEINFURTH and his wife flew to California to spend 
the Christmas holidays with his mother. The Schweinfurths 
are sporting a new Oldsmobile Cutlass. Good luck. 


ROBERT BINNIE, electrical worker, made a visit to the 
shop to say hello, and is feeling great after his gall bladder 
operation. Hurry back, Bob. ..EDWIN KNIAZ, machinist, is 
home resting after an eye operation. Hope to see you soon, 
Ed.. .THOMAS HOEY, electrical worker, has been chosen 
for jury duty. Good luck, Tom, I hope you enjoy it. . . 
JOSEPH MICHALCZUK, electrical worker, is still home 
after a long stand of illness. Hurry back, Joseph, the boys 
are asking for you. ..ROBERT S. WINTHER, Technical Ser- 
vices, is certainly having a ball bringing the cute pictures 
of his grandchild to the office for a viewing with everyone. 
Keep it up, Bob, we love it.. .To THOMAS LYONS, divisional 
engineer: Sorry I forgot to welcome you back to Skokie 
Shops. Nice having you back, Tom. .. Fellow Employes — 
Please send in some news for the Transit News. 

- £««# Z- Z*<fl<**<{ 


Your reporter just returned from spending two weeks on 
jury duty at the Civic Center, which was real interesting 
and different. Now I know something about the workings of 
the law injury trials pertaining to accident cases. It was 
enjoyable, but I was sure glad to come home to Ashland 
Avenue to roost after it was over. ..Congratulations to Mo- 
torman ROBERT JACKSON who became a clerk on the 
South Section on December 13, and to Motorman JOHN 
KENNEDY who started as a clerk on the North Sec- 
tion on the same date. Good luck to you both. ..All you South 
Siders, pat yourselves on the back for helping to make 1970 
the safest year in CTA history. Let's all keep up the good 
work in 1971 and make it an even safer year. ..Received a 
nice card from Retired Motorman CHARLES RUMMEL who 
lives in Glendale, California. He was in Chicago not long 
ago, but didn't get a chance to see all his old friends, so he 
says hello to everyone. ..It sure is good to see Motorman 
tor PETE EVANS back to work after being on the sick list 
for quite some time... This is really a success story for one 
of our South Siders. FRENCHIE ELLIS came up through 
the ranks, all the way from janitor, to conductor, to in- 
structor, to the line office, and on January 3 he was ap- 
pointed as relief station superintendent, West Section. Now 
that is really a success story. We all wish Frenchie the 
very best in his new appointment. . . Received a note at 
Christmas from Retired Clerk JOHN HEFFERNAN who 
lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He and his wife are going 
to leave Florida in April and go back to his birthplace in 
South Dakota where the rest of his family and friends re- 
side. They are getting along OK and send their regards to 
all of us... Salutations to newly-hired Conductors LEROY 
MITCHELL, and JOHN PELT, and to newly-hired Agents 



recent deaths 

ARTHUR E. ANDERSON, 82, Elston, 

Emp. 3-19-15, Died 12-2-70 
ALBERT BEROTT, 49, North Park, 

Emp. 1-14-46, Died 1-23-71 
JOHN B. BLAIS, 77, 77th Street, 

Emp. 8-28-18, Died 1-6-71 

Emp. 9-5-18, Died 12-31-70 

Emp. 12-6-56, Died 1-16-70 
JAMES BRENNAN, 62, North Park, 

Emp. 5-13-42, Died 1-21-71 
LOUISE BUCKER, 88, North Section, 

Emp. 3-6-25, Died 11-16-70 
LEO BURCH, 89, Lincoln, 

Emp. 12-13-21, Died 12-29-70 
FRANK CANIANO, 83, Way & Structures, 

Emp. 10-23-30, Died 12-11-70 

Emp. 6-23-27, Died 12-14-70 
ANTHONY P. CASTO, 63, South Shops, 

Emp. 9-18-45, Died 1-5-71 
PATRICK CLARK, 79, North Section, 

Emp. 2-16-20, Died 12-17-70 

JEREMIAH CREAGH, 92, Lawndale, 

Emp. 9-17-06, Died 1-1-71 
WILLIAM J. CROSSON, 72, West Section, 

Emp. 6-2-41, Died 12-31-70 
NIKOLA DODER, 84, Track, 

Emp. 6- -07, Died 12-11-70 
EUGENE J. DUFFY, 60, West Section, 

Emp. 8-26-36, Died 12-23-70 
ERNEST L. EBBESON, 80, West Section, 

Emp. 6-22-43, Died 12-29-70 
FRANK ESPOSITO, 71, Lawndale, 

Emp. 10-25-41, Died 12-29-70 
STEPHEN EVANOFF, 79, North Avenue, 

Emp. 11-28-27, Died 12-04-70 
JAMES FAHEY, 91, Devon, 

Emp. 2-4-05, Died 12-12-70 
DAVID J. FANNING, 78, Claim, 

Emp. 2-1-28, Died 12-10-70 
JOSEPH FINN, 83, 69th Street, 

Emp. 11-5-26, Died 12-20-70 
ELMER GEBAUER, 62, Limits, 

Emp. 1-6-30, Died 1-10-71 
ALFRED GRABE, 69, South Section, 

Emp. 1-30-45, Died 1-4-71 

nice appointment was made on January 3 when Motorman 
JAMES HIGHTOWER was appointed a supervisor. Our best 
wishes to you, James.. .We were saddened to hear that Re- 
tired Motorman ALFRED GRABE passed away in Mountain 
Home, Arkansas. His wake and burial was here in Chicago. 
Mrs. GRABE said that after she straightens out their af- 
fairs in Mountain Home she will come back to Chicago to 
live. ..Also heard at Christmas from Retired Assistant Sta- 
tion Superintendent ARTHUR ANDERSON who lives in Ar- 
lington Heights. Their son, ALVIN, was transferred in his 
business to Memphis, Tennessee, so Arthur and his wife, 
HELEN, spent their Thanksgiving holiday with Alvin and 
his wife... Good, good news! Conductor HAROLD THEDENS, 
who had been on disability pension for one year, has re- 
gained his health and is back on the active list working as a 
conductor. It's good to see him around Ashland again. . . 
While shopping just before New Years, who should I meet 
in the store but Retired Motorman HARRY BARTON. He 
looked just wonderful. ..Janitor JAMES STRONG had a win- 
ter vacation and visited with his relatives in St. Louis and 
had a good time. ..Our sincere condolences to Instructor 
MITCHELL THOMAS whose brother passed away in Buf- 
falo, New York, and to Janitor LENZY BATTLES whose 
mother passed away in St. Louis... Retired District Super- 
intendent THOMAS (Terry) McGOVERN called to thank 
everyone for all the cards and letters he has received 
since retiring, and the kindnesses extended to him by all 
his friends. ..The new voices you will hear when calling the 
line office will be Instructors DAVID MARTIN and LESTER 
RACKER, and Supervisor JERRY JOHNSON. .. Received a 
note from Retired Superintendent of Operations JOHN HIG— 
GINS from his home in Walnut Creek, California. He was 
in Chicago recently and visited our 95th Street office on the 
Dan Ryan. He was sorry he couldn't get around to visit his 
old friends at the other terminals. ..Resigning recently for 

positions elsewhere were: Motorman THOMAS FOSTER, 
Conductor OLIVER SOUTHERN, and Agents ROSETTA MC- 
and ELMIE HENRY.. .At this writing, Switchman NELSON 
ANDERSON and Motorman ALFRED CRISLER are on the 
sick list. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery and return 
to work... Another letter was received from Retired Super- 
visor HUGH KELLEY from Miami, Florida, and he said 
that he recently made a trip to California. While there he 
had a nice visit with Retired Superintendent of Operations 
JOHN HIGGINS and talked about the good old days. ..Good 
luck to Agent ALBERT POWERS who was transferred to 
the Schedule-Traffic Department on January 24. 

- 1/euta "Tfaitictf 


The Shops & Equipment Department would like to extend 
a warm welcome to OSCAR K. PETERSON who will be 
working at South Shops as coordinator of bus maintenance. 
..The Technical Services-Surface Division staff would like 
to welcome BHUPINDAR S. MALLHI who will be working 
as a technical service technician III. Bhupindar is from 
India and has only been in this country for three months... 
Congratulations go out to J. BOLECH who became a grand- 
father for the third time when a grandson, JAMES JOSEPH, 
was born on January 7 weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces. This 
gives Mr. Bolech a total of two grandsons and one grand- 
daughter. ..Our new general foreman, TED PIETRUS, be- 
came a grandfather for the sixth time when a grandson, 
GREGORY, was brought by the stork on January 20 weigh- 
ing 8 pounds. This gives Mr. Pietrus a total of four grand- 
sons and two granddaughters. . . Good luck is extended to 
FRED HAUSER, electrician, who took an early pension on 
February 1 after 45 years of service. ..Area 312 had some 
very interesting vacations recently. Mechanic JOSEPH 



among employes 

BERNADETTE D. HAYES, 60, West Section, 

Emp. 12-15-38, Died 10-24-70 
BERT S. HITES, 77, North Avenue, 

Emp. 12-21-25, Died 12-20-70 
JOHN JANKOWSKI, 90, Archer, 

Emp. 12-1-10, Died 12-10-70 
LOUISE C. KNIPFEL, 77, Medical, 

Emp. 8-5-30, Died 12-9-70 
FRANK G. KOSHELSKI, 78, Blue Island, 

Emp. 9-13-27, Died 1-4-71 
THOMAS F. LOWRY, 83, 77th Street, 

Emp. 6-18-20, Died 12-8-70 
SAM MCCARTHY, 89, Way & Structures, 

Emp. 8-22-10, Died 1-2-71 
ESTHER E. McDERMOTT, 73, South Section, 

Emp. 5-12-42, Died 12-24-70 
WILLIAM C. MCDONALD, 60, Electrical, 

Emp. 4-7-41, Died 12-28-70 
PATRICK McEVOY, 75, 61st Street, 

Emp. 1-3-28, Died 12-23-70 
DANIEL McGRATH, 79, 77th Street, 

Emp. 2-11-19, Died 12-6-70 
STEPHEN McPOLIN, 70, 77th Street, 

Emp. 4-10-23, Died 12-4-70 

ELMER R. MICHAELIS, 71, Howard Street, 

Emp. 9-9-18, Died 12-21-70 
JAMES C. MOE, 55, Limits, 

Emp. 1-20-58, Died 1-1-71 
EARL E. MORS, 70, Forest Glen, 

Emp. 12-10-24, Died 12-19-70 
CHARLES J. PITUN, 88, 69th Street, 

Emp. 1-2-07, Died 1-4-71 
THOMAS RAELEY, 51, 77th Street, 

Emp. 1-12-53, Died 1-18-71 
JOHN ROHL, 79, 77th Street, 

Emp. 5-3-18, Died 12-16-70 
LEOPOLDO SALATO, 79, Way & Structures, 

Emp. 10-22-29, Died 12-9-70 
FRANK SENDOR, 85, Kedzie, 

Emp. 10-10-18, Died 12-9-70 
SWAN N. SWANSON, 86, West Shops, 

Emp. 1-19-26, Died 12-1-70 
HARRY TADROWSKI, 62, West Section, 

Emp. 9-4-45, Died 12-27-70 
FRED VAN DER LOCHT, 66, Shops & Equipment, 

Emp. 7-1-46, Died 1-6-71 

BUMBLAUSKAS and his family went to Florida for the 
Christmas holidays and had to eat three different Christ- 
mas meals with three different relatives. Joe said he was 
very disappointed with the Florida weather as the tempera- 
ture there was 16 degrees. He was glad to get back to 
Chicago and warm up. All in all, it was a lovely vacation 
and a great way to put 3,000 miles on a new Dodge. Car- 
penter RAYMOND DAVTDSON also had a lovely vacation in 
Phoenix, Arizona, and Las Vegas. ..Ever hear the tall tales 
of a fisherman? Well, listen to this one. BILL LARSEN 
and a friend of his caught 100 perch up at Lake Mendota, 
Wisconsin. He said the fish were up to ten inches long. 
Bill says that if anyone has any doubts, they can count the 
fish. That won't be necessary, Bill, we all believe you... 
Congratulations are in order for Carpenter HENRY KROB 
and his wife and two children who moved into their new 
home on November 22; and to PAUL PSIK and his family 
on winning a brand new Ford Pinto. ..The fellows in Area 
312 would like to welcome Carpenter ROBERT McCOLL 
back to work after being off for more than two months due 
to illness... All the men in Area 316 would like to wish 
Foreman JIM OOSTMAN a speedy recovery from surgery. 
Hurry back, Jim. ..Area 318 would like to acknowledge two 
very heroic men, MAX KUCHAN and STAN HILLOCK. 
While on their way to work one day, they discovered that 
bus 7203 was on fire and the bus driver was hard at work 
trying to extinguish it. Max and Stan's alertness led them 
to the CO 2 fire extinguishers in the South Shops and quickly 
ran to the bus, opened the inspection door and put the fire 
out. Max and Stan, we salute you. ..BOB FUHRMAN is home 
recuperating from surgery. Hurry back, Bob, we miss you. 
..FRANK and MARY BRADY celebrated their 39th wedding 
anniversary on January 12. Frank also has two children 
working for CTA, FRANK Jr. and COLEEN BRADY.. .Area 
318's PAT BARRY spent a very happy weekend with a very 
close friend. ..Area 313 Chit-Chat: There's a smiling face 
missing in the Paint Shop, fellows. Yes, JOE CARROLL is 

confined in the hospital, and we all would like to wish him a 
speedy recovery.. .We congratulate DELORD HATCHER on 
the birth of his first grandson. Also, congratulations to 
Mechanic JERRY DEXTER on the birth of his fourth child, 
January 9. He and his wife, CAROL, named the little one 
HOLLY ANN; she weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces. ..Carpenter 
CHARLES NEWMAN of Area 334 moved into his new home 
last month. Congratulations, Chucky...Area 333 congratu- 
lates PHIL SEKLECKI and his wife, KATHLEEN, on the 
birth of their third daughter on December 13. Keep trying, 
Phil, you will get a boy sooner or later. ..The fellows in 
Area 333 and 338 would like to wish DALE EICH and 
JOSEPH SANDERS a speedy recovery. . . ANTHONY DE 
VAUX of Area 346 went to Pasadena, San Francisco, and 
Death Valley while on vacation. 

- Ztauu. Stewart & Soi SW« 


We must apologize to the readers of our column for not 
being able to write last month. The reason is simple. We 
ask for news items and get only excuses. It is the opinion 
of my co-reporter, SANTO, and myself, that this magazine 
is a part of the company that really keeps us informed. So, 
please, let's all stay in touch and tell us the news. Now for 
the past and present news. . . Our Christmas party was a 
smash and a bust. The folks ate all the food in a matter of 
two hours. Thanks to Mrs. SICILIANO for making her de- 
licious "Sloppy Joes" (I got none of that), and a special 
warm thanks to Mrs. J. HOOD, who stayed up late at night 
to fix corn bread for the soul brothers. Santo and I served 
and we didn't stop until all the food was gone. And that, let 
me tell you, was the fastest party I've ever seen. We would 
appreciate it if all donations could be in early this coming 
Christmas... Our belated sympathy is extended to the family 
of Clerk E. DUFFY, formerly of Lake Street, on his 




passing... Congratulations to SHIRLEY and GEORGE SMITH, 
motorman, Lake Street, on the arrival of a baby boy, 
BRIAN, to the family circle.. .Motorman J. HOLAKOVSKY 
took his retirement on January 1 after 41 years of service. 
We all will miss you, Murphy. ..Back off the sick list is 
Foot Collector S. KAULES, Conductor W. RAFA, and Ticket 
Agent L. DREWS. Stay well, kids. ..On the sick list is Con- 
ductor G. WOOD MORE. His wife, ALBERTA (Florence 
Nightingale), says she will make sure he is well this time. 
Also on the list is Switchman J. BOYLAN. Our condolences 
to the family of Motorman F. GARRITY who passed away... 
Birthday greetings to these older people: I. HOUSTON, M. 
SMALLING, F. BIGGS, A. NELSON, and little old me. ..By 
the way, ALLEN NELSON was married on January 9, but I 
can't catch up with him for the details. So, congratulations 
to the couple, anyhow. He must have a lovely bride, for as 
soon as work is done, he's gone. Please send us a snap- 
shot. ..Yard Foreman E. DOMAIN is the proud grandfather 
of a bouncing baby boy. Congratulations are also in order 
for Pensioner E. KAIN who became a great-grandfather 
when his granddaughter gave birth to a baby girl. Ed also 
tells us of his bad luck when he fell out of a grapefruit tree. 
That warm Florida sun will help heal it, Ed. He also in- 
formed us that another pensioner, EARL JOHNSON, passed 
away. Our sympathy to his wife... Conductor B. ROLAND is 
added to our sick list. Here's wishing for a fast recovery 
real soon, Roland. . . Switchman BOB NEIGHBORS was 
helping to bring in the new year when he started pondering 
whether he was getting older or younger. He decided 
younger. He later put on a baby's diaper to prove it. ..Mo- 
torman E. PASCHAL said that he had left the laundromat 
and was getting into his car when he hit his eye. Next, it's 
black, or blue, if you're colored. Sorry about the eye, 
Paschal, but no one believes that story. I think it did hap- 
pen, gang.. .A note to my co-reporter, SANTO: I have been 
told from the horse's mouth that J. GORDON is about to tie 
the knot, so let's get out the tuxedos. I've been hard at 
work playing cupid for the happy pair... Motor man V. MOR- 
RIS got on a train with me, and I asked him if he wanted my 
paper. He said no, but later accepted it. When he looked at 
the social security number list, he saw his number. He 
couldn't find his social security card fast enough. Congrat- 
ulations, Vernon, but I still haven't received my 20£ for the 
paper and the phone call home to tell the family... The new 
flagman you see on the line is moneybags, M. DERDEN. 
Welcome to the club... Switchman E. STANISZEWSKI is now 
our number one switchman. But with him walking around 
like Walter Brennan, I don't see how. Ed, please, just the 
voice, not the walk; some of the guys are jealous... Switch- 
man F. MEAD has been promoted to yard foreman. Con- 
gratulations, Fred. ..I still can't get a whisper out of Su- 
pervisor BLAIR. He is still content, whatever that means. 
..Conductors R. BLYTH, M. PFEIFFER, and H. PROSSER 
are now at Jefferson Park and send their hellos to all the 
gang...C. GUZIK, formerly of Lake Street, says he is hap- 
py on his new line. It's only ten minutes from work, but 
misses Lake Street for getting papers. ..I also ran into Mo- 
torman M. ADAMS whose hair is getting grayer. He says 
he wants to look more mature than these young whipper- 
snappers. Lies, lies! He's getting old... I still would take 
odds on J. MILAN, who still looks like a heavyweight 
champ. ..My partner in crime, Santo, spent a week of his 
vacation at home. He had a birthday, and to make sure that 
he was in the best of health, his wife took him in for an 


examination, which was ok. His son is now almost 19 years 
old, and he still won't tell me his age. He's still wearing 
that back strap to carry his changer. At least that's what 
he says, but his is the oldest one. How long have you had 
that thing, Santo? Happy birthday, buddy. ..Our former 
number one switchman, J. CIMMERER, and his lovely wife 
spent a weekend driving up in Wisconsin. John says his 
wife really loves the cheese they sell up there. She must 
have had a big mousetrap to catch big John...Towerman E. 
FARMER enjoys coming to work. Since he and his family 
recently purchased a new home, he feels that he is working 
for something in life. ..Folks, this is it for now. Please 
don't forget those news items and photos. Bye now. 

- Santa S t c i/i t tm & jIisu Payie 


Well, fellows, here we are again, one month into the new 
year, and I might add, we sort of slipped a bit in our acci- 
dent program. So printed here is a pattern of 1970 which 
kept our superintendents "coffee broke", and maybe our 
credit union might add some rolls. Hint, hint, hint. In 
1970, 52nd Street had 199 less complaints than in 1969, and 
38 more commendations in 1970 than we had in 1969. In 
recognition of improving our image to this extent, we re- 
ceived coffee "on the house" for the seventh consecutive 
month. Only one other station has accomplished this in the 
past year. A list of the men who are responsible for this 
achievement is posted in the trainroom each month, and all 
of us can qualify by just doing a good job. On September 
30, the end of the third quarter of 1970, we were in 11th 
place among the 12 surface stations. In October, we 
started our climb with a reduction of 13 accidents in that 
month. In November we cut it another 8, and December 
was the clincher when we were only 7j points from a per- 
fect score of 75 in the 4th quarter of the ISC awards for 
1970. This took us from the bottom to the top in 90 days 
because we set up a competition that no other station could 
match. It has been three years since 52nd Street has won 
recognition for what it can do if each man puts forth a little 
effort. So let's stay in the competition as defending cham- 
pions. Superintendents LYNCH, COLEMAN, and VITEK 
congratulate and thank each of us, along with the instruc- 
tors and repairmen, for bringing this award to 52nd Street 
and encourage us to give it a permanent home here. ..Op- 
erator LAFAYETTE GARMONY is walking around as proud 
as a peacock. He received the news that his daughter, Mrs. 
DENNIS NORDMOL, of Detroit, Michigan, made him a 
grandfather on December 20 when she gave birth to an 
8 pound baby girl.. .If any of you fellows are in doubt about 
your holiday pay, see Operator BOB BURNS. If my recom- 
mendation is not enough, check with Operators LAFA- 
they had to buy lunch for a whole week. ..A welcome back to 
Operator W. PETERSON who was off for two months with a 
leg injury, and to Repairman GREG ROLLBERG who was 
off for four months... At this writing, we're all looking for- 
ward to a speedy return of Repairmen NATE ELLIS, SOL 
BATTLES, and JAMES NAUDEN who are on the sick list... 
Repair Clerk D. GARNER was awarded $25 for a sugges- 
tion. He says, "It's all gone", when asked for a cup of cof- 
fee. Also, his wife is home from the hospital and cards 
can be sent to her at 8229 Ingleside, Chicago 60619. Here's 
wishing you a speedy recovery, Mrs. Garner. ..Our deepest 
sympathy is extended to Operator FRANK NICHOLS on the 
loss of his grandmother, Mrs. RACHEL MOORE, of New- 




ton, Mississippi. . . Did you miss Chief Clerk ARNOLD 
HILLSTROM during the Christmas holidays ? Well, I just 
found out that he was one of those choice few on vacation. 
How about that ! 


Superintendent CARL W. GIBES wishes to congratulate 
all the men for their admirable performance in 1970. We 
beat our best year, 1965, by 100 accidents. We also beat 
our commendation par during 1970 for five consecutive 
months. He asks us to prove that 1970 was not a fluke; 
with cautious and considerate driving, we can do it again in 
1971. Incidentally, Mr. Gibes' son, RONALD C. GIBES, 
was recently promoted to captain and is assigned to Fort 
Rucker Army School of Aviation as an army flight examin- 
er. Ronald entered the army in 1960, has served in Viet 
Nam, and holds the army commendation medal and the air 
medal. We would also like to extend our deepest sympathy 
to Superintendent Gibes and his family on the loss of his 
father, WALTER GIBES, who passed away recently. .. We 
also extend sincere condolences to Instructor FULLER 
whose brother, FRED FULLER, passed away; to JOE 
TROTTER on the death of his brother, and to M. DAVIS on 
the loss of his mother.. .The wife of S. CHATLOS is ill and 
we wish her a speedy return to good health. ..S. SCELLATO 
recently returned from Seattle, Washington, where he vis- 
ited a sick brother. Scellato likes it out there, and plans to 
return on his vacation... BILL DONAHUE fell and broke his 
leg. He will be up and around sooner than you think, be- 
cause you can't keep a good man down. . . Pensioner G. 
GRINDLER was on my bus recently and looks great. He 
has been retired nine years and spends his time fishing and 
shooting at long-gone deer and rabbit tails. ..J. DAVIDSON 
celebrated his 41st wedding anniversary with a big bang. 
Things got so hot that he found the fire department putting 
out a fire in the big Buick that he drives. Joe wants to 
know if anyone knows the whereabouts of HARRY COX of 
Lawndale?..J. J. KELLEY and PETE SPOO vacationed in 
Florida during the month of January and really enjoyed 
themselves. ..Did Clerk CARSON show you his new kits for 
bus drivers? He should see SWANSON on transfer in- 
struction. . . J. DENNESAITES came to work on his anni- 
versary day just for a free look at the daily papers to 
check out his social security number. .. TONY VANDER- 
BERG's son was home for the Christmas holidays... ROY 
HORNING sent a check to the Mission on State street for 
the coffee some of the fellows have been soaking up. ..I have 
a new neighbor here in Worth. He is Supervisor JIM 
STANTON, formerly of Cottage Grove. .. GENE HOWE is 
now up and around and can't wait until he can return to 
work.. .To all of you on the sick list, we wish you a speedy 
return to good health... I saw R. CAULEY, and he has fully 
recovered after being shot during a holdup. ..WILLIE WIL- 
LIAMS said that our bowling team has slipped badly during 
the last half of the season, but don't count them out. ..I hope 
that Sarge will keep our Softball team on top now that the 
season is almost here. ..JIMMY AHERN of the Repair De- 
partment, as well as all the rest of us at 69th, wish to ex- 
tend our sincere sympathy to the families of BRUNO 
BILEK on the loss of his mother, and to TEDDIE NIEZA- 
BITOWSKI on the loss of his mother-in-law. ..The annual 
credit union meeting was held recently with about 120 
members attending. All the officers were re-elected, with 
RAY HAMMERSCHMIDT elected to the board of directors 
for three years, JIMMY AHERN to the credit union com- 


mittee for three years, and TOM COOK to the credit union 
committee to fill a one-year unexpired term. Some of the 
fellows who won door prizes were RAY HAMMERSCHMIDT, 
MIKE DWYER spent their vacation in sunny Florida fishing 
and swimming... JIM BYRNE, assistant day foreman, trav- 
eled to Ireland to see his mother who is seriously ill... 
Congratulations to all the men in the shop for a job well 
done during the recent cold spell. Most of the operators 
stated that the buses were much warmer this year. God 
bless you, and let's have another good year. 

- Atdun P. Stout? 


I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all 
the bus operators in the system for making 1970 the safest 
year in CTA history. Quite a job, fellows! I am especially 
proud of the fellows here at 77th Street. We beat our acci- 
dent par three times during the year. With the ice and 
snow, it makes our job a little more tedious in getting off 
to a good start in 1971. We are hoping for even a safer 
year. We can do it!.. The Credit Union held its annual 
meeting on Saturday, January 23, at the Foster Park field- 
house... Our old buddy, GENE KENNARD, is in Augustana 
hospital where he has undergone back surgery. Operator 
V. JONES tells me that Kennard had a "double street" and 
couldn't handle it. How about it, Gene?.. Operator ODELL 
DUFFIN has returned to work after being off ill a few days. 
..Operator ARTHUR JACKSON is on the sick book. It 
seems that Arthur had a "little battle" with the ice, and 
came out second best. ..Instructor WILLIAM WHJTENHILL 
has returned from a winter vacation. Only the rich can 
take a vacation during the Christmas season!.. Instructor 
J. C. WHITE has acquired a vicious German shepherd as 
added protection in his household. Seems he doesn't have 
much "voice" around the house. How about it, J. C.?.. Op- 
erator L. C. COLLINS missed his regular run the other 
day, so he was given a run on Halsted street. I wonder if 
he ever found Broadway ?.. Operator E. T. POPE's little 
lady surprised him with a birthday party. We understand 
that a good time was had by all... A very happy birthday to 
the following operators: S. GRAHAM, C. JUNKINS, T. W. 
KOCHOPOLUS, and J. W. SPARKS. I hope we haven't omit- 
ted any names... Our heartfelt sympathy is extended to Op- 
erator L. LUMPKIN and his family on the loss of his 
brother, TOMMIE WILSON, recently... Sincere condolences 
to the FARRIS family in the loss of their loved one, former 
77th Street Superintendent JOHN FARRIS... I would like to 
close with this little thought — a dog may be man's best 
friend, but money sure helps. I'll see you next month. 

- £(ea4U tyitiAcUK 



A small act CAN MAKE A 



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k> — n 

o <: ~ 



George L. DeMent 





MARCH, 1971 



GEORGE L. DeMENT, 67, Chairman of Chicago 
Transit Board and an outstanding engineer, public 
official and civic leader died of a heart attack Satur- 
day, March 13, in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Mr. DeMent, who lived at 6551 Ponchartrain boul- 
evard, Chicago, was stricken in his room at the 
Tropicana hotel at 1:25 a.m. He was taken to Sunrise 
hospital by a private ambulance summoned by his 
wife, Gussie, and died thereat 2:05 a.m. Mr. DeMent, 
who had been Chairman of CTA Board since 1963, had 
been in Las Vegas to attend an executive board meet- 
ing of the American Transit Association of which he 
had been president since September 21, 1970. 

In addition to his duties as president of the ATA, 
headquartered in Washington, Mr. DeMent was a 
member of the National Society of Engineers, the 
Illinois Society of Engineers and the American Public 
Works Association. 

He also was a past president of the Institute for 
Rapid Transit, a director of the Benefit Trust Life 
Insurance company, director of the Park National 
Bank of Chicago, a member of the Chicago Plan Com- 
mission, a member of the Board of the Chicago Area 
Council of the Boy Scouts of America, a board mem- 
ber of the Masonic Center, board member of the 
Merchants and Manufacturers Club, board member of 
McCormick Theological Seminary, and past president 
of Medinah Country Club. 

Mr. DeMent had a long and illustrious career as 
an engineer, as a public official and as a civic leader. 
Prior to his appointment to the CTA Board by Chi- 
cago's Mayor Richard J. Daley in April, 1963, Mr. 
DeMent had served for nine years as commissioner 
of public works for the City of Chicago. In 1927 he 
began his engineering career with the Metropolitan 
Sanitary District. Twelve years later, he, along with 
other engineers, was drafted by the city to plan and 
build Chicago's initial subway system. He was the 
resident engineer on a section of the initial system 
and later became assistant to the commissioner of 
subways and superhighways. 

He advanced to commissioner of public works in 
1954 and was instrumental in planning the Congress 
rapid transit line in the median of the Eisenhower ex- 
pressway and the construction of other expressways 
in the Chicago area. He also directed construction of 
O'Hare International Airport and the central district 
filtration plant. 

During the years that Mr. DeMent was Chairman 
of the Chicago Transit Board he led CTA through 
many critical and difficult periods and was instru- 
mental in expanding much of Chicago's system of 
public transportation, including the Dan Ryan, Ken- 
nedy, Skokie Swift, and Englewood rapid transit ex- 

In addition to the rapid transit extensions, during 
his term as CTA Chairman air-conditioned rapid 
transit cars were first used in Chicago, downtown 
shuttle bus service was expanded to and from the 
railraod stations, O'harexpress bus service was in- 
augurated, and a new bus monitoring system was 
placed in effect. 

Under his leadership and guidance, CTA continued 
to modernize its equipment and service establishing a 
record of modernization of transit unequalled in the 
history of transit in Chicago. 

Because of his national reputation in the transit 
industry, Mr. DeMent was frequently called to Wash- 
ington to testify before the U.S. Senate and House of 
Representatives in support of legislation for federal 
financial aid to mass transit. His strenuous efforts 
in support of legislation culminated last October when 
President Nixon signed into law a bill authorizing a 
commitment of 3.1 billion dollars in federal aid to 
transit over the next five years. Mr. DeMent attended 
the signing ceremony in the White House at the in- 
vitation of President Nixon. 

On March 2, 1971, Mr. DeMent had been appointed 
by U.S. Secretary of Transportation John A. Volpe to 
the Transportation Advisory Council on Urban Trans- 

Mr. DeMent was a native Chicagoan and was born 
on February 8, 1904. He attended Chicago public 
schools and was graduated from the University of 
Illinois with a degree in civil engineering. He was 
first appointed to the Chicago Transit Board on April 
29, 1963, and was reappointed for an additional seven- 
year term in July of 1966. 

Funeral services for Mr. DeMent were held March 
17 at the Park Ridge Presbyterian church, 207 S. 
Lincoln in Park Ridge. 

Mr. DeMent is survived by his widow, Gussie; a 
daughter, Joan, and a brother, Clayton. 


THE FUNERAL cortege, led by the Reverend John A. Bellingham, is shown 
passing the rows of honorary pallbearers in front of the Park Ridge Presbyterian 
church. Pallbearers included close friends and business associates of 
Mr. DeMent. Among the honorary pallbearers were his fellow Transit Board 
members, public and transit officials from throughout the United States, civic 
leaders, labor and business representatives, and personal acquaintances. ' 

OUR COVER includes photographs of George L. 
DeMent taken during his tenure of office as 
Chairman of Chicago Transit Board. Descriptions 
of the candid pictures, from top to bottom, follow: 

• Taking the oath of office on June 24, 1963, with 
Mayor Richard J. Daley officiating. 

• At his desk, making a point during a discussion. 

• Before the news media- -as he often was. Shown 
in 1969 with Division 241 President Warren 
Scholl of the Amalgamated Transit Union. 

• Throwing the first ball at the CTA-ATU basket, 
ball championship in 1970. With team captains 
Wade Simmons and Leon Harris. 

• Witnessing the signing of the Urban Mass Trans- 
portation Assistance Act of 1970 by President 
Richard M. Nixon; standing beside U.S. Secretary 
of Transportation John A. Volpe. 

paying their last respects 

Mayor Richard J. Daley (right) and 
Patrick O'Malley, chairman of 
Canteen corporation. 

U.S. Representative Daniel D. 
Rostenkowski (D. 8th) and General 
Manager Thomas B. O'Connor. 

Louis J. 
Gambaccini, vice 
president and 
general manager 
of Port Authority 
corporation (New 
York), and 
Richard T. Buck, 
director of 
Bay Transporta- 
tion Authority 

William B. Hurd, 
assistant ad- 
ministrator, and 
Carlos Villarreal, 
U.S. Department 
of Transportation 
Urban Mass 

Jack Flynn (left) and Robert T. 
Sloan (right), special counsel and 
executive vice president, respec- 
tively, of the American Transit 
Association, and Dee V. Jacobs 
(center), congressional Urban Mass 
Transportation Administration 
liaison (Washington, D.C.) 

MARCH, 1971 

G. Triunfol, G. T. May Take Pensions 

TRANSIT CAREERS of two CTAers, one who started 
with the Chicago Motor Coach and one who started 
with Chicago Surface Lines, came to a close with 
their retirements March 1. With more than 43 years 
of service George Triunfol retired as chief accountant 
and with almost 37 years of service George T. May 
retired as Limits Station superintendent. 

Mr. Triunfol entered the service of the Motor 
Coach as a voucher clerk on June 8, 1927, and be- 
came a bookkeeper in September, 1935. Although his 
entire career was actually spent within the Accounting 
Department of CTA and its predecessor, during the 
World War II manpower and material shortage he 

worked after hours as a bus tire inspector 
and washing buses. After the purchase of 
the Boulevard System by CTA, Mr. Triunfol 
became an accountant in June, 1953, senior 
accountant in January, 1960, and finally 
chief accountant in October, 1970. 

Mr. May joined the CSL as a streetcar 
conductor on March 6, 1934, serving first 
at Limits Station. He subsequently became 
a bus operator at North Avenue Station in 
1936, an instructor at Devon Station in 
1941, a District C supervisor in 1945, sen- 
ior instructor in 1946, supervising instruc- 
tor of the training center in 1952, relief 
superintendent of North Avenue Station in 1956, and 
assistant superintendent at North Avenue in 1957. He 
was named station superintendent at Limits in De- 
cember, 1964, the position which he has held until the 
time of his retirement. 

Both new retirees were joined by their many 
friends and co-workers at festivities celebrating 
their retirement. In the picture at left, Mr. Triunfol 
is accepting his retirement portfolio from Manager of 
Finance P. J. Meinardi. In the picture at right, Mr. 
May is holding a memento of the occasion which he 
received from Superintendent of Transportation D. 
M. Flynn. 

New Appointments 

APPOINTED TO new positions recently were 13 em- 
ployes in four CTA departments: Shops & Equipment, 
Transportation, Accounting, and Engineering. 

Effective March 14, J. 
Bolech Jr. was appointed 
superintendent of rapid 
transit shops and termi- 
nals, succeeding H. G. 
Doering who passed away 
on February 24. Mr. 
Bolech had been superin- 
tendent of surface shops 
since January, 1968. 

Also appointed to new 
posts effective March 14 
were J. A. Rosendhal who became superintendent of 
surface shops, and E. W. Larsen who became super- 
intendent of Material Control and Office Procedure. 
The three appointments were made by Superintendent 
of Shops and Equipment G. J. Clark and approved by 
General Manager T. B. O'Connor. 

Taking new positions at surface system garages 
effective February 28 were P. O'Connor, night fore- 
man at Limits Garage; D. Berge, assistant day fore- 

man at Kedzie Garage; E. Porter, p.m. foreman at 
Kedzie Garage, and C. Jones, relief foreman at North 
Avenue Garage. The appointments were made by Su- 
perintendent of Garages J. W. Dain and approved by 
Superintendent of Surface System Shops and Garages 
J. J. Repplinger and Superintendent of Shops and 
Equipment G. J. Clark. 

New appointments affecting supervisory personnel 
at surface system operating stations were announced 
in a bulletin which became effective March 1. Named 
to new posts were G. D. Peyton, Archer Station su- 
perintendent; W. A. Schweitzer, 77th Street assistant 
station superintendent (p.m.); F. E. Zeiger, 69th & 
77th Street relief station superintendent, and E. R. 
Swanson, 69th Street senior station instructor. The 
appointments were made by Superintendent of Trans- 
portation D. M. Flynn and approved by Operating 
Manager C. E. Keiser. 

The appointment of B. P. Kane as chief accountant 
in the General Accounting Department effective March 
1 was made by General Accountant W. B. Folta and 
approved by Manager of Finance P. J. Meinardi. 

W. W. Haskins was appointed assistant steamfitter 
foreman in the Engineering Department effective 
March 7. His appointment was made by Superintend- 
ent of Buildings & Construction G. Millonas and ap- 
proved by General Superintendent of Engineering 
E. E. Olmstead. 


285 Pension Applications 
Approved in 1970 


1 |cmp<-oyesno| 

9 | 10 |0 2 

527180 51432180 

i r 

J L 

3 7 19 7 

MMniit | @ | nm |8 |asl 





3.70Q.OO „ /? 








63Z.I6 € 1 06+.?€ 



During the 1 970 Plan Year for each dollar of your wages the Authority paid 
an additional ten and two tenths cents ( 1 0.2%) into the Retirement Fund and 
four and eight tenths cents (4.8%) to Social Security and Medicare. 
For example: For an employe earning $8,000 per year, the Authority 
pays $816.00 into the Retirement Fund and $374.40 to Social Security 
and Medicare. In the year 1 970 the amount paid by the Authority into 
the Retirement Fund for all employes was $12,883,059 and to Social 
Security and Medicare was $4,856,300. 

RETIREMENT PLAN report cards showing each em- 
ploye's credit in the Plan as of December 31, 1970, 
will be distributed system-wide between March 31 
and April 8, according to W. A. Ashley, Plan secre- 

The cards may be used to estimate retirement 
benefits and total credit with the Plan as of the last 
payday of 1970, as was done in the facsimile above. 
Employes are advised to retain the cards for ready 

Mr. Ashley also announced that during 1970 ap- 
proval was given by the Retirement Committee to 285 
retirement applications of CTA employes. Of that 
total, 134 applicants had reached the normal retire- 
ment age of 65 years, 100 were early retirements in 
the age group under 65, and 51 were disability re- 

Contributions to the Retirement Plan during 1970 
totaled $20,088,721 — contributions by employes were 
$7,285,416, and CTA contributions amounted to $12,- 
803,305. Approved during the year were disburse- 
ments totaling $11,446,566 covering payments to re- 

tired employes, refunds to employes who terminated 
their services and to deceased employes' beneficiar- 
ies, and expenses of administration. 

During 1970 assets of the fund increased $12,630,- 
786, making a total of $82,692,726 as of December 31 
held by the Continental Illinois Bank and Trust Com- 
pany, trustee for the Plan. 

These funds held by the trustee are invested in 
U.S. government securities, Farm Home Administra- 
tion loans, corporate bonds and notes, common stock, 
and CTA revenue bonds. 


Number 3 

Published monthly by and for employes of the Chicago 
Transit Authority, under the direction of the Public 
Information Department. 

Robert D. Heinlein, Editor 

Mel Alexander, Editorial Assistant 

F. C. Knautz, Superintendent of Public and Employe Relations 

Annual subscription price: $2.00. Distributed free of 
charge to all active and retired CTA employes. Address 
communications to CTA TRANSIT NEWS, Room 742, 
Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago, Illinois 60654. 

MARCH, 1971 

Medically Speaking 

by Dr. George H. Irwin 

Having departed from New York on February 13, Dr. and Mrs. 
G. H. Irwin are now enjoying a 12-week world cruise. Dr. Irwin 
will continue writing his column while on vacation, giving 
Transit News readers the benefit of his experiences. 

THERE ARE many interesting observations, medical 
and non-medical on a world cruise. Our home boat is 
the S.S. Rotterdam, flagship of the Holland-America 
line. It accommodates about 1,000 passengers. 

Ports of call are in Trinidad, Brazil, South Africa, 
Kenya, India, Singapore, Thailand, Burma, Hong Kong, 
Formosa, Japan, Hawaii, Mexico, and Panama. In 
certain countries several different cities are visited, 
mostly by air travel, but a few by train and automo- 
bile. Our route takes us back and forth across the 
equator and we are enjoying beautiful warm and sunny 
weather while Chicagoans shiver in an unusually cold 
and stormy winter. Right now (February) we are en- 
joying summer weather. 

For many people, when South America, Africa, and 
India are mentioned, it means mostly wild life and 
primitive living. It is true that in Africa much is 
being done to preserve wild life. The primitive life 
is revealed by a visit to one of the many small Afri- 
can villages, consisting of a group of small thatched 
huts covering a few acres of land. The chief, or hus- 
band, is in charge and he lives here with three or 
more wives and all of his children. After the first 
wife has born a child, she is qualified to train the 
second and third wives. The wives live in their re- 
spective huts near the chief's. The husband delivers 
all of his own children in the hut. An animal hide is 
laid directly over the ground for delivery purposes. 
The afterbirth is buried in the ground outside the hut. 
This is one example of primitive living in Africa. 

On the other hand, the larger cities in South Afri- 
ca, such as Capetown, Johannesburg, Durban, Nairo- 
bi, Salisbury, and Pretoria, are very modern. By 
that I mean they have many high-rise buildings, heavy 
traffic on four-lane expressways, modern stores, 
hotels, public parks, and hospitals. 

A visit to the Groote Schuur hospital in Capetown 
was made. This is a large 2,000-plus bed hospital 
and is where Dr. Christiaan Barnard performed the 
first heart transplant. 

From Capetown we flew to Johannesburg, the 
largest city in South Africa, which is much like our 
American cities and has a population of 1,500,000. In 
tills area 80 per cent of the world's gold and most of 
the diamonds are mined. Public transportation is 
mostly by bus and suburban trains. Many of the buses 
operate by trolley and the remainder by diesel en- 
gines. Incidentally, right now the papers are publish- 
ing daily articles concerning the second and third 
price increase in petrol (gas) in the past few months. 
The crime rate in Johannesburg is reportedly higher 
than in any other city in the world. It also seems that 
labor problems and inflation are common in Africa. 

I visited the health department in Johannesburg to 
study a report which includes the white and non-white 
population in this area. I mention this because the 
disease incidence and death rate among non-whites 
is higher than among whites. 

As an example, the rate of deaths caused by in- 
fective and parasitic diseases is 12 times greater 
among non-whites than among whites. In general, the 
same race variation exists in heart disease, cancer, 
respiratory, digestive and genito-urinary diseases. 

Despite common use of "the pill", the birth rate in 
this area for all races is 27.98 per cent of the popu- 
lation; 31.32 per cent of these births are illegitimate. 
The infantile mortality rate is 69.23 per cent. 

In spite of the widespread increase in immuniza- 
tions, 1970 has been one of the worst years for chol- 
era. Immunization against preventable infectious dis- 
eases is made available free of charge. These in- 
clude poliomyelitis, smallpox, diphtheria, pertussis, 
and tetanus. According to the report, progress is 
being made slowly, but there is much to be desired. 
Tuberculosis is still the city's biggest problem even 
though they have mobile X-ray units and advise year- 
ly chest X-rays. Bilharzia, a parasitic disease which 
attacks the liver and kidneys producing listlessness 
and stupor, is very common in East Africa; ninety 
per cent occurs in the non-whites. Venereal disease 
is also increasing in all races. 

The report emphasizes that efforts are being made 
to promote better family health planning and clinics 
for pediatric, venereal disease, tuberculosis, para- 
sitic diseases, and air-pollution control. 

In conclusion, it seems apparent that both the 
United States and Africa have health problems. How- 
ever, it seems that the environmental and primitive 
factors in living in Africa make the health problems 
more serious. 


Garage Clerk Training Program 
Completed by 5 CTAers 

HAVING COMPLETED the Shops and Equipment De- 
partment combination clerk training program on Feb- 
ruary 10, five CTAers have been assigned to new po- 
sitions in that capacity at surface system garages, 
including Anthony Borcic, 69th Street Garage; Gay 
Jenkins, 77th Street Garage; Donnelly Miles, Beverly 
and 52nd Street Garages; Clarence Schultz, Archer 
Garage, and Vincent Scurti, North Avenue Garage. 

The training program, which was developed by the 
S&E Department in cooperation with the Employment 

& Training Department, was conducted by Robert 
Kurtz, supervisor of clerks, and Thomas Smith, clerk 
instructor. The trainees attended classes on their 
own time on five consecutive Wednesdays. 

Graduates of the program, pictured above with 
S&E Department supervisory personnel and others 
involved in the program, are, from left: Donnelly 
Miles; Gay Jenkins; Clarence Schultz; G. J. Clark, 
superintendent of shops and equipment; J. J. Rep- 
plinger, superintendent of surface system shops and 
garages; Vincent Scurti; Thomas Smith, instructor; 
Anthony Borcic; Robert Kurtz, supervisor of clerks; 
J. A. Rosendhal, superintendent of surface system 
shops, and Joseph R. O'Sullivan, Employment & 
Training Department training assistant. 

H. G. Doering, Rapid Transit Shops Head, Dies at 54 

FRIENDS AND fellow em- 
ployes who had worked 
with Heinz G. Doering 
were shocked to learn of 
his passing on February 
24. At the time of his 
death, Mr. Doering had 
served in the transit in- 
dustry for 34 years and 
held the post of superin- 
tendent of rapid transit 
shops and terminals. 

Born on December 25, 1916, in Freiburg, Germany, 
Mr. Doering came to America in 1921 at the age of 
five. His father, the late William A. Doering, joined 
the Shop Department of the Surface Lines in May, 
1927, and served as a car repairman at 77th Street 
until his retirement in May, 1954. 

Following in his father's footsteps, Heinz Doering 
came to CSL at the age of 19 on September 25, 1936. 
Starting as a coil maker at South Shops, he advanced 
to carpenter helper, booth clerk, pattern service 

man, and truck repairman & bench molder leader. 
Mr. Doering transferred to West Shops as a develop- 
ment engineer in February, 1946. In 1948, he com- 
pleted night school courses which he had been taking 
for four years and was graduated with honors from 
Chicago Technical college. He was appointed general 
foreman of West Shops in July, 1953. 

Leaving the surface system shops after almost 
27 years, Mr. Doering became general foreman of 
Skokie Shops during July, 1963. After serving as 
assistant superintendent since July, 1965, he was 
named superintendent of rapid transit shops and ter- 
minals on October 1, 1970: 

Survivors include his widow, Luise; a son, William; 
his mother, Emma, and a brother, Erich. William 
joined CTA after four years in the U.S. Air Force and 
is presently assigned to the Reproduction Services 

Services for Mr. Doering were held at the Glaser's 
Riverside Chapel, 2944 S. Harlem avenue, Riverside, 
on Friday, February 26. 

MARCH, 1971 


ACCOUNTING (General) - 

We wish to extend our sympathy and condolences to 
JAMES TOUHY and his family on the passing of his father, 
TIMOTHY TOUHY, on February 3. Burial was in All Saints 
cemetery. .. BEATRICE FRANKE's mother-in-law, Mrs. 
AGNES FRANKE, passed away on February 5. We send our 
condolences to the family... ANN ANGST traveled to St. 
Petersburg, Florida, to visit her sister and brother-in-law. 
She enjoyed being with her family while staying in the Flor- 
ida sunshine. ..PHYLLIS WHITE traveled to Odessa, Texas, 
to visit JUDY STEVENS, a former employe of the Insurance 
Department, and her family. She enjoyed the sun and warm 
weather. . . A most enjoyable vacation was had by PAT 
WALLACE when she spent ten days in Acapulco swimming, 
sunning, shopping, eating, and sightseeing. While there she 
saw bullfights, the cliff divers and, believe it or not, the 
flying Indians. The highlight of this trip was the hour flight 
she took to a place called Zihuatanejo. This is a very un- 
developed and primitive part of Mexico. She was able to 
see the people live and work in their own natural surround- 
ings. The tourists are very few, but the natives were very 
friendly. The poverty is very obvious, but the beauty of the 
white sandy beaches and the crystal clear water makes it 
an ideal vacation spot for rest and relaxation. Pat hopes 
that someday she will return and find it just as primitive, 
beautiful, and tranquil as she left it. ..GEORGE TRIUNFOL, 
chief accountant, retired on March 1 after 44 years of ser- 
vice with the Chicago Motor Coach and CTA. There was an 
open house on Friday, February 26, and many came to wish 
George success and happiness in his retirement years. His 
wife, ELIZABETH, and their family were present. Also 
present were Pensioners A. J. FITZSIMONS and L. J. 
FRANCOEUR, former general accountants, R. E. BAXTER, 
former budget accountant, J. J. GEARY, G. L. PELLI- 

- flea-tie "pitftviatd 

(Tabulating) - 

Our deepest sympathy is extended to PAT SCHOEN- 
BAUM and her family in the loss of her uncle, OTTO Mc- 
CLOSKEY, who passed away on February 17. We also ex- 
tend our sympathy and condolences to PAULINE TORREY 
and her family in the loss of her mother, Mrs. JOSEPHINE 
TOMASZEWSKI, on February 26. Interment was in Mary- 
hill cemetery. 

- &ve(cj* £eu 

(Payroll) - 

We extend our deepest sympathy to ESTHER ANDERSON 
upon the loss of her brother, NELS ANDERSON, who passed 
away February 2. . . In order to get away from Chicago's 
wintry weather for a few weeks, CHRISTINE CAMERON 
took a flying trip to Los Angeles and San Francisco, Cali- 
fornia, and enjoyed a visit with friends and relatives. She 
reported that the weather was beautiful and the casual Cal- 
ifornia living was really something else. We don't know 
what Chris, our "mighty mite", did to the City of Los An- 
geles, but we do know she returned several days before the 
earthquake occurred and also know she had nothing to do 

with it. And that is the truth!. .We thank Mr. MAILUCK for 
giving the Transit News such a graphic start of our tour of 
the South Pacific. It was most interesting to be in the 
southern hemisphere and see such lush tropical foliage, 
flowers, birds, and animals indigenous to that area. Our 
first stop was in Fiji, and although we saw only a small 
portion of the island we were impressed by its tropical 
beauty, blue lagoons, and coral reef. RICHARD GOLD- 
STEIN, Schedule Department, and his wife, who were en 
route to New Zealand, stopped at the Fijian hotel at the 
same time we were there. So having dinner with friends 
from Chicago, while so far from home, was indeed a 
pleasure. Next on our agenda was Australia, where we 
visited Sydney — its largest city and the busiest port in the 
South Pacific — and Canberra — the capital which dates back 
only to 1913 and features the Parliament house, Australian 
War Memorial and Museum, National university, Academy 
of Science, Institute of Anatomy, National library, and 
Tidbinbilla Deep Space Station, one of the most advanced 
space tracking stations in the world. In Melbourne we en- 
joyed a trip to the Healesville sanctuary for a closeup view 
of the koalas, kangaroos, platypus, birds, and foliage of the 
area. We found New Zealand to be a temperate, peaceful, 
and sunny land. At a sheep station we saw dogs "round-up" 
herds of sheep and cattle. At the elegant Hermitage lodge 
at Mt. Cook we were surrounded by huge impressive moun- 
tains, and although the season was summer, the peaks were 
still snow-covered. A bus trip up the mountain to the Tas- 
min Glacier was exciting and rugged but the view was re- 
warding. We also visited Wellington — the capital of New 
Zealand — Queenstown, Rotorua, and on the way to Aukland 
we stopped at the unique Glow-worm Grotto in the Waitomo 
caves, where thousands of glow-worms make the dark, 
quiet cave appear like a fairyland which absolutely charms 
all who see it. An overnight flight took us to Papeete, 
Tahiti, where we were greeted with the traditional flower 
lei. This enchanting island immortalized in story and song 
is truly a tropical paradise. The parting gift of a shell lei 
will ever remind us of our most enjoyable tour of the 
South Pacific. 

ANYONE FOR venison? 
Superintendent of Opera- 
went hunting with friends 
and relatives in Exelond, 
Wisconsin, where he bagged 
a six-point buck that took 
him three days to track. 
How's that for persever- 
ance and good shooting. 



Chief Clerk CHARLES KARSCHNIK was feted at a re- 
tirement party at the Beverly House which was attended by 
34 of his friends and co-workers. Charles retired on 
February 1 after more than 50 years of service. We at 
Beverly wish him a most happy and healthy pensioned life. 
Congratulations to MARTIN GRADY who is now our chief 
clerk... Glad to see Clerk JOHN KIRBY on the day shift. We 
wonder who gave him those strawberry shirts. . . Former 
Operator R. STEPHENS is now on the clerk's staff.. .Bev- 
erly did it again in January — breaking our commendation 
and complaint par, so the coffee was on the house. Let's 
try for the rolls, fellows, and keep up the good work.. .We 
extend our deepest sympathy to the family of Pensioner 
FRANK CHARD who passed away; to the family of Pen- 
sioner CHARLES BERRYHILL, and to Pensioner PETE 
FLAHERTY on the loss of his mother-in-law. 

- "7<uk VcftieU & Altai ^lUttn 

CONGRESS (Agents) - 

MARY NOLAN saved some of her vacation to assemble 
her spring wardrobe and Easter outfit... Our sympathy to 
the family of THOMAS FREEMAN on the loss of his beloved 
father, LAWRENCE FREEMAN. We also extend our sym- 
pathy to the family of Pensioner WALTER HARRIS who 
passed away. . . KATHERINE SAGRIS, the wife of PETER 
SAGRIS, returned from Greece where she spent the holi- 
days with her parents who were delighted to see their two 
grandchildren, GEORGE and JAMES. The happy home- 
coming was soon filled with anxiety when baby James be- 
came ill and was hospitalized for a week. All is well, now. 
..JOSEPH VANEK's bowling team is in second place, but 
their hopes are high. . . STANLEY BANALS and his wife, 
BERNICE, celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary at the 
Terrace in Lombard. One son and his family came from 
Cape Kennedy, Florida, another with his family arrived 
from Wassau, Wisconsin, and the third from Glen Ellyn. 
Their eight grandchildren made the gathering complete. 
The happy couple is going on their 44th honeymoon to Flor- 
ida in June and will return after Labor day. ..Grandpa ART 
SIMS spent over a quarter of a century instructing young 
boys on how to be good scouts and campers. So what hap- 
pens, the stork surprised him with a baby granddaughter. 
Art is a great big scout and is grinning from ear to ear 
with pride. . . MARTHA BLEERS is a grandmother again. 
She is busy making plans for a trip to Germany, and hopes 
she will get there before the stork arrives with another 
grandchild. . . Don't forget the Little Flower breakfast in 

- Quite "Siou-ieA 

ELECTRICAL (Blue Island) - 

Well here we are again, putting the March issue togeth- 
er. For openers, we are happy to announce the arrival of 
RENNEE SANDRA ARONSON on February 10. The proud 
parents are TOBY and ALVIN ARONSON... This is a delayed 
news flash — ED SUPER became a grandfather for the first 
time on August 31 when his son, JAMES, and his wife, 
CYNTHIA, became the proud parents of a baby boy, JAMES 
Jr. ..JOHN FINLAY Sr. pinned second lieutenant bars on his 
son, JOHN Jr. Congratulations to both of you... Received a 
card from BARNEY JAUMAN who is vacationing in Tucson, 
Arizona. He is playing golf and soaking up the sun getting 
ready to take on Arnold Palmer... Our next big day to re- 


member is April 30. This is the day set aside for our 
annual corned beef and cabbage dinner. This is our way of 
honoring all the new and past retired personnel. This year, 
the silver anniversary of this dinner, we are sure Mr. 
COYNE and his committee will have something special... 
Off sick and recuperating at home are: BILL KURTIN, 
MULBRANDON...As this goes to press, I will be on my way 
to Tampa, Florida. In the meantime, load up my desk with 
news items. ..A happy retirement to JOSEPH HERMAN. 

- TVdUttM "gtUei 

(General Office) - 

KATHY SZEWC took time off from her studies to be- 
come the bride of PAUL McGOWAN. The ceremony was 
performed on January 30 at St. John Brebeuf church in 
Niles, with a reception following at the Aqua Bella. After a 
short honeymoon, the couple returned to Illinois State uni- 
versity where they are completing their senior year. Kathy 
is the daughter of BERNADINE and TED SZEWC, signal 
design engineer. Best wishes for happiness to Kathy and 
Paul. . . MARIAN and MICHAEL RICKSON, administrative 
assistant, announced the engagement of their daughter, 
is set for August 15. ..Congratulations to SIGMUND DOBO- 
SIEWICZ who was appointed superintendent of Construction 
and Maintenance. He succeeds CLARENCE MALOTTKE 
who retired on February l...We extend our deepest sym- 
pathy to PATRICK DOYLE, signal foreman, on the loss of 
his mother who passed away on February 5. 

- Xa<f 7KtA(Mvi 


Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. ROY SMITH on the ar- 
rival of another baby boy, born on February 1 at Christ 
Community hospital. CRAIG ALLEN weighed in at 7 pounds 
3 ounces and measured 20 inches. Congratulations again, 
mom and dad. Roy can now refer to his family as, "My 
Three Sons. "..A warm welcome to KATHY MURRAY who 
entered the Real Estate Division as a temporary clerk- 
steno on February 8. Kathy replaced JOANNE BOETTIN 

AT A PARTY given in his honor, JOHN F. McKENNA, training 
assistant II, is shown receiving a farewell gift from F. A. 
JOHNSON, superintendent of Training, Accident Studies and 
Employment, while his wife, RUTH, and E. L. HIRSCH, director 
of Training, look on. John retired on February 1 after 40 years 
of service. 

MARCH, 1971 


who transferred to the Employment Department. Good luck 
and best wishes to both girls. ..Due to all of the attention 
given to RONALD HAWKINS last month, he has been very 
anxious for more news about himself. Here's hoping that 
whoever takes my place can manage to come up with enough 
information about Ron to make him happy. It seems that 
Governor Wallace, his number one dog, received a ticket 
for double parking outside of the Mart. He claims he just 
couldn't find any other place to park his Samoyed. Oh yes, 
mush is the word Ron uses — all the way to work... As this 
will be the last news letter I will write for the CTA, I wish 
to thank the Transit News staff for making me a welcome 
member of the team of reporters. I will be leaving CTA on 
February 19 to further my education in beautician school. 
Therefore, I bid farewell to all of my fellow employes and 
reporters. Best wishes and good luck to all of you! 

(West Shops) - 

The wife of Steamfitter JIM HURST had a baby girl re- 
cently, their second child. Congratulations, Jim! . . ED 
GALEK, Plant Equipment Maintenance Department, is at 
work recovering from a broken arm. Did you say at work 
recovering?. .Condolences to the family of WILLIAM GIL- 
LIGAN who passed away recently. Bill was the assistant 
steamfitter foreman and all at West Shops feel his loss... 
superintendent of the Track Department, has been in the 
navy for five months and has made quite an impression on 
his commanding officer. So much so, that he wrote a letter 
to Mr. and Mrs. Malmquist telling them how pleased he is 
with their son and how well he is progressing as a sub- 
mariner. I only wish there was space enough to print the 
letter because it was so nice, but anyhow, Art Sr. doesn't 
want the letter out of his sight, and we can't blame you, 
Art. ..WEST SHOPS FLASH: What well-known gentleman in 
the office recently bought a ticket to a party and forgot to 
attend ? Another gentleman who sits near this man says 
his initials are N.P.A., and he made it explicit that that 
doesn't mean No Parking Available. Huh? 


We welcome TOM SCHRODT back to Forest Glen. Tom 
worked with us for two summers as a temporary operator, 
and has returned to make CTA a lifetime occupation. His 
wife, BARBARA, is recuperating from recent surgery. ..Op- 
erator TRIG BERG just completed four years- of wedded 

THIS LITTLE cherub is 

BELL, the daughter of 
CHARLES BELL, appren- 
tice testing engineer, 
Electrical Department, who 
celebrated her first birth- 
day on February 20. 
Charlotte's mother, LYNN, 
was formerly employed as 
a stenographer in the Pur- 
chasing Department. 


bliss. So what does Trig do? He takes his lovely wife, 
KAY, to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to sample all the brew. I 
understand they have nine grandchildren and would love to 
have more. ..Forest Glen has been getting a very fine re- 
paint job. The painting is being done by three excellent 
young men, led by none other than RICH NELSON, a former 
Forest Glen operator. In fact, Rich is still an operator. 
I've observed him carrying his paint brush around our sta- 
tion with nothing on it, while his partners are very active. 
They are PAT WHITE and PAUL VERGES. All kidding 
aside, these three men did a topnotch job at our station... 
One young man who is really appreciative of our credit 
union is MITCHELL MIARNOWSKI. He extends many, 
many thanks to the boys in the friendly loan department for 
their help in obtaining a hearing aid for his mother-in-law, 
Mrs. SYLVIA SPEERS. Mitchell, by the way, has a very 
outstanding personality and is an asset to the company... 
BERNICE JULIA ZIOLKOWSKI, the daughter of Instructor 
HENRY F. ZIOLKOWSKI, Forest Glen, was graduated from 
Roosevelt college in January and received a bachelor of 
arts degree in English. She is currently studying acting at 
Columbia College theatre. . . To Operator JOHN KANTAK, 
yours truly "Wilbur" wants to say thanks. You are one op- 
erator who I can depend on to wait for another operator to 
catch a bus to the station. Besides that, I have seen you 
wait for passengers. The CTA is proud of operators like 
you.. .Operator DAN MANZO and his lovely wife, VIRGINIA, 
are now proud grandparents. Dan says — retire ? No, No, 
I'm good for another 20 years, this lovely baby has made 
me feel younger. ..Instructor ED (Teenager) SCHWAMB and 
his lovely wife, DONNA, celebrated their tenth wedding 
anniversary on February 10. Donna is keeping Ed busy 
with their children and doing the housework. By the way, 
Schwamb says bis wife is only 18. Seems as if he really 
stole a child bride after all. ..The annual membership drive 
for the Little Flower Society is now on. Contact your sta- 
tion committee member and pay your 1971 dues of $2. For 
every three new members you sign up, the committee has a 
select gift for you... Operator R. JOHNSON retired on Feb- 
ruary 1 after 29 years of service. He has plans to do a 
little traveling throughout the states. The best to you, 
Ralph... Operator CLIFFORD LAST was seen on a strange 
street filling in. Clifford, in case you didn't know, you 
were supposed to be in service, not taking a sightseeing 
trip. ..Our hearts go out to Operator WILLIAM BARRON on 
the sudden death of his wife on February 1. Mrs. Barron 
was only ill for 24 hours. Another loss was the passing of 
JAMES BRENNAN who was the loader at the terminal for 
quite some time. He always had a kind word, a smile, and 
a little joke for all. Pensioner JOHN LANGE passed away 
on February 22 while confined in the hospital. Lange was 
formerly a member of Forest Glen's credit union, and a 
man who was always on hand to help, anytime. Instructor 
PAUL WINKOWSKI also had a great loss when his father 
passed away in January. ..What supervisor is now trying to 
replace the janitor at the Jefferson Park terminal ? BILL 
LANE was discovered mopping out the terminal booth on 
his day off. . . Operator ART WHITFIELD and his wife, 
GRACE, are getting away for a few weekends now that they 
have a babysitter. Belated birthday greetings to Grace, 
February 13. ..To report a bit of news from the terminal 
board — one of the friendly voices you have heard for about 
two years was Supervisor BILL KEARNS who retired on 
February 1 after 44 years of service. We know that you 
operators on the receiving end of the phone, as well as the 
supervisors in the district will miss him. He was a su- 
pervisor for 25 years and was well liked by his co- 




workers. He was a very understanding man and treated all 
men alike. Good luck, Bill. .. Supervisor E. T. (Chappy) 
CHAPLESKI has been with the terminal board since it 
started. During this time he has spoken to a large num- 
ber of fine men and it has been his pleasure to do business 
with them. ..The terminal board would like to welcome a 
new voice on the phone, RAY DOWDLE. The men on the 
receiving end will recognize it as he has been a supervisor 
in this area for 25 years... We are happy to hear the friend- 
ly voice of J. S. GOLNIK who was off a few months re- 
cuperating from an operation. . . GEORGE STRESKE was 
here the other day and he looks great. He was in the hos- 
pital for facial surgery and will be back on the job soon... 
Instructor PAUL WINKOWSKI is on vacation and having a 
ball. He is still practicing on his concertina, preparing for 
his debut in Carnegie Hall some time in the future. 

- 7(1. /t. "&umt nw,. 

GENERAL OFFICE (Insurance) - 

TONI MISETIC, receptionist, is now home from the hos- 
pital recuperating and getting along fine. 

(Employment) - 

Congratulations are in order for Interviewer I EUGENE 
JENDRACH and Typist JUDY KUTA, Executive Depart- 
ment, who became engaged... Wedding bells rang for RITA 
BRZECZEK, employment clerk II, on February 13 when 
she became Mrs. JOSEPH RITROVATO. Joe is an infor- 
mation clerk I in the Transportation Department. ..MARG- 
UERITE LONGO, clerk-stenographer, and the daughter of 
Motorman JOSEPH LONGO, became engaged to MICHAEL 
ROFFULO, an intermediate accountant with Sun Oil. Wed- 
ding plans are set for November 25. Congratulations!. .Get 
well wishes are being sent to LYNN HARRER, employment 
clerk n. . . The welcome mat is being extended to RUTH 
BEUTLER, clerk-typist, who joined the ranks of CTA. 

(Office Services) - 

LAVERNE SCHULTZ, clerk II, and her husband, ED- 
WARD, are enjoying a three-week vacation trip to Florida, 
St. Thomas, and Haiti. While in St. Thomas they visited 
with WALTER McCARTER, retired CTA general manager. 

(Training & Accident Prevention) - 

Mrs. MIKE MCCARTHY blew $200 recently by not being 
able to identify the mystery tune played during the com- 
mercial of the 8 a.m. movie on Channel 7. The McCarthy 
family did get a consolation prize — $7 and a blender. Mike 
says he is going to spend it on a musical appreciation 
course for ELAINE just in case she is ever called again... 
ART HUBACZ is now the proud owner of an Oldsmobile 
Cutlass "S". The car is equipped with dual exhaust, mag 
wheels, an overhead cam engine with a four-barrel carbu- 
retor, glass pack mufflers, and dual speakers with vibra- 
sonic sound. All Art needs now is a black leather jacket 
and a crash helmet. If someone living in North Chicago 
sees a blur going by on highway 41, it will probably be Art 
in his Cutlass. Art purchased the car from KATHY FABRY 
of the same department. Sorry to hear that Art is pres- 
ently on the sick list. Is it your weight or car problems, 
Art? Kathy and her husband are anxiously awaiting the ar- 
rival of their new 1971 Cutlass "S". The new car will be 
even more "souped up" than the one they sold to Art... 
JEANNE SNYDER came to the aid of a small boy who had 
to give up his dog, Cubby, part collie and part German 


and his wife, KAREN, 
proudly display the Navy 
Achievement Medal and 
U.S. Navy citation he re- 
ceived for superior per- 
formance of his duties 
while serving as a Wireman 
in Viet Nam. Richard, a 
CTA employe with the 
Track Division, is the son 
Accounting, and the son- 
in-lnw of GEORGE 
STREICH, Area 318 
South Shops. 

shepherd. The thought of giving up the dog caused the boy 
to become very sick and listless. Jeanne, who lives in the 
same building as the little boy, heard about what was hap- 
pening and offered to take Cubby temporarily into her 
apartment until the little boy got used to being without the 
dog. The boy is permitted to visit the dog anytime he 
wishes. However, Jeanne says that she and her husband 
are becoming quite fond of Cubby and what was to be only a 
temporary condition could very well turn into something 
permanent. Oh, yes, the boy is completely well again and 
is slowly realizing the fact that Cubby is no longer his. 

(Public Information) - 

EILEEN (Murphy) NEURAUTER and her husband, RUDY, 
a bus operator at Forest Glen, are enjoying themselves in 
Hawaii on a four-week visit, flying from island to island. 
More detailed news will be given when she returns. 

(Medical) - 

Congratulations are in order for MARY LEDWITH, R.N., 
who enjoyed a three-day weekend celebrating her birthday. 
You don't look a day older, Mary, must be the Irish whiskey 
that's keeping you so youthful. .. Lo and behold, your co- 
reporter, REGGIE DAREN, won $10 from the Chicago To- 
day newspaper for putting in a suggestion on how to win the 
war on inflation. The suggestions are sure paying off. 

(Research & Planning) - 

A big welcome to BILL JONES, R/P's new traffic ana- 
lyst, and DAVE PHILLIPS, who is our engineering trainee. 
Also, good luck to LLOYD HILLOCK on his new assignment 
in the Schedule Department.. .A few of us in R/P joined the 
crowds at the annual auto show. Of course, we all made the 
trip to the show by CTA. MARY ELLEN RUSS, DIANE 
GRAZIANO, and BILL GOODWIN together with their fam- 
ily and friends browsed through McCormick Place viewing 
everything from the new Honda car to the Cadillac. When 
asked what was their favorite, Mary Ellen said the Opel and 
Camaro, Diane the Mercedes Benz, and Bill said he liked 
all the models. ..A get well wish to TOM HENNINGSEN who 
has been off sick a few days. By next issue we hope to hear 
he is up and jumping around again. Time you got over 
growing pains, Tom. ..To end our news for this month, it 
should be put down for the record that WALLY PASZYNA 
and BILL GOODWIN had their hair cut and we now have on 
sale a wig for some lucky person for the remarkable price 
of $5. 

- ^eyuia T>anett & ZUeet "Hewttuitm 

MARCH, 1971 



Now that spring is here, kids will be riding their bikes 
in the street and pedestrians will be walking from between 
parked cars, so be especially alert in your driving. Only 
the operators pulling together can reduce accidents... Op- 
erator GUY DI MEO and his lovely wife, DORA, announced 
the engagement of their son, FRED, to Miss JANET WEY- 
MA, who are planning to be married early next year. Guy 
said he is changing all the locks on the doors, so there will 
be no returning for his son. Fred, I think your dad is try- 
ing to tell you something.. .The Kedzie credit union held its 
annual meeting in January. Operator JOHN MURPHY 
opened the meeting by singing the Star-Spangled Banner. 
All reports were read and approved, then everyone enjoyed 
the refreshments. Retired Superintendent C. SAUNDERS 
attended the meeting, and did you know that he was the first 
one to make a deposit in the credit union? He holds card 
No. 1. Mr. Saunders also won a door prize. How lucky can 
one be?. .Glad to see Operator J. C. SKIPPER back on the 
job after two years of military service. ..Quite often now 
you see a guy sewing in the trainroom. Well, that's Op- 
erator P. C. JACKSON. He is taking a course in tailoring 
and doing very well. ..TED HEFFERNAN, treasurer of the 
credit union, has been appointed the police and fire com- 
missioner in Broadview, Illinois. He receives no pay; just 
doing his part as a civic leader. Good luck, Ted, in your 
new duties... Our deepest sympathy to Operator McDONALD 
whose brother passed away in East St. Louis, Illinois... 
Pensioner JOE CZECH is recovering from a heart attack 
at McNeil hospital in Berwyn, Illinois... Don't forget your 
credit union, put a little away every payday. 


I hope this little memo reaches you in time. April 1 is 
the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the 
other 364. April Fool's day brings to mind the not so old 
adage, "A fool and his money get invited to the most swing- 
ing places. "..The birthday swingers for March are: Op- 
erators RUFF, March 1; SMITH, March 2; BARATH, 
March 3; MARUSARZ, March 4; MURPHY, March 5; De- 
ROSE, March 6; GRIFFIN, March 7, and WILLIAMS and 
POLK, March 8. ..Meanwhile back in the garage, Mechanic 
KEN SANDRIK ran up another mile on March 26. Ken's 
daughter, MARY SUE, entered the marvelous teens on Feb- 
ruary l...Did you notice that big void in the garage? The 
reason is Mechanic CHESTER is on vacation — and Chester 

ERT McGANN, the son of 
Night Foremen HAROLD 
McGANN, Lowndole Sta- 
tion, is now home on fur- 
lough after spending 27 
months in Anchorage, 


does occupy quite a bit of space. ..I'm sure that the wife of 
Repairman AL HALL is waiting for vacation time so Al can 
enjoy himself by doing little odd jobs around their new 
home. ..I can't quite understand why all the repairmen are 
so excited because WINKLEBACH has a new uniform. Per- 
haps Winky had a sentimental attachment to the old uni- 
form... ROGER GABINSKI, our schedule man, isn't so good 
in scheduling his news. He just told me that his wife, 
DOLLY, had a birthday on February 23. Make him get on 
the ball, Dolly. ..Operator ANDY GRABOWSKI is quite proud 
of his 20th anniversary of employment on March 26. Are 
you showing movies, Andy?.. Boy, did I goof. Operator 
McKINLEY HAYDEN did give me the item on time, but I 
misplaced it and just found it. So to Hayden and his wife, 
CATHY D., a happy, happy belated second wedding anni- 
versary, January 19. . . The entire garage gang sends get 
well wishes to Assistant Day Foreman PHIL O'CONNOR. 
The drivers also take a little of that action too, Phil. ..If my 
news seems a little skimpy this time, it's because my main 
contributor, WHITEY SZYMELL, is on the sick list with a 
pulled foot muscle. Must have been sustained r unnin g to 
the winners window at the race track. ..We also miss 
FRANK BELLINO, so hurry and get well. ..OTTO and DOR- 
OTHY PETERS really played it smart on February 13, 
their seventh wedding anniversary. They celebrated with a 
turkey dinner at home, and the real kicker — Dot kept Otto 
sober throughout the festivities. Otto's son, RAYMOND, 
kicked the birthday jinx on February 22 when he became 14 
years old... Operator C. D. WARREN complained because 
his name is never in print. I tried to explain to Warren 
that when he does something newsworthy — that will pass 
the censors — he will be honored. A good example is like 
Instructor CHARLIE WEYER who is conspicuously absent 
due to jury duty. ..Our sanitation technician, IRWIN ZIEL- 
KE, demanded equal representation in our column. He 
complains that a certain co-worker, initials S.G., has been 
hogging all the limelight. Well, Irwin, you held out a long 
time and I think it was very big of you. Very, very big of 
you. ..Incidentally, this print seems to be getting smaller 
and smaller each year. Due to this phenomenon, ye olde 
scribe is taking a younger pair of eyes in training. Being 
duly cultivated for this honor is Operator CLARENCE Mc- 
LOYD. So look forward to some sparkling bright new con- 
tributions in the near future... Well, gang, I'll have to ter- 
minate our togetherness for this time as I have to start 
work on my fishing equipment. I'm replacing all my gear 
with heavy-duty material — expecting big things, you see. 
Bye now. 


This month we congratulate Operator FRANK DOWNEY 
who courageously gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a 
stricken heart attack victim on his bus on January 11. Op- 
erator Downey received a personal letter of thanks from 
General Manager T. B. O'CONNOR. ..One evening while Op- 
erator WILLIAM LAMAR was working, eggs were splat- 
tered all over the windshield on the driver's side. Fortu- 
nately, one of his passengers lived close enough to the bus 
stop to run into her house and get some damp towels to 
clean the windshield. Thanks to this lady, Operator Lamar 
was able to continue on his route safely with no further dif- 
ficulties. We need more passengers like this kind lady... 
On April 1 Operator JACK KALKA will retire after 34 
years of service. Good luck, Jack. .. Operator and Mrs. 
JOHN PATER recently returned from 11 wonderful days in 




sunny Acapulco, Mexico. John came back to Lawndale with 
a nice tan and a wild story of how beautiful the weather was 
in Florida, for whose benefit I've yet to learn. John also 
said he improved his golf game while he was away and the 
invitation is open to GALVIN, WASHINGTON, ROSS, and 
MORTON.. .Well, fellows, on April 1, Clerk EDWARD Mc- 
DERMOTT will take his pension after 46 years of devoted 
service. Mac, as we all call him, will be missed around 
here and we all wish him an enjoyable retirement. Good 
luck, Mac. ..Glad to see C. SANDRIK, B. CALVERT, and S. 
PERRY back to work after extended illness. Those still on 
the sick list include: W. HALLA, G. BRICHACEK, A. KEN- 
NEDY, and R. JONES.. .Happy birthday to the following per- 
celebrated his 29th anniversary with CTA on February 29. 
Eddie says that he's challenging all golfers. 


Superintendent GEORGE MAY of Limits Station took his 
pension on March 1. A testimonial dinner was given in his 
honor on February 26 at Johnny Wiegelts, 2000 W. Byron 
street. A large number of his co-workers attended and a 
good time was had by all. May your retired life be filled 
with health and happiness, Mr. May. ..Operator CLARENCE 
LIND spent an enjoyable vacation down in sunny Florida. 
He did quite a bit of sightseeing and deep-sea fishing and 
came back with a beautiful coat of tan... Operator LEWTN 
has purchased three acres of land in or near Albuquerque, 
New Mexico. He plans to build a home down there where he 
will spend his retired life. ..We aU wish to thank Operator 
IKE WILLIAMS for the beautiful checkerboard he designed 
and made for the enjoyment of the men at Limits. This is 
the second board he has presented to the station. ..To all of 
the men on the sick list, we wish a speedy recovery. ..Our 
sincerest sympathy to SAM GIRARD in the death of his 
father-in-law, Mr. GIBES. 

%. S. Soum 


Belated birthday greetings to Student Agent TOM LIN- 
DENMUTH, February 13; Agents TERESA BARRETT, Feb- 
ruary 11; GENNY HARDING, February 24, and DOROTHY 
FORD, February 18. February is a festive month for Dor- 
othy, who also celebrated her wedding anniversary and her 
anniversary with our company... Reporter and West Section 
trainman, LOU PAYNE, also had a February birthday 
which he enjoyed immensely. ..Congratulations to Foot Col- 
lector V. NORSTROM and his wife who celebrated their 
wedding anniversary on February 22. ..Agents LILLIAN 
CONROY and GENEVIEVE HARDING both retired on March 
1. Their many friends wish them both the very best of luck 
and good health in the future. VIRGINIA TOTCKE, MARION 
reporter MARY WDCTED helped Lillian celebrate her re- 
tirement on Sunday, February 21. We saw the movie, "My 
Fair Lady", and had dinner at Goldie's on West Irving Park 


LINE WILSON on Novem- 
ber 2 at St. Peters United 
Church of Christ. The 
bride is the former JAC- 
was employed by CTA in 
the Employe Relations 
Department, and the daugh- 
ter of Superintendent J. B. 
MORRIS, Lawndale Station. 

road. It was a delightful day and we hope to have many 
more together. Lill has promised to keep in touch and we 
plan to hold her to that promise. ..Agent JUANITA HAR- 
RISON has been on sick leave since August. All her friends 
miss her and are hoping for a complete recovery soon... 
Our congenial platform man, WILBUR (Slim) HOLMES, is 
in Holy Cross hospital recovering from a broken hip. Slim 
fell on the ice while skating with his grandchildren. Every- 
one on the Loop structure misses friendly Slim and we hope 
he recovers very soon. We know he would appreciate hear- 
ing from all his friends... Agent HERB SAFFRAHN is still 
off sick. Our best wishes to him, also. We want to see 
him back and in good health again as soon as possible... 
Clerk DAN DOYLE is in the hospital at this writing. We 
hope he will be up and about by the time this issue of the 
Transit News is released. Exit that hospital, Dan. ..Student 
Agent ARTHUR JEFFERSON spent a few uncomfortable 
days due to a virus, but is back on the job again full of vim 
and vigor... On February 23, Loop Janitor BUCHANAN had 
a day off to celebrate his 20th year with CTA. He spent 
that day getting the house in spick-and-span shape for his 
wife's return from the hospital. Mrs. Buchanan had sur- 
gery and is recovering very nicely, we understand... Proud 
mother MARILYN BELL tells us her son, DONALD, will 
graduate from college in June. Then after three years of 
post-graduate study he hopes to be a successful architect. 
We're betting he makes it. . . Student Agent AUGUSTA 
THOMPSON has a very interesting career planned. She is 
attending Columbia college and hopes someday to be a pro- 
ducer and director for movies or television. Good luck, 
Augusta, sounds like fun and work, too... Agent MARY GIL- 
BERT tells us that her daughter, JESSIE, senior cheer- 
leader for Lindblom High school, is beaming with pride 
since her team won two trophies in the city cheerleading 
finals. Congratulations, Jessie. ..Agent LORRAINE BLACK 
and JOHN UPCHURCH will say "I do's" on June 27 in Our 
Lady of Lourdes church. The bride will wear the tradition- 
al long white lacy dress and veil. She will be attended by 
three bridesmaids and a maid of honor. After a reception 
for family and friends, the couple will honeymoon in Cali- 
fornia. They plan to return to Chicago to reside. They 
both intend to continue their college education. Good luck 
and much happiness in the future. ..Welcome to new Agents 
luck, girls... Agent MARY JO OHNESORGE went into the 
hospital for tests and a checkup. We hope she will be back 
with us soon in tip-top shape. . .Agent MONICA LAMKE 
picked her vacation in March and is flying to Tampa, Flor- 
ida, for a happy reunion with her sister and family. Have a 

MARCH, 1971 



JOINING THE ranks of the retired March 1 
after completing 40 or more years of transit 
service each are, left to right, EDWARD V. 

ANTHONY CARR, Conductor, 

North Section, Emp. 10-10-29 
LILLIAN J. CONROY, Ticket Agent, 

West Section, Emp. 4-11-64 

North Avenue, Emp. 8-20-41 

North Park, Emp. 6-24-42 
NEWTON GABLE, Operator, 

52nd Street, Emp. 10-24-53 

West Section, Emp. 1-23-42 
JOSEPH A. HERMAN, Chief Operator, 

Electrical, Emp. 7-17-28 

Forest Glen, Emp. 5-29-47 

North Section, Emp. 12-28-53 
GEORGE T. MAY, Superintendent, 

Limits, Emp. 3-6-34 
EDWARD V. MORRIS, Electrical Worker, 

Skokie Shops, Emp. 8-29-21 
MARTIN J. NEE, Bus Repairer, 

Lawndale, Emp. 7-13-43 

Forest Glen, Emp. 9-3-42 
PAUL ROLLAND, Operator, 

Archer, Emp. 12-20-40 
EDWIN P. STOCK, Operator, 

77th Street, Emp. 12-3-45 

WALTER A. STRAUBING, Receptionist, 

Executive, Emp. 8-31-29 
MARTIN SWANSON, Bus Repairer, 

77th Street, Emp. 3-29-27 
JOSEPH F. TERC, Conductor, 

West Section, Emp. 1-21-46 
GEORGE TRIUNFOL, Chief Accountant, 

Accounting, Emp. 6-28-27 


SOL BATTLE, Bus Serviceman, 

52nd Street, Emp. 5-17-48 
MICHAEL J. HENEHAN, Ticket Agent, 

West Section, Emp. 4-2-53 
EUGENE F. HOWE, Operator, 

69th Street, Emp. 3-26-46 
ROSEMARY KELLY, Ticket Agent, 

North Section, Emp. 9-17-55 
LEON MALY, Operator, 

Forest Glen, Emp. 12-16-47 

69th Street, Emp. 2-17-43 

Skokie Shops, Emp. 5-2-32 
EARL F. STEVENS, Ticket Agent, 

North Section, Emp. 8-9-55 

Beverly, Emp. 3-10-42 

MARKING THE end of 41 years of service at a farewell party 
held on February 25 in the CTA board room, WALTER 
STRAUBING is shown here with CTA Board Chairman G. L. 
DeMENT (left) and General Manager T. B. O'CONNOR. Walt 
retired as General Office receptionist. 


THE DIVISION 308 Pensioners Club of Chicago will 
hold its next regular meeting at 2 p.m. Thursday, 
April 15, on the 13th floor at 32 W. Randolph street. 
All retired members of Division 308 are invited 
to attend these meetings which are held the third 
Thursday of each month at the above time and ad- 

The CTA Pensioners Club of St. Petersburg, 
Florida, will hold its next regular meeting at 2 p.m. 
Tuesday, May 4, at the Odd Fellows Hall, 4140 16th 
street North, St. Petersburg. All CTA pensioners 
living in that vicinity are invited to attend these 
meetings which are held the first Tuesday of each 
month at the above time and address. 




good time, Monica, but don't forget to come back.. .What 
Irish lassie was found by her relief agent perched atop the 
station safe? Richie the mouse was running around the 
booth defying her to come down while she huddled In fear... 
Agent MARY GALLAGHER has returned from Ireland and 
is back at work again. Glad to have you back, Mary, we 
hope you brought some fresh shamrocks for Saint Patrick's 
day. ..See you next month, and keep smiling. 

TKUcOud VotfU & Wantf TViiUd 


Congratulations to Operator F. BARNES and his wife, 
ELLEN, who are the proud parents of a baby girl, MI- 
CHELLE, born on February 7 weighing 5 pounds 1 ounce... 
We're back to that February 29 birthday shared by Super- 
intendent FRANK BUETOW, North Avenue, and Retired Su- 
perintendent GEORGE MAY, Limits. Having a birthday 
every fourth year, they don't seem to age like the rest of 
us. We extend our best wishes to both. Frank has been on 
the sick list, and we wish for a speedy return of the old vim 
and vigor. Many happy returns to Supervisor D. OMENS 
on his birthday, February 22. ..We wish Godspeed to KEN 
and DAVE, the twin sons of Operator FRANK R. STELZER 
and his Mrs. The young men are taking their basic training 
at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Upon completion they 
will go to radio communication school in Boston. May God 
keep them safe... Our best wishes for a speedy recovery go 
to Operator DOM NAPOLEON in St. Joseph hospital, and to 
Operator RED HANSEN in Weiss Memorial hospital fol- 
lowing surgery. ..Condolences to the family of Dispatcher 
H. REDMAN who passed away February 7; to Operator 
EDWARD DOWLING who lost his mother February 20, and 
to the families of Pensioners JOHN LANGE and DOUGLAS 
HALLBERG who both passed away on February 22. "Ab- 
sent from the body, present with the Lord. "..Mail for Pen- 
sioner OLIVER WHCRENT and his better half goes to P.O. 
Box 5162, Garden Grove, California 92645. They're living 
in Buena Park and the earthquake shook them and their 
house up, down, and sideways. The temperature the day the 
letter was written was 92 degrees. Oliver says, "hello" to 
all the boys... Pensioner LARS PEARSON and his wife, 
ANNA, are in Florida visiting Pensioner PAUL DAVIS and 
his wife, LORETTA. As usual, Lars is doing some fish- 
ing.. .Pensioner BILL ECHOLS enjoyed the Christmas holi- 
days and New Year's eve, but spent New Year's day in bed 
with a cold. He received a letter from Mrs. JERRY GLEA- 
SON. Bill says no snow has fallen in Hot Springs this win- 
ter. The lowest temperature was 20 degrees. ..I met and 
had a nice chat with Pensioner BARNEY CALLAHAN who is 
looking and feeling fine. ..Now to the Inner Sanctum and our 
reporter, Switchboard Operator WALTER BLDC.The red 
carpet that is used to welcome VIP's to our office was put 
to good use on two occasions recently. The first time to 
welcome back BILL PINASCO from the General Office. 
Bill has taken over the assistant chief clerk's duties that 
ART OLSEN handled so well before his retirement. It's 
sure nice to have you back with us. Bill. The second time 
was when Superintendent GEORGE MAY left his home 
grounds at Limits Station and came over to fill in for one 
day at North Avenue. This gave him a chance to say good- 
by to all his old friends before taking his pension March 1. 
We all wish him the best of everything on his retirement... 
We have some new faces in our office. One is CARL HAN- 
SON who was just made a clerk recently. Another is IRV 
BREST who has been around North Avenue for a good many 

son of MEL HORNING, 
North Park Station operator 
and Transit News scribe, 
recently completed his 
basic training at Fort 
Lewis, Washington, and is 
now attending missile 
school at Huntsville, 

years as a motorman and bus operator. He's now holding 
down the job of relief custodian. Welcome to both of you 
fellows. VIC JOHNSON spent three weeks with us as night 
superintendent, and then took off and headed back to North 
Park and Forest Glen. Evidently the lunch bag competition 
was too much for him down here. ..It couldn't have happened 
to a nicer guy! These were our thoughts when we saw the 
letter of commendation sent in by a steady rider on Armi- 
tage avenue in praise of Operator BERT HUKILL. It was in 
the form of a lengthy poem that centered around all the 
good things that he does for his passengers. We agree with 
everything it said since yours truly had the pleasure of 
working with Bert for several years when we were at For- 
est Glen. With a little coaxing he might even show you the 
poem if you ask him. ..End of Inner Sanctum. ..Another op- 
erator who received a letter of commendation from one of 
his riders is AARON AMOS. It's nice to be appreciated... 
We wish all of you a blessed Easter at this season when we 
celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. Only in Him can 
we find hope for this world torn with war and hatred.. .Con- 
gratulations to Collector HARRY REESE and his spouse 
who celebrated their wedding anniversary on March 5. 


Superintendents R. W. KEAG, E. BRODD, and V. JOHN- 
SON, along with the instruction force, thank the operators 
and garage personnel for their part in setting a new all- 
time low accident record in 1970. ..Dr. ROBERT KESSLER, 
the son of Operator BOB KESSLER, was inducted into the 
U.S. Army as a major. Dr. Kessler will receive his basic 
training at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, and then will be sent 
to Viet Nam where his skills as a general surgeon will be 
utilized... Operator JAMES MURPHY attended the wedding 
of his brother, MATTHEW, in Queens, New York, where he 
was united in marriage to Miss MAUREEN McBREARTY. 
James wasthe best man at the wedding, and enjoyed meet- 
ing members of his family again. . . Operator BERNARD 
KONIARSKI is hospitalized in St. Francis hospital at this 
writing for observation. Our prayers are with Bernie for a 
complete recovery. ..West Irving Blair Lodge #271 led by 
its past master, Pensioner JOHN CLARK, attended the 
Martinique restaurant and Drury Lane Theatre to see 
Douglas Fairbanks in the play, "The Pleasure of His Com- 
pany." The following operators and their wives also at- 

MARCH, 1971 



son of Operator SIDNEY HUTNIK, was honorably dis- 
charged after four years of service with the U.S. Navy. He 
served on the aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy and at- 
tained the rank of petty officer first class. Steve is happy 
to be home with his likeable parents again. . . Pensioner 
LOUIS NELSON and his wife, MAE, of Brodhead, Wiscon- 
sin, spent a week visiting their daughter, Mrs. ELEANOR 
SUCKOW, and her husband, JAMES. The Nelsons operate a 
prosperous trucking farm in Brodhead and will have straw- 
berries, blueberries, and asparagus for sale this summer. 
..The Little Flower mass and communion breakfast will be 
held on Sunday, March 28, at Old St. Patrick's church, 
Adams and Desplaines. A chartered bus will leave North 
Park at 7:30 a.m. and everyone is urged to attend. ..Super- 
visor GENE ADAMS gave his wife, EMMA, a prize French 
poodle named Tammy as a present, and being a young ag- 
gressive puppy, Tammy is working the furniture over. It 
looks like Gene will have to replace the furniture before 
long. .. Operator BILL OCIEPKA and his fiancee, MARY 
ELLEN POCRNICH, flew to Cleveland, Ohio, to attend the 
wedding of an old army buddy, Mr. RICK CHMURA, to Miss 
BETH KUHN. Bill was an usher at the wedding and had the 
good fortune to catch the bride's garter, so Mary Ellen and 
Bill have decided to get married in January, 1972. ..Opera- 
tor SAM BAKER and his wife, HELEN, announced the mar- 
riage of their son, SHELDON CARTER, to MARCI R. ZATZ 
on Sunday, February 7, at the Iran Hebrew Congregation in 
Skokie, Illinois. Following the ceremony a dinner was held 
at the Hyatt House, and in celebrating, Sam was his usual 
laughing, jolly old self ... Operator LES BATES was re- 
elected president of the Southern Illinois Reunion Council 
for the year 1971. We at North Park wish Les another 
successful year with the council as they do such wonderful 
work for the poor and handicapped... Operator ED ZIENTA- 
RA and his son-in-law, ED COVERS, spent a week fishing 
at Lake Chetek, Wisconsin. Ed reports that the crappies 
were very receptive... Operator ROBERT WASHBURN vis- 

THESE TWO happy young men are MICHAEL and JOHN 
McEVILLY, the sons of Senior Station Instructor JOHN P. 
McEVILLY, Keeler and Limits, who were home on leave for the 
holidays. Michael, a Specialist 4, attended Loyola university 
before enlisting in the army and is now stationed in Wurzberg, 
Germany. John, after his graduation from DePaul university, 
received a commission in the marines. He spent 16 months in 
Viet Nam where he was awarded the bronze star and the 
Vietnamese medal of honor. 


ited Johnson City, Illinois, where his property interests 
are located. Robert reports that it took a Brinks truck to 
carry all the rent and royalties home. Also on the agenda 
was a hunting expedition for Canadian geese, and VIOLET 
and I are waiting for an invitation to a duck dinner, Robert. 
..Operator CONNIE SCHMIT spent his winter vacation at 
Back Porch, Illinois , completing all the chores around his 
Long Lake home. . . LILLA BOOTHROYD, the daughter of 
Operator OWEN BOOTHROYD and Ticket Agent ANNA 
BOOTHROYD, was married on January 23 to Mr. CHARLES 
TOELCKE at Belden Avenue Baptist church. The recep- 
tion, also at the church, was attended by 200 guests. The 
young couple honeymooned in Tucson, Arizona. . . EARNIE 
BUCHANAN Jr., the son of Operator EARNIE and EDNA 
BUCHANAN, was married on Saturday, January 30, to Miss 
DIANNE HAMER at St. Mary's Catholic church in Pecato- 
nica, Illinois. The reception was held at the Indian Village 
in Bryon, Illinois, with 200 guests attending. The young 
couple are juniors at the University of Illinois where 
Earnie is majoring in physical education and Dianne is 
majoring in home economics. Operator LE ROY CARR and 
his wife, LOUISE, and Supervisor JOHN ERICKSON and his 
wife, AGNES, attended the wedding and had a grand time... 
Operator ED NEWTON and his wife, FRANCES, became 
grandparents twice in January when their fourth and fifth 
grandchildren were born. On January 11 a daughter named 
ROBIN TRACY was born to their son, TOM, and his wife, 
LOIS, at Ravenswood hospital weighing 6 pounds 6 ounces. 
On January 26 a daughter named THERESA ANN was born 
to their son, BRUCE, and his wife, SUE, at Wesley Memo- 
rial hospital weighing 6 pounds 7 ounces... Operator LARRY 
SHIELDS and his wife, GRAYCE, became grandparents for 
the sixth time when their son, PETER, and his wife, 
CAROL, became parents of their third daughter, JODI 
ERIN, born on December 3 at Northwest hospital in Arling- 
ton Heights weighing 7 pounds 11 ounces. ..Operator ROB- 
ERT BROWN and his wife, JEANNETTE, flew Delta Air 
Lines to Houston, Texas, to visit their son, AL, and his 
wife, PAT, and their grandson, DANNY. Highlights of the 
trip were visits to the Astrodome, NASA, the Indian Reser- 
vation, and the battleground in San Jacinto where the bat- 
tleship Texas is moored... Operator ART JANZ vacationed 
at Naples, Florida, and enjoyed several days with Pen- 
sioner PAT DOHERTY who resides in Bonita Springs. Art 
reports that he tried several fishing excursions in the Gulf 
of Mexico but the results were poor. ..Operator JOHN HALL 
and his wife, MARIE, took a leisurely ride on the Santa Fe 
to San Francisco, California, where they enjoyed a three- 
week vacation. Highlights of the trip were visits to Fisher- 
man's Wharf, for those great fish dinners, the zoo at San 
Diego, Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, and several other 
attractions... JASON MILSTEIN, the grandson of Operator 
ELI and RUTH PESTINE, received his first report card 
from school and his marks were exceptionally good, making 
Eli and Ruth very proud of him. ..Pensioner AL REMACK 
and his wife, DOROTHY, send greetings from Florida. On 
the agenda was a visit with ED and CEIL MUCHA of Fort 
Lauderdale, and FRANK and ELAINE CARPINO who were 
staying with the Muchas. Stops were made at Key West, 
Pompano, Del Ray Beach, and at Pensioner CHARLES and 
ANNA KERR's home at Bonita Springs for a few days. 

Operator RAY DONESKI retired on March 1. Ray and 
his wife, EVELYN, had a home built in Forsyth, Missouri, 
and will be neighbors of Pensioner ART and RUTH MUIR. 
We at North Park wish Ray and Evelyn much happiness in 
their new home and many years of health and good fishing 




in their Ozark surroundings... Our best wishes to Super- 
intendent GEORGE MAY, Limits, who retired on March 1... 
Happy anniversaries are extended to the following: Opera- 
tor KEESLER POLK Jr. and his wife, CHARLOTTE, their 
7th; Operator DON BENNETT and his wife, MARIE, their 
23rd; Operator TOM DE CANTILLON and his wife, MARY, 
their 24th; Operator SEYMOUR STEINBERG and his wife, 
DOROTHY, their 34th; Operator IRVING MOSKOVITZ and 
his wife, ANN, their 41st; Operator GEORGE TORSON and 
his wife, JUNE, their 18th; Operator DON McKINNEY and 
his wife, BARBARA, their 17th; Instructor EDWARD 
SCHWAMB and his wife, DONNA, their 10th; Instructor 
JOE DAUGIRD and his wife, LOTTIE, their 31st; Super- 
visor LARRY COSTLEY and his wife, MARY, their 25th; 
Superintendent VICTOR JOHNSON and his wife, RUTH, 
their 31st; Pensioner WILLIAM KLEPITCH and his wife, 
IRENE, their 42nd; Pensioner HARVEY GEHMAN and his 
wife, INGEBORG, their 37th, and Pensioner AL PARADISE 
and his wife, FAYE, their 8th. ..Happy britbdays are ex- 
tended to the following: BONNIE NEWMAN, STEVEN and 
Clerk RAY MILANOVICH, and Sanitary Engineer OSCAR 
ANDERSON. . . Our deepest sympathy and condolences are 
extended to the families of Street Collectors JAMES 
GECAN, and Operator ART and ARLENE JANZ, on the loss 
of Arlene's father, Mr. AMOS LEONARD. Pensioner 
DONALD GILL passed away. . . Repair Department Chit 
Chat: Repairman FRANK SCHENDL enjoyed a two-week 
jury summons. We are sure Frank had a good rest. ..Re- 
pairman HARRY CARLSON, at this writing, is recovering 
from an illness and the garage gang is wishing him a 
speedy recovery. . .Repairman MIKE SCHULTZ enjoyed a 
February vacation. . . The welcome mat is extended to J. 
KENNEDY who was transferred to North Park as a repair- 
man. . . Repairman FRANK SIBLEY is now working as a 
benchman and finds the job a challenge since HERMAN 
AMBOS and ED CORDA performed so well before retiring. 
..Repairman LOUIE GRABOWSKI had an unusual experi- 
ence. He was attacked by an alley cat and severely clawed 
and scratched on the face and neck. 

- IKduU "Zmtuu} 


On February 7 Ticket Agent ANNABELLE DREW added 
another candle to her birthday cake. Annabelle's son, RAY, 
and his wife, JUDY, took her and her daughter, PHYLLIS, 
to Milwaukee to see "Holiday on Ice" and to dinner at the 
Pieces of Eight restaurant. Annabelle says it was a treat 
she will long remember... Our condolences to the following: 
Ticket Agent MARGARET McCORMICK on the death of her 
brother, Father RYAN; to Ticket Agent DOREEN HORN on 
the death of her father; to Conductor JOHN RUSIN on the 
death of his brother-in-law; to Retired Motorman FRANK 
SCATENA on the death of his wife, and to the family of 
JOE PASCENTA who passed away after undergoing sur- 
gery. Joe was working as the Howard platform man.. .At 
this writing Kimball Supervisor DICK STANTON is in 
Ravenswood hospital in the intensive care unit and will 
undergo surgery at some future date. Also, DANIEL KO- 
VALENKO, conductor, is on the sick list. Howard Street 


Clerk ED DeRANGO is in Cuneo hospital. Ed is now doing 
fine after being on the critical list. Fellow employes ! A 
card or phone call can mean a lot. We wish them all a 
speedy recovery. . . It seems these days a ticket agent 
doesn't know what to wear to work. On February 4, Agent 
IDA KOUYOUMDGIAN could have used a bathing suit. An 
overhead water pipe broke above the ticket booth and the 
water came cascading into the booth and flooded the entire 
Howard Street entrance with ten inches of water. Clerk 
ORLANDO MENICUCCI rose to the occasion by singing, 
"Raindrops keep falling on my head. "..Everyone has heard 
the saying, "button, button, whose got the button", but in the 
case of Agent MARY DONOHOE and Agent ROSE Mc- 
ANDREWS, it is "booties, booties, whose got the booties". 
Mary made a pair of booties for Rose and put them in a 
transfer envelope for the foot collectors to give to Rose. 
The collectors forgot and put the envelope in with all the 
others and so far it hasn't been found.. .On Sunday, Feb- 
ruary 14, the North Side Credit Union held its annual meet- 
ing. This year it was held at Wiegelts hall on Damen ave- 
nue. Refreshments were served and Clerk ORLANDO 
MENICUCCI entertained by singing several selections ac- 
companied on the piano by Mrs. JOAN WELLANDER. A 
few of those who attended were: Retired Station Super- 
intendent KEN MANAUGH and his wife, Mr. GEORGE 
RILEY from the Mart, and many retired employes. Every- 
one had a good time... Superintendent J. BRUCKER has given 
us the names of the new agents hired for the North Side on 
February 4. We wish to welcome the following and wish 
them good luck: M. WILSON, J. WILSON, J. BOWENS, M. 
SYANADAMA...On February 2 the father of Clerk GEORGE 
HENKE celebrated his 80th birthday. Mr. Henke is con- 
sidered one of the grand old-timers of Gary, Indiana, and 
was feted by his church with an open-house party. Also 
through the efforts of George, he received a birthday 
greeting of best wishes and continued health from President 
and Mrs. Nixon.. .Just heard from the grapevine that As- 
sistant Superintendent BILL ROONEY and his wife cele- 
brated their 29th wedding anniversary on February 14. 
Congratulations to them both. Also, Mr. Rooney had a 
week's vacation and when asked if he went anywhere he re- 
plied, no, he stayed home as it was a honey-do week. It 
was honey do this, and honey do that. ..News of the North 
Side janitors. At this writing Janitor HAL is on the sick 
list and we wish him a speedy recovery. On February 1 
Janitor BRISON retired, and on March 1 Janitor WILLIAM 
MACLIN retired.. .Our well wishes for a happy retirement 

star lor valorous action 
in Viet Nam was Lieuten- 
the son of SAM FIORITO, 
Bod/ Shop "D," South 
Shops. The medal was 
awarded to Lt. Fiorito for, 
"heroism performed in 
ground combat against an 
armed hostile force." 

MARCH, 1971 



go to Conductor TONY CARR who retired and bid farewell 
to the CTA on March 1 with 42 years of service. ..Janitor 
JOHN McCONVILLE celebrated his "golden" birthday on 
February 27. John was 27 on the 27th. Happy birthday, 
John... Several agents went to see former North Side Mo- 
torman WALLY TAYLOR in his recent stage performance 
at the Shubert Theatre in the play, "No Place To Be Some- 
one." Wally also appeared in the movie, "Cotton Comes to 
Harlem." After the Shubert performance, Wally was vis- 
ited backstage and he sends his regards to his many friends 
at CTA.. .North Side Clerk GEORGE HENKE, the husband of 
your scribe, received a surprise in the mail. Because of 
his correspondence with the White House on several occa- 
sions, he received an official full color photo portrait of 
the president with the inscription, "To George Henke with 
best wishes, Richard Nixon." I have only one thing to say— 
"HELP" — I'm getting tired of sewing on buttons ... Your 
scribe, TINA HENKE, wishes to express her sincere thanks 
to the many friends at CTA for their phone calls and cards 
while she was in the hospital and at home recuperating 
from a bad fall on the ice. When you read this, I hope to 
again be back at work. Also, please, keep the news coming 

- 7««» "TfuUu 

OPERATIONS (Transportation) - 

Congratulations to JOE RITROVATO, Travel Informa- 
tion, and RITA BRZECZEK, Employment Department, who 
were united in holy matrimony at a nuptial mass at 1 p.m. 
on February 13 at Holy Rosary church. The newlyweds 
drove to Colorado Springs where they stayed for about five 
days and then went on to Phoenix, Arizona. They even got 
a chance to see the Cubs in spring training. The weather 
was beautiful and they had a wonderful two-week honey- 
moon. Among those who stood up for the wedding were 
Rita's sister, PHYLLIS, Law Department, LYNN HARRER, 
Employment Department, Joe's sister, ROSEMARY, and 
brother, TONY, both of the Claim Department, and his 
brother-in-law, JOE CECALA, Internal Auditing Depart- 
ment. This was truly a CTA wedding. We wish them the 
best of luck for a wonderful future. ..Dr. THOMAS POGUE, 
the son of Line Supervisor BURCHARD POGUE, has six 
children who keep him busy, and he also has four Old Eng- 
lish sheep dogs. Recently, Lady Jennifer, one of his cham- 
pion dogs had a litter of 11 puppies which I'm sure kept 
him up day and night bottle feeding many of them. If they 
didn't have a full house before, they sure do now. Congrat- 
ulations on the new additions. ..CARL LARSEN and his wife, 
FREDA, flew to Hawaii for two weeks of fun and relaxation. 
Carl said he played golf at four of the major courses and 
also spent time on the beach. He must have been out in the 
sun because he has a beautiful tan. His wife also enjoyed 
the beach and going shopping. They went to Honolulu and 
Waikiki Beach, Maui, Kauai, and also spent time in Hawaii. 
Carl and his wife liked visiting the different islands the 
best of the whole trip. They had a great time, took many 
pictures, and someday would like to make a return trip. 
They even met EILEEN NEURAUTER from Public Rela- 
tions who, incidently, is having a good time on her vaca- 
tion. ..We are happy to see that RUDY HAAS has returned to 
work after an extended illness. Our sympathy is extended 
to Rudy whose brother, ALFRED HAAS, retired bus opera- 
tor from North Avenue, recently passed away in California. 
We also extend our condolences to Superintendent of 
Transportation DAVID M. FLYNN whose sister, Miss 
KATHERINE M. FLYNN, passed away on February 4. 


grandson of REIN HIRSCH, 
machinist, South Shops, 
who is quarterback of the 
Hi-Ridge Chargers widget 
team in the Pop Warner 
League at the Hi-Ridge 
YMCA. Mike was awarded 
a trophy as the best back 
in his division. 

Mass was said at 10 a.m. on February 6 at St. Hilary 
church. Radio Dispatcher HENRY E. REDMAN passed 
away suddenly on February 7. Mass was said on February 
12 at 10 a.m. at St. Giles church. Our sympathy is ex- 
tended to his family. 

(Traffic Planning) - 

We would like to welcome TOM LORENZ back after 
serving two years in the U.S. Army. While stationed in 
Germany, Tom took advantage of the opportunity and trav- 
eled all around Europe. He enjoyed seeing many different 
places, but is happy to be back home. 

(Utility and Emergency Service) - 

Mr. and Mrs. WALTER SWAIN recently took a trip to 
California. Luckily, their visit was after the earthquake. 
They went to San Diego where Walter said they had a good 
time, but experienced unusual weather... We received a note 
from PETE CARPINO who was vacationing in Fort Lauder- 
dale, Florida. He said he was having a great time and had 
visited some of his friends, namely JACK KRAUSE (re- 
tired from Operations Control), JOHN BURKE (fire and 
safety), and JIM HARRISON (District B supervisor). ..Mr. 
and Mrs. D. St. JOHN spent their vacation in Mexico City 
and Acapulco. They had beautiful weather and a wonderful 
time... Congratulations and best of luck to VERNE LANDIS, 
our new supervisory chauffeur, to WILLIE WALTON who 
transferred from 77th Street, and VIRGIL TYLER who 
transferred from 69th Street.. .On March 1 RON MENDYK 
went on a disability retirement. We send our best wishes 
for a speedy and complete recovery, and the best of every- 
thing. . . Good luck to MILTON BERNARD who recently 
transferred to the Electrical Department... It's nice to see 
FRANCIS VAN GEENAN back to work and feeling fine after 
an extended illness. ..We would like to wish a speedy re- 
are presently off sick.. .Our sympathy is extended to the 
family of Pensioner TONY NOLAN who recently passed 


Hi! My how time flies! Once again plans are being 
made for summer and fall vacations. Soon we will have 
bundles of news of luxurious vacations spent in Jamaica, 
Hawaii, Puerto Rico, French Riviera, and at home with the 
kids... We have two movers in our midst — Purchasing's 




WESLEY E. BLANDEN, 83, West Section, 

Emp. 9-26-13, Died 12-22-70 
JOHN R. COOK, 92, Cottage Grove, 

Emp. 4-5-04, Died 1-8-71 
ANTON J. DAUKAS, 78, South Shops, 

Emp. 2-27-20, Died 1-14-71 
HEINZ DOERING, 54, Skokie Shops, 

Emp. 8-25-36, Died 2-24-71 
JOHN A. DUBIN, 77, Util. & Emerg. Service, 

Emp. 7-19-24, Died 1-18-71 
JOHN J. FITZGERALD, 79, Internal Auditing, 

Emp. 4-13-28, Died 1-4-71 
FRANCIS W. GARRITY, 59, West Section, 

Emp. 7-10-47, Died 1-8-71 
STEVE J. GECAN, 58, West Section, 

Emp. 8-21-44, Died 1-30-71 
WILLIAM GILLIGAN, 62, Engineering, 

Emp. 5-13-41, Died 2-26-71 
PAUL E. GRANOW, 69, North Section, 

Emp. 8-30-23, Died 1-21-71 
JAMES J. HARVEY, 66, 61st Street, 

Emp. 11-16-25, Died 1-30-71 
ALBIN J. JOHNSON, 70, North Avenue, 

Emp. 2-24-26, Died 1-30-71 
OWEN S. LAUGHLIN, 81, Property Accounting, 

Emp. 7-23-46, Died 1-27-71 
ROBERT D. LEWIS, 61, Beverly, 

Emp. 4-28-41, Died 1-29-71 
CHARLES W. LONG, 76, 77th Street, 

Emp. 8-31-20, Died 1-18-71 
VINCENZO LONGO, 72, West Shops, 

Emp. 1-6-27, Died 1-13-71 
ARTHUR W. MAAS, 67, Limits, 

Emp. 2-25-37, Died 1-21-71 
JAMES MORRISON, 92, Elston, 

Emp. 6-7-18, Died 1-15-71 

JOHN MURRAY, 74, West Section, 

Emp. 11-20-42, Died 2-3-71 
WILLIAM H. NELSON, 77, North Section, 

Emp. 6-23-20, Died 1-12-71 
ANTHONY J. NOLAN, 70, Utility, 

Emp. 8-26-30, Died 1-31-71 
JOSEPH PASCENTA, 55, Howard Street, 

Emp. 4-8-40, Died 2-7-71 
CLIFFORD PETERSON, 64, West Section, 

Emp. 8-21-44, Died 1-18-71 

Emp. 10-25-43, Died 1-23-71 
HENRY E. REDMAN, 55, Operations Control, 

Emp. 8-11-41, Died 2-7-71 
STEVE SCUKANEC, 57, Forest Glen, 

Emp. 7-27-37, Died 1-30-71 
JOSEPH E. SOUKUP, 79, 77th Street, 

Emp. 3-22-26, Died 1-24-71 
JAMES C. STAFFORD, 62, Kedzie, 

Emp. 8-17-37, Died 1-9-71 
DEWEY TADIN, 74, Way & Structures, 

Emp. 12-4-23, Died 12-24-70 
EDWARD E. THACHER, 70, Forest Glen, 

Emp. 2-17-23, Died 1-7-71 
TIMOTHY J. TUOHY, 83, North Park, 

Emp. 9-25-23, Died 2-3-71 

Emp. 7-13-16, Died 1-12-71 
CARL A. WALDMANN, 68, South Division, 

Emp. 4-7-30, Died 1- -71 
MICHAEL P. WALL, 68, Construction & Maintenance, 

Emp. 11-5-42, Died 1-5-71 
OSCAR W. WIBLE, 90, Kedzie, 

Emp. 1-19-16, Died 1-13-71 
STANLEY ZIARKO, 50, Lawndale, 

Emp. 12-17-45, Died 1-30-71 

vacations fixing up their new residences. ..IRENE HERMAN, 
freight bill checker, took on new job responsibilities when 
she was transferred to the Insurance Department as a hos- 
pitalization clerk. Come visit us once in awhile, Irene... 
Boy, oh boy! BOB MCCARTHY'S son, ROBERT, is really 
using his school time to advantage! Ceremonies were held 
on February 16 at Immaculate Conception High school, 
where Robert received his card and pin as a member of the 
National Honor Society. Robert's father, Bob, works as a 
buyer II in the Purchasing Department. ..HOMER WEATH- 
ERSBY, stock clerk I, South Shops, is a father for the sec- 
ond time! A daughter, NATALIE ELAINE, was born Feb- 
ruary 8 weighing in at 6 pounds 8 ounces. ..We would like to 
welcome to Storeroom 48 a new laborer, PATRICK JOYCE. 
II's at South Shops, are off the sick list. That's good news 
to hear, men. ..That's all the news for this month, folks. 
Let's hope we hear from you next month. 


Wishes for a speedy recovery are sent to C. CARPEN- 
TER and NEIL McGILL, Wilson, who are on the sick list... 
Congratulations to LEONARD DAVENPORT Sr. on his pro- 
motion from terminal instructor to night foreman. Con- 

gratulations are also in order for his son, LEONARD Jr., 
on winning first place in the Pinewood Derby on January 
26. Leonard, a member of Cub Scout Pack 3065, was 
awarded a plaque and ribbon in ceremonies at St. Philome- 
na school. ..Congratulations to Night Foreman JOHN AN- 
TONUCCI who was promoted to assistant day foreman at 
61st Street.. .Best wishes to RITA BRZECZEK, the daughter 
of your reporter, RAY BRZECZEK, Office, who became 
Mrs. JOSEPH RITROVATO on February 13 in ceremonies 
at Holy Rosary church. Rita is the receptionist in the Em- 
ployment Department and Joe works in Travel Information. 
..Welcome back to D. MOTYKA, car serviceman at How- 
ard, who just returned from the service. ..Welcome to C. 
MOORE, new car serviceman at Linden, and to C. DUNLAP 
Jr. who were promoted to repairmen at Wilson. Here's 
hoping both are happy on their new jobs... Best wishes to 
PAUL LOVELESS who resigned to become a motel man- 
ager in North Carolina. In a farewell party at Dan Ryan, 
all the boys, including Superintendent of Shops & Equipment 
GEORGE CLARK, Superintendent of Rapid Transit Mainte- 
nance Terminals TONY PORCARO and Senior Foreman 
BOB FLOWERS, said goodbye to a friend of many years. 
Paul invites all down to enjoy the facilities of his resort... 
A welcome to F. NEALY Jr., a new car serviceman at Dan 
Ryan... Enjoying the fun of a winter vacation were M. GAL- 
LAGHER, Wilson, and W. THORNTON, L. STEWART, and 
J. KOGER, Dan Ryan... We extend our sympathy to the fam- 

MARCH, 1971 



ily of ANTHONY DRAPP, who passed away on February 27 
after a short illness. ..Finally, on behalf of all of us in the 
maintenance terminals, I would like to extend our deepest 
sympathy to the family of Superintendent of Rapid Transit 
Shops and Terminals HEINZ DOERING who passed away on 
February 24. 


RICHARD and ROSALIE GOLDSTEIN spent their vaca- 
tion in Wellington, New Zealand, with their son, RAY, and 
his wife, CORAL, and their twin grandchildren, JASON and 
RACHEL, who are now six months old. Ray is a lecturer 
in political science at Victoria university of Wellington... At 
this writing W. P. DEVEREUX is in St. Anne's hospital. 
We wish him a very speedy recovery. ..GEORGE HANUS had 
an operation and is in West Suburban hospital. We also 
wish him a very speedy recovery. ..CLARK JOHNSON and 
his wife flew to Clearwater and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 
and Nassau and Freeport in the Bahamas on their vacation. 
..Sympathy of the department is extended to J. LARKIN, 
outside checker, on the death of his wife. 


As I'm sitting here writing this I'm hoping that spring 
will be peeking her pretty head around the corner soon... 
We had a big wedding on Valentine's day. Foot Collector 
decided to tie the knot and did. Much happiness is wished 
this nice couple. ..Our former boss, Superintendent MICKEY 
O'CONNOR, and his wife, ALICE, are having the time of 
their lives in Tucson, Arizona. I received a nice letter and 
two pictures of Mickey in shirt sleeves in January (while 
we were freezing in our winter coats) building a patio on 
his house. They just love living in Tucson. ..We have an- 
other new clerk on the South Section, Agent EDWARD 
GREEN who was appointed February 7. Congratulations!.. 
We were saddened to hear that Retired Towerman JAMES 
HARVEY passed away recently. Our condolences go out to 
Mrs. Harvey. ..61st Street is going great guns. They won 
the fourth quarter 1970 Interstation Safety Award with a 
perfect score. This is 61st Street's seventh safety award. 
Coffee and rolls were served which everyone enjoyed. 
Keep up the good work, men. .. Retired Motorman CARL 
FISCHER came in to see the boys at Ashland recently and 
he said he just returned from a trip to Hawaii, and next he 
is going to Florida and the Bahamas. Isn't it wonderful how 
our pensioners travel and enjoy life. ..Our sympathy is ex- 
tended to Motorman EDWARD TORMEY whose brother 
passed away recently, and to Conductor JOSEPH MITTLER 
on the loss of his brother. .. Our South Side "L" Federal 
Credit Union held their annual meeting and get-together on 
February 14 at Avenue Liquors hall and it was such a nice 
affair. First there was the meeting and election of offi- 
cers, then door prizes were given out. Afterwards came 
the social hour with hot beef sandwiches, cake, and coffee. 
As usual, my wonderful kitchen help included Retired As- 
Without their help I would have been lost in trying to serve 
the crowd, so my personal thanks goes out to them. Mrs. 
PONZIANO, the wife of Conductor FRANK PONZIANO, was 
in the hospital at the time and wasn't able to attend, but her 
charming daughter, SHARON, came along with Pops to 

tered the U.S. Army, JOHN 
DUTTON is now in basic 
training at Fort Leonard 
Wood, Missouri. John 

worked as a bus repairer 
at Archer Station, and is 
the son of L. C. DUTTON, 
superintendent of Sched- 

help. Hope Mrs. Ponziano is well on the road to recovery 
by now. Also many thanks to Motorman ELWOOD FLOW- 
ERS and Conductor JAMES GREEN who were the bartend- 
ers. My hubby, ROLAND, was elected president again for 
a term of two years, and I must say I'm mighty, mighty 
proud. Division 308 was represented by Board Member 
WILFRED SPEARS. Among the pensioners attending were: 
Retired Towerman PAT HICKEY and LEONARD DeGROOT, 
Pensioner JOHN MADDEN (who looked just wonderful), and 
Retired Division 308 Board Member CHARLES BURNS. 
Charles is looking much better after his recent illness, and 
it's good to see him out and around again. Let's salute all 
our officers of the credit union for the wonderful job they 
are doing. Now is the time to remember to start putting 
some money in the credit union for savings so that you can 
get that "dream" vacation soon. All and all, everyone at- 
tending the get-together had a real good time. ..Supervisor 
DON MURPHY and his wife, GEN, just returned from a 
four-week winter vacation down in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 
where they just loafed around on the beaches and by the 
pools, fished, got a nice suntan, and just enjoyed them- 
selves. .. Received a nice letter from Mr. and Mrs. ED- 
WARD HENNESSY, retired motorman, from Tucson, Ari- 
zona, where they are staying for the winter. They also 
think Tucson and Phoenix are the greatest places to live. 
While there they visited with Retired Foot Collector 
THOMAS McINERNEY and his wife, former Assignment 
Agent NANCY, and they send their best regards to all of us 
back here at work. They telephoned Retired North Section 
Conductor FRED BECK and his wife, and Fred said he 
would like to hear from more of his old friends. They also 
visited Retired Station Superintendent MICKEY O'CONNOR 
and had a wonderful visit with them in their new home. The 
Hennessys said they will be home in March.. .A hearty con- 
gratulations to Agent NORMA SANFORD who was married 
recently and is now Mrs. NORMA BRADLEY. Best wishes 
for a happy married life. 

- t/cuux WaitHty 


This column, as well as the month of March, started off 
on a sad note for all of us at Skokie as we lost a good friend 
and a boss. HEINZ DOERING, superintendent of rapid 
transit shops and terminals, passed away on Wednesday, 
February 24. His career of almost 35 years brought him 
in contact with many CTAers, all of whom will remember 




him for how he loved his work and gave his all to make 
each and every job a success. He was with us at Skokie 
for only the last eight years, but that was more than enough 
time for us to appreciate his comradeship and engineering 
expertise. Paying their last respects were more than 750 
persons who passed his bier — people of all faiths, colors, 
and status in life. To his family, and especially his wife, 
LUISE, and son, BILL, we extend our deepest sympathy... 
ROY SUAREZ, electrical worker, is the proud owner of a 
new 1971 Ford Torino. Good luck, Roy.. .ROBERT BINNIE, 
electrical worker, is back on the job after a gall bladder 
operation. Welcome back, Bob... THOMAS HOEY, electri- 
cal worker, went on another week of vacation but failed to 
tell us where. Hope you enjoyed it, Tom...L. H. REICH- 
ARD, retired superintendent of shops and terminals, called 
to say he was off to the Florida Keys for some good fishing, 
and of course, his wife, CLARA, will be at his side. Lots 
of happiness to each... GEORGE RATEIKE, retired regional 
engineer, has moved to Florida and is building a new home. 
Lots of happiness to you and your wife, SIS, as we all called 
her... JAN BRODA, painter, was a good nurse to the child- 
ren and his wife, ADRIAN, after she returned home from 
an operation. Good luck, Adrian.. .As the Skokie Shops re- 
porter, I hope everyone enjoyed the North Side "L" Federal 
Credit Union dinner on Sunday, February 14. ..JOHN SARA, 
electrical worker, fell in the bath tub and broke a large 
toe. Sorry, John. 


Our congratulations to EARL LARSEN who became a 
grandfather for the first time when his daughter, JOAN 
ENGLERT, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, gave birth to a 7 
pound 12 ounce baby boy, BRYAN JASON, on January 29. I 
asked Mr. Larsen how it felt to be a grandfather for the 
first time, his reply was, "My only problem is learning to 
live with a grandmother.". .Congratulations to CHARLES 
SHREEVE, Technical Services, who became a grandfather 
for the seventh time when his daughter, JACQUELINE, gave 
birth to a 9 pound 3 ounce (WOW!) baby boy, ANDREW 
MATTHEW, on February l...You can really tell the people 
with all the money. If you have been reading the news for 
the last couple of months, you probably noticed his name. 
Well here it is again, and yes, he went on another vacation 
this month, only this time he had company. Mr. J. ROSEN- 
DHAL along with J. REPPLINGER and J. LAMONT and 
their wives went on a cruise on the luxury liner, Song of 
Norway, which left Miami, Florida, heading for Nassau, 
and from there to Puerto Rico and St. Thomas. Mr. Rosen- 
dhal told me that their hotel was on the Song of Norway, 
which was launched on November 7, 1970. ..The fellows of 
Area 312 would like to welcome back GEORGE GEIS, 
mechanic, and FRANK SPROVIERI, carpenter, after being 
off sick. George and Frank extend their appreciation to all 
of the fellows in Area 312 for their concern... FRED JACO- 
BI and his family had a beautiful time in sunny Florida for 
two long weeks, although Fred didn't think it was long 
enough.. .There has been a wee bit of overtime in the shops, 
and some of the fellows from the different departments de- 
cided that if they were going to be working on Saturdays, 
they might as well eat the way they eat at home on Satur- 
days. So they decided to have a "Soul cook-in" for lunch. 
This sure makes working on Saturdays easier. ..The fellows 
in Area 318 would like to wish a speedy recovery to OLEY 
OLSON, carpenter, who just had surgery. We would also 


like to welcome back BOB FURHMAN and SAM FIORITO 
who were off sick for awhile. ..It seems as though we have a 
man in Area 339 who can prove that seven is a lucky num- 
ber. JOE COAD, laborer, has seven children and on Feb- 
ruary 10, he was presented with his seventh grandchild, a 
girl who weighed 7 pounds 2 ounces. Well, Joe, congratu- 
lations and stick with the lucky number 7. ..ALBERT T. 
HERON, better known as Tex in the sky, became a proud 
grandfather for the first time when his son, JOHN, and his 
wife became the proud parents of a baby girl on February 
24 weighing l\ pounds. Congratulations, Tex, and we of 
Area 336 wish you have many more. ..The fellows in Area 
333 would like to wish ROGER MULVIHILL and DONALD 
MCCARTHY a speedy recovery from their illness. Hurry 
back, fellows, you are very much missed. . .Area 349's 
RENE HIRSCH will retire on April 1, and his plans include 
a trip to Pennsylvania to visit his mother and father who 
will celebrate their 66th wedding anniversary. His father 
is now in his 20th year of retirement. Congratulations to 
the entire Hirsch family. 


A happy Easter to all of you and may it bring you many 
holy days ahead. ..The grapevine tells me that JAMIE GOR- 
DON is very close to getting married. The girl is a very 
lucky one, for she is getting one of the best. ..It was a long 
time in coming, but now MIKE BELLEZZO, after hearing 
war sfories from AL CLARK for 25 years, has consented 
to write Clark's war memoirs. We all agreed that if there 
is a movie made from them, only John Wayne could play 
the part. ART NEWMAN wanted to play the lead as he was 
a wounded vet. I can't tell you where he was wounded, but 
only a hint, he can't sit down good. ..I have been wanting to 
thank my adopted son, TOM PATTERSON, and his lovely 
wife for the beautiful Christmas card they sent me. The 
picture was of a little black angel, and all the time I thought 
only Italians were in heaven. ..We couldn't believe our ears 
when the story came out that STAN1SZEWSKI is now the 
most informed switchman on Lake Street. CIMMERER is 
now No. 2. Just like Avis, John will now have to try hard- 
er.. .CHRIS and IKE HOUSTON, ticket agent and motorman, 
respectively, are very elated parents over the acting per- 
formance of their son, MARCHOUND. He won a lead role 
in the play, "The Me Nobody Knows", now at the Civic 
Theatre. The play was adapted from ideas put together by 

THE HAPPY bride and 
groom are Mr. and Mrs. 
were united in holy matri- 
mony on January 16 at 
Fellowship Baptist church. 
Art is a former West Sec- 
tion motorman who recently 
transferred to the South 
Section, while his bride, 
the former LUCILLE 
CONWAY, is an executive 
secretary for the SCLC. 

MARCH, 1971 



kids across the country of their thoughts on today's events. 
Good luck to this young fellow and may he go far... Our of- 
fice had become drab again now that EVELYN left us to go 
to Jefferson Park. Now GERKE and WOODS are beginning 
to look good. Do you think Evelyn will be able to make 
LENNY KUKOWINSKI smile? The bet is, no one can...The 
Lake Street Credit Union held their annual meeting on 
March 7, and a good time was had by all. To all you young 
folks, now is the time to join the credit union and assure 
yourself of a brighter future. See JOHN McCARTY and 
get all the information from him. ..How nice it is to see 
GEORGE WOODMORE back to work after being off sick for 
such a long time. I don't think he will ever lose that smile 
on his face. JERRY BOYLAN has been off sick and seems 
to be coming along fine. We are hoping he will be back to 
work by the time you read this... We of Lake Street would 
like to extend our deepest condolences to STEVE DUISAK 
on the loss of his father. He told us his father was 94, 
which is certainly a ripe old age. ..The death of Pensioner 
WALTER HARRIS was a deep loss to us for we had many 
laughs together. So all of us send our deepest sympathy to 
his wife and family. Also, our sincere condolences to the 
family of Pensioner NOBIE SHELTON who passed away re- 
cently. .. Mentioning pensioners, we saw CARL FRANK, 
mas party and they looked like millionaires. Ditomaso did 
a little dance, and remember how he used to walk when he 
wanted to get off ?.. Janitor SCHULTZ took his dog, Mickey, 
for a $7 taxi ride to show him the city. Now that's love, 
man for a dog. RUDY PTACIN said that the dog bit Schultz 
because it wasn't a $10 ride. That's gratitude. ..To all of 
you, young and old, how about a visit to Reverend GEORGE 
CLARK's church. It won't hurt, and after George's ser- 
mon, it may help. ... My multi-talented co-reporter, LOU 
PAYNE, can dance, sing, write, and tell jokes, and has 
show business in his blood. He does a remarkable job en- 
tertaining people. So if anyone needs some high-class 
talent, contact Lou and he will give you your money's 
worth. It's Lou's turn to write the column next month, so 
I'll be waiting to read the nice things he will say about me. 

- Santo SccUcomo & <£ou "Ptuptt 


The month of February is starting off with a bang for 
the operators here at 52nd Street. We played host to man- 
agement for the presentation of the ISC award for the fourth 
quarter of 1970. There was coffee, rolls, prizes, short 
talks, movies, and you could even have a portrait drawn. 
An all-around good time was had by all. Following are the 
names of prize winners, and comments made by operators, 
clerks, and superintendents. Operator CALVIN HOWARD 
won the "Guess the Beads in the Bottle" game the hard way. 
He and ROBERT MADISON guessed 425 which was nearest 
to the actual amount. However, when the two names were 
tossed in a hat for one winner, Calvin won. Winners of $5 
merchandise awards were: C. TARANTINO, R. LIGGET, 
BURNS, and D. CHORAK of the repair department. This 
was the second award won by 52nd that Superintendent 
COLEMAN did not contribute to as a driver. But nobody 
could have enjoyed the occasion more. Having been con- 
nected with 52nd for more than 26 years, Mr. Coleman was 
a part of all the other ISC awards, and there were quite a 
few. Chief Clerk ARNOLD HILLSTROM said that the coffee 


is KATHY SZEWC, the 
daughter of TED SZEWC, 
signal design engineer, 
Electrical Department, who 
was united in holy matri- 
mony to PAUL McGOWAN 
on January 30 at St. John 
Brebeuf church. Kathy 
and her husband are stu- 
dents at Illinois State 

and rolls were enjoyed by all, and it is hoped that a return 
engagement will be enjoyed by the 52nd Street drivers in 
the near future. Operator ROBERT JONES said everything 
was fine, but he missed out on the "beads in the bottle" 
game. LEWIS WILLIAMS said every day should be like 
this. SAM JOHNSON stated it was nice to see Superintend- 
ent LYNCH smile all day. OLIVER TATE said he's work- 
ing on another award, right now. LAWRENCE ROCKMORE 
commented that the movies and speeches were great. 
CHARLES SWAIN said that the artist did very fine and de- 
tailed work. WILLIAM O. HOOKS was sorry he missed the 
presentation, but did get in on the coffee and rolls. ERN- 
EST HILL, vice-president of Division 241, enjoyed the cof- 
fee and rolls and hopes to have Superintendent of Trans- 
portation D. M. FLYNN and Superintendent of Instruction 
T. STIGLIC back for the next quarter. ..The buying of birth- 
day gifts is a natural thing for most of us, but how many 
times do you buy for the whole family in one month. That's 
what Operator SHERMAN ADAMS is faced with. So we say 
happy birthday to Sherman, his wife, WILLIE, his sons, 
ROBERT and STEVEN, and his daughter, DELORES, all in 
January. ..Congratulations to Repairman HERBERT BOYD 
and his wife, JOYCE, on the birth of a son, AARON, born 
on January 24... The credit union's annual meeting was well 
attended. Reports were given by ERNEST HILL, president, 
chairman of the credit committee, and FRED POWELL, 
chairman of the supervisory committee. CHARLES 
elected to the board of directors for three year terms. 
Elected to the credit committee were: Bob Holmes, LA- 
LIGGETT, and WALTER FALLS Jr. Honored guests were: 
Mrs. ERNEST HILL, Mr. and Mrs. JAMES A. PATE, and 
Mr. DANIEL J. McFADDEN. Door prizes were awarded 
and refreshments served. The officers thank all for at- 
tending. Join the credit union and save. Each member's 
account is insured up to $20,000.00, and a life insurance 
policy up to $2, 000. 00. ..Last, but not least, congratulations 
to Operator CHARLES NICHOLS on his appointment as a 

- pot* 4. 3<«4W 


PETE SPOO is planning to take his pension, and that 
will make JACK WILSON the number one man on the pick- 
ing sheets. HANK RISCH says that he looks younger than 



Sr., garage foreman, 52nd 
Street, has returned home 
after 14 months in Viet 
Nam as a telephone line 
repairman. Josea is now 
back at 77th Street Garage 
doing what he likes best- 
keeping those buses rolling 
as a repairman. 


and be dressed in green. ..The repair department extends 
their deepest sympathy to the family of Foreman PETE 
SZAFRANSKI on the death of his father-in-law; to TEDDY 
NIEZABITOWSKI and his family on the loss of his father- 
in-law, and to BRYANT MASON on the death of his sister- 
in-law. ..MARTIN GRIFFIN has gained 50 pounds since he 
retired. TOMMY McKEAN is certainly enjoying his pen- 
sion and looks great. We hope that everyone on pension 
enjoys health and happiness for many years to come. ..Good 
luck to DAVID O'MALLEY who transferred to Archer, and 
to A. WARREN, V. TYLER, and R. HOROSINSKI who trans- 
ferred to other jobs... We welcome BRUCE BURIAN, E. 
KOCHOPOLUS, and J. WIGGINS to the 69th Street repair 
department. ..The Transit News box is the only real mail 
box to the right of the clerk's window. Drop us a note on 
any news item or vacations. Be good, drive safely, and 
may God bless all of you. 

Jack, but is actually older, so he will never make number 
one. .. Everyone had H. C. SANGER taking his pension. 
Howie said it would be nice, but he will be around for 
awhile. ,.W. J. MONROE picked 59th Street. It is nice to 
see his smile as he passes by. . . It's great to see W. F. 
SHIPYOR back to work after being on the sick list for such 
a long time...B. PULICK bowled 159 for three games one 
Friday night. That was the total count and not his average. 
The next week he bowled games of over 200. ..PAM JAMES, 
the daughter of Operator G. JAMES, will graduate from 
Bowen High school in June and attend Northwestern uni- 
versity on a scholarship she won. James claims she got 
her brains from him. ..It is with a heavy heart that we ex- 
tend our deepest sympathy to the family of M. J. O'CAL- 
LAGHAN. He put up a great fight against cancer, and his 
smile and joking ways will always be remembered at 69th. 
Also to the family of P. H. CAMERON, who was only re- 
tired a little over a month, when his Maker took him; and 
to JOE HAUG and his family on the loss of his wife. Joe's 
son said that he was in the hospital with a heart condition 
and was unable to attend the funeral services.. .Although we 
have had some rough days this winter, the instruction de- 
FULLER said that despite the weather we had only one bad 
day accident-wise. They said they would even help us make 
out the overtime slip if we came in without an accident. 
Have you noticed the way Swanson is always wearing his 
cap, and how about that new badge number ? During a per- 
sonal interview, he made MICKEY YOUNG'S innocent ears 
burn. Ask Mickey what he said because I can't print it. 
The instructor who is working with CHARLIE WILLIAMS, 
the sign-out man, always tries to give you one of the better 
"hogs", and is always saying they are going to get us ser- 
vice for the T-lot. The instructors are looking for new line 
instructors, so watch the bulletin board for the notice. ..All 
of the clerks miss BILL DONAHUE who is still off sick 
with an injured hip. They said the instructors are still 
cleaning up the leftovers from the clerk's dinner table... 
JIMMY AHERN of the repair department reports that ev- 
eryone should come out for the St. Patrick's day parade 


Complete a CTA change of address form 
to insure receiving your TRANSIT NEWS. 

- AitAux "P. "SucjtMt) 


Our Federal Credit Union held its annual meeting on 
Saturday, February 12, at the Foster Park fieldhouse where 
a good time was had by all that attended. ..We would like to 
wish the following operators a happy birthday: J. A. WINS- 
fellows, some get older and some stay young, like myself... 
The Amalgamated Transit Union will hold its annual con- 
vention in Las Vegas this year. If anyone is interested in 
attending, please contact Division 241 's financial secretary, 
JAMES PATE, so that he might know how many are plan- 
ning to go and can make the necessary travel and hotel res- 
ervations. ..Congratulations to Operator CLARENCE PRES- 
SLEY and his wife, GLORIA, on the birth of a baby girl, 
NICOLE DENISE, born on January 24 weighing 5 pounds 13 
ounces. This is their fourth child... Operator GUY STUT- 
TLEY and his wife celebrated their second wedding anni- 
versary the first week of March. Congratulations to both of 
you.. .WILLIAM E. PERKINS, the son of Operator H. BUR- 
KETH, was a recent graduate of Northwestern university 
and the recipient of theWoodrow Wilson Scholarship award. 
Our congratulations to you, William. . . SP5 KENNETH 
BURNS, the son of Operator CLAUDE BURNS, was recently 
discharged from the army after spending a year in Korea. 
Claude's other son, BARRY, and his wife, ELIZABETH, cel- 
ebrated birthdays in February. ..Operator EUGENE KEN- 
NARD is now home recuperating after undergoing surgery. 
..Operator JUDGE CARTER is now home recuperating from 
surgery. I saw two new student operators last week, so you 
fellows better hurry back... Operator EDWARD REAUX cel- 
ebrated his 45th birthday in the month of February. I be- 
lieve I have the number of years correct. ..See you fellows 
next month. How about some news. 

£(c«ju' (fteiiam 

MARCH, 1971 


-o O 

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oo ■> 


co O 


en H 

= > 

= C 

■^ -< 

< r> ro © 

-r -i o r> 


^1 «TT* T> *» 

r- 1) Z 

f z 

oi r: <: 
o Z"1 
►j — 
o < 







REPRESENTING 8,300 operating employes were five CTAers 
who recently took part in activities marking CTA's safest 
year-1970. Operating Manager C. E. Keiser congratulated them 
for their part in setting the new safety record and presented 
each of them with a memento of the record-breaking year. Shown 
in the picture are, from left, Janitor Patrick Hoban, Bus Opera- 
tor Joseph Kovatz, Mr. Keiser, Ticket Agent Mary Ritter, Con- 
ductor Lawrence Few, and Motorman Elton Williams. 

Operating Employes Feted 

A CELEBRATION is just what is called for when a 
record is broken — and the new public accident record 
set by CTA operating employes in 1970 is no excep- 

The year 1970 was the safest in CTA history. In 
fact, there were 1,265 fewer accidents than in 1964, 
the previous safest year — and that represents a de- 
crease of 9.5 per cent. 

CTA management was eager to show its apprecia- 
tion for this accomplishment and recently treated 
personnel at all 21 operating stations to free coffee 
and rolls. Each of the male employes involved was 
presented a tie clasp which can be worn with great 
pride. Female ticket agents were given CTA pens. 

The first to receive these safest year mementos 
were five CTAers who represented the 8,300 operat- 
ing employes. The group included a bus operator, a 
conductor, a motorman, a janitor, and a ticket agent. 
While making the presentation in the CTA Board 
Room, Operating Manager C. E. Keiser congratulated 
each one of the five CTAers individually and ex- 
pressed his personal thanks to all operating employes 
for setting a new safest year record. 

General Manager T. B. O'Connor expressed ap- 
preciation for establishing the new record on behalf 
of all CTA employes. Commenting on the steady 

downward trend in public accidents since 1948, he 
stated that setting a new record despite increasing 
traffic on city streets can be attributed to the training 
and skill of CTA personnel. "Judging by the accident 
statistics for the first quarter of 1971," Mr. O'Connor 
continued, "it looks like CTA is heading for another 
safest year. In these days of rising costs, accident 
reduction makes an important contribution toward 
holding expenses down." 

Contributing much to CTA's new safest year rec- 
ord were seven operating stations which made 1970 
their own safest year by beating their previous best 
year. On the surface system, the stations are 77th 
Street, Keeler, North Avenue, 69th Street, North 
Park, and Lawndale. On the rapid transit system, 
Ashland established its new safest year in 1970. Spe- 
cial plaques were provided for each of the seven sta- 
tions and were accepted on behalf of operating per- 
sonnel by the station superintendents. 

Surface System Shops 

Win Maintenance Award 

LOOKING WITH pride upon the Maintenance Efficiency Award 
which was won by the Shops and Equipment Department are, 
from left, G. J. Clark, superintendent of shops and equipment; 
J. W. Dain, superintendent of surface system garages; J. A. 
Rosendhal, superintendent of surface shops, and J. J. Rep- 
plinger, superintendent of surface system shops and garages. 

The award was presented by the editors of Fleet Owner 
Magazine, the nation's leading business magazine serving bus, 
truck, and automotive fleets. CTA received the award because 
bus maintenance efficiency continued to improve during 1970, 
in spite of the increasing age of its fleet which cannot be 
replaced because of a lack of funds for new equipment. 

OUR COVER: Displaying one of the new rapid transit baseball signs on a North-South route train is Transit Board Member and Chicago 
Cubs baseball star Ernie Banks. The two-sided signs, which are carried before all home games, include messages on an orange back- 
ground for Cubs games and on a blue background for White Sox games. 






Once again, Chicago Transit Authority will conduct a month-long 
campaign to acquaint employes with the benefits of purchasing U.S. 
Savings Bonds through the payroll savings plan. During the month of 
May, all employes will be contacted by a fellow worker and given the op- 
portunity to begin a savings program or add to their present program. 

The interest rate of Savings Bonds is now 5j% when held to matu- 
rity of 5 years, 10 months. This higher rate makes them more desirable 
than ever when they are held for a long-range savings goal. Savings 
Bonds are a convenient, painless way to save for your children's college 
education, to save for a new home or car, or to establish a retirement 
fund to add to your CTA retirement plan. The fellow employe who con- 
tacts you can provide information about the advantages of a long-range 
savings plan. 

The payroll savings plan makes it easy for you to save. CTA does 
the bookwork, and you reap the benefits. The amount you put into the 
plan each pay period is shown on your check stub as a "deduction", but in 
reality it is an allotment, payable to you with interest when you cash a 
bond. And you pay no State income tax on the interest you receive. 

I urge you to give careful consideration to this opportunity to sign 
up for the payroll savings plan or to increase your present allotment. 
Remember, U.S. Savings Bonds mean security for you as well as for your 

/T^^W^^ 7 

Take stock in America. 

Now Bonds pay a bonus at maturity. 

Medically Speaking 

by Dr. George H. Irwin 

MEDICAL STATISTICS show that emotions and func- 
tional or nervous disorders affect 70 per cent of the 
people in the United States in the course of a lifetime. 

An emotion is a strong feeling or internal impulse 
toward open action. Emotions may be divided into 
positive and negative groups. In the positive group we 
have love, hope, trust, courage, faith, joy, and opti- 
mism; most of which are beneficial to our health. In 
the negative group are greed, anger, disgust, grief, 
fear, jealousy, worry, and pessimism; which usually 
have a harmful effect on our health. 

Functional disorders include those conditions or 
illnesses which are emotionally produced. They do 
not cause tissue destruction, but their symptoms are 
brought about by abnormal physiology of our body. 
Organic diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis, and 
appendicitis are different because they do cause tis- 
sue destruction. 

Some of the common functional disorders are: 

1. Psychosomatic disturbances— indigestion, con- 
stipation, nervous diarrhea, colitis, many skin rashes, 
certain types of rapid heart, much impotence, nausea, 
nervous tremors, insomnia, and wet hands and feet. 

2. Hypochondriac— this person accumulates mis- 
eries, complains of aches, pains, weakness, and dis- 
plays self-pity. He takes many different medicines 
every day and often lives to a ripe, medicated old age. 

3. Chronic anxiety state— reasonable anxiety can 
often be a spur to proper behavior. If, however, it is 
carried to excess it will have a harmful effect on 
one's health. 

4. Depressions are characterized by fatigue, ap- 
athy, discouragement, self-blame, and a feeling of 

5. Ineffectiveness— people who fiddle their lives 
away, both mentally and physically, without accom- 
plishing any definite good. Many do not want the re- 
sponsibility of success and they are so afraid of fail- 
ure that they never succeed. 

6. Chronic sour dispositions characterize people 
who rarely smile or laugh, offer no boosts for others, 
and have "down" attitudes on most everything. 

7. The projectors generally say "You are not too 
hot yourself." They feel that everyone else is to 
blame. Fault-finding people project their own faults 
and then ascribe them to others. 

8. Eating disturbances are very common and are 
physically and emotionally handicapping. Obesity is 
four-fifths psychological. One-fourth of the popula- 
tion in the United States is seriously overweight. 
Compulsive eating and compulsive use of alcohol are 
on the same basis. 

9. Marital difficulties— although the majority of 
people marry, it can be a difficult adjustment. Mari- 
tal problems are similar for all human beings. A 
good marriage, however, makes for healthier adults 
and happier children. It requires constant, intelligent, 
and loving effort. 

10. Social and work problems— for example, how 
does man or woman meet society's prejudice against 
divorce ? Or a young woman adjust to widowhood ? 
What is a healthy attitude toward work, toward one's 
superior and toward a fellow workman? A good fel- 
lowship, teamwork, and unselfishness are the answer 
to many of these problems. 

11. Aging produces difficulties that are physical, 
psychological, and social. No one can deny or laugh 
off these real situations. Most people are never ready 
for old age and do not like to be handicapped by it, but 
as Maurice Chevalier says, "I certainly prefer it to 
the alternative." 

12. Intemperance— dependence on alcohol, tobacco, 
and drugs is increasing. This is because man mis- 
takingly is trying to find some tranquilizer to make 
him more comfortable. 

The treatment or management of functional disor- 
ders is an extremely complex one. Primarily, one 
must strive for better health, both physically and 

To achieve better health, the right balance of all 
our activities is very important. This can be accom- 
plished by the proper amount of work, rest, exercise, 
play, and general hygiene. At different periods in life 
these activities may have to be rearranged somewhat. 
In general, however, set up a program and stick to it. 

Next, one must learn to control the harmful emo- 
tions. This is difficult but it can be done through re- 
education, understanding, self discipline, and person- 
al adaptation to the realities of life. 

Most of man's difficulties are the result of per- 
sonal maladjustment and failure to make a complete 
readjustment to an entire situation. If intelligent con- 
trol is to be restored and maintained, the individual 
must first adapt to the circumstances of his life as 
they are and then to himself as he is. 

Once the decision is made and the adaptation or 
change started, it is easier to control emotions and 
make the necessary changes to better our living. 

The theory of re-education is this: just as an in- 
dividual can be physically retrained in new habits of 
walking or talking, so can he be retrained in new 
habits of thinking, feeling, and acting. 


Transit Board Approves Isabella Station Closing 

THE LIGHTLY- USED Isabella station on the Evanston 
rapid transit route was closed Friday, April 30, after 
the evening rush hour. Chicago Transit Board, in its 
continuing efforts to economize and improve service, 
authorized closing the station at the April 8 meeting. 

Less than 250 passengers entered the Isabella sta- 
tion on an average weekday, making it the weakest of 
CTA's 149 rapid transit stations. The 130 passengers 
per day who walked to the Isabella station are within 
reasonable distance of either the Linden or Central 
stations, each only two blocks away. Both have ade- 
quate capacity and better facilities for serving these 
riders. Their platforms have full-length canopy pro- 
tection. Furthermore, at Linden terminal riders may 
sit in comfort on a train while awaiting leaving time. 

Kiss-n-ride and park-n-ride passengers who rep- 
resented 40 per cent of the station's users could be 
accommodated at the Linden station, two blocks to the 
north, where CTA maintains a paved and lighted 
parking lot in which adequate space is available. 
Closing of the station will benefit the neighborhood by 
eliminating on-street parking by non-residents. 

Service was improved for the more than one-half 
million passengers per year who use Linden station 
and who were delayed twice each day by the stop made 
at Isabella to serve an average of only one passenger 
per train. 

About $15,000 per year will be saved in agent's 
wages, maintenance, heating, lighting, and power 
costs for starting and stopping trains. 

Suggestion Committee Names 28 Award Winners 

IN ITS report for the first quarter of 1971, the Em- 
ploye Suggestion Plan announced the adoption of 28 
suggestions which were submitted by CTA employes. 

Three employes who received cash awards of $25 
each for their accepted ideas were Chester J. Maje- 
rowicz, Engineering-West Shops; Ronald A. Seno, 
Transportation-Jefferson Park rapid transit, and 
Raymond Spatzek, Shops and Equipment-South Shops. 

Winning $25 cash awards for submitting their 
second adoptable suggestion within a year were two 
General Office and two Transportation employes: 
Mary Ann Bohat, Claim Department; Bernadette 
Kizior, Electrical Department; Raymond G. Frenette, 
Lawndale Station, and James R. Schumpp, North Sec- 
tion. All of the above cash award winners also had 
their choice of incentive awards— a $7 gift certificate 
or a lighter /tape rule set. 

Named for honorable mention awards because they 
submitted their first adoptable suggestion, making 
them eligible to receive either a Jewel-Osco gift cer- 
tificate or Zippo lighter/tape rule set, were: General 
Office— William Cline, Reproduction Services; Regina 
H. Daren, Medical; Garfield Francis, Photographic; 
Bernadette Kizior, Electrical; Mary A. O'Reilly, 
Claim; Arthur J. Pinelli, Office Services, and Harold 
J. Rowbottom, Traffic Planning. Shops and Equip- 
ment—John R. Kalinowski, Oscar A. Landor, and 
Frances E. Louward, all of South Shops; Martin Hen- 
nessy, Skokie Shops, and John J. Ward, Forest Glen 
Garage. Transportation-Surface— John J. Jearas and 
Walter Lemons Jr., both of Limits Station; Henry E. 
Farley, 77th Street Station, and John R. Tosch, Keeler 
Station. Engineering— William C. Chamerlick, Donald 
L. Johnson, and Donald L. Rouse, all of West Shops. 
Utility— John C. Miller, Blue Island. Transportation- 
Rapid Transit— James R. Schumpp, North Section. 


TAKING ADVANTAGE of the cost-savings afforded by traveling in a group, CTA employes have been enjoying 
vacations to scenic areas around the world for several years now. And for the aspiring globe-trotter, the 1971 

tour will certainly be no letdown. 


Number 4 

Published monthly by and for employes of the Chicago 
Transit Authority, under the direction of the Public 
Information Department. 

Robert D. Heinlein, Editor 

Mel Alexander, Editorial Assistant 

F. C. Knautz, Superintendent of Public and Employe Relations 

Annual subscription price- $2.00. Distributed free of 
charge to all active and retired CTA employes. Address 
communications to CTA TRANSIT NEWS, Room 742, 
Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago, Illinois 60654. 

The Orient is being considered for a 23-day tour 
in September. The itinerary includes stops in Japan, 
Formosa, Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and 

Active and retired CTA employes who are inter- 
ested in learning complete details about the Orient 
tour should write to Miss Jane Mitchell, Chicago 
Transit Authority, Merchandise Mart - Room 734, 
P. O. Box 3555, Chicago, Illinois 60654. 

APRIL, 1971 


ACCOUNTING (General) - 

We were greatly shocked and bereaved by the demise of 
CTA Board Chairman GEORGE L. DeMENT on Saturday, 
March 13. Our sympathy and condolences go to his family. 
Your scribe wishes to thank everyone in all sections of the 
Accounting Department for their contributions toward a 
memorial in his memory. . . Pensioner HARRY E. TANN- 
HAUSER of Revenue Accounting passed away on March 5. 
We extend our sympathy to his wife and family. It is still 
fresh in our memory that he came to this office to attend a 
retirement party and visited with his many friends. ..A wel- 
come back goes to HARRIET KRYZAN upon her return to 
work after having surgery. She is feeling better and looks 
well... A welcome back is also extended to VIRGINIA HAR- 
RER after her recent illness. ..HAROLD F. BROWN, as- 
sistant general accountant, spent a week golfing in Biloxi, 
Mississippi. His companions in this outing were JOHN 
O'CONNOR of Research and Planning, and PATRICK MC- 
CARTHY of Engineering. Part of the trip was devoted to a 
weekend in New Orleans. By the look on their faces as they 
returned to work they had a very good time. ..On her vaca- 
tion, GERI LA VINE spent five days in Curacoa. It is an 
island in the Dutch West Indies and probably the most pop- 
ular among tourists. The climate was ideal, never any 
higher than 83 degrees. Her stay there included some 
gambling in the casinos, a tour of the island, and shopping 
for some marvelous buys in jewelry, perfumes, and sou- 
venirs. We in this department wish to extend a farewell to 
Geri. She successfully passed tests and will transfer to a 
new position in the Stores Department. She will be a short 
distance from our area and we will still enjoy seeing her 
every day. ..On her vacation, STELLA CIEZADLO flew to 
Miami Beach, Florida, by Delta 747. Her companions were 
two cousins, JULIA and KATHERINE, and they stayed at the 
beautiful Golden Sands hotel for nine days, taking in the 
surrounding sights and enjoying the sun. They also stayed 
at Ocean 71 hotel and enjoyed the crystal clear pool and 
private beach. Then they spent some time in the Johnina 
hotel in Miami Beach enjoying these surroundings. From 
there they went to St. Petersburg, Florida, where they 
stayed five days at the Sunny Harbor motel, going out daily 
to take in the sights and enjoy the sunshine. That's a beau- 
tiful tan you've acquired, Stella. . . PHYLLIS WHITE suc- 
cessfully passed the tests for a new position in the Claim 
Department and will be leaving this department in a few 
weeks to take up her new duties. Good luck and happiness 
in your new position, Phyllis. 

- (/came "ptfjyevitd 

(Payroll) - 

Our deepest sympathy is extended to JOANNE STAS1 
whose mother, Mrs. HELEN PARIS, passed away on March 
11... One doesn't have to travel too far to discover inter- 
esting places; MARGE ORGAN found many unique antique 
shops in the picturesque town of Wilmot, Wisconsin, which 
is also noted for its ski resorts. Although Marge didn't 
participate in the sport, she was satisfied to be a spectator, 
and also enjoyed the quaint little restaurants in that area... 
KENNY took part of their vacations for relaxation and rec- 

reation and to enjoy visits with friends. ..We all are looking 
forward to spring and the warm weather which will enable 
us again to enjoy many activities in the great outdoors. 

- (Plan* ^turnout 


This has been a very sad month for a lot of people, but 
for me, they say when it rains it pours. First, WHITNEY 
YOUNG passed on and was a very close friend of my fam- 
ily, then CTA Board Chairman GEORGE L. DeMENT who 
was a friend of all of us at CTA, and then RICHARD GIL- 
MORE, the policeman who was slain, who was like a broth- 
er and was a former CTA bus operator at 77th Street. ..Two 
of the loaders at 95th and Dan Ryan are off sick, W. JOYCE 
and JOE LAUTERBACH. Here's hoping they have a speedy 
recovery. ..Supervisor J. W. CLAYTON retired on April 1, 
and MARTENS had a sign hung on him reading, "I'm num- 
ber one, at last.". .Operator BANKS goes out of his way to 
find checker players. The fellows in the train room at the 
"L" even call him champ. . .Supervisor W. CLAIBORNE 
really has something to crow about. His wife gave birth to 
a little girl, two months early, and wife and baby are doing 

Congratulations to GEORGE B. EVANS, CTA Security, 
and his wife who are the proud parents of a baby girl, 
KIMBERLY ANN, born on March 21. Superintendent 
GEORGE E. EVANS is the proud grandfather, and is ready 
to take her for a stroll in the park... Operator CLARENCE 
COWAN is on the commendation list again, and he is one of 
the best. He believes in practicing brotherhood week every 
day in the year. If everyone followed this rule and judged 
each man on his self-respect, this would be a better world 
to live in. Keep up the good work, Clarence. ..We express 
our deepest sympathy to Pensioner JOHN CASSIDY in the 
loss of his wife; to Operator B. BARNES in the loss of his 
wife, and to Operator BOB TIERNEY whose father passed 


Before I get into the news of the article, I would like to 
say something of "The Generation Gap." A generous dona- 
tion has been received for a memorial scholarship fund at 
Mississippi State College for Women in memory of THOM- 
AS J. STEPP Sr., who was the father of our own THOMAS 
STEPP Jr., locator, and the grandfather of nine. His ex- 
ample of love and generosity will never die. ..On February 
13, the Sharp Corner PTA of Skokie put on a play entitled, 
"We Did It for Our Kids." Involved in this spectacular 
production were Mr. and Mrs. JACK CHUNOWITZ and 
their daughters, and Mr. and Mrs. MIKE VITALE and their 
children. The presentation was a lot of work for everyone 
involved, but, as was the title, they did it for their kids... 
JOYCE VAUGHAN, age 13, the daughter of SAM and WIL- 
LIE MAE VAUGHAN, statementman and ticket agent re- 
spectively, won a special science award for her participa- 



tion in the John Shoop Elementary school science fair. Her 
project was entitled, "Drugs, It's Problems and Effects." 
Later, Joyce, along with other top winners, was selected to 
represent her school in the School District No. 18 science 
fair. . . How can a generation gap exist with people who 
care — care about their childrens' physical and mental 
health. Children do reflect their parents, and seeing this, 
it must not go unrewarded... Our annual DAI Credit Union 
party was a great success. Thank you, CHARLIE MARBLE, 
for doing the Polka with me. ..The best of luck, to TERRI 
KRAMER who has transferred to the Law Department. . . 
Congratulations to JOHN J. McGOVERN who now has an- 
other little grandchild, JEANETTE ANN LaFLEUR, who 
was born on March 8. This is his first granddaughter and 
he is a mighty proud grandfather. ..Speaking of people who 
should be proud, my dad, Limits Station Operator FRANK 
KOUBA, has a new addition to his family, JILL MARIE, 
who was born on March 16. This is his fourth grandchild. 

CONGRESS (Agents) - 

JAMES CLARK and his wife, ARMADELLA, became the 
proud and happy grandparents of a baby boy, CHARLES 
CLARK Jr., who weighed in at 6 pounds 7 ounces on St. 
Patrick's day. It was the first child for CHARLES and 
EMMA CLARK. By the time James is ready to retire, the 
little baby will be ten and an ideal fishing partner. ..We 
wish to extend our sympathy to the family of FRANK DDC- 
ON on the loss of their beloved mother, RUTH, for whom 
services were held in Macon, Mississippi. ..We were sorry 
to hear that Pensioner MARGARET NOLAN, our former 
co-worker, passed away. Since her retirement, Margaret 
has resided in Cedar Lake, Indiana... THOMAS FREEMAN 
and his family will cure their spring fever with a trip to 
Pine Bluff, Arkansas, where they have many friends. . . 
was born on February 10 and was baptized on Sunday, 
March 28, at St. James church in Arlington. The happiest 
and liveliest of all the guests was the baby's great- 
grandfather who is 94 years old. 

- (fulia SiauteA 


Hello to all from the CTA Police. Excuse us for being 
silent for so long. All the fine columns by scribes at other 
stations and departments give this rookie scribe plenty of 
good ideas to work with. We hope our news will be en- 
joyable. ..Our superintendent, A. F. STAHL, just got back 
from a vacation in the sunshine state. Retired Transpor- 
tation Department Superintendents KRAUSE, KERR, and 
ERICKSON were a few of the friends he visited at Bonita 
Springs and Ft. Lauder dale... Assistant Superintendent N.N. 
GRAVER claims his new golf clubs are red hot. Anyone 
for a foursome?.. Our sympathy and prayers go to RICH- 
ARD GISINER on the passing of his father, ARTHUR. ..De- 
tective SAM RINI hasn't had his electric organ for long 
and already he has gotten some offers from some big name 
places. But Sam has turned them all down; he refuses to go 
commercial. ..Organ music was the order of the day at St. 
Alphonsus church March 27 when EUGENE SPATARO took 
pretty LYNN ELLEN FLAMMINI for his bride. Happiness 
and good fortune to the newlyweds...KEN PERRY, the son 
of HOWARD PERRY, is on the dean's list at Illinois Insti- 


tute of Technology (it's OK to be on that kind of a list)...AL 
COOPER and GEORGE EVANS are the first CTA men to be 
sent through police school. They'll finish a ten-week 
course at the Chicago Police Academy April 24. Beginning 
will be attending the six-week course of the Illinois State 
Police Training Institute at Champaign-Urbana...The re- 
cent job training bulletin for our department resulted in 
applications from 144 men. Our thanks to all these men 
for their interest in the CTA Police. ..BRUCE HENDER- 
SHOT and JOHN FIRLINGER cleared up quite a few com- 
plaints when they made an arrest at Adams-Jackson in the 
Dearborn. Eleven victims signed charges... PAUL WAL- 
LACE and ROY SCHNEIDER arrested an armed man rob- 
bing the agent at 40th & Indiana. This arrest cleared up 
four other robberies on the rapid. ..WILLIAM JAQUEST got 
a letter of commendation from General Manager T. B. 
. O'CONNOR for his work in preventing the robbery of a cab 
driver on North Wells street. Congratulations to all these 
men on a job well done!.. Happy birthdays to HAROLD 
April 27, STEFF1C and LAATCH April 29, and DALE 
POTTER and RINI April 30. ..For benefits and good times 
join a police organization. See Sergeant TOM SULZER 
for the St. Jude League; Sergeant PETE GENUTIS for 
AMVETS - Police Post 18; Detective DAN MARTINIAK 
for the Fraternal Order of Police, and Detective PAUL 
WALLACE for the Illinois Police Association. South and 
Central unit men and footmen don't be bashful, send news 
about your areas to the office, in care of your scribe. 

ELECTRICAL (General Office) - 

The chill winds of March didn't bother MARIE HAVLIK 
because she, along with her mother and sister, RUTH, of 
the Schedule Department, vacationed in Hawaii. They vis- 
ited the Islands about a year ago, and no doubt found it just 
as wonderful the second time around. ..Happy to hear that 
DEL TOSH, chief power supervisor, is home from the hos- 
pital and recovering rapidly from his recent illness. ..TONY 

IN THE proud tradition of his family, ROBERT NORSTROM is 
now serving in the armed forces of the United States as did his 
father, VERNE NORSTROM, and grandfather, WALTER SIMON- 
SON. Pictured at a recent family gathering are, from left: 
KYLE KING, CAROL NORSTROM, Verne, Robert, Walter, 
Section foot collector. 

APRIL, 1971 


VAUGHAN, age 13, recently 
won a special science 
award for her participation 
in the John Shoop Elemen- 
tary school science fair. 
Her proud parents are SAM 
Claim Department state- 
mentman and South Section 
ticket agent, respectively. 

ANDREWS, engineering assistant and our all-around ath- 
lete, bowled a 604 series with his Tuesday evening league. 
This isn't too unusual for Tony who also does pretty well in 
baseball, football, basketball, and tennis. He is definitely 
not a spectator sportsman but is right in there where the 
"action is. "..Happy Springtime. 

- Xatf TKcAUiim 

(Blue Island) - 

Well here we are in the month of April — time for spring 
vacations. ANDY BOURNE and his wife, MARIAN, spent a 
week in Palma, Spain; Mr. and Mrs. CHARLES SCHUMAK- 
ER visited for two weeks in sunny California, and NELLIE 
and RALPH JOSSI traveled by car to Key West, Florida. 
Received a card from Pensioner J. WATERS who was vaca- 
tioning in San Jose, California... Our regular corned beef 
dinner in the Green Room at Blue Island was a huge suc- 
cess. In attendance were: O'SAUVE, O'MATUSZEWSKI, 
O'ARDUINI, O'FRIEDL, O'CANNUCI, and one colleen, 
father for the third time. His daughter, MARY LOU, pre- 
sented him with a granddaughter, KAREN ESTHER, on 
March 6. The proud father is STANLEY KORSGREN. A 
baby boy, ALLEN LEE AUSTIN III, was born on March 18 
to ALLEN and KAREN AUSTIN. Congratulations to all of 
you. ..They say every little bit of news helps, so everyone 
take note and keep those notes coming in. ..Our deepest 
sympathy to PETER CALIFF and his family in the loss of 
their son, JAMES P. CALIFF, in Viet Nam. ..Until the next 
issue, keep that news coming. 

- TOOUoM TSeidct 


April showers bring May flowers, and also bring a new 
reporter to the Transit News staff. Your new "Snooper- 
Scooper" is LINDA LE MONNIER, a stenographer in the 
Engineering Department. I will be taking over as reporter 
for CAROL BRADAC who resigned from CTA last month 
and is presently attending beauty school and really enjoy- 
ing it. Good luck, Carol. Please bear with me on my first 
few writings for the Transit News, as I am a little inex- 


perienced at this sort of thing. ..I would like to take this 
opportunity to welcome DARLENE JANSEN to this depart- 
ment. She is the new posting clerk taking over where Carol 
Bradac left off. She came to the Engineering Department 
from the Purchasing Department where she was a clerk- 
typist. I hope you will be happy here Darlene. . . PAT 
FLYNN, who was temporarily assigned to the Engineering 
Department, has now been permanently assigned as a clerk- 
typist. Pat is presently doing part of her work in the pres- 
ence of the Drafting Section where she has been tagged with 
the nickname Giggles, for very obvious reasons. ..Our Civil 
Engineering Section was really out vacationing this month 
starting with PAUL SWANSON and his wife, INGE, and their 
two-year old son, SCOTT, who left Chicago's cold weather, 
drove for two days, and arrived in Bradenton, Florida, 
where they were greeted with 80 degree weather (what 
more could you ask for). Among their activities were: 
swimming in the Gulf and soaking up the sun; visiting 
Ringling Brothers Circus museum and grounds; hitting a 
few golf balls, which is Paul's favorite sport aside from 
girl watching, and touring Busch Gardens in Tampa. They 
mainly "bummed around" for a week but enjoyed every 
minute of it. ..CHESTER (Rusty) RUSAKIEWICZ and his 
wife, MARY, spent a week in California visiting their son, 
ROBERT, who is stationed at Travis Air Force Base. To- 
gether the three of them toured Sacramento, Fairfield, and 
San Francisco. Along the way they visited the Napa Valley 
wineries where they named themselves the official tasters; 
they took a ferry boat ride on the San Francisco Bay, a bus 
tour of the Muir Woods, and just enjoyed every bit of the 
beautiful sunny weather. Rusty and Mary returned home to 
Chicago on one of United's 747's which was really a thrill 
and an enjoyable experience. . . PAT MCCARTHY spent a 
"hilarious" week vacationing in New Orleans, Louisiana, 
and Biloxi, Mississippi. Pat, along with HAROLD BROWN 
and JOHN P. O'CONNOR, drove there and back together. 
They spent their entire vacation golfing and eating sea food. 
He said their stay there was hectic, but every minute of it 
was great. Fore!.. JOHN B. (Jack) O'REILLY sold his 
house this month in Evergreen Park, Illinois, and is now 
back in Chicago renting a large apartment. He said the 
reason for selling his house was so that he could have more 
free time to play with his granddaughter, CHRISTINE. 
Good luck in your new apartment. ..We are all sorry to hear 
about JIM JOHNSON'S loss. We know Jim will greatly miss 
his gall bladder. Seriously, Jim, we all hope you will be 
back on your feet real soon and back to work. Also, a con- 
cerned get well wish to FRED PETRINO who was suddenly 
taken to the hospital on Monday. Hope it's nothing serious, 
Fred.. .We were all sorry to learn that HELEN LOFTUS 
passed away on April 6, 1971. She had just left Real Es- 
tate on a disability pension on April 1. Our condolences to 
her husband, WILLIAM J. LOFTUS, and her family. She 
was well liked and will be missed by her many friends. 

(West Shops) - 

First on the agenda for this month is to mention a long 
forgotten item that should have been in the January issue of 
the Transit News. PATTY GILL, painter foreman, and his 
son attended the Cotton Bowl football game in Dallas, Tex- 
as, on New Year's day. Sure sorry about that Patty, but 
better late than never. Now you can send this article to 
Ireland like you had planned to do in the first place. . . 
Bricklayer PAT DOYLE was recently blessed with number 
seven, a fine baby girl. Congratulations are certainly in 
order. . .We're glad (smile) to see Laborer GENE REID, 
better known as "the mouth" of West Shops, back to work 



after being off quite some time recovering from a recent 
operation. .. Recent vacationers are: GEORGE JERALD, 
carpenter, who enjoyed a lovely two-week vacation in 
Florida; BILL HEFFERNAN, track foreman, spent one 
week at home helping his wife convalesce after having a 
recent operation, and WILLIAM HASKINS, assistant steam- 
fitter foreman, vacationed in Florida for three weeks. . . 
Once again the annual Engineering Department retirement 
party is upon us. This year the event will be held Friday, 
May 7. Those of us who did not attend in recent years be- 
cause the event was held on a Thursday night, will not have 
to miss out this year. The party will be held in the Pea- 
cock Room, 6146 W. Cermak road. Cocktails are served 
from 6 to 7 p.m., and dinner will be served at 7 p.m. Din- 
ner will be family style with plenty of variety for everyone. 
There is also dancing after dinner with music provided by 
a lovely orchestra. So CTAers let's support our 14 re- 
tirees being honored for their many years of faithful ser- 
vice to the company. 

- ^c«da £c7H.auUei & THatf (fatto* 


Men, please take notice of our yardman. He is none 
other than WOODY OWENS, a fine gentleman who can give 
and take a joke.. .A surprise party was given for DANIEL 
MOLINARE of Park Ridge by his children, Mr. and Mrs. 
and his six grandchildren. Daniel retired on January 1 af- 
ter 27 years of service. ..I've noticed that some of our de- 
pots have a "Clerk of the Year." Well, we here at Forest 
Glen will place Clerk PHIL MANGAN up for our station. 
This is one clerk you have to see to appreicate. His smile 
is from ear to ear, and he is letting his hair get a little 
long in the back. Along with operating small train sets at 
home, he has gone into bus building on a small scale. ..Wel- 
come home, STEVE PANTOS. This young man is the son of 
one of our outstanding bus operators, CHRIST PANTOS... 
Operator PONDEL got all the way to work and discovered 
that he had the wrong hat on, so it meant a round trip for 
the old boy. Anyway, he made it back on time. Pondel, 
please check yourself a little better after this... Super visor 
BILL LANE was spotted, again, trying to take over the 
janitor's job. Keep it up, Bill, and you will be named su- 
pervisor of the year at Forest Glen. ..A happy birthday to 
C. LAST. I'm not sure if you said 49 or 59, but do try and 


NEURAUTER, Forest Glen, 
proudly displays the 333 
pound blue Pacific marlin 
he caught while deep sea 
fishing at Kona, Hawaii, on 
March 7. It's difficult to 
say who was thrilled the 
most; Rudy, or his wife, 
EILEEN (Murph), of Public 


shine your shoes more often... Superintendent EARL PE- 
TERSON would like to thank all the men for their safe op- 
eration. Keep up the good work men, Mr. Peterson will be 
happy to get coffee for us again. Also, thanks to the credit 
union for the rolls last time. Let's make them cough up 
again... Speaking of our credit union, the fellows are willing 
to help. Vacations are coming up, so drop in and pick up 
some extra cash... Super visor "Sweet Lips" LOFTUS will 
be on the terminal board for a month, so be kind to the old 
man. Operator LAST and myself (WILBUR) would like to 
say thanks for inviting us over for a bite to eat. But, fel- 
lows, if you ever stop at his lovely home, you will have to 
eat in the gar age... Operator WEISS will be leaving us on 
May 1. He plans to ride the buses giving advice to all the 
operators.. .Very happy to have GENE BOHANNON back af- 
ter being off for a few months due to illness. Gene is now 
a loader, and looking very healthy... Operator TOM MEA- 
GHER has finally purchased his first new car. ..HERBERT 
SCHMIDT hasn't had any new grandchildren lately. He says 
the more the merrier, at least it keeps him young. 

- Til. A- "Zurnf nwiiLiw 

GENERAL OFFICE (Employment) - 

DONALD RIESS, interviewer IV, and his wife enjoyed a 
17-day package tour by flying to such countries as France, 
Italy, Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands. They also 
traveled by bus and rail to various cities, and Don got in 
one day of skiing in Switzerland. ..LYNN HARRER, employ- 
ment clerk II, is still on the sick list as of this writing and 
we hope to see her back at work soon. 

(Insurance) - 

ANTOINETTE (Toni) MISETIC, receptionist, is confined 
to Passavant hospital, and we wish her a speedy recovery. 
Get-well cards would be greatly appreicated...The welcome 
mat was extended to FRANCES CALPIN, temporary re- 
ceptionist, MARGE HOLMES, hospitalization clerk I, and 
IRENE HERMAN, hospitalization clerk 11. ..Congratulations 
are in order for PAT AUGDAHL who was promoted to hos- 
pitalization clerk II. ..Best wishes to TERRY MNICHOWICZ 
who left the company to await a blessed event. 

(Treasury) - 

ROD HEFFERNAN, assistant to the treasurer, is the 
proud owner of a new Ford station wagon. ..Treasurer C. H. 
GRUBE and his wife drove to Mobile, Alabama, for a vaca- 
tion and to visit with their son, EDWARD, who is a teacher 

(Employe Relations) - 

Wedding bells rang for SUSIE STENZEL, clerk-typist, 
when she became Mrs. LARRY MUCHA on April 17 at St. 
Cornelius church. The reception was held at Sokol hall... 
GERRY McMANAMON, file clerk, flew down to Albany, 
Georgia, with his mother and brother to be present at the 
wedding of his brother, VINCE, who is a lieutenant in the 

(Training & Accident Prevention) - 

What a coincidence! Mrs. FABRY, clerk-stenographer, 
and her husband, RICHARD, took delivery on their new 
Oldsmobile Cutlass on St. Patrick's day. Its color — lime 
green... JAMES TRETTON, safety inspector, and his wife 
celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary on February 22 
with a visit to the French Quarter in the Palmer House... 

APRIL, 1971 


of the retired April 1 
were the four em- 
ployes pictured here 
who had 40 or more 
years of transit ser- 
vice each. 

45 Years 


AARON T. AUSTIN, Painter "A", 

South Shops, Emp. 7-30-51 

Forest Glen, Emp. 1-27-34 

West Section, Emp. 11-29-56 
JOHN W. CLAYTON, Supervisor, 

District A, Emp. 1-24-34 
GEORGE A. FISHER, Schedule Maker, 

Schedule-Traffic, Emp. 9-7-24 
CHARLES W. FRANK, Ticket Agent, 

South Section, Emp. 3-1-29 
FRANK GOEDE, Conductor, 

North Section, Emp. 6-15-43 

West Section, Emp. 1-19-51 
REINHOLD E. HIRSCH, Machinist Leader "A", 

South Shops, Emp. 4-12-46 
JOHN J. KALKA, Operator, 

Lawndale, Emp. 8-24-37 
ALFRED C. KOHLER, Towerman, 

North Section, Emp. 10-12-45 

Skokie Shops, Emp. 7-17-46 

Keeler, Emp. 6-15-25 
JAMES B. McDERMOTT, B Electrician, 

Electrical, Emp. 9-3-47 


Archer, Emp. 11-7-33 
MART US MYERS, Operator, 

North Avenue, Emp. 12-19-40 
NEWTON J. MYERS, Operator, 

Limits, Emp. 4-7-43 

Archer, Emp. 7-1-42 
ANDREW SCAFIDI, Bus Serviceman, 

North Avenue, Emp. 9-5-41 
JOSEPH S. SIMEL, Bus Repairer, 

Beverly, Emp. 5-10-42 
FRANCIS R. SMITH, Instructor, 

77th Street, Emp. 10-25-26 
EDWARD A. WEISS, Operator, 

Forest Glen, Emp. 5-5-42 

Congress, Emp. 3-15-44 
WILBUR WILLENIUS, Bus & Truck Foreman, 

South Shops, Emp. 7-13-25 
JOSEPH F. ZARUBA, Service Truck Chauffeur, 

Utility Division, Emp. 4-1-47 



West Section, Emp. 10-26-57 

Engineering, Emp. 11-22-46 

Skokie Shops, Emp. 2-11-46 
JESSE F. SIMS, Sr., Operator, 

Beverly, Emp. 7-23-52 

ERVIN HARRIS, training aide technician I, turned" out to be 
a supersalesman for the girl scouts in their recent cookie 
selling campaign. Erv sold 70 boxes of cookies... Speaking 
of supersalesmen, ART HUBACZ has enrolled several men 
of Irish descent in the Polish Legion of American Veterans. 
What's the inducement, Art? 

(Reproduction Services) - 

A luncheon was held on March 25 at the M&M Club for 
MARYANN DAUKSHIS, typist II, which was attended by her 
co-workers. She became Mrs. TIMOTHY TRACEY on 
March 27 at St. Philomena church with the reception at The 
Lido. Maryann's sister, SHARON HAMILTON, a former 
CTA employe, was one of the bridesmaids. 

(Medical) - 

Birthday greetings were sent to ARLENE PURALEWSKI, 
clerk II, who became 21 years of age on March 28. 

(Executive) - 

AILEEN MADDEN, typist, and her husband, JAMES, of 
the Insurance Department, flew down to Florida for a 
week's vacation in the sun. 

(Public Information) - 

Aloha! The NEURAUTERS are back to work in a swing- 
ing mood. MURPH and her husband, RUDY', bus operator at 
Forest Glen, came home from the Hawaiian Islands. After 
touring the islands which included Molokai this trip, they 
again went sport fishing off the Kona Coast on the charter 
boat, Kakina, with the best skipper on the island, John 
Honl and his assistant Tioni Judd. If there is a big fish in 
this area John will find it. Rudy proved to be a good fish- 
erman when he pulled in a blue Pacific Marlin measuring 
over ten feet long and weighed in officially at 333 pounds. 
You can bet they have picture-proof plus that special 
"glow" when the word "fish" is mentioned... The welcome 




mat was extended to MIKE CUSACK who transferred from 
North Park to become the assistant sales manager in the 
Charter Section. .. Also welcomed to the department was 
MAUREEN O'REILLY, clerk-typist, who transferred from 
the Claim Department. 

(Research & Planning) - 

Off to Tel Aviv, Israel, at noon on a Thursday and back 
again at his desk the following Thursday morning, a 14,000 
mile round trip for a six-day visit! Who else but our lit- 
erally "far-out" superintendent, GEORGE KRAMBLES. 
Called there for consultation by the State of Israel, Mr. 
Krambles tells us that Tel Aviv is ready for a high-speed 
subway and coordinated bus-rail system, and where better 
could they come than to Chicago to find out how to do it? 
They'll even have a section in the median of a planned ex- 
pressway, a la Congress, Dan Ryan, and Kennedy. Reports 
are that the climate is great, the food delicious, the people 
knowledgeable and industrious. While Mr. Krambles 
worked on both the Sabbath and Sunday and kept a judicious 
distance from the Golan Heights, the Jordan River, and 
Sharmel Sheikh, he did not fail to pay brief respects at the 
holy places of the Christians, Jews, and Moslems in Jeru- 
salem. ..JOHN O'CONNOR, together with PAT MCCARTHY, 
structural engineer, and HAROLD BROWN, assistant gen- 
eral accountant, all piled their golf clubs in the old jalopy 
and drove off to Memphis, Tennessee, for the start of a 
week's vacation. All that weight in the car must have trig- 
gered the blowout they had en route, and using all of their 
combined skills they managed to change the tire (amazing!). 
After that little episode, they drove to New Orleans and 
took a few rides on the streetcars. Many memories are 
brought to mind when riding one of those old cars. They 
also visited numerous points of interest in the French 
Quarter, and, believe it or not, the three little devils vis- 
ited the cathedral. From New Orleans they went to Biloxi, 
Mississippi, where they had the best time of all doing what 
they liked best — golfing. All of them came back with a 
slight sunburn, and John has inherited the name "Flakey" 
because his bald head keeps peeling all over the place. All 
kidding aside though, we're glad they had a nice time. Wel- 
come back!. .No decent husband would make his wife cook 
on her birthday, so NORMAN OSWALD took KATHLEEN 
out for an evening of wining and dining at the Millionaires 
Club. A belated happy birthday wish to you, Kathleen. 


Ah April — the month of cleanup, paint up, fix up, and 
clean out for that income tax. A little boy asked his 
mommy if it was fact that we came from the dust of the 
earth. Mommy replied, "Yes dear, that's what the Bible 
tells us." The little boy said, "Well mommy, I looked un- 
der the bed this morning and someone is either coming or 
going." And thereby lies the tale, fellows. Already I have 
painters cramps and I'm still working too slowly for a 
certain lady who granted me the privilege 33 years ago on 
April 27 of sharing my name. So, VIRGIL, congratulations 
on snagging such a wonderful prize as me...Garageman ED 
MCDONNELL and his wife, AGNES, made a parlay of 19 
years on April 19. Congratulations, kids. ..Bus Serviceman 
WILLIE ELLIS Jr. blew out his birthday candles on April 
25. ..Bus Repairman JOHN KOHMAN and his wife, STEF- 
ANIE, became proud parents on March 6 when a daughter, 
DENISE, was born. .. Repairman RICHARD HARTMAN's 

JONES, the seven-month old 
doughter of SHIRLEY 
JCNES, West Section ticket 
agent, and DOYER JONES, 
bus operator, 69th Street 
Station, seems to be enjoy- 
ing her thumb more than 
being photographed. 

lovely daughter, KAREN, became a very grown-up ten 
years old on March 23. ..Sorry we can't have more cheerful 
news about two more of our good repairmen, as CHARLES 
BOWMAN has been hospitalized and really missed by all of 
his co-workers, and likewise KEN SANDRK. . . Almost 
fluffed this one— LAWRENCE HOUGHLAND became a 
proud papa of a baby girl on February 27. I didn't get a 
cigar, that's why it's belated.. .It was good to have Instruc- 
tor JIM HENDERSON around Keeler for a few days, long 
enough to inform us that JIM Jr. and his new bride, GALE, 
are honeymooning in Miami. ..Not to be upstaged, Instructor 
CHARLEY WEYER entered greetings and happy returns to 
his wife, LORRAINE, April 12. Poor Chuck hopes April 12 
is correct. .. Operator J. CARSON is no April fool as he 
birthdayed on April 2, and his twins, JAMAL and JEROME, 
shared a one candle cake on April 8... Other April good 
guys are: Operators VALTIERRA, FILIPEK, HODGE, 
WISCHLER. Many, many more birthdays to all you fellows. 
..A little late, but sincere verbal bouquets to Operator OTIS 
HAMPTON and his lovely wife, ADDIE, March 14, who 
marked the first milestone in, we hope, a long, long chain 
of marital remembrances. ..Of course we all can't be as 
fortunate as GEORGE and FLORENCE HAAK who just re- 
turned from their annual deep sea fishing vacation off the 
Florida Keys. ..If any of you fellows happened to notice a 
shortage in your paycheck, be advised that our paymaster, 
JOHN POPE, also spent a two-week vacation in Florida... 
Vivacious GLORIA really could ignore April 21 even though 
it is her birthday. It just doesn't show, Gloria. Incidental- 
ly, Gloria is the wife of Operator WILLIAM TABORN...In 
case you aren't familiar with our elite janitorial staff, be 
informed that all three men have picked the same jobs 
and SY GOLDMAN. We lost relief man E. KONKEY to 
Forest Glen where he became the No. 2 man. George 
Levenberger just finished remodeling his home, and we are 
all anxiously awaiting the housewarming invitation. ..Now, 
good people, the next half hour of reading will be devoted to 
our custodial impressario, ERWIN ZIELKE. Until last 
month, Erwin had never made our column — so now he's 
making up with a vengeance. First, Erwin and his wife, 
MARY, celebrated 38 years of wedded bliss February 15. 
Mary also birthdayed on March 27. His son, E. W. ZIEL- 
KE, was promoted to chief salvage agent foi the Milwaukee 
Road on February 1. Ah, good old transportation. His 
grandson, DONN DIX, of Wheaton, enlisted in the air force 

APRIL, 1971 


THIS PHOTO taken in 
September, 1944, shows 
SHERIDAN in the doorway 
of an old Chicago Motor 
Coach double-decker bus. 
Russ is now a bus operator 
at Forest Glen Station, but 
Al resigned from the CMC 
before its acquisition 
by CTA. 

and is now stationed at Lackland Air Force Base in San 
Antonio, Texas. Granddaughter LORI SUE and her hus- 
band, GARY CLEM, made Erwin a great-grandfather on 
March 15 when 6 pound 11 ounce CHANDRA LEE CLEM 
was born. Not to be neglected, his nephew, JOHN MORGAN, 
who resided in Schaumburg, Illinois, enlisted in the air 
force reserve and left for Lackland Air Force Base on 
April 12. Meanwhile, over in Palatine, Illinois, another 
nephew, RICK KRABBEN HOFT, also got into the act by 
enlisting in the naval air corps at Glenview, Illinois. So, 
Erwin Zielke, if you think you haven't received equal cov- 
erage by now — SUE ME!. .Our good and just boss man, Su- 
perintendent R. W. CHRISTIAN, along with the instruction 
staff wishes to thank the stalwart men of Keeler for their 
magnificent safety efforts in the past. However, guys, don't 
let up on those efforts... Well, gang, I know how you feel 
after receiving those Easter bills plus that tax heartbreak, 
but just bear in mind that money is like fertilizer — it's not 
good unless it is spread around. 

- £n*u4t (?. (JWct 


I received a post card from Pensioner JACK WILLIAMS 
who's down in Florida. In the past year, Jack has traveled 
over 26,000 miles, and he may even travel more this year. 
..Operator J. RICHARDSON and his lovely wife are cele- 
brating their 39th wedding anniversary, also Operator and 
Board Member W. REYNOLDS and his wife are celebrating 
their 24th wedding anniversary. Congratulations to you 
both... Opera tor R. CARTER is in the Northwest hospital. I 
hope by the time this issue is out he will be back at work... 
Don't forget your credit union, save a little each payday 
and help another in need. 


Lawndale mourns the recent passing of CTA Board 
Chairman GEORGE DeMENT and we pay tribute to a fine 
and dedicated personality... Former Assistant Superintend- 
ent STANLEY BITEL stopped by the other day and chatted 
awhile with the fellows, looking like the picture of health 
and still sporting his debonair smile. ..Congratulations to 
Operator and Mrs. STERLING MARTIN on the birth of a 


daughter, KEISHA LINEA, on March 20, weighing 7 pounds 
2 ounces. ..Former Chief Clerk HERBIE BYERS was re- 
cently a passenger on my bus. He was on his way to see 
JOE NOLAN about the upcoming annual credit union meet- 
ing... I recently received a call from the wife of Pensioner 
JOHN HALVEY who said she had seen John marching down 
State street in the St. Patrick's day parade. However, Mrs. 
Halvey didn't recognize the man marching next to her hus- 
band. He was none other than Janitor EDDIE KAWCZYN- 
SKI... Former Operator GEORGE PERKAUS stopped by to 
see a few of his old buddies. It was nice seeing you again, 
George. ..Operators BOB WEST and PAUL SPENCER vis- 
ited the 1971 Automobile Show and came out owning their 
own new cars. ..Happy birthday this month to: W. ALLY- 
W. WALKER. ..Mr. and Mrs. BILL RUDDLE are happy that 
their son has returned from Germany and will be stationed 
in Texas... Well that's all for this month. Remember, play 
everything with safety. 


Welcome to our new station superintendent, L. M. 
KEAG. May your stay with us be a long and pleasant one. 
Mr. Keag assumed his new post on March 1... Supervisor 
F. HENDERSON is back on the active list after being off 
for four months due to illness. .. FRANK PRADZ1NSKI is 
back in the hospital again after a relapse from his old ill- 
ness. We all hope that this time you will have a complete 
recovery... AMBROSE PANICO is now working as a clerk at 
Limits Station. He reports he likes his work very much... 
Operator STAN DEMGE became engaged to a lovely girl by 
the name of JANET recently. The wedding will take place 
on June 26. Congratulations ! ..The officers of the Limits 
Credit Union wish to report that all shares in the credit 
union are now fully insured up to $20,000. ..We were all 
saddened by the untimely death of CTA Board Chairman 
GEORGE L. DeMENT; he will be greatly missed by all. 
Though he has passed away, his contributions to the trans- 
portation industry will live on. Our sincerest sympathy to 
his family... We also extend our sympathy to the family of 
Pensioner J. HUBER who passed away last month.. .Pen- 
sioner CARL LEAF, formerly a motorman with the old 
Surface Lines, celebrated his 92nd year of life recently. 
He is now living in the Swedish Covenant home located at 
Foster and California avenues... Super visor JOSETTI be- 
came a grandfather for the sixth time when his son and 
daughter-in-law, DAVID and KAY JOSETTI, presented the 
family with a baby girl, DEBORAH SUE. 

- tS. S. Bum* 


Gang Leader STEVE CUNNINGHAM'S Loop cleaning 
crew certainly keeps our stations looking spick-and-span. 
The windows at Madison and Wells are a joy to behold, 
thanks to DON L1BERKO, Steve's No. 1 window man. Don 
started his vacation on April 11 and said he plans to have 
fun right here in our own city. ..K, McKENNY and M. 
NOLAN had a box-seat view of the St. Patrick's day parade 




from their booth at State and Lake... We are glad to have 
CZYK back off the sick list. All three girls are looking 
great.. .JOHN FILIPEK and HERB SAFFRAHN are still off 
sick, but we hope it won't be too long before both are com- 
pletely recovered and will join us again. ..CECYLIA ROPA 
has been missing from our assignment office and we have 
missed hearing her voice over the phone. We hear that 
she is in St. Elizabeth hospital and we wish her a speedy 
recovery. Hi, from everyone, Ceal, we miss you. ..JULIE 
MATTRAN has left the hospital and is recovering from her 
recent surgery at home. She wishes to thank everyone for 
their cards and calls during her hospital stay. Hurry back, 
Julie. .. Welcome to all our new assignment agents. We 
wish all of you success in your new jobs. ..Welcome to new 
agents MADISON PALMER, LAURA WAYNE (a law student 
at Circle Campus), and BARBARA MALLORY, a former 
ticket agent who left but decided to return after the birth of 
her lovely baby daughter... Another new agent, JOHN AN- 
DERSON, had a birthday on April 11. Many happy returns. 
. . Belated birthday greetings to ARTHUR JEFFERSON, 
February 27. You don't look a day older, Art. ..You could 
never tell by looking, but Agent BILL PFEIFFER is an old- 
timer with CTA. Bill celebrates his 25th anniversary with 
the company in April. Congratulations, Bill, on you those 
years look good. ..Agent SHIRLEY TERRY will graduate in 
June from Chicago State Teachers college. Good luck, 
Shirley, we know you will make a fine teacher. . .Agent 
PEGGY HAYMON has entered the Windy City Beauty Pag- 
eant. If wishes can make it so, you have the crown, Peggy. 
..On March 15 at 9:23 p.m. in Presbyterian-St. Luke's hos- 
pital, a tiny infant weighing 7 pounds 5 ounces entered our 
world. This birth made GABE BARNES an uncle for the 
9th time; 3 girls and 6 boys. Gabe's sister, the mother of 
the baby, gave him the privilege of naming her son. His 
choice was LA RON DONNELL. Quite original, Gabe. . . 
GEORGE JARREL, our friendly maintenance man, took 
off in March to visit his daughter and family in Florida. 
George works hard, and we hope he enjoyed a good rest and 
had a good time on his vacation. 

DOROTHY ADLER became a grandma for the first time 
last summer and was so proud. Now it seems she is going 
to catch up with the rest of us in a hurry. Her son and 
daughter-in-law are expecting a second child shortly, and 
her daughter is anticipating a September arrival. Dorothy 
plans to visit her daughter, who resides in California, when 
she starts her vacation in October. She can hardly wait for 
the blessed event to happen. ..It was great visiting with old 
friends we hadn't seen in a long while at the union meeting 
on March 23. Some of us had a cup of coffee and a great 
many laughs together before the meeting.. .Since the death 
of Richie the Rodent, MARY GALLAGHER has settled down 
and is calm, cool, and collected once again. JUNE BAREK- 
MAN is a little lonely though — she misses her little pet... 
Your co- reporter, MILDRED DOYLE, had the pleasure of 
visiting with Retired Superintendent LEO BIEN. He asks to 
be remembered to all and wishes to convey his thanks for 
the retirement gifts and expressions of friendship he re- 
ceived. .. Agent SHARON LOVE will take her vacation in 
June, and if all goes well, she has plans for a trip to sunny 
California... We all hope that SLIM HOLMES is progressing 
nicely. Everyone misses him and wishes him well... We 
hear that Superintendent J. P. HALLAHAN will be vaca- 
tioning very soon. We hope he will have a nice restful holi- 
day. . . Belated birthday greetings to the following: JOHN 
FILIPEK, February 26; JULIE MATTRAN, March 20; Jani- 


tor J. DOOREY, April 27; DOROTHY PARKER, March 14; 
CANDY CARR, the granddaughter of WILBUR STRASSER, 
is also one year older, and MINNIE DIKEMAN celebrated 
her birthday along with St. Pat on March 17. Here's hoping 
you all enjoyed many happy returns of the day. . . MARY 
OHNESORGE is home from the hospital and doing very 
well. Hope to see you back soon, Mary. ..Congratulations to 
letters of commendation. A pleasant and kindly attitude 
with the passengers pays off every time. Good work, girls. 
..Welcome to new Agent WENDELL VINES. We hope you 
will enjoy being one of us... DAVID ALLEN is the new gang 
leader of the cleaning crew in the Dearborn subway and is 
doing a great job. Keep up the good work, David, and much 
luck in your new job. .. Student Agent JOHN DeSTEFANO 
will graduate in June from DePaul university. John plans 
to live in Washington, D.C., and will be employed at Peat, 
Marwick, Mitchell and company, the largest CPA firm in 
the world. John will be working in their tax department. 
Congratulations and best wishes for a bright future from 
all your CTA friends and co-workers. .. Many happy and 
peaceful years in the future is our wish for Janitor CAMP- 
BELL who retired on April 1. Keep in touch with us, John, 
and tell us what you are doing. ..At this time of year there 
are so many people on the sick list, we find it hard to get 
all the names in our Transit News. We do wish you all well 
and hope you will all be up and around before this issue 
reaches you... To all our friends, please send us some 
news. Tell us where you plan to vacation, etc. We will 
certainly appreciate all contributions. Keep smiling. 

- TKiUud Z>«fa & IK*** TVitled 


Spring is sprung! Vacations have been picked and ev- 
eryone is making plans. Don't forget to let your reporters 
know how you're going to spend those hot, sweltering sum- 
mer weeks. Not only are we interested, but so are your 
fellow employes. ..It's great to see LOUISE DREWS back to 
work and looking as healthy as ever. Louise wishes to 
thank everyone for their cards and good wishes. It sure 
makes being sick a lot easier when your friends remem- 
ber you.. .Assignment Agents MIKE TOBIN and CECYLIA 

celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on April 30 with mass 
at St. John De LaSalle Catholic church. Gene formerly worked 
as a District "A" supervisor and retired on July 1, 1957. His 
son, TIMOTHY O'ROURKE, is a court assistant in the Claim 

APRIL, 1971 



ROPA are both on the sick list. Hope to see them both back 
to work soon. We all miss hearing the familiar tune of, 
"Assignment, Tobin", and "Assignment, Ropa.". .Although 
we try to keep this column as unsensational as possible, we 
could all use a little spice in our monthly reading. How 
about a murder? Yes, friends, Richard the Rodent, that 
friendly little terror from LaSalle and Van Buren has been 
murdered by the hands of one of our fearless janitors. Just 
a warning to the rest of you rodents at the CTA — watch out 
whose feet you get under. . . JIMMIE SEYMOUR is home 
from the hospital recuperating. Hope to see her back with 
us soon... Congratulations to M. MURRAY, M. MATTHEWS, 
A. CONNOR, A. RAY, and E. JOHNSON who were picked to 
qualify for the assignment agent pool. Good luck to all of 
you. I'm sure you'll love it once you learn what it's all 
about. ..EARL GILBERT is still in the hospital after suf- 
fering a heart attack. Hope to see him back to work soon... 
Welcome to all the new agents and to re-hired Agents 
SARAH KETTER and BARB MALLORY. It's good to have 
you both back with us again... Assignment Agent LILLIAN 
CULLINAN celebrated her employe holiday on St. Pat's 
day. It's bad enough Lil gets to be off on the feast of ol' 
St. Pat, but to be born on July 4, too? Lil, that's what we 
call a dirty patriotic turkey bird trick. We won't hold it 
against you, though. You just have as great a day July 4 as 
you had on your employe holiday ... Student Agent GARY 
STUPKA finally got his new car. It's a '71 Pinto and we 
hear he's very pleased with it. ..Superintendent RALPH De- 
MARIA is back to work after his long stay on the sick list. 
We're all glad to see him back... It should be made known 
that the picture Agent GRAGIDO has been showing everyone 
is the winner and first runner-up of the KATY MORIARTY 
look-alike contest of 1966. Those pictured were FANNY 
and FLORENCE FARKLE, not lovely Katy Moriarty and her 
ravishing sister, KAREN, as he claimed them to be. ..MARY 
ANN JOSETTI, the daughter of HOWARD JOSETTI, and the 
niece of Motorman DAVID JOSETTI, was married to AR- 
THUR SMITH on March 27. We wish them lifelong hap- 
piness. ..BADER MOHAMMAD'S sister, ADELAH, was mar- 
ried on March 21. Student Agent JIM HENDERSON was 
married on March 27. Congratulations to both young 
celebrated their first anniversary with the CTA. Hope you 
both enjoy many more years with us. ..Our sympathy is ex- 
tended to Janitors FRANK and LAWRENCE DDCON and 
their family on the death of their mother. ..Best wishes to 
STANLEY KAULES Jr., the son of Collector KAULES, who 
has joined the naval air corps reserve. Stanley Jr. left for 
Great Lakes Naval Base on March 19, leaving behind a very 
proud father. . . FRED FRIEB spent his 25th anniversary 
with CTA enjoying the day with his son in Mc Henry. . . 
HELEN CHRISTNER is home from the hospital recupera- 
ting. Helen's son was in an auto accident on his way back 
to Great Lakes and ended up in the same hospital with 
Helen. Both are doing fine now and we hope to see Helen 
back to work soon. ..Six month old TANYA MARIE FLOW- 
ERS, the daughter of Collector FLOWERS, is quickly learn- 
ing the ways of a woman. Not only does she want every- 
thing she sees in the store, but now she wants dad to let 
her get her own credit card. Keep up the good work, Tanya. 
..While on his walking campaign across town, Republican 
candidate for Mayor Richard Friedman visited ROBERT 
KLUCZYNSKI at Western on the Douglas. ..Our sympathy to 
the family of Pensioner MARY MARGARET NOLAN who 
passed away March 25. ..ED RHODE spent his one-week va- 
cation in Bellview, Michigan, visiting his mother and broth- 
er. Ed had a great time and, as always, just hated to come 


back. Ed recently purchased a new half-ton Chevy truck. 
He now has a '65 station wagon for sale. Interested? Call 
NA5-0413. . .How about a '69 Olds 442 for a mere $2200? 
Call 348-8288. Now that we've got our want ads in, anyone 
interested in some advice? 

MARY GALLAGHER has returned from her vacation in 
Ireland. She has promised to bring back a husband the next 
time she goes there. ..Collector VERNE NORSTROM and his 
wife, LORRAINE, celebrated their 24th wedding anniversa- 
ry on February 22. Congratulations, and we hope they have 
many more years together. ..LILLIAN CONROY and GENE- 
VIEVE HARDING took their pensions on March 1, and we 
all wish them a long and happy retired life. ..PETER GUR- 
ETZ has returned from his vacation in Peru, South Amer- 
ica, with a nice tan and looks very rested... Former Student 
Agent DONNA RICKSON told us she is planning to get mar- 
ried soon.. .Former West Side Agent CHRISTINE STUPKA 
is now an assistant biology laboratory instructor at the 
University of Illinois Medical Center where she is studying 
pharmacy. ..Janitors R. HARRIS and JOHN CAMPBELL took 
their pensions on April 1. Don't get too bored, boys, you 
can always help around the house. Here's hoping you both 
have a long and happy retired life. ..FRED FRIEB bought 
his first new car, a 1971 Rambler Hornet, and says it is 
real great. ..VIRGINIA TOTCKE has returned to work after 
being off for three weeks due to a respiratory infection... 
Glad to see NANCY THOMAS back at work after a long ill- 
ness. ..Still on the sick list are ELEANOR HASBRO UCK and 
EARL GILBERT. Hope they are well soon as we miss 
them.. .BETTY RUSSO returned to work after having sur- 
gery, but had the misfortune to slip on the ice and hurt her 
back, so she was off for another week. Here's hoping she 
stays healthy in the future. ..SUE MATTHIEU went into the 
Mayo Brothers Clinic on March 10 for a checkup. ROSE 
PATELLARO went there with her. Sue also celebrated her 
anniversary with CTA in February. ..Some time ago, Con- 
ductor DUTKIEWICZ flagged down a Central Electric Rail- 
fan special at Irving Park Station, and received a good 
scolding from the supervisor in charge. Dutkiewicz was 
the trip director, and had missed his own trip — so he 
flagged the train.. .HELEN CHRISTNER had to go to Cali- 
fornia on business in February and said she could still feel 
the effects of the earthquake. Helen decided to stop in Las 
Vegas on the way back, and came home smiling, contented, 
and happy. She not only won money, but a husband besides. 
She was married to FRANK KRALJ on February 17. Con- 
gratulations to the lucky couple, it couldn't have happened 
to a nicer girl. ..Your co-reporter, GRACE MOUNTS, and 
her husband attended the North-South annual Credit Union 
meeting on February 14 and won $5 again. They also at- 
tended the Ice Capades in March and had a wonderful time. 

- tyuiu I/twit* & "Kate/ TK&Uairfif 


The following news item comes from Operator JOE 
CABAY. Former North Avenue Switchboard Operator RAY 
STRATTON, better known to us as Red or The Governor, 
suffered a mild stroke during the middle of January. After 
a four-week stay in the hospital, he is now home recuper- 
ating. Ray is looking forward to returning to his regular 
post as information clerk at the Mart. He says hello to all 
of us at North. We extend to him our greetings and best 
wishes for a speedy recovery and hope to be honored with a 
visit by him at our station soon. . . The Repair Depart- 




LUDWIG ALTVATER, 90, North Section, 
Emp. 8-28-18, Died 2-14-71 
Emp. 3-11-26, Died 2-12-71 
EDWARD A. BRION, 89, Statistical, 
Emp. 9-1-11, Died 1-1-71 
CLIFFORD M. BURKE, 70, Congress, 
Emp. 7-24-45, Died 2-1-71 
HOMER D. CALDWELL, 84, Kedzie, 
Emp. 6-6-14, Died 2-12-71 
PRINCE H. CAMERON, 65, 69th Street, 
Emp. 1-20-44, Died 2-7-71 
FRANK T. CHARD, 65, Archer, 
Emp. 4-3-43, Died 2-13-71 
PETER CORRIDON, 78, Forest Glen, 
Emp. 10-20-26, Died 2-3-71 
JOSEPH E. CUCULICH, 69, 77th Street, 
Emp. 2-8-28, Died 2-2-71 
GEORGE L. DeMENT, 67, Transit Board, 
Emp. 7-2-63, Died 3-12-71 
CHARLES DEVINE, 70, North Avenue, 
Emp. 8-16-23, Died 2-5-71 
JAMES J. DONNELLY, 68, North Section, 
Emp. 8-30-26, Died 3-1-71 
ANTHONY J. DRAPP, 64, Wilson Shop, 
Emp. 11-26-43, Died 3-1-71 
FRANK EARLEY, 83, Devon, 
Emp. 10-1-18, Died 2-16-71 
THOMAS E. FRANCO, 85, South Section, 
Emp. 2-15-45, Died 2-6-71 
HERMAN R. GEISLER, 74, Kimball, 
Emp. 2-7-40, Died 2-25-71 
JOHN GENTILE, 67, Track, 
Emp. 5-26-41, Died 2-22-71 
MARK A. GIER, 69, Claim, 
Emp. 2-27-41, Died 2-9-71 
DONALD GILL, 78, North Park, 
Emp. 7-9-18, Died 2-8-71 
ALFRED HAAS, 73, North Avenue, 
Emp. 3-27-43, Died 1-10-71 
DOUGLAS G. HALLBERG, 64, North Avenue, 
Emp. 2-1-36, Died 2-18-71 
JOHN J. HENNELLY, 84, North Section, 
Emp. 11-21-12, Died 2-17-71 
JOSEPH HODYS, 64, West Section, 
Emp. 12-28-26, Died 2-13-71 
WILLIAM F. JACKUSAK, 82, West Shops, 
Emp. 7-31-18, Died 2-11-71 

CAROLINE V. JOHNSON, 79, Shops & Equipment, 

Emp. 2-4-19, Died 2-10-71 
JOHN S. LANGE, 65, Forest Glen, 

Emp. 6-24-29, Died 2-22-71 
GEORGE MALIK, 61, 69th Street, 

Emp. 3-23-42, Died 3-26-71 
DANIEL MALONEY, 69, North Park, 

Emp. 11-20-25, Died 2-18-71 
JOHN P. McCULLOUGH, 67, Archer, 

Emp. 10-15-28, Died 2-26-71 
JOHN MCDONALD, 69, Cottage Grove, 

Emp. 3-30-26, Died 2-3-71 
MICHAEL F. McNICHOLAS, 67, North Avenue, 

Emp. 9-19-42, Died 2-27-71 
WALTER F. McNICHOLAS, 74, 69th Street, 

Emp. 1-13-20, Died 2-21-71 
PATRICK McPOLIN, 79, 77th Street, 

Emp. 12-30-19, Died 2-10-71 
JOHN M. MUELLER, 73, North Park, 

Emp. 2-3-20, Died 2-27-71 
JAMES P. MURPHY, 58, Electrical, 

Emp. 11-9-36, Died 3-31-71 
JULIUS C. NEBER, 74, Devon, 

Emp. 3-2-20, Died 2-4-71 
MATTHEW J. O'CALLAGHAN, 63, 69th Street, 

Emp. 8-18-37, Died 2-19-71 
PETER OLISZEWSKI, 89, North Avenue, 

Emp. 2-2-21, Died 12-10-70 
JULIA B. O'TOOLE, 78, North Section, 

Emp. 5-17-40, Died 2-11-71 
FRED J. RADDATZ, 78, South Section, 

Emp. 11-1-17, Died 2-21-71 
CHARLES J. ROUBIK, 84, Beverly, 

Emp. 2-14-23, Died 2-17-71 
JOSEPH SAMELAK, 82, West Section, 

Emp. 3-3-19, Died 1-29-71 
NOBEL A. SHELTON, 71, West Section, 

Emp. 1-22-45, Died 2-12-71 
JOHN T. SMYTH, 84, Beverly, 

Emp. 10-6-09, Died 2-22-71 
JOSEPH THOMPKINS, 59, South Shops, 

Emp. 8-8-41, Died 2-14-71 
GEORGE E. WEICHBRODT, 79, North Section, 

Emp. 4-2-13, Died 2-20-71 
EDWARD B. WRIGHT, 88, Insurance, 

Emp. 5-11-43, Died 1-31-71 

SWEENEY were on the sick list, but we are happy to report 
they are back with us now... Operator BILL DIGIOIA joined 
the ranks of the pensioners March 1. He hopes to spend 
the rest of his life fishing. MARY, his wife, may have dif- 
ferent plans such as having him help make that delicious 
homemade spaghetti and sausage that Clerk BILL PINASCO 
tells us about. Bill, we wish you a happy retirement and 
let us hear from you. ..AH of you would-be private eyes 
step forward; Pensioner HANS HABBESTAD needs your 
help. He got a very lovely card from a man named Dan who 
mentioned that he had not been working since 1963, but who 
had evidently been a friend of Hans from the CTA. The 
card came from the Norwegian Coast. During his years 
with the company Hans knew many Dans but can't figure 

out who sent this card. Hans and his Mrs. are enjoying 
their retirement and send their regards to all. We re- 
ceived a letter from another pensioner, our old friend 
BILL ECHOLS, who is also enjoying his retirement. He 
says hello to all... DAVID AMOS and his father, Operator 
AARON AMOS, will be happy to have wife and mother, 
CATALINA, home from St. Bernard hospital where she has 
been since early March. They expect to bring her home 
soon and we hope that by the time you read this she will be 
in tip-top shape again. ..RUDY GOODE of South Shops is 
building a mechanical horse. It is going to be jet powered 
and have wheels at the bottom. It will also have turn sig- 
nals at the rear. I understand he is building it for Hopalong 
Cassidy, sometimes known as BILL KOSEK, because Bill 
has complained that his horse is too slow and the feed bill 

APRIL, 1971 



is too high. We are awaiting the day when the mechanical 
horse will be presented to Bill. He is urging Rudy to hurry 
so that he can ride it in the Polish Day parade at Humboldt 
Park. Rudy was also seen at the United States Patent Of- 
fice; could it be that he is planning to put it on the market ? 
..We were all saddened by the death of CTA Board Chair- 
man GEORGE DeMENT. CTA lost a fine and dedicated 
man. Switchboard Operator LOU DRAPP lost his brother. 
Pensioner MICHAEL McNICHOLAS passed away late in 
February. Clerk TOM HICKEY lost his mother-in-law. 
We extend our deepest sympathy to their families. Softly 
and tenderly Jesus is calling... My wife has a birthday April 
20. She plans to celebrate it by having surgery at West 
Suburban hospital. ..Pensioner ALFRED HALE visited North 
to say hello to all his friends. He and his better half cele- 
brated their golden wedding anniversary recently. Al, the 
neat dresser with the bow tie and the friendly smile, was 
73 years old on March 23. Many happy returns, Al. He is 
in fine health and works a part-time job. ..We hope all of 
you had a blessed Easter. And to our boys on the battle- 
fields, may the message of Easter, hope, victory, and peace 
be with you; we all pray that very soon these blessings will 
be a reality.. .And now to your "Inner Sanctum" reporter, 
Switchboard Operator WALTER BLIX... The month of March 
seems to be the month when some of the nicest people cele- 
brate their birthdays, so here are very belated greetings 
to just a few. They are: Clerks BOB (The Storyteller) 
MAN, the very sweet young lady who is the mother-in-law 
of Superintendent BILL MOSER; Mrs. KOCAR, the wife of 
Instructor MARVIN KOCAR; our own better half, VIRGINIA 
BLDC, and last, but not least, we'd like to stray all the way 
over to Lawndale Station and extend these wishes to Clerk 
ED McDERMOTT and send him our best wishes on his re- 
tirement April 1. Ed was always a swell person to work 
with and our association goes all the way back to the days 
when both of us worked for the old Chicago Motor Coach 
company. Good luck, Ed.. .That red carpet that is used for 
VIP's at North Avenue has been getting a workout lately. It 
was used to welcome DON LEMM as our new night super- 
intendent. Glad to have you with us, boss. I'm sure all of 
us will try not to give you too much trouble. We also wel- 
comed back Chief Clerk FRED MURBARGER who was on 
the sick list for a good while. A very welcome visitor to 
the office was Retired Instructor SCOTTY McINTOSH. He 
is a picture of health and is undoubtedly enjoying his re- 
tirement. Many is the tongue-lashing we got from Scotty 
while working on the old red cars. To be sure, they were 
well earned, but we remained friends. ..If any of you old- 
timers happen to drop around the station for a" visit, be 
sure and drop in the office and ask Superintendent BILL 
MOSER to show you the enormous picture he has that was 
taken back in 1923. It shows hundreds of motor men and 
conductors who worked at North Avenue at that time. Per- 
haps you'll be able to help identify some of these old- 
timers. The picture was taken just outside the station with 
bays 1, 2, and 3 as a background. ..End of "Inner Sanctum" 
news... Pensioner JOE HIEBEL and his wife, CATHERINE, 
report that they are having a ball at Miami Beach with 75 
to 80 degree temperatures. 

- TVdLam TKittUma. 


WALTER G. LINDBERG has returned to work after 
being confined in St. Francis hospital for surgery. ..To the 


following employes goes our deepest sympathy and con- 
dolences: Janitor JOHN McCONVTLLE and his sister, 
Agent BETTY FIFE, on the death of their father March 5; 
Collector JOE GOLDBERG on the death of his brother; 
Janitor HENRY DILLON on the death of his brother, and 
Agent M. HICKEY on the death of his father. Our prayers 
are with each of you. ..Your scribe wishes to thank each and 
every one of you for the many phone calls and cards which 
I received while in the hospital and the visits and kindness 
of my friends while at home. ..ED PLATH has returned to 
us off the retirement list. Welcome back, Ed. . . Happy 
birthday to Agent H. BARNES, January 17; A. LUCKY, 
December 31, and Agent LORRAINE ORR who celebrated 
on March 28. . . Collector REYNOLDS' son is home from 
service after having been wounded several times. . . Col- 
lector JOE GOLDBERG and his wife, BEVERLY, took a 
vacation to New Orleans. Joe said they really had fun at 
the Mardi Gras...Do any of you watch Channel 26 on 
Sunday evenings ? If so, look closely and you may see 
someone you know. . . At this writing Agents WARDEN 
sick.. .West Side Ticket Agent EARLE GILBERT wishes to 
express his sincere thanks to all his many friends on the 
North Side for the calls, cards, and gifts. Earle, as I un- 
derstand, is out of the hospital, but in a convalescent home. 
..Belated birthday greetings to Supervisor HUBBARD on the 
Howard southbound platform. .. Clerk J. FORTE also had 
another candle this year. . . Sorry, fellows, Supervisor 
HARRY HORN has finished his training for instructor and 
is now utilizing all his spare time to qualify as a line su- 
pervisor. Good luck, Harry. ..My husband, GEORGE, wishes 
to thank his friends for the calls, cards, and visits. He's in 
Forkosh hospital and we hope he'll soon be home.. .Vacation 
time is starting, so how about a few items for our paper. 
We all like to read the news about our fellow employes. 
Leave it at Kimball Station or Howard Street Station, or 
call me on Ext. 480, North Side, 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. 

- 7<«* Watte 

OPERATIONS (Transportation) - 

Congratulations are wished to BRUNO and STELLA 
GORSKI who celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary on 
March 17. The gift Bruno gave his wife was a trip to Flor- 
ida and the Bahamas, and since he couldn't accompany her, 
his daughter, LINDA, and one of her girl friends went 
along. They drove to Florida and flew to Nassau where 
they stayed for seven days. Shopping was a must and they 
enjoyed every minute of it, and even brought something 
back for dad. They went swimming every day and came 
home with a beautiful tan. The weather was wonderful and 
they all had a great time... At the end of March, JACK and 
WANDA KRAUSE came to the Windy City, Chicago, for a 
short stay and to visit with their many friends. Wanda cel- 
ebrated her birthday by going to dinner with Jack, BOB and 
JUNE QUETSCHKE, and yours truly. We had a wonderful 
time. Incidentally, Wanda was hobbling around with the aid 
of a cane. No, it's not from old age, but from a mishap 
suffered when she fell and tore the ligaments in her knee. 
The next time she visits TOM and DOROTHY SCREEN, I 
hope she stays off those two-wheeled objects. Happy birth- 
day, Wanda, and we wish you a speedy recovery. 

(Traffic Planning) - 

RICH and NANCY JOHNSON are now the proud owners of 
a 1971 Delta Oldsmobile. The car is gold and white with an 




all white interior, which ought to keep Nancy busy trying to 
keep it clean. Good luck with the new car. 

(Utility and Emergency Service) - 

NORBERT GEWELKE recently vacationed in the land of 
sunshine. Yes, Florida was the place where he relaxed and 
enjoyed the scenery on the beach. He ventured out to Gulf- 
stream one afternoon, but evidently didn't do very good as 
he didn't go there again. We're happy to say that he had a 
good time. ..We received a card from ED KENNEDY who 
was staying at Winter Haven, Florida, which happens to be 
the training camp for the Boston Red Sox. Ed went there to 
see his son preparing for the forthcoming baseball season. 
..MIKE, the son of JIM ROCHE, is now wearing the uniform 
of the U.S. Army and is stationed at Fort Lewis, Washing- 
ton. Good luck, Mike. ..We're happy to see that WALTER 
RAKAUSKIS and LARRY HEISE are back to work after 
being off sick. We wish a speedy recovery to RICHARD 
O'GORMAN who is presently off sick and is now home re- 
cuperating. . . We extend our condolences to BOB CASEY 
whose brother recently passed away. 


Hello, and a happy spring to all of you...DAGMAR Mc- 
NAMARA, Purchasing, looks so healthy; and what with the 
gorgeous weather she had while vacationing in the Caribbe- 
an we can understand why. She tells us with glee that she 
had an extremely joyous trip. Miami Beach was the first 
stop where she and her companions spent ten days . Two of 
her companions, by the way, are CTA employes, JANE 
MITCHELL of Executive and La VERNE SCHULTZ of Of- 
fice Services. They left from Port of Miami on the ship 
Boheme for a luxurious seven-day cruise. Dagmar shopped 
in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, with intentions of a brief 
visit with Mr. and Mrs. McCARTER, formerly General 
Manager of CTA, but because of a late arrival she was 
unable to do so. They continued on to San Juan, Puerto 
Rico. Rough waters prevented them from landing in Haiti; 
however, it was said by them that "the cruise is the thing" 
and a wonderful time was had by all. What a lovely way to 
spend a vacation, Dagmar... What wonderful news. Your co- 
reporter, CATHY RASCHICK, Stores G.O., and HARRY 
CLOUGH became Mr. and Mrs. on March 9. They had a 
very lovely reception at the Red Lion in Steiger, Illinois, 
which included family and close friends. A one-week hon- 
eymoon followed. They viewed the White House in Wash- 
ington, D.C., visited Arlington, Virginia, and parts of 
Maryland. Much happiness is extended to this couple in 
their future years together... DARLENE JANSEN, Purchas- 
ing, has transferred to the Engineering Department and 
will certainly be missed. You are close enough to visit us, 
though, Darlene. . .GEORGE LINDEN, assistant divisional 
storekeeper at Skokie Shops, is all radiant on hearing he 
will be a grandfather! His son, ALLEN, and his wife, 
LYNN, (nee Klopp, formerly of the Insurance Department), 
are awaiting the arrival of a child sometime in October. 
You'll have to come to the Mart to pass out cigars when the 
baby arrives — and bring along some Tiparillos for the 
ladies, George... On the other side of the city is located 
South Shops; and there, sitting at her desk typing away is 
JACKIE McLEAN, typist I, who is also awaiting a visit 
from the stork in the very near future. Jackie will be 
leaving the Stores working force in April, and at this time, 
we want to say she will be missed by many of her co- 


workers. The very best to you, Jackie, and to your hus- 
band and also the new addition to your family... JOHN C. 
WILLIAMS, laborer, Storeroom 20, Blue Island, is the hap- 
py father of a bouncing baby girl, DENISE, who weighed in 
at 6 pounds 5 ounces. She entered the Windy City on Feb- 
ruary 27. Much happiness is extended to this very happy 
family... That's all the news for this month, folks. We hope 
to hear from many of you next month. 


Our sympathy to the family of FRANK BENANTI on the 
passing of his father, GIOVANNI. ..Condolences to CHARLES 
TUCKNOTT, Congress, and his family whose two-year old 
son passed away. ..Best wishes for a long and healthy re- 
tirement are sent to C. WIECHOWSKI, Congress, who re- 
tired on April l...We hope C. GUSICH is happy in his new 
job as repairman at Wilson. ..A. LONG paid his old friends 
at Congress a surprise visit. ..Our sympathy to BEA SUS- 
MAN of Skokie on the passing of her dad. ..Wishes for a 
speedy recovery are sent to G. GRILLAERT, Congress, 
who had seven ribs broken when he was attacked during a 
holdup.. .Glad to see C. CARPENTER, Wilson, J. LaROSA, 
Howard, and J. HOFFSTAD, Howard, back to work after 
being on the sick list. ..Welcome to C. DUNLAP Jr., new 
repairman at Wilson, and to FULTON NEALY Jr., new car 
serviceman at Dan Ryan. ..CTA American Legion Post 1216 
had their annual birthday party. Leading the festivities was 
Post Commander JOHN CANNELLA, supported by J. 
JANDT, and D. WITTENBERG. . . Early spring vacations 
were enjoyed by W. THORNTON, Dan Ryan, G. KLEIN, 
Wilson, and M. NETZEL, Linden. 

- Say StjeofeA 


GRANT GREENE, shopman, is confined to St. Francis 
hospital in traction due to a pinched nerve. ..GEORGE LAR- 
SON, shopman, and HARRY MINGEE, painter, retired on 
April 1. We will all miss you, so please stop back to see 
us many times. ..We welcome ANTHONY COLUCCI, elec- 
trical worker, back to Skokie Shops after his tour of duty in 
the navy... WILLIAM BUERGER, electrical worker, is back 
to work after being off a few weeks due to illness. Wel- 
come back, Bill. ..RALPH KEMPE, tool maker, reports a 
beautiful trip to Hawaii with his wife. This is their second 
trip. Good thinking, Ralph, go while you are young. . . 
ANDREW HODOWANIC, machinist, was off work a few days 
with a sore back. Nice having you back, Andy. ..Welcome to 
JOSEPH BOLECH, our newly appointed superintendent of 
rapid transit shops and terminals. Nice having you as our 
leader, Joseph.. .ALYCE MAY, clerk II, was off for three 
days due to the flu. Nice to see you back, Alyce... VICTOR 
KREMER, electrical worker helper, returned to work after 
a three week stand of sickness. Happy to see you back, Vic. 

Sutnctt £. ShqIomC 


A long career in the transit industry started September 
7, 1924, when GEORGE FISHER joined the Chicago Surface 
Lines staff as a mail clerk in the Treasury Department. 

APRIL, 1971 



October 29, 1925, marked the date George decided the 
fresh air to which a Schedule Department traffic checker 
was exposed was the thing for him. From that position, 
George progressed to schedule clerk in 1928, to supervisor 
of schedule clerks in 1943, and to schedule maker in 1945. 
On April 1, 1971, George retired from his schedule maker 
duties and will follow through on his arrangements to re- 
turn to his boyhood haunts in Pennsylvania. He and his wife 
will be at home in Hollidaysburg where the fish had better 
swim deep or they will be hooked by George. May you have 
a long healthy leisure, George. ..W. P. DEVEREUX is home 
from the hospital convalescing. We are looking forward to 
his return to work... WALTER SCHWEINFURTH moved. He 
thought he would try the North Side for a change. ..Sympathy 
of the department is extended to PHIL LEAHY, schedule 
maker, and RAY NOAKES, supervisor of traffic checkers, 
on the deaths of their fathers. We also extend sympathy to 
BERNIE KINCANNON on the death of his young grandson. 


Before I start my news, I want to express my shock over 
the sudden death of CTA Board Chairman GEORGE De- 
MENT. With his many accomplishments during his career 
he has done so very much for the CTA and all of us. He 
would attend our annual reporter's dinner and we all got to 
know him. He was so friendly and cheerful to all of us. 
Our sincere condolences to his family. He will be missed 
by all CTAers. . . Hope everyone is enjoying spring this 
year. She sure was welcome after our long cold and windy 
winter.. .A big hearty welcome back to two of our former 
employes who decided to return and were re-hired: Con- 
ductor THOMAS ANDERSON (former switchman) and Agent 
CHARLOTTE BRENT. . . Passing out cigars and smiling 
from ear to ear was Motorman JOSEPH DOYLE whose 
wife presented him with a baby girl named VICKIE JO, 
born on March 16. This makes three girls for the happy 
Doyle family. ..It sure was good to see Pensioned Foot Col- 
lector RAY NORMAN who stopped in at Ashland to pay us a 
visit recently. He says he feels good and is getting along 
fine. ..Our sympathy goes out to Chief Clerk JIM MARTI- 
NEK whose brother passed away recently... Back to work 
after being on the sick list are Conductors ALFRED 
BRAGGS...We have a poet in the person of Agent JOHNIE 
McDONALD. She was a guest lecturer for two classes in 
creative writing at Quigley South school recently. She en- 
joyed it very much and the students asked if she would 
come back again soon... Greetings to newly-hired Conduc- 
COOPER and WANDA McCORKELL, and transferee from 
the Surface System as an agent, JAMES RICHARDSON... 
Retired Clerk JOHN MORAN dropped in to see all of us not 
long ago and he looks just wonderful and is enjoying his 
pension... Hubby ROLAND and I wish to thank the Metro- 
politan Credit Union for inviting us to their annual meeting 
and dinner at Nielsen's restaurant on March 13. They had 
a huge crowd and served smorgasbord, and were there 
goodies to eat! Yummy! We enjoyed the evening very 
much. . . Yard Foreman FRANK CALPIN is sure proud of 
his youngest daughter, FRANCES, age 20, who just started 
to work in the Employment Department in the Mart. Best 
wishes, Frances, on your career with CTA. .. Motorman 
RICHARD BROWN is now working temporarily as a clerk 


on the North Section. ..Congratulations to Conductor JOHN 
KALTSAS and his wife who celebrated their 25th wedding 
anniversary on April 1... Clerk ROBERT MORTON decided 
to resign and has gone to work for Sears, Roebuck & com- 
pany. Good luck and best wishes in your new career... On 
the sick list are Janitors HAROLD STEDMAN and ALFRED 
HARRIS. Here's hoping they have a speedy recovery so 
they can come back to work soon.. .Receiving a passenger 
commendation recently was one of our champion passenger 
commendation receivers, Conductor JOHN DANEK, who 
was commended for the clear manner in which he calls 
stations, and also Clerk JOE BRENNAN for helping to find 
a woman's purse. ..Our pensioners sure are living in all 
corners of the world. I received a long letter from Retired 
Yard Foreman ELMER STEVENS and his wife, CHAR- 
LOTTE, from Queensland, Australia, where they are liv- 
ing. They have bought a home and just love living in Aus- 
tralia. They and their children are all well and have never 
been happier. The last few months they have had a lot of 
rain and also a cyclone, but the only damage they had was 
to their banana palms and hibiscus bushes, but the weather 
is fine now. They go swimming all the time. They have a 
baby kangaroo named Bambi who is only 17 inches long and 
about three months old. They said he is sweet and gentle. 
Elmer and Charlotte said to tell all their old friends hello 
and send us their best regards. ..The BOB ROESINGS, su- 
perintendent of Agents and Janitors, are spending a week's 
vacation down in Miami Beach. They are also planning to 
take a boat over to Freeport in the Islands. That sure 
sounds like fun. 

- 1/euta "?fa>Uiutf 


Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. ED McELDOWNEY, 
Material Controls and Office Procedures, whose daughter, 
RITA, was runner-up for the Irish Queen in the St. Pat- 
rick's day parade. ..Congratulations to the winners of the 
golf outing raffle: 1st prize, a color TV, to ELMER LAX- 
STROM, Material Control Section; 2nd prize, \ gallon of 
liquor, to LEO LIZAK, and 3rd prize, \ gallon of liquor, to 
AL GASICK. . . TED PIETRUS and his wife just returned 
from a two-week skiing trip in Boulder, Colorado. .. The 
fellows in Area 312 would like to extend a hearty welcome 
back to work to JOHN PROVENZA who was off sick for 
some time... Area 31 8 's BOB FUHRMAN is back on the ac- 
tive list after a nine-week illness. Welcome back, Bob... 
Area 321 extends its deepest sympathy to CLARENCE 
PIPOWSKI, upholsterer, on the loss of his wife. ..FRANK 
SOLURI's wife is still hospitalized recovering from sur- 
gery. We all wish her a speedy recovery. .. TONY VID- 
MONT of the Upholstering Department recently celebrated 
his 63rd birthday and had a few friends and relatives over 
for a suckling pig dinner. Everyone had a fine time, al- 
though the grandchildren wouldn't eat the poor little pig... 
Mechanic RON BLAIR, Area 336, would like to wish much 
happiness to his daughter, BARBRA, and new son-in-law, 
LEROY, who were married on March 27. Barbra and 
Leroy are both 21 years old... The South Shops was beau- 
tifully represented at the West Shops annual reunion dinner 
dance. A few of the honored guests were: Mr. and Mrs. 
GEORGE CLARK, Mr. and Mrs. TED PIETRUS, and Mr. 
and Mrs. AL HAAS. Those attending were mostly CTA em- 
ployes from West Shops, Skokie Shops, and South Shops. 
The reunion committee of GUS STUPKA, SAM TROMBINO, 
and JOE BEDNARIK would like to thank everyone who at- 




tended, and hope they will return again next year. ..A re- 
tirement party was given by the men in the Paint Shop for 
AAEON AUSTIN, better known as Pop, at the home of LOID 
BROWN. At that time he was presented with a gift and a 
farewell poem written especially for the occasion by 

- Ztauu Steoant & "8U gW« 


With spring in the air, now is the time to really get on 
the move — like Operator BYRON DEAN who says, the first 
thing they should do is finish that downstairs kitchen, 
otherwise he may lose more weight than he hopes to.. .Op- 
erator WILLIAM E. HOLLAND is waiting to put a brand 
new 1971 Classic 170 on the water. By the way, that's a 17 
footer. ..Each new pick brings new leaders and new follow- 
ers, but there's one operator who is most happy with his 
leader, Operator IKE CLARK. His leader is Operator 
BYRON DEAN. . . Operator ALBERT WILLS surprised his 
wife, ALMA, with dinner and a show on her birthday, Feb- 
ruary 21. ..Operator JOHN MARSHALL surprised his wife 
with a birthday party on March 19. It was a very success- 
ful affair and Mrs. Marshall commented that she didn't 
know one person could receive so many gifts. ..Just a line 
to say "Hi" to Superintendent VIC COLEMAN who was 
transferred to Archer Station, and a welcome to Super- 
intendent H. P. BRAUN to 52nd Street. ..At this writing Su- 
perintendent J. H. LYNCH is home after being released 
from Christ Community hospital. He was hit with a mild 
heart attack, but is doing fine now. We are all looking for 
his return. Our prayers are with you, Mr. Lynch.. .Sorry 
to hear that Operator WESTMORELAND had to fly to the 
West Coast due to his mother's serious illness. ..Our deep- 
est sympathy to Operator MILTON DUFFIE on the death of 
his brother, Mr. CHARLES HALLIBURTON, of Lansing, 
Michigan, and to Operator O. HYNSON and his family on 
the loss of his father. . .Delegates to the Credit Union 
League's 41st annual meeting on April 2 and 3 were WILLIE 
E. WARD and WILLARD J. HILL Jr. They will also rep- 
resent our credit union at all chapter meetings for the cur- 
rent year. All members of the 52nd Street Credit Union 
are urged to maintain their current address and phone 
number on file in the union office. Save regularly and 
borrow wisely. ..Operator BILL BURNS motored to Flor- 
ida for his vacation. 

- f)*U Z. ??u<tM« 


A sight to behold on St. Patrick's day was the custodian 
of our outhouses, RED GREEN. Even his underwear was 
green. B. PULICK was even wearing green that day. By 
the way, Pulick and JOE LEWIS took a day off so the extra 
men could work. Clerk L. HELINSKI just can't get over 
how RAY HAMMERSCHMIDT is sporting around in a great 
big "Caddy. "..The social event of the year, so far, was the 
25th wedding anniversary of Operator and Mrs. ED STEF- 
FAN. Approximately 150 people attended, and Ed was given 
the key to the honeymoon suite at the Holiday Inn. You 
should have seen ROY HORNING's new look that night. 
WOW! He almost stole the show. L. G. DAKE and Super- 
intendent C. W. GIBES were there with their lovely wives, 
and everyone had a great time...C. J. URBIK is recovering 
from a broken ankle. Was he chasing that invisible dog of 


his when it happened?.. JESSE DANIELS says that it doesn't 
pay to put out the garbage for the wife. He did, and fell and 
broke a rib on his left side... I saw Pensioner F. KONCZAL 
recently. He is fine and working as a bridge tender at the 
LaSalle street bridge... Looking well and happy was Pen- 
sioner SAM VALLONI who passed me while driving a South 
Suburban bus. ..JOE HAUG, pensioner, has returned home 
after a short stay in the hospital. How about all you fellows 
on pension or disability sending a line or card here at 69th 
Street. ..I saw W. A. WALTERS come to work in a police 
squad car. Is that what it takes to make you work, Wally ?.. 
M. T. BARIS says that FRED STAWINSKI's wife may get up 
in the wee hours and fix his breakfast, but she doesn't make 
his lunch.. .E. TIERNEY denied that he sent H. RISH post 
cards without stamps while he was on vacation. He said he 
always pastes used ones on his post cards. ..Mr. and Mrs. 
LEONARD T. JOLLY celebrated 25 years of wedded bliss 
on March 7 with a mass at St. Rose of Lima church.. .As- 
sistant Superintendent J. LOGAY and Relief Superintendent 
F. ZEIGLER did a good job in keeping us in close competi- 
tion with Beverly, accident-wise. .. Instructors SWANSON 
and REDDRICK were working as relief superintendents at 
various depots. Swanson was recently appointed senior 
station instructor at 69th.. .With FULLER on vacation and 
J. JOHNSON in the hospital for an operation and eyeing the 
nurses, ROSS and O 'DONNE LL held down the fort for the 
instructors. O'Donnell and his wife celebrated their 29th 
wedding anniversary on St. Patrick's day. Mrs. O'Donnell 
hasn't been feeling too good lately, but still keeps a good 
eye on him. By the way, Instructor O'Donnell was the 
proud driver of the CTA mini-bus in the St. Patrick's day 
parade.. .With the nice weather finally here, the instructors 
are asking all the operators not to start feeling their 
"oats" and hitting everything in sight. They stated that 
some of the motorists have had their cars in storage all 
winter, and for all of us to be alert for speeders. ..JIMMY 
AHERN of the repair department says that some of the old- 
timers stopped by recently to say hello. They were MATT 
TOCCI. They all looked well and are enjoying the life of 
leisure. PAT HAUGHEY, also retired, is enjoying himself 
immensely. He still practices chimney sweeping, as he 
was a professional at it, especially the chimneys in the 
Irish houses which he says are easier to reach... We wish 
a speedy recovery to DON CONSIDINE who has been ill. 
Don worked at 69th Street for many years... We offer our 
deepest sympathy to ANDY RIZZUTO and his family on the 
death of his brother. ..JIMMY AHERN hopes that everyone 
will renew their membership in the Little Flower Society. 
The dues are now $2.00, and be sure and get your decal. 
Please see Jim as soon as possible. . . We would like to 
extend our deepest sympathy to the family of Operator 
GEORGE MALIK who passed away on March 26. He was a 
well loved husband and father and a fine friend of all at 
69th.. .EUGENE HOWE and WILLIAM MARTIN went on dis- 
ability pension. May you both find better health and hap- 
piness now... Vacation time is here, so let me hear from all 
you fellows as you go out and enjoy yourselves. ..To BILL 
DONAHUE, who has his pretty wife drive him back and 
forth to the credit union, we envy you. ..To JOE DAVIDSON 
who has the dubious honor of being 'King of the Round 
Table" at 6:00 in the morning, and to Mrs. YOUNG who saw 
me pick the run away from MICKEY again, and to all of you 
at 69th Street, good health, happiness, and may God bless 
all of you. 

APRIL, 1971 


Before I joined the 

Payroll Savings Plan 

all I could 
save was string. 

-a O 

" O 

9 iC 

x O 

co O 


en -\ 
5 31 33 

=: z 

= > 

OJ — 

en —I 
-* -< 

When it comes to saving money, most of us can use all the help we can get. 

Joining the Payroll Savings Plan is one easy way to force yourself to save. 
When you sign up, an amount you specify is set aside from each paycheck 
and used to buy U. S. Savings Bonds. It's automatic. Everything is done 
for you. 

And now there's a bonus interest rate on all U. S. Savings Bonds--for E 
Bonds, Sj% when held to maturity of 5 years, 10 months (4% the first year). 
That extra j%, payable as a bonus at maturity, applies to all Bonds issued 
since June 1, 1970... with a comparable improvement for all older Bonds. 

Stick with the plan and before you know it you'll have a bankroll waiting. 
That's when you'll find you can do a lot more "with money than you can with 

Bonds are safe. If lost, stolen, or destroyed, 
we replace them. When needed, thay can be 
cashed at your bank. Tax may be deferred 
until redemption. And always remember, 
Bonds are a proud way to save. 

Take stock in America. 

Now Bonds pay a bonus at maturity. 

> — a •> 
zo-? " 

ID ~- '-'' 

-J x == • - 
o~>r* i 

z z o- •-' 

S-3 • 

— t, n "> 
t- z M - 

f 2 ~ 


a <■ <= - 
o w z 
io -<-• 
o <■-* 



MAY, 1971 


Shops & Equipment Dept. 



1st Quart" 

Transportation Dept. 


First Winners Named 
For Shops ESC Awards 

SHOPS EMPLOYES recently participated in ceremo- 
nies which took place at the three Shops and Equip- 
ment Department locations named as the first winners 
in the new Employe Safety Contest (ESC). Typical 
were festivities at Skokie Shops (at right) where 
coffee and rolls were served following the award pre- 

The new ESC makes shops employes more aware 
of their personal safety and gives recognition every 
three months to men at work locations achieving the 
best safety performance. So that locations doing 
similar types of work can compete against each 
other, the contest is divided into three separate com- 
petitions — one for the 12 surface garages, one for the 
11 rapid transit maintenance terminals, and one for 
the two main shops facilities. The selection of a 
winner for each quarter is based on the number of 
injuries per 1 million man-hours worked. 

The first quarter winners were 52nd Street in the 
surface competition with a frequency rate of zero, 
61st-Calumet and 63rd-Racine in the rapid transit 
competition with a zero rate, and Skokie Shops in the 
shops competition with a frequency rate of 84.1. 

OUR COVER: Five CTA locations excelled in their respec- 
tive areas of safety competition and were presented awards 
for their achievements during the first quarter of 1971 
Shown accepting the Employe Safety Contest certificates 
and Interstation Safety Contest plaques are the following: 

61st Street Terminal — Foreman John J. Molloy is accepting 
the ESC rapid transit terminal award from Superintendent of 
Rapid Transit Maintenance Terminals Anthony J. Porcaro. 

52nd Street Garage — Foreman Gustave Pavelka is accepting 
the ESC award in the surface garage competition from 
Supervisor of Garages Jerome Anderson. 

Skokie Shops — Joseph R. Bolech, superintendent of rapid 
transit shops & terminals, is accepting the ESC shops 
competition award from Superintendent of Shops and Equip- 
ment George J. Clark. 

Dan Ryan Terminal — Superintendent Edward J. Heatter is 
being presented the ISC rapid transit system plaque by 
Superintendent of Transportation David M. Flynn„ 

Beverly Station — Superintendent George Evans accepts the 
ISC surface system plaque from David M. Flynn, superin- 
tendent of transportation. 



CITED BY the Greater Chicago Safety Council for re- 
ducing their accident experience in 1970 as compared 
to 1969 were 9 out of 12 surface operating stations. 
Shown here with Superintendent of Transportation 
D. M. Flynn are superintendents who accepted the 
Safety Council's Transportation Awards on behalf of 
operating employes at their respective stations: from 
left, Archer Station Superintendent G. D. Peyton, 
North Park Station Superintendent R. K. Keag, Lawn- 
dale Station Assistant Superintendent F. J. Vitek, 
North Avenue Station Superintendent W. J. Moser.Mr. 
Flynn, 52nd Street Station Superintendent J. H. Lynch, 
Keeler Station Superintendent R. W. Christian, 77th 
Street Station Superintendent J. A. Knerr, 69th Street 
Station Superintendent C.W. Gibes, and Kedzie Station 
Assistant Superintendent G. W. Daubs. 


Michael Cafferty 
Elected Chairman 
Of Transit Board 

MICHAEL CAFFERTY, former acting assistant sec- 
retary of the U.S. Department of Transportation, was 
unanimously elected chairman of Chicago Transit 
Board on Tuesday, May 18, to succeed the late 
George L. DeMent. 

Mr. Cafferty, 46, was appointed as Board member 
by Mayor Richard J. Daley on April 21 and the for- 
malities of the appointment were concluded on May 11 
when he took the oath of office. He completes the 
term of Mr. DeMent which expires September 1,1973. 

Mr. Cafferty was graduated from the University of 
Washington with a degree in economics and later with 
a law degree from the same university. He has been 
engaged in the practice of law since 1951. 

He served as legal counsel and legislative assist- 
ant to Senator Henry M. Jackson from 1959 to 1961 
and as special assistant to Alan Boyd, then chairman 
of the Civil Aeronautics Board, from 1961 to 1965. 

IMMEDIATELY AFTER his election at the May 13 Board meet- 
ing, Mr. Cafferty took his position as chairman between Board 
Members James R. Quinn (left) and William W, McKenna, vice 
chairman and secretary of the Board, respectively. 

As consultant and special adviser to Mayor J. D. 
Braman of Seattle, from 1965 to 1969, he worked on 
the Seattle Transportation Plan. 

In 1969, Mr. Cafferty was named deputy assistant 
secretary for Urban Systems and Environment of the 
U.S. Department of Transportation. He has been 
acting assistant secretary since 1970. 

A RECEPTION for the newly-elected chairman following the 
Board meeting provided an opportunity for Mr. Cafferty to meet 
with CTA management and individuals who work closely with 
the Authority. Mr. Cafferty and his wife, Pastora, were intro- 
duced to those who attended by General Manager Thomas B. 
O'Connor. They are shown in the center picture with, from left. 
Operating Manager Charles E. Keiser; Gene Hogan, district 
manager of transportation sales for General Electric company; 
Joseph R. Bolech, superintendent of rapid transit shops and 
terminals, and in the picture at right with Warren Scholl, presi- 
dent of Division 241 of the Amalgamated Transit Union. 

MAY, 1971 

Insurance Department Advises 


NOW, WITH Major Medical expense benefits available 
to eligible CTA employes and their enrolled depend- 
ents in addition to the basic hospital and surgical in- 
surance, it is more important than ever that the 
proper bills be presented when claims are made. 

You can help to process your claim faster by being 
sure to submit only itemized bills. Doctor's bills 
must have all the following information: (1) Name of 
patient. (2) Date service was given. (3) Description 
of service given. (4) Charge for service. 

Receipts for prescriptions must contain the fol- 
lowing information: (1) Name of patient. (2) Date 
prescription was filled. (3) Doctor's name. (4) Pre- 
scription number. (5) Charge for prescription. 

Examples of items which cannot be accepted for 
insurance coverage include cancelled checks and cash 

receipts which do not provide the required informa- 
tion listed above. 

Remember to file all basic claims as soon as pos- 
sible after an accident or illness occurs, including 
claims for out-patient lab and X-ray or surgery (in- 
patient and out-patient). 

Major Medical claims should be filed as soon as 
out-of-pocket costs exceed $100 for each covered 
person during a calendar year — do not file a claim or 
forward bills until you have accumulated the required 
$100 per-person cost. 

Claims for employes should be filed by using the 
regular "Hospital, Surgical or Diagnostic Notice" 
form (the lower portion of form No. 7530). Claims 
for dependents should be filed on the regular "De- 
pendent Claim" form. Both forms may be obtained at 
your work location. 

submit itemized bills only . . 


1SS0 N. fcnMM 
Chicago. III.™,. 60651 

date June 2 
John Doe 


1533 N. Lsmon 

ChlcsKO, 111. 60651 

■oi mnumu. imvicii » 2U.00 


do not submit . . . 

a.cigo. Illinois 60639 

% 01.79-E 
$ 0059-E 
t 0059-E 

=ii 2U0«$ 03.771LE 


00000 HJDCV 



* -w Kt ^>' 

53 Complete CTA Training Programs 

sented to CTAers who completed the Transportation 
Department surface traffic supervisor training pro- 
gram and the Electrical Department signal and inter- 
locking training program. 

Members of the 31-man supervisor's class pic- 
tured above have been assigned to the pool and are 
available to fill in as needed when vacancies occur. 
Listed in alphabetical order, the graduates include: 
L. Armstrong, G. Booker, O. Boothroyd, J. Burns, C. 
Clark, A. Connor, D. Daley, E. Daniels, G. Doherty, 
F. Gibbs, D. Giles, C. Hickman, E. Hoff, R. Howard, 
N. Keller, M. Kozak, V. Martin, H. Mathus, M. Mc- 
Loud, R. Miller, W. Morris, C. Owens, O. Peters, J. 
Phillips, E. Reaux, C. Schindler, C. Silas, H. Smith, 
R. Tierney, E. White, W. White, R. Williamson, and 
R. Zirkle. With the graduates in the picture are (at 
left) Assistant Superintendent of Surface Operations 
T. J. Shanahan, Operations Control Superintendent 

C. B. Batterson, District Superintendent R. F. Rei- 
ghard, and (at right) District Superintendent R. H. 
Kugelard, Superintendent of Surface Operations R. 
Dagenais, and District Superintendent E. O'Connell. 

The 22 graduates of the Electrical Department 
course pictured below were instructed in the opera- 
tion and maintenance of rapid transit block signals 
and interlocking plants and have been placed in a pool 
to be appointed signal helpers as vacancies occur. 
Class members, pictured here with Operating Man- 
ager C. E. Reiser and Signal Superintendent C. L. 
Wiksten include, from left: front row — E. McClinton 
Jr., J. R. Oddo, P. C. Jankowski, D. Hawkins, Mr. 
Wiksten, Mr. Keiser, A. J. DiCristofano, A. Peluso, 
J. Reidy, and L. Griffith Sr. Standing— D. L. Coots, 
A. D. Nesbitt, J. W. Clemens, E. Delaney Jr., D. J. 
Grudecki, J. C. Long, W. R. Albrecht, J. J. Rombout, 
R. G. Bedoe, H. L. Young, A. W. Coli, G. G. Thivel, 
E. J. Wilson, and H. B. Murry. 

MAY, 1971 

Medically Speaking 

by Dr. George H. Irwin 

HEADACHES, doctors agree, are the most common 
complaint of patients seen in their offices. It is esti- 
mated that 75 to 85 per cent of the people in the 
United States have headaches during a lifetime. 

In plain terms, headache means pain in the head. 
If you have missed a meal or your menstrual period 
or had trouble with your mother-in-law, your boss, 
or discomfort from New Years morning hangover, 
you are a candidate for a headache. The human mis- 
ery, lost work efficiency, and amount of money spent 
for headaches is unbelievable. 

nerves. (4) Headaches associated with disturbances 
of cranial or skull structures such as the eyes, nose, 
ear, sinuses, muscle or bone abnormalities, and or- 
ganic brain disease such as tumors. (5) Headaches 
due to systemic circulatory or vascular disturbance 
such as high blood pressure, aneurysms (a bulge on 
one of the cerebral arteries), allergy, various fevers , 
and infections. (6) Post traumatic or injury head- 
aches, including severe contusions or blows, concus- 
sions, and skull fractures. (7) Psychogenic or head- 
aches of nervous origin. 

Each form of headache in the above classification 
usually has certain characteristics which help the 
doctor to make the proper diagnosis. In addition, 
careful history and physical examinations are routine 
diagnostic procedures. In the unusual cases of brain 
tumors and hemorrhages, proper evaluation may re- 
quire laboratory tests and X-rays, including brain 
scans, electro-encephalograms, cerebral angiograms , 
and spinal punctures. 

Most headaches do not have serious significance 
but they usually annoy, irritate, or reduce the effici- 
ency of the sufferer. However, there is the rare 
headache which does have a very serious aspect, such 
as tumors just mentioned above. Another rare type is 
the subdural hemorrhage which follows a blow on the 
head. The misleading feature of this injury is that the 
headache may not occur for a week or more. 

It should be emphasized that a headache is not a 
disease but rather a symptom. As such, it is usually 
a manifestation of some abnormal physical, physio- 
logical, chemical, psychic or emotional change af- 
fecting the pain-sensitive structures of the head, ei- 
ther within or outside the skull. 

Authorities say that nine times out of ten, head- 
aches fall in the groups just mentioned above. It is 
the one case out of ten which may have an organic 
basis for headaches such as a brain tumor or high 
blood pressure. 

Generally speaking, the mechanism which produces 
headaches may be described in the following manner. 
In the first group there is an irritation of the skin 
(scalp), nerves, mucous membranes, or a muscle 
spasm. In the second group, the mechanism consists 
of a change in the circulatory or vascular pressure 
within the skull. There are many different causes of 
headaches, but regardless of cause, they are all pro- 
duced by either nerve irritation or circulatory pres- 
sure changes. Incidentally, about 90 per cent of 
chronic headaches are of the latter type. 

Some of the more clinical forms or types of head- 
aches are as follows: (1) Migraine. (2) Tension 
headaches due to muscular contraction. (3) Facial 
neuralgias from irritation or inflammation of certain 

Migraine headaches are mentioned here because 
they constitute a fairly large percentage of all head- 
aches. Common characteristics include a hereditary 
relationship and recurrent tendency in a very nervous 
person. Also they are usually on one side of the head 
and frequently are associated with visual disturb- 
ances, nausea, vomiting, and mental depression. 

The treatment of the ordinary headache usually is 
fairly simple. However, in the obscure case it may 
be difficult. Analgesic tablets (aspirin), along with 
moderate exercise followed by complete relaxation, 
frequently give relief to most headaches. However, 
one must remember that certain drugs in certain 
persons can cause headaches as well as relieve them. 
Finally, the successful treatment usually depends on 
the determination of the specific cause. 

In ancient times , holes were drilled in the skull to 
let the "misery" out. This treatment is now passe, 
although in rare cases of brain tumors a decompres- 
sion operation may be the only logical procedure. 

All too often the individual practices or follows 
self medication too long. Do not experiment and do 
not contribute to the 300 or 400 million dollars which 
is being spent by the public for self medication each 
year. SEE YOUR DOCTOR if headaches persist or 
keep on recurring. 


Board Member for 14 Years, Mrs. Van der Vries Retires 

THE 14- YEAR tenure of the first and only woman 
member of Chicago Transit Board, Mrs. Bernice T. 
Van Der Vries, will draw to a close with her retire- 
ment during June. Pictured above at a recent lunch- 
eon in the M&M Club, Mrs. Van Der Vries was 
honored by Mayor Richard J. Daley, former Governor 
William G. Stratton, her fellow Board members, and 
the CTA staff. 

Mrs. Van, Der Vries became a Board member dur- 
ing January, 1957, after being appointed by Governor 
Stratton. A resident of Evanston, she has been a daily 
CTA rider since joining the Board and has always 
been mindful of the problems of operating a transit 
system. Commenting on her performance as a Board 
member, CTA General Manager Thomas B. O'Connor 
said, "She has been an excellent Board member and 
has always displayed a woman's intuition of seeing 
the things that could create problems." 

Prior to her CTA appointment, Mrs. Van Der 
Vries had served for 22 years as State Representa- 
tive of the old 7th District, comprised of most of sub- 
urban Cook County and parts of five Chicago wards. 
Before entering the General Assembly in 1934 she 
served in her first public office as a Winnetka council 
member for two years. 

To fill the vacancy on the Board created by Mrs. 
Van Der Vries' retirement, Governor Richard B. 
Ogilvie has appointed another suburbanite, Lawrence 
G. Sucsy of Evanston, to a term expiring Septem- 
ber 1, 1977. 

New Appointments Announced 
In Transportation Department 

BULLETINS ANNOUNCING the appointment of nine 
Transportation Department employes to new super- 
visory positions were issued recently by Superintend- 
ent of Transportation D. M. Flynn. 

Effective May 2, the following personnel were ap- 
pointed to new posts at surface operating stations: 
W. J. Moser, North Avenue Station superintendent; 
F. J. Vitek, Lawndale Station assistant superintend- 
ent; J. P. McEvilly, Archer & Lawndale Stations re- 
lief superintendent; E. J. Weston, Limits & Keeler 
Stations senior instructor; J. G. Steinbach, Lawndale 
Station senior instructor, and W. R. Parnum, North 
Avenue Station senior instructor. The appointments 
were approved by Operating Manager C. E. Keiser. 

Appointments made in connection with the Monitor 
System, a federally-financed project for the research 
and development of the automatic bus monitoring sys- 
tem, became effective May 9. Named as project man- 
ager was M. J. Lukes and as assistant to project 
manager, K. Pliuksis. 

C. W. Gibes was named assistant superintendent of 
operating stations on June 1 by Mr. Flynn, with the 
approval of Operating Manager C. E, Keiser. 

AN ATHLETIC teenager, 
Edwin Jefferson, served 
recently as Junior Gener- 
al Manager of CTA during 
the 1971 Chicago Youth 
Week and is shown here with General Manager Thomas B, 
O'Connor. Edwin, who is a senior at Roosevelt High school, 
was sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce. He is a 
"B" average student, a guard on Roosevelt's basketball team, 
an end on the football team, and a tennis team member also. 
Edwin plans to continue his education after graduation in June 
and will attend Kendall college in Evanston on a scholarship. 
He plans to pursue a career in journalism. 


Number 5 

Published monthly by and for employes of the Chicago 
Transit Authority, under the direction of the Public 
Information Department. 

Robert D. Heinlein, Editor 

Mel Alexander, Editorial Assistant 

F. C. Knautz, Superintendent of Public and Employe Relations 

Annual subscription price: $2.00. Distributed free of 
charge to all active and retired CTA employes. Address 
communications to CTA TRANSIT NEWS, Room 742, 
Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago, Illinois 60654. 

MAY, 1971 



ACCOUNTING (General) - 

BURRELL, is an outstanding teenager. She recently was 
awarded a $1,000 grant from the State under the stipulation 
that for each $250 she will teach one year in the State of 
Illinois. She plans to attend the University of Illinois at 
Urbana, where she will major in special education for 
handicapped children. ..We extend a welcome to CHARLES 
WROBEL who transferred to Accounting from the Treasury 
Department on April 19. ..Our sympathy and condolences go 
to SIG SHONTS and his family on the death of his brother, 
EUGENE SHONTS, on April 2. ..JEAN WRIGHT spent part 
of her vacation around home getting that cleaning done, and 
then she went up to New Lisbon, Wisconsin, to visit her 
mother who is 91 years of age. ..RAY CORBEL spent his 
vacation catching up with the painting around the house... 
ESTELLE KALECKAS spent a week's vacation relaxing at 

- feaMU Jitf^vtald 

(Payroll) - 

After a long siege with a cantankerous shoulder which 
required surgery, MARIE COARI returned to the fold as 
her normal effervescent self. We are glad her recovery 
was complete, for we missed her and we were very happy 
to put out the welcome mat. . . MARY JANE HOSTETTER 
was the good Samaritan again when she served as chauffeur 
for two of her relatives who had bought a home and were 
moving to Florida. She drove their car to Bonita Springs, 
Florida, near Fort Myers, a distance of 1,313 miles, and 
being a good driver she made the trip in 2\ uneventful 
days. The entourage consisted of her two aunts, their two 
dogs, and one cat. She reported that the weather was great, 
and they enjoyed swimming in the Gulf of Mexico before 
she and her son, JIM, flew back to Chicago. Since it was 
Jim's first plane trip, he was excited and thrilled with the 
flight. ..MARY BLACKMORE was a patient in West Subur- 
ban hospital where she underwent surgery. We send her 
our very best wishes for a speedy recovery. 

(Tabulating) - 

Our sympathy is extended to BOB RISE whose father, 
JAMES RISE, passed away April 9 in Bridgeman, Michigan. 
..We are all happy to know that MARYANNE BUCKLEY, the 
daughter-in-law of MARIAN BUCKLEY, is recuperating 
quickly after a serious illness. 


This month we salute Operator WILLIAM JONES for 
exemplary courtesy to his passengers, and Operator IRV 
HENDERSON who, in his quiet way, always does an out- 
standing job. We always like a commendation, and we have 
many fine men who fulfill their jobs without fanfare. We 
also have men who can't hold a conversation without every 
other word being a six-letter one of obscenity. This may 

be the only way they can express themselves and be no- 
ticed, but it sure doesn't sound nice. If the shoe fits— wear 
it.. .We tip our hats to CINDY WEILER, the wife of Opera- 
tor IRV WEILER, who donated sweaters, dresses, blouses, 
and many items for the patients at Manteno State hospital 
for Easter. Thanks, Cindy, the only reward we can give is 
that you made many girls very happy. I wish you could 
have seen the smiles on their faces. God bless you, and 
keep the faith... We express our deepest sympathy to Oper- 
ator GEORGE EPHGRAVE in the loss of his mother, and to 
the family of BOB BLAIR who went to his eternal reward. 

Well, it's springtime, in name only, for we still have a 
baby "hawk" hanging around. Maybe by the time this is in 
print we will have some good weather... Here is a scoop — 
District A Superintendent EDDIE O'CONNELL has some- 
thing to crow about. His wife, RUTH, is an artist. She has 
some very fine pieces on display in Dolton. She began 
painting five years ago as therapy after suffering a heart 
attack, and now it's her major hobby. She is a member of 
the S. E. Art League... Operator WILLIE KELLEY just re- 
turned from Rochester, New York, where he attended a 
meeting of his lodge, Northern States Knights of Peter 
Claver... Operator O. G. SCROGGINS sure wishes he was 
back on Pullman following your co-reporter, AMOS FOS- 
TER. He said that as long as I keep helping the old ladies 
off the bus with their shopping bags, he has it easy. What 
he doesn't know is that I got a commendation out of it, and I 
am now a member of the Courtesy Caravan. .. Operator 
L. T. (Scotty the Big One) SCOTT is having a ball on West 
103rd. I hope he stays there, for I had to follow him years 
ago out at Kedzie, and old men never change — they just get 
faster and meaner. ..DONNA SHEA, the daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. JAMES HARRIS, is spending clean-up week in Spain. 
She is a classmate of my daughter, JOAN SHELTON, at 
Chicago Vocational school where they are both seniors and 
will graduate in June. 

- 7«* "DeuueU & Ama4 "?o4tm 


DON KUSCH was hospitalized after being hit by another 
auto while he was in his radio car. He is home now and 
getting better. ..There are quite a few proud fathers among 
us. ED and BARBARA GARNER are the proud parents of 
latest is a son, SHAWN, and JIM LELIOSH has a bundle of 
joy named JAMES Jr. The Leliosh family are now neigh- 
bors with former CTA officers NEWBERRY, LATIN, UN- 
DERWOOD, and SMITH out in Romeoville... GORDON PUR- 
TELL's son, KEVIN, received his first communion, and 
his daughter, ANNETTE, was confirmed at St. Robert's 
church... Chips was just a homeless mutt roaming around 
Wilson Shops until BILL JAQUEST befriended the four- 
legged fellow. ..HEINZ VOGT's home in Lisle will be kept 
secure by Duke, a young German shepherd... CHARLIE and 
CAROLYN BERGLUND will be out to hook the big ones at 
Kee-Nee- Moo-Shaw lodge in Minnesota during their vaca- 
tion... JIM CONSENTINO is going to Florida for a few days. 
..Welcome aboard to trainees JAMES LaFOLLETTE, box 



puller at Archer, and GEORGE (Jungle) BONESS, mechan- 
ic at North Park... ROGER (There's a hooker) KIRCHWAY 
has left us to go to Texas. One of the many rumors about 
Roger is that he is now with the Texas Rangers... Lt. RAY 
LOHSE will be showing the trainees the ways of the CTA 
police. His son, DON, who is with the CTA Task Force de- 
tail, has been active on the North Side "L" lines. Former 
CTA officer FRED STONE is now with the CTA Task Force 
on the West Side.. .GREG ZITO and BILL GROSSMANN are 
reported to be heavier than they used to be. ..The St. Jude 
League annual march and communion Sunday is May 23. 
Thanks to Lt. KELLY of the CTA Task Force for his kind 
memorandum regarding the status of the CTA police of- 
MARTINI AK rescued an 18-year old youth who had been 
pushed in front of a train at Randolph-Washington in the 
State subway. The offenders were arrested. Lt. ROBERT 
McELROY and PHILLIP THOMAS also made several ar- 
rests. Lt. McElroy and Thomas with ED BUGAL arrested 
a man with a gun at Adams-Wabash shortly after this of- 
fender had made an unsuccessful attempt to rob the State- 
Van Buren agent. BILL JAQUEST and your scribe had oc- 
casion to arrest two youthful purse snatchers on a train at 
Loyola. The assistance of Conductor E. GILLESPIE made 
the arrest possible. Gillespie's alertness prevented seri- 
ous injury to the victim, a 51-year old woman who was 
being dragged along a platform by a moving train. This 
was a good example of CTA Teamwork. Mutual trust and 
friendship between ourselves and with other CTA people 
will lead to cooperation that can often mean the difference 
between just taking a report on another unsolved offense or 
making a good arrest. ..The Operations Control Center has 
extended an invitation to the CTA Police to visit the Radio 
Room. Just check with Mr. GRAVER before going up there. 
The radio dispatchers will be glad to talk things over and 
the Monitor-CTA is right there, along with the line super- 
visors and the power supervisors. KSA-977 averages a 
transmission every 90 seconds, 24 hours a day, every day 
of the year. . . Keep your fingers crossed. As of the last 
week of April those wonderful law enforcement assistance 
projects were still in the works. Anyone seeking to file a 
motion that they have been left out of the Transit News is 
overruled. Just send a note to your scribe in care of the 
office with whatever news you have. 

ELECTRICAL (Blue Island) - i 

Well, the old saying, "No news is good news", is not 
true in our case. It leaves me with nothing to report. I do 
hope by the time our next column is due, I will have heard 
from the 37 men in the building gang, the 33 men in power 
engineering, the 26 men in substation maintenance, and the 
50 men of the surface division.. .Our deepest sympathy to 
the family of JAMES MURPHY who passed away on March 
31. ..We welcome WALTER COLLINS, RICHARD COOK, and 
JAMES REGAN to the Electrical Department. 

- TVXUam RcAdm 

(General Office) - 

Springtime is the perfect time to travel. Ask anyone 
who "got away" from it all recently. . . BOB FERGUSON, 
building wiring supervisor, and his wife, MAY, enjoyed a 
wonderful vacation in California. They flew to Los Angeles 
to spend the Easter holiday with their son, ROBERT, a pet- 


THIS LITTLE cherub is 

the one-monfh old grand- 
daughter of JOHN J. Mc- 
GOVERN, Claim Department. 

ty officer third class, who was on a short leave from Le- 
moore Naval Station. He joined his parents on trips to 
Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, and the giant Redwoods 
and then returned to his base. The Fergusons also drove 
to Mexico for more sightseeing and gift shopping. They 
then flew to San Francisco, which is about 200 miles from 
where their son is stationed, and visited with him before 
returning home. ..KEN MIKOTA, engineer of building main- 
tenance, returned tanned and rested from a vacation in 
Tucson, Arizona. He and his family spent the Easter holi- 
day with the parents of his wife, FRAN, who retired to 
Arizona two years ago. 

- Xcu, THtAUtUx 


Our get well wishes are out to JIM JOHNSON who is now 
home after an operation and is reported as coming along 
fine. Also to FRED PETRINO who is home from the hospi- 
tal but still on the sick list. We hope both of you will be 
back on your feet very soon. After all, it's no fun being 
sick. ..PAT FLYNN, who was a clerk-typist, stepped up a 
grade and took a job in the Employment Department as a 
clerk-stenographer. We all hope she likes her new posi- 
tion, but we're sorry to see her go. We'll miss Giggles, 
she was really a barrel of laughs. ..The welcome mat is out 
to MOSES SAMPSON, new architectural design draftsman 
in the Architectural Section. We hope he will enjoy working 
for the CTA. ..It was nice seeing VINCE SHUBAT again 
when he stopped in for a short visit with his old friends in 
Engineering. Vince retired from CTA last year. He was 
with his brother, BOB, who is returning to Yugoslavia for 
the summer. ..Well, we have a hero in the Civil, Engineering 
Division. Recently, on the first floor of the Mart, a man 
was seen running from the Merchandise Mart bank. He had 
passed a bad check, with no success. The guards from the 
bank were chasing him. Forgetting his size, but remem- 
bering his civic duty, ABEL GOVEA put his leg out, tripped 
the man, and in the next few moments the guards were es- 
corting the man back to the bank for questioning. Abel, you 
really saved the day and here's hoping that the bank ap- 
preciated your effort. Oh, I failed to mention that "Chick- 
enHAWK" was with Abel at the time. ..JACK O'REILLY and 
his wife, EILEEN, and their son, TOM, spent a pleasant 
two weeks at Eastertime in Florida. After arranging for 
construction of a new home on Lake Angela in Deltona, they 
motored from Daytona Beach to Miami Beach, then across 
Alligator Alley through the Everglade fires to Naples, and 
on down the Gulf Coast to Panama City and Long Beach. 

MAY, 1971 


the son of ROBERT FER- 
GUSON, Electrical De- 
partment, was recently 
promoted to the rank of 
Petty Officer Third Class 
at Lemoore Naval Air Sta- 
tion in California. 

They cast their vote for the three seasons enjoyed in Flor- 
ida. ..JOE URBASZEWSKI was very popular on April 22 
when his wife, CHRISTINE, gave birth to their second 
child weighing 6 pounds 13 ounces. The child, which has 
outside plumbing, was born on April 22 at Illinois Masonic 
hospital and was named JEFFREY PAUL. We send our 
congratulations to both Chris and Joe and know that baby 
Jeff will be in good hands. 

(West Shops) - 

I'm sure everyone has seen the beautiful tan that Brick- 
layer Foreman CHARLIE SCHREY is sporting since his 
return from vacation. He and his wife spent 18 days trav- 
eling all over Arizona. Their main stops were in Scotts- 
dale where they visited with their daughter who resides 
there, and to visit the property they own in Tucson. After 
the beautiful sunny weather they enjoyed in Arizona, it was 
quite a shock to return to Chicago and its chilly weather... 
Electrician JOE CHRISTOI spent a week of his vacation at 
home. His only comment was that his wife certainly kept 
him busy. ..Your West Shops reporter, MARY GALLON, re- 
cently returned from a week's vacation. She spent a couple 
of days in her hometown, Peoria, Illinois, where she cele- 
brated her sixth wedding anniversary. The rest of the time 
she spent at home getting thoroughly involved in the tele- 
vision soap operas and quiz shows that are so much a part 
of daytime TV.. .Our condolences to the family of Carpenter 
ED ANDRACKI who passed away recently. ..We are happy to 
see ROBERT BARNES, laborer, back to work after being 
off for six months with a broken leg, foot, and arm he suf- 
fered after having a bad fall. Welcome back, Robert. . . 
Steamfitter JIM FLORES and his family recently attended 
his son's first holy communion. Immediately after church 
service, they left for the Indiana Dunes for a camping trip. 
Jim said they had an enjoyable weekend and are looking 
forward to their next camping trip. ..WEST SHOPS FLASH: 
What steamfitter is getting to be known as the "turnstile 

- Jlitda j^tfHatiin & TKcvuf (jaMoK 


It's that time of the year when the love bug bites, says 
Supervisor KEN CZACHOWSKJ who took the lovely PAT 
SWIATEK as his bride on May 8 at the Church of the Five 
Holy Martyrs. The newlyweds honeymooned in the Hawai- 
ian Islands. ..Operator E. L. BRZECZEK and his beautiful 


wife were presented with another grandson, THOMAS E. 
STARZYK, on March 7. The happy parents are Mr. and 
Mrs. G. J. STARZYK. This brings the total of Brzeczek 
grandchildren to eight. He's hoping for a baseball team 
before it's all over. ..Operator REINHART says his grand- 
son, RICKY ODDO, is now stationed in Viet Nam with the 
299th Engineer Battalion, and is now a specialist 4th class. 
Ricky sent a tape recording of his voice and you can hear 
the big guns in the background... From the Repair Depart- 
ment — KEN JOHNSON, p.m. foreman, retired on March 1. 
ED (Cookie) KUKLEWICZ replaced him as p.m. foreman... 
JOE WARD was promoted to relief foreman, while CHAR- 
LIE CLINE, the assistant day foreman, went over to Keeler 
Garage, and in his place is JIM BYRNES. The day foreman 
is JOHN JOYCE. I understand these are all fine gentlemen. 
Good luck, fellows. ..JOHN PONDELL retired on May 1, and 
the gang will miss him. John has a brother who is quite an 
operator. Of course, we all know WALLY PONDELL. ..Our 
hearts go out to District Supervisor PAT KEHOE who re- 
cently lost his daughter. ..Men, do be accident alert, don't 
tailgate. Start up slow and make smooth stops. We are 
carrying quite a few elderly people. Do your best to get 
close to the curb. Remember, service is what we want to 
deliver. ..Our thanks to management for the coffee. Maybe 
next time we will be getting rolls. Of course, Superintend- 
ent PETERSON will cough up for us fellows if we keep up 
the good work. . . Your credit union is open and ready to 
serve you whether it be a small or large loan. So see the 
boys with the big smiles. 

- TV. A. "Xtfuf <cw, ,.„„.».,*.„ 


MARVIN P. LUCKMAN, attorney, with his wife and fam- 
ily flew down to Clearwater, Florida, to enjoy a sunny va- 
cation. . .CLARENCE VESELY, messenger, will take his 
pension on June 1 and move to Yuma, Arizona, to enjoy re- 
tirement with his wife. 

(Insurance) - 

MARY ANN WALLACE, stenographer, has been flashing 
a diamond ring which was given to her by JAMES BURNS... 
ANTOINETTE (Toni) MISETIC at the present time is home 
recuperating and would enjoy hearing from her friends and 
co-workers. Hurry and get well as we sure miss your 
smiling face at the front desk. 

(Reproduction Services) - 

The welcome mat was extended to MARGUERITE 
LONGO, steno I, who transferred from the Employment 
Department. A correction is being made in this issue as 
to Marguerite's fiancee's name, it is MICHAEL RUFFULO, 
and the wedding plans are set for September 25. 

(Medical) - 

RITA WANTROBA, registered X-ray technician, spent 
a week's vacation in and around Chicago and Oak Park 
spending her money and enjoying the beautiful sunny weath- 
er. . . HARRY SOREGHEN, medical technician, spent his 
four-week vacation in and around the city working in the 
garden, catching up on his housework, and taking Heidi for 
a walk. By the way, Harry, how is your copper bracelet? 
Any luck?. .Dr. ERICH GROSS and his wife flew down to 
Scottsdale, Arizona, for a two-week vacation enjoying the 
warm weather, which we understand was delightful. .. Dr. 
P. PIERZYNSKI, as a belated 29th wedding anniversary 




gift, is taking his wife by airplane to London, Paris, and 
Rome. This will be her first flight abroad and will be a 
surprise. Happy landing to both of you, and congratulations 
from the Medical staff. . .ARLENE PURALEWSKI, clerk- 
typist, and her husband, TOM, decided to take up bike 
riding as a hobby. They both purchased bicycles, and as 
soon as work is done they go bike riding to build up an ap- 
petite and keep their figures. 

(Employment) - 

The welcome mat was extended to PATRICIA FLYNN, 
stenographer. . . FRANK BRADY and his wife flew for a 
week's vacation in sunny Florida. . . JOHN STEINMETZ 
spent two weeks with the naval reserve in Fallon, Nevada, 
just outside of Reno. John, watch out for those rebound 
girls from Reno. 

(Office Services) - 

ROY COLCORD, electrician, flew down to Miami and Ft. 
Lauderdale, Florida, for a week of sunny vacationing and 
to visit relatives. 

(Training & Accident Prevention) - 

As of this writing, PAT DUNEK is confined to Illinois 
Masonic hospital and we all wish her a speedy recovery... 
We were glad to see LENNY LOHN back to work after his 
stay in the hospital. You sure look good.. .Well, our boy, 
ART HUBACZ, has been traveling again. He spent the 
weekend at the Sheraton-Philadelphia hotel attending a con- 
vention of the national executive committee meeting of the 
Polish Legion of American Veterans. 

(Research & Planning) - 

After 42 years of service with CTA, HERMAN ANDERS 
retired on May 1. The open house for Herman was attended 
by many of his friends and co-workers. He was also the 
guest of honor at Martini's restaurant where members of 
Research/Planning, accompanied by their husbands, wives, 
and friends, gathered for dinner to wish Herman the best of 
luck. After cocktails and a delicious meal everyone re- 
laxed in their chairs and enjoyed the cartoon slides drawn 
by Herman's friends entitled, "The Saga of Herman An- 
ders." To add to the evening's entertainment, G. KRAM- 
BLES, superintendent of R/P, showed slides taken while he 
was in Tel Aviv, Israel, where he was recently called for 
consultation regarding the new high-speed subway and bus- 
rail system. In conclusion, Mr. Krambles extended our 
best wishes to Herman for many happy and healthy years 
ahead. We'll miss you, Herman, don't forget your old 
friends at CTA.. .GEORGE MACAK and a couple of train 
collector friends were up at 1:30 a.m. one Sunday morning 
and drove to Monroe, Michigan, a distance of 300 miles, to 
a train collector's meeting. They made it back to Chicago 
by 8 p.m. the same day. How's that for being devoted 
train fans ?..MIKE DALEY'S wife, SALLY, was in Nebraska 
for a week visiting with her old cohorts at Dana college. 
Among her luggage were bundles of her paintings which she 
was asked to exhibit at the college. We don't think Mike 
enjoyed doing all of his own cooking, but he tells us he's 
now an expert (personally we wouldn't want to sample any 
of it). ..One of JOHN O'CONNOR'S many female admirers 
brought him a little plant for his office. John couldn't re- 
member the technical name of the plant, so to save a lot of 
trouble we just named it "Plant." Not to be outdone, MARY 
ELLEN RUSS brought one of her plants to work. Every day 
the plants are watered, put near the sua, and even meas- 
ured for growth. On April 5, John's plant was 5j inches 


high and Mary Ellen's towered at 6 inches. John was sure 
his would grow faster. Well, we measured again on April 
30 and John's plant is now 6§ inches and Mary Ellen's is 
7 inches. Keep watching for our next Transit News article 
for further results of the battle of the plants, which should 
do fine considering the amount of hot air and fertilizer that 
Research/Planning is accused of producing. 

- &a)uta. Vanot & ZiUot TtewuuOet 


Superintendents M. HARRINGTON and G. DAUBS wish to 
thank all the operators for cutting down on our passenger 
complaints. Because of this we had coffee on management 
and sweet rolls from our friendly credit union. If we cut 
down on our traffic accidents we can make a better showing 
in the interstation competition. This we can do if we strive 
just a little harder, then we can have coffee and rolls 
again. Our Instruction Department, consisting of Instruc- 
tors JACKSON, BENNETT, and KOCAR, can boast of a job 
well done. ..Congratulations to T. J. HEFFERNAN, treas- 
urer of Kedzie credit union, who was elected president of 
the Illinois Credit Union League on April 3. His lovely 
wife, CATHERINE, was there to share this momentous 
occasion. Also on hand were a few friends to wish him 
well in his new position. Ted has been in the credit union 
movement for 33 years. He will still be serving us at 
Kedzie, as his new office renders no salary, just a great 
achievement for Ted... Operator and Mrs. FRANK KAISHER 
announced the engagement of their daughter, TERRY 
FRANCES, to LAWRENCE W. STARK of West Chicago. 
Terry, a graduate of Northern Illinois university, is now 
teaching the seventh grade in Batavia, Illinois. Mr. Stark 
received his bachelor of science degree from Northern 
Illinois university and is now working for his masters de- 
gree in geography. The wedding date has been set for July 
17, 1971. ..Don't forget Division 241's golf tournament on 
July 19. Keep this date open. For more information, see 
your board members, WILLIAM LARSEN or WILLIAM 
REYNOLDS.. .Operator J. RICHARDSON visited Pensioner 
SID ENGELHARD and he is doing real great. Sid says hello 
to all the fellows at Kedzie. ..To everyone at Kedzie having 
a birthday or wedding anniversary we send our best wishes 
for many, many more. ..On the sick list at this writing is 
Box Puller G. SULLIVAN and R. CARTER. Both are con- 
fined in Northwest Community hospital. Operator J. SCAN- 
LON underwent surgery at West Suburban hospital. I hope 
by the time this issue is out they will be back on the job... 

THIS CHUBBY little fellow 
HAYES, the one-year old 
son of Mr. and Mrs. CLYDE 
HAYES. Clyde is assigned 
to the Signal Division of 
the Electrical Department. 

MAY, 1971 


In the last issue, I said that FRED DiMEO, the son of Op- 
erator GUY DiMEO, was planning to be married some time 
next year. Now I hear that the "love-bug" bit a little 
harder and the happy couple will be wed late this year... 
Don't forget your credit union, save a little each payday so 
we can help another in need. 


Hi all you happy people. Now that you've been relieved 
of that tax hang-up, you can look forward to the glorious 
plans for that long-awaited vacation.. .Before we zoom off 
into the wild blue yonder, let's pause awhile to wish birth- 
day greetings to all our May celebrities. May 2's duo is 
Operators WALLS and BECKER; May 4 is shared by Op- 
erators HOWE, DUNKER, McCLAIN, VARGAS, and "Lead 
Foot" CAJDA, and Box Puller ZENTMYER. A quartet 
sings birthday "huzzahs" leading off with ROSSILLE, tenor 
is MATOS, baritone is ARDAM, and bass is HASSABALLA. 
HIGHSMITH lays claim to May 20, VAN NEVEL May 21, 
and the happy Greek, KARRAS, winds up the parade on May 
26. Operator W. PERRY running breathless, tried to re- 
cover some time as his wife, THELMA, celebrated her 
birthday on April 24. ..Operator EARL LATTIMER and his 
wife, MARY, celebrated their third wedding anniversary on 
May 18. Operator J. NELSON and his lovely wife, FLO- 
RENE, celebrated nine years of togetherness on May 19. 
My little buddy, JOE VALTIERRA, is beginning to slip — so 
to RACHEL, happy belated greetings on your seventh anni- 
versary April 25... Meanwhile down in the garage, rumor 
has it that Mechanic "Big" CHESTER is sharpening up his 
skills in preparation for his Las Vegas vacation. Here's 
hoping that Chester purchases a round-trip ticket. ..Our 
very efficient garage foreman, BOB VANCE, and his fam- 
ily tried to absorb all the sunshine, frolicking on the white 
sands of Daytona Beach, Florida. . . The entire station is 
very proud of our two gallant gentlemen, Operators A. 
BERRY and L. RICHARD. These knights in shining armor 
received a wonderful letter from a grateful Oak Park lady. 
It seems that the lady was in distress with her children, 
plagued with a nasty old flat tire, when our boys came to 
her rescue and then rode off into the sunset without seeking 
compensation. So once again it is proven that chivalry is 
not dead — sick maybe — but not dead. Berry is also our 

THE PRETTY little lasses pictured here are MICHELE and 
CATHY GOODWIN, the four-and five-year old daughters of 
DIANE and BILL GOODWIN, transit technician,- Research 
and Planning. 


station's illustrious Softball manager. Lots of luck to our 
team, and let's support them a little better this year, fel- 
lows. ..The boss is a very proud fellow these days, and it's 
because of all you guys. We have won a safety award for 
beating our all-time safety record this past year. You 
know, I really wasn't a coffee drinker until this past year, 
but since we have earned so much coffee and rolls for our 
safety achievements, I am now. Superintendent CHRISTIAN 
hopes to make even more coffee drinkers this year... Back 
to the pleasant thoughts of vacation, here's a couple of 
items to take with you. I read somewhere that the life of a 
dollar is only a few months. Well, I really wouldn't know — 
as I've never had one die on me. Vacations do require the 
spending of some money, of course, but it really hurts to 
see people squandering money and know you can't help 
them. ..Till next time. 

- Ztttt&t £. @xvttt* 


Congratulations to Operator and Mrs. CLEVELAND 
COBURN on the birth of a son, SHAWN, on March 14 
weighing 7 pounds 8 ounces. ..We also congratulate Opera- 
tor and Mrs. SOLOMON DAVIS on the birth of a son, 
MICHAEL DWAIN, born April 1 weighing 7 pounds 9 
ounces. . . Operator and Mrs. RONALD McKNIGHT an- 
nounced the birth of a daughter, SHANDRA, who was born 
on April 16 weighing 5 pounds 11 ounces. ..On May 2 Oper- 
ator and Mrs. ED CELOVSKY celebrated their 30th wed- 
ding anniversary. We wish Ed and Tillie many more happy 
years of the good life.. .Since I'm congratulating everyone, 
I might as well say happy anniversary to Operator and Mrs. 
JAMES MARSHALL who celebrated their ninth anniversary 
on April 27. ..The men of Lawndale wish to thank General 
Manager T. B. O'CONNOR for his recognition of the per- 
sonnel who helped make 1970 CTA's safest year. Lawndale 
broke its accident par twice last year. We had 130 zero 
accident days. We broke our commendation/complaint par 
three times last year, and we added 29 new members to the 
Courtesy Caravan Club. So let's all continue to give "wel- 
come aboard" service to everyone. Because of the com- 
bined efforts from everyone, we received coffee and rolls 
on May 6... On May 1 we bid farewell to one of our finest 
operators, WILLIAM KLECKA, who retired from Lawndale 
with 34 years of faithful service. Good luck on your retire- 
ment, Bill. ..On March 31 a retirement party was held for 
Clerk EDWARD McDERMOTT. With 46 years of service 
with the CTA and the former Chicago Motor Coach, it cer- 
tainly is an outstanding record to accomplish. We'll miss 
Ed around here, so stop in anytime and say hello. Those 
taking part in the retirement celebration were: Superin- 
TEGMEYER, the daughter of Supervisor L. BERMINGHAM, 
gave birth to a baby girl, LYNN, on February 22 weighing 
6 pounds lj ounces. That makes her father a proud grand- 
pa, and a great-grandpa of RICHARD BERMINGHAM, his 
father, who is retired from Lawndale. ..We extend our con- 
gratulations to Operator and Mrs. JAMES JEFFERS on the 
birth of a daughter, JENNINE, on February 9 weighing 6 
pounds 13 ounces. ..On March 27, the Lawndale Depot Fed- 




son of Limits Station Re- 
lief Superintendent LOU 
MUELLER, was recently 
graduated from Christian 
Brothers College in Mem- 
phis, Tennessee. 

eral Credit Union held their 33rd annual membership meet- 
ing at Paradise hall. We were privileged to see so many of 
our retired personnel, some of which included: Mr. and 
IEWICZ, Mr. and Mrs. LOUIS MENKEN, Mr. and Mrs. 
BILL JAKOUBEK, Mr. and Mrs. EDDIE WISS, Mr. and Mrs. 
FRANK MATRE, Mr. and Mrs. HERB BYERS, Mr. and 
NANE, and ARTHUR SATZKE. Among the active members 
were: Mr. and Mrs. ROBERT FENRICK, Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. CHARLIE KASAL, Mr. and Mrs. EDDIE 
SKI, Mr. and Mrs. BILL CARTER, Mr. and Mrs. HARRY 
WALTER WALKER. Also present was Superintendent 
JACK MORRIS, along with Division 241 President WARREN 
SCHOLL, DANIEL McFADDEN, secretary of Division 241, 
WILLIAM LARSEN, first vice-president of Division 241, 
"employ e-of-the-y ear" award so bad that he has taken Mr. 
Morris under his wing. Good luck, Walter. ..Personnel on 
our sick list this month are WILLIAM HALLA, GEORGE 
BRICHACEK, and HAROLD McCANN. We wish these men 
a speedy recovery. ..Happy birthday to the following per- 



Operator DAVID PEREZ was united in marriage to a 
beautiful young lady named HA YD IE on April 27. The wed- 
ding took place at the North Shore Baptist church, Balmoral 
and Lakewood avenues, with the reception in the church 
parlor. Congratulations and best wishes to this fine couple. 
..RAYMOND MUELLER, the son of Relief Superintendent 
LOU MUELLER, was graduated from Christian Brothers 
college in Memphis, Tennessee, on May 22. Congratula- 
tions to this fine young man. ..A new operator, MELVIN 
LOVELESS, recently returned from Viet Nam, where he 
was awarded a medal for gallantry in action. He is happy 
to be back and we know he will prove himself to be an out- 
standing operator. . . Supervisor GENE ADAMS has been 
confined to Belmont hospital, 4100 Melrose avenue, for 
some time due to illness. We all wish you a speedy re- 
covery. . . LA VERNE SPEER, the wife of Operator WIL- 
LIAM SPEER, had a bad fall while shopping and broke her 
leg in several places. She is confined to Northwest hospi- 
tal. A speedy recovery to you, Mrs. Speer. . .Operator R, 
WENZEL wishes to announce the forthcoming marriage of 
his daughter, JUDY, to JAMES PUCCI on June 12. Con- 
gratulations to this fine couple. ..Our sincerest sympathy to 
Assistant Superintendent of Surface Operations TOM 
SHANAHAN in the loss of his brother, EDWARD. 

- TZ. S. Gum* 


First and foremost, we are proud to say that 1970 was 
CTA's safest year. Especially elated was Loop Agent 
MARY RITTER who was chosen to represent ticket agents 
at a ceremony in the CTA Board Room. ..On Saturday, May 
8, Loop Agent BILL PFIEFFER gave up his gay bachelor 
life and took a bride. The couple was married at Little 
Flower church. Brunch for the wedding party and relatives 
was held after the ceremony. Congratulations, Bill, may 
you and your new bride have many happy years together. 
We hope the new Mrs. Pfieffer is a baseball fan as Bill 
coaches a little league team and spends a lot of time out on 
the ballfield...We heard from Retired Agent LILLIAN CON- 
ROY who is enjoying a life of ease in her new home in 
Schaumburg, Illinois. . . Our maintenance man, GEORGE 
JARRELL, returned from his vacation in Pensacola, Flor- 
ida, beaming with pride. George's daughter presented him 
with his first grandchild while he was there and he had the 
pleasure of bringing the baby boy home from the hospital. 
He can hardly wait to make a return trip. Congratulations, 
George. ..Speaking of grandchildren, Retired Foot Collector 
J. GAVIN is really a proud grandpa. Nothing pleases him 
more than to take the baby out for his daily fresh air and 
sunshine... DOROTHY ADLER's number two grandchild ar- 
rived on April 15 (an income tax bonus). The infant girl 
weighed in at 8 pounds 10 ounces and was 21 inches long. 
Congratulations to Dorothy and the proud parents of little 
VERLEE ADLER...Last year, nine-year old DAVID DOYLE, 
the grandson of MILDRED and DAN DOYLE, made the fam- 
ily very proud when he received the first prize trophy in 
the final races at a Boy Scout Pow Wow. This year young 
David designed and built a rocket ship. A space derby was 
held the last week of March, and by golly, he did it again. 
David won the first prize trophy! Congratulations! On 
May 8, another grandson of the Doyles, DANNY DEMPSEY, 
made his first holy communion at St. Albert the Great 
church in Burbank, Illinois. After the ceremony, Danny, 
his parents, and grandparents went out to breakfast. Later 

MAY, 1971 



an open house was held for relatives and friends. ..On Sat- 
urday, April 24, DENISE DUGAN, the granddaughter of 
your co-reporter, MARY WIXTED, made her first holy 
communion at St. Celestines church in Elmvvood Park, 
Illinois. Denise had the honor of carrying the chalice up to 
the altar and was one proud little girl. Grandma was, too... 
Birthday greetings to the following: DAVE GRAFMAN, A. 
R. BLANKS, and G. CLARK. May you all enjoy many hap- 
py returns. ..Birthday greetings also to little KIMBERLY 
KAY MATTRAN, the granddaughter of JULIA and RAY 
and grandson of Retired Agent HELEN PALLISTER. Also 
WIXTED, the daughter and granddaughters of your co- 
reporter, and BUTCH ADLER who celebrated his first 
birthday, too. ..LEO FORD spent the weekend of April 17 in 
Canada where he participated in the finals of the Knights of 
Columbus bowling championship games. ..On April 18, WIL- 
BUR STRASSER and his wife, HAZEL, left for a two-week 
vacation. When asked his destination, Wilbur said, "Here, 
there, and everywhere." Sounds interesting. We can hardly 
wait for his return to hear about his trip... Agent J. RA- 
JEWSKI and his wife celebrated their 30th wedding anni- 
versary with dinner at the Holiday Inn. Their children, 
grandchildren, and Mrs. Rajewski's mother joined them. 
After dinner they returned to the couple's home to continue 
the celebration. Congratulations, and may you have many 
more such happy occasions... We all look forward to our 
employment anniversary day off. All these lucky people 
had an especially nice day on this occasion: C. McDER- 
THOMAS, and J. WILSON. Thank you, CTA, from all of 
them. ..We are sorry to report that MIKE TOBIN, clerk in 
Central Assignment, is in the hospital. We hope he is im- 
proving daily, and our best wishes to him for a complete 
and speedy return to good health. . . Assignment Agent 
CECILIA ROPA has left the hospital and is now recupera- 
ting at home from recent surgery. We hope that she, too, 
will soon be back 100 per cent healthy. Hurry back, Ceal, 
we want to hear that voice again when we dial 411. ..LOUISE 
DREWS was ill again, but after a week of bed rest, as the 
doctor ordered, she is back on the job again.. .Agent DE- 
ANNA EDGERSON was injured in an automobile accident in 
February. She is now hobbling around a bit with the use of 
a cane. We hope she will be completely recovered very 
soon and return to us on her own power. Miss you, Deanna. 
We are also missing SLIM HOLMES and hope he, too, will 
be back with the group soon. ..JOHN FILIPEK is. still on 

THIS LITTLE bundle of 
joy is CHESTER SEY- 
MOUR III, the first son 
gress Terminal. Father 
and son were born on the 
some date, April 17. 


disability leave. Your co-reporter saw and spoke to him 
and he says he hopes to be back within a month or two. He 
also said he would like to hear from more of his friends... 
MONICA LAMKE returned from Tampa, Florida, with a 
lovely tan. She says she spent the days in shorts basking in 
the sun. It was quite a letdown when she landed back in our 
city and had to don her winter coat. That's life in the 
Windy City, Monica.. .JUNE BAREKMAN, CTA's own laugh- 
in girl, is planning her vacation, too. She will be taking in 
the sights in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. We really 
envy her and will miss her when she leaves. We know 
hearing about her trip on her return will be fun with June 
(the vamp of V.B.S.), what else?. .We were all shocked and 
deeply saddened by the death of our beloved Transit Board 
Chairman GEORGE L. DeMENT. He will be long remem- 
bered. We wish to express our sympathy to his family... 
Our sympathy also to the family of Trainman ROBERT 
STEEGE who passed away. ..We would like at this time to 
welcome all our new part-time agents as well as the part- 
timers who are returning for another summer with CTA... 
See you all next month. Keep smiling. 

- 7/toUiwl V<ufU & TKauf TOixUct 


Here we are again rushing around with our outside work 
to be done, house cleaning, and getting ready for our vaca- 
tions to start, plus a new pick going in. We sure hope ev- 
eryone gets what they want for the summer as there is a 
lot of bumping going on.. .DAVID PAUL ZUPKO, the son of 
Superintendent and Mrs. JOHN ZUPKO, was one year old 
on March 26. How time does fly. GRACE MOUNTS' grand- 
son also celebrated his birthday on March 26, but he was 
nine years old. He had a big dinner at grandma's house, 
with cake and ice cream, too. ..MARY BURROWS' daughter- 
in-law and new granddaughter, MICHELE MARIE, who was 
born on January 1, are flying here to see her. Grandma is 
really excited as this is the first time she will be seeing 
the new baby, and will have a great time getting acquainted. 
..Congratulations to VIRGINIA OJER who celebrated her 
birthday on April 10, and FRED FRIEB whose birthday was 
on May 8. Here's hoping you both enjoyed your day off... 
Our sincere condolences to the family of Motorman R. 
STEEGE who passed away recently... Pensioner ADA DAILY 
came through the Spaulding Station recently and looked 
great. I guess she is enjoying being a lady of leisure... I 
believe we had 20 West Section agents who had anniversa- 
ries during the month of April. We hope you all enjoyed 
your day off. .. Superintendent JOHN ZUPKO and BETTY 
RUSSO went on vacation on April 20. Here's hoping they 
both had a wonderful and restful time. ..GRACE MOUNTS 
had her family home for Easter and had an egg hunt in the 
back yard. Grace and the parents were as excited as the 
grandchildren, and all enjoyed a nice day together. ..PEGGY 
HAYMON is running for the "Miss Windy City" crown. The 
contest will be held on June 27 at the High Chapparal, 
7740 S. Stony Island. Good luck, Peggy, we hope you win... 
WILBUR STRASSER vacationed in Canada for a few days, 
while KAREN BULLOCK flew to Spain for two weeks. We 
hope they both had a, wonderful time. ..Congratulations to 
MARY SUE MATHEWS who was the first of the recent 
group to qualify in the assignment agents training... Still on 
the sick list as of this writing are MIKE TOBIN, EARL 
CYLIA ROPA. Here's hoping that they will all be well 
soon and back to work. . . MARY RITTER and PATRICK 




HOBAN represented the agents and janitors in the annual 
presentation of the safety awards at the Merchandise Mart 
on April 16. Coffee and doughnuts were served at the as- 
signment office on April 28 and all the employes were in- 
vited. The goodies were given by management in apprecia- 
tion for making 1970 our safest year. ..Your co-reporter, 
GRACE MOUNTS, has picked Irving Park Station on the 
Kennedy for the summer. For any news, you can reach her 
from 3 to 11 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. 


We received a lovely Easter card from my old friend, 
Pensioner BILL ECHOLS, who is in the hospital at this 
writing. He may have to have surgery on his jaw. Bill's 
most recent address is: 112 Glens Trail, Hot Springs, 
Arkansas 71901. Mail sent there will reach him whether 
he is still in the hospital or at home... A letter from Pen- 
sioner LARS PEARSON and his wife, ANNA, sends greet- 
ings to all. They enjoyed their Florida vacation and visited 
some old friends and pensioners. They saw RALPH 
O'BRIEN and his Mrs., and TED HILDEBRANDT and his 
better half. Lars did some fishing and had great luck. Out 
of 40 men on the boat, Lars caught the biggest fish, a 28- 
pound grouper. He won the jackpot and his catch appeared 
on TV.. .Pensioner ART MOILANEN and his wife, BETTY, 
write that they had a snowy winter in L'Anse, Michigan, 
ranging from 260 to 270 inches of snow. Only Santa Claus 
could appreciate that. After treatments and exercises, 
Art's back is well. There was some good ice fishing there. 
Some of the fish were over 20 pounds and too big to get 
through the hole in the ice. Art is getting his equipment 
ready for some spring fishing. He says hello to all his 
friends at North. Art sent along a copy of the L'Anse Sen- 
tinel.. .Operator HERBERT JONES joined the ranks of the 
pensioners May 1. We wish him the best of everything. 
Keep in touch, Herbert. He plans to visit his sister in 
Arizona, and his daughter in Florida... Pensioner ERNEST 
BOCK and his spouse, EMILY, are going to be grandparents 
for the second time. Ernie is improving but, of course, not 
fast enough to suit him. ..Pensioner CAL ASH is enjoying 
his retirement and playing with his grandchildren.. .Pen- 
sioner JOHN SENKO is looking and feeling good. Another 
pensioner who is looking well and enjoying his retirement 
South Shops, celebrated his 39th birthday again. On April 
16, both he and his horse became a year older. We send 
him our belated greetings. Bill and General Thaddeus 
Kosciusko are our two most famous Polish gentlemen born 
on April 16. RUDY GOODE says that Bill resembles the 
General in all ways — riding, walking, and talking... I met 
Former Clerk TONY ARNIERI who is now working at 
Kedzie and looking chipper. ..We are saddened to report the 
death of our good friend, Superintendent FRANK BUETOW, 
who passed away at Mayo Clinic on April 8. "Lead kindly 
light amidst the encircling gloom, lead thou me on." We 
extend our sympathy to his family. He was the brother of 
Operator BILL BUETOW.. .This is the season when North 
Avenue's greats on the golf course come to life polishing 
their golf clubs. Among these notables are Operators 
experts, Clerks BILL PINASCO and BOB STACH, are get- 
ting ready for a trip to Minnesota. ..Have a nice Memorial 
day and be careful on the highways. ..Now for the news from 
the Inner Sanctum (front office) from Switchboard Operator 


WALTER (Flat Wheels) BLIX who, with his Mrs., will be 
heading for the Ozarks the day after writing this column... 
We all wish to send Superintendent DON LEMM a very 
happy but belated birthday greeting. It seems that he and 
the Easter bunny celebrated their day together. Of course, 
another birthday means another round of high-caloried 
birthday cake. ..We're hoping by the time this column is in 
print that Supervisor CHARLES OLCIKAS is up and around 
again. A bit of ticker trouble put him in Augustana hospi- 
tal for awhile... By this time the cast should be off Mrs. 
ED WESTON'S arm. Seems she fell and broke it while on a 
shopping expedition. You're going to have to take it easy 
going after those bargains. This gal is the wife of Instruc- 
tor ED WESTON... Another gal on the sick list is the wife of 
Operator RICHARD SCHOLTENS. We're sending her a 
personal wish to get well and stay that way. No matter 
what's wrong with a person, it's just no fun being laid up 
for any length of time. ..We should be having some news as 
to what the following fellows did on their vacations: In- 
structor BOB MORRISON, Doorman TOM DOBBYN, and 
Custodian RAY JABLECKI. .. District Superintendent RAY 
REIGHARD is back from Arizona where he helped the White 
Sox get in shape for the pennant race this year. ..Clerk TOM 
HICKEY and his Mrs. should be back from their overseas 
jaunt. Did you ever learn to talk German, Tom ?.. Needless 
to say, Clerk "Uncle" AL ROHDE headed for Elkhorn, Wis- 
consin, to get his cottage ready for the summer season... 
The welcome mat is out for Former Operator JOE CABAY 
who now has the job of vacation relief switchboard opera- 
tor. To our new extra clerk, CARL HANSEN, we say, "En- 
joy those Saturdays and Sundays off, you know they're not 
going to last." 

- TViUiam TJtedtm*. 


With the coming of the college students, your help and 
consideration will be appreciated by the instruction force. 
The hiring of these fellows makes summer vacations pos- 
sible for most of us, so let's give them a hand.. .Golfers, 
remember the date — Monday, July 12 — for Division 241's 
annual golf day at St. Andrews Golf club. We are looking 
forward to all golfers participating in this fine event. ..Op- 
erator KAZ YAWORSKI has a Skamper trailer which sleeps 
eight people, and is available for anyone needing a trailer 
this summer. Kaz can be reached at this telephone num- 

is dressed in the gymnastic 
uniform he wore when he 
participated in a mass 
calisthenics exhibition 

given by Sokol Brookfield. 
Chucky's dad, GEORGE 
MACAK, is the senior 
transit technician of the 
graphics section, Research 
and Planning. 

MAY, 1971 



JOINING THE ranks of the retired May 1 
with 40 or more years of transit service 
each are, from left, EDWARD J. KOLAR, 

HERMAN ANDERS, Senior Transit Analyst, 

Research & Planning, Emp. 9-25-28 
CARL L. BISCH, Car Repairman "B", 

61st Street, Emp. 10-14-47 
GEORGE A. BROWN, Operator, 

Limits, Emp. 7-22-29 
WALLACE W. BROWN, Yard Foreman, 

South Section, Emp. 4-8-46 
ANGELO COSENTINO, Car Serviceman, 

West Section, Emp. 6-25-46 
BRYANT W. DAVIS, Operator, 

Forest Glen, Emp. 11-29-56 
RAYMOND E. DYLE, Operator, 

77th Street, Emp. 3-31-44 

Forest Glen, Emp. 10-1-41 

Forest Glen, Emp. 3-12-29 
HERBERT F. JONES, Operator, 

North Avenue, Emp. 11-4-42 
JOSEPH F. KENT, Supervisor, 

Central District, Emp. 11-11-36 

Lawndale, Emp. 8-27-36 
EDWARD J. KOLAR, Motor man, 

West Section, Emp. 10-28-24 
JAMES C. LALLEY, Operator, 

Limits, Emp. 6-27-42 
BERT H. LINNE, Ticket Agent, 

West Section, Emp. 2-18-36 

WITH A congratulatory handshake, Senior Transit Analyst 
HERMAN R. ANDERS, Research and Planning, receives his 
retirement portfolio from General Manager T. B. O'CONNOR 
at an open house held in his honor on April 29, while Supervisor 
of Graphics and Statistics JOHN P. O'CONNOR looks on. 
Herman retired on May 1 after 42 years of service. 

RALPH H. MARTZ, Equipment Engineer, 

Equip. Research & Development, Emp. 6-16-30 
FRANK OLSZEWSKI, Machinist Foreman, 

Skokie Shops, Emp. 6-4-27 
JOHN A. PONDEL, P.M. Instructor, 

Forest Glen, Emp. 4-22-47 
BERNARD J. ROLAND, Conductor, 

West Section, Emp. 2-19-42 
SIMON J. SCANLAN, Bus Repairer, 

52nd Street, Emp. 1-13-43 

Electrical, Emp. 2-16-36 

Law, Emp. 8-18-47 
FRANK J. VESELY, Collector, 

Kedzie, Emp. 7-11-45 
PETER J. WEST, Signal Maintainer, 

Electrical, Emp. 3-5-26 
FRANK M. ZEMAN, Motorman, 

West Section, Emp. 11-5-45 


ANGELO J. FALBO, Mechanic, 

South Shops, Emp. 1-19-48 
JOHN S. FILIPEK, Ticket Agent, 

West Section, Emp. 9-1-45 

77th Street, Emp. 2-17-43 
LLOYD ROBINSON, Car Repairman "B", 

Forest Park, Emp. 7-31-51 

MR. AND MRS. RALPH MARTZ, equipment engineer, were the 
guests of honor at a retirement dinner on April 28 in the M & M 
Club. Wishing him well were, left to right, Superintendent of 
Rapid Transit Maintenance Terminals A. J. PORCARO; Superin- 
tendent of Technical Services, Surface Division, R. M. SCHNEI- 
DER, and Superintendent of Technical Services F. J. CIHAK. 




ber— 426-5680. ..Operator LARRY SHIELDS and his wife, 
GRAYCE, vacationed in Florida. On the agenda were visits 
to Tampa, St. Petersburg, Ft. Lauderdale, and Key West... 
Utility Chauffeur STEVE HERMAN and his wife, HELEN, 
relaxed for two weeks at their beautiful home in Forsyth, 
Missouri. Steve reports that the trout fishing was excel- 
lent. ..Operator SEYMOUR STEINBERG and his wife, DOR- 
OTHY, spent two weeks at Santee, California, visiting their 
son, JOEL, and his wife, LINDA. The Steinbergs did con- 
siderable sightseeing in California and enjoyed their trip 
home on one of the new 747's...Mrs. MARIA BASTIDAS and 
her daughter, SOLEDAD, the wife and daughter of Operator 
GONZALO BASTIDAS, flew Delta airlines to Miami, Flor- 
ida, where they boarded a Braniff airlines flight to Quito, 
Ecuador, South America, to visit Gonzalo's parents, Mr. 
and Mrs. REINALDO BASTIDAS. Also on the agenda was a 
stop at Guayaguil, Ecuador, to visit other relatives... Op- 
erator HAROLD JULITZ and his wife, ANN, spent two 
weeks at Cable, Wisconsin. Due to three feet of snow, 
there was no chance for ice fishing, so Harold and Ann 
settled for a new hobby — snowmobiling. . . Operator PAT 
SCIORTINO was installed as president of the Sambruca 
Club on Sunday, February 21, at Ferrera Manor. The pur- 
pose of the club is to provide scholarships to needy fam- 
ilies. . . DENNIS DEGELMANN, the stepson of Operator 
HAROLD and SOPHIA SEDIN, is now a full-fledged member 
of the Skokie Police Department. All of the Skokie bus op- 
erators wish Dennis the best in his new position... Lieuten- 
ant JOHN STEINBEISS, the son of Instructor WALTER 
STEINBEISS, was graduated as a navigator on March 16 
from Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. John, 
who was an operator at North Park, and his wife, VICKIE, 
will be living in Sacramento, California, where he will be 
stationed. . . HOWARD STEINBERG, the son of Operator 
SEYMOUR STEINBERG, and his wife, PAM, have purchased 
a new home in Glenview, Illinois, and are eagerly waiting 
to move in. ..JOSEPH GUZZARDO, the son of Operator 
IRVING and MILDRED SHER, was recently inducted into 
the National Honor Society at Von Stueben High school. 
Joseph will be starting his fall term at Von Stueben as a 
senior, and will be working hard to earn a few scholar- 
ships. ..Operator JIM RENTSCHLER has shifted jobs and is 
now working as a bus jockey, shifting buses from garage to 
garage. To keep your watches in repair, Jim can be 

THESE TWO happy young lads are JEFFREY and RONALD 
JOSETTI, ages 4'/2 years and nine months, respectively, the 
grandchildren of Supervisor H. JOSETTI. Their dad, DAVID 
JOSETTI, is a West Section motorman. 


reached at 227-6757- . . Operator RAY DONESKI and his 
wife, EVELYN, were honored on February 20 at the home 
of Operator HAROLD and ANNE ANDERSCHOT, who hosted 
a farewell party for Ray's retirement on March 1. Opera- 
tors attending were: JOHN PAAKONEN, JOE DES PARTE, 
HORNKOHL, and their wives... Operator LEN BAEUCHLER 
spent his annual vacation in Phoenix, Arizona, where his 
brother, EDWARD, resides. Len reports considerable time 
was spent on the golf courses. He enjoyed a visit with Pen- 
sioner JOHN (Jake) JACOBY who lives in Scottsdale, and 
took in a couple of Cubs ball games... THOMAS LEE CARR, 
the son of Operator LE ROY and LOUISE CARR, was mar- 
ried on April 3 to Miss STEPHANIE HOWARD at Holy 
Cross church in Deerfield, Illinois. The reception was held 
at the Millionaires club with 200 guests attending. Tom and 
Stephanie are attending the University of Miami where they 
are in their junior year. ..Operator GENE BRUDNEY was 
married on Saturday, April 24, to Mrs. CARMELLA FRI- 
SINA at St. Clemons Catholic church in Streamwood, Illi- 
nois. The reception was attended by their immediate fam- 
ilies, and the Brudneys will be at home in Streamwood... 
Happy anniversaries are extended to: Operator PETER 
DOLAN and his wife, ROSALEEN, their 14th; Operator 
JACK KOVITZ and his wife, SHIRLEY, their 40th; Operator 
JAMES PATRICK and his wife, ROSE MARIE, their 20th; 
Operator IRVING SHER and his wife, MILDRED, their 36th; 
Operator THOMAS WILSON and his wife, BONNIE, their 
13th; Pensioner ALBERT NAGELE and his wife, ANNA, 
their 35th; Operator HAROLD JULITZ and his wife, ANN, 
their 37th; Operator P. J. SMITH and his wife, MADELYN, 
their 18th; Operator ADOLPH JENDRYCZKI and his wife, 
JEAN, their 33rd; Pensioner BEN GEACH and his wife, 
RUTH, their 50th; Pensioner JOE GRASSL and his wife, 
FLORENCE, their 49th; Operator LARRY SHIELDS and his 
wife, GRAYCE, their 33rd; Operator JIM RENTSCHLER 
and his wife, HAZEL, their 31st; Operator BERNIE KONI- 
ARSKI and his wife, GERTRUDE, their 24th; Operator 
MARVIN SALMANOFF and his wife, ETHELYN, their 6th; 
Operator RICHARD HALLIGAN and his wife, JOE, their 
26th, and Supervisor RON MICKELS and his wife, JOANN, 
their 14th. . . Happy birthdays are extended to Operators 
sympathy and condolences are extended to the families of 
Pensioner DANIEL MALONEY, Superintendent FRANK 
BUETOW, and Operator THOMAS MURPHY on the loss of 
his brother, JAMES MURPHY. .. Receiver WILBER (Bill) 
GERRISH and his wife, JOYCE, and children, KEVIN, 
ELLEN, and ANN, vacationed throughout the East and 
Southeast. Points visited were New York City, Gettysburg, 
Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., and West Point. They 
ended up in Washington, Georgia, where they stayed at the 
home of Mr. and Mrs. MACK BUFFORD... SUSAN STEN- 
ZEL, the daughter of Receiver EDWARD STENZEL, was 
married on Saturday, April 17, to Mr. LARRY MUCHA at 
St. Cornelius Catholic church. The reception was held at 
Sokol hall and was attended by 150 guests. After their hon- 
eymoon the young couple will be at home on the Northwest 
Side. Ed became a grandfather when his son, RICHARD, 
who is a repairman at Forest Glen Garage, and his wife, 
KATHY, became the proud parents of a son, WILLIAM. 

MAY, 1971 



the son of Superintendent 
of Operations RALPH 
TRACY, who was recently 
discharged from the U.S. 
Marine Corps. Randy plans 
to do construction work in 
northern Wisconsin during 
the summer, and attend 
Danville college in the fall 
where he will major in 

The baby was born on April 8 at Northwest hospital, weigh- 
ing 8 pounds. ..Repair Department Chit Chat: Engine Wash- 
er BOB KRAMER and his wife, LEE, became proud parents 
of their third child when a son named WILLIAM was born 
on April 10 at St. Francis hospital in Evanston weighing 9 
pounds 2 ounces. . .Repairman CARL OTTEN underwent 
major surgery at Weiss Memorial hospital and is now re- 
cuperating nicely. . .Combination Clerk JOHN BILLIS was 
Clerk EARNIE LOTITO's replacement while he was on 
vacation and did an outstanding job.. .The garage congratu- 
lates J. HALL and J. NAWROCKI on their promotions as 
repairmen. . . Vacationing at this time are Day Foreman 
R. MILLER, and EARNIE LOTITO...The sympathy of the 
garage is extended to Repairman ALEX FRITZ LER on the 
recent death of his mother-in-law. 

- "Mete** "&muKt 


Former Janitor ANDREW SMITH, now the gateman at 
the Kedzie avenue crossing on the Ravenswood line, ex- 
tends his sincere thanks to his fellow employes who pulled 
him out of the gate shanty on Friday, March 19. A truck 
went through the gates into the path of a train, and was 
pushed into the shanty pinning Andy inside. Three carpen- 
ters and two bus drivers helped to rescue him from the 
shanty, and Andy would like for these men to let him know 
who they are so he can thank them personally. ..Our sincere 
sympathy to the family of Clerk EDWARD DeRANGO who 
passed away on April 4. Ed worked as a conductor, motor- 
man, ticket agent, and finally as station clerk. His death 
was a shock to his co-workers. ..Our sincere sympathy to 
Clerk ANDREW CROUT and his family on the death of his 
father.. .Welcome to Clerks ROBERT STEWART and LOUIS 
LOEBBAKA, both of whom were in the hospital, but are now 
back to work... Ticket Agent LORRAINE ORR was rushed to 
the hospital from work, but is now home. We hope she will 
be well soon and able to return to work.. .Ticket Agent B. 
ATKINSON is a patient at Grant hospital. We all wish her 
a speedy recovery and a return to good health. How about 
some of you fellow employes sending her a card?. .Super- 
visor ROBERT THOMAS was home ill for a week but is 
now back at work and going strong. . . Supervisor HARRY 
HORN and his wife, DOREEN, ticket agent, had to rush 


their daughter to the hospital after she fell from a swing at 
school and broke her arm. It had to be re-set six times 
before it was finally in place. ..Agent EVELYN LANZ has 
returned to work, and her many friends are most happy to 
see her back. Evelyn wishes to thank all who sent cards, 
called, or visited her. ..Agent EARL STEVENS is now home 
after many months in the hospital. He would like to hear 
from some of his many agent friends... Agent "Oke" O'CON- 
NOR received a call that his brother, sister, and nephew 
are all in the hospital. Our hope and prayers are extended 
to him so that he may be able to bear up under this added 
heartache. . . Supervisor JOE KORAL and the members of 
his family enjoyed a happy weekend, as his son, RICKEY, 
had a weekend pass from the air force. . . Superintendent 
ROBERT SUTA spent a week's vacation around the house. 
For him it was fix-it week. However, he was not to be out- 
done by Paul Bunyon, as he dug up three trees around his 
house. We wonder if he has a blue ox, too?. .Student Agent 
BILL WIETZEL celebrated his birthday on April 30. Be- 
lated birthday greetings, Bill. ..Agent HELEN HANSEN and 
her husband flew to Washington, D.C., to visit their daugh- 
ter and two grandchildren. Helen said it was cherry blos- 
som time, and the view of the trees around the tidal basin 
was beautiful. While they were there, Helen, her husband, 
and their daughter celebrated their birthdays together. . . 
Birthday greetings to Agent SOL SCURTI. We wonder how 
many candles were on his cake, as he won't tell us how old 
he is. Vanity, oh vanity. Sol has a wonderful singing voice, 
and sings with a small combo. While I was in the hospital 
he dedicated a song to me, and afterwards someone stole 
the drums. Sol, I didn't put the evil eye on you as you said. 
..To Superintendent T. D. BOYLE, who is now on the West 
Section, from all of us on the North Section, HAPPY 
BIRTHDAY!.. Birthday greetings also are sent to Janitor 
Still on the sick list at this time are Agents F. FALLECK, 
them all a speedy recovery and hurry back to work.. .Our 
sincere condolences to the family of Agent WAYNE GRIF- 
FIN who passed away. Wayne was a former bus operator 
who had 25 years with CTA... Agent MINNA KING vacationed 
in St. Petersburg, Florida, visiting with her mother and 
father. Minna was soaking up that wonderful Florida sun- 
shine while we were here having snow flurries... Car Re- 
pairman JAMES CUNNINGHAM is quite the outdoorsman. 
Last winter he went ice fishing at Green Lake, Wisconsin. 
The results, one frozen James and no fish. In May he is 
going fishing at White Fish Lake, Wisconsin. Good luck, 
Jim, don't let the big ones get away. 

- 7«* 3We 

OPERATIONS (Transportation) - 

RAY DAGENAIS and his wife, SYLVIA, headed west on 
their vacation. They went to Las Vegas and, needless to 
say, they did not leave there as winners. They stopped and 
visited with JAKE JACOBY and one of Ray's cousins living 
in Mesa, Arizona, and also went to El Paso, Texas, and 
New Mexico. The weather was fine and they enjoyed their 
two-week trip. ..JAMES R. BLAA and his wife, ANN, and 
daughter, MARY BETH, flew to Salt Lake City, Utah, to 
visit with his son, JIM. During their ten-day stay, they 
went sightseeing, taking in Brigham Young university, the 
Mormon Tabernacle, and the ski resorts. The weather was 
beautiful and they had a wonderful time. ..THOMAS SHANA- 
HAN and his wife, ANN, drove to Florida and then flew to 




the Bahamas for their vacation. Here he led a life of lei- 
sure relaxing in the shade, sleeping late, and enjoying the 
beauty of the island. It was a great vacation and they en- 
joyed every minute of it. ..Your scribe recently returned 
from a wonderful two-week vacation. Again I went south to 
the little white house of JACK and WANDA KRAUSE in 
North Miami, Florida. I managed to go fishing a number of 
times and caught some nice kingfish, one weighing about 
20 pounds. The water in the ocean and pool was beautiful 
and I only missed one day of swimming. We went to many 
places and visited with many friends. Other CTA employes 
I met down there were RAY and DOROTHY PRYOR, TOM 
drove to Delray Beach and another evening to Naples just 
for dinner. I had a wonderful time, the weather was beau- 
tiful, and I can't wait to return to my second home... Con- 
gratulations to EDNA SOUTHWORTH who recently trans- 
ferred as an information clerk to a buyer in the Purchasing 
Department. We send our best wishes for good luck in your 
new job. ..Our sympathy is extended to MARY ROACH whose 
husband, JOHN, passed away on May 5. Mass was said at 
10 a.m. on May 8 at Holy Name Cathedral and the funeral 
was at St. Mary's cemetery. Our condolences are also ex- 
tended to THOMAS SHANAHAN on the death of his brother, 
EDWARD, who passed away on April 17. GEORGE M. 
KNYASTON, a retired surface system clerk, passed away 
on April 18. We would like to extend our sympathy to his 
wife, ELLIE, and his daughter, LAUREL. The funeral was 
on April 21 in Hollywood, Florida, where he lived. Four of 
the pallbearers were JACK KRAUSE, HERMAN ERICKSON, 
JOE O'CONNOR, all retired from the CTA, and JOHN 
THUROW from 77th Street. 

(Traffic Planning) • 

Congratulations to THOMAS LORENZ who received one 
of the first pass cases for submitting an acceptable sug- 

(Utility and Emergency Service) - 

On April 1, JOE ZARUBA retired after 24 years of ser- 
vice with CTA. In honor of the occasion, cake and coffee 
was served and enjoyed by some of his friends already on 
pension, namely, J. MULREE, E. FEHLHABER, and W. 
JOHNSON. Good luck, Joe, and have a happy retirement. 
We would also like to thank Mrs. O. W. JOHNSON for sup- 
plying the refreshments... M. DALEY spent his vacation at 
home taking care of the house as his wife was in the hospi- 
tal. Best wishes to Mrs. Daley for a speedy recovery... 
Spring must be here because J. ROCHE spent his one-week 
vacation doing work around the house. Others on vacation 
and A. WORKS.. .Presently off sick are R. O'GORMAN and 
A. KRAUS. We wish both of them a speedy recovery. ..We 
are happy to see W. RAKAUSKIS and L. HEISE back at 
work after being hospitalized. 


Congratulations to PATRICIA and CHESTER SEYMOUR, 
Congress, on the birth of their first son, CHESTER P. m. 
The future All-American was born on his dad's birthday, 
April 17, and tipped the scale at 8 pounds 10 ounces. Dad 


is still in the clouds , but mom and the baby are doing fine. 
..Our condolences to DON SANDUK, Congress, and his 
family on the passing of his son.. .Best wishes for a long 
and healthy retirement are sent to A. COSENTINO, Con- 
gress, who retired on May 1. Among the many friends and 
well-wishers to say goodby was his brother-in-law, JOHN 
CANNELLA...Good luck to CARL BISCH, 61st Street, and 
LLOYD ROBINSON, Forest Park, who went on pension May 
1. Here's hoping they have many happy and healthful days 
ahead... Welcome to F. PORCARO Jr., new car serviceman 
at Congress. Frank is the brother of ANTHONY POR- 
CARO.. .Congratulations to JOHN DANIELS, Congress, who 
won $100 and became a soul brother. John won the first 
prize in a raffle sponsored by New Nazerath Baptist 
church, and upon hearing of his good fortune donated the 
prize back to the church. His generous actions were ac- 
knowledged in a thank you card from the pastor and board 
members of the church, and also by JOHN and LULA 
NEELY who sold John the ticket. ..On vacation, in time for 
the first game of the season, were A. ODROWSKI and C. 
MERCURE, Kimball. ..A hearty welcome to Repairman B. 
BEVIS and Car Servicemen RAY JANICKI and D. BUSCH 
who transferred to Kimball. . .Congratulations to Mr. and 
Mrs. R. L. SMITH, Dan Ryan, on the birth of their son, 
TONY LOUIE. Little Tony made his first mark in the 
world on April 8. Best wishes to mom, dad, and baby... 
Comparing fish stories and golf scores were vacationers J. 
Dan Ryan... Welcome to the new men at Dan Ryan, L. SLAY, 


Easter month is here and gone, and we hope the bunnies 
were good to all of you (not the Playboy kind!)... As of this 
writing LEE DeSUTTER, Specifications Department, is in 
Edgewater hospital. This is most unfortunate for her, be- 
cause her husband is in the same hospital at the same time. 
We hope their stay will be short. ..We 're happy to hear of 
Purchasing's JOAN THOMAS' hop, skip, and jump from 
utility clerk to clerk III.. .JOANNE BOETTIN, formerly of 

was a recent visitor of Pensioner LARS E. PEARSON at his 
home in Mountain Home, Arkansas, and you can bet that the main 
topic of discussion was fishing. Pictured here, left to right, are: 
Pensioner BILL WERREMEYER, Bill, and Lars. 

MAY, 1971 



the Employment Department, has recently been added to 
the Stores clerical section replacing SHARON HAMILTON 
who resigned. The welcome mat is extended to you, 
Joanne... KEVIN BARRETT, who left CTA in December as 
an order clerk in Stores, CO., paid his former co-workers 
in the Mart a visit. It was good to see him again... HAROLD 
ENWRIGHT, stock clerk II, Skokie, was put to hard— PUFF, 
PUFF— work on his vacation cleaning house. His wife told 
him to do it— OR ELSE ! (Wonder what that little OR ELSE 
means?). . .ARTHUR HOFFMANN, stock clerk II, South 
Shops, is still on the sick list. We're rooting for you to get 
better quick, Art. . . Sympathies are in order for BERNIE 
FITZPATRICK, stock clerk II, South Shops, on the passing 
of his father, and to JAMES WALLACE, laborer, South 
Shops, on the passing of his son. ..Hello, HANK BRANDEN- 
BURG! Glad to see you back after your extended illness. 
Sure did miss you at South Shops. ..The welcome mat is out 
for RALPH PODGORSKI, typist at South Shops, replacing 
JACKIE McLEAN who resigned. Glad to have you on our 
team, Ralph... Skiing is a fantastic winter sport, and JESSE 
JUMPER, stock clerk I, South Shops, had an opportunity to 
try his luck on those long strips of wood. Jesse spent a 
week of his vacation in Europe. He went on a Sno- Gopher s- 
Ski-the-Alps trip to Courchevelle, France, and Geneva, 
Switzerland. Jesse's reaction when we asked him how his 
trip went? Wonderful, marvelous! You can say that again, 
Jesse. ..JOHNNY MARASOVICH, stock clerk II, South, spent 
a week's vacation visiting Back Porch, U.S.A. . . PHILIP 
MELLENDER, laborer, South, finally got a chance to go 
somewhere on his vacation— touring Crete, Illinois. .. Di- 
visional Storekeeper ART EGGERT, South, admired the 
lovely white flakes falling from the clouds while on his va- 
cation in Marshfield, Wisconsin. At least you weren't 
shoveling them, Art, so you're doing all right. ..Last, but 
not least, DONALD TARNOWSKI, stock clerk I, South, has 
been unable to locate any new girlfriends as of this writing, 
but we'll keep our eyes open for you, Don.. .That's it for 
now, folks. Hope to hear from all of you next month. 


LOUIS KARIOLICH, electrical worker, and his wife, 
RUBY, are the proud grandparents of a baby girl, CYN- 
THIA KARIOLICH, born on April 15 weighing 6 pounds 9 
ounces. Lots of happiness to the parents, LEWIS and AN- 
TIMA... GERRY GULLERY, electrical worker, and his wife 
are proud grandparents for the second time, with the birth 
of a baby girl, DAWN, on April 12 weighing 6 pounds 8 
ounces at Loyola hospital. The proud parents are TOM and 
MAUREEN WODARSKI. Tom works in Methods and Pro- 
cedures at the Mart, and his father is a bus operator at 
Forest Glen. ..ROBERT BINNIE, electrical worker, and his 
wife, CAROL, are vacationing in sunny Florida. .. JOHN 
ZDUNEK, upholsterer, and his wife, VIRGINIA, had a 
week's vacation in Florida with their daughter and son-in- 
law. ..CATHERINE ANN HEGARTY, clerk, and her husband, 
HUGH HEGARTY, financial secretary of Division 308, have 
moved into their new home in Edison Park. Lots of luck 
and enjoy it. ..TED LESNIAK, electrical worker, and his 
wife, are very proud of their son, MICHAEL, who was re- 
cently honored for high academic achievement at Monmouth 
college, Monmouth, Illinois. To receive this honor, a stu- 
dent must earn a 3.5 average on a 4-point scale. ..RUDY 
CHUCAN, shopman, and his wife, MARY, are the proud 
grandparents of a little girl, JEANNE MARIE CHUCAN, 


THIS YOUNG lady is 
nine-year old daughter of 
WINMON LEWIS, leader, 
South Shops Paint Shop, 
who made her television 
debut on March 31 as a 
solo pianist on Channel 26. 
This was part of a South 
Side neighborhood youth 

born at Scymore Municipal hospital weighing 7 pounds 6 
ounces. The mother is doing great, and the father, RON- 
ALD, is happy he can stop walking the floor. ..When this 
magazine goes to press , the Skokie Shops employes will be 
making final preparations for our second annual picnic, 
July 24, at Northwestern Park woods. We hope this year's 
picnic will surpass the outing last year, which had an at- 
tendance of over 700 people on a rainy day! Plans include 
free refreshments (bring your own pitcher), plenty of door 
prizes , games for children and adults supervised by a real 
clown, pony and train rides for the children, and dancing in 
the evening. We are even having a real old-fashioned pop- 
corn, hot dog, and peanut wagon! Doesn't that bring back 
memories? You can get your tickets at $3.00 per family by 
calling Skokie Shops. The grove can only accommodate 
1,200 people so get your tickets early. This is our way to 
fight inflation. Where else can a family have an all-day 
outing for only $3.00? 

- Zutnctt £. Ziaiaitd 


A warm welcome goes out to RAYMOND BLAU, the new 
general supervisor for Material Control and Office Pro- 
cedures. ..Congratulations to DELORD HATCHER, painter, 
on his appointment to body area painter of Area 312 and 
318. Mr. Hatcher is replacing Pensioner AARON AUSTIN. 
We would also like to congratulate GEORGE BLANCHE on 
his graduation to journeyman carpenter after a long, hard 
four years as an apprentice in Area 314. ..Foreman JOS- 
EPH SOWIZRAL was on vacation for a week and spent it all 
in one of the most beautiful cities there is, Chicago. Joe 
said he really enjoyed himself very much just sightseeing 
and taking in the Cubs opener at Wrigley Field. . . TOM 
BURIAN, mechanic apprentice, is enjoying the pleasures of 
a new Pontiac Grand Prix. His car pool partner, MURPHY, 
says Tom only hopes the Grand Prix will last throughout 
the payment period. ..STEVE MATTES enjoyed a lovely va- 
cation in Sarasota, Florida, for ten days. ..The fellows in 
the Upholstering Department would like to wish a speedy 
recovery to STANLEY MAZUREK who has been off sick for 
two weeks... Congratulations are in order for a "very nice 
guy", WALTER COLEMAN, on his promotion to Leader of 
Area 321... We welcome back 1st Lieutenant MICHAEL 
FIORITO, the son of SAM FIORITO, carpenter, who spent 




EDWARD J. ANDRACKI, 49, Engineering, 

Emp. 8-17-50, Died 4-14-71 
HENRY A. ALM, 93, Archer, 

Emp. 5-25-10, Died 3-9-71 
ROBERT BLAIR, 61, 77th Street, 

Emp. 3-29-34, Died 4-20-71 
PATRICK BROWN, 84, Devon, 

Emp. 2-25-10, Died 3-28-71 
FRANK BUETOW, 63, North Avenue, 

Emp. 7-31-29, Died 4-8-71 
KATHERINE CARNEY, 73, West Section, 

Emp. 8-11-41, Died 3-11-71 
JOSEPH CELANO, 58, 61st Street, 

Emp. 11-25-41, Died 3-23-71 
CARL E. CHEEVER, 78, North Section, 

Emp. 11-8-26, Died 3-17-71 

Emp. 3-27-30, Died 3-29-71 
JOHN H. CLAUSSEN, 86, 77th Street, 

Emp. 4-6-09, Died 3-23-71 
MICHAEL J. COLEMAN, 56, Forest Park, 

Emp. 1-10-49, Died 4-3-71 
BOOKER DANIELS, 58, Engineering, 

Emp. 5-18-51, Died 4-6-71 
THOMAS J. DAWSON, 68, South Section, 

Emp. 10-20-25, Died 4-3-71 
EDWARD DeRANGO, 48, North Section, 

Emp. 9-21-59, Died 4-4-71 
JOHN J. DORAN, 70, Archer, 

Emp. 11-20-42, Died 3-11-71 
OTTO D. EDIE, 80, Devon, 

Emp. 4-28-21, Died 3-12-71 
PAUL EMIL, 74, Kimball, 

Emp. 9-15-27, Died 3-26-71 
ADOLF L. FLORCZAK, 75, Howard Street, 

Emp. 8-14-16, Died 3-23-71 

Emp. 6-9-23, Died 3-18-71 
NIELS M. HANSEN, 68, West Section, 

Emp. 2-6-45, Died 3-17-71 
WILLIAM H. HEIN, 84, 77th Street, 

Emp. 6-22-11, Died 3-6-71 
GEORGE J. HUART, 80, Devon, 

Emp. 2-3-20, Died 3-25-71 

JOHN R. HUBER, 77, Devon, 

Emp. 12-21-25, Died 3-8-71 
SIDNEY E. JOHNSON, 89, North Section, 

Emp. 5-17-46, Died 1-22-71 
STANLEY KASTEN, 74, South Shops, 

Emp. 1-30-45, Died 3-15-71 
STEPHEN KREVE, 86, Kedzie, 

Emp. 9-9-17, Died 4-1-71 
HARVEY LAWRENSON, 79, North Avenue, 

Emp. 8-6-23, Died 3-4-71 
REACO MARKETTE, 89, 77th Street, 

Emp. 12-18-17, Died 2-27-71 
MARY M. NOLAN, 75, West Section, 

Emp. 9-23-41, Died 3-24-71 
GERALD T. O'CONNOR, 59, North Avenue, 

Emp. 3-13-43, Died 3-9-71 
THOMAS O'KEEFE, 75, 77th Street, 

Emp. 4-30-26, Died 3-12-71 
MITAR PAVLICA, 84, Track, 

Emp. 5-16-21, Died 2-11-71 

Emp. 3-2-55, Died 4-6-71 
ERNEST RrVOLTORTO, 70, Way & Structures, 

Emp. 10-26-44, Died 2-20-71 
VICTOR RIZZUTO, 58, 77th Street, 

Emp. 2-3-43, Died 3-1-71 
ROBERT STEEGE, 55, West Section, 

Emp. 8-26-63, Died 4-17-71 
HARRY E. TANNHAUSER, 79, Revenue Accounting, 

Emp. 6-11-20, Died 3-5-71 
MORRIS TAYLOR, 83, Kedzie, 

Emp. 9-19-18, Died 3-3-71 
ROSCOE TREECE, 70, North Section, 

Emp. 4-10-23, Died 3-1-71 

Emp. 8-7-42, Died 2-22-71 
ROBERT C. WATSON, 76, Cottage Grove, 

Emp. 1-16-20, Died 3-19-71 
JOSEPH WATTERS, 86, District "A", 

Emp. 8-30-23, Died 3-31-71 
MARTIN J. ZAPF, 85, South Shops, 

Emp. 9-26-10, Died 3-25-71 
JOSEPH S. ZIAJA, 83, Limits, 

Emp. 5-11-26, Died 3-9-71 

11 months in Viet Nam. ..GEORGE STREICH and his wife 
just completed a 6,700 mile motor tour with a camper 
through the southwest. They spent a night at Alco Pass, 
Illinois, with Retired Electrician DAN SHERRARD. They 
visited the Large Cross on the side of Knob Hill in Southern 
Illinois. They then went to El Paso, Texas, where they 
rode the streetcar from El Paso to Juarez, Mexico. The 
fare from El Paso to Juarez was ten cents, while the fare 
from Juarez to El Paso was only two cents. From there 
they traveled to the Carlsbad Caverns where they took a 
3j mile tour 830 feet underground, then on to Mesa, Arizo- 
na, where they spent four days with MIKE RUBEY, retired 
machinist, and left there for California where they visited 
Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Universal Studios, Ma- 
rineland, drove on the Ocean Drive, and then returned 
home. .. The fellows of Area 318 would like to wish PAT 
BARRY, carpenter apprentice, and STANLEY SARNA, 
foreman, a speedy recovery from their recent injuries. 
Take care of yourselves, fellows, we all miss you... PHIL 

SCHLOGEL, Area 346, and his wife enjoyed their second 
trip within a year to the Rio Grande Valley area and Mexi- 
co. They had a pleasant visit with his father, who is 88 
years old, and his sister and brother-in-law in McAllen, 
Texas. They spent a week in Monterey and Saltilla, Mexi- 
co. Phil thinks the Rio Grande Valley would be a great 
place for retirement. ..W. WILLENIUS, foreman, Area 345, 
retired on April 1. His announcement stating that he would 
retire was not taken seriously by RAY SPATZEK. Ray 
made a wager of $10 with JOHN K. that Bill's 45 years of 
service would continue. His chagrin on losing this wager 
was in evidence when he paid off with 1,000 pennies — no 
more or less. John K. stated that this was considered, 
from the beginning, as having a money-back guarantee... 
Congratulations to RALPH T. BERNDT Jr., Area 348, on 
the birth of a daughter, HEIDI JEAN, weighing 6 pounds 2 
ounces, on March 2 at Christ Community hospital. Ralph 
also became a journeyman machinist on May 17... DON 
CRIGLER, Area 348, joined the ranks of journeymen on 

MAY, 1971 



May 2. ..ROBERT BARNS, laborer, Area 312, was pre- 
sented with a baby boy, CRAIGERY, who was born on 
Easter Sunday weighing 8 pounds 9 ounces. Bob also has 
three other children, BARBARA, TONYA, and ROBERT Jr. 
He would like to wish Tonya a belated happy birthday, 
April 9. 

- £UUne Stetv&U & S*^ "Siva** 


Soon summer will be here, so let's hope the Cubs and 
White Sox have a rousing year and both end up on top. ..Our 
safest year in CTA history was 1970, and we all should be 
proud of the fact that each and every one of us helped make 
it possible. It was also Ashland's safest year since 1966, 
and we received a nice plaque in honor of the occasion. 
Free coffee and rolls were served and enjoyed by all. 
Let's all work a little harder in 1971 to make it an even 
greater year. ..We extend our congratulations to Conductor 
CARL SCHEUERMANN and his wife who will be celebrating 
their 40th wedding anniversary soon... We recently heard 
that Retired Motorman PAUL SCHILLE passed away. Our 
sincere condolences to his family. .. Good news — Janitor 
back working and off the sick list... Retired Yard Foreman 
JOHN LEMKE was around recently to see the boys at Ash- 
land and he looks real good and says "hello" to everyone... 
Wow, 95th Street is going great guns. They beat their 
complaint-commendation par and had free rolls and coffee, 
and they also won the Interstation Safety Contest award for 
the first quarter of 1971 and will get coffee and rolls again 
in the near future. Our South Section is really great. ..The 
officers of the South Side Credit Union and their wives held 
their dinner recently at David's restaurant and all who at- 
tended had a great time, including myself and my hubby, 
ROLAND. It was a delicious dinner — and you know how I 
love dinners... We were sorry to hear that Motorman 
JOSEPH GRIFFIN fell and broke his ankle and will have the 
cast on for six weeks. Let's hope the time goes by quickly, 
Joe, and you will soon be back to work. ..Hi to newly-hired 
HEARD who transferred from Shops & Equipment... Retired 

GUESTS OF HONOR at the annual Engineering Department re- 
tirement dinner in the Peacock Room, May 7, were department 
members who retired during the year ending May 1. The group 
includes, from left, Mrs. and Mr. VINCE MULE, Mrs. and Mr. ED 
BECKER, Mrs. and Mr. WILLIAM STAPLETON, Superintendent 
of Engineering E. E. OLMSTEAD, Mr. and Mrs. SID RAPPEN- 
MACHER, and Mr. and Mrs. JOE MARTELLO. 


Clerk JOHN MORAN called and said that his widowed son 
was married recently. So John and his wife have moved to 
a super apartment building in Harwood Heights with swim- 
ming pool, recreation room, and many other features. 
They really are enjoying their new apartment. . . Agent 
CHARLES FRANK went on pension April 1. He was a fine 
agent and person and will be missed by all his co-workers. 
A good retired life is wished Charles. ..On the sick list at 
this writing is Clerk JOE O'CONNOR. Here's hoping his 
health improves real soon. We all miss him at work. ..Re- 
tired Motorman EDWARD HENNESSY and his wife are back 
in Chicago now from their trip to Arizona. While there 
they visited with North Section Motorman PAT FLATLEY 
and his wife. They have a beautiful home. They also vis- 
ited with his brother who was a surface system carpenter. 
They wish to be remembered to all their North and South 
Section friends... Congratulations to Agent PHYLLIS WOODS 
who was married recently and is now PHYLLIS AMAH... 
Conductor CARL SCHEUERMANN is to be commended for 
rescuing a woman on April 9 who was trying to jump in 
front of a train at Howard Street. Carl, you did a wonder- 
ful job. ..Received a nice postcard from the traveling AR- 
THUR ANDERSONS, retired assistant station superintend- 
ent, from Tallahassee, Florida. They traveled through the 
southland and had a wonderful trip. 

- 1/euia 'TfMiMif 


JAMES HUNTER Jr., the son of Operator JAMES 
HUNTER, a student at De LaSalle institute was elected a 
member of the National Honor society. He was also listed 
among the "A" students at the school. ..The swing run oper- 
ators are tipping their hats to Superintendent FRANK 
VTTEK for eliminating that overtime in the fuel line. Now 
one good turn deserves another, so let's come in on time... 
After 18 years of working nights, Repairman ALBERT 
BENN has picked days. Al says he will do the rest of his 
time in the day light... Congratulations to the 52nd Street re- 
pair department for their fine efforts in winning their first 
safety award, presented by Safety Coordinator JIM DUD- 
LEY and J. J. REPPLINGER, superintendent of surface 
systems shops and garages. A hearty thanks from all of us 
for a job well done. Keep up the good work, fellows, this is 
the first of many awards to come. ..We are sorry to an- 
nounce that we have lost the fine services of SIMON SCAN- 
LAN who went on pension May 1. In his leisure, we wish 
him many happy days ahead. 

C<sAh 4. #«4W 


The janitors had a new pick and, as usual, we ended up 
with the cream of the crop. Our number one man is R. 
RAJ, number two is SIG WODARCZYK, "Red" GREEN is 
number three, with LEROY MARSHALL in the number four 
position. N. ODOM is our night man, and LAWRENCE 
PAGE is working as the relief man. BOB JEROZAL left us 
for the 77th Street terminal job. Sig is going to Cambridge, 
Massachusetts, for a two-week vacation to see his son, 
FRANK, graduate from Harvard university. Frank will 
continue his education at the University of California at 
Berkeley. It is gratifying to know that some of our children 



are taking advantage of the opportunities that this great 
country offers. ..F. C. STAWINSKI is really going to enjoy 
the smooth ride of his new LTD, as he just had an opera- 
tion, you know where. ..We can be proud of the fact that we 
broke our commendation/complaint par for the month of 
March.. .We extend our deepest sympathy to Operator D. 
DOWNES on the loss of his sister, DELIA BEHNLE. . . 
"Choo-Choo" FRALE and his son are planning the train 
ride of all time! Their first stop will be New Orleans on 
the Illinois Central, next the Sunset Limited will take them 
across the southern states to Los Angeles. The Coast Line 
of California will take them to San Francisco and up to 
Seattle, Washington. The Northern route will bring them 
back home. In all, they will cover 18 states. I'm not wor- 
ried about how many blisters they are going to have— but 
how can Frale pack a lunch for such a trip?. .With vacation 
time here, how about dropping a line as to where you are 
going and what you are doing?. .JIMMY AHERN of the Re- 
pair Department reports that HANK MILLER, one of our 
former trainmen, has returned from Florida. He will 
spend the summer months here with his old friend, Pen- 
sioner CHESTER WILLIAMS, who lives near Kankakee. He 
also has JOHN TIFFY on his list. We wish him and all the 
other pensioners good health and many years of happiness. 
. . MARTIN SWANSON, formerly a mechanic at 69th, took 
his pension on March 1. ..We offer our best wishes to 
JAMES CASEY who is off sick, and hope he will be able to 
return to work soon.. .FRANK KERMAN is going on a fish- 
ing trip to Wisconsin. We hope he catches enough for a 
good fish fry... Congratulations to CTA and Division 241 on 
the new pension plan. ..So, Mrs. YOUNG, take good care of 
MICKEY. ..May God bless all of you and remember, drive 

- Attiwi "P. SxeMa 


Sorry that our column didn't appear in the last issue of 
Transit News, but due to the "flu-bug", I was confined at 
home and missed the deadline for submitting news items... 

CORNED BEEF and cabbage tapped the menu this year just as 
it has in the past 24 years. As always, active and pensioned 
Electrical Department employes turned out in force to honor 
the year's retirees at their annual dinner held at Harrington's 
on North Milwaukee avenue. The six pensioners include, from 


Belated birthday wishes are sent to the following opera- 
J. JACOBS. ..We would like to apologize to Operator B. 
WATKINS for omitting his name from the February birth- 
day list.. .Operator BOOKER BYERS and his wife, BARBA- 
RA, celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary on February 
25. Congratulations to you both.. .Miss CORTHEA QUALLS, 
the daughter of Operator JEFFREY QUALLS, celebrated 
her birthday on March 22. Happy belated birthday, Cor- 
thea... Belated birthday wishes to the two daughters of Op- 
erator V. JONES. SONJA celebrated her birthday on March 
3, and REMEL celebrated hers on March 14.. .Our sincere 
sympathy is extended to Operator RUDOLPH CAMPBELL 
and his family on the passing of his father. Our sympathy 
is also extended to Instructor B. HENDERSON and his fam- 
ily in the passing of his mother. She was buried in Okla- 
homa.. .Congratulations are in order for all the operators at 
77th Street. We beat our commendation and complaint pars 
for the month of March. Let's make it a clean sweep next 
month by beating our accident par which is of even greater 
concern to Superintendent J. KNERR... Instructor FRANCIS 
SMITH retired on March 1 after 44 years of service. Best 
wishes to Frank for a healthy and happy retirement... RAY 
PRYOR, supervising instructor, South, and Instructor TOM 
SPRATT will be winging their way to Florida on vacation. 
We wonder who will be in charge of the instructors now 
that Ray and Tom are gone?.. Operator ANDREW BUTLER 
and his wife, WILMA, are very proud of their son, AN- 
DREW Jr., who was recently graduated from Roosevelt 
university. Congratulations to all of you. Andy Sr. and 
Andy Jr. celebrated their birthdays in April. Andy Jr. was 
22, but the old man wouldn't divulge how old he was. That's 
alright, Andy, if you don't tell me, Wilma will. ..News from 
the clerk's cage — Clerk HARRY RONS vacationed in Flor- 
ida and Nassau for two weeks. . .Chief Clerk RUDY AL- 
BRECHT's wife is in the hospital with a broken arm. . . 
Clerk TOM McGUIRE is in Little Company of Mary hospi- 
tal recovering from surgery. ..We would like to welcome 
Clerk JAMES BURKE to our clerical staff.. .A fond wel- 
come to ED LEVI who has returned after a 71-day absence. 
..The Softball team is now practicing for the upcoming sea- 
son, and I am told by Team Manager CHARLES JOHNSON 
that all positions are open. ..I am taking this opportunity to 
request that those operators who have been breaking bottles 
in the parking area, please refrain from such an infantile 
habit. Your fellow employes who drive their cars to work 
are finding that their tires are being cut. Let's find some- 
thing more constructive to do. 

- £(ea4it l^.teiiaM 

MAY, 1971 



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*. w a 


..IF WE MAKE ir so; 


JUNE-JULY, 1971 

Hayo heads 


Tee (ngerso// 

"warator Rucfc 

""« VaW *> V. 

Wn g as deputy dl° 

£ M Ws deputy 

■s. 7n<Jfa B „ '..""scon- '- 

OTMcaso Mrnne 

Friday, July 16, 1971 

West side 

54th Ave. at Cermak 
in Cicero, to the 
Loop in 24 minutes. 

Douglas Trains. 





45 ' OotlAllfp 1 ' 

h '" 9 ° *<•*■ *■"*» Jul, 8. ,97, M ^ 


£!lS t& ?S/ our group 
needs a lift, 

charter a CTA Bus. 
Phone 664-7200 

Charter Buses. 

special f 
in the P 

affair." / 
an emba 
clined to 



Michael Cafferty 


Until I greet each one of you personally, I want to introduce myself 
through TRANSIT NEWS and express my appreciation for the fine job you are 
doing as CTA employes. 

On my travels around the system since I came to Chicago as Transit 
Board Chairman two months ago, I have been extremely impressed with the 
pride and positive attitude that employes take in their jobs and in the operation 
of the entire transit system. I certainly appreciate the cooperation which has 
been shown me and the warm welcome which I have received at each work 

Having heard so much about CTA while I was with the U.S. Department 
of Transportation, I am indeed privileged to be associated with the Authority. 
As Board Chairman I hope to lead CTA through an unprecedented period of 
growth and expansion, making it one of the most modern and progressive 
transit systems in the world. 


T* J^ 



Mrs. Cafferty Greets Board Members' Wives 

THE WIVES of present and former Transit Board 
members, as well as Mrs. Berniee T. Van der 
Vries — the only woman ever to serve on the Board — 
attended a luncheon at which an oil painting of the 
late Board Chairman George L. DeMent was pre- 
sented to his widow. The presentation to Mrs. De- 
Ment was made by Mrs. Michael Cafferty, the wife of 
the Transit Board Chairman. 

Shown at the luncheon at the M&M Club in the 
Merchandise Mart are, from left, Mrs. Lawrence G. 
Sucsy, Mrs. Van der Vries, Mrs. Clair M. Roddewig, 
Mrs. Thomas B. O'Connor, Mrs. Cafferty, Mrs. 
Wallace D. Johnson, Mrs. DeMent, Mrs. James E. 
Rutherford, Mrs. James R. Quinn, Mrs. William W. 
McKenna, and Mrs. Philip Harrington. 


ICTA Ads Now Running in Chicago Dailies 

A SERIES of 100-line newspaper ads currently ap- 
pearing in all four Chicago daily newspapers will be 
run five days a week for a 22-week period, according 
to F. C. Knautz, CTA superintendent of public and 
employe relations. 

There are 24 different ads in all and each high- 
lights a different CTA service. Using arresting head- 
line language and bold body type, they make effective 
use of the small space. 

"The ads are especially appropriate at this time 
since Chicago's two main expressways, Dan Ryan and 

Kennedy, are undergoing extensive repairs that will 
continue through October 22," said Mr. Knautz. "The 
ads stress running time and convenience of rapid 
transit riding in the expressway medians in addition 
to other CTA services." 

CTA's other full advertising campaign also in- 
cludes larger 1200-line newspaper ads and 60-second 
radio commercials aired in drive time. Through use 
of reciprocal advertising agreements with Chicago's 
media, CTA is able to get this campaign at very low 

The agency for CTA is Niefeld, Paley & Kuhn. 

JUNE- JULY, 1971 

Award Winners Receive $1,000.00 for Accepted Ideas 

AWARDS TOTALLING $1,000 were won by 14 CTAers 
whose suggestions were adopted during the last three 
months, according to C. E. Keiser, chairman of the 
Executive Decision Committee of the Employe Sug- 
gestion Plan. 

Winning more than three-fourths of the suggestion 
awards were Shops & Equipment Department em- 
ployes at Skokie Shops, whose eight adopted ideas 
netted them $810. Four of the suggestions were 
adopted during June and cash awards were presented 
to the recipients by Mr. Keiser personally. Shown in 
the picture above (from left) are James Olsen, who 
received checks for $75 and $100; Robert Buegel, who 
received a check for $240, and David Guereca, who 
received a check for $100. Other recent award 
winners at Skokie Shops were Robert Barrett ($100), 
Joseph Kurek ($25), and Grant Greene ($25). John 
Kalinowski of Skokie earned $25 by having a second 
suggestion adopted within a year. A final cash award 

winner for Skokie Shops, whose check for $80 was 
presented because his adopted suggestion continued to 
produce savings to CTA a year after its adoption, was 
Charles Quai.ardi, who is now retired. 

Other winners of suggestion cash awards from 
throughout the system include John Gill, General Of- 
fice-Stores Department ($30); Dino Fuggiti, Electri- 
cal Department-Chicago Avenue ($25), and Joseph 
Mazarka and Raymond Michalski, both of Engi- 
neering-West Shops ($25 each). For submitting their 
second adoptable suggestion within a year, three 
CTAers won awards of $25 each; Mary Berry, 
General Office-Claim, Regina Daren, General Office- 
Medical, and James Schumpp, Rapid Transit-North 

In addition to their cash awards, a choice of an 
incentive award — either a $7 Jewel gift certificate or 
a Zippo lighter/tape rule set — was made by all sug- 
gesters whose ideas were adopted in the last three 

Seventeen other CTAers who submitted adoptable 
ideas were named by the committee as award winners 
and given a choice of either of the above incentive 
awards. By departments, the award winners were: 
Shops & Equipment— Michael Healy, John Kalinowski, 
Robert Swanson, and Lawrence Walker of Skokie 
Shops; Leonard Miller of North Park Garage, and 
Michael O'Connor of Racine Terminal Shop. General 
Office— Harold Burda, Property Accounting; Regina 
Daren, Medical; John Gritis, Reproduction Services; 
Terri Kramer, Law, and Mary Traxler, Claim. 
Transportation-Surface— Edwin Green and Robert Ze- 
lisko, Forest Glen, and Eugene Diggins Jr., North 
Park. Transportation- Rapid Transit— Charles Ban- 
ser, Jefferson Park, and James Schumpp, North Sec- 
tion. Electrical— Arthur Maxwell, Blue Island. 

Plan Commission Appointee- 

J. A. Pate Named to City Post by Mayor Daley 

APPOINTED TO the Chicago Plan Commission by Mayor Richard J. Daley 
was James A. Pate, a 20-year veteran in Chicago transit. 

Mr. Pate, who is now serving as financial secretary-treasurer of Divi- 
sion 241 of the Amalgamated Transit Union, started with CTA on February 
20, 1951. Serving first as a streetcar conductor and later as a bus opera- 
tor, he had been assigned to 77th Street Station until being elected to his 
present position with the union in 1969. Married and the father of three 
children, Mr. Pate has been a delegate to the Chicago Federation of Labor 
and Industrial Union Council. 

The appointment was sent by Mayor Daley to the City Council for ap- 
proval on July 21. 


Three CTAers Qualify 
As Line Supervisors 

HAVING UNDERGONE intensive training under actual 
working conditions during a four-month period, three 
rapid transit traffic supervisors qualified as line su- 
pervisors during June and are now assigned to the 
line supervisor's pool. Pictured above receiving 
their graduation certificates from Superintendent of 
Transportation D. M. Flynn are (from left) Dennis 
Closs, Harold Horn, and Carl Meyer. 

Journeymen to Teach in 
Carpenter Apprentice Program 

TO INSTRUCT in a new carpenter apprentice training 
program at Skokie Shops, three journeymen carpen- 
ters recently completed the Shops and Equipment De- 
partment instructor training program and were pre- 
sented graduation certificates. Shown above with 
Transportation Department Instructor Howard Hoepp- 
ner (right) are (from left) Gary Olsen, Calvin Valen- 
tino, and Robert Buerger. 

Israeli Official Views U.S. Transit Systems, Rides CTA 

MEDIAN STRIP rapid transit was closely examined by the Honorable 
Shimon Peres, minister of transport and communications for the State 
of Israel, who visited Chicago as part of a nationwide tour of transit 
systems. The concept of integration of rapid transit into expressways 
is currently under study in Tel Aviv. While riding the Dan Ryan rapid 
transit, Minister Peres took a turn at operating a train under the 
watchful eye of a CTA motorman. 

5,892 CTAers on Payroll Savings 

CTA EMPLOYES know a good buy when they see one, 
and they proved it by signing up for Savings Bond pay- 
roll deductions totalling $94,895.29 per pay period. 

The record amount of bond deductions resulted 
from the U.S. Savings Bond campaign which was con- 
ducted system-wide during the month of May. In re- 
sponse to the campaign, 722 more CTAers signed up 
for payroll deductions, bringing to 5,892 the total 
number of participating employes — 45.84 per cent of 
all employes. 

As a result of the campaign, 565 employes who had 
previously been enrolled increased their deductions 
for bonds by an average of $8.38 per pay period. The 
average payroll deduction for all participating em- 
ployes is $16.11. 


Number 6 

Published monthly by and for employes of the Chicago 
Transit Authority, under the direction of the Public 
Information Department. 

Robert D. Heinlein, Editor 

Mel Alexander, Editorial Assistant 

F. C. Knautz, Superintendent of Public and Employe Relations 

Annual subscription price: $2.00. Distributed free of 
charge to all active and retired CTA employes. Address 
communications to CTA TRANSIT NEWS, Room 742, 
Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago, Illinois 60654. 

JUNE-JULY, 1971 

Medically Speaking 

by Dr. George H. Irwin 


PEOPLE ALL over the world are currently engaged 
in two startling explorations: 

1 . One is an exploration of outer space by astro- 
nauts and satellites. The cost of success in this ven- 
ture is to be reckoned in billions of dollars. 

2. The other is an exploration of the inner man 
carried on with the new biology and research labora- 
tory. The cost of this venture will probably be in 
mere millions of dollars instead of billions. 

The manned exploration of space might be of help 
to us as human beings somehow or sometime. At 
least, that is the advertised hope, even though the 
moon is a little chilly on the dark side. 

The exploration of the inner man and the new biol- 
ogy will surely bring relief from suffering for many 
and a better life to all. One phase of research of the 
inner man is the transplantation of healthy organs 
into sick people who need them in order to live. 

The doctor's problem is to determine how far and 
how fast to venture in organ transplantation. 

There are three big problems relating to tissue 
transplants aside from the surgical technique. They 
are: ethics, legislation, and public information and 
education. It will take much time and energy to solve 
these problems. In the end it is hoped that "proper un- 
derstanding of the three big problems will be reached. 

An organ transplant which has so far been more 
successful than the heart transplant and has, more- 
over, become an everyday reality, is the kidney 
transplant. A few brief general remarks about the 
kidneys may be helpful. The kidneys are two bean- 
shaped organs located in the upper and posterior part 
of the abdomen (but outside the abdominal cavity). 
Their chief function is similar to a filtration plant. 
They extract all of the impurities and waste products 
from the blood and pass them off through the urine. 

With the understanding of kidney function, it seems 
reasonable to assume that any cause, whatsoever, in- 

terfering with normal kidney function might eventual- 
ly lead to kidney failure. The main cause of chronic 
kidney failure is glomerular nephritis which is prob- 
ably the most frequent indication for kidney trans- 
plants. Some other indications are chronic pyelo- 
nephritis, chronic cystic disease of the kidney, and 
rare types of kidney tumors. Several kidney trans- 
plants have been done in patients who were born with 
only one kidney and then lost that kidney through 
some mishap. To sum it up again, remember that 
chronic kidney failure is the only true indication for 
kidney transplants. 

Complete detailed medical study over a period of 
time must be carried out to determine the proper 
patient for this operation. To insure success, the 
patient's disease must be limited primarily to the 
kidneys. Also the donor must be carefully studied to 
determine so far as possible that his kidney will not 
be rejected by the patient. The donor should be re- 
lated. After all this has been done there are still im- 
portant ethical, moral, and legal problems to be con- 
sidered. It has been determined that a person's life 
expectancy is not decreased by donating one kidney. 
The point is then raised, why let a patient die when he 
or she can be cured by a kidney transplant ? In the 
final decision, it is not the doctor's opinion alone, but 
also the family's, the lawyer's, and the minister's 
which are to be considered. 

Much research on kidney disease has been done at 
the Northwest Kidney Center, formerly the Seattle 
Artificial Kidney Center. It was there that the arti- 
ficial kidney machine was developed. Many lives have 
been saved by this apparatus. However, the cost and 
the technical difficulties when used over a long period 
of time have created problems. 

The kidney transplant, under the proper conditions 
is much more satisfactory. The American Medical 
Association Committee on Transfusion and Trans- 
plantation reports that more than 4,000 kidney trans- 
plants have been accomplished. The report also 
states that one of the major health insurance com- 
panies will cover this procedure in their policy. Over 
a thousand kidney transplants were reported last 
year. The committee also adds that thousands more 
could have been done had donors been available. To 
aid the program of finding donors the committee is 
urging all doctors to join with the public for a proper 
examination to receive a donor's card. Under this 
arrangement, the kidneys of a person who dies sud- 
denly from an accident or from a cause other than 
kidney disease, would be available for possible trans- 

All patients with kidney disease are not necessar- 
ily suited to transplantation. Many must be main- 
tained on the artificial kidney machine (dialysis). But 
for those who meet the requirements, transplantation 
is the best long-term treatment. 

Much of the information in this article comes from 
the "Today's Health" published by the American Med- 
ical Association. 


Banquet Honors Lawndale Station, 1970 Softball Champions 

DIVISION 241-308 — CTA recreational activities pro- 
gram honored the Lawndale Station 1970 Softball 
champions with a banquet in the M&M Club on June 
18. Representatives of the 17 other participating 
teams were also present. 

Addressing the group as guest speaker was Johnny 
Morris, former backfield star of the Chicago Bears 
football team and now a sportscaster for NBC-TV. 
Mr. Morris commended the group for their athletic 
prowess and informed them of the many openings in 
the field of television announcing. 

The vital role the men are playing in the program 
and the company was extolled by Superintendent of 
Public and Employe Relations F. C. Knautz. Mr. 
Knautz, under whose direction the program is pro- 
duced, expressed his pleasure as to the wonderful 

relationship now enjoyed between labor and manage- 
ment. He lauded the players for their fine competi- 
tive spirit, even when it meant, at times, a referee 
was needed to break them in the clinches. 

In the picture at left, Ralph Williams, Lawndale 
team captain, is shown accepting the first place tro- 
phy from Agis Bray, director of the CTA sports pro- 
gram, as Station Superintendent J. B. Morris looks 

In the picture at right, Superintendent of Trans- 
portation D. M. Flynn accepts the North Division 
championship award for his former "alma mater", 
Limits Station, from Division 241 President W. E. 
Scholl, as Thomas Stiglic, superintendent of Instruc- 
tion, and Leonard Beatty, president of Division 308, 
enjoy the presentation. 


BENSON, C, Repairer, 69th Street 

BRESLER, L., Serviceman, Forest Glen 

DUOBLYS, H. J., Serviceman, 69th Street 

FARLEY, J., Conductor, North Section 

GOMOLKA, J. R., Serviceman, Forest Glen 

MANTIA, M. A., Repairer, Archer 

MCCARTHY, R. A., Multilith Operator, Repro. Serv. 

OLENICK, T. F., Money Handler, Central Counting 
PRICE, L. J. Jr., Operator, 69th Street 
ROBERTS, M. L., Operator, Limits 
ROBINSON, C. Jr., Serviceman, Kedzie 
VANDERHORST, L., Ticket Agent, West Section 
VAN METER, J. A., Operator, Forest Glen 
WATTS, R., Operator, Limits 


ALLEN, C. E., Operator, 52nd Street 
BARR, F. L. Jr., Serviceman, 77th Street 
BROWN, S. H. Jr., Repairer, 77th Street 
COLEMAN, M., Repairer, 77th Street 
COLUCCI, A. P., Elect. Worker Appr., Skokie Shops 
DAQUILANTE, D., Operator, North Avenue 
FILARSKI, R. A., Repairer, North Avenue 
GRANAHAN, J. J., Multilith Operator, Repro. Serv. 
HOFFERT, M. J., Vacation Relief Clerk, Surface 
HUNT, W. J., Operator, North Avenue 
KOCLANIS, W. J., Serviceman, Archer 

LAHART, J. B., Trackman I, Track Division 
NORFLEET, B., Operator, Limits 
NEVELS, C. L., Car Repairman "B", Forest Park 
PEDERSOLI, M. A., Repairer, 77th Street 
RADCLIFF, B. S., Conductor, West Section 
SKIPPER, J. C, Operator, Kedzie 
STAPLES, C, Operator, 69th Street 
THOMPSON, S. L., Serviceman, 77th Street 
TOOKS, D. S., Repairer, 69th Street 
VINE, J. L. Jr., Serviceman, Beverly 
WIELAND, J. A., Repairer, Keeler 

JUNE- JULY, 1971 

A. F. Stahl Retires 
With 37 Years' Service 

A VARIED career with CTA and the former Surface 
Lines was drawn to a close July 1 with the retirement 
of Arthur F. Stahl, superintendent of security, after 
more than 37 years. 

Mr. Stahl, who is a graduate of Chicago Technical 
college, started with CSL as a conductor at Cottage 
Grove Station in January, 1934. He subsequently was 
transferred to the Staff Engineers Office in 1935, to 
the Transportation Department as an engineer in 
1944, and to the Employment Department as assistant 
supervisor in October, 1950. He was named super- 
visor of employment in September, 1951, and super- 
intendent of security in September, 1966, the position 
which he held until the time of his retirement. 

Mr. Stahl and his wife, Audrey, were honored at a 
retirement party and are shown at left with Transit 
Board Member Wallace D. Johnson (left) and General 
Manager Thomas B. O'Connor. 

Track & Structures Division Wins Safety Award 

FOR OUTSTANDING safety performance during the 
year 1970, the Track and Structures Division of the 
Engineering Department was recently presented a 
plaque by the Greater Chicago Safety Council. Ac- 
cepting the award on behalf of the Division was the 
senior trackman, Lorenzo Sparacino, who has more 
than 45 years of service and has not been involved in 
an industrial accident for nearly 40 years. Shown in 
the picture are, from left, Superintendent of Track 
and Structures T. L. Wolgemuth, General Superin- 
tendent of Engineering E. E. Olmstead, Mr. Sparaci- 
no, Superintendent of Structures W. F. Gaedtke, and 
Superintendent of Track A. W. Malmquist. 

New Appointments Announced 

DURING THE months of June and July bulletins were 
issued by the Engineering, General Accounting, and 
Transportation Departments announcing the appoint- 
ment of eight CTAers to new supervisory posts. 

Named as track design engineer in the Engineering 
Department effective June 13 was R. T. Smith. The 
appointment was made by Superintendent of Design C . 
G. Kalogeras and approved by General Superintendent 
of Engineering E. E. Olmstead. 

Taking the post of senior accountant in the General 
Accounting Department effective June 16 was Michael 
Cikara. The appointment was made by General Ac- 
countant W. B. Folta and approved by Manager of 
Finance P. J. Meinardi. 

Appointed to new positions at surface operating 
stations effective June 13 were 69th Street Station Su- 
perintendent J. Logay, 69th Street Assistant Station 
Superintendent J. S. Petrosius, 52nd Street and Bev- 
erly Relief Station Superintendent H. Reddrick, and 
Beverly Senior Station Instructor R. H. Trezise. 

Effective July 1, F. W. Limmel was appointed re- 
lief district superintendent of Districts B and C. 

Named as senior station instructor for the West 
Section of the rapid transit system effective July 4 
was K. L. Brown. 

The above appointments affecting personnel within 
the Transportation Department were announced in 
bulletins issued by Superintendent of Transportation 
D. M. Flynn and approved by Operating Manager 
C. E. Keiser. 


TRANSIT around the world 

San Francisco Seeks Bids 
For New Streetcars 

PLANS FOR replacing San Francisco's fleet of street- 
cars (not cable cars) came a step closer to reality 
when the Public Utilities Commission recently ap- 
proved specifications for the Municipal Railway's new 
subway-surface rail cars and asked the city purchas- 
er to call for bids for 78 of them. 

The 76-foot air-conditioned cars will be con- 
structed at an estimated cost of $25,570,000 ($315,000 
each). The cars will be of the articulated type, hinged 
in the center like most European trolleys, and will be 
radio-equipped and double-ended. 

The streetcars being replaced are of the PCC type 
ranging in age from 19 to 25 years and are now op- 
erating on five routes throughout the city. The new 
cars will share the new Market Street subway with 
trains on the Bay Area Rapid Transit system, now 
under construction. 

Owing to the articulated car body, the new street- 
cars will be well suited for negotiating dips, sharp 
curves, and grades that are peculiar to San Francis- 
co. Yet, they will be faster— with a maximum speed 
of 65 mph— and quieter than the present cars. Each 
car will carry 180 passengers, 76 seated and 102 
standing, as compared with 120 passengers (55 seated 
and 65 standing) in the PCC cars. 

Financing of the new cars will be handled through 
the 51.5 million dollar fleet renewal project set up 
two years ago. Since that time, federal grants of 
more than 6 million dollars have paid for about half 
of the cost of 400 new buses and it is expected that 
similar assistance will be provided for the purchase 
of the streetcars. 

Double-deckers Make Comeback 
On London Streets 

DOUBLE-DECKER BUSES, which began to disappear 
from the streets of London in the 1960's, are making 
a reappearance there— to the pleasure of tourists and 
transit planners alike. The new double-decker, called 
the "Londoner", went into service this year and by 
1975 almost 2,000 are expected to be in operation. 

Double-deckers were being phased out originally 
because of rising labor costs and the need for a two- 
man crew. The single-deck, one-man buses that re- 
placed them, however, did not have the capacity to 
carry the same number of people— and adding more 
buses only increased traffic congestion. 

The "Londoner" includes new features which en- 
able it to be operated by one man. Two lines of pas- 
sengers can enter the double front doors of the bus 
simultaneously. Those in one line pass by the driver 
who provides change and handles special fare tickets. 
Passengers in the other line insert the correct fare 
into a self-service machine and a turnstile gate is 
automatically released. 

Other features of the "Londoner" are a central 
stairway and double exit doorway, public address 
system, and a periscope which enables the driver to 
see how many seats are available on the upper level. 

The new "Londoner" has seats for 44 passengers 
on the upper level and 24 on the lower level, with 
space for 21 standees. The bus measures about 31 
feet long, 8 feet wide, and 14§ feet high. 

JUNE-JULY, 1971 


ACCOUNTING (General) - 

MIKE VERDONCK and his wife went on a fishing trip to 
Minnesota on their vacation. They arrived on May 9 and 
caught more game fish than they had ever caught before. 
They both had tears in their eyes because they had to throw 
them back as the season didn't open until May 15. The next 
week they had their share of fish. They went shopping for 
some grapefruit and found a beautiful all-year around home 
close to Fergus Falls with lake frontage. Mike is hoping 
for an early retirement in order to make it his home — that 
is after he learns to speak Swedish or Norwegian. . . The 
CTA Mart golf tournament, of which HAROLD F. BROWN, 
assistant general accountant, is the chairman, took place 
on May 1 at the Villa Olivia Golf Club. There were prizes 
for all and everyone had a very good time... Wedding bells 
rang for PATRICIA WALLACE on May 8 when she became 
the bride of ALBERT CAMP. Congratulations and good 
luck to both of you, Mr. and Mrs. Camp.. .RITA DEAKXN 
spent her vacation around home catching up on many 
things. ..On her vacation, JUNE NOREN went to visit her 
91 year old aunt in Belvidere, Illinois. It was a cheerful 
visit for her. ..RUTH HUGHES, formerly of Revenue Ac- 
counting, is now in Oak Forest hospital. She is very much 
improved and sends a warm hello to all her friends that 
remember her. ..ALICE ARKIN's husband, BURT, spent a 
week in the Illinois Masonic hospital where he underwent 
tests. He is now at home recuperating and we hope he is 
much better. .. MARIE FOLZ's daughter, BARBARA, was 
graduated from Mundelein college in June. She majored in 
general education and will stay in Mundelein where she 
purchased a beautiful home. Incidentally, Barbara is 
planning to be married in August to JAMES MULKA...We 
were sorry to hear that Mrs. HARRIET FRANCOEUR, the 
wife of LAWRENCE J. FRANCOEUR, retired general ac- 
countant, passed away on May 28. Interment was at St. 
Joseph cemetery.. .THOMAS O'ROURKE, the brother of ED 
O'ROURKE, formerly of the Accounting Department, passed 
away on May 4 in Lexington, Kentucky. Interment was in 
Queen of Heaven cemetery. ..Congratulations are in order 
for REBECCA WILSON for successfully qualifying for the 
position in the Voucher Section. .. On her vacation, JEAN 
WRIGHT visited her mother in New Lisbon, Wisconsin, and 
spent some time in Wheaton, Illinois, visiting a sister... 
LOIS JAHNKE spent her vacation around home catching up 
with social and home duties... MARTHA NEFFAS spent her 
vacation around home resting... After 30 years of service 
with the CTA and its predecessor companies and 21 years 
as a dedicated officer of CTA General Office Credit Union, 
MICHAEL VERDONCK will put his ledger books on the 
shelf for the last time on July 30, completely balanced for 
the world to audit. 

- Oaaxie "ptfyptnald 

(Payroll) ■ 

STANLEY MAILUCK, payroll accountant, and his wife 
took time out to revisit some of their favorite places in the 
U.S.A. On their drive down to Florida, they stopped at Cal- 
laway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia, about 75 miles 
southwest of Atlanta. The azaleas were blooming in pro- 
fusion and Mr. Mailuck has some gorgeous pictures to 

prove it. The "Grand Old Opry" in Nashville, Tennessee — 
Music City, U.S.A. — was a swinging event but almost too 
loud for comfort. The weather was ideal, with 75 to 85 
degree temperatures. They also visited Lake City, St. 
Augustine, Interlocken, Ocala, and De Soto park near St. 
Petersburg. They looked at homes both permanent and 
mobile in Brooksville, Beacon Square, and Spring Hill and 
found them lovely and adequate, especially for folks inter- 
ested in a site for retirement. In Myakka State Park in 
Sarasota they enjoyed a boat ride and saw the guide feed 
marshmallows to the alligators, which must have been an 
unusual sight. ..DORIS YOST finished up this year's vacation 
with a trip to— you know where— Newport, Rhode Island, of 
course, to visit again with her daughter and two darling 
grandsons. She also has pictures to prove how adorable 
they are. ..ESTHER ANDERSON sent greetings from Seattle, 
Washington, where she had a most enjoyable time. ..VAL- 
enjoyed their spring vacations... We were glad to welcome 
MARY BLACKMORE back to the fold after her surgery. 
She is doing fine and looks real great... We had the honor of 
providing one of the ten lovely finalists in the "Miss Mer- 
chandise Mart" contest from our department, CLOTILDE 
FRANKIEWICZ, who had the largest number of ballots and 
although she wasn't the final winner, she received some 
valuable gifts and said it was an interesting experience and 
that she had a great time. 

(Tabulating) - 

MARY RETTIG is our candidate for a "Medal of Honor." 
She displayed unusual courage when she agreed to help 
chaperone her son, CARLTON, and 31 other third and fifth 
graders on a trip to Washington, D.C. A wonderful time 
was had by all and Mary, brave girl that she is, said she'd 
love to go again. ..MARION SUTHERLAND spent a delightful 
week in California visiting her family and friends. She 
visited Catalina Island via seaplane, which was exciting... 
FLORENCE PARROTT spent her vacation in and around 
the Chicago vacationland. She visited Haeger Pottery 
making some necessary (?) purchases. She was also very 


daughter of Repairman GUS 
GRILLAERT, Congress, 
was graduated from St. 
Anne's Hospital School of 
Nursing on June 10 and is 
now a nurse at Children's 
Memorial hospital. 




impressed with a visit to the Lambs Farm, where the small 
animals are attended by retarded children. The family of 
Florence was made very happy on Tuesday, June 9, when 
JENNIFER JUDITH SULLIVAN selected Florence's daugh- 
ter and son-in-law, JAN and JOHN SULLIVAN, as her 
parents. Congratulations to you all. 

- &vebf« 4eu 


Loader JOYCE at the 95th street terminal has a new 
grey suit and the word is out that he took it from Mr. 
CLAYTON when he retired.. .The son of Operator and Mrs. 
MALDWIN J. REED was married to the lovely daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. KIMBROUGH of Markham, Illinois, on June 
12. EARNEST is a naval paratrooper. The couple plans 
to start their new life in Elcentro, California. Fate played 
a trick on Mrs. REED, as she became ill on Friday and had 
to be hospitalized. She missed the ceremony, but with the 
cooperation of the staff of Provident hospital the bridal 
party was able to visit her after the wedding... Operator and 
Mrs. FRANK HANZUK have something to celebrate on July 
3, as they will be married for 38 years. Their oldest son 
is 32 and they have three other children and seven grand- 
children. . . The month of June is a happy time for most 
people^ but for Operators ALLEN JACKSON, AMOS FOS- 
TER, , and JAMES HARRIS it was something special as 
LARRY, JOAN, and DONNA SHEA were graduated from 
C.V.S. on June 15. Now all we need is $20,000 and they can 
spend two years in college. ..Speaking of $20,000, the Bev- 
erly Federal Credit Union has now qualified for federal in- 
surance of members' share accounts up to that amount... 
So, to everyone who is on vacation, we here at Beverly say 
have fun, for it won't be long before we are joining you. 
See you soon. 

- 7<w« VeuieU & iWi "?oj(ei 


On May 22 BILL BOSACKI, age 12, the son of JOHN W. 
BOSACKI, claim adjustor, took second place in the pitch, 
hit and throw competition sponsored by Phillips 66 at Por- 
tage Park. He was awarded a beautiful oak plaque with a 
silver emblem of a baseball player. He competed against 
more than 50 boys in his age group. On the following Fri- 
day evening, Bill pitched a no-hitter in a local little league 
game. The score was 14 to 0. He struck out 13 batters, 
and batted in six runs with two home runs and a single. His 
father substituted as the team's manager the night of the 
no-hitter. ..TIM O'ROURKE, court assistant, and his wife, 
KAY, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on May 25. 
Their children presented them with a three-day all expense 
(no grumbling money) trip to the Sands hotel in Las Vegas. 
A party of 60 attended the celebration in their home and 
weathered a severe calamity when the O'Rourke's sewer 
became blocked. Their neighbors came to the rescue by 
keeping their homes available until the wee hours.. .CECIL 
MIMMS, statementman, and his wife, MILDRED MARIE, 
attended their son's graduation on June 4. DANA MICHAEL 
MIMMS was graduated from St. Martin grade school on the 
South Side and will be attending Chicago Vocational High 
school in the fall. ..CLAUDE WORLAND and his wife, ELLA 
MARIE, also had a graduation in their home. Their son, 
DANIEL, was graduated from St. Alexander's in Villa Park 
and, to quote Mr. Worland, "God willing, he will go to 
school in the fall." 

BUCK was ordained to the 
priesthood on May 12 by 
His Eminence JOHN CAR- 
DINAL CODY at St. Mary 
of the Lake Seminary in 
Mundelein, Illinois. Daniel, 
who is now assigned to St. 
Luke's parish in River 
Forest, worked as a part- 
time ticket agent with CTA 
for two summers. His dad 
is retired Electrical En- 
gineer C. J. BUCK. 

With all the clamor and excitement around here you can 
tell that the baseball season has started in the Law De- 
partment. This is the fifth year that we have participated 
in the Chicago Bar Association Softball League. The team 
is made up of some of the largest law firms in Chicago. 
We have regularly been in the playoffs, and in 1968 we were 
the City champions. The team is composed of 15 staff and 
per diem attorneys. The manager-captain is MARV LUCK- 
MAN, and the co-captain is RON BARTKOWICZ. An in- 
vitation is extended to all who wish to watch some of our 
games which are played each Wednesday at 6:45 p.m. in 
Grant Park.. .Congratulations to LEON WOOL and his wife, 
BUNNY, on the birth of a baby girl, IMILY BELINDA, born 
on May 30. Leon and Bunny also have two sons, LOUIS, age 
5, and STEVEN, age 3s. ..PHYLLIS BRZECZEK spent a va- 
cation that many of us think about all year long — 14 days in 
Hawaii where she did nothing but lie in the sun on the beach 
at Waikiki. . . A warm welcome is extended to TOM Mc- 
GOVERN who recently joined the department. Tom was 
formerly at North Avenue Station. ..Greetings to JIM MUL- 
LEN who is with us once again for the summer... PAT 
NEWELL had a pollution- free vacation in western Nebraska 
and Kansas... It is with an extremely sad note that we end 
our column by extending our sincere condolences to CEILE 
BAGGS and her family on the tragic death of her husband, 
EDWARD, and two of their grandchildren, JAMES and EL- 

- "Rutl "Kamuuil & "7cwU "Ktameri 

CONGRESS (Agents) - 

Agent MARTHA BLEER celebrated her birthday on June 
4. She was hoping that her new grandchild would have ar- 
rived to make her happiness complete. . . Agent GLORIA 
TAYLOR became the proud grandmother of a little girl, 
ADWAEO LATEESAH KENILAH, who tipped the scale at 8 
pounds 3/4 ounces. ..We were sorry to hear of the unfortu- 
nate accident of JAMES CLARK which occurred on his way 
home from a weekend of fishing on the Mississippi river. 
James will be off for some time, and cards and calls would 
help shorten the long hours knowing his friends do care... 
Mr. and Mrs. KLAIR MOHAMMAD, the parents of Student 
Agent BADER MOHAMMAD, flew in from Jerusalem to at- 
tend the marriage of their daughter, ADEALAH, to RD3HI 
KLAIRALLAH. It was a beautiful wedding. During their 
stay, there were many shopping trips and jaunts to the 
country. Also, the parents of HIA BEYA announced the 

JUNE- JULY, 1971 


engagement of their daughter to Bader on June 12 at a fam- 
ily gathering. The happy couple is planning a fall wedding. 
Bader 's parents have returned to Jerusalem, but will be 
back in the fall for the wedding... Agent HELEN SHANNON 
is planning an early retirement on July 1, and will do some 
traveling. Good luck, good health, and many happy days... 
Pensioner JOHN KAWAJA and his wife left on a trip to 
Japan. Last year they visited Europe and Hawaii.. .A big 
welcome to all the new employes and those who have re- 
turned for the summer. 

- Quito. ^lAuadi 


Please remember in your prayers or in your own way 
the mother of JACK LEAHY, MARGARET LEAHY, who 
passed away. ..JOE CONNORS was the sparring partner of 
former heavyweight champ Joe Louis for four years. Our 
Joe says Cassius Clay's three-year "vacation" was what 
really hurt Clay when he fought Joe Frazier. A boxer can't 
stay away that long and still be good. .. RAY and ELLA 
WIZNIEWSKI now have a son, MICHAEL, their tenth little 
one. What's it like to have a large family nowadays ? Ella 
is happy about it. The oldest children are now helping with 
the chores, giving Ella more time to herself than when she 
only had a few toddlers. Ray says there hasn't been any 
extra strain on the budget since the sixth youngster. Ray 
doesn't exactly take it all in stride. PAUL WALLACE re- 
members that after the twins arrived, Ray wasn't his usual 
self for two weeks. Paul is majoring in law enforcement at 
Loop college where he received second place in the student 
achievement awards presented to the top 15 students by the 
Continental Illinois National bank. . . Sergeant ANTHONY 
MOKSTAD and his charming bride, FRANC ESC A (Che- 
Che), celebrated both their birthdays during anniversary 
night at Moose Lodge No. 3. Moxie is the American Feder- 
ation of Police representative. See him for details... HAR- 
VEY BELL and DALE POTTER now have Volkswagens and 
are well pleased with them. ..AL COOPER bought a new 
Toyota after finishing police school... Sergeant FRANK and 
MARION KRETZ will be vacationing in Pennsylvania and 
New England. .. Sergeant BOB and MINNIE CULBERTSON 

THIS SMILING bride and groom ore Mr. and Mrs. DAVID DREY 
who were united in holy matrimony on May 1 in St. John the Bap- 
tist church in Belton, England. David, who is with the U S 
Army, and his wife, the former E ROASMUND HOWELLS, who is 
with the WRAC, are both stationed in Rheindahlen, Germany. 
David is the son of Carpenter GEORGE and ELEANOR DREY, 
Area 318, South Shops. 


had good luck fishing for walleyes, northerns, and panfish 
at Chetek, Wisconsin. They stayed at Oak Grove Lodge... 
PHILLIP THOMAS has plans for a fishing trip to Oshkosh, 
Wisconsin, and BILL and YVONNE JAQUEST went to 
Spooner, Wisconsin, for a week of relaxation. ..CHESTER 
and JOSEPHINE MAZURKIEWICZ expect a good time at 
Northern Lodge on Pelican Lake near International Falls, 
Minnesota. . . The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) picnic 
at Santa's Village, Dundee, Illinois, was attended and en- 
SKI, and DAN MARTINIAK, your FOP representative. July 
26 is the day to set aside for the FOP golf day at St. And- 
rew's Country Club. There will be free eats and no playing 
fee for FOP members. ..There must have been a mistake of 
some kind made in the Miss Merchandise Mart contest. 
Steno JOAN JESTICE should have won. She was in the 
group of finalists and received a radio and dinner for two 
at Henrici's. Joan and JOSEPH A. CUCI, Methods and Pro- 
cedures, plan to be married in February. Their plans in- 
cluded the purchase of a new home in Tinley Park. ..JIM 
WYNN has had a new townhouse near Elgin in his plans for 
some time now. The place should have been ready last 
August, but wasn't. The builder says maybe this June he'll 
be done... Lieutenant RAY LOHSE was in the hospital for an 
operation. A good man can't be kept down, and Ray was 
feeling better than before and back on the job in a short 
time. ..On Veterans Poppy day, Sergeant PETE GENUTIS 
was seen selling poppies at Dearborn and Van Buren. 
Pete's not one to pass up pinching a pickpocket. On his way 
home from peddling poppies, Pete ran into some pickpock- 
ets working the Blue Island-26th buses at Monroe and State 
and was able to house one of them. Pete is your AMVETS 
Police Post 18 representative. Sergeants PAUL FIDANZE 
and Pete have spent a lot of time with the trainees. JIM 
LA FOLLETTE has already been sworn in and GEORGE 
BONESS will finish his 160 hours shortly. Jim was on the 
Louisville, Kentucky, police department for four years... 
FRED BARRETT made an on view arrest of a youth who 
threw a brick through the rear window of a new look bus 
at Halsted and 47th street. Lieutenant JOE OSTERBER- 
GER is working on the follow-up, and restitution is being 
made. ..A woman complained of being molested on a train, 
signed to the complaint and arrested the offender at Mont- 
rose Station on the Kennedy the first day. . . Two robbers 
chased a man into Bay 1 at Limits. Just around the corner, 
BILL JAQUEST and GERRY SCHMIDT were making a re- 
lief and heard the victim's shouts. They investigated, and 
after a foot chase the robber with the knife was arrested. 
The second robber was arrested later. ..PAUL WALLACE 
and RAY WIZNIEWSKI found a man being beaten and robbed 
on a Dan Ryan train. Paul and Ray arrested one offender 
on the scene and arrested the other offender at his home 
the next day.. .A man on a South Side train made a mess of 
his bag of barbecue food. The bag burst, and among the 
goodies that popped out was a gun. Lieutenant BILLY 
BUTLER was right there for the on-view pinch.. .LEAHY, 
to the Waller High school breaks for rowdy students. When 
66 of the kiddies stormed a Lincoln bus without paying, 
these officers secured the doors and gave the bus operator 
a special routing to the 18th district. There the more ser- 
ious offenders were processed and the others released af- 
ter a stern lecture from a Chicago Police youth officer. 
Here's proof that CTA teamwork isn't just an idle thought. 
..JOE CONNORS and PHILLIP THOMAS responded to a 
call for a man tampering with a private auto in the lot at 




77th Street Station. The offender had fled on their arrival, 
but with the aid of a bus driver the officers checked the 
surrounding streets and alleys, spotted the would-be auto 
thief, and made the arrest... Thanks to Supervisor CHARLIE 
SOUTHARD for an assist in subduing a woman gone berserk 
on drugs at the Howard "L". North Side officers know 
Charlie to be a hard working transit man. . . Judge W. 
WHITING, a lady jurist in family court, recently remarked 
to everyone in her courtroom that CTA police have fine 
looking uniforms. Thank you, your honor. . .Arrests for 
certain crimes are especially important in making the CTA 
a better place to work and the service more attractive. 
For the fifth period, April 18 through May 15, arrests were 
made by these officers of the number of offenders shown. 
Assaults on passengers/employes (assault, battery, or ag- 
gravated battery charges): STEFFICK (1), INGRASSIA, 
FIRLINGER (1); pickpockets, jackrollers, or jostling (theft 
from person or disorderly conduct charges): MARTINIAK, 

butler, leahy (8), leahy, martiniak (11), butler, 
Mcelroy, thomas (3), butler, martiniak (2), Mc- 
of passengers/employes (strong-arm robbery or armed 
robbery charges): VERNON, ROBINSON, COLLINS, HIG- 
WIZNIEWSKI (2); sex offense arrests: FIRLINGER, STEF- 
FICK (1), McELROY (1); narcotics arrests: BUTLER, 
ons arrests (UUW, CCW, or registration charges): GOLD- 
SCHNEIDER (1). Congratulations to these officers on their 
fine work, and "keep your head on a swivel.". .Belated 
birthday greetings for May to INGRASSIA (2nd), WALLACE 
(10th), KUSCH (20th), CONNORS (22nd), DEMAN (23rd), and 
JONAS (26th). June greetings to GOLDWATER (1st), MAR- 
TINIAK (2nd), DAVIS (7th), EVANS (15th), LONERGAN 
(27th), and GARNER (30th). ..Do the news services ignore 
your efforts against the underworld ? Do the vile words of 
the revolutionary rags tempt you to over-react? Does 
your family and social life faU to get the notoriety it de- 
serves ? Well, fellow officers, you have a friend. The 
TRANSIT NEWS is standing by ready to tell it like it is 
with sympathy and understanding. So, send your news to 
your scribe at the office. 

ELECTRICAL (Blue Island) - 

The 25th annual corned beef and cabbage dinner held on 
April 30 proved to be another huge success, due to the din- 
ner committee consisting of H. COYNE, R. DORGAN, H. 
MAN. The honored guests in attendance were: CLARENCE 
be present were JAMES McDERMOTT and STANLEY ED- 
QUIST. Past honored guests were: ARTHUR DOYLE, 
See, Mrs. CORRIGAN, I didn't forget. RALPH WHITE 


THE HAPPY bride and 
groom are Mr. and Mrs, 
who were united in marriage 
on May 8. The bride is the 
former GAIL VELTRI, the 
daughter of Superintendent 
M. J. VELTRI, Jefferson 
Park. Gail and John will 
make their home in Norfolk, 
Virginia, where he is sta- 
tioned with the U.S. Navy. 

came in from Wisconsin, and last but not least, ARVTN 
WILMONT was in from Daytona Beach, Florida. Also in 
attendance were: ALPHONSE SUDAN, business manager of 
I.B.E.W. Local 134, DANIEL O'BRIEN, secretary, and 33 
members of the group. From Local 9 was President FRED 
HINTZ, and from the General Office Superintendent of 
Transportation D. M. FLYNN and Electrical Engineer A. 
SANDBERG. To a very special honored guest, JOHN Mc- 
CONVILLE, who used to handle the ticket sales at West 
Shops , thank you. A gift of a leather key holder was given 
to those in attendance. We received letters and cards from 
the following who were unable to attend because of distance: 
LEN FRANCISCO.. .BILL LOOS vacationed at Fox Lake, Il- 
linois; TED WYNCOTT at Bull Shoals, Arkansas, and BOB 
BOOTH spent his vacation painting the interior of his home. 
..We are hoping to hear from FRED LUNDIE who is acting 
as interpreter for a group that is visiting Russia. Before 
Fred left he asked to borrow a blow torch, said something 
about going behind the Iron Curtain.. .CHESTER and ELEA- 
NOR MATUSZEWSKI vacationed in the Ozarks...Our deep- 
est sympathy to the following families: PAUL SHURCHAY 
in the loss of his father, YUV FUNG-CAP in the loss of his 
father, CHESTER MATUSZEWSKI in the loss of his father, 
NORBERT ROLNICKI who lost his mother, and BRUNO 
CZANSTKOWSKI in the loss of his wife. ..Attention Transit 
Craft Club. The next meeting will be held on the South Side 
at the home of WILLIAM REHDER, 5663 S. Artesian, on 
July 30 at 8 p.m. . . Congratulations to Reverend DANIEL 
BUCK who celebrated his first mass on May 23 at Our Lady 
of Lourdes church. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. 
BUCK, former electrical engineer. ..VI and GEORGE UN- 
WIN visited their son, ROBERT, and his wife in Bueno 
Vista, Georgia, and looked at some retirement property in 
St. Petersburg, Florida... Our congratulations to the follow- 
ing men upon their graduation from the Kennedy Electron- 
ics school: ANDREW J. BOURNE, HARVEY R. HEIDE, and 
RICHARD L. ROCK. All three praised the fine graduation 
ceremonies, and dined and danced the night away at the 
Conrad Hilton hotel. All agree the four years were well 
spent and very productive. They suggest that others who 
are qualified attend. 

(Rapid Transit Signal Division) - 

find us. A bright new column beginning with this issue will 

JUNE- JULY, 1971 



be appearing here each month. We're generally concerned 
with quips and news bits to and about the men in the field 
(interlockers and those that try to be). Signal men and 
those closely related, if you've got something that should 
be told you can tell it here or if you want to know what's 
going on in the department read it here. ..A baby boy was 
ERT and ANGELA ALBRECHT announced the arrival of a 
baby girl. I'll tell you this, we're going to get some more 
help in this department one way or another. ..Signal Helper 
JOHN WOULFE was recently promoted to journeyman and 
is now working the 10 o'clock trick at Howard Street. Con- 
gratulations, John, Howard Street will never be the same... 
BILL (the Gypsy) BAKER, South Section signal foreman, 
had a bout with a serious illness and is now very much on 
the winning side. He will be recuperating at home for an- 
other six weeks. To Bill from all the fellows, especially 
those on the south forty and in the gang, we knew you could 
do it. Keep working at it, we want to see you back soon. 
Fellows, Bill enjoys those cards and phone calls, keep it 
up. He'd also like to have you come by sometime... A won- 
derful party was held in May honoring PETE WEST upon 
his retirement. A bright new face showed up at the head 
table as m.c, that of FRANK HALPER. Say, fellows, what 
do you say we watch this guy and see what he's up to. We'd 
like to think we gave Pete a one-way ticket to his mink 
farm. Pete, we wish you a long and pleasant retirement. 
Come around to see us often. 

- Commit jZtuveuf 

(General Office) - 

The Reverend DANIEL BUCK was ordained to the holy 
priesthood by Archbishop John Cardinal Cody. The ordi- 
nation ceremony took place in the chapel of the Immaculate 
Conception at St. Mary of the Lake Seminary in Mundelein, 
Illinois. A mass of thanksgiving was concelebrated on 
Sunday, May 23, in the church of Our Lady of Lourdes. The 
Reverend Buck is the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. BUCK, re- 
tired electrical engineer. ..May 11 was a beautiful day for 
KENDRICK BISSET, electrical engineer I. That is the day 
he became engaged to DONNA CABON of Edwardsville, 
Illinois. Miss Cabon is a student nurse at Michael Reese 
hospital. Best wishes for their future from all of us... 
ADOLPH KUTZ, estimator, made his annual trek to Hot 
Springs, Arkansas, to brush up on his golf. Now he is all 
set for those weekend foursomes... Superintendent of Power 
Operation EUGENE VANELLA and his family vacationed in 
Hawaii. They had a really great time and are looking for- 
ward to returning to this paradise island again. 

- Xcuf 7tit/4U*tei 


First off, we are all glad to see FRED PETRINO and 
JIM JOHNSON in good health and back to work again... Next 
in line, the Engineering Department would like to place the 
welcome mat out for CRAIG PODALAK who is the new 
temporary draftsman in the Structural Section. In case 
you're wondering who the blond is that he is seen with, it is 
his wife, MARY, who works in Reproduction Services. ..We 
are also happy to see FRANK GIRDWAIN and DAVE HIETT 
back. They are two engineering students that were here 
last summer and will be working with the survey crews 
during their short stay again this summer. ..We were all 
surprised and happy to see YOLENNE CLAUDE back 


THIS LOVELY young lady 
the daughter of Superinten- 
dent JOHN P. FLYNN, 
Forest Park, who was 
graduated from Mundelein 
college on June 6 with a 
degree in home economics. 
Her sister, PAT, is em- 
ployed by CTA in the 
Employment Department. 

working in the department as a clerk-typist. Yolenne was 
with us about two years ago before bidding out to South 
Shops. ..We'd like to congratulate a new papa, MARK TU- 
SHINSKI of the Civil Engineering Section, whose wife, 
KATHLEEN, gave birth on Monday, May 24, to a baby girl. 
AMY SUSANNE was born at 1:30 a.m. at St. Anne's hospital 
weighing in at 7 pounds 10 ounces. Our best wishes to all 
of you. ..Congratulations are also in line for RON HAWK- 
INS, Mechanical Section, who completed a two-year course 
in Plumbing Design at the University of Illinois Circle 
Campus. The graduation was held at the Millionaire's 
Club on Broadway avenue. Mr. and Mrs. CHRIS KALO- 
GERAS attended as guests and enjoyed the dinner and cer- 
emony. . . CHESTER (Rusty) RUSAKIEWICZ took a long 
weekend fishing trip to Conover, Wisconsin. With him was 
his son, RODNEY, a former CTA employe. The weather 
was pleasant, but the fishing was only rated as being fair. 
Rusty is looking forward to going back again — only next 
time to catch more fish. He also mentioned that while he 
was in Wisconsin he visited with his uncle, CHESTER LES- 
KOWSKI, a retired North Side track foreman. . . Your re- 
porter, LINDA LeMONNIER, and her husband also had a 
pleasant long weekend, half of which was spent at the Indy 
500. JOE O'CONNOR, Real Estate, and his son were also 
at the Indy — but amidst the large crowd we just weren't 
able to spot them.. .CHRIS KALOGERAS' usual May vaca- 
tion was spent in Islamarada, off the Florida Keys. The 
week was spent deep-sea fishing and catching sailfish, 
dolphin, and snapper. He did, however, catch something 
that he did not want — a 100 pound shark! Many an evening 
was spent eating cooked fish, drinking beer, and just re- 
laxing. The weather report was magnificent, although it 
rained the day they were leaving. This was the first rain 
in the Keys since September, so you might say that CHRIS 
and his crew just plain lucked out. ..PHIL ADELIZZI, Real 
Estate Division, along with his wife, DORA, and another 
couple spent their vacation driving around the east and 
west coasts of Florida. They spent time at St. Petersburg 
Beach, Pompano Beach and also Miami Beach. They 
sunned and swam during the day, and hitting all the high- 
lights and parties at night. Phil said they had a wonderful 
time and only ran into a little bit of bad weather. This was 
the first vacation the Adelizzis spent without their growing 
children... A last note of congratulations, effective June 13, 
goes to ROY T. SMITH, Civil Engineering Section, who was 
appointed the new Track Design Engineer. We wish you all 
the best, Roy. 





JODI ANN HACK, the daughter of MIKE and JO HACK, 
was graduated from Wesley Memorial Hospital School of 
Nursing on June 25. ..Our deepest sympathy is extended to 
Clerks LES and VERNON RAGE on the death of their moth- 
er May 8. ..The following is a report given to us by Super- 
visor MICKEY (Sweet Lips) LOFTUS: May 13 was PAUL 
WINKOWSKI day at Forest Glen Station. On the dais to 
make the presentation was THOMAS STIGLIC, superintend- 
ent of Instruction, who presented Paul with a safety award 
trophy. There were many friends present from the South 
Side, the near South, and Limits training school. Super- 
intendent EARL PETERSON; JACK BAILEY, retired su- 
perintendent of Forest Glen; Chief Clerk FRED MYERS; 
T. A. HILDEBRANDT, superintendent of District D, and 
Superintendent RALPH KUGELARD who took turns lauding 
Paul. Many thanks to the efforts of Instructor HENRY 
ZULKOWSKI, TOM ROAN, and the musical maestro ED 
CHAPLESKI who prepared a special musical program for 
the occasion. Let's thank the custodial services of JAKE 
who prepared the festive table and refreshments after the 
ceremonies. . . Welcome visitors during the month were 
BETCH, and off the sick list, the great guy, JAY LOM- 
BARDO. ..The annual fish safari comprised of GEORGE 
WERNER STOKELL are off to Leech Lake, Minnesota. . . 
Operator CLIFFORD LAST and his wife celebrated their 
19th wedding anniversary on May 30. Congratulations Mrs. 
Last for putting up with Clifford this long. By the way, 
Mrs. Last has given him permission to go to Canada on his 
vacation by himself. Maybe this is the time she will get 
some rest. Clifford's little buddy, WILBUR HENRY Jr., 
will go with him and try to outdo him with his catch. I will 
clean out my freezer compartment and pray that they all 
have good luck. I hope your prayers work, MICKEY. ..Op- 
erator TED STANEK just returned from Canada where he 
said he caught his limit in three days. What did you do the 
rest of the week, Ted ?.. Operator DOMINIC CIPRIANI is 
quite proud of his son, LARRY, and his prowess at bat in 
the little league. Last year he made the all-star team and 
no one went on vacation. Don't get too good this year, 
Larry, dad wants to go camping. . . Operator ROBERT 
(Laurell) BURFEE is planning to pick an early swing so he 
can be around when the day car men go on lunch. ..Operator 
ED HOFF is very proud of his wife and two daughters who 
took part in the walk for hunger on Mother's day, May 9. 
The girls walked 30 miles, while Mrs. Hoff helped at one of 
the aid stations along the route bandaging sore feet and 

THIS PRETTY young lady 
the daughter of Supervisor 
RON MICKELS, District D, 
who was graduated from 
grammar school on June 23 
at the age of 12. 


giving cool water and Kool-Aid to the marchers. Among 
the other teenagers participating in the march were DAWN 
SCHAFFER, the daughter of Operator DONALD SCHAF- 
FER, and KATHY PANTOS, the daughter of Operator 
CHRIS PANTOS. Also, Mr. and Mrs. Pantos celebrated 
their 23rd wedding anniversary on June 23, and from the 
look in their eyes I know they will celebrate 27 more. ..Op- 
erator and Mrs. CHESTER BACHARA celebrated their 38th 
wedding anniversary on May 20. Here's hoping you have 
many, many more. .. Operator RICHARD SANCHEZ said 
"I do" to lovely ANNA CORREA on May 15 at St. Pius IV 
church. Keep us informed of the many happy events. . . 
Among our recent pensioners are: JOE BELLAMY with 
37 years of service; PETE GRANT who will be missed on 
Lawrence avenue, and WALTER KACZYNSKI who says he 
will miss the boys. ..Chief Clerk FRED MYERS is planning 
to take his pension on August 1. He will be missed by all 
at Forest Glen.. .From our repair department we received 
the news that WILLIAM ALEXANDER STENZEL made his 
debut on April 7 at Northwest hospital weighing in at 8 
pounds. Congratulations to the proud parents, RICH and 
KATHY STENZEL. ..BILLY HENRY, the son of your re- 
porter, had a confirmation party on May 15. His sponsor, 
Operator THOMAS MEAGHER, and his wife were there, as 
were Mr. and Mrs. C. LAST, Mr. and Mrs. C. PANTOS, 
Mr. and Mrs. W. MARKS, and Mr. and Mrs. JOE GARCIA. 
A good time was had by all. ..Congratulations to Operator 
JAMES HURN and his wife, CASSANDRA, on the birth of a 
baby girl, JULIE BETH, weighing in at 8 pounds 6 ounces 
on Sunday, June 27, at 8:27 p.m. ..That's all for now, drive 
safely on your vacations and watch out for the sunburns. 

- TV. A Wowf nw.<«..Mw 

GENERAL OFFICE (Employment) - 

The welcome mat is extended to PATRICIA FLYNN, 
clerk-stenographer, who transferred from the Engineering 

(Treasury) - 

As of this writing, DON POWELL, token clerk, is con- 
fined in the hospital. We wish him a speedy recovery. 

(Employe Relations) - 

The welcome mat was extended to WILLIAM WIEHER, 
job analyst, who joined the ranks of CTA...We extend our 
deepest sympathy to BILL PLATT, superintendent of Em- 
ploye Relations, on the recent loss of his wife, ANNE. 

(Insurance) - 

RITA OPFERGELT, clerk-typist, flew down to Miami 
Beach, Florida, where she spent a week's vacation with her 
girlfriend. She returned sporting a beautiful tan. ..CATHY 
(Tomko) MILTON, former CTA employe, paid us a visit to 
show us her seven month old daughter, MELISSA. It sure 
was good to see her again... Welcomed to the department 
was VIRGINIA LANE, temporary typist. ..Our condolences 
to PATRICIA AUGDAHL upon the loss of her father, OSCAR 
AUGDAHL, a former CTA employe at North Park Station. 

(Training & Accident Prevention) - 

The department welcomes WILLIAM CLINE. His wife, 
MARIE, also a member of the department, welcomes him 
because she can now keep her eye on him as she sits at a 
desk facing his. ..KATHLEEN FABRY'S husband, RICHARD, 
is a new CTA employe. He is now working in the Claim 

JUNE-JULY, 1971 


47 Years 

tti k\& 


43 Years 45 Years 

44 Years 

44 Years 


JOINING THE ranks of the retired on June 1 and July 1 are the 
12 employes pictured here who had 40 or more years of transit 
service each with CTA and its predecessors. 

41 Years 

ALBERT ANDREWS, Bus Serviceman, 

Keeler, Emp. 9-25-50 

Engineering, Emp. 4-10-34 
WALTER J. BARAN, Operator, 

North Avenue, Emp. 6-26-46 
FRANK BARTUS, Operator, 

Limits, Emp. 10-7-42 
OSCAR W. BENSON, Operator, 

Archer, Emp. 2-3-42 
JOSEPH CABAY, Telephone Operator, 

North Avenue, Emp. 5-11-36 
MELVIN T. CASPER, Operator, 

Archer, Emp. 2-2-37 
GRADY H. COLLINS, Operator, 

Kedzie, Emp. 3-21-44 
RALPH A. DeMARIA, Superintendent, 

West Section, Emp. 8-1-30 
CHARLES H. DIETZ, Operator, 

Forest Glen, Emp. 11-11-36 

Forest Glen, Emp. 9-11-42 
RALPH W. DuFRESNE, Welder-Blacksmith, 

Skokie Shops, Emp. 11-8-50 

Beverly, Emp. 11-23-36 
JOHN FLOYD, Operator, 

Limits, Emp. 1-26-29 

77th Street, Emp. 11-11-36 

Kedzie, Emp. 6-27-42 


Beverly, Emp. 10-17-33 
PETER G. GRANT, Operator, 

Forest Glen, Emp. 6-23-43 
JENS P. GUDE, Operator, 

North Avenue, Emp. 6-3-41 

Limits, Emp. 5-22-41 
JOHN F. HOGAN, Bus Repairer, 

77th Street, Emp. 2-19-36 
THOMAS C. HORAN, Supervisor, 

District C, Emp. 11-17-36 

North Park, Emp. 2-16-42 

Engineering, Emp. 7-24-39 
PETER J. HYNES, Janitor, 

69th Street, Emp. 10-21-42 
ROBERT A. JONES, Superintendent, 

District B, Emp. 9-12-42 
MARION KAAD, Ticket Agent, 

West Section, Emp. 1-4-64 
CHARLES N. KNUTSON, Line Foreman, 

Electrical, Emp. 3-4-30 
CHESTER C. KOBS, Operator, 

69th Street, Emp. 10-19-36 

Limits, Emp. 6-3-41 

South Shops, Emp. 8-19-49 
LOUIS G. KRAMER, Garage Supervisor, 

South Shops, Emp. 6-16-24 



42 Years 

42 Years 

43 Years 

41 Years 

42 Years 


Skokie Shops, Emp. 5-13-36 
STEPHEN B. LAWLOR, Traffic Checker, 

Schedule-Traffic, Emp. 9-15-37 
ROY F. LEMKE, Operator, 

North Park, Emp. 12-3-40 

69th Street, Emp. 2-16-24 

West Section, Emp. 2-23-26 

69th Street, Emp. 6-20-39 

Division 241, Emp. 1-8-34 

North Avenue, Emp. 8-26-42 
HAROLD R. MILLER, Operator, 

Limits, Emp. 7-18-40 
RAYMOND J. MURRAY, Machinist, 

Skokie Shops, Emp. 12-4-26 
JASPER F. MYERS, Operator, 

Forest Glen, Emp. 5-1-44 
HOWARD F. NORTON, Operator, 

Beverly, Emp. 11-16-36 
PATRICK O'MALLEY, Bus Repairer, 

North Park, Emp. 5-25-37 
LEROY E. OWENS, Operator, 

Forest Glen, Emp. 1-3-46 
JOSEPH F. PILAR, Operator, 

Archer, Emp. 12-3-41 
GILTON L. QUICK, Substation Attendant, 

Electrical, Emp. 12-19-46 

Engineering, Emp. 8-6-29 
EDWARD F. RICKER, Operator, 

Beverly, Emp. 3-6-29 
MICHAEL J. SCHULTZ, Bus Repairer, 

North Park, Emp. 6-1-27 
GLEN A. SEPKE, Operator, 

Kedzie, Emp. 2-18-36 

Forest Glen, Emp. 8-25-41 
HELEN M. SHANNON, Ticket Agent, 

South Section, Emp. 8-13-43 
WILLARD J. SIMMS, Operator, 

Archer, Emp. 3-13-28 
LESTER D. SIMPSON, Bus Repairer, 

Kedzie, Emp. 3-3-27 


77th Street, Emp. 10-8-30 
PETER C. SPOO, Operator, 

69th Street, Emp. 2-23-34 
ARTHUR F. STAHL, Superintendent, 

Security, Emp. 1-31-34 

Claim, Emp. 4-24-43 

Skokie Shops, Emp. 8-31-45 
FRANK J. VYZRAL, Token Clerk, 

Treasury, Emp. 9-27-29 
ARNOLD M. WALKER, Carpenter A, 

Engineering, Emp. 4-7-43 
RAYMOND F. WALZ, Ticket Agent, 

West Section, Emp. 8-31-37 
DAVID J. WELLEHAN, Bus & Truck Mechanic, 

South Shops, Emp. 1-25-28 
WALTER A. ZELIS, Operator, 

Archer, Emp. 2-21-29 


TED J. BARGER, Bus Repairer, 

North Avenue, Emp. 9-10-46 

69th Street, Emp. 8-20-47 
THOMAS L. CONROY, Operator, 

North Park, Emp. 8-15-42 
JOHN J. GRADY, Operator, 

69th Street, Emp. 3-17-41 
WILLIAM J. HALLA, Operator, 

Lawndale, Emp. 6-23-37 
JAMES NAUDEN, Bus Serviceman, 

52nd Street, Emp. 2-6-35 

South Section, Emp. 8-22-41 
LAWRENCE VANCE, Shops Clerk m, 

South Shops, Emp. 8-18-41 

JUNE-JULY, 1971 


THIS LITTLE angelic lass 
the daughter of BOB SEM- 
MERLING, Area 314, South 
Shops, who celebrated her 
first holy communion on 
May 2. 



vacation. While down there soaking up the sunshine (it 
shows), they visited HAY HYNES in Largo, who is looking 
chipper and feeling well. He sends his regards to his 
friends in the north. . . MARY ANN JAGODZINSKI joined 
Relations (with their husbands, naturally, who supplied the 
money), for a mini-vacation to fabulous Las Vegas. They 
took in all the nightclub shows, sights, and one-armed ban- 
dits their time and money permitted. Regardless of time, 
night or day, they found casinos filled to capacity with 
people who had one aim in mind, "enjoy yourself, it's later 
than you think." 

(Reproduction Services) - 

Our deepest sympathy is extended to EDDIE O'ROURKE 
on the death of his brother, THOMAS O'ROURKE. 

Department... While on a recent vacation to the southwest, 
JOE O'SULLIVAN and E. HIRSCH crossed paths in Three 
Oaks, Arkansas... We are glad to see PAT DUNEK back to 
work after a long and painful illness. ..As of this writing 
BILL SHOLDICE is in Little Company of Mary hospital 
where he had undergone tests and came out with flying 
colors. We hope his stay is not too long.. .On May 8, LEN 
LOHN became a grandfather for the fourth time when his 
daughter-in-law presented him with a granddaughter, 
LORIE MELISSA. This is Len's fourth granddaughter. He 
has been hoping for a grandson. Len is also sporting a 
change of appearance. He now has a new hair-do which 
makes him the Rock & Roller of the department. Never 
knew that hair grew so fast overnight... LYNN MAGINNIS, 
the daughter of STU MAGINNIS, recently played a piano 
solo in a concert in which she was accompanied by the 
entire Proviso East High school band and the West Sym- 
phonic orchestra. Lynn played Gregg's Concerto in "A" 
minor. The Maginnis family also visited their son, MARK, 
at Illinois State college over Mother's day weekend. .. On 
April 27, ART HUBACZ, commander of the Polish Legion 
of American Veterans, was presented a bronze medal for 
his organization for their work on behalf of the aid to the 
blind program. This medal was presented by the Freedom 
Foundation of Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. On May 12, Art 
also received a certificate of merit for the P.L.V.A. for 
their work on behalf of the hospitalized and wounded 
veterans at Downey Veterans Administration hospital in 
Downey, Illinois. 

(Public Information) - 

There is no end to the talent of PAT REED, stenograph- 
er, who has crotcheted so many beautiful things. Her 
latest, a cream colored poncho, has received many com- 
pliments. Keep up the good work, Pat, we are proud of you 
and your endeavors. . . That "cloud nine" hanging over 
INGRID BOES' desk is the result of the glow from the 
beautiful new diamond engagement ring she received from 
PAUL JANKOWSKI, clerk at Storeroom 43, Wilson Shop, 
on June 8. They are planning a June, 1972, wedding. We 
wish them many years of happiness. 

(Executive) - 

JANE GARRITY tells us she moved into her lovely new 
apartment in Oak Lawn. We wish her many happy hours in 
her new location, and her neighbors will find her a welcome 
addition to their community. .. JOHN H. FINCH, assistant 
comptroller, and his lovely wife picked Florida for their 

(Medical) - 

Something new and attractive has been added to the 
Medical Department staff which will make your tempera- 
registered X-ray technician, are modeling pants suits in 

(Research & Planning) - 

Congratulations are in order for DALE and COLLEEN 
MANGELSDORFF who received a visit from the stork on 
Saturday, April 24, at 9:32 a.m., delivering LISA MARIE 
who weighed in at 6 pounds 14j ounces. Dale's first words 
as he passed out cigars to everyone were, "she's very 
beautiful." Dale's been smiling ever since and working a 
lot harder, too. ..TOM HENNINGSEN is happy to be back at 
work after a restful, relaxing two-week vacation. He just 
stayed at home loafing around the house every day. CHAR- 
LIE DROZDA also spent a week's vacation loafing around 
the house. BILL JONES spent part of his one-week vaca- 
tion in Detroit, but caught a sudden cold and had to return 
home. Now that he's back on the job he feels much better. 
We're glad to know that you enjoy your work so much, Bill. 
..NORM OSWALD was promoted to senior transit analyst 
on May 1. He's really had his nose to the grindstone lately 
and is doing a fine job. If anyone wants to get rid of some 
green stamps, give them to Norm. He's collecting them to 
help pay for a new school bus for his church. We hope you 
get your bus soon. Norm. . . DAVE PHILLIPS, who was a 
trainee in the Planning Section, is now a permanent transit 
technician. Good luck, Dave, in your new position. On the 
weekends, during the end of April and the first couple 
weeks of May, Dave and his friend, DICK BRAZDA, a 
graduate trainee now on the rapid, rode passenger trains 
going to such diverse points as Cleveland, St. Louis, Min- 
neapolis, and Galesburg, Illinois. They were observing 
these operations before and after the Amtrak take-over 
May 1. 

- 15t<fUa "Dwuh & Ziltut Ttanautm 


Superintendents M. HARRINGTON and G. DAUBS wish to 
thank all the operators for breaking our accident, com- 
plaint, and commendation records. For our accomplish- 
ment we had coffee and rolls on management. We have to 
give a big pat on the back to Instructors JACKSON, IACO- 
NO, KOCAR, and WILLIAMS, and also to our line instruc- 
tors. Pensioner VITO LOCONTE and his lovely wife are 
planning a trip to Italy for two months. Operator J. RICH- 
ARDSON visited Vito at his new home in McHenry, Illinois. 




..Congratulations to Operators E. WHITE and C. HICKMAN 
who completed the supervisor training program and are 
now in the pool awaiting assignment. . . Congratulations to 
VIRGINIA STEELE, the daughter of Operator and Mrs. R. 
STEELE, who was married on Saturday, June 5, to PAUL 
ENDERS. An open house was held for the newlyweds and 
the food and drinks were super. We wish them all the hap- 
piness that life can bring... Instructor J. IACONO's daughter 
was married to A. WESTPHAL on May 29 with the recep- 
tion at the Elmhurst Country club. The happy couple en- 
joyed a honeymoon in California and Las Vegas... Instructor 
KOCAR vacationed at Lake Jordan, Wisconsin, just fishing, 
relaxing, and drinking beer. ..The Kedzie Wheelers opened 
their Softball season with a big win over the Building De- 
partment. CHARLIE WILLIAMS was the pitcher of record 
getting his first win of the season, allowing only five hits. 
The defense of the Wheelers was just great, with only three 
base runners reaching third base. JIM TURNER was called 
upon to use his "rain drop" pitch when he relieved Charlie 
in the late innings. WOODY ROBINSON used his power and 
hit two home runs , and that iced the game and the day for 
the Kedzie Wheelers. The second game found the Wheelers 
opposing the General Office team. After a rough start, the 
Wheelers put their power in motion and scored 12 runs in 
the second inning. Led by MELVIN (Spider Web) WEBB'S 
home run, they unleashed their power to overcome a 4 to 1 
lead by the General Office team. With such a lead, Man- 
ager FORREST McHERRON decided to rest some of his 
superstars and sent in three new players. The Wheelers 
rolled on to their second victory. Big JOHN HEIDT was 
honored by the Wheelers for his wonderful efforts and de- 
votion as the team medic over the past two seasons. ..Our 
deepest sympathy is extended to Operator and Board Mem- 
ber WILLIAM LARSEN whose mother, Mrs. SOPHIE LAR- 
SEN, was laid to rest at Oakridge cemetery on May 26. 
Mrs. Larsen was 82 years old. Condolences also to Pen- 
sioner CLYDE WARD on the passing of his wife who was 
laid to rest on April 22 at Rosehill cemetery. ..At the time 
of this writing, Operators J. SCANLON, J. LOCACIUS, and 
your reporter, RAY GRAHAM, were on the sick list. 
Here's wishing all of them a speedy recovery and hope 
they return to work soon. . . Don't forget the Division 241 
golf outing on July 19 at St. Andrews Country club. See 
your board member for tickets and further information 
pertaining to this outing. 


Hi gang! Well here's hoping that all you young fellows 
survived the magic-tricky month of June. Better luck next 
time, girls. One who didn't get away was Operator M. LEE 
as BOBBIE snared him seven years ago on June 7. In fact, 
Lee is kind of proud of his fate for it made possible the 
thrill of seeing his son, ADRIAN, graduate from the Early 
Child Development school. ..Box Puller BEN ZENTMEYER 
received a hot-line call from his son, HUGH, in Kentucky 
that Ben had become a grandpop on June 8. It was a girl... 
Operator S. BARATH was gifted by his wife, BEVERLY, 
with an 8 pound 4 ounce bouncing baby boy on May 9. ..Our 
number one custodial technician, SY GOLDMAN, celebrated 
his birthday on June 20. However, the only present Sy 
wants is the presence of his wife, NELLIE, at home. She 
has been hospitalized at St. Mary's hospital recovering 
from a heart attack. Hurry and get well, Nellie, for we all 
miss you for Sy's sake. ..Other June birthdayers include: 


Operators GORDON, June 2; BANKS, June 6; GORDON, 
June 10; WHITE, June 13; PRUITT, June 14; JARVIS, June 
15; JANITO, June 15; AYERS, June 15; CHRISTENSEN, 
June 19; McGHEE, June 21; RICHARD, June 23; WASHING- 
TON, June 26; FREY, June 26; JASEK, June 27; POWELL, 
June 28, and LEE, June 30.. .Operator HARVEY BECKER 
had to buy a lot of foot lotion for his daughter, EILEEN, 
who participated in the 30-mile March for Hunger. Beck- 
er's son, JOHN, who is in the marines, was sent birthday 
greetings on May 7. Becker almost had a three-day week 
with pay as May 8 was his CTA anniversary date, and May 
12 was his birthday. ..Had a phone call visit with our good 
buddy, E. ZIELKE, who was hospitalized in Northwest hos- 
pital for surgery. Hurry back, Zielke, as we miss all that 
good news you share with us. ..Say, fellows, if you fail to 
recognize Operator PANCIC it's because he had a nose op- 
eration and now looks like Rock Hudson. ..Pensioner TOM 
CONROY dropped by the station to gloat over some of his 
old cronies. Tom also worked at North Park. So, Tom, 
here's hoping you have many years of happy retirement 
from every operator at both stations. ..The "Glad Dad" tro- 
phy goes to Relief Superintendent LOUIS MUELLER whose 
son, RAYMOND, was recently graduated from Christian 
Brothers college in Memphis, Tennessee. ..Operator STAN- 
LEY JOSWIAK and his wife suntanned in Miami. M. BUCK- 
LEY and his wife, RUTH, really lived it up when they vis- 
ited Nassau, San Juan, St. Thomas, and all them islands... 
If you wondered how Superintendent M. DeWITT and his 
wife look so youthful, maybe the reason is those wonderful 
mineral baths in Hot Springs, Arkansas. ..I know we have 
the best garage crew in the system, so, fellows, why not 
show them our gratitude by closing the windows on the 
buses when pulling into the station.. .So in closing, remem- 
ber: to have friends one must be friendly. On the other 
hand, the man who never lends money never has many 
friends. He doesn't need them. 

- Ziiuit 0. @entet 


We welcome Senior Station Instructor E. J. WESTON to 
Limits. May your stay with us be long and pleasant. . . 
RICHARD STEPHANS and his dear wife, MARY ELLA, 
celebrated their 39th year of matrimony last month. Con- 
gratulations and best wishes to this fine couple. ..WAYNE 
HARVEY, the son of Operator HARVEY, was united in 
marriage to a lovely girl by the name of CATHERINE on 

the daughter of HAROLD 
and LORETTA KING, was 
recently graduated from 
Loyola university where 
she received her bachelor 
of science degree in nurs- 
ing. She plans to enter 
VISTA (Volunteers in 
Service to America). Her 
dad, Harold, is a bus opera- 
tor at North Park Station. 

JUNE- JULY, 1971 



son of Operator IRVING and 
Park, is pictured after his 
recent induction into the 
National Honor Society at 
Von Stueben High school. 
Joseph will enter his senior 
year at Von Stueben in 

June 12. The ceremony took place in the Bell- Tower Lake 
of the Woods, Champaign, Illinois. Congratulations and 
best wishes to this happy couple. His daughter, MARY 
LYNN, upon her graduation from Iowa State college, will 
serve with the Peace Corps in Africa. So with these two 
events taking place in the Harvey household, there will be 
plenty of excitement. ..We are happy to see MIKE HOFFERT 
back with us again after serving his tour of duty with the 
armed forces in Viet Nam. Mike is one of our congenial 
clerks who has a smile for everyone. ..Operator R. DAQUI- 
LANTE and his dear wife, SHARON, welcomed a cute little 
Miss into their home by the name of DARYL LYNN last 
month. Congratulations to this fine couple. . . Operator 
GORDON TAYLOR launched his 12- foot boat in Dunn's 
Lake, Illinois. He has named the boat "Snoopie" after his 
pet dog. Taylor is looking forward to many happy and 
carefree hours this summer on his boat... We are happy to 
see KEN STENDEL, bus placer, back with us after under- 
going surgery. Ken reports that he is feeling fine and we 
all hope he will stay in good health.. .CHARLEY KUSCH, 
supervisor at Diversey and Sheridan, not only does his 
work to perfection, but is also one of the neatest on the 
system. His uniform is always spotless and he receives 
many words of praise from the riding public... Operators 
PEISKAR have been off due to illness and surgery. We all 
wish you fellows a speedy return to good health as we miss 
you. ..Do you need any financial assistance now that summer 
is here and vacations are in full swing? Why not see your 
credit union ? They will be more than happy to help you in 
regards to money matters. .. Our sincerest sympathy to 
JOHN FOYT on the death of his father who was 83 years of 
age. He passed away in far away Poland. 


We would like to start our column this month by wel- 
coming MICHAEL CAFFERTY, our new Transit Board 
Chairman. ..Best wishes for many happy years of retire- 
ment to the following: Clerk LODERHOSE, June 1; MARI- 
ON KAAD, June 1; Superintendent of Agents and Porters 
VRIES, CTA board member who felt that Governor Ogilvie 
should appoint a younger person in her place. Mrs. Van 
der Vries celebrated her 81st birthday this year. The 


governor has appointed LAWRENCE G. SUCSY, an invest- 
ment banker, to replace her on July 1. Mrs. Van der Vries 
intends to keep active. She will continue to serve on eight 
different boards and committees in public service and 
charitable fields. Good luck to a fine lady... Some of MARI- 
ON KAAD's friends, including your co- reporter, MARY 
WIXTED, had a get-together at the home of Agent JUNE 
BAREKMAN to celebrate Marion's retirement. It was a 
most enjoyable evening and June is a marvelous hostess. 
A group of us took Marion to the Martinique for dinner and 
to the play at Drury Lane. It was another delightful day. 
Retired Agent LILL CONROY joined us, and she is well and 
enjoying her retirement... Retired Agent GENNY HARDING 
is enjoying the California sunshine at this time and sends 
greetings to all her friends... BILL PFEIFFER says mar- 
ried life is just great and he sounds like he means it. ..Our 
best wishes for a long and happy future to Mr. and Mrs. 
HARRY CLOUGH. Mrs. Clough, the former CATHY RAS- 
CHICK, Transit News reporter for Purchasing, Specifica- 
tions and Stores, sat across from us at the last reporter's 
dinner and was bemoaning the fact that she was still single. 
I told her she probably wouldn't be for long. I am very 
happy now to say, "I told you so. "..Agent MARY VIDAS had 
a week of vacation at home just relaxing and taking it easy. 
..Agent BILL CUSACK's daughter, MORA LANE, 13, came 
from Austin, Minnesota, where she has been living with her 
aunt. She is going to stay in Chicago with her dad who 
couldn't be any happier. Mora arrived on the first day of 
Bill's vacation. .. Foot Collector S. KAULIS and his wife 
celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in June with a 
trip to Las Vegas. Congratulations!.. Agent JUNE BAREK- 
MAN left this month for her European trip. She will visit 
Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and England. Lucky lady, we 
can hardly wait for her return to hear all about this jour- 
ney. ..The following people are still on the sick list: JOHN 
HOLMES, and CECYLIA ROPA. We wish all of them a 
speedy return to good health... J UANITA EDEN had a birth- 
day on June 12 and received a bicycle as a gift. The bike 
and Juanita are really getting a good workout... Congratu- 
lations to the son of Foot Collector KAULIS who was re- 
cently graduated from navy boot camp. ..We hope that our 
congenial editor, BOB HEINLEIN, crowded a lot of fun into 
his short vacation, but we are glad to have him back at the 
helm. ..Our sister scribe, GRACE MOUNTS, says she has a 
yen to visit Niagara Falls. This sounds like a second hon- 
eymoon. How romantic. . .Agent WILBUR STRASSER and 
his wife, HAZEL, had a wonderful vacation. They visited 
Toronto, Canada, New York, and Ohio. Too bad Wilbur 
took ill two days after their return home. We hear he is 
doing well and hope he will return to work in tip-top con- 
dition. . . Agent GLADYS RUEDIGER entertained friends 
from St. Louis. In spite of the fact that Gladys worked a 
midnight trick, they all had a marvelous time. ..Agent J. 
McDANIELS celebrated his birthday in early June, and his 
little son, TYRONE, had a birthday in May. ..Had the pleas- 
ure of meeting old timer FRANK (Speed) MARTIN who has 
been retired for almost 20 years. He is still as peppy as 
ever, even though he has passed his 85th year. Speed 
worked as a motorman on the old Armitage avenue street- 
cars. His brother, ED, is also a retired CTA man who now 
lives in Lodi, Wisconsin. Ed says hello to all his old 
friends, especially DOROTHY PARKER with whom he 
worked as an agent. Frank gave me a 1952 issue of Trans- 
it News to read. I found it quite interesting. . . Your co- 
reporter, M. WKTED, would like to thank all her friends 




who called and sent cards during her recent Illness. It was 
greatly appreciated. .. Those of you who read the Berwyn 
Life newspaper, are no doubt familiar with the song writing 
talent of Trainman JOE CABRNOCH. One of Joe's songs, 
entitled "Lady Bird", has been published. He sent two 
copies to Former President L. B. Johnson, who in return 
sent him an engraved plaque of the L.B.J. Ranch. Mr. 
Johnson has placed the song in the Johnson library among 
his personal documents, photographs, and 500,000 feet of 
movies. Joe has written many songs and we hope in the 
near future they will be released and become hits... Our 
deepest sympathy is extended to Retired Board Member 
HERB ELSNER on the death of his wife. ..Best wishes to 
B. J. BERO, the son of DOLORES BERO, who was gradu- 
ated from Lyons Township High school on June 11. ..A great 
big welcome to new West Section Agents PATRICIA ANN 
Trainman LEO FORD came home from Toronto, Canada, a 
really happy and excited man. His league won the bowling 
trophy. Congratulations !.. Agent MINNIE DIKEMAN and 
Pensioner MARION KAAD were among the volunteers who 
sold donuts for the Salvation Army on Friday, June 11... 
Janitor FRANK CULL is spending his two-week vacation in 
Ohio. ..Keep smiling. 

- THiUOud ViufU & THmtf TVitted 


CARL FAUST has sold his old home and bought a new 
one at 2631 N. Ridgeway, so you Ravenswood motormen can 
quit looking for him in the back yard.. .FRED FRIEB took a 
few days off and traveled to Joplin, Missouri, to see how 
much damage the tornado had done and to visit his rela- 
tives. It also gave him a chance to break in his new car... 
BILL MARTZ went on a three-week vacation May 1 and 
traveled to Denver, Colorado, to visit with his son who was 
wounded in Viet Nam. . . RAY WALZ celebrated his 64th 
birthday on May 18 and took his pension on June 1. Here's 
hoping he has a long, healthy, and happy retirement. Ray 
says he plans to do a little traveling... E. H. BEEBE took 
his vacation on May 23 so he could get ready for his son's 
wedding. By the way, Beebe also celebrated his CTA anni- 
versary date on May 13. ..DELL HARRINGTON went into 
the hospital on May 24 for surgery on her foot. Here's 
hoping you have a speedy recovery, Dell, and a quick re- 
turn to work. ..Glad to see ANN SMAGON back at Damen 
Station after being in the subway for one pick. . . HELEN 
CHRISTNER is now home recuperating from surgery and 
doing very good. Here's hoping for a quick recovery and 
return to work. . . MARION KAAD, Chicago & Milwaukee 
Station, took her pension on June 1. NORMAN LODER- 
HOSE, clerk at Jefferson Park, also took his pension on 
June 1. Here's hoping they have a long, happy, and healthy 
retirement.. .FRED FRIEB and his wife are really living it 
up after getting their new car. They decided to put in a 
new furnace, humidifier, and central air-conditioning so 
they could live in comfort when he retires. . .ELEANOR 
HASBROUCK and EARL GILBERT are still on the sick list. 
Get well soon both of you. JACKIE HOLMES, from the as- 
signment office, was in the hospital for surgery. We wish 
her a speedy recovery so she can return to work soon, 
celebrated her anniversary date with CTA on May 9, and 
your co-reporter, GRACE MOUNTS, celebrated 12 years 
with CTA on May 23. Grace took four days off and she and 
her husband took a trip to Bloomington, Indiana, where they 


visited her cousin and attended an Amway meeting and 
supper. Gijace and her cousin are both Amway distribu- 
tors. They had a wonderful time and two gorgeous days of 
relaxation. On June 19 Grace took possession of an air- 
conditioned 1971 Buick LeSabre...We wish to express our 
deepest sympathy to the families of H. ERBSTOESSER who 
passed away on May 16, and to Agent JIMMY REED whose 
mother passed away. ..Collector STANLEY KAULIS and his 
wife celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on June 8, 
and spent the week of June 20 in Las Vegas. Congratula- 
tions to the happy couple. ..JUNE BAREKMAN is planning to 
spend her vacation in Europe this year. ..BILL PFEIFFER's 
baseball team seems the one to beat this year. Good luck 
to Bill and his boys... Former Ticket Agent CAROL QUINN 
and her husband, BOB, who is a supervisor at Jefferson 
Park, have just bought a beautiful new home in Antioch, 
Illinois. ..We extend our deepest sympathy to JUSTIN MC- 
CARTHY on the loss of his mother. . .Congratulations to 
Janitor CARMELO DIAZ and his wife, JUSTINA, on the 
birth of a baby girl, LEZANDRA, on May 28 in Manati, 
Puerto Rico, weighing 85 pounds and measuring 22 inches 
long. This makes two girls and one boy for the Diaz fam- 
ily. ..We extend a warm welcome to our returning summer 
students and to all the newly-hired agents. ..JOHN TAYLOR 
celebrated his birthday on June 17. Congratulations to 
John and all the other employes who celebrated birthdays 
in June. ..Superintendent JOHN ZUPKO and his family just 
bought a home on the North Side. So if you don't see him 
around, you will know why. There is always something to 
do when you own a home. 


Supervisor RONALD ROY enjoyed a vacation with his 
wife, a second honeymoon in Bermuda. He says it is a 
lovely place with ideal weather. Enjoying golfing and deli- 
cious fish dinners in Florida are Operator WILLIE BLUME 
and his spouse. Another Florida visitor is Operator JOE 
HENNELLY who visited his niece in Jacksonville, and old 
friends in St. Petersburg... Pensioner JOE HIEBEL reports 
good fishing in Algoma, Wisconsin, where he and his better 
half visited his brother... Your scribe plans to take off in a 
few days for some fishing in Minnesota. My son, Garage 
Clerk WAYNE MIEDEMA, and his better half, BONNIE, 
enjoyed a trip to Lake Geneva on their vacation. My other 
son, Clerk BILL MIEDEMA, Forest Glen, and his spouse, 
JACKIE, spent a week in Dixieland and ended up at the 
Kentucky Derby. ..Clerk BILL PINASCO says the fishing in 
Minnesota is great.. .A letter from our old friend, Pension- 


proudly displays the north- 
ern pike caught by her 
husband. Pensioner LE ROY 
PEDERSON, while fishing 
in Decatur, Michigon, where 
they now reside. Le Roy 
was an operator at North 

JUNE- JULY, 1971 



THIS LITTLE bundle of 
the five-month old daughter 
WILLIAMS. John is in 
the Stores Department at 
Blue Island. 

er BILL ECHOLS, tells us that he didn't have surgery. He 
said he didn't like the odds against his recovery. Remem- 
ber him in your prayers... Pensioner LARS PEARSON and 
his wife, ANNA, were here to visit their daughter. Their 
daughter and her husband bought a resort on Lake Norfork 
in Arkansas and moved in June. It is close to Lars' home 
in Mountain Home, Arkansas, and Lars and Anna will be 
happy to have them nearby. They are planning a trip to 
Texas for their nephew's graduation from East Texas State 
college. ..We received a L'Anse newspaper from Pensioner 
ART MOILANEN who keeps us up to date about the fishing 
in that area. ..My son, DAVID MIEDEMA, will be graduating 
from Young Grammar school. ..With a personal letter from 
President Nixon to cheer them, Mr. and Mrs. JOSEPH 
PELIKAN, the parents of Operator JOSEPH PELIKAN, 
celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary on Sunday, May 
9. They have three sons, JOSEPH Jr., ORVILLE, and 
JOHN; one daughter, Mrs. VIRGINIA DIVIDA, ten grand- 
children, and 12 great-grandchildren. Joseph and ANNA 
were born in Chicago, he on the West Side, and she on the 
corner of Ashland and School in a building that was torn 
down to make way for the Wieboldt store. .. Serviceman 
PETER GERAME's son got his masters degree in business 
administration from DePaul university. We wish him the 
best of luck... Operator THOMAS PHILPOTT was elected 
"favorite bus driver of the year" by D-days' senior bowl- 
ers. They say riding with him almost makes going to 
school fun. They enjoy his ready smile and good mood... 
Our sympathy to Operator HAROLD FORSTER who lost his 
mother on June 1. "Safe in the arms of Jesus, safe on His 
gentle breast. "..We hope all of you had an enjoyable July 
4th holiday. ..Now to our boys who were on the sick list: 
TEDESCHI, Supervisor CHARLES OLCKAS, and Operator 
EDWARD GUNDLACH. Also on that list was Clerk WALT- 
ER BLDC, our reporter who, we are happy to report, is 
back with us and gave us the news from the Inner Sanctum 
which this time naturally concerns vacations. Among some 
of those who have been away were Clerk TOM HICKEY and 
his wife (or should we say frau?), BEA, who flew to Ger- 
many and Ireland. It is our opinion that it would take more 
than a crash course in German to get Tom to speak any 
other language than the one he uses all the time. Clerk ED 
WITEK sort of divided his vacation between going to Wis- 
consin and a "honey-do" vacation. You know the kind, 
"honey do this, or honey do that." Lest we forget, Mrs. 
Witek joined in both of these. After Relief Superintendent 
ART TABEL and his wife, LA VERNE, returned from New 


Orleans, he told about having ridden on buses for a 15 cent 
fare, and that included a transfer. My wife, VIRGINIA, and 
I made an early spring tour of Missouri and Arkansas. The 
favorite story that has been making the rounds about how I 
hurt my back, is that the bottles of wine we brought back 
from the Weidekehr Winery in Arkansas were too heavy for 
me. (You believe what you want to believe.). ..By the time 
you read this, the HESTERS, JACK and NOREEN, and the 
rest of their family should be installed in their new home 
on Chicago's Northwest Side. Has anyone said anything 
about a "housewarmin'?" . .Switchboard Operator LOU 
DRAPP's vacation was postponed due to the fact that he had 
to spend some time in St. Anne's hospital. It probably 
won't help a bit for Clerks BOB STACH and BILL PINASCO 
to tell him all about the big ones that got away. ..In our next 
issue we hope to tell you all about what kind of vacation the 
following bunch of fellows had: Clerks FRED MURBAR- 
and WILLIAM PARNUM... There has been another change of 
command here at North Avenue. WILLIAM MOSER is now 
station superintendent, and our assistant superintendent is 
none other than WARD CHAMBERLAIN. Welcome to North 
Avenue, sir. The top man on Sundays will be WILLIAM 
PARNUM. DON LEMM, who was with us for much too 
short a time, headed back upstairs to the highline. Good 
luck to you, and drop in to see us whenever you can... For 
our next bit of news we're going to sort of stray off the 
beaten path and head up north to Forest Glen Station. The 
day is May 27, 1971, the occasion is PAUL WINKOWSKI 
day at Forest Glen. If you were there you know that the 
walls were practically bulging at the seams with all the 
people who came to honor a little guy who has been a real 
friend and a big help to a lot of us for many a year. We're 
speaking of none other than Instructor Paul Winkowski. It 
seems that we all wanted him to know what we thought of 
him. After all, for years he's been telling us what he 
thought of us, and, believe me, it hasn't always been good. 
He was never too busy to listen to anyone's problems and 
always ready to offer a lot of good advice. Good luck, 
Paul, keep up the good work. 

- TV Warn TKittUm*. 


The personnel of North Park Depot and garage wish to 
thank Superintendents R. K. KEAG, E. W. BRODD, V. L. 
JOHNSON, and the Credit Union for their treat of coffee 
and doughnuts on Tuesday, May 11. The occasion was for 
beating our par for the month of April, and we expect to 
have several more treats... Our congratulations to our 
union officials on your vote of confidence ratifying the 
pension plan. . . The daughters of Operator ROGER and 
HELEN AYOTTE competed on May 1 and 2 in the 11th 
Annual Illinois Music Association organ contests held at 
McCormick Place. DEBORAH, age 11, added to her col- 
lection of trophies by winning first place in the Senior A 
division. MONICA, age 7, playing in her first contest won 
the second place trophy in the Cadet B division. ..CRAIG 
OLENSKT, the son of Operator CHESTER OLENSKI, re- 
ceived his first holy communion on Sunday, April 18, at 
St. Gregory's church. A reception was held at the Olen- 
ski's home where young Craig received the congratulations 
of friends and relatives. ..MAUREEN KENNY, the daughter 
of Operator FRANK KENNY, was graduated from North- 
eastern college on April 21. ..JOANNE BRODD, the daugh- 
ter of Superintendent EDWARD BRODD, was graduated 




from Alvernia High school on June 11. Joanne's plans for 
the future call for a fling at the business world and attend- 
ance at an evening college... Former Clerk WALTER RING- 
HOFF, who is living at 7642 N. 46th Avenue in Glendale, 
Arizona 85301, reports that he is enjoying his position at a 
title and trust company in Phoenix... Former Operator ART 
STERN, now working as a ticket agent, at this writing is 
confined at Bethesda hospital where he underwent major 
surgery. Our prayers are with Art for a complete recov- 
ery. ..VIVIAN BAEUCHLER, the wife of Operator LEN 
BAEUCHLER, is ready to join the handicappers club at 
Arlington Park Race Track. Vivian, who doesn't know 
much about horses, picked a daily double and a perfecta 
winner on two consecutive Mondays... Operator ROY LEM- 
KE began his pension on June 1 after 30 years of service. 
Roy and his wife, MARION, are looking for a home in the 
Ozarks, particularly around the Forsyth or Lake Norfolk 
area. We at North Park wish this fine couple many years 
of fine fishing. Operator MAURICE HOWELL retired on 
June 1 after 29 years of service. Operator TOM CONROY 
went on disability pension June 1. We extend our best 
wishes to these fine gentlemen and hope to see them around 
the depot occasionally. ..Happy anniversaries are extended 
to the following: Operator CHESTER OLENSKI and his 
wife, JOANNE, their 21st; Operator JACK URBAN and his 
wife, SARAH, their 35th; Operator FRANK KENNY and his 
wife, their 25th; Operator CHARLES SAUER and his wife, 
their 21st; Operator HAROLD JULITZ and his wife, ANN, 
their 37th; Operator EDGAR NEWTON and his wife, FRAN- 
CES, their 35th; Operator JERRY BUDZISZ and his wife, 
HELEN, their 15th; Operator WALTER UHLEMAN and his 
wife, LEONA, their 36th; Operator BOB CIESLA and his 
wife, EMELIA, their 33rd; Operator BILL KNIGHT and his 
wife, ELKINA, their 25th; Operator LE ROY CARR and his 
wife, LOUISE, their 25th; Operator DON HEANEY and his 
wife, SONIA, their 18th; Operator CHARLES KEMP and his 
wife, HELEN, their 26th; Operator RALPH ILLION and his 
wife, LILLIAN, their 31st; Pensioner MAURICE MARTENS 
and his wife, AGNES, their 35th; Pensioner and Mrs. AL- 
VIN DAVIS, their 27th; Pensioner TED DIDIER and his 
wife, MADA, their 38th, and Clerk SAM GIRARD and his 
wife, WANDA, their 30th. Checker NICK ZAHN and his 
wife, JULIA, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on 
June 12 with a trip to Miami, Florida, where they boarded 
the U.S.S. Arriadme for a trip to Freeport in the Bahama 
Islands, and Mexico... Happy birthdays are extended to the 
following: Operators CHESTER OLENSKI, TEX RHINES, 
and SAM POSNER, Clerk TERRY LATTIN, Pensioner JOE 
remember the date — Monday, July 19, at St. Andrew's Golf 
club. The Division 241 annual golf day will be held on this 
date and we are looking forward to all golfers participating 
in this fine event... Need cash for that vacation? See JOHN, 
TONY, or DALE at the Credit Union office and they will be 
happy to provide you and yours with ready cash.. .Our sym- 
pathy is extended to Clerks VERNON and LESTER RAGE 
on the passing of their mother, Mrs. RAGE. 

Repair Department Chit Chat: Enjoying vacations at this 
time are the following: ED MUNOZ, PAT O'MALLEY, 
ER, the daughter of Repairman BUCKY BAKANOWICZ, was 


named to the Queen's Court for the fourth year in a row at 
Wauconda High school. ..Sergeant EDWARD BAKANOWICZ 
led the Memorial day parade as guest of honor at Medinah, 
Illinois, Sunday, May 30. On Monday, May 31, BUCKY led 
the Wauconda, Illinois, American Legion parade for the 
12th consecutive year. ..NORA KARIOLICH, the daughter of 
Assistant Foreman ANDY KARIOLICH, was elected presi- 
dent of her sorority at Butler university. ..Congratulations 
are extended to the garage personnel for the fine job they 
have done on the cleaning of the inside and outside of our 
buses. . .CHARLEY DUNNE, retired garage foreman, has 
been spending considerable time fishing on Lake Michigan 
and is catching his share of coho salmon. 

- "/Kelvin *%vuUk$ 


A special award of devotion to duty should go to Super- 
intendent BILL ROONEY who reported to work for three 
days on crutches. Moving around like "old peg-leg Pete", 
we're wondering who he gave the old boot to? If it hap- 
pens again, how about a black eye patch? On May 29 Mr. 
Rooney's son, BRIAN, and Miss BONNIE POWELL from 
Danville, Illinois, were joined in holy matrimony at Bloom- 
ingdale, Illinois. Bonnie is a medical technician and her 
father is a well known surgeon in Danville. Brian is ma- 
joring in psychology. Our best wishes for a long and happy 
marriage to the ne wly weds. .. Our sympathy and condo- 
lences to LETA CAUSEY and her family on the death of her 
father. ..Agent CAROL GREEN STEVENS was recently con- 
fined in the hospital, but is now back to work and we wish 
her continued good health... Birthday greetings to the fol- 
and Janitor JOHN BONNER. John has just returned to work 
after being off sick for two months... Assistant Station Su- 
perintendent ROBERT SUTA had another week of vacation, 
and this time he informed us that he was on a scaffold 
painting his house. We understand he was posing for the 
Dutch Boy label and commercial. ..The rapid transit station 
clerks had a system pick. Clerk ROBERT STEWART 
transferred to the South Section, and Clerk LANGLOIS 
came to the North from the West. We will miss Bob.. .In 
training for clerk at the present time are former Foot 
Collector M. ASHLEY, and also B. SCAIFE. Good luck to 
you both. ..With the new clerk's pick we now have a new 
chief clerk, WALKER BALK, and we wish him good luck 
and smooth sailing.. .North Side Station Superintendent M. 
LaVELLE has been off work for a few days with a badly 

the wife of North Avenue 
Station Operator ROBERT 
FARRELL, who was re- 
cently promoted as unit 
supervisor of Project 
Leorn in the Green Homes 
unit. Formerly head 

teacher of this project, 
Olivia is pictured with 
two of her young pupils 
in the school. 


JUNE- JULY, 1971 



UNDER THE protective 
care of her giant teddy 
bear is little DEBORAH 
granddaughter of Com- 
munications Engineer 
trical Department. Deborah 
will celebrate her first 
birthday on October 17. 

injured knee. We hope it won't be too long before he is 
back on the job. ..Ticket Agent MINNA KING was in an auto 
accident while on her way to work. We understand that she 
received a severe bump on the head. We hope she will be 
well soon. . . It seems that Agent ROSE McANDREWS had 
quite a time with a dog at the Rockwell station. The dog 
insisted on going through past the window. Cheer up, Rose, 
you can't be written up for not collecting a fare from a dog. 
..Many North Side employes recently lost two true and good 
friends with the deaths of Agents FREDDIE KING and 
WAYNE GRIFFIN. Both Mrs. King and Mrs. Griffin wish 
to thank all the CTA employes for their kindness and sym- 
pathy. ..Supervisor DICK STANTON recently underwent ma- 
jor surgery at Ravenswood hospital. Dick has been on the 
sick list for quite a long time and we sincerely wish him a 
speedy recovery and look for his return... Ravenswood Con- 
ductor JOHN RUSIN is in Swedish Covenant hospital after 
suffering a severe heart attack. John, we all pray for your 
recovery. Ticket Agent BERTHA ATKINSON is still on the 
sick list and wants to thank her many friends for their 
kindnesses, cards, and calls. ..Your North Side scribe re- 
cently was the recipient of a Chicago Police citation for 
giving aid to a police officer, and in so doing, saved his 
life. To receive such a commendation was more than I ex- 
pected. I wish to say thanks to the Police Department... 
Agent ART STEARN is out of the hospital but still on the 
sick list. He wishes to thank everyone for their kindnesses. 
..Agent THELMA ZINNINGER became a grandma when her 
daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. RICHARD KAL- 
HAUGE, presented her with her first granddaughter, 
KRISTIE. They also have twin boys. Congratulations, 
grandma. ..To the North Side employes who have made re- 
marks about the pay we scribes get for writing these arti- 
cles, I wish to inform you that all we receive is the satis- 
faction of knowing we have contributed our part to CTA 
teamwork. If you don't see your name mentioned, then the 
communication failure is you yourself. . . Married May 29 
was the daughter of LILLIE WILLIS, KAREN, who be- 
came the bride of BENJAMIN CHATMAN. Good luck to 
them both. Benjamin is in the army. ..Your reporter re- 
ceived a nice letter from a retired North Section man now 
living in Florida. RICHARD BARTELS started with the "L" 
in 1915 and retired in 1952 and still recalls working a ten- 
hour day at 21 cents an hour. He would enjoy hearing from 
some of his fellow workers. His address is 1035 Arlington 
Avenue North, St. Petersburg, Florida 33705. 

- 7<*« "%c«it 

OPERATIONS (Transportation) - 

JAMES R. TUCKER did a little traveling during the two 
weeks he was away on vacation. He spent a week at a 
friend's farm on Lake Ray Hubbard at Rockwall, Texas, and 
visited some relatives in Dallas and Tennessee. Jim 
stopped at Fort Worth where he rode on the Leonard's 
streetcar line, which is just under a mile in length. They 
run a four-minute service between downtown Fort Worth 
and the parking lots along the river, using air-conditioned 
PCC cars. Regular trolley poles are used and the operator 
changes them at each end of the line without moving from 
his seat. This was very interesting and enjoyable. If 
you're thinking that he didn't go to New Orleans this trip, 
you're wrong. He spent three very nice days there visiting 
with some friends. The weather was very nice throughout 
the trip and he had a wonderful timc.WALLY OQUIST and 
his wife, BETTY, drove to St. Louis where they stayed with 
their daughter for three days. During the balance of his 
vacation he played golf and said he shot in the middle 90's. 
Wally returned to work with a tan, so we know he was out 
in the sun. ..RALPH TRACY, his wife, JOSIE, and son, 
RANDY, spent several days near the Dells in Wisconsin. A 
nice part of this vacation was being visited by some friends 
and spending a few days with them. The weather was nice 
and they had a good time. ..Congratulations to RICHARD, 
the son of JERRY JOHNSON, who graduated from Our Lady 
of Peace School on June 4. In the fall he will attend Hales 
Franciscan High school. .. MARGARET ARCHER recently 
transferred from telephone operator to information clerk. 
We extend our wishes for good luck in your new job. ..On 
June 1 CARL W. GIBES was appointed assistant superin- 
tendent of operating stations. We are happy to have you 
with us and wish you success in your new job. Congratu- 
lations!.. A sincere thanks is sent from Mrs. GEORGE 
RILEY to all those who were so nice to her while she was 
ill. . . Our sympathy is extended to EVA MARCIN whose 
mother, ADELE TESSAROLO, passed away on May 11. The 
funeral was on May 14 from Holy Rosary church. 

(Equipment Research & Development) - 

On May 1, RALPH MARTZ began his retirement and a 
life of leisure. A retirement dinner was held in his honor 
at the M&M Club on April 28. His wife, EDYTHE B., and 
all who attended had a good time. We extend our best 
wishes for a very happy and healthy retirement. I think he 
got off to a good start by vacationing for one month. 

(Traffic Planning) - 

Congratulations are extended to JIM TOOLIS for two 
special reasons. First, his daughter, BARBARA, was 
united in matrimony to ANDREW STYCZYNSK3 at St. Ethel- 
reda church on May 15. The reception was held at the 
Golden Age restaurant. The newlyweds spent their honey- 
moon at the Abbey. The second reason is that on June 3, 
his daughter, MARILYN, gave birth to a 5 pound baby boy 
whom they named CHRISTOPHER... The family of JERRY 
KANE now consists of two boys and two girls. 

(Utility and Emergency Service) - 

JAMES, the son of Emergency Truck Chauffeur FRANK 
SIPICH, recently received his doctorate degree in psychol- 
ogy from the University of Illinois. Congratulations and 
best wishes for a successful future. ..Mr. and Mrs. O. W. 
JOHNSON vacationed in New Orleans where they had good 
weather and a wonderful time. . . A speedy recovery is 
wished to R. O'GORMAN, A. KRAUS, F. SPITALLI, and 
W. MOOG who are off sick. ..We extend our condolences to 




L. GALLE whose father-in-law passed away recently. ..The 
new faces in our department belong to DAN FITZ GIBBON, 
QUTNTON JAMES, and CALVIN OLDHAM who transferred 
from Archer, Lawndale, and 77th Street respectively. Good 
luck in your new jobs. 


Hello! We're happy that so many of you furnished news 
for this issue. Good work, and we hope you keep it up... 
First of all, we would like to welcome our new Chairman of 
the Board, MICHAEL CAFFERTY. We all wish you the 
very best on your new assignment here at CTA. ..RICHARD 
TESCH, Purchasing, decided to try his luck at flying on a 
Delta 747, which he has raved about since his return from 
Florida. 'It's the only way to fly," Dick states. He went 
to Miami Beach and stayed at the lovely Montmarte hotel 
for seven days of sand, sea, sunshine, and girl-watching. 
Girl-watching? How did that get in there ?.. HELEN TOTH, 
Purchasing, really worked on her three-week vacation. She 
planted 21 tomato plants in her garden; however, some 
leisure was enjoyed as she practiced on her organ.. .Pur- 
chasing's ED THORNE purchased a new Montego MX, then 
he and his wife, RUSTY, drove to Florida, "to put mileage 
on the car," they said. Chicago was a chilly 35 degrees 
when they left, but on arriving at St. Petersburg the tem- 
perature was an enjoyable 85. While in Florida, Ed some- 
how acquired 22 pounds of "good living" around the middle. 
But with all the work in the office that was so anxiously 
waiting for him, he'll lose these pounds in a very short 
time. ..ROD DAUGHERTY, Specifications, enjoyed a family 
reunion in St. Louis, Missouri. He took his children to the 
top of the Arch and visited the Annheuser-Busch farm 
where the Clydesdale horses are kept. With the weather so 
beautiful, it's no wonder Rod had such a good time.. .ED 
AHLBRAND, Specifications, spent a week's vacation en- 
joying his mother's company in Seymour, Illinois. ..There's 
no generation gap in the MAGUIRE household, to be sure. 
Grandma and Grandpa MAGUIRE (FRANK MAGUIRE of 
Specifications) munched on pretzels and potato chips while 
they were babysitting with their grandchildren in Palos 
Hills, Illinois. And where were BARBARA and LARRY, 
Frank and ANN'S daughter and son-in-law ? They were 
taking it easy in Las Vegas. Can anyone think of a better 
babysitter than Frank? Of course not! But you're not 
sitting in your chair so straight now, Frank. To ease the 
job of babysitting, Frank and Ann were surprised with the 
safe return of their daughter JUDY'S husband, ALLEN, 
from Viet Nam. The Maguire's also spent a few days with 
another daughter, MARY ANN, in Sterling, Illinois... How 
can one paint a fence while the snow is falling, hailstones 
beating on the fence, and the rain causing puddles in one's 
shoes ? G. P. MIKOTA, assistant superintendent of Stores, 
pondered this question in his mind while on vacation. He 
had hopes of finishing all his outdoor painting. However, 
he did manage to do some chores indoors, so the week 
wasn't a total loss... Who was that going down the Dan Ryan 
expressway the other day? It was CATHY CLOUGH and 
her husband, HARRY, in their new 1971 Maverick. Cathy 
has started driving again after seven years. Men, turn in 
your drivers licenses — PLEASE ! That's okay if everyone 
does, because there will be more room on the road, and 
she'll need every bit of it. ..After a busy four-week vaca- 
tion, BOB PIE PER has returned to the daily grind in the 
Stores Department, General Office. How fast time goes. 


Bob drove to California where the sights he saw were out 
of this world (no - not hotpants). One such amazement was 
his view of over 200 deer grazing in a field. Among his 
many activities were: salmon fishing— he caught four of 
them, weighing 12-15 pounds each (not bad for the first 
time); a trip to Puget Sound, and climbing a ski lift at Mt. 
Ranier. His friendly companion on this trip was Nemo 
Aswad, his Scottish terrier. While Bob kept himself pretty 
busy on his vacation, Nemo caught up on some rest. At one 
point of Bob's trip, a fox on the side of the road caught his 
eye, but not Nemo's. The quick brown fox did not jump 
over the lazy dog, because he was too busy sleeping on the 
back seat of Bob's car! That's a dog's life, I guess. It 
was also apparent that Bob took in some sun. That glow 
couldn't have come from the fluorescent lights in the of- 
fice... GERRY POCES, South Shops, is on vacation for three 
weeks. He's going to take in some fishing in Minnesota. 
We'll tell you in the next issue just how many fish he 
caught. ..WILLIAM McGOVERN accomplished some painting 
around the house while on his vacation, and ZIGGY MARTIN 
is taking a tour — AGAIN — of Back Yard, Illinois. Also, at 
the South Shops, is DONALD TARNOWSKI who spent a 
week's vacation washing his car. Want to impress all the 
lovely ladies, huh?. .ROBERT ADLER and his wife bought 
a new car, a 1971 Pinto, and JOHN W. SPRINGER went to 
Omaha, Nebraska, with his wife, DOROTHY, to visit their 
son, JOHN J., who is in the air force. John J. is a career 
soldier with the rank of technical sergeant, stationed at 
Offut Air Force Base, which is the SAC command head- 
quarters. While John W. was there, he and his son got a 
chance to view an air show which was held for Armed 
Services day, and also did some fishing. And on May 18, 
John's other son, WEINNAND, a former CTA employe, and 
his wife, ROSE, became the proud parents of a son, MICH- 
AEL, in San Jose, California. For Weinnand and Rose this 
is their third son, but for John and Dorothy, this is their 
23rd grandchild. And not to be outdone, two more grand- 
children are due this summer. John, what can we say?.. 
PAUL JANKOWSKI, Storeroom 43, has completed signal 
school. Graduation ceremonies were conducted on May 19 
in the CTA board room in the Merchandise Mart. C. E. 
KEISER, operating manager, presented Paul and the other 
students with a diploma. Paul wanted to know all the sig- 
nals, and now he does. By the way, Paul spent his Memo- 
rial day weekend with two friends in Spooner, Wisconsin. 

CELEBRATING THEIR golden wedding anniversary on March 28 
were HELEN and STOCK C0MST0CK, who were joined by their 
family and friends at a reception following a morning service at 
the Central United Methodist church of Skokie. Stock retired as 
budget supervisor in February, 1966, after 44 years in transit. 

JUNE- JULY, 1971 


recent deaths 

HAROLD G. ANDERSON, 70, West Section, 

Emp. 11-24-28, Died 5-8-71 
SALVATORE BARBARO, 85, Way & Structures, 

Emp. 3-25-27, Died 4-10-71 
MICHAEL BARRY, 82, 77th Street, 

Emp. 6-22-26, Died 5-21-71 
ALBERT O. BROACH, 64, North Avenue, 

Emp. 11-14-28, Died 4-12-71 
ARTHUR BROSKA, 71, Wilson, 

Emp. 9-20-17, Died 4-11-71 
MILTON BUCZYNSKI, 58, 52nd Street, 

Emp. 6-12-45, Died 6-1-71 

Emp. 11-15-45, Died 6-9-71 
PHILIP J. CERNEY, 73, 69th Street, 

Emp. 5-26-20, Died 5-10-71 
CARL O. CHRISTENSEN, 70, North Avenue, 

Emp. 3-3-24, Died 4-21-71 
MARTIN H. CUNNINGHAM, 69, North Section, 

Emp. 10-12-45. Died 5-17-71 
JAMES CURRY, 70, 77th Street, 

Emp. 11-22-23, Died 5-9-71 
JOHN CZERWIEC, 81, Gateman, 

Emp. 5-5-26, Died 5-15-71 
J. P. D'ANGELO, 77, Forest Glen, 

Emp. 5-25-20, Died 4-18-71 
EDWARD A. DECKER, 77, North Section, 

Emp. 10-14-47, Died 4-19-71 
TOBIAS DEVER, 86, Devon, 

Emp. 4-9-18, Died 4-23-71 
JOHN J. DWYER, 76, Skokie Shops, 

Emp. 7-31-11, Died 5-15-71 
WILLIAM H. ENGELMANN, 72, North Avenue, 

Emp. 10-1-23, Died 5-19-71 
GEORGE ERBSTOESSER, 63, West Section, 

Emp. 5-15-46, Died 5-16-71 

THOMAS FITZGIBBON, 88, Cottage Grove, 

Emp. 1-7-11, Died 4-21-71 
WAYNE GRIFFIN, 58, West Section, 

Emp. 11-26-45, Died 4-30-71 
JOHN J. HALLORAN, 76, 77th Street, 

Emp. 11-28-13, Died 4-26-71 
ALFRED M. HANSEN, 88, North Avenue, 

Emp. 2-24-20, Died 3-30-71 
JOSEPH J. HEROLD, 70, South Section, 

Emp. 2-28-25, Died 5-24-71 

MARC ELLA HOGAN, 77, West Section, 

Emp. 6-22-42, Died 4-29-71 
CHARLES J. HOLLAND, 79, 77th Street, 

Emp. 4-3-17, Died 4-11-71 
KARL V. HOLMQUIST, 81, Elston, 

Emp. 7-12-13, Died 4-22-71 
GUSTAV G. HYDE, 87, Throop Street, 

Emp. 6-16-04, Died 4-14-71 
STANLEY F. JAROSZ, 86, Lawndale, 

Emp. 10-17-23, Died 5-23-71 
AUGUSTA J. KEARIN, 86, West Section, 

Emp. 9-10-18, Died 4-18-71 
THOMAS F. KEEGAN, 60, 69th Street, 

Emp. 11-30-36, Died 4-11-71 
FREDERICK KING, 58, North Section, 

Emp. 7-9-36, Died 5-12-71 

Emp. 12-10-26, Died 5-13-71 
RICHARD J. KNIGHT, 75, 77th Street, 

Emp. 2-17-20, Died 5-8-71 
GEORGE M. KYNASTON, 67, 77th Street, 

Emp. 3-7-23, Died 4-18-71 
HELEN R. LOFTUS, 60, Engineering, 

Emp. 11-22-46, Died 4-5-71 

The three of them went fishing on Spooner Lake where they 
caught 21 northern pike. According to Paul, he said it was 
because of the fantastic lure they had used — a "red-eye 
wiggler." How tall was she?. .In closing, we'd like to say 
that we hope everyone enjoys themselves over the coming 
summer months, wherever you go. 


JOHN FITZGERALD, traffic clerk, is sporting a new 
1971 air-conditioned LTD. ..We welcome W. P. DEVE- 
REUX and GEORGE HANUS back to work after convalesc- 
ing at home. ..HARRY HIRSCH has decided to try the North 
Side after living on the South Side. ..Mr. and Mrs. JOHN 
URBAN celebrated their 42nd anniversary of wedded bliss 
on May 11. Many happy returns. ..JOE DeGRAZIA and his 
wife drove to Pennsylvania for their vacation and visited 
with their daughter and family. ..ED HILL, schedule clerk, 
is home convalescing after a short stay in the hospital... 
DAVID JACOBS, schedule clerk, was hospitalized for eye 
surgery but is now home convalescing. ED JOYCE also 
had nose surgery. ..MYRON LEVEE and his wife are vaca- 

tioning in Wisconsin and will do some fishing. ..KAY BATI- 
NA spent a delightful week in Key Biscayne, Florida, and 
on Paradise Island, Nassau. ..RUTH HAVLIK and her sister, 
MARIE, of the Electrical Department, drove to Washington, 
D.C., to visit with their sister. ..W. P. DEVEREUX flew to 
Chattanooga, Tennessee, to visit with his daughter. .. The 
sympathy of the department is extended to HARRY HIRSCH 
on the death of his grandfather, and to JOE VIOLA on the 
death of his father-in-law. 

- Xat/n<t* patina 


Wishes for a speedy recovery are sent to GEORGE 
MICHAUD, clerk at 61st Street, who is presently in Grant 
hospital. . . Congratulations to DIANE GRILLAERT, the 
daughter of GUS GRILLAERT, Congress, who was gradu- 
ated from St. Anne School of Nursing on June 10. Diane 
will soon be seen on the floors at Children's Memorial 
hospital... Our deepest sympathy to GORDON VAN NORM- 
AN, Kimball, and his family on the passing of his mother in 
North Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. ..Enjoying the back woods 
fishing in Wisconsin is how W. McHUGH, Kimball, spent 



among employes 

EUGENE A. LOWE, 82, 69th Street, 

Emp. 3-23-10, Died 4-14-71 
ARNOLD LYDIGSEN, 75, Forest Glen, 

Emp. 5-21-18, Died 4-23-71 

Emp. 3-9-18, Died 6-1-71 
CHARLES E. MARTIN, 81, West Shops, 

Emp. 4-25-23, Died 5-12-71 
JAMES McGARRITY, 60, Schedule & Traffic, 

Emp. 5-17-54, Died 6-9-71 
JOHN MILTON, 90, Lawndale, 

Emp. 12-2-05, Died 4-24-71 
JOSEPH M. MIZERIS, 80, Archer, 

Emp. 4-23-20, Died 3-28-71 
WILLIAM MORRIS, 24, North Park, 

Emp. 12-27-67, Died 5-31-71 
JAMES J. NAUGHTON, 85, Lawndale, 

Emp. 7-28-11, Died 4-11-71 
DAVID W. NEIL, 60, North Park, 

Emp. 9-15-45, Died 6-22-71 
JOSEPH NIMKAVAGE, 67, South Shops, 

Emp. 9-14-43, Died 4-23-71 
GEORGE R. PAYTON, 74, Beverly, 

Emp. 3-17-24, Died 5-26-71 
JOHN T. PHILPOTT, 80, Central District, 

Emp. 6-28-16, Died 5-13-71 
JOSEPH J. POPP, 71, 77th Street, 

Emp. 5-1-23, Died 5-16-71 
JAMES REIDY, 92, Lawndale, 

Emp. 11-16-07, Died 4-24-71 

FRANK E. RICHARDSON, 80, West Section, 

Emp. 6-19-19, Died 6-1-71 
JAMES RUANE, 84, Kedzie, 

Emp. 12-9^25, Died 4-11-71 

PAUL N. SCHILLE, 69, South Section, 

Emp. 9-25-22, Died 4-12-71 
MARTIN F. SCHROEDER, 78, North Avenue, 

Emp. 7-26-27, Died 5-24-71 
ALFRED R. SCHULTZ, 73, Kedzie, 

Emp. 11-8-26, Died 5-17-71 
ROBERT SERVER, 53, Beverly, 

Emp. 9-20-45, Died 5-29-71 

Emp. 3-12-28, Died 4-8-71 
LOUIS SMITH, 78, Accounting, 

Emp. 8-24-20, Died 4-20-71 
ANTON H. SOMMER, 88, Lincoln, 

Emp. 11-19-09, Died 3-20-71 
JACENTY STARTEK, 85, West Section, 

Emp. 6-7-41, Died 3-9-71 
ADAM V. STROHMENGER, 81, South Section, 

Emp. 4-13-09, Died 5-21-71 
ANASTASIA O. THOMS, 69, North Section, 

Emp. 12-19-40, Died 5-13-71 
PETER J. TIESER, 73, Archer, 

Emp. 5-9-23, Died 5-16-71 
EDWARD TORMEY, 53, South Section, 

Emp. 6-21-46, Died 6-21-71 
JOHN TRIYONIS, 57, Beverly, 

Emp. 1-21-47, Died 6-9-71 
OLIVER D. TYLER, 58, 77th Street, 

Emp. 6-4-45, Died 5-24-71 

Emp. 8-28-18, Died 4-20-71 
MICHAEL WALSH, 64, Building, 

Emp. 10-24-29, Died 5-10-71 
ROBERT E. WHITE, 79, Cottage Grove, 

Emp. 1-13-12, Died 4-28-71 
FRANK ZABRAN, 90, West Section, 

Emp. 5-29-24, Died 3-31-71 

his vacation. ..A trip to the old sod was a good vacation for 
F. PAYNE, Kimball. .. The sights and sounds of the city 
comprised a vacation enjoyed by M. RUSSIN, Kimball. . . 
Best of luck to D. KILPATRICK, former repairman at 
Congress, who went into the air-conditioning business in 
Florida. .. Congratulations to Pensioner RALPH DANIEL- 
SON who won another award at the Compex Stamp Exhibi- 
tion held at the LaSalle hotel on May 28, 29 and 30.. .Con- 
dolences to C. HASLAM, Congress, and his family on the 
passing of his mother on June l,..Our sympathy to J. 
CANNELLA, Congress, and his family on the passing of an 
uncle on May 31. ..Chores around the house and practicing 
golf shots is how J. CANNELLA, S. RITA, M. COYLE, and 
F. BENANTI of Congress spent their vacations. Back at 
work after a "do this" and "do that" type of vacation are 
BONDS, and J. CAMPBELL of Dan Ryan...C. B. BROWN is 
quite at home as the night repairer at Dan Ryan. ..GEORGE 
NICHOLSON, Dan Ryan, is still talking about the big cele- 
bration held in Gary after Mayor Hatcher's re-election... A 
junior division of weight-watchers is going on between B. 
THORNTON and Q. BONDS. Thornton tips the scale at 185 
while Bonds has no comment. ..A hearty welcome to new car 
servicemen F. SOSNOWSKI, Linden, M. PAYNE, and K. 

CALT, Howard.. .Enjoying a trip through Minnesota is the 
way M. BUCHANAN, Wilson, spent his vacation... Casting 
for the big ones is the way H. LOOMIS, Wilson, spent his 
vacation in Wisconsin. . .Ball games, golfing, and family 
outings were vacations for R. COLLINS, T. MITCHELL, 
and W. BRIGHT of Wilson. 


JOHN MILAS, carpenter, and his wife, JEAN, are the 
proud grandparents of a baby boy born on May 4 weighing 
6 pounds 8 ounces. The parents are Mr. and Mrs. CHAR- 
LES MALCHIODI. . .JAMES WELTON, electrical worker, 
and his wife were very proud parents at the wedding of 
LUSZOWIAK on May 1 at 5:00 p.m. at St. Williams Catho- 
lic church... ROBERT H. WINTHER, Research and Develop- 
ment, enjoyed a week of vacation catching up with a few 
odds and ends. At the office we call it a "honey do" vaca- 
tion.. .DAVE GURWICH, retired material clerk and one of 

JUNE-JULY, 1971 



the first reporters for the CTA magazine, and his wife, 
ANNE, will celebrate their 56th wedding anniversary and 
Dave's 75th birthday some time in July. Sharing the Gur- 
wich's happiness will be their two sons and their families, 
and their daughter and her family. The affair will take 
place again this year at the Flying Carpet motel in Rose- 
mont, Illinois. Also, Dave's youngest grandson received 
his degree in pharmacy in June. ..GEORGE KIMMSKE, car- 
penter, and his wife, FRANCES, were a very proud couple 
when they were presented the bronze pin for 1,750 hours 
donated to the West Side Veterans hospital helping the boys 
who served our country in time of war. Only one man and 
three women received this award. Since January 1, 1970, 
George has donated 2,400 hours, and Frances has donated 
2,300 hours. Many teenagers offer their services, as much 
as 250 hours after school. They are all to be congratulated 
for their unselfishness and consideration of others. Keep 
up the good work...CASIMIR JOZEFIAK, painter, and his 
wife, FELICIA, are the proud grandparents of a 6 pound 
11 ounce baby boy born on May 12. Their son, THEODORE, 
and his wife are very happy as this is their first child... 
Skokie Shops has challenged the South Shops to a champion- 
ship 1971 game at our picnic on July 24 at Northwestern 
Park woods. This will be an added attraction to our many 
other activities on that day. This is a first, so let's all 
come out and cheer our heroes. Call Skokie Shops for 
tickets, $3.00 per family, which includes games, races, 
pony rides, door prizes, refreshments (bring your own 
pitcher), and dancing in the evening. .. GEORGE O'NEILL 
told us of the success of the Northwest Italian American 
society's first St. Joseph day table in which 4,000 people 
participated. Donations totaling $2,000 were used for 
charitable work and all remaining food was sent to Techny 
and Divine Word seminaries and St. Joseph Home for the 
Aged. Those interested in joining the group can see George 
for details. 

- &umett S £it)lnxr{ 


Let's all pull for our own Division 308 Softball team 
which is playing in the Grant Park Industrial League for a 
first place win this year. The team is managed by North 
Section Clerk ERVIN HARMON, and coached by South Sec- 
tion Motorman JOE RAYBURN. They play every Wednes- 
day at 5:30 p.m. in Plumber's field in Grant Park. How 
about going out to a game and giving them your moral sup- 
port. Come on, fellas, let's win! . . Congratulations to 
Switchman HAROLD DeCUIR who was appointed yard fore- 
man on May 16. ..Welcome to Superintendent EDWARD 
HEATTER who is finally back working on the South Section. 
He was scheduled to be here January 1, but was working in 
the General Office in place of JAMES BLAA, superintend- 
ent of Rapid Transit Operations, who was on the sick list 
for a few months. Glad to hear that Mr. Blaa is back to 
work, too. ..The Agents Pension Club held their spring 
dinner on April 25 in a new place called the Fiddler's Inn. 
The restaurant was terrific, we had a swell room, and the 
food was delicious (family style). We all thought the new 
place was wonderful. GEORGE RILEY, superintendent of 
operating stations, attended and we enjoyed having him and 
his lovely wife with us. Among the "youthful" pensioners 
present were: Agents MARY CARSON, GRACE WEBER, 
Retired Yard Foreman JOHN LEMKE, Retired Supervisor 


repeating their marrioge 
vows are Mr. and Mrs. 
BRIAN W. R00NEY who 
were united in holy matri- 
mony on May 29 at Holy 
Trinity church. Blooming- 
ton, Illinois. Brian is the 
assistant superintendent, 
Kimball Station. 

BOB BROWN, Retired Towerman PAT HICKEY, Retired 
International Vice-president PAT GANLEY, Retired Divi- 
sion 308 Board Member CHARLES BURNS, and many, many 
more. Everyone had a good time. ..Some of our people who 
were on the F ; ck list are back to work and we were all glad 
to see them: Motormen JOSEPH GRIFFIN and LAWRENCE 
MAY, and Janitor HENRY HARRIS. ..Yard Foreman WAL- 
LACE BROWN decided to take an early retirement and took 
his pension on May 1. We were all sorry to see him go, but 
we hope he has many years of enjoyable and healthy re- 
tirement. He and his wife are planning to reside in River- 
dale, Michigan. ..Received a nice card from Retired Con- 
ductor EDWARD HOPKINS from Hot Springs, Arkansas, 
where he was relaxing and loafing around in the sun for a 
few weeks... Welcome back to Agent RALPHENA NEAL who 
was recently re-hired, and "hi" to newly-hired Agents 
ERSIE FOSTER.. .Congratulations to Agent THOMAS HAY- 
MORE who was appointed clerk on the North Section, April 
18. . .Received a card from Retired Conductor WILLIAM 
HUNNIFORD who was vacationing in Roswell, New Mexico. 
He says the weather was real warm and the countryside 
beautiful... Conductor JAMES GREEN was smiling from ear 
to ear when he told us about little SHERYL LYNN who made 
her entrance into this world on June 4. This makes two 
girls for the happy Green family. ..Our part-time conduc- 
tors have returned for the summer once more: KEITH 
ST ALL WORTH. .. You didn't know, but Chief Clerk JIM 
MARTINEK is a ballerina with costume, wig, and all. The 
men's club of his church, Immaculate Conception, put on 
some skits for a women's club on Mother's day and Jim 
was a ballerina. He said they had a lot of fun putting on 
these skits and the women got a kick out of it.. .On the sick 
list as of this writing are: Motorman FRED GRONE- 
MEYER, who was in the hospital for an operation but is 
home now recuperating nicely; our 61st Street midnight 
clerk, WILBERT SIMPSON; Work Train Conductor THOM- 
AS SCHWARZ, and Motorman MYRON WOODS. Let's hope 
that all of you will be back to work real, real soon. ..Two of 
our pensioners passed away recently: Switchman ADAM 
STRONMENGER in Phoenix, Arizona, and Switchman JOS- 
EPH HEROLD here in Chicago. Our sincere condolences 
to their families. .. Assistant Station Superintendent JOE 
TVRDIK is spending a three-week vacation in Canada. His 
postcard came from Lake Louise and Victoria Glacier in 
the Canadian Rockies. He said the scenery at Lake Louise 




March 9 for this happy 
bride and groom, HARRY 
The bride is the former 
Purchasing, Specification 
and Stores Department and 
a Transit News reporter. 

was just beautiful. . . North Section Motor man GEORGE 
VANDERHAGEN just returned recently from Arizona 
where he visited with Mr. and Mrs. PAT FLATLEY, re- 
tired North Section Motorman in Tucson, and also Retired 
North Section Conductor FRED BECK in Phoenix. He said 
he had a wonderful trip. 

1/euta ytanUttf 


Best wishes go out to LARRY VANCE on his recent re- 
tirement. . . Good luck to ROBERT A VRAM on his new 
position as money handler at Archer. ..Good luck to WILLIE 
PICKETT on his promotion as garage clerk. ..Our prayers 
go out to Mrs. RUTH CLARK, the wife of GEORGE J. 
CLARK, superintendent of Shops & Equipment, who is in 
Billings hospital. Mrs. Clark, we wish you a speedy re- 
covery. ..It's great to see J. J. REPPLINGER, superintend- 
ent of Surface System Shops & Garages, back to work after 
a brief illness... A speedy recovery goes out to TONY 
VIHNANEK, Technical Services Division, who is now home 
recuperating from an operation... Congratulations to FRANK 
VENEZIA who left the Technical Services Division and 
succeeded RALPH MARTZ as equipment engineer of the 
Equipment Research and Development Department. Mr. 
Martz retired from CTA on April 30, and a dinner party 
was given in his honor at the M&M Club. ..Let's roll out the 
welcome mat for JOHN LIPKA, technical services engi- 
neer, who departed from the Equipment Research and De- 
velopment Department to a promotion as technical ser- 
vices engineer with the Technical Services Division... Con- 
gratulations to BILL KELLY on his recent promotion as 
supervisor of material handlers... Congratulations to AL- 
BERT SUMA, Dynamometer Laboratory, who became a 
grandfather for the first time when his daughter, SUSAN 
JASINSKI, gave birth to an 8 pound 2 ounce baby girl, 
JENNIFER, who was born on Mother's day, May 9. ..A warm 
welcome is extended to our new co-op student, KEVIN 
FLEMING, who will be working in Technical Services Di- 
vision. A temporary farewell to JOHN CERVENIK, co-op 
student in Technical Services Division, who will be leaving 
us soon to resume his engineering studies at Bradley uni- 
versity in Peoria, Illinois. ..ANTONE SHIMKUS, 77th Street 
Garage, the brother of STANKEY SHIMKUS, bus and truck 
mechanic in Bay 6, landed a muskie 37 inches long weighing 
13£ pounds over the Memorial day weekend up in northern 
Wisconsin.. .Congratulations to TONY SALKAS, electrician, 
whose twin sons were graduated from Brother Rice High 


school with honors and awarded scholarships to the Univer- 
sity of Illinois Circle Campus... Our congratulations to 
LARRY E. AGIN, blacksmith, who moved into his new home 
recently. . . JOE SOWIZRAL, Blacksmith Shop foreman, 
spent a weekend in New Jersey... Congratulations to JOE 
PERRY who became a journeyman while on vacation... Our 
deepest sympathy is extended to JERRY PAVEL, bus and 
truck mechanic, on the loss of his granddaughter. ..A speedy 
recovery is extended to JUDGE FUNCHES and LEON GRIF- 
FITH, electricians, on their injuries. ..TODD BERNARD is 
his name, May 11 is the day he came, 7 pounds 10 ounces is 
what he weighed, and these are the folks with whom he will 
stay— BERNIE and JOE KJ.VLEHAN, Area 318. ..Congratu- 
lations to "Big" MIKE, laborer, on his new car which he 
says he is having a heck of a time driving because his two 
year old son constantly keeps saying, "Let me drive, 
daddy. "..Congratulations to the winners of the South Shops 
picnic raffle held this month. First prize was won by 
EDDY NESTOR of Bay 6, second prize was won by MAUR- 
ICE O'CONNOR, welder, Area 312, and third prize was won 
by ROBERT AVRAM, South Shops office.. .The South Shops 
Softball team manager, HARRY HOLLENDONER, states 
that they got off to a booming start this year with their 
bright green and white uniforms. The team is playing very 
well considering it's a new team (smile fellows). They are 
playing .500 ball. They have won one game and lost one. 
Harry tells me the team will finish in first place. Well, 
fellows, we are pulling for you all the way. Let's get some 
of these injured star ball players back in the line-up. ..Con- 
gratulations to DAVID DREY, the son of GEORGE and 
ELEANOR DREY, on his marriage to Miss E. ROSAMUND 
HOWELLS of Belton, England. After attending the wedding 
of their son, George and Eleanor visited Scotland, France, 
Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. It was an exciting and 
informative trip. The best part, of course, was a visit with 
the bride's family. ..Congratulations to E. J. WILSON, L. 
GRIFFITH, W. ALBRECHT, and H. MURRY on their com- 
pletion of CTA's Signal Interlocking school on May 19. The 
best of luck to all of you...IRVIN and PAULINE KRAULE- 
DIS celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary on May 6 at 
the Millionaires Club with their sons, PAUL and IRVIN Jr., 
and daughter-in-law, TERRI...Best of luck goes out to A. 
FALBO on his retirement after 23 years of service with 
CTA.. .Congratulations to NICK K. SIMONETTI, electrical 

LOUIS G. KRAMER, garage supervisor, is shown receiving a 
retirement gift from J. J. REPPLINGER, superintendent of 
Surface Systems Shops and Garages, when he took his pension 
on July 1 after 47 years of service. 

JUNE-JULY, 1971 



foreman, on his development of a process for rewinding 
stators used on bus alternators. Mr. Simonetti's method 
will save the CTA approximately $12,000 for the year. ..A 
warm welcome is extended to MILTON MARDOIAN, new 
Technical Services engineer with CTA. We would also like 
to wish a warm welcome to all the temporary summer em- 
ployes returning this year. 

Sl&ittc ScawvU & ^06 ^uamc 


Here we go again after a couple of months of not writing. 
If you don't read anything next month, blame LOU PAYNE. 
..One of the finest fellows on Lake Street took his pension 
on May 1. BARNEY ROLAND is the guy, and it has been a 
joy working with him. A greater joy was when we bent a 
few elbows at Christmas time. So good luck to Barney and 
his lovely wife and may they have many healthy and happy 
days together. ..By this time next month JAMES GORDON 
will be married. We all wish him and his lovely bride all 
the happiness in the world.. .Good news for R. GEHRKE and 
his family. His son-in-law is home from Viet Nam and his 
daughter was very glad to have him back. Please don't let 
your husband smell Gehrke's cigar or he may re-enlist... 
An embarrassing moment for WALTER FITZGERALD. 
While standing on his toes trying to reach the emergency 
switch, he felt a coolness on his legs. Looking down he 
found that his pants had slipped to his ankles. Meanwhile, 
all the passengers waiting for the door to open, started to 
laugh. Fitz usually has a red face, but this time it was 
tomato red. . . Happy birthday to the following men: P. 
T. COOPER, and M. WATSON. Happy birthday to FLOR- 
ENCE WOODMORE, the wife of GEORGE (Cutey Pie) 
WOODMORE, who told LOU PAYNE that he bought Flor- 
ence a polishing rag so she can keep the new car she bought 
him clean. ..ART NEWMAN really has religion now, and we 
found out why. He rides home with DUDASIK every night. 
We all agreed that anyone would take up religion riding with 
Steve. ..Great News! LENARD KUKOWINSKI was elected 
Division Commander of the AMVETS, and his wife, DOR- 
OTHY, was elected president of the Women's Auxiliary. It 
couldn't happen to two nicer people. ..Here is a tall tale. 
AL CLARK received a letter from BYRON HAWLEY, who 
now lives in California, and he said he shot a 79 at the golf 
course. It must have been for nine holes. ..I saw Superin- 
tendent ED HEATTER at 95th during the safety award pre- 
sentation and he sure looked good. JOHN CIMMERER 
asked if he looked as big as life. No name please said he 
looked bigger. ..CHARLES McDERMOTT who broke bis 
wrist when he fell chasing a bus, is now back at work and 

TITY! The two 
youngsters whose 
pictures appeared 
in the May Transit 
News are the sons 
of West Section 
Motorman RONALD 
is 4Vi and RON- 
ALD Jr. is nine 

A RECORD of more than 
45 years of service in the 
Rapid Transit Signal 
Division drew to a close 
May 1 with the retirement 
of Signal Maintainer PETE 
WEST. Shown here thank- 
ing those who attended a 
retirement party in his 
honor, Pete is beside 
Senior Signal Designer 

looking good. BARNEY CHROMZAK broke his shoulder 
when he fell out of bed. That's right, fell out of bed. He is 
now back at work a little wiser. . . MARTHA BROWN, the 
mother of Supervisor KEN BROWN, was in the hospital for 
a battery change. She has a heart pacemaker, and this is 
her third one. Have a speedy recovery, Mrs. Brown. Ken 
must have taken after you, as he is a wonderful guy. 
Please don't tell him I said it.. .My uncle, LUCIANO BER- 
TONE, who has been on pension from CTA for 21 years 
and is now 86 years old, was in the hospital. He is now 
home and feeling much better. He is a great tomato 
grower, but has competition from me, now. He gave me a 
dozen plants and I promised him mine would be bigger... 
One of my favorite people was sick in the hospital. She is 
Mrs. JAMES HOOD who did so much for us at Christmas 
time. Jim said she is feeling much better now that she is 
home. As Jim would say, "You all get better, you hear.".. 
Sad news — two of our finest pensioners, WALTER HARRIS 
and CLARENCE ADAMS, passed away. Our sincere sym- 
pathy is extended to their families. Our condolences to 
Pensioner HARRY HASLAM and L. HASLAM, one of our 
great switchmen, on the death of their wife and mother... 
Time for me to go, so all of you enjoy yourselves on your 
vacations and take it easy. We want you all back to work 
in great shape. 

- Santa StctfteMt & jZgu P<U(*t 


Congratulations to Superintendent CARL W. GIBES on 
his appointment as assistant superintendent of operating 
stations. He will be working with a former Cottage Grove 
man, GEORGE RILEY, a great guy. Our new station su- 
perintendent at 69th Street is also a former Cottage Grove 
man, J. LOGAY, and we know he will do a great job. J. S. 
PETROSIUS will be the assistant station superintendent. 
We congratulate them both. ..ART LIPPHARDT took bis 
pension on July 1 after 47 years of service with CSL and 
CTA. Starting as a clerk at 77th Street in 1924, he was 
promoted to chief clerk at 69th Street in 1935, where he 
remained until his retirement. May you have health and 
happiness all during your leisure days ahead, Art. ..Another 
alumnus of the old Cottage Grove barn is retiring on July 
1. He is CHESTER C. KOBS, who had 42 years in transit; 
including seven on the Elgin streetcars. With CSL and CTA 
he never had a miss or took even a day off sick. Chester, 
may you enjoy every minute of your leisure time and it was 
great working with you. . . We wish to extend our deepest 




sympathy to the families of JAMES McGARRITY and ED- 
WARD BURNEIKA who passed away recently. .. WALTER 
MONROE has been the scoutmaster of Troop 764 for eight 
years, and was honored recently at a recognition dinner in 
Lake Meadows. Walt's able assistant is DON MINEFEE. 
Congratulations to both of you for the wonderful job you are 
doing in training these young boys to become fine young 
men. Keep up the good work. ..We extend our sincere con- 
dolences to J. DENNESAITES and his family on the passing 
of his mother. ..The clerks really moved around on the new 
pick. J. E. BRAZIL took the place of A. STRICKLAND 
when he moved up to W. GOURNOE's job after his transfer 
to Beverly. Also new at 69th is DAVE CARTER who re- 
placed FRANK ROONEY. Frank took over BARNEY BECK- 
ER'S duties after he took over the chief clerk position. As 
the clerks say, not a job, but a position. Welcome to all 
the new clerks and good luck here at 69th Street. ..I haven't 
received any cards or notes from any of the fellows on va- 
cation. How about it?. .JIMMY AHERN of the repair de- 
partment says that FRANK VERMAN and MARTY GRIFFIN 
are enjoying their leisure life. ..JOE SIMAL, formerly of 
69th, now at Beverly is taking his pension after 29 years of 
service. He plans to visit his mother and family in the 
East, but will continue to reside here in Chicago. We wish 
Joe and his wife many happy and healthful years of retire- 
ment. ..As of this writing DENNIS GRIFFIN and WALLY 
GROCH are in the hospital. . .CHARLIE WILLIAMS, our 
night schedule man, was up around Eagle River, Wisconsin, 
fishing while on his vacation. BENNY BUTKIEWICZ, DEN- 
FRANSKI were also on vacations, but have now returned 
doing what comes naturally. ..EDDIE RICKER recently took 
his pension. May he have many years of health and hap- 
piness. ..JIMMY AHERN's daughter, MARGARET AHERN, 
recently visited England and Ireland where she viewed the 
conditions in the northern sector of Ireland. She also took 
in the scenery of her dad's old home town and was proud to 
know that Jim came from there. Margaret is a senior at 
Columbia College where she is majoring in journalism... 
MIKE KEELE and his wife proudly announced the birth of a 
daughter, MICHELLE ELIZABETH, who was born on April 
19.. .Let's keep the news coming in. Just drop a line or 
card in the Transit News box.. .To all the part-time opera- 
tors we welcome you and advise, drive safely. 


Get out the road maps and have the "old buggies" 
checked out, because it is vacation time again! Let's hear 
from those of you who will be traveling to various places! 
HARRY CARTER is planning a trip to the west coast of 
Africa. He will spend three nights in Dakar, Senegal, and 
then travel to Goree Island which is only a 20-minute trip 
by boat from Dakar. For many years Goree Island was a 
main point of export for the American slave trade. The 
slave prisons are still intact. Harry will also spend three 
nights in Abidjan on the Ivory Coast. Enjoy your travels, 
Harry I. .June is also the month for graduations — so con- 
gratulations to all the graduates. ADRIAN WHITE, the son 
of Superivosr J. C. WHITE and a recent graduate of Leo 
High school, received a teacher's educational scholarship 
to attend Western Illinois university. Keep up the good 
work, Adrian. Needless to say, Mr. and Mrs. White are 
justly proud of their offspring. The best of luck to STEVEN 
HARRY JAMES, the son of Mr. and Mrs. JOHN W. JAMES, 


who was graduated on June 18 from Emil G. Hirsch High 
school. Graduation exercises were held in Orchestra Hall. 
Steven received the Illinois state scholarship monetary 
award and the Chicago youth week civic award. He will at- 
tend Northern Illinois university. Operator James is 
bursting with pride because of his son's achievements. No 
wonder the buttons are missing from his uniform these 
days. DEBORAH JONES, the daughter of Operator and 
Mrs. ULYSSES JONES of Robbins, was awarded a scholar- 
ship from Moraine Valley Community college of Palos 
Hills, Illinois, which is sponsored by the Ford Foundation 
upper division. Deborah is majoring in secretarial sci- 
ence. She received a two-year scholarship to a college of 
her choice. Good luck, Deborah, in all your future under- 
takings... News Bits — Ask GANDY how not to make a garden 
grow. How does RUSSELL stay so happy-go-lucky? What 
is ROACH doing around the depot on his days off? Is 
HOOKS planning a comeback as a hoofer ? Did anyone tell 
you about the flying KERRIGANS of District A ? Ask BILL 
sometime and get ready for the blarney. Ask BILL FLYNN 
about the vet who makes house calls, and what is wrong 
with his dog Muggsy. CLAIBORNE is bragging about his 
new baby. Doesn't he realize that his wife gets 95 per cent 
of the credit? One of the WILLIAMS' of District A went 
fishing, and after all his plans and preparations, guess 
what happened. Three days of rain and no fish. He forgot 
to ask the weatherman to cooper ate... We have many oper- 
ators at 77th Street who graduated from the supervisors 
training school, so please cooperate and assist them when- 
ever you can. Prove that the men at 77th Street can be 
number 1 in everything at all times. ..Sorry to learn that 
Operator OLIVER CHILES is in Billings hospital, room 
W500. Please remember him with get well wishes. ..Oper- 
ator D. GARLAND is confined in the Osteopathic hospital. 
Get well wishes to him also... I almost forgot to mention 
that EARL COOK and some of his friends spent a weekend 
in Sault Ste. Marie recently. How did you enjoy Canada, 
brother Cook?.. Our condolences to Operator JOHN BRITT 
and his family in the loss of his father, Mr. LAWRENCE 
BRITT. ..Sympathy is also extended to Operator R. J. HOW- 
ARD and his family in the passing of his beloved mother... 
Operator OLIVER TYLER passed away on May 23. Our 
sincere sympathy to the Tyler family. 

WHILE VISITING the Fiji Islands, Transit News Reporter 
CLARA LAWRENCE of Payroll Accounting (right) and her 
brother, The Reverend IVER LAWRENCE (second from left), 
were surprised to meet RICHARD and ROSALIE GOLDSTEIN, 
assistant superintendent, Schedule Division, Schedule-Traffic 
Department, and posed for this photo in front of the Fijian hotel. 

JUNE- JULY, 1971 



' O 
oo •> 
° 2^ 

x O 

co O 

- 01 33 

= > 

5' X 
ct> O 

Oi — 

en —I 
*• -< 

«« r — -J 

< O 00 3 

1.13 — * 
3 -.Oo 

O •" — •< 

Z in T. 

M M 1» v» 

r- a r z 
r-z c 

« e < 
o — r»t 

© < 


AUGUST, 1971 


. 664.7200 

ZA . P 0. BOX 3555. CHICAGO. I 

Michael CoHerty 


v-nefi me to meet 

performance and also rep iaced by i" 

?hose impressions are maintain and 

to order that the CTA can cont inue n that^ach^ 

improve as ^Cpo S y t° ^SiSng^rogSms that ve 

have, have been very g 

to help him or her impr t , plBa te in this program 

Any employee djgrjg [^ fo f U!on ^ gam to J^ tly 
should obtain an Applies assuranc e that It 
supervisor. i° u 
processed. rti0M oa ho» we can improve the 

CTA will be appreciated u* 

With all good wishes. 

Sincerely yours, 

Michael Cafferi 

Ernie Banks 
Wallace D. Johnson 
William W. McKenna 

Michael Cafferty, Chairman 

James R. Quinn 
Clair M. Roddewig 
Lawrence G. Sucsy 


New Bus Route, Two Extensions Announced 

100 Jeffery Manor Limited 

OPERATING BETWEEN the Jeffery Manor area and 
the 95/Dan Ryan transit center starting Monday, Sep- 
tember 13, the new 100 Jeffery Manor Limited is the 
latest bus route added to CTA's system since the 
opening of the Dan Ryan rapid transit extension. 

Bus service on the new route will initially be pro- 
vided Mondays through Fridays from 6:30 a.m. to 
8:30 a.m. and from 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. 

The new route provides direct service between the 
Dan Ryan rapid transit and the Jeffery Manor area, 

operating via 95th street to a loop in Jeffery Manor 
via Yates avenue, 100th street, Van Vlissingen road, 
Jeffery avenue, and 95th street in the A.M. rush. 
During the P.M. rush the direction of the loop within 
Jeffery Manor is reversed. Buses operate non-stop 
between Cottage Grove and Michigan avenues. 

By transferring to the high-speed Dan Ryan rapid 
transit, passengers not only have the benefit of riding 
modern air-conditioned trains to the Loop, they also 
realize a savings of 10 to 15 minutes over any other 

50 North Damen 

SERVICE ON the 50 North Damen bus route was re- 
sumed from Blue Island avenue to 35th street during 
rush hours on weekdays only, starting September 13, 
to provide connections with 50A South Damen buses at 
35th street. 

Eleven A.M. rush period trips are operated be- 
tween 6:35 a.m. and 9:34 a.m. at 12- to 20-minute 
intervals. Seventeen P.M. trips operate between 2:29 
p.m. and 6:54 p.m. at 15- to 20-minute intervals. 
Generally, every other bus operates to 35th street. 

Weekday rush hour connecting service between the 
50 and 50A bus routes was started in September, 
1966, and was discontinued in November, 1969, when 
the Damen avenue bridge between 27th and 33rd 
streets was closed for reconstruction. 

Buses operate south in Damen to 34th street, west 
in 34th to Hoyne avenue, south in Hoyne to 35th 
street, east in 35th to Damen avenue and north in 
Damen. Saturday and Sunday service will continue to 
terminate at Blue Island avenue. 

52 Laramie 

EXTENDED TO serve the Cicero avenue entrance of 
the Congress- Milwaukee rapid transit station begin- 
ning Monday, September 13, was the 57 Laramie bus 

Instead of terminating on the south at Lavergne 
avenue and Flour noy street, buses operate over the 
same route to Lavergne avenue and Harrison street, 
and then continue east in Harrison street to Cicero 
avenue, south in Cicero avenue to Flournoy street, 

west in Flournoy street to Laramie avenue, and then 
north in Laramie avenue over the regular route. 

Persons transferring between the Laramie buses 
and the rapid transit have the advantage of using the 
full-time Cicero entrance to the station rather than 
the part-time auxiliary entrance at Lavergne. In 
addition, this extension of service provides a direct 
connection for persons transferring between Laramie 
buses and southbound Cicero buses. 

OUR COVER: Chicago's lake front festival, August 14th through 22nd, drew crowds daily to the Chicago river, where they stood along its 
edge and on bridges to see feats being performed in the water. The festival was preceded by a parade as well as the appearance of a 
sailship in the river--the presence of which recalled events of the past century when merchant ships sailed the Chicago river at a snail's 
pace on days when not even a breeze prevailed. Needless to say, bridges remained open for long periods and transit service suffered 
dearly while horse cars were switched back and riders sought other means of entering the Loop, 


Published monthly by and for employes of the Chicago Transit Authority, under the direction of the Public Information Department. 

Fran C. Knautz, Supt. of Public and Employe Relations 
Robert D. Heinlein, Editor Mel Alexander, Editorial Assistant 

Annual subscription price: $2.00. Distributed free of charge to all active and retired CTA employes. Address communications to 
CTA TRANSIT NEWS, Room 742, Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago, Illinois 60654. 

AUGUST, 1971 

ESC Award Winners Named 

For Second Quarter of 1971 


spotlight as second 

quarter winners of the 

Employe Safety 

Contest (ESC) were 

three Shops and 

Equipment Department 

locations that showed 

up their competition. 

The newly-developed 

ESC, which was 

started during the 

first quarter of 1971, 

gives recognition to 

men at work locations 

that achieve the best 

safety performance 

during each quarter. 

Three separate 

competitions match 

locations performing 

similar work against 

each other — the 12 

surface garages, 11 

rapid transit 


terminals, and two 

main shops. The 

quarterly winner in 

each group is the 

location with the 

lowest number of 

injuries per one 

million man-hours 


Pictured here are the 

second quarter award 

winners, Limits (top) 

in the surface garage 

competition with a 

frequency rate of 

zero, Dan Ryan 

(center) in the rapid 

transit terminal 

competition with a 

zero rate, and South 

Shops (bottom) in the 

shops competition with 

a frequency rate 

of 91.8. 


Combined Service of 123 Years 

Three from Accounting Department Take Pensions 

lating machine section, the position which he has held 
since 1958. 

Mr. Schramm entered the service of the Chicago 
Motor Coach on September 14, 1925, serving first as 
a mileage clerk and then as register clerk, payroll 
clerk, and accounting clerk. He became a voucher 
clerk in September, 1935, and while serving in that 
capacity he also performed duties as a part time bus 
operator during the World War II manpower shortage. 
Following the purchase of CMC by CTA, he was 
named assistant supervisor of the voucher section in 

1953, assistant supervisor of accounts payable in 

1954, and finally supervisor of accounts payable in 
October, 1955, the position which he held until his 

TAKING THEIR pensions August 1 were three Ac- 
counting Department employes whose combined ser- 
vice totals 123 years: Herbert Rohde with over 46 
years, Raymond Schramm with over 45 years, and 
Michael Verdonck with over 30 years of service. 

Mr. Rohde joined the Surface Lines as an office 
boy on August 25, 1924, and two months later became 
a payroll clerk. He subsequently served as assistant 
voucher clerk starting in 1926, invoice and voucher 
clerk in 1929, and supervisor of social security rec- 
ords in 1937. When the use of data processing equip- 
ment was started by CSL in 1942, Mr. Rohde became 
supervisor of IBM operations. At the time of his re- 
tirement, he was serving as supervisor of the tabu- 

Second Quarter Winners 

Accept ISC Awards 

OPERATING EMPLOYES at Lawndale and Congress 
Stations recently accepted plaques for their second 
quarter achievements in the Interstation Safety Con- 
test. Making the presentations was Superintendent of 
Operating Stations George A. Riley. 

Lawndale, which closed out the quarter with a 
point score of 67.24, won the surface system com- 
petition and missed the 75.00 perfect score by less 
than eight points. 

Congress won the rapid transit competition with a 
perfect score of 75.00. This is the tenth time Con- 
gress Station has won an ISC award. 

System-wide, accidents for the first half of 1971 
are down 669 as compared with the same period of 
1970— CTA's safest year. 

Mr. Verdonck joined the CSL as a streetcar mo- 
torman on June 10, 1941, assigned to the Division 
carbarn. Leaving the Transportation Department to 
enter the accounting field in 1945, he served first as 
junior assistant voucher clerk. He subsequently be- 
came bill clerk II in 1951, bill clerk III in 1969, and 
bill clerk IV in 1965, the position he held until re- 

Friends and co-workers attended an open house to 
extend their best wishes to the three new retirees. 
Among those who wished them well was Peter J. 
Meinardi (second from left), manager of finance, who 
is pictured here with (from left) Mr. Rohde, Mr. 
Schramm, and Mr. Verdonck. 



AUGUST, 1971 

Medically Speaking 

by Dr. George H. Irwin 

ACUTE APPENDICITIS was the topic of a talk I gave 
on WGN radio in 1931, from which part of this follow- 
ing article is taken. 

Fred Jones, a young Chicago attorney was sudden- 
ly awakened at 3 a.m. on August 1, 1888, by severe 
pains in the abdomen. This was most unusual, as he 
was a man of regular habits, previous good health, 
and only 32 years of age. Naturally, his wife was 
greatly frightened at this most unfortunate turn so 
she called the doctor to come at once. 

Mr. Jones probably had acute appendicitis and 
while the good doctor did not recognize the exact na- 
ture of the disease at once, it was not strange, for 
this happened only two years after Dr. Reginal Fitz of 
Boston described appendicitis, as such, for the first 
time in history. One year later, the first successful 
operation for appendicitis was performed. 

It is very difficult to get comparable statistics on 
appendicitis 50 years ago and now. One reason is that 
in the early days people actually had appendicitis but 
the usual diagnosis was inflammation of the bowels. 
Improved medical research and early proper diagno- 
sis has corrected this problem. 

Everyone should be interested in knowing some- 
thing about appendicitis, because it is a disease which 
afflicts people of all ages, but particularly young 
male adults. If you do not become the victim of this 
disorder, some member of your family or a friend 
usually does. With proper knowledge and understand- 
ing of this ailment, you may help to save a life by 
getting proper and early medical attention. 

To illustrate the importance and also the progress 
or improvement in the care of appendicitis, the fol- 
lowing statistics are cited. In 1930 about 18,000 
deaths from appendicitis were recorded in the United 
States. In 1960, around 5,000 were reported. 

The appendix is a blind pouch, finger-shaped, lo- 
cated in the lower right quadrant of the abdomen near 
the junction of the small and large bowels. In rare in- 
stances the appendix may be abnormally placed. 

The direct cause of appendicitis is a bacterial in- 
fection but there are other factors which favor its 

development. Hanging as a blind pouch at the lower 
end of the large intestine, one may readily understand 
why the appendix is an ideal loafing spot for bacteria, 
foreign bodies, such as pins, seeds, etc. Like the 
adenoids, it is composed of lymphoid or spongy tis- 
sue, which makes it an inviting harbor for bacteria. 
Drainage of the appendix is often interfered with by 
twisting or kinking of the organ, which is often a con- 
tributing factor in the development of appendicitis. 

In general, it has been thought that the appendix 
had no definite known function. In the past year or 
two, some medical work done in Europe emphasized 
the high prevalence of previous appendectomy in pa- 
tients suffering from cancer of the colon and rectum. 
The theory of the article was that the appendix might 
be related to the immunity of bowel cancer. Follow- 
up work indicates nothing conclusive about the rela- 
tionship of appendectomy cancer. 

The characteristic symptoms of acute appendicitis 
are abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, mild fever, 
tenderness over lower right quadrant, and increased 
white blood count. Pain in varying forms is not only 
the first symptom to appear, but is the only symptom 
present in all cases. At first it acts like an ordinary 
stomach-ache. Later it leaves the stomach region 
and is localized to the lower right quadrant. It is es- 
timated that nausea is present in about 50 per cent of 
all cases, vomiting in approximately 75 per cent of 
the cases, and an increase in the white blood cell 
count is present in about 80 per cent of the cases. 
Thus it is seen that appendicitis may be present in 
atypical or unusual instances without nausea, vomit- 
ing, or increased blood count. The fact that it may 
imitate so many other abdominal conditions such as 
acute indigestion, ulcer, gall stones, kidney stones, 
female disorders, diverticulitis, etc., makes the cor- 
rect diagnosis difficult at times. It seems natural 
for many people with abdominal pains to blame it on 
something they ate the day before. So they take a lax- 
ative or enema. Some relief follows and they feel re- 
covery is on the way. But in the next day or two the 
misery comes back. The doctor is called and a rup- 
tured appendix is found. Because of all the conditions 
just mentioned in this paragraph, it should be per- 
fectly clear why acute appendicitis is really a treach- 
erous disease. 

The treatment of acute appendicitis is fairly well 
agreed upon by medical authorities. Early surgery is 
the answer. Improved medical knowledge, modern 
laboratory tests, including X-ray examination, have 
helped in the early and correct diagnosis. This has 
resulted in more surgical cures. Intravenous feed- 
ings and penicillin hasten recovery in the operative 
cases. The mortality rate is now less than 1 per cent. 

In conclusion, a safe plan to follow in cases of ab- 
dominal pain lasting more than a few hours is to call 
your family doctor. Never wait until the second or 
third day. Do not take a laxative . Appendectomy, 
done early, can be considered an operation which is 
not dangerous but also gives the best results. 


Supervisory Changes Affect 
Accounting, Transportation 


TAKING NEW supervisory posts recently were seven 
CTA employees named in bulletins announcing their 
appointments and organizational changes within the 
Accounting and Transportation Departments. 

In bulletins issued by Manager of Finance P. J. 
Meinardi, the following Accounting Department 
changes became effective August 1: operations of the 
Computer and Tabulating Sections were combined and 
placed under the supervision of D. J. Proffitt, opera- 
tions of the Material & Supplies and Accounts Payable 
Sections were combined and placed under the super- 
vision of T. F. McGrath, and J. J. Gingras became 
responsible for the Methods & Procedures Depart- 

Named to new posts at surface operating stations 
by Superintendent of Transportation D. M. Flynn, ef- 
fective September 1, were North Park Station Super- 
intendent A. C. Johnson, Forest Glen Assistant Sta- 
tion Superintendent V. L. Johnson, North Park & For- 
est Glen Relief Station Superintendent W. R. Parnum, 
and North Avenue Senior Station Instructor J. D. Bro- 
gan. Their appointments were approved by Operating 
Manager C. E. Keiser. 

Pensioners Note . . . 

New Riding Card Pictures 
Being Taken for 1972 

RETIRED CTA employees interested in receiving 
their 1972 riding cards must come to one of two sur- 
face operating stations to have a new photograph tak- 
en, according to the Reproduction Services Depart- 

The special identification camera will be set up 
from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the following locations 
on the dates shown: 

ARCHER STATION - 2600 W. Pershing road 
Wednesday, October 6 

Thursday, October 7 

Friday, October 8 

NORTH AVENUE STATION - 4801 W. North avenue 
Monday, October 11 

Tuesday, October 12 

Wednesday, October 13 

To identify yourself, bring your present CTA rid- 
ing card. No photographs will be taken at the Mer- 
chandise Mart offices. 

Suggestion Plan Announces 
New $10 Award 

FOUR SUGGESTERS whose ideas were accepted dur- 
ing the month of July were the first to be offered a 
new $10 gift certificate as an award. The new $10 
Jewel/Osco/Turnstyle gift certificate replaces the $7 
certificate which has been offered to each employee 
whose suggestion was adopted since 1965. 

Suggesters still have the option of selecting either 
the gift certificate or a Zippo lighter/tape rule set. 

Named by the Executive Decision Committee of the 
Employee Suggestion Plan as award winners were two 
General Office employees, Regina Daren of Medical 
and John P. Phillips of Office Services, a North Sec- 
tion rapid transit employee, James Schumpp, and a 
Utility Department employee, Walter Wangero. 

For having two suggestions adopted during July, 
Mrs. Daren was also presented a $25 cash award and 
given a second choice of an incentive award. 


BYNDOM, L. D., Operator, Kedzie 
JOHNSON, L. A., Serviceman, Beverly 
PARENTE, D. A., Repairer, Beverly 


COSTLEY, L. J. Jr., Repairer, Limits 
HOOKS, W. O., Ticket Agent, West Section 
HOWE, K., Serviceman, North Avenue 
LAMPKIN, C. T., Operator, 69th Street 
MADECK, D. F., Operator, Forest Glen 
MARINA, J. H., Serviceman, 77th Street 
MARTIN, D. H., Operator, Keeler 
MEANS, J., Serviceman, 69th Street 
MONTGOMERY, L., Operator, Beverly 
PRICE, L. J. Jr., Operator, 69th Street 
ROSE, W. R., Repairer, Keeler 
RYAN, T. J., Service Attendant I, Stores 
SALONE, M. R., Serviceman, Forest Glen 
SPIEGEL, A. R., Operator, Keeler 
WILKINS, E., Operator, 77th Street 

AUGUST, 1971 


ACCOUNTING (General) - 

JUNE NOREN has some nice photos that show some of 
the highlights of her vacation. She was met at the airport 
in Colorado Springs by her nephew and family. Her nephew 
is a dentist stationed at the Air Force Academy. They 
toured the Academy, Garden of Gods, and the Royal Gorge. 
At the gorge they rode on the incline railway, an aerial 
tramway 1,200 feet above the Arkansas river, and also 
drove over the famous suspension bridge. From there she 
went on to Seattle where her niece, JUDY ANN, and her 
family met her and drove to their home on the lake about 
20 miles north of Everett, Washington. June, her niece, 
and her niece's husband and friends went salmon fishing off 
the coast of Westport, Washington, where they caught three 
large salmon.. .The welcome mat was extended to VICTO- 
RIA LEPEK who returned to us as a comptometer operator 
on July 7. Many of the employes still remember Victoria, 
as she had worked in the department about 14 years ago... 
Congratulations are in order for GENEVIEVE WRIGHT who 
filled the clerk IV position in the Billing Section, and also 
congratulations to BEATRICE FRANKE on her taking the 
position of clerk n in the Billing Section... MARY ALICE 
CLEARY went to visit her daughter and family in Stockton, 
California, arriving on Friday, June 18. On the 19th she 
was able to see her grandson play in the little league, and 
on the 20th she saw beautiful San Francisco and the Marine 
World. On Monday the 21st her son-in-law, who is a roof- 
er by trade, slipped 24 feet off a steep roof, with nothing to 
hold on to, and injured his back and broke his right foot. At 
the present time he is home and doing very well. Mary 
Alice was thankful that she was there, because she minded 
the grandchildren while her daughter went to the hospital... 
We had an unexpected visitor in this office when ANN 
LYONS was in Chicago to attend the funeral of a nephew. A 
dinner was planned by some of her former co-workers and 
the evening with Ann was enjoyed by all. ..FRANCES HAD- 
DIX went to visit relatives in Southeastern, Missouri. She 
stopped in Hannibal, Missouri, to see the Mark Twain Mu- 
seum and the Meramec Caverns. She then went on to St. 
Louis, Missouri. ..We were sorry to hear that PAT BOL- 
SINGER, formerly of Accounting, is in Evanston hospital 
recovering from surgery. We hope her recovery will be 
speedy. LORRAINE McEVILLY, also a former Accounting 
employe, is in St. Francis hospital, Evanston. We wish her 
well. ..Three veterans of many years' service with the CTA 
and predecessor companies retired on August 1. They are 
HERBERT ROHDE with 46 years of service, RAYMOND 
SCHRAMM with 45 years of service, and MICHAEL VER- 
DONCK with 30 years of service. Each man was feted 
separately at luncheons and then on Thursday, July 29, 
there was an open house held and many people attended to 
honor them. Besides the many employes who participated 
in their sendoff, there were many retirees who sent their 
contributions and greetings to make their retirement a 
great success. Among them were William Dentamaro, 
John Geary, George Triunfol, Betty Suhr, Grace Johnson, 
Charles W. Meyer, Lawrence J. Francoeur (former Gener- 
al Accountant), Edward C. Kaross, Edward C. Burke, Elea- 
nor Browne, William R. Williams, Antoinette O'Brien, A. 
J. Fitzsimons (former General Accountant), Arthur C. 
Mueller, W. S. Comstock, A. E. Krimblebine, Mabel Pott- 

hast, Leon Salisbury, George Pellicore, and Lydia Haem- 
ker, a number of whom came in person to the party. We 
want to thank allxthese people as well as many others, for 
making this party the success it was. I am sure it will be 
long remembered by these faithful men. . . We understand 
that A. J. FITZSIMONS, retired general accountant, is 
active in senior citizen circles. He is treasurer of the 
Young at Heart Senior Citizens of Elmwood Park. This is 
a new organization that was started in March and now has a 
membership of 225 persons who are all busy arranging 
tours and activities for the group. 

(Tabulating) - 

PAULINE MANGINO returned to work after her vacation 
sporting a lovely tan. No need to go elsewhere when one 
has a pool in the back yard...ERMA POINTER spent part of 
her vacation acquainting her two young sons with the de- 
lights of Chicago, which included, of course, a wonderful 
amusement park. They also took a trip to Flint, Michigan, 
which was most enjoyable. ..CLARENCE BUTHMAN spent a 
delightful week in and about Springdale, Missouri. He re- 
ports that the swimming was great. . . ROBERT RISE has 
joined the motoring public and is "merry Oldsmobiling" 
around and hunting for parking places like all the rest of 
us. His vacation was spent partly in good old Chicago and 
partly in Grand Rapids, Michigan, renewing old friend- 
ships. . . EMIL RUSINAK spent his week's vacation doing 
chores around the house which included painting. Congrat- 
ulations are offered to Emil and his family who have wel- 
comed a grandson, JEFFREY RICHARD RUSINAK. Jeff- 
rey's father, GARY RUSINAK, works in the Track Depart- 

- £ve(tf« ^eu 

(Payroll) - 

Mr. and Mrs. STANLEY MAILUCK, Payroll Accounting, 
seem to be fond of that Southern hospitality, for they made 
another short trip to historic Stone Mountain Memorial 
Park near Atlanta, Georgia. It is a very fascinating and 
educational area filled with the history of our country. 
There are many relics of the Civil War, and a steam train 
that takes passengers for an hour ride, during which time 
there is a hold-up and a passenger is chased through the 
train by an Indian. An old steamboat, the General Robert 
E. Lee, also takes passengers for a relaxing boat trip. The 
Mailucks took a city bus tour of Atlanta, Georgia, and 
stopped at the grave of Dr. Martin Luther King. If your 
vacation plans need a boost, just ask Mr. Mailuck; he can 
give you many suggestions for interesting places to visit... 
DOROTHY NYCZAK and her husband, GEORGE, and their 
children, GREG and SHARON, returned to their favorite 
summer place, Saddle Lake Island, Michigan, to enjoy 
swimming, boating, fishing, and some bowling. Dorothy's 
mother spent the first weekend with them, and then took off 
for California. Fishing was excellent in Saddle Lake this 
year, and George caught several three-pound bass, some of 
which are still in the deep freeze and will be enjoyed at a 
later date. While on vacation the Nyczaks celebrated their 



15th wedding anniversary by spending the day in scenic 
Deer Forest and then having dinner in a quaint Italian res- 
taurant. Congratulations I . . JOANNE STASI and her hus- 
band, FRANK, spent some time in Spring Grove, Illinois, 
getting the summer home ready for the season.. .The BIZ IK 
twins, JEAN and JACKIE, enjoyed their vacation in the 
country visiting their aunt, going to the races, and, of 
course, part of the time was spent at the farm near Fox 
Lake, Illinois, where they keep their horses. Incidentally, 
we may have some interesting news about their horses one 
of these days. ..ART JOHNSON, one of our Payroll pension- 
ers, while up north on his annual visit from Florida, 
stopped in to say hello to his old gang. It certainly was 
good to see him, too. 


Your co-reporter, AMOS FOSTER, and his family is 
fresh back to work from a two-week vacation and "ready 
like Freddy." We didn't go out of the city, but we did have 
visitors from Cleveland, Ohio, and Oglethorpe, Georgia. 
My sister, NELLIE WILLIAMS, my brother-in-law, TRU- 
MAN WILSON, and his pretty wife, LUCILLE, were here 
and we had a ball. ..Operator E. L. (The Big One) SCOTT 
wanted me to retract what I had said about him in the last 
issue about old men being mean. I refused, so he moved 
out of my neighborhood. The next week he came crying to 
me that someone had relieved him of his shiny new Bonne- 
ville. ..L. SCOTT, no relation to the big one, took a trip to 
St. Louis, Missouri, and really had his share of bad luck. 
While there his car broke down and he had to fly home. 
When he arrived home, to his dismay he found that burglars 
had moved him out — ripped off everything, color TV and 
all... Operator RAY HELM also went to St. Louis on his va- 
cation.. .Old checker playing BANKS has gone on vacation, 
too. He didn't say where, so we will have to wait until his 
return to find out. ..Now for some good news. CAROLYN 
REED, the daughter of Operator and Mrs. MALDWIN J. 
REED, was graduated from Jones Commerical High school 
with scholastic and attendance honors. She also received 
the top award in advanced business machines, the subject 
in which she majored. Carolyn also has plans for an Au- 
gust wedding to JOE JOHNSON of St. Louis, Missouri. 
Good luck to you, Carolyn, in all your endeavors... HE LENE 
WEATHERS, the daughter of Operator GEORGE WEATH- 
ERS, was graduated from Thornton Township High school 
in Harvey, Illinois, and will make her debut as a debutante 
with the Elites of Phoenix, Illinois. Helene has plans to 
enter Chicago State Teachers college in the fall. 

- "Jem "DaiutU & >4mai "pt4te* 


The most notable event in our department since the last 
issue was the retirement of ARTHUR F. STAHL, our su- 
perintendent for the last four years. A retirement party 
was held for Mr. Stahl at Binyon's restaurant on Plymouth 
court. F. C. KNAUTZ, superintendent of Public and Em- 
ploye Relations, was master of ceremonies and those who 
were there enjoyed his entertaining and humorous remarks. 
N. N. GRAVER, who is now acting superintendent, pre- 
sented Mr. Stahl with a savings bond from the CTA Police. 
Also attending Mr. Stahl's party were: Transit Board 
Member WALLACE JOHNSON, General Manager T. B. 

THIS PRETTY young lady 
the daughter of Beverly 
Operator and Mrs. GEORGE 
WEATHERS, who recently 
made her debut with the 
Elites of Phoenix, Illinois. 
Helene will enter Chicago 
State Teachers college in 
the fall. 

and Detectives RINI and WALLACE. Speaking of our 
present bosses, Mr. Stahl said that there wasn't anyone 
more loyal and devoted to the CTA Police Department than 
Mr. Graver and Chief Miller. Have a happy and pleasant 
retirement, Mr. Stahl... Retired Sergeant JOHN McGRATH 
has been visiting with relatives in County Waterford, Ire- 
land, and will remain there until September. ..Retired Offi- 
cer L. L. SMITH stopped to chat with CTA officers on de- 
tail at Addison-Sheffield for the ball game break. Smittie 
says the muskie fishing is great at Winter, Wisconsin... 
Sergeant CHARLIE BERGLUND came back from Minnesota 
with 35 pounds of fish filets. ..JAY JONAS is going to Los 
Angeles for his vacation, and will also be fishing for sail- 
fish off Catalina Is land... FRANK and MARGARET INGRAS- 
SIA will travel to St. Paul, Minnesota, for a visit with 
Frank's brother, CHARLES, who is a patrolman for the 
local police department... Among those who chose to take it 
easy around home during vacation time were: ED GAR- 
and BILL McKENZIE. Steve expects, during his time off, 
that his son will come up from Miami with his grandson, 
THOMAS, age 1, whom Steve hasn't seen yet. Bill Mc- 
Kenzie finished a course in law enforcement at Thornton 
Community college in Harvey. ..IVAN KASSER was in Miami 
for a few days visiting relatives... Sergeant TOM and MARY 
SULZER are going to Washington, D.C., where they will 
visit their son, TOM Jr., who is in intelligence work in the 
Pentagon.. .Stenographer LORRAINE DOUGHERTY has left 
us to take up family life. Lorraine and her husband, RICH- 
ARD, are going to be parents shortly. Richard hopes the 
baby will be a boy, and Lorraine hopes the baby will be 
healthy. .. MIKE and ANNETTE LEE LONERGAN became 
parents of a baby girl, ANITA, in April. The Lonergans 
will be going to Niagara Falls and vicinity on their vaca- 
tion. ..A local utility company has come out with a slogan, 
"We're all in it together." What else is new? Around here 
it's been called CTA Teamwork all along. Lately, for ex- 
ample, on a train at 40th and Indiana, some teasing between 
two passengers led to a serious stabbing. Conductor R. 
NORINGTON kept the doors closed while Motorman B. 
MANNS notified the line supervisor. JOHN HIGENS and ED 
GARNER on the Beverly Unit, were the first on the scene, 
arrested the offender, recovered the weapon, and did what 
they could to aid the victim. Superintendent GRAVER was 
very pleased with this arrest, as it was a fine bit of police 
work by these two officers. ..On a Dan Ryan train, Conduc- 

AUGUST, 1971 

THIS YOUNG man is 
TONY BRUNO Jr., the 
son of North Park Opera- 
tor TONY BRUNO, who 
was graduated from Holy 
Cross High school on 
June 5 and has enrolled at 
Wright Junior college. 

tor HERMAN YOUNG had his changer and money taken by a 
strong-arm robber. Motorman J. BRENNAN called the line 
supervisor for help and kept the train outside the 69th 
Street Station until police arrived. ED GARNER on the 
63rd Yard Unit, and JOHN HIGENS on the Archer Unit, re- 
sponded and arrested the offender. ..On a bus at Kedzie and 
Van Buren, Operator WILLIAM GAY was being beaten by a 
teenager who was about as big as two adults. Acting Super- 
visor CARL HICKMAN, working a District "C" radio car, 
saw this and radioed for help. JOHN FIRLINGER, on the 
Blue Island Unit, overheard Hickman's call and responded 
immediately. John was first on the scene and made the 
arrest. Cooperation and alert use of the CTA radio by both 
Hickman and Firlinger resulted in a good arrest. Most 
important, Operator Gay was not seriously hurt... And it 
can happen while you're working the shops, too. During the 
early morning hours, your scribe was making a pull from 
the Wilson Tower when he observed a hippie individual 
spray-painting slogans all over the Wilson platform. 
CHESTER MAZURKIEWICZ, on the Limits Unit, arrived 
in short order for the assist. . .Credits for arrests that 
make the CTA lines a better place to travel and work fol- 
low. The totals for the 6th and 7th periods are combined. 
May 16 to July 10 is covered with the number of adult 
arrests in ( ). Assaults On Passengers/Employes: GENU- 
HIGENS, GARNER (1), LaFOLLETTE (1). Pickpockets, 
Jackrollers, Jostlings: LONERGAN, NAIF (1), LEAHY, 
Robbery: INGRASSIA, SPATARO (1), VOGT (2). Weapons 
DAVIS (1). Narcotics arrests: LEAHY, MARTINIAK (1), 
BERGLUND, JAQUEST (1). Sex offense arrests: LEAHY, 
LAATSCH (2). Congratulations to all these men for doing 
their job and doing it well!.. As of the middle of July, our 
department's application for law enforcement assistance 
grants for several projects was in Springfield awaiting 
approval and action. Also, we are due to get new squad 
cars, eventually. When they arrive, let's all take extra 
care not to handle them in an unnecessarily rough way. No 
one likes being a gopher — go for service, go for repairs, 
etc. ..Superintendent GRAVER is working on a system for 


promotions that will be based mainly on written exams... 
September brings the start of classes in law enforcement 
and police administration at Loop College, U. of I. Chicago 
Circle Campus, and other schools. Education stimulates 
the mind and improves the student as a person. The office 
will make every effort to accomodate your work schedule 
with your class hours. The CTA has a tuition refund plan 
for job related courses. See Superintendent Graver for de- 
tails and to make arrangements. Veterans should be aware 
of the many school benefits under the GI bill. ..PAUL WAL- 
LACE, BILL McKENZIE, and BOB NAIF have all been 
taking college police courses on their own time. GEORGE 
BONESS and JIM LaFOLLETTE will be attending the ten- 
week police course at the Chicago Police Academy from 
September 13 to November 19. ..Happy birthday greetings 
for July go out to: LOHSE (10th), SPATARO (19th), PARKS 
(29th), and BARRETT (31st). ..When you have something of 
interest, do your scribe a favor and send him a note at the 
office. Or if the man on the board isn't too busy, ask him 
to leave a note. 

timotiif O'Tttduuuf 

ELECTRICAL (Blue Island) - 

Vacations have started and lucky ROBERT MUNSON won 
a trip to Miami. He also took an added week and went on a 
Caribbean cruise. WALTER BARBOUR and his wife, AL- 
VERNIA, also went on a Caribbean tour. Walter looks like 
he put on about 10 pounds. He said that the food aboard 
ship was terrific... TED WYNCOTT spent a week in Bull 
Shoals, Arkansas. We are still waiting to hear about the 
"big one" that got away. ..FRED LUNDIE has just returned 
from a five-week tour of Russia where he acted as an in- 
terpreter for a group. He reported that the Russian people 
are very friendly, and the Russian Borscht looks good on 
Fred (about 25 pounds worth). ..ART ARDUINI and his wife 
celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary by having dinner 
at Jardine's...A happy pensioned life to GILTON QUICK 
who retired on June 1. He is thinking of moving to Ash- 
boro, North Carolina.. .A happy retired life is wished also 
to SAMUEL GAFFEN...TONY ARDUINI has joined us here 
at Blue Island as the sanitary engineer. He sends his re- 
gards to all his friends at Forest Glen, and says he is very 
happy at Blue Island. ..JOHN FELHABER became a grand- 
father for the first time when a son, GREGORY BYRON, 
was born to his daughter, PATRICIA, and her husband, 
week's vacation in Dallas, Texas. ..Our deepest sympathy to 
the family of pensioner JOHN PATRICK WOODS who passed 
away recently. ..CLARENCE MALOTTKE sends his regards 
to all the fellows at Blue Island. He has just settled down 
and his address is 1360 N.E. 27th terrace, Pompano Beach, 
Florida 33062. ..JACK KLIMA's wife locked herself out of 
her car and along came the "Great Knight", TONY DIBEN- 
EDETTO, who recognized her and fished her keys out with 
a coat hanger. 

- TOOUam TZcUn 

(General Office) - 

It's the good old summertime again, and once more the 
Electrical Department employes are on the move. ..Signal 
Draftsman GEORGE MATEJOVSKY and his family had a 
wonderful vacation at Deer River, Minnesota, even though 
the fish in Big Moose Lake didn't bite. The family enjoyed 
many outdoor sports and also visited the Iron Ore Mines at 




Masabi. The kids just loved it and, most likely, forgave 
those unreasonable fish.. .MARIE HAVLIK, along with her 
mother and sister, RUTH, Schedule Department, drove to 
Rockville, Maryland, to visit their sister, BERNICE. They 
also spent a few days at the Atlantic Sands hotel in Reho- 
both, Delaware. ..BERNADETTE KIZIOR flew to Biscayne, 
Florida, for a change of pace. After some sightseeing and 
relaxing, she went to Nassau for a stay on Paradise Island. 
. . Testing Engineer WALTER MOORE owns a farm in 
Crivits, Wisconsin, and is now a gentleman farmer. His 
wife and children are vacationing there this summer and 
Walter spends his weekends working the good earth. Sounds 
just great.. .On July 3, Miss KATHLEEN JACOBS of Men- 
dota, Illinois, became the bride of DONALD KUTZ, the son 
of Estimator ADOLPH KUTZ. A reception followed the 
lovely afternoon ceremony. 

From Chicago Avenue Shop we received this bit of news 
from B. M. NIELSEN... Wednesday morning, June 30, was 
the start of another hot day, but that didn't stop the gang at 
the shop from having a "coffee and" party for CHARLIE 
KNUTSON, line foreman, who took his pension on July 1 
after 41 years of service. Charlie was presented a wallet 
as a farewell gift from A. R. SANDBERG, electrical engi- 
neer, along with our good wishes for a happy and healthful 
pensioned life. See you around, Charlie. ..GARY NOLTE, 
the son of CHARLIE NOLTE, is home on leave from Grand 
Fork Air Base, Grand Forks, North Dakota, where he is 
stationed. According to Charlie, Gary has become very 
muscular since working for Uncle Sam.. .Boy oh boy, we 
have more Charlies around here. ..BILL MURRAY, lineman, 
has returned to work after a two-week siege of arthritis 
in his leg. I guess he had to get well quick for the upcom- 
ing marriage of his son, BILL Jr., who is home on leave 
from duty in the Pentagon. We understand that the bride- 
to-be is from Joliet where the wedding is to take place... 
Question—Will the suggestion award DINO FUGGITTI won 
put him in a higher income bracket ? Congratulations, 
Dino, and keep thinking... On the casualty list are GEORGE 
COX and DON GRUDECKI. They are convalescing at home 
and doing fine... On vacations at this time are RALPH 
We hope everyone will have a summer to remember, 

- "Kay 7Kc)4Uitei 

(Rapid Transit Signal Division) - 

We're happy to report that JOHN GAY, signal helper, 
may be returning to work soon. He had a very long illness, 
the result of an accident in which he was struck by an auto 
causing a compound fracture of his leg. The severity of 
the accident had nothing to do with the fact that it was a 
woman driver. John has been off work nearly 26 weeks. 
He will see his doctor soon, and is keeping his fingers 
crossed hoping he will be released to come back to work. 
The fellows in the department have been very nice to John 
during his illness, and he wishes to express his sincere 
thanks to each of them. He says he wouldn't have been able 
to make it without them. John still maintains a lot of re- 
spect for women drivers, and says it's OK if they are on 
the street, as long as they're not on the same street he's 
on. . . BILL (The Gypsy) BAKER is steadily progressing 
toward complete health. I talked to Bill at the time of this 
writing, and he sounds good. If I know that man, he's sure 
to be back in the driver's seat soon. ..We have three new 


A SECOND birthday is 
reason enough to be hap- 
py, and you can be sure 
that ALEX MOORE is 
smiling because he cele- 
brated his on June 8. He 
is the son of WARNER and 
ner is a power supervisor 
in the Electrical Depart- 

additions to the Signal Department. They are Signal Help- 
They are all from the recent signal school class, and are 
now living the good life of a signal technician. Good luck 
to all of you. 

- 7* 



Off the top of the list, the entire Engineering Depart- 
ment sends their get well wishes for a very speedy recov- 
ery to JACK O'REILLY. We are all kept up to date on his 
progress by his two daughters, MARY and MAUREEN, who 
are asked the same questions every day. ..Good luck to PAT 
MCCARTHY and her family in their new residence. Pat 
left Skokie and bought a new two- flat in Park Ridge. I hope 
Pat doesn't become one of those mean landlords now. ..Our 
best wishes also go to BILL HUTCHINGS and his family. 
Bill is the proud owner of a new house in Glenview. Con- 
gratulations to the new mortgage holders. ..Sorry to say that 
this issue will be my last as a reporter from the Engi- 
neering Department. I have jumped a grade and taken a 
job in the Claim Department, replacing LOIS CRAWLEY 
who is resigning. It's been wonderful working in the En- 
gineering Department and I can honestly say that I will 
miss everyone. I've also enjoyed writing for the Transit 
News, even though it was only for a short time. ..Oh, a note 
from my boss, Mr. KALOGERAS — he's looking for anew 
secretary !.. So long. 

- 4iida £t)KiHtiU*>i 


Here's hoping all of you had a happy and safe summer. 
Those of you who are on vacation, please give us a little 
account of your trip — wherever you went and whatever you 
did — just drop it in the box by the clerk's window... Opera- 
tor JOE LA BIANCA went on retirement August 1 and plans 
to tour the world before he settles down. He loves the 
Hawaiian Islands, so don't be surprised if he doesn't decide 
to raise pineapples. Good luck, Joe, in whatever you do... 
Operator PETER KUTCHEN and his lovely wife are the 
proud grandparents of a baby boy, PHILLIP EDWARD PO- 
LAN, born on June 22 weighing 8 pounds 6 ounces. I was 
wondering why Peter was walking around with his chest 
stuck out, now I know why. .. Operator ART and GRACE 
WHITEFIELD recently celebrated their 16th wedding anni- 

AUGUST, 1971 


THE HAPPY bride and 
groom are Mr. and Mrs. 
were united in holy matri- 
mony on April 11 at St. 
Peter Damian church in 
Bartlett, Illinois. The 
bride is the former 
daughter of ROBERT L. 
TALBOT, radio telephone 
operator, Transportation 

versary. Art took his lovely bride out for cocktails and 
dinner, and Grace said it was like a honeymoon again, and 
is looking forward to their 17th year. ..Box Puller JOHN 
VALK and his wife, EVELYN, celebrated their 29th wedding 
anniversary on July 29 by having dinner at DiLeo's. Boy, 
John certainly knows how to live it up. This is the first 
time John has taken Mrs. Valk out, except to McDonalds. 
While we're still on the subject of John, I would like to 
mention a little about his vacation. Your scribe and his 
family dropped in on John and Evelyn at Bass Lake, Wis- 
consin, and after a few beers and a lovely dinner, John 
said, "Let's go fishing." Of course he didn't have a motor 
on his boat, but he was willing to row. After we were in 
the boat, we took a trip (about 50 yards) which lasted about 
30 minutes. Why so long? Well, John rowed every way 
possible — north, south, east, and west. When we did stop, 
John got out his gear — no worms. Of course, he was sup- 
posed to have everything needed for fishing. Hooks ? I 
believe we used pins which Mrs. Henry supplied. After 
about an hour, and no fish, Mrs. Henry rowed in. What a 
straight line that gal rowed. Time — about two minutes. 
Now I don't want to say anything about the trip we made to 
visit his friends, for it's a long story. It was only supposed 
to be six miles down the road, and believe you me, it was 
about 26 miles. All in all, we really had a good time even 
though I have to send Evelyn my bill for my car fender. 
Anyway, there are no two finer people anywhere. We all 
had a wonderful time. ..JOHN (Super Mix) JIMENEZ made 
his golfing debut at the CTA golf outing and beat Ms part- 
ner, Supervisor HANK ZIOLKOWSKI... Our new chief clerk 
as of August 1 will be none other than BILL PINASCO, a 
gentleman I have had the pleasure of working with for many 
years. Welcome, Bill, it took a longtime, but you are fi- 
nally here... Operator TOM MEAGHER and his wife and son 
also vacationed up in the North Woods. Tom is a pretty 
good fisherman if he can keep his glasses up over his nose. 
I also found out that he can get his line pretty well mixed 
up. Maybe too many sips of Schlitz ? How about it, buddy ? 
..Operator SAM ISON went south for his vacation. With that 
new car, Sam really lived it up in those southern towns... 
JOHN MAHNKE is heading west with his family. We will 
hear from them later. ..DeMAYO had a little time off due to 
a back problem. I wonder if it was because he went from a 
bus to that new Buick?..R. EVARTS and his wife went 
Northeast for their vacation, but found no fish...C. PANTOS 
had a little time off and enjoyed himself in Back Yard, 
U.S.A. Mrs. Pantos wasn't feeling well, and Christ says 
the rest was greatly needed.. .GARRITY was recently seen 


standing on a corner near Harlem and Foster. Irish, 
wasn't the place open ? . . W. BARRON is down in Florida 
living it up in those $60 a day hotels. ..W. DEMBOS will be 
taking his pension in the near future and plans to do a little 
traveling before settling down. ..E. HAMMOND — no news 
since you rode the fire engine. No action anymore ?..DUR- 
FEE was in his new Buick the other day. His wife drove 
him to work.. .CLIFF LAST had a ball in Canada, but got 
lonesome for his family and cut his vacation short and re- 
turned home.. .On July 18 a party was given for WILLIAM 
HENRY on his 11th birthday. He was supposed to invite 12 
young guests, but only 19 out of 12 showed up. Yours truly 
just doesn't seem to understand this new math... Remember 
good will on the street, men. Do take time and wait for the 
passengers; try curbing the bus and bring in the back end. 
Without the public, we wouldn't have a job... If you have any 
money problems, see our friendly credit union. It's also a 
good place to save. ..We bid Chief Clerk FREDDIE MEYERS 
farewell. Fred took his pension on August 1 after more 
than 47 years of service. May God be with you throughout 
your retirement.. .This has been a time of good cheer for 
the JOHN MAHNKE family. His son, Specialist 5 WAYNE 
MAHNKE, is home on leave after having served two years 
in Germany. He will be stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas, 
for at least another year. His family will be able to see 
him occasionally as he will probably be driving back to 
Chicago in that new car he bought in Germany. John's 
other son, ROGER, was graduated on June 8 from Farns- 
worth Grammar school. He will enter Taft High school in 
the fall. 

70. 4. ^twuf „w, 

GENERAL OFFICE (Employment) - 

Congratulations to SUSAN HOLZER, steno, who became 
Mrs. GEORGE HOLZMEISTER on July 17 at St. Philome- 
na's church. A reception was held at Lyons hall, and the 
happy couple honeymooned at Eagle River, Wisconsin... 
LOIS MOLLENKAMP, clerk-typist, together with her girl- 
friend, drove through Florida taking in such sights as the 
Kennedy Space Center and absorbing the sun for three 
beautiful weeks.. .A hearty welcome is extended to SHAUN 
McNAMARA and KAREN LAMONT who have returned for 
the summer. The welcome mat was also extended to MARY 
CASTRO, clerk-typist, who is now a permanent employe. 

(Employe Relations) - 

We welcome to the department File Clerks RONALD 
BAXA. Also joining the ranks of CTA was WILLIAM 
WIEHER, job analyst.. .ROGER TORBIK drove to Florida on 
a three-week vacation with his family.. .JERRY McMANA- 
MON enjoyed a two- week vacation during July which took 
him to the East Coast. Traveling by air and rail he visited 
Dayton and Cleveland, Ohio, then Philadelphia, New York, 
Boston and Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls? Yes, there's a 
train running there too and a crew even invited Jerry on 
board the electric locomotive while they were switching 

(Law) - 

The welcome mat was extended to THOMAS McGOVERN, 
messenger, who formerly was a collector at Limits Station. 
Also joining the department was JAMES MULLEN, the son 
of Attorney FRANK MULLEN. ..Pensioner JAMES A. MA- 
HONEY and his wife flew to Ireland for a month's rest. 




(Treasury) - 

Our deepest sympathy is extended to ROBERT TUMA on 
the death of his mother. ..JAMES VERTELKA, bond clerk, 
spent his vacation in Wisconsin with his family. ..ROD 
HEFFERNAN, assistant to the treasurer, with his wife and 
family, drove their new station wagon to Wisconsin on va- 

(insurance) - 

MARY LABUS, clerk-typist, together with her mother 
and EVERETT ENGLAND, Skokie Shops, and his wife, flew 
to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy. They rented a 
Mercedes and toured the country for three weeks. ..TERRY 
MNICHOWICZ, former hospitalization clerk, paid a visit to 
the department with her husband, LEE, and newborn baby, 
CHERYL. ..MARJORIE HOLMES, hospital clerk II, flew to 
New York City where she took in some of the Broadway 
plays and visited the Playboy club which she enjoyed im- 
mensely.. .PATRICIA AUGDAHL, hospital clerk II, and her 
son flew to California where they visited Disneyland and 
Knotts Berry Farm. ..ANN GOLDING, Insurance clerk III, 
was elected 1971-72 americanism chairman for the De- 
partment of Illinois Ladies Auxiliary, VFW, while attending 
the convention in Chicago on June 20. 

(Public Information) - 

BOB MICHALCZEWSKI took a week's vacation to pack 
with his family who are moving to Cicero. Good luck!. .The 
bright little brown-eyed ray of sunshine that was being 
passed from arm to arm in our office last month was little 
TIONNA CHARMAINE, the Z\ month old granddaughter of 
MEL ALEXANDER, who with her mother, MICHELE, and 
uncle, EUGENE, came to visit. ..We welcome back TIM 
NAVIN for the summer months. ..Congratulations to KATH- 
LEEN MOSER, the daughter of WILLIAM MOSER, North 
Avenue Station superintendent, who officially announced her 
engagement to JOHN LaBAHN. She is wearing a beautiful 
"eye-catching" diamond ring that reflects the sparkle in 
her eye when she tells of their wedding plans for May, 

(Medical) - 

WANTED : old used smoking pipes, any size, shape, or 
color. It seems now that HARRY SOREGHEN's raven- 
haired beauty, "Heidi", has taken up smoking a pipe. Any- 
one wishing to donate a pipe, please send it to Harry in 
care of the Medical Department. . . MARY LEDWITH, RN, 
spent a two-week vacation browsing in and around Chicago 
taking in the scenic spots. 

(Training & Accident Prevention) - 

ARTHUR G. HUBACZ, ET 3/C, the son of ARTHUR and 
BERNICE HUBACZ, left Great Lakes Naval Training Sta- 
tion for a two-year tour of duty at Hickam Field, Hawaii. 
We wish him the best of luck. The Polish Legion of Amer- 
ican Veterans held their State Convention on July 16, 17, 
and 18, at the Sheraton-Waukegan Motor Inn in Waukegan, 
Illinois. Art is the chairman, and this is his last big pro- 
gram before retiring as State Commander of the Polish 
Legion of American Veterans. ..JO FELDMAN is at home 
recuperating from a serious eye operation. She is feeling 
fine, and all her friends at CTA wish her a speedy recov- 
ery. . . LEONARD and JULIA LOHN celebrated their 31st 
wedding anniversary recently. Best wishes to them and 
here's hoping there will be many more anniversaries. . . 
BETH FORD, the 9 year old daughter of BERNIE and EDNA 
FORD, recently won an essay contest on happiness, spon- 


sored by a Northwest Side neighborhood newspaper; Beth 
received two tickets to a Second City children's theater 
performance. . . ERV HARRIS, director of training for the 
Rainbow Dog Training Club, traveled to Ann Arbor, Michi- 
gan, July 10 and 11, to attend a dog training clinic. .BURT 
BOSAN and his family camped at Starved Rock State Park 
for a few days. While they were there, would you believe 
it, Burt got lost looking for Lover's Leap, and a search 
party had to be organized to look for Burt — Junior, that is. 
..MARIE CLINE successfully passed her driver's test — so 
watch out, BILL, you had better take the car keys with you. 

(Research & Planning) - 

R/P has added two new members to its family for the 
summer months. They are HARRIETTE HERMAN and 
who will be working as a temporary trainee while complet- 
ing his dissertation for a master's degree at Northwestern 
university. ..Speaking of families, R/P is not the only one 
that is getting larger. RON LUCZAK and his wife, SALLY, 
welcomed little SUSAN ELIZABETH, weighing 7 pounds 8 
ounces, to their family on May 29. Also, on July 2 BILL 
and DIANE GOODWIN became the proud parents of DENISE 
MARIE, who weighed in at 5 pounds 15 ounces. Everyone 
in the office was trying to guess whether it would be a boy 
are still arguing over who owes who on a bet they made. 
Congratulations to the happy parents from all of us... BOB 
SCHAGEMAN spent his week's vacation improving on his 
golf game, and enjoying being home with the family. Bob 
also says his daughter, LIL, completed her driver's train- 
ing and now he's worried that they'll have to draw straws 
to see who gets to drive the Torino. Good luck, Bob. . . 
NORM OSWALD and his family spent a few days vacationing 
is Wisconsin. They enjoyed touring such sights as the Mid- 
Continent Railway Museum, relaxing on a boat trip through 
the Dells, and watching the legendary Indian ceremonies 
and celebrations. ..The Boston area was the destination of 
DAVE PHILLIPS during his week of vacation. He visited 
the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority and 
brought back with him a whole packet of information from 
his tour of their facilities. Dave also visited with his folks 

A REAL inspiration to those who are handicapped is DANIEL 
GREENE, the son of GRANT GREENE, shopman II, Skokie 
Shops. Danny, who is blind, was the first place winner of the 
elementary B group in the Illinois Music Association State 
Olympic contest for his organ solo. Playing the organ since 
October, 1970, he is pictured here being congratulated by his 
music teacher, A. VALVO, while holding his prize trophy. 

AUGUST, 1971 




JOSEPH ARNONE, Bus Repairer, 

Campaign Area, Emp. 9-1-41 

Stores, Emp. 6-1-48 
ALBERT J. BOLING, Car Serviceman, 

Congress, Emp. 1-17-51 
EDMOND B. BOWLER, Operator, 

North Park, Emp. 1-12-42 
FRANK E. BUGARIS, Bus Serviceman, 

Archer, Emp. 7-4-37 

Archer, Emp. 8-17-36 
EDGAR L. COATES, Asst. to Supt. 

Purchasing, Emp. 9-2-26 

Engineering, Emp. 5-23-29 
PATRICK J. COTTER, Car Serviceman, 

Congress, Emp. 11-6-45 
MICHAEL DWYER, Bus Serviceman, 

69th Street, Emp. 11-4-42 
MICHAEL J. EGAN, Operator, 

77th Street, Emp. 12-8-43 
SAMUEL H. GAFFEN, B Electrician, 

Electrical, Emp. 8-26-37 
THOMAS B. GAVIN, Switchman, 

North Section, Emp. 7-20-27 
HENRY W. GOETZ, Supervisor, 

District B, Emp. 2-4-36 
MATTHEW P. HORAN, Operator, 

Forest Glen, Emp. 2-9-37 
RALPH J. JOSSI, Lineman, 

Electrical, Emp. 3-5-26 
ANTON J. KALATA Sr., Operator, 

Archer, Emp. 1-11-43 

Forest Glen, Emp. 1-5-27 
STEVE N. LOCIY, Ironworker Helper, 

Engineering, Emp. 11-16-30 
JIMMIE LOCKE, Motor Blower, 

Wilson Shops, Emp. 1-15-51 
PATRICK F. McCAHILL, Car Repairman B, 

Wilson Shops, Emp. 8-13-51 
FRED MEYERS, Chief Clerk, 

Forest Glen, Emp. 8-2-23 
THEODORE C. MIX, Operator, 

North Avenue, Emp. 5-15-29 

North Park, Emp. 8-13-45 
BERNARD I. O'BRIEN, Conductor, 

West Section, Emp. 4-23-26 
DANIEL O'BRIEN, Bus Repairer, 

77th Street, Emp. 2-20-29 
MICHAEL V. O'MALLEY, Car Repairman B, 
Wilson Shops, Emp. 9-7-44 
FRANK W. PINTA, Towerman, 
South Section, Emp. 8-23-45 

HERBERT E. ROHDE, Supv., Tabulating Machine Section, 
Accounting, Emp. 8-25-24 

RAYMOND J. SCHRAMM, Supv., Accounts Payable, 
Accounting, Emp. 7-14-06 


45 Years 

45 Years 

44 Years 

42 Years 

40 Years 

FOR THE six CTAers pictured here, August 1 became an important date - - it 
was their first day of retirement. Each of the new pensioners had been in the 
employ of CTA and predecessor companies for more than 40 years. 

JOSEPH S. SCHUR, Bus Repairer, 

Forest Glen, Emp. 2-20-35 
GEORGE W. SINGER, Supv. of Money Handlers, 

Limits, Emp. 3-1-23 

Forest Park, Emp. 5-15-51 
RAYMOND H. STRATTON, Information Clerk, 

Transportation, Emp. 8-17-37 
ROY C. THOMPSON, Operator, 

North Park, Emp. 1-12-37 
PATRICK TULLY, Bus Repairer, 

North Avenue, Emp. 8-4-42 

Accounting, Emp. 6-10-41 


DALE W. EICH, Machinist, 

South Shops, Emp. 12-4-46 
EDWIN L. KNIAZ, Machinist, 

South Shops, Emp. 12-8-39 
WARDER C. MARKS, Ticket Agent, 

North Section, Emp. 1-7-57 

North Section, Emp. 2-13-60 

77th Street, Emp. 7-2-52 
THOMAS H. WARREN, Operator, 

77th Street, Emp. 1-11-54 




ZEWSKI, the daughter of 
West Section Switchman 
was graduated from Loyola 
university on June 20 
where she majored in 
English literature. 

out in Boston which made his stay even brighter. Glad you 
had a nice time, Dave. ..JOHN O'CONNOR, along with his 
wife, LORRAINE, son, DENNIS, and daughter, MAUREEN, 
(we almost forgot to mention their dog, Queenie) spent 
their two-week vacation in sunny Arizona. Their 1,800- 
mile car trip to Phoenix seemed like a breeze because they 
made it there in 34 hours straight. The O'Connors visited 
with their relatives and enjoyed the leisure life of bathing 
in the sun. John and Dennis found the weather great for 
golfing and could be found every day on the course. As all 
vacations are, John says theirs was too short. . . It must 
have looked as if the country was being invaded when MARY 
ELLEN RUSS and her friends from CTA stepped off their 
Delta jet onto the island of Jamaica. They all piled into the 
cab and headed for the Casa Montego hotel, their home for 
the week. One of the firsts on their agenda was a tour of 
the island. Sailing, swimming, visiting the falls of Ochos 
Rios, and observing the coral reefs and the undersea 
waters of the Caribbean with a snorkel were some of the 
many things that kept them busy. Mary Ellen bought many 
souvenirs, and even brought back a stereo tape player. The 
volume and sound on the set is really fabulous, but her 
neighbors wish she was still in Jamaica. Guess they don't 
appreciate the rock music she likes. .. GEORGE MACAK, 
together with his wife, JUNE, and son, CHUCKY, boarded a 
California Zephyr train destined for Los Angeles to start 
off on their three-week spree. It was an exciting ride, and 
George has pictures that show a beautiful view of the 
mountains and the train making those close curves. In 
California the Macaks toured Los Angeles, the California 
coastline, Knotts Berry Farm, the elegant Queen Mary, 
and, of course, Disneyland. George also stopped off at San 
Francisco and saw some of the new BART cars. As they 
say, all good things have to come to an end, so George and 
family boarded the Santa Fe Super Chief and headed back to 
good old Chicago. 

- fceybta "DtntH & £iiee» Tltwututen 


Summer is here, fellows, so let's have a safe and happy 
one. ..Station Superintendent R. W. CHRISTIAN and Instruc- 
tor CHARLIE WEYER are very proud these days, due to the 
fact that the operators at Keeler Station have broken their 
complaint and commendation par for the month of June. 
Keep up the good work, fellows, as courtesy does pay. . . 
Chief Clerk ELMER RIEDEL will be taking his pension on 


September 1 after 46 years of faithful service with the 
company. ..Enjoying employment anniversary holidays were: 
Operators HARRIS, July 1; JARECKI, July 5; FREY, July 
8; HOLDEN, July 12; WILLIAMS, July 17; GREZLIK, July 
22; PATEREK, July 24; O'NEAL, August 5: PERRY, August 
5; BANKS, August 6; O'SHEA, August 13; WITT, August 14; 
WILSON, August 19; DADDEZIO, August 19; CAJDA, August 
22; McLOYD, August 24; KARRAS, August 27; JASEK, Au- 
gust 27; SIHWEIL, August 28; VAUGHN, August 29, and JA- 
NITO, August 30... Celebrating birthdays during the month 
of August were: Operators INAI, 3; KRASS, 9; YEAGER, 
10; McLOYD, 11; ALLISON, 14; NORTON, 16; KREBS, 16; 
HOCUK, 25; ADWAY, 25, and EDWARDS, 27. .. Operator 
CHACHERE entered the Division 241 golf tournament held 
at St. Andrew's Golf Club with high hopes of taking home 
the first place prize. ..Operator GEORGE KARRAS will be 
vacationing in Superior, Wisconsin, for three weeks of 
camping and fishing... Relief Clerk R. WITTENBERG will 
be vacationing in California for two weeks. ..Operator H. 
BROWNING is planning a two-week vacation in Pettenwell 
Wilderness which is located in Wisconsin. . . Operator W. 
MOLENDA is also planning a two-week vacation in Wiscon- 
sin.. .Operator F. HOLDEN spent his vacation at home doing 
a few repairs and improving the landscape. ..Operator F. 
BELLINI moved to Arlington Heights while on his vacation. 
..Operator P. FOX vacationed in Michigan for a week. ..Op- 
erator C. CUBIE vacationed in Vidalia, Louisiana, for two 
weeks... Operator J. VAUGHN vacationed in Florida for a 
week... Operator D. FREY, the tallest man in the station, 
will be vacationing at Lake Como, Wisconsin. Frey says 
he hopes the fish won't bite so he can get a good rest... 
NELLIE GOLDMAN, the wife of Janitor SY GOLDMAN, is 
now home recuperating after a long illness. ..Operator and 
Transit News Scribe ERNEST CARTER and his wife will 
vacation in Las Vegas and Los Angeles this month. ..Opera- 
tor J. HARRIS will spend his vacation at home. He says he 
will be taking on a second job around the house, fixing up 
and painting.. .Operator F. LABERN is working on the anti- 
pollution program by riding his bicycle to work every day. 
..Night Clerk M. BUCKLEY will be a grandfather any day 
now. His son, TERRANCE, and his wife, CINDY, will be 
the proud parents.. .Operator FISHER and his family vaca- 
tioned in southern Illinois. .. Operator A. SIHWEIL is the 
proud father of a baby boy, born on July 6. ..The Keeler 
Softball team went into the playoffs on July 18 with a 7-0 
won-lost record. Keep up the good work, fellows, and bring 
that first place trophy home to Keeler. ..Operator C. Mc- 
LOYD was united in holy matrimony on June 19. Good luck 
to him and his bride. ..Operator W. SZYMEL and his wife 
celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary on June 25. ..Op- 
erator N. ROSSELLE was made a grandpa for the 13th time 
recently... From the Repair Department we hear that Night 
Foreman F. SCHMIDT will be vacationing in Lake Geneva 
for three weeks. ..Day Foreman B. VANCE vacationed in 
Minnesota this month. . . Serviceman L. SAVAGE and his 
family all celebrated their birthdays in August. ..That's all, 
see you next month. 


Recently there were two birthday parties held at Lawn- 
dale; for our superintendent, JACK MORRIS, and our jani- 
tor, EDDIE KAWCZYNSKI. The bakery goods were pro- 
vided by Mr. Morris' daughter, who Eddie thinks is a won- 

AUGUST, 1971 



derful cook. And guess who showed up for the party among 
the other guests? Retired Lawndale Clerk EDWARD Mc- 
DERMOTT. We also had the pleasure of recently seeing 
Retired Operator GUENTIN and his wife on a shopping 
spree; Retired Operator EDDIE WISS; Retired Chief Clerk 
presently of the General Office. ..Our deepest sympathy to 
the family of MARTY KARIOLICH on the recent passing of 
his sister. . . One of our best friends, Operator LEON 
MINOR, is presently in Hines V.A. hospital, and we hope 
he is coming along fine. ..Just happened to look up the other 
day, and guess who walked back into our lives, Operator 
A. POMAR who says that he couldn't do without us. So, 
fellows, he's back. ..We welcome back the many college 
students who worked with us last year, and a hearty wel- 
come to the many who are here for the first time. Enjoy 
your stay. ..Our congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. RICHARD 
THOMAS on the recent birth of their son on July 15. ..Sin- 
cerely hope that the many operators and repairmen at 
Lawndale are enjoying their summer vacations this year, 
and making it a safe summer, indeed... Birthday greetings 
are extended to the following this month: J. FORD, E. 
McINTYRE...Well, fellows, that's all for this month. Again 
I say, let's all think of safety while we're doing our re- 
spective jobs. See you next month. 


JAIME MORALES, p.m. foreman in the repair depart- 
ment, is planning to repeat the vows of holy matrimony on 
September 25. The lovely bride-to-be is named MARTHA. 
The wedding will take place at St. Paul church, Cermak 
road and Hoyne avenue, with a reception following for a 
host of friends and relatives. They are planning to tour 
Mexico on their honeymoon. Congratulations !.. Operator 
STAN DEMGE was united in marriage to BERNICE ROTH- 
CHILD last month. They were married in a civil ceremony 
with a small reception following for the immediate family. 
Congratulations!.. ANTHONY COLUCCI, the son of Opera- 
tor COLUCCI, was recently united in marriage to a lovely 
girl by the name of CINDY. The wedding took place in the 
Blessed Virgin Mary Maternity church, followed by a re- 
ception in the Eagles hall, Byron and Western avenues. 
Congratulations! .. Two men with combined service of 80 
years took their pensions last month — Supervisor HENRY 
GOETZ and Operator JOHN FLOYD. Goetz is planning to 
live in his beautiful year-round home in Central Wisconsin 
where his plans call for a lot of fishing and hunting. Floyd 
is planning to tour Ireland and visit his many friends and 
relatives there. May you both have a long and healthful 
pensioned life... Operator BOB PENDLETON and MARTIN 
HAUTZINGER are now working as box pullers and report 
that they like their work very much... Super visor CHARLEY 
KUSH is planning a wonderful vacation up in northern Mich- 
igan and Wisconsin. He is well known for his fine qualities 
as a fisherman, and always gets his quota of fish. ..Operator 
GEORGE ESCOBAR and his family have returned from va- 
cation. They flew to Medellin, Colombia, South America, 
where they visited his mother and dad who own and operate 


a coffee plantation. George claims that the best coffee 
comes from his folks, because it is mountain grown.. .Our 
sincerest sympathy to CONRAD JOHNSON, treasurer of the 
Limits Credit Union, in the death of his brother, ARTHUR. 

- £. S. Gone* 


Superintendent of Agents and Janitors E. MITCHELL 
has been transferred from the Kennedy line to the Congress 
and Douglas lines. He replaced Superintendent R. De- 
MARIA who took his pension on July 1. J. ZUPKO is the 
new superintendent on the Kennedy line. Our best wishes 
to all of them. . . GRACE MOUNTS and her husband made 
that trip to Niagara Falls, and really enjoyed the drive in 
their new Buick... Janitor FRANK CULL enjoyed his vaca- 
tion in Ohio... Agent DAVE GRAFMAN and his wife spent 
their vacation in Maryland visiting with their three lovely 
grandchildren... Agent CECILE THOMAS and her husband 
will spend their vacation sailing around Lake Michigan in 
their new boat... Janitor GOVAN plans to take his family to 
St. Louis and New Orleans to visit with his wife's relatives. 
..DOROTHY FORD had a nice restful vacation in and around 
our own city. ..Agent BEVERLY PEOPLES and her son will 
fly to California where they expect to have great fun at 
Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, and the many other places 
of interest that California has to offer. ..Agent BILL CU- 
SACK and his daughter never made it to California. They 
got as far as Joliet, Illinois, and decided to stay there. 
Bill says they had a great time. Next year, he is planning 
to go to Ireland, and will go by boat instead of flying. He 
says it's more romantic that way. The cool breeze, danc- 
ing in the moonlight, and lots of pretty girls on deck. Good 
thinking, Bill. ..Agents K. McKENNY, V. TOTSCKE, and M. 
STARZEK are on vacation and will tell us all about it when 
they return. ..S. H. GAFFEN, Electrical Department, re- 
tired on August 1. Our best wishes are extended to Sam 
and his wife for a happy and contented retirement life... 
Agent JUNE BAREKMAN is back from her European trip 
and says one picture is worth a thousand words. She has 
promised to show us some of the color slides she took on 
the journey, and we are really looking forward to this 
treat.. .Agent DOROTHY ADLER spent part of her vacation 
at home enjoying a visit with her daughter who was en route 
to New York. Dorothy plans to visit her in New York in 
September, and is eagerly awaiting that time when she 
hopes to see her third grandchild who is expected in Au- 
gust. ..MARY VIDAS spent a relaxing day at home, July 13, 

of the 1967 Division 241 
scholarship award, was 
recently graduated with 
honors from DePaul uni- 
versity. Deborah, the 
daughter of North Park 
Operator W. J. FRIEB, 
maintained a 3.5 grade 
average and was on the 
Dean's list for four years. 





as a present from CTA. This was the anniversary of her 
eighth year with the company. ..Congratulations to Student 
Agent EDDIE FERRARO and his bride. Many happy years 
to both of you... A cheery hello and sincere get-well wishes 
GILBERT who are still on the sick list. ..We were very 
sorry to hear that Agent JULIE MATTRAN's mother is 
very ill, and would like to express our very best wishes for 
a quick recovery. ..It's a pleasure to hear the voice of C. 
ROPA again when we call the assignment office. We are 
glad to have you back and hope you will remain in good 
health. Cecylia has asked us to express her thanks to 
everyone who remembered her with cards and calls during 
her recent illness. Thank you, one and all. ..In closing, we 
welcome all the new student agents and re-hires, and thank 
all of you for doing such a good job during the summer 
months. What would we do without you? Bless you all. 
Keep smiling. 

- TXdttnvi VvfU & THmif TOititd 


Summer is nearly over and vacations are coming to an 
end. But wow! What neat vacations some people had. 
VALENTINA SYKES are spending the last two weeks of 
August touring Europe. They plan to stop in London, Paris, 
Rome, Geneva, and finally Madrid. Hope they have a great 
time, and don't forget to tell us about it when they return... 
MARY HURDLE and her family broke in Mary's new car on 
her vacation in June. They drove to Detroit, Mississippi, 
and Louisiana to visit relatives. Mary said they had a 
great time and that new car of theirs is ready for anything, 
even the construction-ridden Dan Ryan... EMMA RICHARD- 
SON and her husband, Motorman LEE RICHARDSON, are 
patiently awaiting the birth of their first child. Best wishes 
to the future parents. You'll be back to work soon enough, 
Emma, so enjoy it while you can. ..Good to see Assignment 
Agent CECYLIA ROPA back to work after her long illness. 
Cecylia wishes to thank everyone for the cards and good 
wishes she received from her co-workers. .. ELEANOR 
HASBROUCK and Assignment Agents MIKE TOBIN and 
CARLSON, and LOUISE DREWS are still sick. Hope to see 
you all back to work soon... Best wishes for a happy future 
are extended to DELLA HARRINGTON who has resigned 
from CTA. We sure are sorry to lose such a good agent 
and a really kind and wonderful person... Assignment Agent 
JEWEL HUNT spent her vacation driving to Huntington, 
Tennessee, with her son in their new car to visit Jewel's 
mother. Jewel had a restful and wonderful time. ..Assign- 
ment Agent LILLIAN CULLINAN spent her vacation fishing 
in Wisconsin, and Assignment Agent KAREN DOMINO spent 
her whole summer dreaming of the time when she will no 
longer be rockbottom on the seniority list. Winter vaca- 
tions can be fun too, Karen. .. On July 1 Superintendent 
RALPH DeMARIA took his pension. No one deserves a 
long and happy retirement more than Mr. DeMaria, who 
gave so many years of dedicated service to this company, 
and this is our wish for him — longevity, health, and happi- 
ness... Good luck to Superintendent EDWARD MITCHELL 
who took Mr. DeMaria's place as superintendent of agents 
and janitors, Congress and Douglas Park. .. Welcome to 
Jefferson Park to JOHN ZUPKO who replaced Edward 
Mitchell as superintendent of agents and janitors, Lake and 
Jefferson Park. ..Assignment Office Clerk BILL MILLER 


spent part of his vacation visiting the Lost Sea in Tennes- 
see. Bill said that he and his family had a great time and 
that he's really looking forward to next summer already... 
Student Agent CAROLYN CHARLESTON celebrated her 
birthday on Saturday, July 17. Carolyn would not tell us 
how old she was, but I'd guess somewhere between 15 and 
55... Superintendent J. P. HALLAHAN took his family on a 
camping trip to the East Coast. Mr. Hallahan said he had a 
wonderful time, and he returned looking well rested and 
ready for work. What a way to end a perfect summer!.. 
Congratulations to Relief Superintendent KEN BROWN who 
was promoted to senior instructor on the West Section, and 
to DON LEMM who was made vacation relief station super- 
intendent, surface and rapid. It's nice to see promotions 
happen to nice people... ARLENE SWANSON plans to take 
her pension soon. What will Desplaines be like without 
her ? And who will JOHN WOODS have to argue with every 
morning? Good luck and a lot of happiness, Arlene.. .Con- 
gratulations to MARTHA BLEERS who became a grand- 
mother again to a beautiful baby girl, MARTHA MARY 
BLEERS. ..There was an extravagant birthday celebration 
given by LEROY SINGLETON, proprietor of the Sandpiper 
Lounge, 80th and Halsted, for Agent DIANE BOYD, and her 
friend GLORIA WALLER. The party was out of sight and 
so were Diane and Gloria. JO CAROL HUSTON was among 
the many CTA employes who attended the affair. ..Your co- 
reporter, GRACE MOUNTS, received a visit from her 
brother and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. RALPH GOODWINE, 
from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Grace was really delighted 
to see them as she hadn't seen them since May, 1967, when 
she visited with them in Florida. Grace also received a 
letter from HELEN PALLISTER who formerly had this 
column. Helen is doing fine and says that her granddaugh- 
ter, PATTY LYNN PALLISTER, was married to JOSEPH 
ACHTERFELD on June 26 in St. Robert's church on North 
Austin. They honeymooned at the Wagon Wheel in Rockton, 
Illinois, and are now residing in Harwood Heights. Patty's 
brother, BILL, who is stationed at Chase Field in Bees- 
ville, Texas, also attended the wedding. Grace and her 
husband, CLEMENT, traveled to Niagara Falls, the Ameri- 
can and Canadian sides, and then on to Detroit, Michigan, 
where they visited two nieces before going on to Big Star 
Lake, Michigan, where Grace's sister has a summer home 
where Grace really relaxed. They also visited a sister in 
Holland and South Haven, Michigan. Grace said the falls 
were beautiful and has hopes of going again when they have 
more time. ..Agent J. TAYLOR and his wife left on a three- 
week vacation to San Antonio, Texas, to visit their daughter 
and four grandsons. The weather was cloudy most of the 
time, so it wasn't too hot. They also visited Eagle Pass, 
Texas, for two days and crossed over the border into Mex- 
ico. Mr. Taylor can hardly wait until next year and take 
his pension and move to San Antonio. 

- tyuiu TKouhU & "KiUtf TKwtanttf 


Operator MAX JANOWSK3 and his wife, LUCILLE, be- 
came grandpa and grandma for the fifth time when their 
daughter, MARY, welcomed JENNIFER into the family. 
Clerk BILL PINASCO says he hasn't received any cigars 
yet... Pensioner JIM (Red) CORBETT and his wife, FRAN- 
CES, celebrated their 48th year of wedded bliss. Both are 
looking fine and we hope they have 48 more. Operator RAY 
PAKOWSKI and his wife, ROSE, celebrated their 25th anni- 
versary on July 6. Clerk WAYNE MIEDEMA and his wife, 

AUGUST, 1971 



BONNIE, will celebrate their fourth anniversary August 5. 
On August 14, your scribe and his wife will celebrate their 
34th wedding anniversary and will take the whole family, 
sons, daughters-in-law, and mother, to a nice restaurant 
for dinner. ..KENNETH MAKOWSKI, the son of Switchboard 
Operator ED MAKOWSKI, was home on leave from Alaska 
until August 9, then reported to Oakland, California, for 
further training with the army. We pray for his safe re- 
turn. ..What well-known instructor tried to save some mon- 
ey when his outboard motor quit? He put the seven gallons 
of gas into his Volkswagen.. .A letter from Pensioner BILL 
ECHOLS tells us that he is feeling pretty good. Pensioner 
LARS PEARSON and his spouse, ANNA, are enjoying fish- 
ing and swimming with their family. Their daughter, son- 
in-law, and the children are staying with them for a few 
weeks until they take over their resort. Lars and Anna en- 
joyed visiting their friends in Chicago, but are glad to be 
back to the quiet of Mountain Home. I saw Pensioners 
send a hello to the gang.. .Two July 1 pensioners are Oper- 
ators JENS GUDE and JOSEPH CABAY. Keep in touch, 
boys, and we wish you the best of everything. On August 1, 
Operator TED MIX left us. Our very best to you, Ted, and 
let us hear from you. ..Three former operators who were 
on the sick list are DOMINICK NAPOLEON, who is now a 
sanitary engineer; EDWARD MAKOWSKI, now a telephone 
operator, and VINCENT GUZNICZAK, a sanitary engineer. 
Also, Operator THOMAS CARMODY was off sick for four 
months, and Clerk WAYNE MIEDEMA was laid up. ..Those 
who received Courtesy Caravan Club cards for June are: 
ER, and CHESTER CORDEK. They received their awards 
for exceptional courtesy. RICHARD SCHOLTENS received 
his for being helpful in recovering a lost article. ..Operator 
WALTER SENIOR and his wife journeyed to Birmingham, 
Alabama, where they stayed for a few days. They left their 
children there and went on to New Orleans, sightseeing, 
eating good, and riding the streetcars. A good time was 
had by all... Operator EDDIE STOKES spent a week's vaca- 
tion loafing, eating, and taking it easy. The best part of his 
vacation was the day he caught 50 nice bluegills. He said 
that the fish were waiting in line to bite his bait. Ask him 
about it, he is still going around with his chest out. ..Oper- 
ator RAY ZIELINSKI and his spouse, ADELINE, vacationed 
in the southwest. They visited Albuquerque, New Mexico, 
and El Paso, Texas, where they took a streetcar into Mexi- 
co, getting off twice to pass U.S. and Mexican customs. 
They came back on the same car. The whole trip cost 10? . 
They also visited Tombstone, Arizona, and other interest- 
ing spots. . . Operator BENJAMIN WITT and his wife, 
SALLY, spent a week's vacation in Las Vegas. He lost, as 
usual... Chief Clerk FRED MURBARGER vacationed in New 
Jersey visiting his sister. ..Operator HERB JONES and his 
better half enjoyed a Miami vacation... Operator JOSEPH 
PELIKAN and his family toured the East Coast. They vis- 
ited Washington, D.C., Boston, New York, and Niagara 
Falls, and drove back through Canada.. .Operator CHARLES 
LUEPKE and his family spent a few weeks at their summer 
home in Bowler, Wisconsin. The Indians welcomed Charlie 
who was made a blood brother a few years ago... I spent two 
weeks fishing with my old friend, WARREN FULLER, who, 
years ago, was my conductor with the CSL. He is now a 
sergeant with the Chicago Police. We fished on the Red 
Lake Indian Reservation of the Chippewa Indians. It is lo- 
cated 30 miles northwest of Cass Lake, Minnesota. We 
needed a special permit to fish any of the lakes on the res- 


THIS YOUNG man is 
DONNY NEW, the son of 
West Section Switchman 
GEORGE NEW, who was 
recently graduated from 
Harper High school. A 
lieutenant colonel in the 
ROTC, president of the 
National Honor Society, 
and vice-president of 
Mu Alpha Theta the 
National Mathematics 

Society, Donny plans to 
enter the University of 
Illinois at Urbana in 
the fall. 

ervation. The fishing was great, and we had the pleasure 
of giving away fish each day. The U.S. Government is 
building new homes for all the Indians on the reservations. 
We caught our limit of large mouth bass, and I also caught 
some large northern pike, and some bluegills that weighed 
more than a pound each. I did a lot of fly fishing. When I 
was spincasting, a northern pike I had on the line for 10 
minutes broke my line and I lost my lure — the only one of 
its kind in my tackle box. I tried five different lures and 
finally got another strike and brought it to the boat, where 
my partner netted it. When we got it in the boat, I noticed 
another lure hooked along the side of the mouth, and to my 
surprise it was the lure I lost. It was the pike that had 
broken my line, and was I happy to recover my lure. This 
was a story for Ripley's "Believe It Or Not." I hope all of 
you will send us some stories or pictures of your fishing 
trips. ..And now to WALTER BLIX and the news from the 
Inner Sanctum. ..The following is just a brief, thumbnail re- 
port of what some of the fellows did on their vacations. 
Our p.m. superintendent, WARD CHAMBERLAIN, and his 
wife had a real vacation. They traveled in those monstrous 
747's to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and then on to Hawaii. 
After another visit to Disneyland, Ward says that it's a 
place for kids of all ages. ..While taking over the p.m. su- 
perintendent's job, Relief Superintendent ART TABEL and 
his wife made a three-day trip to New Glarus and Baraboo, 
Wisconsin. It seems they enjoy themselves no matter 
where they go. . . AL (Uncle) ROHDE made several short 
trips to such places as the neighboring state of Iowa, White 
Pines State Park in Illinois, and a few more trips to his 
favorite state of Wisconsin. ..District Superintendent RAY 
REIGHARD made Omaha, Nebraska, his destination... BOB 
(Storyteller) WITTENBERG and his wife headed their new 
Chrysler up towards Vancouver, British Columbia... BILL 
PINASCO has been observed carefully studying road maps 
in hopes that he can land some of those big ones... Instruc- 
tor MARVIN KOCAR was in such a hurry to try and land a 
bigger fish than his daughter landed, that he burned out the 
motor on his boat. Not only does he have a new and bigger 
motor, but he also found out how a little oil and a "hit with 
the wood" will make a Volkswagen purr like a kitten. If you 
have time why not ask him for the formula ? We do hope 
that he gives his wife, PEGGY, a little credit for the idea... 
Since Token Clerk ART ECKER and Aristotle Onassis both 
deal with money, there's no doubt that they will have a 
small conference when ART and BERNICE vacation in 
Greece... We 're not at all sure about the plans of the fol- 




TER, and FRED MURBARGER. We do know that Fred Is 
going to do as much as he can to see that his daughter gets 
back on her feet after recent surgery on her heel. He says 
there is still more to come. All of us here at the office 
wish her a speedy and painless recovery. ..None of us are 
going to be one bit happy when September 1 rolls around. 
That's the day when one of the best doggone clerks in the 
business is going to take his pension and head down Florida 
way. Of course, everyone knows that we're talking about 
none other than ROLAND HEAD. Rollie started out 'way 
back about 1926, driving the old hard-tired, double-deck 
buses for the Chicago Motor Coach company at night, while 
he attended Loyola university in the daytime. For a time, 
he also gave Gray Line Sightseeing company the benefit of 
his talents and ability. Rollie always did his job well, and 
was more than willing to help others by doing some of their 
work for them. He never hesitated to help his fellow clerks 
or do what he could to make things just a little easier for 
an operator. Anybody that's ever worked with him knows 
that his growling and barking were far worse than his bite. 
He was also known as the biggest tease in the office. Yes, 
Rollie, we're going to miss having you around but all of us 
wish you and Mrs. HEAD the best of health, happiness, and 
good luck in your new home. Only one thing we ask, please 
keep in touch with us. ..Our vacation switchboard operator, 
JOSEPH CABAY, took his pension on July 1 after having 
been a driver for a good many years, taking over the 
switchboard for a few short months. It didn't take any 
time at all for genial ED MOCARSKI to take over the job. 
We're mighty glad to have you with us, Ed, you're doing a 
good job. Keep up the good work. ..We thought that after 
Clerk FRANK PASCHE's feud with the utility companies 
was settled, that they would at least name him chairman of 
the board. Now his neighbors won't have to worry about 
reading by kerosene lamps or sending up smoke signals 
when they want to talk to each other. ..Just one more small 
item to wind it up for this month. That brilliant green Dart 
Swinger that is owned by the Forest Glen Credit Union, my 
wife, and I is now rolling on brand new wheels and brand 
new tires, five of each, which means I have lost the title of 
"Flat Wheels" BLIX. Since none of them cost me a dime 
(thanks to the Dodge agency and Goodyear Tire company), I 
think the price was more than right. Yes, we're getting a 
much smoother ride, thank you. ..End of news from the 
Inner Sanctum. .. Enjoy the Labor day weekend and drive 

- TVdUam THutUma. 


VIRGINIA KORAL, the daughter of Supervisor and Mrs. 
JOE KORAL, was married on June 26 to JAMES ARM- 
STRONG. The newlyweds will reside in Hawaii, where 
James is a dentist in the U.S. Army. Our wishes for many 
years of happiness to them both... Twenty-five years ago on 
June 29 Supervisor and Mrs. PAT O'MALLEY said their 
wedding vows. On July 3 their children had an anniversary 
party for them. Pat told us that he has had 25 wonderful 
years of marriage and has been truly blessed. Our con- 
gratulations to the O'Malleys. . . Ravenswood Conductor 
JOHN RUSIN, who had suffered a heart attack and was hos- 
pitalized and had returned home, is in Ravenswood hospital 
again. Our well wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery 
are for you, John... Kimball Avenue Supervisor DICK STAN- 
TON is now home after having major surgery. We wish 
him a speedy recovery. ..Agent GEORGE BERGFELD is in 
the hospital for surgery, as were Agents DINO LAMBROS 


and EDWARD PLATT. We wish them a speedy recovery, 
too. ..Agent ED OLSEN has returned to work from the sick 
list, as well as Agent MARGARET McCORMICK. Being 
back on the job has made their passengers happy. Agent 
BERTHA ATKINSON has returned to work and wishes to 
thank all who sent her cards, flowers, and visited with her. 
..Do you know that Agent SHIRLEY KNIGHT is a collector 
of old clocks ? If any of you know about one, let her know... 
Agent OKE O'CONNOR and his son, LOUIS, took a long and 
beautiful vacation trip. The first half of the trip was to 
Billings and Great Falls, Montana; Spokane, Washington; 
Portland, Oregon; and then by plane to Moscow, Idaho; 
Phoenix and Nogales, Arizona; El Paso, Texas, and Juarez, 
Mexico. On the second half of their trip, they flew to New 
York and Puerto Rico. ..Kimball Avenue Receiver LOUIE 
LOEBBAKA and his family took off on a motor trip for two 
weeks to Boston, Mystic Harbor, and drove along the East 
Coast to Bangor, Maine, Bar Harbor, and across New 
Hampshire, Vermont, and New York. Returning home, for 
one week, to reload the trailer, they hit the road again for 
two weeks, going north and also west... On a recent vacation 
trip to Florida, Assistant Station Superintendent BILL LI- 
MANOWSKI, Howard Street, had the pleasure of visiting 
with Retired Yard Foreman BEN LA BUY who resides in 
Largo, Florida. Ben, who was 80 years old in July, had 
just returned home from the hospital recuperating from 
surgery. Two other retired Rapid Transit employes were 
there to see Ben, and Bill had them pose for this picture. 

In the photo, left to right, are: J. C. WILLI, retired mo- 
torman, Evanston Branch, Ben, Bill, and OTTO KOPCHEN, 
retired clerk, Kimball Avenue. All three send their best 
wishes to all their old friends who remember them. After 
leaving Largo, Bill and his family visited with an old army 
buddy, JIM STEWART, whom they had not seen since the 
landing in France on D-Day in 1944. They had exchanged 
letters for 27 years, and Bill finally accepted Jim's invita- 
tion for a visit. A few war stories were exchanged and the 
reunion was great. ..The North Section employes bid a sad 
and fond farewell to Agent FEDELMA HENRY who left the 
company after 12 years of service to return to her native 
Ireland. Fedelma said that Chicago will always be her 
home, and that she hopes to return for visits as she has 
many friends here. She left by boat from New York on Au- 
gust 11. We wished her bon voyage and Godspeed. .. Our 
prayers and wishes for a complete and speedy recovery go 
to Supervisor JACK PRITT who was seriously injured 
while on duty. Jack fell from a trestle onto a moving auto, 
hitting the windshield. We look forward to the day when we 
can again see his jolly smile. ..Congratulations to Super- 
visor HARRY HORN who has made line supervisor and is 

AUGUST, 1971 



now eligible to work In the line room. ..Agent ANNABELLE 
DREW is the proud grandmother of a new grandson, MARK 
JOSEPH HEINMAN, born on June 11 weighing 7 pounds 9 
ounces. If we know Annabelle, she will have him spoiled in 
no time. ..Our well wishes to Agent WARDEN MARKS who, 
after a lengthy illness, has taken a disability pension... 
Agent MARY DONOHUE is vacationing in Ireland visiting 
her parents for six weeks. ..Howard Street employes were 
surprised by the sudden decision of the CHARLES REED 
family to leave the company. We wish them good luck in 
whatever new ventures they may undertake. . .Agent TOM 
QUINAN is in St. Francis hospital after having suffered a 
heart attack. 

- 7«* "%uUU 


Chief Instructor WALTER STEINBEISS and his assist- 
ant instructors take this opportunity to thank the line in- 
structors and temporary line instructors, for their part in 
breaking in the college students for summer work. ..Opera- 
tor IRVING WEINER was cited again by one of the local 
newspapers for his perpetual good humor and kindness to 
his many passengers on the Lunt-Touhy bus route... Opera- 
tor FRED ANHALT and his wife, ANN, became grandpar- 
ents for the fifth time when their son, ROBERT, and his 
wife, LUCY, became parents of twin girls named CHRIS- 
TINA and CYNTHIA, born June 10 at Illinois Masonic hos- 
pital weighing 3g pounds each. ..Operator HAROLD SEDIN 
and his wife, SOPHIA, became grandparents for the 34th 
time when Harold's son, RUSSELL DEGELMANN, and his 
wife, JOYCE, became parents of a son, RUSSELL WIL- 
LIAM Jr., born June 12 at Lutheran Deaconess hospital 
weighing 6 pounds 8 ounces.. .TONY BRUNO Jr., the son of 
Operator TONY and BARBARA BRUNO, was graduated 
from Holy Cross High school on June 5. Tony, who was an 
outstanding athlete at Holy Cross, will enroll at Wright 
Junior college this fall. ..DEBORAH FRIEB, the daughter of 
Operator WELLARD and ADELAIDE FRIEB, the 1967 
winner of the Division 241 scholarship, received her B.S.C. 
degree with high honors from De Paul university. Miss 
Frieb, who majored in marketing, was president of the De 
Paul chapter of the American Marketing Association, sen- 
ior adviser of Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, a mem- 
ber of the Adjuvantes Hostessing Honor Society, and sec- 
retary of the Society for the Advancement of Management. 
She was newly-elected to Kappa Gamma Pi, the national 
honor society for women graduates of Catholic universities, 
and was awarded a senior certificate from Alpha Lambda 
Delta for maintaining at least a 3.5 grade average out of a 
possible 4.0 throughout the entire course. Deborah has 
been on the dean's list for all four years. .. PATRICIA 
KNIGHT, the daughter of Operator BILL and ELKENA 
KNIGHT, was graduated from Funston Grammar school on 
June 23 and has plans to enter Kelvyn Park High school in 
the fall. ..Operator HAROLD NEWTON can be reached at 
697-4920 to help out any of our operators who have auto- 
mobile or home air conditioning problems. .. The North 
Park baseball team, led by Manager HOMER REED and 
Captain RICHARD CLEMMONS, were honored at a banquet 
at the M&M Club in the Merchandise Mart recently. The 
team finished in second place losing the championship 
game by one run. North Park received a beautiful trophy, 
while the team members were awarded individual trophies. 
. . We at North Park extend a hearty welcome to HENRY 
THELIN who has returned to work as a bus operator after 
several years working as a street checker and ticket agent. 


. . Operator ARTHUR CHRYSANTHOPOULOS received a 
commendation and reward from one of his passengers, 
Mrs. Glaser, after Arthur had turned in a package she had 
lost on his bus... JAMES ANHALT, the son of Operator 
FRED and ANN ANHALT, was graduated on June 18 from 
the Chicago Police academy. James was number 1 out of a 
class of 100 graduates and has been assigned to the Foster 
Avenue station. .. Congratulations to Operator LEO KO- 
NETSCHKE whose German shepherd dog won first place in 
the obedience training meet in Des Plaines, Illinois, on 
Sunday, May 16, given by the Lincolnwood German Shepherd 
Training club. Leo's two-year old female dog won in the 
open "A" class. ..Pensioner CHARLES KERR, former sta- 
tion superintendent at North Park, was a recent visitor in 
Chicago when his daughter, Mrs. CHRISTNER, was under- 
going major surgery at Forkosh Memorial hospital. ..Op- 
erator ROY THOMPSON who has been off sick for quite 
some time has taken his pension, and we at North Park 
wish Roy continued improvement in the years ahead. ..Op- 
erator LYNN BUTLER and his wife, ANNE, entertained 
Operator HANK SCHRAMM and his wife, ELIZABETH, on 
the maiden trip of their new travel trailer. They left for 
Watertown, Wisconsin, to spend the Memorial day weekend 
at Camp Ruhidell on the banks of the Crawfish River. The 
camper was christened with champagne and the trip was 
enjoyed by all. ..Operator FRANK CARDELLA spent four 
days fishing at Cameron Lake Lodge located at Nestor 
Falls, Ontario, Canada. Frank reports the fishing was 
poor due to cold and rain. ..Operator HAROLD JULITZ and 
his wife, ANN, spent a week in the Ozark area. Harold and 
Ann also visited with Pensioners ART and RUTH MUIR, 
and RAY and EVELYN DONESKI of Forsyth, Missouri... 
Operator HAROLD COOK and his wife vacationed through- 
out Florida. Points of interest visited were Palm Beach, 
Miami, and Bonita Springs where the Cooks enjoyed visits 
with Pensioners CHARLES KERR and PAT DOHERTY. 
Harold is a distributor of grandfather clocks and displays 
them at his home at 6224 N. Melvina Avenue... Our sym- 
pathy and condolences are extended to the families of Pen- 
sioner OSCAR AUGDAHL and Janitor DAVID NEIL. 

Happy anniversaries are extended to the following: Pen- 
sioner ROY THOMPSON and his wife, GENEVIEVE, their 
46th; Pensioner ALVIN DAVIS and his wife, their 27th; 
Pensioner ART MUIR and his wife, RUTH, their 47th; Pen- 
sioner BILL SEIFERT and his wife, MIN, their 40th; Pen- 
sioner LE ROY PEDERSEN and his wife, BERNICE, their 
46th; Pensioner GEORGE VOIGHT and his wife, BEA, their 
5th; Operator KAZ YAWORSKI and his wife, FLORENCE, 
their 16th; Operator JOHN SUMMERSON and his wife, 
CHARLOTTE, their 19th; Operator BEN SECLER and his 
wife, NATALIE, their 20th; Operator EDWARD GOTTERT 
and his wife, ISABEL, their 36th; Operator CHESTER 
OLENSKI and his wife, JOANNE, their 21st; Operator 
JOHN GUZALDO and his wife, ROSALIE, their 38th; Op- 
erator LUIS ENDARA and his wife, CARMEN, their 15th; 
Operator HAROLD BASON and his wife, NORA, their 32nd; 
Operator PETE MARCHISOTTO and his wife, FELICIA, 
their 36th; Operator McKINLEY DAVENPORT and his wife, 
MARY, their 16th; Operator WILLARD FRIEB and his wife, 
ADELAIDE, their 23rd; Operator JOHN WILSON and his 
wife, REBECCA, their 12th; Clerk CARL HANSEN and his 
wife, SANDRA, their 17th, and Instructor MELVIN LINK 
and his wife, ELSIE, their 21st. ..Happy birthdays are ex- 
tended to the following: Operators LE ROY CARR, JOHN 




CLARENCE ADAMS, 70, West Section, 

Emp. 11-29-24, Died 5-3-71 
TONY ALILUNAS, 86, West Shops, 

Emp. 1-3-23, Died 6-20-71 
VERNON M. AMMONS, 77, South Section, 

Emp. 4-4-14, Died 6-24-71 
JOSEPH BARBARO, 75, Way & Strutures, 

Emp. 5-21-26, Died 7-3-71 
PETER BRANCATO, 68, Engineering, 

Emp. 6-6-41, Died 7-4-71 
HUBERT F. BRENNAN, 78, 77th Street, 

Emp. 5-15-20, Died 6-26-71 
JOHN J. BREWMAN, 69, Building, 

Emp. 11-22-43, Died 6-14-71 
WALTER S. BROWN, 93, Electrical, 

Emp. 3-10-06, Died 6-19-71 
EDWARD CAJDA, 50, Keeler, 

Emp. 8-22-55, Died 7-28-71 
SAM CASSATA, 81, South Shops, 

Emp. 10-25-44, Died 7-4-71 
OLIVER CHILES, 64, 77th Street, 

Emp. 11-21-50, Died 7-10-71 
ANTON CHRISTENSEN, 69, South Section, 

Emp. 1-26-27, Died 6-23-71 
ANGELO DI GILIO, 79, Devon, 

Emp. 2-9-21, Died 6-23-71 
FRANK J. DRESDEN, 76, 69th Street, 

Emp. 5-21-23, Died 6-20-71 
JAMES J. EGAN, 67, Skokie Shops, 

Emp. 10-10-45, Died 6-6-71 
MARKO GALICH, 76, Way & Structures, 

Emp. 8-26-29, Died 6-15-71 
GEORGE A. GLUECK, 88, Lincoln, 

Emp. 10-5-16, Died 6-21-71 
OLLEN G. HARMS, 73, 77th Street, 

Emp. 11-6-29, Died 6-24-71 

JOHN W. HENNESSY, 59, 77th Street, 

Emp. 6-23-37, Died 7-10-71 
URBAN S. HOLMEN, 63, 77th Street, 

Emp. 3-23-42, Died 2-4-71 
JACOB M. JACOBSEN, 78, 77th Street, 

Emp. 2-9-16, Died 6-9-71 
ARTHUR KRUEGER, 62, 69th Street, 

Emp. 11-16-36, Died 7-13-71 
MANDEL LARSON, 78, 69th Street, 

Emp. 1-25-17, Died 6-24-71 
JOHN MASNICH, 84, Track, 

Emp. 5-2-22, Died 6-13-71 
FRANK G. MILLER, 79, Devon, 

Emp. 3-27-26, Died 6-20-71 
HARVEY E. MILLER, 65, Archer, 

Emp. 10-8-28, Died 6-27-71 
PATRICK MITCHELL, 80, 77th Street, 

Emp. 8-11-20, Died 6-28-71 
WILLIAM J. MOORE, 78, Kedzie, 

Emp. 1-3-14, Died 5-20-71 
JOSEPH SPULAK, 79, Lawndale, 

Emp. 6-11-26, Died 6-26-71 
EDWARD A. STRUWE, 66, West Section, 

Emp. 7-22-29, Died 6-19-71 
FRANK TOCHER, 72, Limits, 

Emp. 1-11-43, Died 6-27-71 
FLORENCE TODD, 85, West Section, 

Emp. 6-8-23, Died 6-25-71 
FERDINAND H. TROIKE, 84, West Section, 

Emp. 11-15-06, Died 6-14-71 
CASIMIR A. WIENKE, 68, Lawndale, 

Emp. 6-8-44, Died 6-5-71 
JOHN P. WOODS, 81, Grand Substation, 

Emp. 10-4-09, Died 6-22-71 
JACK H. YOUNG, 70, Archer, 

Emp. 11-1-27, Died 6-25-71 

RIPKA... Janitor FRANK NEISIUS retired on August 1 and 
his future plans call for plenty of rest, along with consid- 
erable time to work on his rose garden.. .Operator HAROLD 
SEDIN and his wife, SOPHIA, became grandparents for the 
35th time when their son, DENNIS DEGELMANN, and his 
wife, KATHY, became the proud parents "of their third 
child, a daughter, CARRIE ANN, born on June 30 at Lu- 
theran General hospital weighing 8 pounds... Repair Depart- 
ment Chit Chat: Foreman PHIL O'CONNOR was hospital- 
ized at St. Joseph's hospital where he was in traction with 
a slipped disk. At this writing Phil is recovering rapidly... 
Repairman JULIUS CONLEY was hospitalized at the Vet- 
eran's hospital where he underwent eye surgery. Julius is 
now at home and will be back to work soon... Repairman 
FRANK SIBLEY is recovering at home from a serious ill- 
ness and our prayers are with him for a speedy recovery... 
Tire Repairman MATT HEAVEY flew to Ireland where the 
citizens of Rosscommon and Mayo counties were in for a 
grand treat with genial Matt spinning his many yarns for 
them. ..Pensioner CHARLES DUNNE and his wife are en- 
joying a trip to Ireland where they are renewing many old 
memories. ..Repairman TERRY PLUTA spent two weeks at 

Camp McCoy, Wisconsin, for military obligations, while 
JOE JOHNSON spent two weeks at Camp Gordon, Georgia... 
On vacations at this time are the following: Night Foreman 
MADDEN, and DARREL PERSON.. .The garage welcomes 
new Bus Cleaners CARL NICHOLAS and ROBERT VAN 
DER MIER, and summer replacements LES KEAG Jr., and 
H. CIONE... Clerk EARNIE LOTITO enjoyed a two-week 
"honey do" vacation and was very busy getting things in 
order around the house. ..Repairman MIKE DAWSON flew to 
Ireland to visit his father who has been seriously ill. . . 
GEORGE BONESS has left the garage and is now with the 
CTA Police... Repair men MIKE SCHULTZ and PAT O'MAL- 
LEY retired on July 1 and were honored with a wonderful 
party at the garage. ..The sympathy of the garage is ex- 
tended to the family of Repairman WILLIAM MORRIS who 
passed away suddenly. 

- THttvU TfvuUMf 

OPERATIONS (Transportation) - 

If you are wondering why DAVID MARTIN is smil- 
ing so much lately, it's because he became a father again. 

AUGUST, 1971 



On May 31 his wife, EVELYN, gave birth to a 7 pound 6 
ounce baby boy named DONALD. They now have two boys. 
Congratulations.. .JOE VODVARKA and his wife, MARILYN, 
and another couple drove to their favorite spot for vacation. 
The place they like so much is Colorado Springs in the 
Pikes Peak region of Colorado. In the one week they were 
away, they did a lot of sightseeing and took many pictures. 
They even found time to go square dancing one evening. 
The weather was just perfect and they had a wonderful 
time.. .JACK and SIMONE TCHELEBIAN drove west again 
for their vacation, stopping at Santa Monica, California. 
They visited some friends and stayed with them for four or 
five days. The rest of the trip was spent traveling, going 
to Las Vegas, where Jack won 15£, and also to Grand Can- 
yon. They were gone for about two weeks and had a very 
nice time. ..TOM and GLADYS MACE flew to California to 
begin their four-week vacation. They stayed with some 
friends in Solromar where they experienced some small 
earthquakes. If you ask, I'm sure Tom will tell you what it 
feels like. They went to Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm 
and drove to many places including Carmel, Monterey, and 
Santa Cruz doing a lot of sightseeing. Since they were so 
close to Las Vegas, they drove there and saw some nice 
shows. To say the least, they had a very good time... ART 
ROEPKE and his wife, FLORENCE, are another couple that 
like Colorado. They went to Hot Sulphur Springs to do 
some fishing, hoping to catch the big ones, and also to take 
in the mineral baths. They said the weather and scenery 
were beautiful. .. Recently, Mr. and Mrs. JOSEPH BLAA 
came to Chicago for a vacation and paid a visit to the Gen- 
eral Office to say hello to their friends. They look real 
good and are enjoying retirement. ..On the July 4 weekend, 
the Instruction Department lost it's first golf match to the 
and RAY PRYOR lost the match by two strokes. In order 
to accomplish this feat it took two birdies and four pars by 
the long ball of Frank on the last nine holes played. A re- 
match is a must. These were the words of Tom Stiglic. 
Why have Tom and Ray been practicing their golf strokes 
in the back yard? Could it be that they are seeking re- 
venge for being whipped at the game by two duffer super- 
intendents ? Don't bother practicing, fellows, because we 
volunteer to give lessons at a modest fee. This is what 
Carl Gibes said. We'll let you know what happens when the 
big re-match is held. 

(Traffic Planning) - 

NANCY JOHNSON and her husband, RICHARD, and his 
family went to Minocqua, Wisconsin, for four days. They 
went fishing (didn't do very good), swimming, and just re- 
laxed and enjoyed the beautiful weather and scenery. ..The 
middle of June was a busy time for the family of FRANK 
BARKER. FRANCIS, his oldest son, was graduated from 
Oak Park High school on June 15. He plans to enter George 
Williams College in Downers Grove this fall, where he will 
major in physical education. Incidentally, he celebrated 
his 18th birthday on June 22, which is also his father's 
birthday. GAIL ANN, his daughter, was graduated from 
Emerson Grammar school in Oak Park on June 16. She 
will attend Oak Park-River Forest High school in Septem- 
ber. Congratulations and the best of luck to both of you. 

(Utility and Emergency Service) - 

Staying with the theme of graduations, GEORGE HOW- 
ARD and FRANK GOODRICH each had one in their family... 
JOHN, the son of JIM ROCHE, was graduated from St. 
Patrick High school and will be a freshman at Southern 


Illinois university at Carbondale this fall. Congratulations 
to all the graduates... CARL HARE went to Oklahoma for his 
vacation. Here he rode horses and branded cattle. He had 
a good time, but says the saddle is not as comfortable as 
the seats in our trucks. ..FRED WILSON was a delegate to 
the Indiana Amvets Convention in Indianapolis. We would 
like to congratulate him on being re-elected as District I 
Commander. JIM ROCHE, who supplies the news for Util-i 
ity & Emergency Service, was a delegate at the Illinois 
Am vet Convention which was held in Peoria... We are happy 
to see that DICK O'GORMAN, W. MOOG, and F. SPITALLI 
are back at work and feeling fine after their recent illness. 
We wish a speedy recovery to A. KRAUS who is presently 
off sick. 


Happy summer to everyone! Superintendent of Purchas- 
ing R. L. MANVILLE and his wife, KATHRYN, spent a 
lovely vacation in Florida visiting with his mother in St. 
Petersburg. They also went to Fort Lauderdale where they 
visited friends, one of which was retired CTA employe ED 
DEVINE and his wife, CAROLINE. Ed formerly worked as 
a buyer in the Purchasing Department. Ed and his wife re- 
side in Pompano Beach in a beautiful condominium which 
has a balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The Man- 
ville's last stop was Signal Mountain, Tennessee, where 
they visited with their daughter, NANCI, and her husband, 
STANLEY.. .ED CUMMINGS, Purchasing, and some of his 
relatives and friends motored to Hayward, Wisconsin, to 
catch some fish. Ed caught nine walleyes and six bass. 
Pretty good, Ed! He returned to Michigan over the Memo- 
rial day weekend to spend some time with his wife, GRACE. 
..Our welcome mat is extended to our part-time summer 
KrLGALLON. We are happy to see that most of you re- 
turned to us. . . Greetings are also in order for LINDA 
LUNDBERG, new typist I in Stores, G.O. ..JERRY KILL- 
MAN, Stores, G.O., spent a week's vacation visiting with 
relatives in southern Illinois. . . DENISE PATHEIGER, 
Stores, G.O., spent a very enjoyable one-week vacation in 
Delavan, Wisconsin. Her partner on the trip was KATHY 
MOSER, Suggestion Department. They also visited Lake 
Geneva, Wisconsin, where Denise and Kathy took in some 
sun and made some new friends. They learned a new card 
game called casino, but relaxation was their No. 1 goal. 
Glad that you both had such a good time. ..We are so glad to 
hear that HARRY and CATHY CLOUGH, your co-reporter, 
will soon have an addition to their family. Both Harry and 
Cathy would like twins, and that being the case, they are 
wished double luck and happiness. .. "Hey, mon!" Look 
who's back from a one-week vacation to Jamaica — CECILIA 
TRUCCO from Stores, G.O., and MARY BETH MURRAY, 
Purchasing. Also with them were MARY ELLEN RUSS of 
Research & Planning, and JANICE VANDERHORST from 
Charter Service. They went sailing, swimming, snorkeling, 
climbed the Dunne river falls in Ocho Rios, and went raft- 
ing on the Martha Brae. Their night life proved to be even 
more exciting, what with nightclubs, crab races, native 
dance shows, and they even did the bamboo stick dance. 
They were serenaded with Jamaican Calypso music, and 
even got to take an old-fashioned horse and buggy ride... 
What a time JOHN SPRINGER, South Shops, and his wife, 
DOROTHY, had the past month. They became grandparents 





their condominium in 
Pompono Beach, Florida, 
are ED and CAROLINE 
DEVINE. Ed worked as a 
buyer in the Purchasing 
Department before taking 
his pension on September 
1, 1968, after 48 years 
of service. 

for the. 23rd, 24th, and 25th time! The 25th time for the 
Springers was also the 3rd time around for PAT CANNON 
and his wife, NOREEN! Congratulations are in order for 
the parents and grandparents of these "bundles from heav- 
en."..DENNIS KUHN, South Shops, went to Iron Mountain, 
Michigan, for his vacation. . . STANLEY HALL, assistant 
divisional storekeeper, Storeroom 48, and his wife, MARI- 
ON, traveled to Kentucky to assist their son, DAVID, on his 
recent marriage to NANCY WOOLDRIDGE. The wedding 
took place on June 5 in Owensboro, Kentucky. After a brief 
honeymoon the couple will reside in Westmont. David 
worked as a part-time ticket agent for CTA during his 
college years. . . MIKE KORZEN, divisional storekeeper, 
Skokie, and his wife, EVELYN, traveled to the Ozarks, and 
from there to Hot Springs, Arkansas. We'll bet you it 
wasn't as hot there as it's been here!. .We were happy to 
hear by letter that retired Stores employe EVERETT 
BRUCKNER is happy and well and residing in San Diego, 
California. Every now and then he spends some time with 
another retired Stores employe, TOM MADIGAN, who re- 
sides in La Jolla, California. So happy you wrote to us, 
Everett, and say hi to Tom, also, for us. ..We just get to 
greet THOMAS RYAN back from military service and he 
gets transferred. He's still in Stores, but at South Shops as 
a stock clerk I. Although we didn't get much time to chat 
with you, Tom, we wish you much luck in your new posi- 

- 6<K^f gUu^i & ()a/U QUI 


Welcome and congratulations to F. NEALY who was 
promoted to repairman and transferred to Congress from 
the Dan Ryan shop. ..Our condolences to J. NEELY, Con- 
gress, and family on the passing of his mother-in-law on 
July 3. .. Congratulations to Repairman STEVEN JONES, 
Congress, on his engagement to SUSAN GEIGER. An 
August 17 wedding is planned. . . Glad to hear that JOHN 
DANIELS, Congress, is a fast healer and is back at work 
after spending some time in Northwest hospital... A trip to 
the old sod to visit family and friends is how J. MEEHAN, 
Congress, spent his vacation. .. The grapevine has it that 
WILLY LACEY, Congress, is in the market for a bodyguard 
to protect him from an onslaught of beautiful girls when he 
takes his new white Cadillac Fleetwood out for a spin. Just 
how lucky can one guy get... Glad to see S. STIMAGE, Con- 
gress , back at work after being off for a month with back 
problems. ..JOHN DANIELS, Congress, is back in the news. 
This time John won $25 in a raffle at St. Hedwig church. 


John was a little upset because he was not made a knight at 
this parish, since he already is a soul-brother. . .A joint 
celebration was held for AL BOLING and PAT COTTER, 
car servicemen at Congress, who retired on August 1. 
Best wishes to both men for a long and healthy retirement. 
..Aloha from R. LATO and P. COLOMBO, Congress, who 
spent their vacations in the Hawaiian Islands enjoying exot- 
ic rum drinks under a swaying palm. . . T. DUNCAN, C. 
WILLIAMS, H. YOUNG, and M. KEATING enjoyed their 
vacations in the Chicago area. ..Best wishes to L. THOMP- 
SON, former repairman at Congress, who resigned on July 
8 to move to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for a new job in a 
chemical plant. ..S. DOBEK, Kimball, had a special vacation 
treat — a visit from his son who is home on leave from the 
naval air force.. .A trip to visit family and friends in Ire- 
land is how Car Serviceman D. MARLEY, Kimball, spent 
his vacation. ..Enjoying the local scenery on their vacations 
were C. EUGENE, F. FAWCETT, A. RUANE, and E. 
O'DAY, Kimball. ..Best wishes for a speedy recovery and a 
quick trip back home are sent to the children of F. PAYNE, 
Kimball, who are in St. Anne hospital... Sorry to hear that 
Repairman B. BEVINS, Kimball, is on the sick list with an 
eye infection. ..Summer brings on family reunions, and on 
their way to theirs is QUINTON BONDS, Dan Ryan, and his 
family who traveled up to Detroit, Michigan; and GEORGE 
NICHOLSON, Dan Ryan, and his family who traveled down 
to Pine Bluff, Arkansas. . . Congratulations to Foreman 
MATT COYLE and all the men at the Dan Ryan shop on 
winning the safety award. May this be the first of many 
more to come. .. Baseball games, friendly visits, and an 
occasional beer are the types of vacations enjoyed by T. 
C. TOWNSEND, and H. DICKERSON, Dan Ryan.. .A big cel- 
ebration was held at Wilson in honor of retirees JIM 
started their pension on August 1. Best wishes are ex- 
tended for a long and healthy retirement. . .Another co- 
worker moving on to easy living is WINFRED STAFFORD, 
Forest Park, who also retired on August 1. Here's hoping 
he enjoys many years of health and happiness. 

- Say Stjetjei 


MUZIO FICARELLA, electrical worker, and his wife, 
ANTONIETTA, are vacationing in Europe with hopes of 
seeing most of Italy with relatives and friends. Muzio and 
his wife will spend seven weeks overseas and hope to visit 
France also. ..EVERETT E. ENGLAND, Skokie Shops re- 
porter, and his wife, MARCELLA, along with MARY LABUS 
of the Insurance Department and her mother enjoyed a 
beautiful tour of Europe, visiting Germany, Switzerland, 
Italy, and France. The scenery was beautiful and there was 
so much to see in all the cities. I hope our pictures come 
back as nice as they looked through the camera. ..WALTER 
GANDOR, painter, and his wife are enjoying a seven-week 
stay in Europe with his grandparents in Poland. They 
raised Walter after the death of his parents, and Walter 
only knows them as his mother and father. . . GRANT 
GREENE, shopman II, and his wife were very proud 
parents when their son, DANIEL, who was entered in the 
elementary B-Group of the Illinois Music Association's 
State Olympic contest on May 1, and out of 15 contestants in 
his group went home with the first place trophy. Danny, 
who has been blind since he was 2^-years old, has been 
playing the organ since October, 1970. This was his first 

AUGUST, 1971 



public appearance in competition. . . JAN BRODA, painter, 
and his family are the happy owners of a new Ford Galaxle 
500, and the color is a beautiful new green this year... 
KATHLEEN A. GRAYBIEL is now working at Skokie Shops 
during her summer vacation. We welcome you, Kathy, and 
will miss you when school starts again. 

- Sventtt £. Sitftaxd 


Pensioner WALLACE STOLTENBERG recently paid us 
a visit and he sure looks good. The life of leisure agrees 
with him completely... RICHARD GOLDSTEIN spent his va- 
cation painting his house. ..ED REILLY became a grand- 
father for the eighth time when a new granddaughter was 
born on the same birthday as her father, TERRY, and pa- 
ternal grandmother... PHIL LEAHY vacationed in Michigan. 
..ALAN SABOL, the son of JOE SABOL, won a four-year 
scholarship to North Eastern Illinois university. Congratu- 
lations and good luck, Alan. ..HARRY HIRSCH and his fam- 
ily flew to Canada to visit with relatives.. .JAKE SUMNER 
and BERNIE KINCANNON spent a quiet vacation in and 
around home. ..DAVID JACOBS has returned to work after 
recuperating from eye surgery. ..C. KEELER, traffic clerk, 
took short trips to round out his vacation... HOMER HAR- 
RIS, outside checker, is home recuperating after a short 
stay in the hospital.. .We thought BILL DEVEREUX's body 
was indestructible, but he recently tripped down some 
stairs and broke his arm. Perhaps his attention was di- 
verted by some scenic mini-skirters. Nevertheless, we 
wish him a speedy recovery. 

Xati/upi 'SatiM. 


The HARTNEYS, Clerk ROLAND and myself, are run- 
ning around now in a nice new Chevrolet Malibu sports 
coupe and is it sporty looking. Also, we're getting a new 
color TV set. Roland is sure treating me good. I'll just 
have to watch out when he starts whistling at the pretty 
girls in the new car ! . . Vacation time is upon us and our 
South Siders are traveling all over the country and the 
world. Agent VELMA HUSBAND and her spouse vacationed 
in Nassau in the Bahamas and they just loved it there. She 
said the people are friendly and no one is in a hurry like in 
the big city, and people drive on the opposite side of the 
street, like in England. ..Motorman TONY JAGLA and his 
wife vacationed in Hawaii on the beach at Waikiki. They 
said the weather was perfect and it was very relaxing, as 
life is so nice and easy in Hawaii... On the clerk's system 
pick, effective June 13, we welcomed two new clerks from 
the North and West Sections, ROBERT STEWARD and 
ROBERT HARVEY. Hope they like it out south with us. 
We were sorry to lose Clerk ED GREEN who went to the 
West Section and we wish him the best of luck. .. Here's 
some good news: Switchman NELSON ANDERSON, who was 
on the sick list for many months, has regained his health 
and is back to work. His many friends were sure glad to 
see him come back. . . Also back on the job with a hearty 
welcome are Motorman FRED GRONE MEYER (who was off 
having an operation) and Janitor LEROY NUTALL...Line 
Supervisor DAVID MARTIN was beaming when he told us 
that he has a new addition to the family — a baby boy named 
DONALD, born on May 31. This makes two boys for the 
happy Martin family. ..Retired Agent SARAH McEVOY was 


ailing recently and was in the hospital. She is now home 
recuperating. Hurry up and get well, Sarah.. .Both Motor- 
man PATRICK MORAN and Division 308 Vice-president 
CHARLES LOUGHRAN went on trips to the "Old Sod", Ire- 
land. Hope they both had a good vacation... We 're mighty 
proud of Retired Agent ROSE HEIDENBLUT whose picture 
appeared in the Southtown Economist in July honoring her 
as "Lady of the Year" of the nursing homes around this 
area. Congratulations, Rose. ..All of us at work were 
shocked and saddened to hear that Motorman EDWARD 
TORMEY passed away suddenly. He was a fine person and 
always thought of others and how to make them happy. He 
will be missed very much by all his co-workers. Our sin- 
cere condolences to his family. ..Our South Siders are going 
great guns. Motorman RICHARD BROWN, Conductor 
appointed clerks on the West Section recently. It's nice to 
see our men get ahead in this world.. .Ailing at this time is 
Retired Agent MARC ELLA BITTERLIN. We don't like to 
see our people not feeling well, so we hope Marcella will 
be well real soon and be like her old self again.. .Collector 
WILLIAM (Smithy) SMITH and his wife, Agent INEZ, went 
to Louisville, Kentucky, on their vacation and had a good 
time. ..Of all things, Supervisor DON MURPHY, Ashland 
Avenue, fell and broke his foot and it will be in a cast for 
six weeks. Hope by the time this makes the press that Don 
will be back to work. . . Collector THOMAS BRAGGS was 
grinning from ear to ear when he told us about his sister, 
DENISE, and how proud he is of her. Her picture appeared 
in the Daily News and the Tribune when she made her debut 
at the 11th Annual Debutante Cotillion in the grand ballroom 
of the Conrad Hilton hotel on June 25. The cotillion was 
sponsored by the Chicago Chapter of Links and 24 debs 
"came out." The Links is a national civic and social or- 
ganization and the cotillion is for charity. Scholastic 
standing is a primary consideration in selecting the debs. 
Denise is planning to attend Bradley university in Peoria 
on a scholarship in special education in the fall. Also, Tom 
and his wife, Agent CORETTA, just returned from a vaca- 
tion in Seattle, Washington. They flew on the 747 jet, and 
it was so big that Tom said when he got up he got lost 
trying to find his way back to his seat!.. Going on pension 
July 1 was Agent HELEN SHANNON. We hated to see Helen 
go as she will be missed by all her co-workers and pas- 
sengers. We hope she'll have a wonderful and enjoyable 
pensioned life. ..Also going on a disability pension July 1 
was Clerk JOE O'CONNOR who was on the sick list for 
several months. Everyone will miss Joe, and we all hope 
he will have a return to good health in the near future... We 
just heard that Retired Agent BETTY BUCKLEY is back 
in town for the summer from her home in Hawaii to see all 
her old friends. . . Assistant Station Superintendent JIM 
WALSH and his wife and daughter had a wonderful trip. 
They drove to Florida where they spent a few days and then 
flew to Jamaica to see their married daughter and her 
family, and the new grandchild they hadn't seen before... 
Back for the summer months, and we're glad to see them, 
are part-time Conductors ROBERT ROBERSON, PETER 
Agents ARDIS MORRIS Jr. (the son of our Instructor ARDIS 
DA GAULT, EVERETT MANN (the son of Instructor WIL- 
LIE MANN), and many more... Retired Conductor VERNON 
AMMONS passed away recently and our sincere sympathy 
goes out to his wife, ALICE AMMONS, who worked in the 
office at 61st Street years ago. We'll always remember 




Vernon as the golfer; he just loved to play golf.. .a proud, 
proud husband is Clerk JIM CAREY whose wife received 
her master's degree from De Paul university recently... 
Around to see the boys at Ashland recently before they 
went downtown to the monthly pensioners meeting were 
Retired Towerman LEONARD DeGROOT and Retired Con- 
ductor ERNEST HARDWIDGE. They both looked just won- 
derful. ..Motorman JOE DOYLE and his wife went to Dallas, 
Texas, on their vacation and had a super time. Vacations 
sure are wonderful! 

- 1/anA 'TfaiUxtif 


Now that those really hot days are over with, I guess we 
can spend the rest of the summer living with the remaining 
warm days. Some days bring sad news, and we extend our 
deepest condolences to Conductor W. MITCHELL on the 
passing of his father. Our sincere condolences to Ticket 
Agent CHRIS HOUSTON on the sad passing of her father... 
On the sick list we have Motorman LEE RICHARDSON and 
Ticket Agent VALERIE THOMAS. We wish both of them a 
quick recovery. ..Now here's some bright news. Conductor 
MEL PFEIFFER and his wife had a lovely vacation in 
Hawaii, and spent a few days with their kids in Baltimore, 
Maryland.. .Switchman JOHN CIMMERER and his wife spent 
their vacation in the Bahama Islands and a brief stay in 
Florida. ..Conductor GEORGE WOODMORE and his wife, 
ALBERTA, spent their vacation in Tennessee. ..Motorman 
W. FLOYD and his wife spent part of their vacation at the 
Wisconsin Dells. . . A news flash—Supervisor ROBERT 
BLAIR and his wife celebrated 31 years of marriage with 
dinner and a night out on the town. (I finally got something 
on the contented one.) Congratulations to you both.. .Con- 
gratulations to our hero, Supervisor KENNY BROWN, on 
his recent promotion to senior station instructor. . . Yard 
Foreman ARCHIE BRAGGS was elated when his son, 
ARCHIE Jr., was graduated from Lindbloom High school 
and awarded a scholarship to attend Cornell university. ..On 
June 5, Motorman JOHN WILLIAMS was united in holy 
matrimony to LOUIDA BRACEY at Mt. Pleasant Baptist 
church, 63rd and University. Their reception was held at 
the Chez Marie banquet hall. The best of luck to the newly- 
weds. The new Mrs. WILLIAMS is a nurse at Cook County 
hospital. . .Let's wish the following a happy birthday: R. 
J. E. THOMAS, and G. WOODMORE. . . Foot Collector 
LARRY LATHAM and his family are headed for Canada. 
Let's hope his son doesn't out-fish him this year. Have a 
ball, gang... Switchman ROBERT NEIGHBORS and his wife 
spent their vacation in Las Vegas. They didn't go to win 
any money, just to have a good time. They did so by seeing 
some good shows and fine dinners... Switchman ZEKE KOP- 
CZYNSKI and his wife are spending their vacation in 
Nassau... I want to add that I finally got JAMIE GORDON 
married off. Some of the gang that attended the wedding 
were: Mr. and Mrs. RONALD RAMSEY, Mr. and Mrs. 
co-reporter, Mr. and Mrs. SANTO SICILIANO, whom I took 
to and from the wedding. A note to Mrs. Siciliano — the ex- 
pressways are safe, it's the city drivers that get you. I 
should know, after I dropped the Sicllianos off, I was hit by 
one. Also attending the wedding party was GEORGE 


WOODMORE, who got around to taking the trains off the 
dining room table. I guess for his birthday present a new 
set is in store. . . Former Lake Street Yard Foreman G. 
KINZIE stopped by, and his retirement has done wonders 
for him. He looks swell. . . My partner, Santo, lost his 
adopted son, TOM PATTERSON, to the Congress line. So, 
Pat, when you find the time, come by and say hello to Pops. 
..To Conductor JESSE WELLS, don't worry about those old 
combat boots, we are checking the surplus stores to re- 
place them. . . Our resident minister, Conductor GEORGE 
CLARK, looks like he is losing some weight. Now order 
those new chairs !.. Switchman JERRY BOYLAN is headed 
to Ireland for his vacation and to check on why he didn't 
win any of the sweepstakes. ..Motorman EDDIE PAGE spent 
some time down in the big-foot country, Mississippi, while 
Motorman I. TAYLOR went down to New Orleans. They 
both had big fun. . . I forgot to mention that Switchman 
HERBERT WHITE was also at the Gordon's wedding, but 
who remembers a person in the corner drinking Coke 
(ha ha ha); and someone thought that he was drunk. ..Now 
that Motorman J. RAGSDELL is at Jefferson Park, Motor- 
man MIKE BOLDEN thinks he's the champ at checkers. 
Boy, you give a person an inch and they'll take a mile. I 
remember when he didn't even know the game. You are 
fair, but not good, Mike... Speaking of Mikes, I want it to be 
known that Motorman MIKE BELLEZZO refused to play in 
the picture, The Godfather. He would rather write down all 
of Motorman AL CLARK'S memoirs, the General Patton of 
Lake Street. ..Motorman IKE HOUSTON, whose son, MAR- 
SHOUND, was a young actor in the play, "The Me Nobody 
Knows", used to wear his kid's hat. I wonder if he is driv- 
ing his new car now... Motor man MARK FIORE is still try- 
ing to become another Mario Lanza. If only he'd sing more 
than three bars of a song, I may sign him up... Conductor 
STEVE DUDASIK left the guys without any eggs. Now no 
breakfast until he returns. Maybe they will be boiled a 
little better, said one guy, who after peeling one, had to 
look in the trash can to find it. It takes a certain kind of 
skill to do this. Just adding water and salt, but Steve hasn't 
found the right formula. Help, anyone?.. For years Motor- 
man TOM CULHANE was of the opinion that he was older 
than Motorman W. FITZGERALD. Since he found out that 
he wasn't, he is calling Fitzgerald the "old goat.". .Con- 
ductor J. LANE doesn't tell any more jokes around me. I 
guess he really fears I will tell a black audience that I got 
this from whitey. Once you've heard one of his jokes, 
that's it. .. Switchman R. CANO is headed for Alaska and 
says he will bring back some ice for us to cool off in. Now 
that's what I call a joke. Ho-Ho...For those who wonder 
why Switchman CHARLIE ROGERS walks the way he does, 
it's just that he's cool, or has a broken leg... I would like to 
take this opportunity to say that all the West Side gang ex- 
tend warm greetings to our new Transit Board Chairman, 
MICHAEL CAFFERTY, and wish him the best of luck in his 
new post... Motorman GEORGE SMITH now goes horseback 
riding with his wife, SHIRLEY. Since they can't win at the 
tracks , they may as well ride a sure winner and get their 
money's worth. ..My partner, SANTO, has been accused of 
being an agitator, a man who looks over his reading glasses 
to see you, with gray hair. Well, my friends, let me tell 
you that he's a fine man, his gray hair is a mark of dis- 
tinction, and the glasses make him look sexy. Now can I 
stop? Santo, after a while they'll think our whole column is 
a bunch of lies.. .Enjoy yourselves gang while out there on 
vacation. You white guys, take it easy on the suntans or we 
will have to wait until winter to really identify you. You 
soul brothers watch that pork in the summertime, it's bad 

AUGUST, 1971 



on the heart. As for me, I'm going to just stand in the 
shadows and watch and talk about all of you. Bye. 

- Samta Sicilian/, & Aut Vaipu 


The South Shops golf outing was held on June 26 at West- 
gate Country Club. Fifty-eight men participated and a good 
time was had by all, thanks to the weatherman and Commit- 
teemen JOHN JANKUS and J. LAMONT. A butt steak was 
served and prizes were given. First prize was won by 
TED PIETRUS, general foreman at South Shops. A parking 
meter lamp was his reward, and to keep it lit you have to 
supply coins for the meter. The way he was mooching 
money for the lamp, I believe he could send his daughters 
back to college with just Saturday's take. The low gross 
honors went to Foreman W. OLENICK and A. FOREMAN, 
52nd Street Garage. CHARLIE BUZA, the Mrs. Olsen of 
the office, must be in the dog house these days. He picked 
bath towels and wash cloths as his prize for the little lady. 
EDDIE EVANS is looking to swap one bottle of VO for 
TONY NUTILE's hedge cutters. What about it, Tony? A 
special thanks goes out to Mrs. KRAMER, the wife of 
LOUIS KRAMER, garage supervisor. If she hadn't let Lou 
golf Saturday, we wouldn't have enjoyed the day as much as 
we did. JIM FELTZ and WALLY FEULNER came to work 
late Monday morning. Seems they had to return the keys to 
the clubhouse. With the activities following the tournament, 
the manager decided it was better to have them lock the 
place. No injuries occurred from flying golf balls this 
year. ..Best wishes and good luck go out to LOUIS KRAMER, 
garage supervisor, on his retirement July 1 after serving 
47 years with the company. A retirement dinner in Lou's 
honor was held June 24 at the Cardinal house, which was 
well attended by his many friends and co-workers. Our 
thanks to Mr. C. E. KEISER, Mr. G. J. CLARK, Mr. F. W. 
Mr. D. M. FLYNN, Mr. F. C. KNAUTZ, Mr. STAHL, Mr. 
and Mrs. RUZICH, Mr. STIGLIC, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. DIN- 
NELLA, and a special thanks to Mr. J. J. REPPLINGER for 
the beautiful job as m.c. FRAN LOUWARD and JIM DUD- 
LEY did a beautiful job of decorating the speaker's table 
and making the dinner a success. ..A warm welcome goes 
out to DON TARNOWSKI, our new shop clerk. Don is re- 
placing LARRY VANCE who took a disability retirement... 
Congratulations to LENNY WIENCEK for moving up in the 
world. Lenny just bought a new 1971 01dsmobile...Well, 
WALLY FEULNER, we know where all your money will be 
going now that you have purchased a home for your family. 
Good luck... Congratulations to J. RIZZUTO on his promo- 
tion as material coordinator for Material Control Section... 
Good luck to FRED RIDLEY on his new job. Fred will 
leave the shop office to go downtown and work in the Claim 
Department as an accident clerk. ..MARY ROHE, typist, and 
her husband, DENNIS, carpenter apprentice, spent two 
weeks driving through Colorado and South Dakota. . . Con- 
gratulations to WILLIE PICKETT on his new job as shop 
clerk.. .The South Shops welcoming committee, which in- 
cludes everyone out here, would like to welcome back 
TONY VIHNANEK, Technical Services Division, who has 
been off for about six weeks recuperating from an opera- 
tion. ..The South Shops annual picnic, held June 12 at Rubio 
Woods, was a resounding success again, even more so this 
year than in the past due to a tremendous helping hand 
from Mother Nature. By golly, it was hot I The train ride 
was doing a land office business from the time they got the 


tracks laid. By the way, was that little blond-headed boy 
able to beat DICK BRYES (the trainmaster) out of extra 
rides again this year ? The committee in charge of adult 
door prizes, JOE CARLYAN, STAN NUMAN, and JERRY 
PAVEL, did their usual excellent job. What, no lawn 
chairs? Thanks also go to CHARLIE KARKO Jr., TOM 
JIM HAWORTH, and BILL HAWORTH. A special thanks to 
HENRY KOLAR, picnic chairman, and his proficient co- 
chairman, RALPH KEANE. The picnic again this year fea- 
tured a door prize for every family attending, a toy or 
game for each child, games with prizes for both adults and 
children, helium- filled balloons, music, and lots of re- 
freshments. Speaking of games, I hope all those "under 
thirty" musclemen were able to remove the grass stains 
after that tug-o-war double-header. Thanks again to all 
who worked so hard and to those who attended for making 
the picnic the success that it was. . .Congratulations to 
FRED (Groovy) PETROZZ, Area 344, who became a jour- 
neyman on June 16... Congratulations to JIM LAMONT Jr., 
Area 348, and his wife who became the proud parents of a 
baby boy, BRIAN EDWARD LAMONT, weighing 8 pounds 5 
ounces, who the stork brought on July 16. Brian is the 
grandson of JIM LAMONT Sr., electrician at the South 
Shops. ..CLEOPHUS DONALDSON, Electrical Department, 
and his wife became the proud parents of a 6 pound baby 
girl, RENITTA DELORES...For some reason, Area 348's 
HOWARD BURRIS is now known as "Skipper". Wonder 
why ?..A quick recovery goes out to PAULINE KRAULEDIS, 
the wife of IRVIN KRAULEDIS, machinist, Area 348. Mrs, 
Krauledis underwent surgery on July 7 at Ingalls Memorial 
hospital in Harvey, Illinois. . . Congratulations to BILL 
SHAUGHNESSY, Area 312, on the birth of a granddaughter, 
MICHELE MARIE, born to his daughter, Mrs. CAROL 
BEADREAU. Bill would also like to congratulate his 
daughter, DENISE, who finished her first year of high 
school with a "B" average. ..The fellows in the shop would 
like to wish Mrs. LEWIS JACKSON who fractured her leg 
a speedy recovery. . . We welcome LEO GRIFFITH and 
JUDGE FUNCHES back to work after being off for some 
time with injuries. Also, a special congratulations to Leo 
on his recent promotion to journeyman. ..HARRY HOLLEN- 
DONER spent an exciting week in Las Vegas and says he 
had a beautiful time. It was a bit costly, but the reward 
was enjoyment. ..Congratulations to CLARENCE PIPOWSKI, 
Area 321, and his wife, VAECHEAL, on their recent mar- 
riage. Clarence also became a grandfather for the 14th 
time. ..The fellows in the Upholstery Shop would like to take 
this opportunity to wish BERNIE DAVIS a speedy recovery. 
Hurry back, Bernie, we miss you.. .ROBERT MANDUJANO 
would like to wish his son, MARC, a happy birthday. Marc 
was 3 years old on August 5. . . Congratulations to BILL 
SCHROEDLE on the birth of a son, June 30... Get well 
wishes are extended to SAM FIORITO and BOB FURHMAN. 
Both are carpenters in Area 318. 

- StaUt Stttwti & 5W J«»«r 


I must say that your station reporter slipped last month 
and didn't meet his deadline, so 52nd Street was left out. 
Sorry about that. ..The spotlight was on the Repair Depart- 
ment during the month of April. They won the Employe 




Safety Contest Award given by CTA for the least Injuries 
per one million man-hours worked during the first quarter 
of 1971. Prizes were given, and coffee and rolls were 
served. Prize winners were J. JOHNSON and R. TURNER. 
..It was good to see Superintendent JOHN LYNCH back to 
work after a slight illness. He also had a little rest and 
relaxation before his return. . . Instructor TERRY and his 
wife enjoyed a vacation during this time and has now re- 
turned and is ready for business. Just in time to greet our 
summer students I might add. A word to those summer 
students: because your time with us is short, don't think 
that it's not important... Chief Clerk A. HILLSTROM also 
enjoyed a short vacation during the month of May in Hot 
Springs, Arkansas. ..We lost the services of our congenial 
janitor, MILT BUCZYNSKI, during the janitor pick, effec- 
tive June 6. A hearty welcome is extended to J. ROGERS 
as our number one janitor for the next year. .. Operator 
THOMPSON of our Softball team is still jumping for joy 
after hitting a grand slam home run with two outs and two 
strikes, to win the game. By now, you all know that our 
team took first place in the South Section for 1970 and was 
awarded a trophy. The team is managed by Operator 
ROBERT RILEY.. .It's good to see Operator COLE back to 
work after a month-long illness. ..There was a bond drive 
during the month of June, and Chief Clerk ARNOLD HILL- 
STROM saw to it that almost all of the men at 52nd Street 
put a little more aside — just about a 72% increase in their 
payroll savings. 


I always thought that being on pension was one big vaca- 
tion, but HARRY MINOGUE, who lives in Texas, says that 
he is going to take a vacation. He is planning to go to 
Alaska by ship from Seattle, Washington, and then see as 
much of our 49th State as the roads will permit by auto. 
D. SMITH says that if you have the money, Harry, he will 
go along with you. If not, he will stick around and play 
golf.. .TONY VANDERBURG and his wife had a two-week 
vacation in Texas visiting with their son who is stationed 
there in the army. ..JACK WILSON, our number one man, 
spent a week camping out with his wife in southern Illinois. 
He also went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to visit with his 
daughter and grandchild. ..RUDY RAJ vacationed down New 
Mexico way. ..SCOTTY HIGGINS took in the "Grand Old 
Opera" in Nashville, Tennessee; went through the Smoky 
Mountains to Myrtle Beach, North Carolina, on his vaca- 
tion.. .BARNEY BECKER flew to Seattle, Washington, where 
he rented a car and drove down the Pacific coast line all 
the way to Mexico, and then took to the air, again, for 
home...W. DONAHUE is back working and says he is wired 
for sound. Just watch out for lightning, old boy. . . HANK 
(Mr. Modesty) RISCH and ED TIERNEY recently celebrated 
their birthdays. Ed won't tell how old he is, only that he is 
young enough to be Hank's son. ..The bus drivers can thank 
PETE YUSKA for the installation of the drinking fountain in 
the washroom of the "L" station. ..D. DULFER went fishing 
over the long July 4 holiday, and when he returned home, 
he found that his house had been broken into and ransacked. 
..Approximately 30 people attended the luncheon held at the 
Elk's Club for ART LIPPHARDT. Some of those who at- 
tended were: C. GIBES, assistant superintendent of opera- 
ting stations, Superintendent J. LOGAY, Assistant Super- 
FRANK ROONEY, and many other friends and co-workers 


whom he worked with for many years. May he and his 
wife, and all the others who are on pension, have many 
years of health and happiness... The fellows in the credit 
union office say that you are always welcome to come in 
and discuss a loan. Just see TONY or BILL. .. DENNIS 
COLEMAN was confined to Walter Memorial hospital, and 
Pensioner TOM BYRNE was in the hospital recuperating 
from a heart attack. Mrs. ED TIERNEY was confined to 
Holy Cross hospital suffering from pinched nerves and 
muscle spasms. We all wish them well and hope they will 
recover real soon. ..The silent reaper passed 69th Street 
and took the mother-in-law of RAY HAMMERSCHMTDT; 
Mrs. JOSEPHINE THOMA, the mother of Operator 
CHARLES THOMA, and the brother of ED BEHRENS. 
He thinned the ranks more when he took ARTHUR KRUE- 
GER after a long fight with cancer, and Loader JOHN HEN- 
NESSEY who was from the old Cottage Grove carbarn and 
worked often as my conductor. They will always be re- 
membered by their many friends, and to all the families of 
those who passed on, we extend our deepest sympathy. . . 
BILL ERICKSON, who writes for "In Transit", the union 
newspaper, was laid up again with the gout. He said it may 
be a rich man's disease, but it was making a poor man out 
of him. ..JIMMY AHERN is on vacation, and will double-up 
on the repair department news next issue. ..Don't forget to 
drop a line in the Transit News mail box, and God bless you 

- /4-ttiui P. SueJiMf 


Congratulations, fellows, on breaking our accident par 
for the month of June! We will be drinking coffee on the 
house again... Fellow operators, please inform me of your 
vacation plans so I can pass the news on. I am anxious to 
hear about your planned trips. ..JAMES MINCEY III, the son 
of Operator JAMES MINCEY Jr., will wed the lovely Miss 
ROCHELLE SMITH on Saturday, August 21. Much happi- 
ness is wished this young couple. ..JOHN COOPER Jr., the 
son of Operator JOHN COOPER, was home on leave from 
military duty. He is stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, Mis- 
souri. .. Operators L. DURR and R. LANE have returned 
from the north country of Wisconsin where they enjoyed 
some good fishing. They caught the limit of big mouth bass 
and crappies. I am passing the news along — we are all in- 
vited to a fish fry (sounds like a "fish story" to me). ..Op- 
erator JAMES A. WILLIAMS and his wife, KATHERINE, 
vacationed in sunny Nassau. They were very elated about 
their trip and Will says he spent "big money. "..Operator 
F. MOSS and his wife are leaving on vacation soon. Their 
first stop will be Florida, and from there they will travel 
to the Bahamas to enjoy the leisure of the islands. ..The 
following operators made the Courtesy Caravan Club for 
the month of June: R. GAINES, C. TURNER, S. INGRAM, 
Happy birthday to all the fellows who celebrated birthdays 
in June. ..We were certainly saddened by the passing of Op- 
erator OLIVER CHILES Sr. He had been a member of the 
CTA family for 20 years. He leaves a legion of friends 
who will miss him. ..Our condolences to Operator ARNOLD 
HODO and his family in the untimely passing of his beloved 
brother, ELTON P. HODO.. .So long for now, and remem- 
ber, smile, it won't hurt. 

- £(aiie tyut&tiM 

AUGUST, 1971 



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35 X 

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OJ — 
CJ1 —i 

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< 03 O S) 

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*. v. UJ 

eV R0 





We're getting a move on . . . THE NEW CTA 


:ta - 

move on...THENEWCT/ 
m - We're gettini 
ital Improvement 
"*o Transit Auth 
i . . . THE NEW CTA 
We're getting <* 
ital Improvement Pro 
' rity 
- C 


A Capital Improvement Program (page 4) 

We're getting 
a move on . . . 



I am sure each of you has become aware of 
steps which are being taken to improve transit 
facilities and operations. 

We have a broad gauge renewal program 
that will affect every employee. Over the next 
five years we anticipate investing $277 million 
in capital renewals and replacements. This 
program will upgrade facilities and equipment 
so that we all will have the benefit of im- 
proved working conditions. 

New equipment will be distributed fairly 
throughout the system. 

The first step in this program, involving a 
$121 million investment, is described briefly 
in this issue of Transit News. Included, are 
sketches of some of the more spectacular 
projects that will be undertaken. 

The total program, hopefully, will encour- 
age more people to use our system— therein 
lies the means of handling financial problems. 
In keeping with this, all of us-- as employees 
of CTA— must do our utmost to retain the 
riders we have and to win new riders. We 
should all encourage our friends to ride CTA. 



Michael Cafferty 

Ernie Banks 
Wallace D. Johnson 
James R. Quinn 


Michael Cafferty, Chairman 

Clair M. Roddewig 

Lawrence G. Sucsy 

Donald J. Walsh 


1,174 Named 'Employees of the Year' for 1970-71 

EXCELLENT SAFETY and work records gave 1,174 
CTA operating employees— bus operators, rapid 
transit trainmen, ticket agents, and janitors— the dis- 
tinction of being named "Employees of the Year" in 

Eligible to receive the honor were 6,539 employees 
who had worked a minimum of 200 days between June 
1, 1970, and May 31, 1971. The records of each of the 
eligible employees were reviewed by station super- 
intendents and the 1,174 were found to measure up to 
the strict criteria used in "Employee of the Year" 

selection, which includes accident records, violations, 
and complaints. 

Each of the employees named as an "Employee of 
the Year" was personally presented a wallet-size 
identification card by his station superintendent to 
certify that he has earned the designation. 

The number of "Employees of the Year" at individ- 
al operating stations, as well as the names of 25 em- 
ployees who have maintained the status for eight con- 
secutive years, are listed here: 


Bus Operators 



in 1970-71 














"Employees of the Year" 
For 8 Consecutive Years 

Anton Bober, Joseph Winters 

Leonard Borrman, Floyd Grajek, John King 

John Fiesterman, Michael Kompanowski 

Teddy Pyzyna, Walter Dabrowski 

Otto Tork 

Patrick Cronin, Gustav Petrus 

Walter Baran 

Paul Cook, Harry Osowski, Charles Schoewer 

William Burns 

68 Henry Hanson 

Rapid Transit Conductors, Motormen, Ticket & Assignment Agents, Janitors 






Doris Barthen, Dorothy Barthen, Hal Staats 
Robert Butler, Anthony Jagla, Charles Spears, 
Joseph Wacker 


Published monthly by and for employes of the Chicago Transit Authority, under the direction of the Public Information Department. 

Fran C. Knautz, Supl. of Public and Employe Relations 

Robert D. Heinlein, Editor w i ai j cj-. ■ i a 

' Mel Alexander, Editorial Assistant 

n?-Tlln S » U ™^?5l ™c. pr i Ce: $2 / 00 - Distributed free of cha 'ge c ° a H active and retired CTA employes. Address communications to 
CTA TRANSIT NEWS, Room 742, Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago, Illinois 60654. 


Announce $121 Million CTA Improvements 

CHECKS TOTALLING $3.5 million were accepted by 
Transit Board Chairman Michael Caiferty on Septem- 
ber 14 from Mayor Richard J. Daley and Cook County 
Board President George Dunne. The money from 
motor fuel tax funds represents the matching funds 
required to obtain an additional $7 million from 
Illinois Transportation Bond issue proceeds. The 
money is being made available to Chicago Transit 
Authority in accordance with legislation enacted at 
this year's session of the Illinois General Assembly. 

At the same time, Mayor Daley announced plans 
for the most extensive transit capital improvement 
program in Chicago's history to be undertaken with 
additional financial assistance available from the 
Transportation Bonds as well as from the federal 
government through the U.S. Department of Trans- 

In describing the program, Mr. Cafferty said: 
"Chicago is a vigorous and progressive city and we at 
CTA plan to keep pace with the city's future needs. 
This comprehensive program is the first of a series 
of improvements that can now be undertaken with the 
aid of the Transportation Bonds as well as greatly in- 
creased federal aid for transit. This demonstrates 
the start of a new era at CTA as signified by our new 
philosophy: 'We're getting a move on. . . THE NEW 

The two-year program which calls for an invest- 
ment of $121.7 million is the first step in a five-year 
plan which anticipates investing $277 million in capi- 
tal renewal and replacement between 1972 and 1976. 

The ambitious program is being funded by Chicago 
Transit Authority, City of Chicago, County of Cook, 
State of Illinois , and the federal government through 
the U.S. Department of Transportation. 

The local contribution will be $9.5 million to be 
matched by $19 million from the recently enacted 
Transportation Bond proceeds, along with $11.7 mil- 
lion credit from previous CTA improvements which 
are also covered retroactively under provisions of 
the Transportation Bond legislation. This $40.2 mil- 
lion represents the required local matching funds for 
an application being filed with the U.S. Department of 
Transportation to obtain the balance of $80.3 million 
needed to carry out the program. 

In addition to the capital improvements, CTA is 
undertaking an overall renovation program to reach 
all sections of the city and will consist of painting 47 
rapid transit stations and seven and one-half miles of 
"L" structure, improved rapid transit station lighting, 
and general clean-up. 

Also, CTA intends to further increase passenger 
security in cooperation with the stepped-up surveil- 
lance of the Chicago Police Department. In order to 
provide a more direct line of communication between 
CTA passengers and the Chicago Police Department, 
additional on-platform police call boxes will be in- 
stalled to supplement the 34 now in use. 

Selected details of the capital improvement pro- 
gram follow: 

Passenger Safety - $22.2 million 

Electronic speed control and in-cab signals for the 
North-South and Douglas rapid transit routes, sim- 
ilar to those in use on CTA's newer routes. 
Track and structure renewal. 

Passenger Comfort - $70.1 million 

1,000 air-conditioned buses with environmental 
improvement package and radio/monitor equip- 

100 air-conditioned rapid transit cars. 
Rail grinder to reduce noise and vibration. 
Vacuum cleaner-wall washer for subway clean-up. 

Passenger Convenience - $9.4 million 

Remodel Civic Center Station (Randolph- Washing- 
ton stations, Dearborn and State subways). 
New Congress rapid transit terminal. 
16 new escalators at rapid transit stations. 
Park 'n' Ride facilities. 
Lengthen platforms on Lake rapid transit route. 

Neighborhood Improvements - $6.0 million 
New transit terminal at 63rd/Stony Island. 
New transit terminal at Kimball/Lawrence. 
Remodel six rapid transit stations. 
Construct six off-street bus turnarounds. 

Operation Improvements - $14.0 million 

Expand, modernize and consolidate garages, shops 
and employee facilities. 
Replace service and supervisory vehicles. 
Construct rapid transit maintenance shops. 
Purchase additional bus washing equipment. 
Improve communications system. 

"Along with the physical improvements, CTA will 
continue its policy of constantly studying and analyz- 
ing riding patterns and service needs to provide im- 
proved transit service for Chicago and the surround- 
ing area," said Mr. Cafferty. "In addition, CTA will 
continue to work with the officials of newly-formed 
local transit districts to assure effective and co- 
ordinated mass transit for the total metropolitan 


Office Employee Wins 1971 Public Service Award 

FOR THE second year in a row, a CTA employee was 
selected as one of ten outstanding Chicago metropoli- 
tan area public service employees. A top award win- 
ner in the clerical category, John Gill is an employee 
in the Stores Department. 

A total of 135 nominees for public service awards 
were screened by a planning committee and six can- 
didates in each of five categories were selected for 
further consideration by a panel of prominent citi- 
zens. The categories include the professional, cleri- 
cal, public safety, general service, and supervisory 
groups. Three other nominees from CTA ranks were 
among the 30 finalists. Receiving certificates of rec- 

ognition for their "ability, dedication, and sustained 
excellence" were Stuart Maginnis of the Training De- 
partment, Eileen Neurauter of Public Information, 
and Frank Reader, iron worker foreman. 

Mr. Gill was presented his award at the Third 
Annual Superior Public Service Awards Luncheon 
earlier this year by Transit Board Member Clair 
Roddewig. The finalists accepted their certificates 
from Transit Board Chairman Michael Cafferty and 
General Manager Thomas B. O'Connor. Shown in the 
picture above are, from left, Mr. O'Connor, Mr. 
Cafferty, Mr. Reader, Mr. Gill, Mrs. Neurauter, and 
Mr. Maginnis. 

New Appointments Affect Three Departments 

DURING THE months of September and October 14 
CTA employees were appointed to new supervisory 
positions within three CTA departments— Engineering, 
Transportation, and Shops & Equipment. 

sistant Superintendent L. R. Mueller; Limits, Keeler 
& Forest Glen Stations Relief Superintendent E. J. 
Weston, and Limits & Keeler Stations Senior Instruc- 
tor M. E. Link. 

In the first of two appointments in Engineering, 
J. J. O'Connor was named assistant supervisor of 
real estate effective September 5 by Supervisor of 
Real Estate H. T. Luebeck. The appointment of J. J. 
Marszalek as building construction supervisor by Su- 
perintendent of Buildings and Construction G. Mil- 
lonas became effective September 19. Both appoint- 
ments were approved by General Superintendent of 
Engineering E. E. Olmstead. 

Named to new posts at surface operating stations 
by Superintendent of Transportation D. M. Flynn, ef- 
fective October 1, were Forest Glen Station Super- 
intendent M. H. DeWitt; Limits & Keeler Stations As- 

Named to new garage foreman assignments effec- 
tive October 10 were W. Lambert, night foreman at 
Limits Garage; M. Warchol, day assistant foreman at 
North Avenue Garage; J. Musial, P.M. foreman at 
North Avenue Garage; S. Bennett, P.M. foreman at 
69th Street Garage; J. Schultz, P.M. foreman at For- 
est Glen Garage; H. J. Johnson, relief foreman at 
Beverly Garage; C. Mills, P.M. foreman at Lawndale 
Garage, and C. Coats, relief foreman at Lawndale 
Garage. The appointments were made by Superin- 
tendent of Garages J. W. Daln and approved by Su- 
perintendent of Surface System Garages J. J. Rep- 
plinger and Superintendent of Shops & Equipment 
G. J. Clark. 


Reporters Honored at Annual Dinner 

INSIDE NEWS reporters accepted management's in- 
vitation to attend the annual Transit News dinner and 
gathered en masse with their spouses or guests in the 
M&M Club on September 10. The scribes, whose col- 
umns appear monthly in Transit News, represent de- 
partments and locations throughout CTA's vast sys- 

Transit Board Chairman Michael Cafferty ad- 
dressed the group, expressing his appreciation for 
their personal time and effort that assure the success 
of Transit News. Mr. Cafferty also told of the new 
CTA in the making and stressed the important role 
that the magazine will play in keeping employees ad- 
vised of improvements to the system and services. 

The identifications of those who attended, from left 
to right in the numbered pictures shown here, are as 

1 Seated: Mrs. R. Graham, Mrs. C. Starr, Re- 
tired Kedzie Station Reporter Charles Starr, and 
South Shops Reporter Elaine Stewart. Standing: Mrs. 
R. Brown, South Shops Reporter Bob Brown, Kedzie 
Station Reporter Raymond Graham, Transit Board 
Chairman Michael Cafferty, Mrs. M. Cafferty, Mrs. 
W. Rehder, Electrical Department Reporter Bill Ren- 
der, and Jane Foster. 2 Rapid Transit Maintenance 
Terminal Reporter Ray Brzeczek and Mrs. Brzeczek, 
North Park Station Reporter Mel Horning and Mrs. 
Horning, and Limits Station Reporter R. S. Benson 
and his sister-in-law, Alice Bystrom. 

3 Seated: Mary Thornton, Retired General Of- 
fice Reporter Mary Clarke, General Office Reporter 
Eileen Neurauter, Rudy Neurauter, and General Office 
Reporter Regina Daren. Standing: Mrs. G. Clark, 
Retired Limits Station Reporter George Clark, and 
Arlene Puralewski. 4 Seated: North Avenue Station 
Reporters Bill Miedema and Walter Blix, Jerry 
Kramer, and Claim & Law Department Reporter 
Terri Kramer. Standing: Mrs. E. Gresham and 77th 
Street Station Reporter Elcosie Gresham. 5 Seated: 

52nd Street Station Reporter John Hudson, Mrs. J. 
Hudson, 69th Street Station Reporter Art Buesing, and 
Mrs. Buesing. Standing: Roland Hartney, South Sec- 
tion Reporter Verna Hartney, Payroll Accounting Re- 
porter Clara Lawrence and her cousin, Father Iver 
Lawrence. 6 Seated: CTA Police Reporter Tim 
O'Mahony, Rose Amato, Retired Electrical Depart- 
ment Reporter Gil Andrews, Marge Kinsey, and Elec- 
trical Department Reporter Kay McAlister. Standing: 
Rapid Transit Signal Division Reporter Tommie Low- 
ery, Mrs. T. Lowery, IBM Accounting Reporter Evel- 
yn Leu, Bernie Kizior, and Schedule-Traffic Reporter 
Kay Batina. 7 Seated: Mrs. S. Siciliano, West Sec- 
tion Reporter Santo Siciliano, Loop Agents Reporter 
Mildred Doyle, Dan Doyle, and Retired West Section 
Agents Reporter Helen Pallister. Standing: Clement 
Mounts, Milwaukee, Lake & Douglas Reporter Grace 
Mounts, Catherine Naughton, Loop Agents Reporter 
Mary Wixted, and Helen Brandt. 8 Seated: George 
Henke, North Section Reporter Tina Henke, Forest 
Glen Station Reporter W. A. Henry, Mrs. W. A. Hen- 
ry, and Mrs. E. Carter. Standing: Mrs. J. Marshall, 
Lawndale Station Reporter James Marshall, Mrs. A. 
Foster, Beverly Station Reporter Amos Foster, and 
Keeler Station Reporter Ernest Carter. 9 Seated: 
Rapid Transit Maintenance Terminal Reporter Ray 
Brzeczek, Mrs. R. Brzeczek, Engineering-West Shops 
Reporter Jenny Scott and her daughter, Eleanor Scott. 
Standing: 69th Street Station Reporter Art Buesing 
and Mrs. Buesing. 10 Mrs. E. England, Skokie 
Shops Reporter Everett England, General Office Re- 
porter Eileen Neurauter, and Rudy Neurauter. 11 
Seated: Ada Ferme, South Section Reporter Verna 
Hartney, Loop Agents Reporter Mildred Doyle, and 
General Accounting Reporter Jeanne Fitzgerald. 
Standing: Roland Hartney and Dan Doyle. 12 
Seated: Christine Borcic, Florence Childress, Mrs. 
R. Heinlein, Mrs. A. Tonner, Arlene Zittman, and 
Operations Reporter Colette Szczepanek. Standing: 
Transit News Editorial Assistant Mel Alexander, Su- 
perintendent of Public & Employee Relations Fran 
Knautz, Transit News Editor Bob Heinlein, and As- 
sistant Director of Public Information Bill Baxa. 


Medically Speaking 

by Dr. George H. Irwin 

VENEREAL DISEASE is on the increase according to 
the American Medical Association. Last year, new 
cases of gonorrhea exceeded two million — a 15 per 
cent increase. Cases of syphilis increased by 8 per 

VD is one of the oldest diseases in our history. It 
was first thought that the disease was only prevalent 
in the poorer classes. It is now evident that the up- 
per classes have it in the same ratio, and the AMA 
specifically points out several nice places to live 
which have churches, colleges, well-kept lawns and 
active civic groups where the VD rate is high. Among 
these are New Haven, Connecticutt; New Jersey; 
Florida, and Atlanta, Georgia. 

The statistics above represent only the reported 
cases. Taking unreported cases into consideration, 
the total increase would be at least twice as much. 
In fact, large-scale surveys revealed that only 12 
per cent of infectious syphilis cases treated by pri- 
vate physicians were reported to the health authori- 
ties. The AMA points out that many cases were not 
reported because the physicians wish to spare their 
patients' embarrassment. This is, of course, wrong 
because the health departments cannot .control the 
spread of VD if they do not have a list of contacts. 

The following case illustrates the problem. A 
prostitute was approached by a health department in- 
vestigator in California because she had been named 
as a contact. When it was confirmed that she had 
syphilis, she produced a list of 310 male contacts of 
her own. During the interview, she took pride in 
saying that she had never been arrested because she 
worked on a strict referral system and therefore kept 
a record of all her customers. Her place of business 
was a trailer parked near an all-night highway res- 
taurant and the bulk of her customers were long-haul 
truck drivers. The list she produced reached into 36 

states and three foreign countries. The health au- 
thorities were able to trace 286 of the 310 men. Each 
of them in turn became the starting point for still 
another chain. 

Another case to show the importance and necessity 
of reporting cases is: not long ago in Philadelphia 
nine persons contracted syphilis because one case 
under treatment went unreported, and those nine 
would have gone undiscovered and would undoubtedly 
have infected many more had it not been for a hospital 
diagnosis to the health department. 

The first signs of syphilis develop within ten days 
to three weeks after sexual relations with an infected 
person. An ulcerating, but painless, sore appears on 
the sex organs or elsewhere on the body. This pri- 
mary sore is more easily detected in males than in 
females since in the latter it may be hidden within the 
vaginal area. Untreated syphilis may result in paral- 
ysis, blindness, insanity, heart disease, and death. 

Gonorrhea produces an acute inflammation of the 
genital and urinary tracts in five to ten days . In the 
male, the early and main symptom is a discharge of 
pus from the genital organs. The female can be in- 
fected and not realize it as there may not be a no- 
ticeable discharge. Blindness and arthritis can re- 
sult from this disease. If the disease goes unchecked, 
it may also cause permanent sterility in both the 
male and female. This fact, coupled with the epidem- 
ic proportion that the incidence of gonorrhea is 
reaching may well eliminate the danger of a popula- 
tion explosion in the U.S. 

For proper control of VD, all contacts should see 
their physician early. When the diagnosis is made the 
physician should report all positive cases to the 
health agencies. The health departments are only in- 
terested in getting information which will help con- 
trol spread of the infection. It is not the desire or 
business of the agencies to censor people's behavior. 
This is the individual's right or decision. 

It is difficult to understand the increase in VD es- 
pecially when people know that there are drugs which 
cure the infection. This information or knowledge 
seems to encourage negligence and a false sense of 

Both gonorrhea and syphilis are curable in their 
early stages. Prompt reporting of the disease and 
proper medical treatment are absolutely essential 
because of the contagious nature of the disease and 
the potential harm to the infected person. 

If all medical records are kept absolutely confi- 
dential it will encourage patients and physicians to 
report these cases. In this way the incidence of VD 
will be reduced. 




ACCOUNTING (General) - 

We extend a belated welcome to MICHAEL CIKAKA who 
was appointed senior accountant, and to ARTHUR PINELLI 
who transferred from Claim to the invoice posting clerk 
position. The welcome mat is also extended to CHUCHAI 
GOSRISIRIKUL who successfully achieved the position of 
accountant I. We also welcome RITA RITROVATO who 
transferred from the Employment Department and is taking 
PATRICIA CAMP'S place. Patricia left CTA on August 6 
to await a blessed event. Another welcome goes to ZITA 
GYURICZA, who successfully achieved the position of in- 
voice clerk n, taking BEATRICE FRANKE's place. Bea- 
trice is now in the Billing Section. To all these people we 
say good luck and nice to have you on board. . . KEN Mc- 
NEELY and his family enjoyed swimming, golfing, and re- 
laxing at Door County, Wisconsin, again this year. His 
son, TOM, had fun horseback riding with some friends he 
met there last year. A highlight for the family was visiting 
the church in Sturgeon Bay where the hymn, The Old 
Rugged Cross, was first performed in 1912. .. STELLA 
CIEZADLO went to Crystal Lake on her recent vacation. 
She sun-bathed, rode around sightseeing, and also went 
shopping... JOE LAZZARA and his wife and four children 
spent part of their vacation in scenic Door County, Wis- 
consin, where they enjoyed many varied activities, from 
water sports and horseback riding to sightseeing and an- 
tique hunting. They also spent a fun-filled day at the Wis- 
consin State Fair and enjoyed seeing the Cubs win at Wrig- 
ley Field... ANN SLOAN spent her vacation at Lake Delavan, 
Wisconsin. She had a very nice time and the weather was 
beautiful. . . MARTIN WILMSEN spent his vacation around 
home doing some of the things he enjoys... Our deepest 
sympathy and condolences are extended to ANTHONY 
SCARDINA on the loss of his mother, Mrs. MARGARET 
SCARDINA, on September 17. ..The Transit News dinner 
which was held on September 10 at the M&M Club was, as 
always, a very lovely affair. It was nice to meet Mr. and 
Mrs. MICHAEL CAFFERTY, and to meet again with all 
other reporters involved in getting this magazine ready for 
circulation. The tour of Operations Control afterwards was 
very educational and fascinating.. .JACQUELINE BIZIK and 
her twin sister, JEANNE BIZIK, traveled to Tucson, Ari- 
zona, to visit their father. They had not seen him for 15 
years and they found him well... MARIE FOLZ's daughter, 
BARBARA HERMAN, was married on August 28 to JAMES 
MULKA in St. Maria de Poppolo chapel. One of the high- 
lights of the wedding were the ringbearers, little JOHN 
HERMAN and his cousin, LISA. The reception was held at 
Tommy's Beef and Stein. 

- f/uuute ^U^ciald 

(Payroll) - 

VI MEYER spent part of her vacation at the Wisconsin 
Dells. She enjoyed the scenic boat trip, the Wax Museum, 
and the displays of the different ways of making fudge which 
looked so luscious that she was compelled to buy too 
much — only to give it away. She visited in Spring Valley, 
Illinois, her mother's hometown and also spent time re- 
laxing at her sister's summer home in Lake Holiday where 
she enjoyed boating, outdoor activities, and acquired a 

lovely sun tan. . . MARY BLACKMORE flew to Rochester, 
New York, to visit with her brother and his family, and also 
enjoyed a trip to Niagara Falls. ..The tables were turned on 
DORIS YOST, for this time her daughter and family came 
to Chicago for a visit. This gave Doris the opportunity to 
show the children the parks, zoo, and other points of inter- 
est in our area, and also gave us, at the Mart, the oppor- 
tunity to see the darling children... JOSEPHINE COLEMAN 
and your scribe agree how pleasant a vacation can be in the 
Chicago area where one may shop leisurely, have lunch, 
attend a matinee, or travel during the week without a great 
deal of congested traffic. Of course, for successful barbe- 
cues, good weather helps a lot and that is what we had!.. 
LEY, and her family drove to Bonita Springs, Florida, to 
visit her aunts and pick up her son, JIM, who had spent his 
vacation there. It was a two-day drive each way, and they 
stopped in Chattanooga, Tennessee, both times. While in 
Bonita Springs they took advantage of the beautiful Gulf of 
Mexico where they went for a swim every day and enjoyed 
it very much. ..On September 10 the Transit News reporters 
were invited to attend a lovely dinner party in the M&M 
Club. We appreciate the hospitality of the Transit News 
staff and look forward to these gala evenings of fellowship. 
As usual, everyone had a wonderful time. 

(Tabulating) - 

JOHN ECKEL reminds me of that popular song, "It's so 
nice to have a man around the house." On his vacation he 
painted his house, carpeted the kitchen, and still had time 
to take his family to Santa's Village where a good time was 
had by all. . . The Abbey in Fontana, Wisconsin, was the 
lovely spot picked by MARGE DORGAN for her vacation. 
And even though the weather was not especially nice, she 
had a good time. . . The Air Force Academy in Colorado 
Springs was one of the places visited by DAN FRUSOLONE 
and his family. They also visited many places in Wyoming, 
the Black Hills and the Bad Lands of the Dakotas, as well 
as Wisconsin. They covered about 3,000 miles... PAT 
POLIC spent a delightful vacation in Home, U.S.A. She 
went fishing, shopped leisurely, and best of all, slept late 
every morning... A fond farewell was extended to our long- 
time boss, HERB ROHDE, who took an early retirement on 
August 1. He and Mrs. Rohde were guests at a luncheon in 
the M&M Club on July 21 which was attended by his co- 
workers and old friends. ..We were all a bit envious of 
PAULINE MANGINO who has cut all ties with CTA and 
Chicago and moved to "sunny" California — North Hollywood 
to be exact. Her many friends remembered her with a gift 
and sent her on her way with good wishes. ..The welcome 
mat is out for KAREN HERMAN and ANTONETTE DeFRIS- 
CO, who are new not only to the Key Punch Department, but 
also to CTA. Nice to have you with us, girls... Per haps this 
is the time to say welcome to DAN PROFFITT. Dan is our 
new "boss" taking over where Herb Rohde left off. Dan 
formerly worked in Tabulating for many years. Nice to 
have you back, Dan, and good luck...EMIL RUSINAK spent 
part of his vacation in Bridgeman, Michigan. He and his 
family visited a farm where the younger Rusinaks could 



acquaint themselves with some aspects of farm life... PAT 
SCHOENBAUM elected to stay home on her vacation, catch- 
ing up on chores and ignoring the alarm clock. . . Lake 
George in New York is the delightful spot that CARMELLA 
PETRELLA picked for an enjoyable week. She visited the 
many historical sights the region offers, as well as the 
summer stock theaters. 


A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get a charter on 
my day off. I was traveling east on 159th street with a load 
of happy people and met this brown Chevy running like he 
was trying to catch his leader. He made a U-turn and fol- 
lowed me into the picnic area. Guess who it was ? It was 
Mr. BANKS, the champ, just returning from his vacation in 
Nap Town, Indiana... I received a nice card from Operator 
LEROY LILLY and his wife, JOSEPHINE, who are having a 
nice time in Canada... Operator MICHAEL MOORE caught 
"5,000" JONES' run on lllth-115th street, and is he crying 
the blues. ..Operator LINDSEY received a commendation, 
and he and I, along with a few other fellows, made Employ- 
ee of the Year. I don't know how Operator BOYD made it, 
but he did. ..Reverend LEE had all his teeth pulled, and now 
he has to drink his food. Supervisor MARTENSEN said he 
could get him some false teeth, cheap. He has a friend who 
works for the County morgue. . . Former Bus Serviceman 
MIKE O'SHAUGHNESSY, the son of Bus Operator ED 
O'SHAUGHNESSY, celebrated his 21st birthday on Septem- 
ber 2. Mike is now in the army and stationed in Viet Nam. 
Hurry home, Mike, we miss you. 

- Tom "DtmitU & r4mo4 "ptitvi 


Our sympathy is extended to former CTA Officer BILL 
GROSSMAN (now at the 20th district) on the loss of his 
brother, DANIEL... The CTA Police have been placed under 
the control of DAVID M. FLYNN, superintendent of Trans- 
portation, since July 1. The efforts of the department are 
to be concentrated on safeguarding the physical plant, vehi- 
cles, and supplies of the CTA. Let's increase our efforts 
in halting damage and theft of CTA property offenses. Mr. 
GRAVER points out that vandalism to stations and theft of 
fire extinguishers has become an expensive matter. Make 
it your business to know about the CTA's electrical system 
so you can tell when something is defective or missing. If 
you have any questions, ask someone. If you don't have any 
questions, think of some. The sergeants and lieutenants 
are there to fill you in or they'll help you get an answer... 
RICHARD GISINER retired on October 1. Richard began 
with the old Surface Lines in 1941, spending most of his 
time at Devon Station as a motor man. Since 1956, Richard 
has been a CTA policeman and is known for his thorough 
and conscientious work. Before his retirement, Richard 
and his wife, RUTH, were on vacation in Washington, D. C, 
and the East. The Gisiners will do some more traveling 
and just take it easy after October l...The charming new 
face in the office is that of PAT FLYNN, our new steno. 
Pat worked in the Employment Department before coming 
to the fourth floor. . . IVAN KASSER resigned and left for 
Miami, Florida, where he expects to be called for the Dade 
County sheriff's police. ..Receiving a ribbon and a trophy 
for first place in the nine-month old division at the Tri- 


County doberman pinscher meet was Felix, raised and 
trained by BILL JAQUEST. .. Supervisor "Red" GOETZ, 
known to officers working the Limits unit as the point man 
at Clark and Schubert, has retired for some fishing at his 
home in Wisconsin. Red was a good friend to the CTA Po- 
lice. ..Sergeant PAUL and SUSAN FIDANZE vacationed at 
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, and did some fishing. Also spend- 
ing time in the dairy state were BOB and DELLA HAWK- 
INS who were water skiing at the Dells. ..ED and JUDITH 
DEMAN have something in common— they all spent their 
vacations around town. For Ed and Harold it was paint-up, 
fix-up time. Everyone in Bob's family chose to stay home 
so their son, DANNY, could finish the season pitching for 
his little league team. The team took third place and Danny 
received a trophy... LESTER DEMAN is feeling much better 
after being on the sick list for several weeks... Skullbone, 
Tennessee, the world's smallest town (population 3), was 
one spot Lieutenant BILL and RUBY BUTLER went vaca- 
tioning... JOHN and BARBARA ACTON visited some of their 
family in Terre Haute, Indiana. . . PHIL THOMAS blames 
some reloads for his poor score at the Carpentersville An- 
nual Combat Match held at the West Chicago- DuPage Coun- 
ty police range. Phil wants all his fellow officers to get 
interested in the Waukegan Police Shoot-o-rama which 
started in September and will be held monthly. This is a 
National Rifle Association sanctioned police combat match. 
..Ten CTA officers were once gumshoes (railroad detec- 
tives) for either the Rock Island Lines, Erie Railroad, 
Union Station company, Chicago and North Western, or the 
Milwaukee Road. Sergeant FRANK KRETZ recalls that 
sitting on top of $3 million in gold bullion wasn't too com- 
fortable. Your scribe knows some railroad bosses who 
were in quite a panic over an express car loaded with 
freshly-minted coins that got lost for nearly a day. ..CTA 
Teamwork got an assist when ED BUGAL was working the 
North Avenue-Keeler unit. A fire at Division and Damen 
had some buses blocked. Ed prevailed on the traffic of- 
ficers to make an exception for the CTA vehicles enabling 
the delayed buses to get around the tie-up and back in ser- 
vice. ..BILL McKENZIE got a call to wake up a sleeper on a 
pull-in bus at 77th Street Station. A protective search pri- 
or to waking the sleeper revealed a gun. When Bill awak- 
ened the sleeper, he greeted him with those three little 
words, "You're under arrest. "..A fellow on a Milwaukee 
train was attracted to a pretty young lady to the extent of 
bothering her. When she didn't respond to his advances, 
the fellow tried to drag her off the train with him. MARV 
GOLDWATER had been keeping an eye on this all along and 
when the fellow began getting rough, Marv moved in for the 
arrest. .. Soon after a gang of four youths boarded a 59th 
street bus, they began to rob one of the passengers. Also 
on the bus en route home was Sergeant PETE GENUTIS. 
Pete grabbed one of the offenders and took him off the bus. 
A crowd was attracted by the offender's shouting and there 
were some tense moments until additional police arrived. 
The robbery victim was an official in the City Corporation 
Counsel's office and wrote a very appreciative letter about 
Sergeant Genutis' actions. ..A lady shopper left a depart- 
ment store at State and Madison and joined the crowd at the 
northbound bus stop there. Unknown to her, a thief opened 
her purse and made off with her wallet. Lieutenant BILL 
BUTLER and WHITEY LAATSCH had been watching the of- 
fender and gave chase. The woman continued on her way 
oblivious to what was happening. The offender was caught. 
The woman was contacted through identification in the 




stolen wallet. The offender was released on a personal 
recognizance bond (no cash required), but when the trial 
came up he didn't show. An arrest warrant was issued by 
the judge. ..A 66-year old man was mugged by three youths 
at the 59th and Wentworth "L" Station, and Sergeant PAUL 
FIDANZE and ED GARNER arrived to take the report. 
While they were talking to the victim, one of the offenders 
came back into the station. The victim pointed him out. He 
was arrested along with the other two offenders who were 
hanging around outside. It doesn't take much to outwit 
some criminals... For the sake of being able to successfully 
match wits with the more adroit wrongdoers, these officers 
are attending school on their own time this fall: McKEN- 
ZIE, at Thornton Community in Harvey; NAIF and KLOD- 
NICK, at Loop Junior; COOPER, at Mayfair Junior; LON- 
ERGAN, at Triton in River Grove; WALLACE, at Chicago 
Circle, and your scribe at Loyola.. .Credits for arrests that 
are especially worthwhile in protecting the transit system 
during the eighth period (July 11 to August 7) are: Assaults 
on passengers/employees: STEFFICK, LONERGAN, VOGT 
(1). Pickpockets, jackrollers, jostling: LaFOLLETTE, 
ROY, LAATSCH (1). Robbery: JAQUEST (2), HIGENS, 
GARNER (1), FIDANZE, GARNER (3). Weapons arrests: 
(1), McKENZIE (1), RIMELE, SPATARO (1). Narcotics 
arrests: GENUTIS, WALLACE (2). Sex offense arrests: 
RIMELE, SPATARO (2). That's some fine work, officers. 
Keep your eyes open for property offenses. . .Celebrating 
happy birthdays in August were HENDERSHOT (6th), Su- 
perintendent GRAVER (11th), KRETZ (13th), JAQUEST 
(14th), Chief MILLER (16th), and COOPER (21st). And in 
September it was NAIF (10th), FIRLINGER (12th), TOKAR- 
CZYK (20th), GISINER (22nd), GOLDWATER (25th), and 
O'MAHONY (29th). ..Good weather and close competition at 
the Fraternal Order of Police golf day at St. Andrew's golf 
course made it a great time for Superintendent GRAVER, 
Chief MILLER, Sergeants MOKSTAD and KRETZ, and 

- luKtt&y OJKa&aKtf 

CONGRESS (Agents) - 

Student Agent MICHAEL AHERN, who was recently 
graduated from college, is spending several months trav- 
eling in Europe. ..Agent MARTHA BLEERS flew to Germany 
to welcome a new grandchild. She was accompanied on the 
trip by her daughter. . . MARY GALLAGHER went on her 
yearly visit home to Ireland.. .EILEEN CARMODY and her 
children are in Ireland. Her mother hasn't been very well 
and needed the comfort of having her daughter and grand- 
children at her side. . . EILEEN SWANSON celebrated her 
65th birthday by moving to Wisconsin.. .Pensioner MOLLY 
SHIELDS recently entertained guests from her homeland, 
Ireland. . . PATRICK DOYLE and his sister, Agent MARY 
DOYLE, went to Pennsylvania for the Labor day weekend. 
Mary and Agent MARY DOLAN are taking early retire- 
ments. May all their days be happy and their health the 
very best. We shall all miss you at work, but we'll be 
seeing you.. .We were shocked to hear of BETTY SEGER- 
SON's mishap. Betty is doing very well and we hope to see 
her soon... We extend our sympathy to Agent JOSEPH VA- 
NEK and his family on the death of his sister. . . Porter 


AUSTIN YOUNG was held up while on vacation. . . Agent 
united in holy matrimony on September 18 at the First 
Church of Deliverance. Rozenda wore a pink silk mid- 
Victorian gown and a finger-tip veil. Her mother, Mrs. 
JEAN PITTS, was most attractive in a two-piece rose raw 
silk ensemble. The bride's sister, ELAINE PITTS, was the 
maid of honor and caught the bridal bouquet. The groom's 
parents, Mr. and Mrs. EDWARD J. HAWKINS, wore a big 
smile fixed with pride and happiness as they watched the 
happy couple exchange marriage vows. The reception was 
held at the bride's home, 116th and Racine. ..Our sympathy 
is extended to Former Agent HELEN SHANNON and her 
family on the loss of her sister who passed away in St. 
Petersburg, Florida... Pensioner MARY EVERDING is now 
living in Denver, Colorado. . . MARGUERITE and JOHN 
SCHEWE always enjoy hearing from old friends. You may 
send your cards and letters to your scribe at the Des- 
plaines Avenue Station on the Congress. 

ELECTRICAL (Blue Island) - 

As school days started again, some vacations were still 
in full swing. PAT GRIFFIN and his family are in Ireland; 
the RICHARD DORGANS visited the beautiful islands of 
Hawaii, and BILL LOOS and his wife spent some time in 
Hayward, Wisconsin, which is also BOB BOOTH'S hide- 
away. ..Our summer temporary employees are getting ready 
to return to college, and DON LUKAS was the first to leave. 
..JIM BLAA is on a month's training duty with the naval re- 
serve. He is attached to the USS Parsons out of San Diego, 
California... ROBERT MICHALSKI, the son of MARIE and 
BERNARD MICHALSKI, won a trip to Houston, Texas. The 
trip includes a visit to the space center, a room at the 
same hotel with the Chicago Cubs, tickets to a baseball 
game at the Astro- Dome — which we expect is something he 
will really enjoy... WILLIAM and SUZAN STAUNTON pre- 
sented Grandpa BILL STAUNTON Sr. with a little grand- 
daughter, KATHLEEN MARIE, on July 25.. .SAM GAFFEN 
retired on August 1 and about 35 of his co-workers had 
coffee and rolls with him on the last day he worked. 
RALPH JOSSI also retired on August 1 and was given a 
wonderful sendoff. About 70 of his friends were there to 
wish him well. Pensioners who came in to welcome the 
new retirees into their group were: J. MICHNICK, A. 
IGAN, W. YOCIUS, and P. CARPINO. Distribution Engi- 
neer RON SWINDELL presented Ralph with his retirement 
folder. His address will be: Ranch Lake, Route 1, Box 
101H, Pound, Wisconsin. .. CHESTER MATUSZEWSKI be- 
came the proud grandfather of a baby boy, KEITH THOMAS, 
born to PATRICIA and EDWARD HAGEN of Fridley, Min- 
nesota... Congratulations to DONNA and CHRIS SUREK who 
were married on August 15. Donna is the daughter of 
MARION and MIKE RICKSON... Congratulations to Mr. and 
Mrs. PETER L. JANKE on the marriage of their daughter, 
ception was held at Mister Alegetti...A happy retired life is 
sent to RAY SIERS who took his pension on September 1 af- 
ter 41 years of service. ..I met GILBERT ANDREWS at the 
Transit News reporters' dinner and he looks younger than 
the day he retired. To ROBERT HEINLEIN and the Trans- 
it Authority, thanks for letting us bring our wives and other 
guests. ..On vacation at this time is PETER JANKE, LU- 


JOE LACKI, and GORDON EGGERS. Hoping to hear from 
all of you fellows as to where you spent your vacations... 
Off sick at this writing are CHARLEY MULBRANDON, 
ER, JOHN HOFFERT, and DON RYAN. Hurry and get well, 
fellows. ..To all you retirees out there, let us hear from 
you... Congratulations to WILLIAM and ROSE BECKMAN 
who recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. 
They have planned a trip to Hawaii. 

- TVdUam IZc/Un 

(General Office) - 

Distribution Engineer RON SWINDELL and his family 
spent a wonderful three weeks touring the U.S.A. and Cana- 
da. They drove to Detroit, then over to Toronto, Montreal, 
Quebec, and crossed Gaspe' Peninsula to Prince Edward 
Island, where they enjoyed a week crammed with activities. 
Homeward bound through Maine and New York, they stopped 
at Niagara Falls. After covering 4,400 miles, the little 
Swindells, CRAIG, KENNETH, and LYNN MARIE are really 
seasoned travelers. ..On August 7, Miss IDA IMBRAGUGLIO 
became the bride of Mr. JAMES JABLONSKL Our Lady 
Mother of the Church was the setting for the ceremony, 
followed by a reception for 350 guests at the Chateau Roy- 
ale. The lovely bride is the daughter of Engineering As- 
sistant and Mrs. MARTY IMBRAGUGLIO. Another beau- 
tiful bride was Miss DONNA JEAN RICKSON who was 
united in holy matrimony to Mr. CHRISTOPHER LEE SU- 
REK on August 15 at St. Thomas More church. A reception 
followed at the Landmark. Donna is the daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. MICHAEL RICKSON, administrative assistant. 
Our best wishes for many years of happiness is extended to 
both couples ... Our sincere condolences are extended to 
DEL TOSH whose mother, who was here on a visit, passed 
away while en route to her home in California. ..BILL REH- 
DER, your scribe from Blue Island, and myself, are happy 
to welcome TOMMIE LOWERY as the new scribe for the 
signal maintainers and helpers and BEN NIELSEN as 
scribe for the men at Chicago Avenue Shop. 

- "Kay tttcAUttm 

(Chicago Avenue) • 

It is with heavy heart that we report the passing of Pen- 
sioner CARL HIRSCHENER on July 30. Carl served as a 
bonder in the third rail gang after coming herefrom the old 
North Shore Line. . . Happy to see DON GRUDECKI and 
GEORGE COX back on the job, and neither looks any the 
worse for wear. ..BOB BOSCHERT is now home after a 
short sojourn in Swedish Covenant hospital. We are also 
expecting POLLY back soon. . . Big TED NADROWSKI re- 
ported in sick, but from what we hear it shouldn't be a long 
siege, hopefully. . . CHARLIE KASS is back from his two- 
week army vacation. He looks good, even got a haircut... 
One of the Howes is missing. LUKE HOWE reports that 
his daughter, CAROLYN, is traveling in Europe with 
friends of the family. Her itinerary includes the Nether- 
lands, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and France. How is that 
for traveling?. .Your reporter comments that his daughter, 
BONNIE, has been grinning for the last two weeks. Rea- 
son: her husband, TOM, has been home on furlough and is 
now a private first class. Both are expecting to be in Ger- 
many— ON DUTY... Superintendent S. E. DOBOSIEWICZ 
spent his vacation in the North Woods... VITO RACANELLI 
sent us a postcard from Door County, Wisconsin. .. BILL 
SHEAHAN visited his daughter in Colorado. He also went 


to Yellowstone National Park... FRED KOSS is now vaca- 
tioning at his Wisconsin estate. ..CHARLIE SALVATORE is 
vacationing in California and Las Vegas. So far we haven't 
received any calls for help. ..DON CRANDALL will be vaca- 
tioning at Olson's Falls. .. Fellows, if you have a son or 
daughter in the service, we would like to know. 

(Rapid Transit Signal Division) - 

Back to work again and in good spirits is JOHN GAY. 
John had to pick up the pieces and pull himself together 
after having a severe auto accident. ..An increasing number 
of our co-workers are now boat owners. Being outnum- 
bered by us landlubbers, we hope these guys remain afloat. 
The proud owners are: LOU GONZALES, DANNY HAM- 
SKI had a lot of fun on August 4 when they celebrated their 
ninth wedding anniversary in New Munster, Wisconsin. 
Some of their in-laws and friends went along to make this a 
most enjoyable occasion. Good start, Chuck. ..Big LOU is 
back from his vacation where he had a lot of fun camping 
and fishing with his nine-year old son and four of his pals 
at Fox Lake. Lou said his 17-footer handled beautifully. 
He also traveled to Boulder, Colorado, with some "hippie" 
friends. ..One of our favorite pensioners, ACHILLES (Kelly) 
MIRABELLI, passed away on August 2. He retired on Au- 
gust 1, 1967, after more than 46 years of service with the 
company, and a unique kind of service to his fellow co- 
workers: that of giving one's self. Coming from the Sur- 
face Division to the Rapid Transit Signal Division, he be- 
came one of our most honored "go-fers" (carrier of mail 
and light materials). Kelly, at the height of his career, be- 
came one of the best gate repairmen our department had. 
Although he has been laid to rest in Mount Carmel ceme- 
tery, there still remains in our memory an individual re- 
spected for helping to shape the very nature of our depart- 
ment. No! He was not the same as any other family man, 
he loved every moment of it. Yes ! He did stand tall for no 
one ever looked down on him. You who have never met 
Kelly have been somewhat cheated. Sorry about that. ..It's 
true — the Transit News, particularly this column, is a 
means by which our pensioners and former employees can 
keep up with what's happening in our department. Keep in 
touch by writing to us and sending any newsy bits of in- 
formation. Your co-workers and retired personnel would 
like to hear about you. Send good sharp snapshots if you 
like. Address all material to TOMMIE LOWERY, CTA 
Transportation Office, 95th Dan Ryan Terminal. 


Enjoying a late summer vacation was LEO LIZAK, who 
flew to New York where he visited his mother and broth- 
ers... LOUISE SANDSTROM flew to Indian Lake in upper 
Michigan to spend two weeks with her sister, ESTHER, 
formerly of the Schedule Department, and her brother-in- 
law. Outside of a few cloudy days, she hit the jackpot 
weatherwise. She also enjoyed the unpolluted air with a 
million stars, not visible in Chicago, and a big full moon. 
Her sister and brother-in-law are very happy with their 
home and retired life. . . JIM JOHNSON is now the proud 
father of another girl, JENNIFER ANNE, born on August 10 
weighing 6 pounds 12 ounces. Our congratulations to you 



and your wife, Jim. ..We also say goodby to LINDA LE 
MONNIER who transferred to the Claim Department. Lots 
of luck to you, Linda, and don't forget to stop by and see 
your friends back here. We would like to say hello to 
KATHY KRUEGER who transferred from the Transporta- 
tion Department, where she was a stenographer, replacing 
Linda. . . Our thanks to MARY GRACE CASTRO, Employ- 
ment Department, for helping us out until Kathy came. 

(West Shops) - 

SEAN LEON GALLON, weighing 6 pounds 2 ounces, was 
born on Friday, September 3, to Mr. and Mrs. MATTHEW 
GALLON. Sean's mama, MARY, is the former reporter 
for West Shops... More about babies, a most happy subject, 
Track Foreman TOM STAUNTON is now the proud papa of 
son number two; Carpenter Foreman JOE FUCARINO is 
also a proud papa of a son, and Supervisor of Mechanical 
Maintenance WALLY HALL FORD is the proud papa of num- 
ber two daughter, a Miss America of 1990, and will answer 
to the name of JILL... The Building Department Softball 
team wishes to express their appreciation for support of 
the raffle for purchasing equipment. Tinner TONY SPAK 
and Labor Foreman BOB REVOLT spearheaded the drive 
with excellent cooperation from all areas. Laborer JIM 
BEATTY won the electric watch. The team finished the 
season with a 5-11 record. Our stars were H. D. HER- 
DAVISON, HANK MOSELY, and Jim Beatty with moral sup- 
port from jolting JOE STANTON. Bowling teams are now 
forming, and all interested men please contact Jim Beatty. 
Our basketball team will also be forming soon, so watch 
the bulletin board. Active men are healthy men. YES or 
NO? Si-si, says Beatty. .. Labor Foreman ROCKY FER- 
RARO's three- week vacation was a trip to Rome, Paris, 
Monaco, Monte Carlo, Switzerland, and the Isle of Capri. 
Highlights of the tour were the Vatican and St. Peter's 
Basilica... A most interesting vacation was that of Steam- 
fitter JIM FLORES who took his family to Canada for a 
camper's convention. They enjoyed their stay for a week 
and then went on to Minnesota for another week of fishing 
and fun. The fish were really biting, and this reporter was 
lucky enough to get a big sample — simply delicious. I'm 
a fish lover from way, way back. . . Steamfitter General 
Foreman VIC EISEMANN spent his spring vacation down 
south. He stopped off in Kentucky to see Mammoth Cave. 
He then visited the Busch Bavarian Beer Garden in Tampa, 
Florida, and then on to see the Everglades. They based in 
Florida for swimming, golfing, fishing, and soaking up the 
sun. . . Congratulations to CHARLES M. SCHREY and J. 
GORCZYNSKI, carpenter apprentices, who became journey- 
men as of April 30. ..General Plumber Foreman CHESTER 
MAJEROWICZ vacationed with his family just enjoying the 
resort life... JOE MARSZALEK looks rested after two one- 
week vacations... Steamfitter Foreman BILL RASKINS is on 
the mend and should be back among us very soon... Carpen- 
ter Apprentice WALLY and Carpenter Foreman LEO FEL- 
CKOWSKI spent two weeks just roaming around and getting 
a good rest. ..The welcome mat is out to SUE MILLONAS. I 
had asked for someone fat and ugly, and what do they send 
us — a petite number and pretty as a picture. Welcome any- 
way, Sue. . . REBECCA, the daughter of EDGAR SHAW, 
Track and Structures Department, was graduated from the 
Wesley Memorial Hospital School of Nursing on June 25. 
Congratulations to the parents and our best wishes to Re- 


becca... WALLY HALLFORD's annual fishing jaunt proved 
very fruitful, so he says. He is off on another trip, but this 
time with his family. ..ED HESS returned with a nice tan 
and he does look well rested. Ed says the fishing was good 
and the weather was agreeable. ..VITO CONSTANTINO, af- 
ter 42 years of service, retired August 1, We wish Vito 
many happy and healthy years ahead. Vito was with the 
Track Department. ..Ironworker S. LOCIY, after 41 years 
of service, retired August 1. I know you'll find Lociy at 
the old fishing hole most of the time. Many healthy and 
happy years for you too, Steve. ..All of us are happy to 
see BILL KENNY, ironworker helper, back to work looking 
very chipper after a long siege of illness. Stay well, Bill... 
Mr. and Mrs. IRVING JOHNSON, record storage, vaca- 
tioned in Miami, Florida. Mrs. Johnson mentioned that she 
had never been on a big boat, so Mr. Johnson, being the 
good husband that he is, booked passage on a boat to Nas- 
sau... TOM HICKS and his family spent their vacation in the 
Ozarks. They did a lot of fishing, but Tom said his son 
caught all the big ones. ..Mr. and Mrs. ART STEERS toured 
all the interesting spots around Colorado Springs where 
they said the country was very beautiful. ..Congratulations 
to Mr. and Mrs. CHESTER MAJEROWICZ who celebrated 
16 years of wedded bliss on September 16. Many more 
happy years ahead to you both. . . BARNEY HOLTANE is 
anxiously awaiting the arrival of his wife, MARY EVELYN, 
from her tour of Japan, Hong Kong, Manila, Philipines, and 
Hawaii. She will have many interesting stories to tell Bar- 
ney about her trip. 

- Vantuu QaiutM & Oouuc Scott 


Congratulations and a hearty welcome to our new night 
superintendent, VIC JOHNSON. This fine gentleman has 
been with CTA for quite some time, working his way up 
from the streetcars, buses, as a supervisor, and now the 
big step as superintendent. Mr. Johnson knows transporta- 
tion inside and out. His door is always open for his men in 
any way he can help them. ALEX JOHNSON, our former 
night superintendent, is now at North Park. We here at 
Forest Glen wish him the very best and hope that he will 
drop in and see us once in awhile. ..Operator E. L. BRZE- 
CZEK and his wife are grandparents for the ninth time. If 
I count right, that makes a full baseball team. . . Mr. and 
Mrs. RON HINTZE are the proud parents of a baby boy, 
TODD, who was born on July 20... Yardman WOODY OWENS 
visited his 84-year old mother in North Dakota while on 
vacation. Woody said he had a wonderful time. . . Clerk 
JOHN MILLER celebrated his 12th wedding anniversary on 
August 28. He took his family on a six-week tour of Canada 
where they went camping, fishing, and bear fighting. It 
seems one evening John had a close shave with a visiting 
bear which he finally subdued by using a broom. Mrs. Mil- 
ler, what will the old boy try next?..LEROY OWENS, who 
was retired less than a month, passed away suddenly. Our 
sincere sympathy is extended to his family. . .ROBERT 
KAESE, repair department, was united in holy matrimony 
to GLORIA KOWALSKI on August 21 at Peace Lutheran 
church, with the reception following at the White Eagle in 
Niles, Illinois. The happy couple honeymooned in Califor- 
nia... Repairman JOE SCHUR retired on August 1 after 37 
years of service. ..WALTER DEMBOS reports that his son, 
WALTER Jr., is touring Europe on his motorbike. His 
first card arrived stating that he was in Great Britain. He 
also went to France, Switzerland, and Austria. His last 




card said that he had traveled almost 4,000 miles and that 
the people were wonderful to him. Traveling alone is a 
wonderful way to see the world. . . Operator BEN KAMKA 
and his wife, JEAN, are taking in the sights of the Bad 
Lands, Reno, and beautiful Lake Tahoe in California. They 
also visited San Die go... Indian JOE was attacked by three 
dogs on his trip to Minnesota. Looks as if man's best 
friend will turn on you. How about it, Joe ?.. Operator 
O'BRIEN is on the sick list, but from the last report, 
should be back in the driver's seat soon. Hurry back, 
O'Brien, you are really missed on Harlem avenue. ..Opera- 
tor JOHN MAHNKE and his wife, RUTH, and son, ROGER, 
are on vacation in the Ozarks... Operator PANTOS and his 
lovely wife are up in Canada relaxing for a week.. .BILL 
WHITE and his family were camping out up in Northern 
Wisconsin. They just love that part of the country. . . 
THOMAS MEAGHER and his wife flew east to visit their 
son who is stationed on the East Coast. . . Need financial 
help? See your credit union. It is also a very good place 
to save. ..RAY and PEGGY ZAPP spent ten days visiting 
their son and daughter-in-law, RONALD and CORA, in 
Poway, California. While he was there, Ray painted the 
patio and trim for his son's home. Ray's daughter, BAR- 
BARA, who was there visiting with her brother, accompa- 
nied them on a trip to Tijuana and San Luis, Mexico, where 
they took films of their travels. Congratulations are in 
order for Ronald and Cora on the birth of a son, PATRICK 
ALAN, August 19. The Zapps now have seven grandchil- 
dren. We also extend our deepest sympathy to Ray and 
Peggy on the death of her mother, Mrs. SARAH ZUEGE, 
who passed away in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, on Au- 
gust 1 at the age of 83. Nine months ago, Ray and Peggy's 
27-year old son, GERALD, was killed in Lombard, Illinois, 
and the person responsbile was found and convicted. 

- 70. *. "»umf 

GENERAL OFFICE (Employment) - 

MICHAEL O'CONNOR, temporary laborer in the Stores 
Department, and the son of JACK O'CONNOR, exchanged 
wedding vows with GAIL MUSIL on August 7 at St. Michael's 
church in Palos Park, with a reception following at Beverly 
Woods restaurant. ..DON RIESS and his wife drove to Lake 
Delavan, Wisconsin, to spend their vacation. ..RITA HUR- 
LEY and her husband and family spent a delightful week 
vacationing in Springfield and St. Louis. ..FRANK BRADY 
and his family spent their vacation at their summer home 
in Burlington, Wisconsin... Two new employees were wel- 
comed to the department, JOANN FERLITO and KATH- 
LEEN BRADY. Glad to see you both join the ranks of the 
CTA. Kathleen is the daughter of FRANK BRADY, inter- 
viewer I, and the niece of COLLEEN BRADY, clerk- 
stenographer in the Law Department... JOHN (Kid) STEIN- 
METZ transferred to the South Shops as shop clerk II time- 
keeper. Good luck in his new position. . . ELLIOTT Mc- 
MAHEL, clerk H, spent a week of his vacation in Hayward, 
Wisconsin, looking the sights over to prepare for his future 

(Public Information) - 

GUEZ, was married to CHARLENE DAYTON on August 7 
at St. Ferdinand church with a reception at the Cardinal 
House. The happy newlyweds honeymooned at Starved 
Rock, and are now settled in Bethesda, Maryland, where 
Daniel is stationed with the navy as a hospital corpsman 


3rd class. ..AL PFEIFFER's wife must be a very good cook, 
if you could see the weight on the scale as he weighs him- 
self in every week. Al has been trying to lose some 
pounds, but so far no luck. Maybe it's the scale, Al, and 
not you?.. PATRICIA HALLAHAN, the daughter of J. P. 
HALLAHAN, superintendent, Central Assignment Office, 
was united in marriage to JOSEPH DiSILVESTRO on Sat- 
urday, August 21, at St. John the Evangelist Catholic church 
in Streamwood, Illinois. A wedding reception was held at 
the Rolling Knolls Country Club in nearby Elgin. We 
wish Pat and Joe good luck and much happiness. ..Our as- 
sistant director of Public Information, BILL BAXA, and his 
lovely wife, MARY, welcomed TIMOTHY WILLIAM into 
their family of three girls and one boy on August 25 weigh- 
ing 7 pounds 6 ounces. This makes the Baxa family group a 
lucky seven. Congratulations! 

(Insurance) - 

TONI MISETIC together with her husband, CHRIS, who is 
an electrical apprentice at Skokie Shops, flew to Toronto, 
Canada, to visit with his sister, and then they went to Nia- 
gara Falls for their second honeymoon. . . ANN GOLDING 
and her husband spent their vacation in Hayward, Wiscon- 
sin.. .KATHY KOHLMAN and RITA OPFERGELT flew for a 
week's vacation to Los Angeles and San Francisco, and also 
visited Disneyland. ..EMMA HUDGINS flew to Los Angeles, 
California, with seven other christian friends for a local 
church convention. . . Birthday greetings are extended to 
SANDY BARRETT. Also, there has been an addition to the 
family, KIRSTEN KELLY BARRETT. .. The welcome mat 
was extended to KATHLEEN MURRAY, stenographer II, 
who replaced MARYANN WALLACE who transferred to the 
Stores Department. . . WILLIAM ASHLEY and his wife, 
LYDIA, coasted through the New England States and ex- 
perienced a flat tire on their second day of vacation. ..We 
welcome NATALIE KACZKOWSKI, retirement record 
clerk, who recently transferred to us from the South Shops. 
She formerly worked in the Purchasing Department. . . 
FRANCES CALPIN flew to California to visit with her sis- 
ter and also took in Disneyland. .. WILLIAM FINKLER, 
graduate trainee, was assigned to the Insurance Depart- 
ment on August 31 for a three-month period as a part of 
his training... Congratulations to CHRISTINE CARLSON who 
became engaged to RICHARD STERNBERG. Wedding plans 
are set for June, 1972. 

(Treasury) - 

DON POWELL, token clerk, became the proud father of 
a bouncing baby girl, GABRIELLE SUSAN, born on August 
10. Congratulations... Sorry to hear that HAROLD DONIHI 
is presently confined to Henrotin hospital for surgery. 
Hope to see you back soon... ROD HEFFERNAN, with his 
family and station wagon, drove up to Minnesota to spend a 
couple of weeks vacationing. 

(Medical) - 

RITA WANTROBA, X-ray technician, and her husband 
drove through the West where they visited Long's Peak in 
Colorado, and through California as well as Lake Tahoe, 
Nevada, for a three-week vacation... Dr. ILLA ROMAN and 
his family drove to Mackinac Island and also visited the 
Schlitz Brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where the beer 
was flowing like water. No wonder Dr. Roman hated to 
head for home... The Downers Grove Chamber of Commerce 
opened its doors to Dr. MOSNY and his family who recently 
moved from Evergreen Park to a newly built ho«ie. Birth- 
day greetings were also extended to Dr. Mosny on Septem- 



ber 20. . . Ever since Heidi was an addition to the SORE- 
GHEN clan, HARRY has really gone on a buying spree of 
all the new fashion rages. Now MARION gets the pat on the 
head and Heidi rates all the kisses. 

(Property) - 

HAROLD BURDA and his wife, MILDRED, celebrated 
their 30th wedding anniversary on August 9. They were 
feted by their son, DUANE, formerly of the General Ac- 
counting Department, and his family at the Three Bears 
restaurant in Elmhurst. 

(Training ft Accident Prevention) - 

BILL and MARIE CLINE spent one day of their vacation 
taking in the sights at the Wisconsin DeUs. We get the 
feeling that Bill wasn't too impressed. . . The "welcome 
home" mat is out for JOSEPHINE FELDMAN who has re- 
turned to work after a rather extended illness. Good to 
have you back on the job.. .JOE O'SULLIVAN and his wife, 
HELEN, are off on an extended tour of the Western States. 
So far this office has received a card from Pike's Peak and 
another from Disneyland. Joe and Helen plan to go up the 
coast to Oregon and return home via the northern route... 
LEN LOHN and his wife, JULIA, enjoyed the sun in Phoe- 
nix, Arizona. Sure glad he came back before BILL SHOL- 
DICE decided to inaugurate a new file system!.. ARTHUR 
J. HUBACZ, past State Commander of the Polish Legion of 
American Veterans, attended the State Fair at Springfield, 
Illinois, from August 13 to 15. Sunday was Veterans' Day 
at the fair and Art and all other veteran groups state com- 
manders were invited to Governor Ogilvie's luncheon which 
was held at the Director of Agriculture's home on the fair 
grounds. After the luncheon the entire group were invited 
to sit with the governor and his wife in the governor's 
party in reserved box seats to view the drum and bugle and 
drill team competition. 

(Employe Relations) - 

WE SUGGEST that RUSS WARNSTEDT, employee sug- 
gestion coordinator, accept more safety suggestions. While 
cutting branches from a tree in his back yard the saw 
"slipped", causing six stitches to be taken in his finger. 

(Reproduction Services) - 

Wedding bells rang for MARGUERITE LONGO who be- 
came Mrs. MICHAEL RUFFULO on Saturday, September 
25, at St. Simeon church. The reception was held at the 
Fontana D'Or. Marguerite is the daughter of MICHAEL 
LONGO, motorman on Lake street. ..The welcome mat was 
extended to SUE GILLESPIE, typist H, who transferred 
from Property Accounting.. .MARY PONTRELLI, together 
with her mother and father, flew to Italy via TWA and spent 
time in Venice, Naples, Lourdes, France, and Barcelona, 
Spain. Her father, ROCCO, recently retired from the 
Engineering Department as a laborer. 

(Methods & Procedures) - 

Congratulations to MTKE CIKARA on his promotion into 
the Accounting Department. . . MARY ANN JERAK headed 
for the balmy Hawaiian Islands in July. There she vaca- 
tioned and visited her fiance, KEVIN BANDUR, who was on 
R&R from Viet Nam... JOE CUCI just bought a new home in 
Tinley Park. Joe and his fiancee, JOAN JESTICE, will be 
moving in after their marriage in February... DAN PROF- 
FITT is now the proud owner of a tract of land at Lake 
Thunderbird; now Dan is trying to sell his '70 Torino. ..The 


GERRY BLATRS will be out camping in their new trailer 
this summer at Bailey's Harbor, Wisconsin. I hope the 
roof doesn't leak! ..The VIC JOHNSONS spent a week at 
Washington Island just loafing. Vic's wife, SHIRLEY, has 
returned from an unexpected trip to France where she vis- 
ited her ailing father. . . TOM WODARSKI, our inside line 
from Methods & Procedures, was on vacation in the Wis- 
consin Dells when his car broke down, so when the family 
returned to Chicago they went out and bought a new Pon- 
tiac. . . BOB BRATEK has been spending some late nights 
improving the kitchen in his home. Bob is a real eager 
beaver. ..PAUL PLATT said his marriage vows in Boston 
on September 6. He and his bride, KAREN, honeymooned 
in the Bahamas for a few days before heading back to Chi- 
cago.. .Our condolences are offered to ED SCHALK on the 
loss of his father. 

(Office Services) - 

LEN SKRINE and his wife flew to Denver where they 
met another couple and rented a motor home and drove 
through the Black Hills of South Dakota. A good time was 
had by all. 

(Research & Planning) - 

Our deep condolences are extended to JOHN O'CONNOR, 
supervisor of Graphics/Statistics, whose father-in-law 
passed away, and all of us in R/P and your many friends at 
CTA express our sincere sympathy to you and your wife... 
We are expecting to hear from our leader, GEORGE 
KRAMBLES, who is on vacation in Tel Aviv, Israel. He is 
also touring Switzerland and other interesting places in 
Europe. We will hear more about his trip in the next issue 
of Transit News. ..Also on our list of vacationers was 
FRANK MISEK, supervisor of Transit R/P, with his wife, 
STASE. They stayed with their son in Attleboro for one full 
relaxing week. Some of their many activities there in- 
cluded sailing in their son's new boat around Narragansett 
Bay and sightseeing at Martha's Vineyard. Then for their 
last exciting thrill they flew home on a 747. I'm sure 
Frank found the lounge to be the most interesting place on 
the plane. ..STEVE LEGLER and his wife, SHARI, went on a 
second honeymoon up to Canada. Their first stop was in 
Cleveland, Ohio, where they visited the transit system. 
Next they visited Niagara Falls for one very wet day and 
then on to Toronto, Canada, where the transit commission 
gave them a very impressive and enjoyable tour of their 
transit system and of the city. ..MIKE DALEY, one of our 
transit planners, enjoyed a nice vacation with his wife, 
SALLY. They drove up to Michigan where they visited with 
friends and relatives, and then drove down through Wiscon- 
sin to home sweet home. ..TOM HENNINGSEN also did a lot 
of driving on his vacation. He drove down to Seminole, 
Florida, with his wife, daughter, son-in-law, and his two 
grandchildren. They did a lot of sightseeing, and Tom 
visited JOHN WILLI, former CTA motorman on the Rapid 
Transit. Tom finally did the right thing! He left his fam- 
ily there and drove back alone. Hope you weren't too lone- 
ly, Tom... Congratulations to DIANE GRAZIANO who was 
married to SCOTT TRAXLER on August 14 at St. Albert 
the Great church in Burbank. The reception was held at 
Sorini's restaurant in North Riverside. We noticed at first 
that Diane wasn't smiling very much and we thought that 
maybe she was beginning to regret it. But later we found 
out that she was just tired because she was too excited to 
sleep the night before. . . Last, but not least, we'd like to 
wish a belated happy birthday to WALLY PASZYNA's 
daughter, JACKIE, who was five years old on September 6. 



46 Years 


44 Years 

42 Years 


48 Years 

43 Years 




40 Years 

42 Years 

41 Years 


MAURICE AHERN, Bus Repairer, 
77th Street, Emp. 4-3-43 
THOMAS A. BELAND, Ticket Agent, 
South Section, Emp. 7-8-47 
District D, Emp. 2-6-36 
NEAL BENSON, Car Repairman, 
Wilson Shops, Emp. 8-1-45 
Lawndale, Emp. 1-9-36 
SAMUEL BONOMA, Bus Serviceman, 
77th Street, Emp. 4-21-42 
North Park, Emp. 10-26-28 
South Section, Emp. 8-22-45 
Beverly, Emp. 6-26-29 
North Avenue, Emp. 8-17-37 
Purchasing, Emp. 5-1-23 
OLIVER J. DAVIS Jr., Operator, 
Beverly, Emp. 2-20-36 
WILLIAM P. DEVEREUX, Schedule Maker, 
Schedule-Traffic, Emp. 10-8-28 
DAVID J. DOWNES, Operator, 
69th Street, Emp. 11-18-42 
MARIAN FILIP, Ticket Agent, 
West Section, Emp. 1-24-59 
JOHN S. FINLAY, B Electrician, 
Electrical, Emp. 9-9-26 
Limits, Emp. 8-26-42 
EARL C. FOSTER, Janitor, 
North Section, Emp. 1-10-46 
RICHARD C. GISINER, Security Officer, 
Security, Emp. 6-10-41 
RAYMOND L. GORDON, Conductor, 
West Section, Emp. 2-27-43 
WALTER A. GORZ, Ticket Agent, 
West Section, Emp. 9-3-36 
Skokie Shops, Emp. 8-2-43 
EMERY F. HAYDEN, Operator, 
North Park, Emp. 11-19-45 
North Avenue, Emp. 6-24-42 
WILLIS W. HELFRICH, Assistant Secretary, 
Transit Board, Emp. 4-7-34 
RAYMOND J. JANICKE, Car Serviceman, 
Kimball Shop, Emp. 11-18-36 
MICHAEL J. JOYCE, Bus Repairer, 
North Park, Emp. 4-22-37 
IRVIN KALOUSEK, Electrical Worker A, 
South Shops, Emp. 8-29-45 
North Avenue, Emp. 4-14-43 
JAMES J. KEELY, Station Engineer, 
South Shops, Emp. 6-16-48 
Electrical, Emp. 1-25-43 
MARION KLAUER, Release Clerk I, 
Claim, Emp. 2-16-25 




STANLEY A. LaVAND, Token Clerk I, 

Treasury, Emp. 11-1-41 
RALPH C. LAYTON, Operator, 

Beverly, Emp. 5-5-27 
STERNER G. LINDROTH, Information Clerk, 

Executive, Emp. 10-29-29 
JOHN LOGAY, Superintendent, 

69th Street, Emp. 7-12-29 

Limits, Emp. 1-9-47 
FRED F. LOITZ, Order Control Clerk, 

Stores, Emp. 12-13-26 
JAMES J. LYNAM, Operator, 

Kedzie, Emp. 2-18-42 
MARY MCDONNELL, Ticket Agent, 

South Section, Emp. 3-13-42 
FULTON M. NEALY, Car Repairman, 

61st Street, Emp. 12-30-35 
LESTER L. NELAND, Operator, 

North Park, Emp. 2-24-34 
EDWARD J. NESTOR, Machinist, 

South Shops, Emp. 1-12-46 
MARY E. NOLAN, Ticket Agent, 

West Section, Emp. 12-13-43 
JOHN J. OCHOTA, Collector, 

Archer, Emp. 9-2-43 

Limits, Emp. 2-22-36 
EDWARD J. O'NEILL, Truck Repairman, 

South Shops, Emp. 12-10-45 

Engineering, Emp. 9-11-46 

Archer, Emp. 5-15-43 
EARL K. PETERSON, Superintendent, 

Forest Glen, Emp. 7-6-29 
BURCHARD W. POGUE, Line Supervisor, 

Operations Control, Emp. 11-3-42 

Engineering, Emp. 6-2-41 
ELMER W. RIEDEL, Chief Clerk, 

Keeler, Emp. 9-23-25 
JOHN C. ROBINSON, Operator, 

69th Street, Emp. 10-22-53 

South Section, Emp. 10-24-45 

Engineering, Emp. 8-20-28 

RAYMOND R. SIERS, Operator, 

62nd Substation, Emp. 9-2-30 
WILLIAM A. SMITH, Supervisor, 

District A, Emp. 6-28-44 
ADOLPH T. STRANSKI, Bus Serviceman, 

Archer, Emp. 4-22-47 

Kedzie, Emp. 8-11-41 

North Section, Emp. 3-6-46 
JOHN J. TULLY, Trackman II, 

Engineering, Emp. 6-18-36 
RALPH M. VENN, Operator, 

Limits, Emp. 1-12-42 
JOSEPH C. VOGEL, Inspector, 

Special Investigations, Emp. 1-1-50 
PATRICK J. WALSH, Machinist, 

South Shops, Emp. 3-20-43 
RAYMOND M. WALSH, Supervisor, 

District A, Emp. 6-12-41 

Skokie Shops, Emp. 9-16-41 

Forest Glen, Emp. 5-12-47 



West Section, Emp. 1-16-43 
EARL J. GILBERT, Ticket Agent, 

West Section, Emp. 12-27-60 

Archer, Emp. 2-2-50 
HOY M. HUSTON, Ticket Agent, 

North Section, Emp. 2-20-48 

Engineering, Emp. 6-12-61 

Forest Glen, Emp. 6-23-43 

Engineering, Emp. 6-2-43 
KARL D. SCHWARTZ, Traffic Checker, 

Schedule-Traffic, Emp. 6-23-43 

South Section, Emp. 11-16-42 
MICHAEL P. TOBIN, Assignment Agent, 

Loop, Emp. 5-15-46 

Wally celebrated by taking his family to the rail museum 
and Brookfield Zoo. The zoo is Wally 's favorite place, es- 
pecially around feeding time. 

- "S.e<fUa Vane* & £iteex Tltwuuttvt 


Hi all you wonderful people. The first order of business 
is to extend a big thank you to CLARENCE McLLOYD for 
pinch-hitting for the column while I walked back from Las 
Vegas. I'm sure you all enjoyed a young man's view of the 
news. Mac will be stepping in on other occasions... All the 
scribes and their spouses were given the "red carpet" 
treatment at the annual Transit News dinner. WILBUR 
HENRY, Transit News scribe at Forest Glen, kept our 
table swinging, together with JAMES MARSHALL of Lawn- 

dale, and our old buddy, AMOS FOSTER of Beverly and his 
lovely wife. Everyone was duly impressed with our new 
CTA Board Chairman MICHAEL CAFFERTY. CTA has to 
be really on the move with a man of his capabilities at the 
helm. I know we will all give him our full support... Keeler 
was really aglow with celebrities for the farewell party 
held for Chief Clerk ELMER RIEDEL when he retired on 
September 1 . Superintendent R. W. CHRISTIAN hosted the 
gala affair which was attended by men from throughout the 
system, as well as retirees. There were plenty of refresh- 
ments, and even live entertainment. Although Elmer only 
had 45 years of service, we all wish him a happy and 
healthful retirement life. ..I goofed again. I didn't return 
from vacation until after deadline time, so I am really be- 
hind in my news coverage. I extend belated birthday greet- 
ings to Operators PYZNA, JEFFRIES, HUSBAND, REM- 



O. HAMPTON and his wife, ADDIE, proud parents on July 
26. ..Would you believe that Operator STANLEY JOZWIAK, 
our number one man at Keeler, finaUy has his first grand- 
son, through the courtesy of his son, RONALD. ..Our sin- 
cere sympathy is extended to Operator S. BARATH whose 
father passed away in Hungary. Also to the family of Op- 
erator CAJDA who recently passed away. He wiU certainly 
be missed by all the fellows at Keeler... Get well wishes are 
sent to aU our sick and shut-ins. Special wishes to Janitor 
ZELKE. Keep swinging, Zelke, we're all in your corner... 
Our wishes for a speedy recovery are extended to NELLIE 
GOLDMAN who has been hospitalized for quite some time. 
So, fellows, say a kind word to Janitor SY GOLDMAN for 
he has been under a very dark cloud much too long. 


Now that most of us have had our vacations and are back 
to work, I would like to hear about your trips so I can put 
them in our column. ..I received a card from F. VESELY 
who is now on pension and living in Arizona. His address 
is: 1200 - 7th avenue, Yuma, Arizona.. .1 also received a 
letter from HENRY NELSON who is enjoying life down in 
Florida. His address is: 12651 Seminole boulevard, Lot 
7C, Largo, Florida. .. Your reporter has a pullout from 
South Shops every day, and I saw L. BEAVER who used to 
work on Jackson boulevard, and BENNY PLATT. They 
said to tell all the fellows at Kedzie hello. . . Operator 
GLENN SEPKE took his pension on July 1. He said he was 
just going to relax and enjoy himself with his lovely wife, 
EVELYN. Operator L. GASKILL also took his pension on 
July 1 after 29 years of service. We here at Kedzie wish 
both of you the best of everything. . .As of this writing, Op- 
erator J. LOCACIUS is on the sick list, and Operator A. 
SHEVCHUK is in Oak Park hospital... Our deepest sympathy 
is extended to T. J. HEFFERNAN whose lovely wife, 
CATHERINE, was laid to rest on August 14 at Queen of 
Heaven cemetery. 

- fK<1Ulftltltrf &1&K&Mt 


We've been receiving numerous post cards from our 
vacationing personnel, and here are a few acknowledge- 
ments. RON McINTYRE is enjoying himself on Paradise 
Island in the Bahamas; EDWARD STRUGALLA is losing 
lightly in Las Vegas; JOHN DANIEL is touring the night 
spots on Sunset Strip, California; TOMMIE JACKSON's re- 
laxing in Oakland, California, and LEON MINOR and EDDIE 
BAINES are touring the southland. . . Superintendent JACK 
MORRIS and his lovely wife recently returned from a lovely 
two- week stay at Wolf River, Wisconsin... RUSS GUNDER- 
SON jumped up and went on vacation, but left the station in 
the capable hands of BILL KELLY... Right On! I've never 
taken the game of golf very seriously, but whenever I want 
some pointers, I always look to JOHN PATER who won the 
1971 golf tournament sponsored by the CTA and Division 
241. John, who not long ago returned from Acapulco, Mexi- 
co, and was sharpening himself up for this match, admits 
that his recent trip helped him a lot. While John doesn't 
call himself a pro, as I've always called him, he admits 


he's looking forward to the Masters... On August 8 Amvet 
Post 247 held it's annual family-day picnic at Green Lake 
Forest Preserve and it was a huge success, with Lawndale 
being well represented... With the winning of various awards 
this year by the men of our station, Lawndale seems to be 
the station of champions. Even though we may fall short on 
some ends of a sport, we still rank number one with Super- 
intendent JACK MORRIS. Speaking with Mr. Morris re- 
cently, he encouraged all the men of Lawndale to give a 
maximum effort whether it be his job or in sports. You, 
the men of Lawndale Station, have made your superintend- 
ent very proud of you in many ways, so let's all keep up 
the good work and continue to be the station of champions... 
Don't forget, fellows, that the Lawndale credit union is 
there to help you whenever possible. JOE NOLAN, BELL 
KLECKA, and JOHN DANIEL will give you all the help you 
need when their services are called upon... We wish JIM 
RITTENBERG a speedy recovery from his recent heart 
attack. Get well soon, Jim. ..Well, fellows, until next 
month — happy birthday, and remember your anniversaries. 
. . On September 10, Mrs. MARSHALL and I attended a 
dinner held for the Transit News scribes at the M&M Club 
in the Merchandise Mart. CTA Board Chairman MICHAEL 
CAFFERTY and his wife were also in attendance at the 
dinner. Mr. Cafferty spoke of "The New CTA" now being 
formed. He expressed a desire to meet all 12,000 employ- 
ees of the CTA, so he is visiting various work locations. 
So don't be surprised, men of Lawndale, if one day you 
look up and see the Chairman of the Board... Superintendent 
JACK MORRIS would like to remind everyone that we've 
got to check ourselves on accidents. He spoke to me on 
this matter recently as he wants all of us to be more aware 
of our sudden impulses. We have two streets in our station 
where most of our accidents are occurring, namely Blue 
Island-26th and Kimball-Homan. So let's follow the advice 
of our superintendent by using better judgement when snap 
decisions are called for. We're also reminded that safety 
is of top priority in our line of work, so watch carefully for 
kids, and slow down when streets are wet. . . Operator 
DOUGLAS CAMPBELL has been touring the East. His 
first card was from Washington, D.C. He stated that he 
was going to see the President about getting some new 
buses for North Damen and Kimball-Homan. The next card 
was from the 21,000 foot level of Cove Mountain, Pennsyl- 
vania, where he flatly stated that there were no buses. 
Since his first card, plans to purchase more new buses 
have been announced, so I wonder what influence Douglas 
had with the President?. .Those having birthdays this month 
WHITE.. .So until next month, so long for now. 

- Oamej TttaruioU 


Vacations are about over and the men who enjoyed their 
summer holidays are back to work and looking forward to 
next summer... Operator JOE DORNSIEFER had an enjoy- 
able time in Las Vegas and Arizona... ILMAR GRAUDINS 
and his family toured the Scandinavian countries and were 
impressed with the breathtaking beauty of Norway. ..SAM 
WILSON spent his time down in Georgia where he owns a 
peach farm. He reports that the crop was in abundance... 




L. M. LeDREE visited northern Minnesota where the 
fishing was excellent, but the weather was cold enough to 
wear winter clothing... JOHN KANE, WILLIAM SPEER, and 
RICHARD PEISKAR went to their favorite fishing grounds 
in Butternot, Wisconsin, and caught their usual quota of 
fish. They also visited Pensioner GEORGE CLARK, for- 
mer Transit News scribe for Limits, in Loda, Illinois. 
George had his leg amputated last year and received an 
artificial limb in January. He is now learning to use it and 
is able to be on it for a few hours at a time. He sends his 
best regards to all the men at Limits. ..HARRY TILK, box 
puller, was down in Springfield, Illinois, fishing and visiting 
friends and relatives. .. MARY SULLIVAN, our congenial 
and happy bus cleaner, went to New York City where she 
enjoyed a family reunion. Mary has 27 years of service 
with CTA and is our only woman bus cleaner left. ..We ex- 
tend a warm welcome to Operator EDWARD WADE to 
Limits Station. Wade comes from a family of former CTA 
employees... LEO MILANETTO is back to work after being 
off for some time due to illness. .. LOU GEISHEIMER is 
still on the inactive list due to illness, and Supervisor 
JACK BURKE is still on the critical list after having brain 
surgery. We wish them both a speedy recovery... We wel- 
come Supervisor JOHN LOHRMAN at Schubert and Clark. 
John took over the duties of HENRY GOETZ who retired on 
August 1... HENRY ZYCH is our new chief clerk replacing 
JOHN SIMCO who transferred to Keeler Station. DENNIS 
KOSTECK is one of our new clerks. Welcome, men. ..Con- 
gratulations to all the men in the repair department for 
winning the safety award presented by management.. .Our 
sincerest sympathy to Operator SINES in the death of his 
mother... Superintendent M. DeWITT has taken up his duties 
as superintendent at Forest Glen Station. We all wish you 
the best. Limits' loss is Forest Glen's gain...VERN RAGE 
is our new chief clerk. W* all hope that your stay with us 
will be a long and pleasant one. ..LUCAS DANIELE is the 
new president of Limits Credit Union. Congratulations and 
best wishes.. .RALPH VENN and GEORGE SINGER took 
their pensions. These two men had combined service of 
80 years. Congratulations.. .VIRGIL WOLFE and his dear 
wife came to Chicago from their Nashville, Tennessee, 
home for a visit with Operator JOHN PAAKONEN and his 
dear wife, MARGE. They sent their best wishes to all of 
the men at Limits and North Park. . . Supervisor GENE 
ADAMS is back on the active list after a long siege of ill- 
ness. We all wish you a long and healthful life. 

- H. S. Soum 


Our sincere sympathy is extended to Agent JULIA MAT- 
TRAN whose mother passed away last month. Also to Foot 
Collector KAULES whose brother passed away on Septem- 
ber l...We were all greatly shocked to learn of the death of 
Retired Agent MILDRED LEMIEUX on September 15. Our 
sympathy to her family and friends. . .Welcome back to 
Agent ANITA BANNISTER. We are happy to have you off 
the disability list and back on the job. ..Still on the sick list 
AGATHA CARLSON, and Janitor Gang Leader STEVE CUN- 
NINGHAM who is in the hospital for surgery. We are hop- 
ing they will all be healthy and back with us very soon. Our 
thoughts are with you. ..Happy first anniversary to Former 
Student Agent TOM BARRETT and his lovely wife, August 
1... Student Agent EDDIE FERRARO and Former Student 
Agent NORA DONOVAN were married on August 21 at St. 


Edmund's church in Oak Park. A reception for family and 
friends was held at the Oak Park Arms. May you have 
many happy years together... Agent DOROTHY ADLER went 
to New York on August 26 to visit her daughter and brand 
new twin granddaughters, SANDRA LYNNE who weighed in 
at 4 pounds 13 ounces, and BARBARA CHRISTINE who 
tipped the scales at 3 pounds 14 ounces. The babies, 
parents, and grandma are all doing fine. Dorothy has her 
grandma brag-book loaded with pictures already... Retired 
Agent MARION KAAD spent her vacation visiting her 
mother and sister in St. Louis. Retired Agent LILLIAN 
CONROY went to Scottsdale, Arizona, to enjoy a visit with 
an old classmate. Keep moving, girls, and have fun. ..Agent 
JUNE BAREKMAN started out the month of August with a 
second vacation trip, this time to Louisville, Kentucky... 
Agent ELAINE COLE had such a great time in Los Angeles, 
California, last year that she took the same trip again this 
year. ..Agent FRED FRIEB spent his vacation in California, 
also... Student Agent OWEN SCANLON planned a six-week 
visit with his parents in County Mayo, Ireland. Owen 
hasn't seen them in eight years. What a glorious reunion 
that was... Agents MARY GALLAGHER and EILEEN CAR- 
MODY also spent their vacation in Ireland... Agent DORO- 
THY DISMANG and her son had a wonderful three-week va- 
cation in Florida. They traveled in style in Dorothy's air- 
conditioned car. ..Agent BEVERLY PEOPLES and her son 
flew to California for a two- week stay. They visited Knotts 
Berry Farm, Disneyland, and Marineland. Beverly came 
back tired and broke but with memories to keep her smil- 
ing.. .Agent W. STRASSER and his wife went to Twin Moun- 
tain, New Hampshire, and Barre, Vermont, where they in- 
spected the Rock of Ages granite quarry. This is the larg- 
est granite quarry in the world and is 350 feet deep. Wil- 
bur came back in good health this year. Stay that way... 
Student Agent TOM COZZI was selected by his professor 
to be his assistant at Loyola university. If Tom decides to 
leave us and take this job he will be missed by all of us. 
Good luck, Tom, whatever your decision may be. ..Student 
Agent GABE BARNES joined the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve 
on September 20. Keep in touch, Gabe... Co-reporter MARY 
WIXTED spent her three-week vacation at the Dells in Wis- 
consin, Thunder Lake in Michigan, and a delightful week 
basking in the fresh air, sunshine, and swimming in the 
pool at the home of her brother and sister-in-law in Hins- 
dale, Illinois... Retired Chief Clerk HARRY BAKER cele- 
brated his 71st birthday on August 14. He looks great and 
feels fit as a fiddle. May you enjoy many more happy 
years, Harry. ..Retired Platform Man JAMES MALKUS and 
his wife celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on June 
26 by renewing marriage vows at St. Cyril and Methodius 
church. A reception followed after the 11 o'clock mass. 
Good luck and good health for many more years to come... 
Clerk JOE MARKOS is very proud of his daughter who was 
graduated from grammar school in June and is now a 
freshman at Taft High school. Joe beams with pride as he 
tells you of her high grades... Speaking of daughters and 
school, Agent BILL CUSACK finds being both father and 
mother to daughter, NORA LANE, can be quite hectic. Bill 
had to take her for her pre-school medical checkup, and 
then on to the stores to spend his hard-earned money on 
new clothes for school. We bet young Miss Cusack will be 
the best-dressed girl in school. We happen to know that 
"Norrie" is the apple of her daddy's eye. ..Thanks to all 
responsible for the lovely dinner and enjoyable evening we 
reporters had at the M&M Club in the Merchandise Mart on 
September 10. A very special thank you to Editor BOB 
HEINLEIN and F. C. KNAUTZ, superintendent of Public and 




Employee Relations, who personally escorted us on a tour 
of the Control rooms and offices in the Mart and explained 
all operations in detail. It was such a pleasure to get to- 
gether again and to have the pleasure of meeting Mr. and 
Mrs. MICHAEL CAFFERTY, our CTA Board Chairman. 
We can hardly wait for next year to do it again... Someone is 
missing at the Addison-Kennedy Station. It's DOROTHY 
PARKER who is enjoying two weeks of well-deserved va- 
cation rest. When Dorothy reads this and sees "rest", she 
will really laugh. . . Sorry to hear that Agent BETTY SE- 
GERSON had such bad luck going to work one morning. But 
we were glad to learn Betty is coming along real well... 
Your Co-reporter MILDRED DOYLE 's second oldest 
grandson just joined the Cub Scouts. Now there are two 
little men trying for the trophy this year in the Pinewood 
Derby. It's good that they are in different packs. Their 
dads are working real hard with them. The oldest is DAV- 
ID DOYLE and the youngest is DANNY DEMPSEY. 

- WUitcl VotfU & TKauf TVitUct 


The news will be a little on the short side this month due 
to the fact that so many are still on vacations, and your co- 
reporter, KATY MORIARTY, has been running the new 
pick. We are hoping to have more news for you next 
month. ..Congratulations to DELL HARRINGTON who was 
united in holy matrimony on July 22 to JOE NOVAK. Dell 
has resigned from CTA to become a full-time housewife. 
We all wish her the best of luck and many happy years of 
marriage. Dell sent a card to the Jefferson Park Station 
thanking everyone for all their well wishes. . . HELEN 
CHRISTENER celebrated her birthday on August 4, and she 
and her husband took a three-day trip to Baltimore, Mary- 
land, and Washington, D.C., where they visited the Lincoln 
Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, and the U.S. 
Treasury, and said they weren't giving away any samples. 
I wonder why ? On July 6 Helen gained another daughter- 
in-law when KAREN CORLISS left CTA to travel to Cali- 
fornia where she was wed to Lance Corporal JOHN 
CHRISTENER. Congratulations, John and Karen, and we 
wish you many years of happiness together... ADAM WAAS 
had a three-week vacation and watched his grandson, JEF- 
FERY INTERVIA, win the championship trophy in a little 
league baseball game in Addison, Illinois... ED ROHDE 
spent two weeks of vacation traveling and visited the Mis- 
sissippi Palisades near the Iowa border... Student Agent R. 
MISCHKE traveled to Phoenix, Arizona, on August 2 looking 
for an apartment and then left in September to teach high 
school mathematics there. ..On August 1, your co-reporter, 
GRACE MOUNTS, and her husband and daughter went to 
Ladoga, Indiana, for a family reunion with 63 people in at- 
tendance. On August 8, they went to another reunion in 
Holland, Michigan, where 81 attended. These picnics can 
ruin a person's figure... Congratulations to Former Student 
Agent NORA DONOVAN who was recently married to ED- 
DIE FERRARO. We wish the two of you many years of hap- 
piness... We hope all the people who had birthdays in August 
enjoyed their days off as much as FRANK CULL did on 
August 12... There was quite a bit of movement on the pick 
this time, but your co-reporter, GRACE MOUNTS, managed 
to stay at Irving Park on the Kennedy. You can contact me 
there Tuesday through Saturday, so please keep the news 
coming. . . Instructor BLAIR has returned from a much- 
needed vacation. . .SUZZANE C. ADAMS, the daughter of 
Receiver EDWARD ADAMS, 54th Street, is attending Quincy 

college in Quincy, Illinois. ..MARY MORGAN is home with a 
broken foot. Get well soon, Mary... We extend our deepest 
sympathy to JULIA MATTRAN on the loss of her mother; 
to Collector KAULES on the loss of his brother, and to Su- 
perintendent JOHN ZUPKO on the loss of his aunt... Student 
Agent STANLEY BULLARD was an all-american forward 
for Simson Vocational High school and is now attending 
Kennedy-King college where he will try to repeat his high 
school performance... We are all happy to see ELEANOR 
HASBROUCK back to work after a long illness. Glad to 
have you back, Eleanor, and hope you stay well... Agent 
FRED FRIEB and his brother BILL, a North Park bus op- 
erator, flew to Covina, California, to celebrate their 
mother's 74th birthday. It turned out being a family re- 
union. After Fred returned he and his lovely wife, BETTY, 
celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with a luau at 
their home. 


We received a welcome letter from Pensioner LARS 
PEARSON and his spouse, ANNA. Their daughter and son- 
in-law are now living at their resort and are open for busi- 
ness. If you are going down to Mountain Home, Arkansas, 
it is a fine place to stay. It is the Carlton Resort on Cran- 
field road, which is on Lake Norfolk. . . Pensioner JOE 
HIEBEL found Maine both beautiful and good for fishing. 
He also stopped off at Algona, Wisconsin, for some fishing. 
It's a fine way to enjoy living, just traveling and fishing... 
My son, DAVID MIEDEMA, will celebrate his 13th birthckiy 
on September 27. Another son, Clerk WAYNE MIEDEMA, 
celebrated his 26th birthday on October 10. Your scribe 
will be 39, again, on October 26. ..The following true fishing 
story comes from Operator CHARLES STROKIS. 'While 
fishing off Port Washington, Wisconsin, my brother, RICH 
STROKIS, and his wife, SHTRL, and I hooked into 13 fish, 
landing four of them. One was a 27 pound chinook salmon. 
It was 37 inches long and 26 inches in girth and took 13 
minutes to land. What a great fish it was when we got it in 
the boat. My brother is having it mounted. The other fish 
were a 12 pound 8 ounce coho and a 4 pound rainbow. Oh, 
yes, this all happened on Friday the 13th." We hope to get 
a picture of this catch. Has Charley been attending Opera- 
tor PETE MADIA's fishing classes ?.. And now to my co- 
reporter, Switchboard Operator WALTER BLDC, and the 
news from the Inner Sanctum... This month's news takes a 
change of pace. We're not at all sure whether it will make 
the column better or worse, but we do know that in addition 
to having our nose to the grindstone we have also had an 
ear to the wall and an eye to the keyhole. Our news not 
only covers the front office, but also the District Office up- 
stairs, the janitor's office, the instructor's room, to say 
nothing of bits and pieces that come from talking to people 
on the phone. ..Operator L. A. DOVICHI has returned from 
what he termed, "A meeting of the Blue and the Gray", in 
the State of Missouri... Another armed service reunion was 
held in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and attended by Supervisor 
S. PERCE along with his family. . . The air-conditioned 
Ozarks around Bull Shoals played host to Supervisor HICKS 
and his family... Supervisor COMENS is considering holding 
classes on, "How to run out of gas in a Volkswagen. "..Su- 
pervisor WHELEHAN and his gang headed towards Glen- 
wood Springs, Colorado. ..Two of our "genial" instructors 
have also been on the go. JERRY KNOPP and his family 
returned some time ago from the land of the pineapples and 




hula, and Instructor ED JURCZAK and his Mrs. are back 
from Mexico. After watching Ed do the polka with PAUL 
WINKOWSKI up at Forest Glen, we're sure he was able to 
master the Mexican hat dance while on his vacation. 
Speaking of Forest Glen's number one instructor, we un- 
derstand Paul's been on the sick list again. All of us that 
know or have worked with him are hoping for his complete 
recovery. ..Chief Clerk FRED MURBARGER's vacation al- 
ternated between the States of Minneosta and New York... If 
we don't get around to congratulating Clerk TOM HICKEY 
on his becoming a grandfather real soon, it'll almost be 
time for the youngster to get married. Sorry about that, 
Tom, we'll make sure it doesn't happen again. Has anyone 
figured out why they call Tom and ED WITEK twins ? They 
sure don't resemble each other. We wonder, would it have 
anything to do with the sick book?. .We'd like to apologize 
to Switchboard Operator ED MAKOWSKI for goofing up his 
name in our last column. Oh, well, you can't win them all. 

Your reporters wish to thank management for the deli- 
cious dinner and pleasant evening at the M&M Club for the 
Transit News reporters. Walter didn't eat for two days be- 
fore so he'd have room for everything, and he did. I en- 
joyed visiting with many old friends and I met Pensioner 
VIGGO WINDFELD's daughter and son-in-law, the HENKES 
from the North Section.. .Pensioner BILL ECHOLS is home 
from the hospital and recuperating slowly. We send him 
our prayers and best wishes... Pensioner ERNEST BOCK 
and his wife, EMILY, became grandparents again when 
KEVIN LEE FRANCIS was born to their daughter, JOAN, 
and her husband. Congratulations ! . . On October 1 a new 
name will be added to the list of pensioners, Operator 
WILLIAM BUETOW. We wish him the best of everything. 
Keep in touch, Bill... We received a welcome letter from 
Pensioner VIGGO WINDFELD. He and his spouse are va- 
cationing at Marion, Illinois. He visited Pensioner HER- 
MAN NEELY who is at the Good Shepherd Nursing home at 
Eldorado, Illinois. Viggo's brother, AKSEL WINDFELD, is 
living with a daughter and son-in-law in New Providence, 
New Jersey. Viggo sends his warmest regards to all. ..Op- 
erator JEROME DUBIN and his better half vacationed at 
Palo Duro Canyon in Texas. Jerry says they enjoyed the 
best of everything. . . We are sorry to report the death of 
Pensioner LAWRENCE KEESHIN on August 20. Our sym- 
pathy goes to the family. Jesus said, "I go to prepare a 
place for you that where I am, there ye may be also. "..Now 
to the Inner Sanctum with co-reporter WALTER BLIX. 
First of all, I would like to extend sincere thanks to F. C. 
responsible for the reporter's dinner. It was an enjoyable 
evening. A high spot was being introduced to Mr. and Mrs. 
MICHAEL CAFFERTY. It is our personal opinion that the 
CTA was very fortunate in obtaining Mr. Cafferty's ser- 
vices as a Board Chairman. Mrs. Cafferty is indeed a very 
charming and happy young lady and her presence made the 
evening all the more enjoyable. The dinner also made it 
possible to renew old friendships, among those being: RAY 
GRAHAM from Kedzie with whom we worked many years 
ago and AMOS FOSTER of Beverly who told anyone who 
cared to listen, "Here's the man who taught me to drive a 
bus." Being introduced to MELVIN HORNING of North 
Park was somewhat like "meeting the competition." My 
partner, BILL MIEDEMA and I were fortunate in sharing a 
table with Mr. and Mrs. ELCOSIE GRESHAM of 77th and 
Mr. and Mrs. KRAMER. TERRI is the gal who scrapes up 
all the news from the Law Department. Once again, thanks 
for a most enjoyable evening, see you all again next year... 


The deck of cards has been shuffled and cut. When they 
were dealt, this is the way they came out. With the retire- 
ment of J. LOGAY of 69th, his place was taken by G. D. 
PEYTON. Our own day superintendent, WILLIAM MOSER, 
went a little further south to take over the same job at 
Archer. This brought us BOB KEAG from North Park. We 
would like to spread the welcome mat and wish Mr. Keag 
lots of luck as our new boss. Having worked for him a good 
many years ago we can pass this word on to everybody: 
Mr. Keag will do his best to do a good job here at North 
Avenue. He'll be fair with all of you, but like any other su- 
perintendent, we suggest don't step on his toes. ALEC 
JOHNSON went to North Park as day superintendent. VIC 
JOHNSON who had been relief superintendent replaced him 
at Forest Glen. WILLIAM PARNUM now has the relief job. 
We definitely don't want to overlook JAMES BROGAN who 
was appointed senior station instructor here at North Ave- 
nue. A last minute bit of news is that there will be one 
other change. EARL PETERSON, day superintendent at 
Forest Glen, has finally sold his home and is retiring. He 
and Mrs. Peterson will be heading for the sunny climes of 
the State of Arizona. The man who will take over the num- 
ber one command post at Forest Glen will be none other 
than a gentleman who is well-known to all of us, MILES 
DeWITT. Good luck to all of you!.. Our calorie-laden birth- 
day greetings this month are extended to Assistant Super- 
intendent WARD CHAMBERLAIN, Clerk AL ROHDE (num- 
ber one man of the Elkhorn, Wisconsin, Chamber of Com- 
merce), and last, but not least, our genial P.M. custodian, 
TOM HURLEY. Many happy returns to all of you. We 
should offer belated birthday greetings to ROLAND HEAD, 
who along with his Mrs., took off for a life in the Florida 
sunshine on his birthday last August 28. Good luck to both 
of you... My wife and I had the good fortune to renew ac- 
quaintances with Retired Operator (from Keeler) FRANK 
CALDERONE and his Mrs. He looks the picture of health 
and says he really enjoys being on pension. They had been 
to the track and he had lost 20 cents. They will celebrate 
their 45th wedding anniversary on November 24. Best 
wishes to you both. ..Having your car stolen on your wedding 
night isn't the nicest thing that could happen to you, but 
that's exactly what happened to Relief Clerk BOB STACH's 
lovely daughter, JUDY. Fortunately it was returned with 
not too many parts missing. We're sure the young couple 
won't have any trouble remembering their anniversary 
date. ..Retired Switchboard Operator CHARLEY SCHMIDT 
was a recent visitor to the office. Says he's doing OK now 
that he has his new glasses. He and his Mrs. send their 
best regards to everyone... BOB GUTHRIE, the genial clerk 
of District C, tells us that he spent an enjoyable "honey do" 
vacation. We've all had that kind, but all kidding aside, Bob 
did say that he honestly enjoyed his vacation just doing 
nothing. Sometimes that's the best kind to have.. .You are 
so right if you think the fellow manning the information 
booth on the 7th floor of the Mart looks familiar. He hap- 
pens to be our good friend CHARLEY (Silent Sam) OLCI- 
KAS, former District C supervisor who is now back on the 
job after being off for some time with a little ticker 
trouble. ..See you all purty soon. 


Kimball Avenue Station Superintendent BILL ROONEY 
and his wife spent part of their vacation at Sunny Brook 
Farm Resort in South Haven, Michigan, where they had fun 




in the sun. . . North Side Clerk ERW1N HARMON was off 
work due to an injury he received while playing ball. 
Seems he sprained his finger catching a fly ball, but the 
CTA ball team he manages won the game anyway... Super- 
visor BOB JANZ had his vacation, but stayed home trying 
to be a fix-it man; which means he worked harder at home 
than on the job (just kidding)... North Section Station Super- 
intendent M. V. LaVELLE and his family vacationed in the 
southwestern part of the country. Hunting and fishing in 
Colorado and the Rocky Mountains, visiting Taos, New 
Mexico, and driving through Texas and Oklahoma. Mr. La- 
Velle said it was a wonderful, rewarding trip. ..Agent E. 
FIFE and her husband, ART, went to Las Vegas for one 
week and to Milwaukee for a weekend. Seems her husband 
was quite lucky at Vegas, and they managed to come back 
with their shirts. . . Kimball Avenue Motorman JAMES 
QUON and his family spent one week of his vacation motor- 
ing in Wisconsin... We wish to welcome D. MARTINO and 
D. MARENO to the ranks of North Side janitors. .. North 
Side Trainman N. SIMMONS and Miss MARTHY A. BROWN 
were married on September 4 at ceremonies held in Gary, 
Indiana. To the newlyweds we wish a long and happy mar- 
riage. .. Congratulations to J. J. CUNNINGHAM and Miss 
FRANCES KELLY who were married on August 20 at De 
Paul Catholic church. J. J. is a car repairman at Howard, 
and the best man at the ceremonies was STEVE GUNNING- 
HAM, janitor gang leader. Maid of honor was KAY LYNCH, 
sister of the bride. The reception was held at the Como 
Inn. The bridegroom is looking forward to going muskie 
fishing in October at Haywood, Wisconsin.. .Agent ANNA- 
BELLE DREW went vacationing in Los Angeles, California, 
and Colorado Springs. She visited with her sister in Los 
Angeles. Annabelle said she had a wonderful visit and a 
wonderful flight... North Side Clerk R. LANGLOIS was off 
work due to a sprained ankle he received while climbing 
from the trains in the Linden yard. ..At this writing Clerk 
ORLANDO MENICUCCI is a patient in the Forkosh hospital 
with a throat ailment. We hope it is nothing serious, as 
Menne has a wonderful singing voice. We wish him a 
speedy recovery... Operator FRED LOEBBAKA became ill 
on the job and was taken to St. Francis hospital in Evans- 
ton. We wish him a speedy recovery. Fred is the brother 
of North Side Clerk LOUIS (Red) LOEBBAKA.. .Pensioner 
LOVETTE E. BENTLEY says hello to her friends on the 
North Section, especially Agents ELSIE RIEMER and LIL- 
LIAN EDEL, and Pensioners M. E. DOERGE and JENNY 
McCLAIN. Lovette moved recently to 247 East Alice ave- 
nue, Apt. 3, Phoenix, Arizona 85020. She'd be very happy 
to receive letters from all her friends who wish to write... 
Congratulations to Retired Conductor RICHARD BARTELS 
and his wife, BERTHA, who celebrated their golden wedding 
anniversary on September 24. The Bartels reside in St. 
Petersburg, Florida. 

- 7"«» "Zutit. 


The Division 241 golf outing held on July 19 at St. 
Andrew's was enjoyed by all who attended. Committee 
members FRANK LASKE and BILL LARSEN are to be 
commended for their fine handling of this event. Operator 
RICHARD GUSTAFSON won the trophy that North Park 
awards to the golfer turning in the depot's low net score... 
Operator HAROLD SEDIN spent two weeks in Mobile, Ala- 
bama, visiting his daughter, GEORGINA CLOUGH, and her 
husband, BILL, and their seven children. Bill, a retired 


naval chief petty officer, and Harold engaged in several 
rounds of golf and a few fishing excursions while in Mobile. 
..Clerk JOE DI GIOVANNI and his wife, CONNIE, vaca- 
tioned at Carlinsville, Illinois, where his brother, NICK, 
and his wife, MARY, reside. Also on the agenda were 
visits to Rockford, Lake Geneva, and Milwaukee. ..Operator 
week fishing on Callahan Lake at Hayward, Wisconsin. Don 
and Frank reported that the fishing was good, but the Cutty 
Sark was in slow supply. .. Street Collector RAY KRUML 
can be found three nights a week at the Hub roller rink 
where he is regarded as one of the finest roller skaters in 
the Chicago area. .. Street Collector NICK GASPER, his 
wife, MARY, and their daughter, SHARON, vacationed at 
Lake Winneconna, Wisconsin, where the fishing was ex- 
cellent. Returning home, the Gaspers then traveled to Col- 
lege Park, Maryland, to visit Nick's brother, Doctor CARL 
GASPER. Leaving Maryland, they traveled to Santa Fe, 
New Mexico. . . Operator LE ROY CARR spent two weeks 
with a group of scouts at the Namakokon Scout reservation 
located north of Spooner, Wisconsin. Le Roy's object was 
to teach the scouts cooking, canoeing, camping, and lash- 
ing. While on several canoe trips Le Roy caught his share 
of large mouth bass... Operator CHARLEY KEMP and his 
wife, HELEN, and their son, GARY, spent their vacation at 
their summer home in Brookside, Wisconsin, where a trout 
stream runs along their property. They enjoyed several 
fine trout dinners. ..Operator LYNN BUTLER and his wife, 
ANN, along with their new camper trailer, vacationed at 
Minocqua, Wisconsin. The Butlers, who enjoy camping out, 
reported that they enjoyed meeting people from all over 
the U.S.A. at the different camping sites around the coun- 
try... Operator JUNIOR BROADBENT, at this writing, is at 
home convalescing from recent surgery and hopes to be 
back to work soon.. .Operator TED KINDERMAN has been 
off sick for three months and his wife, MARGIE, has had 
major surgery. We at the depot wish this grand couple a 
rapid recovery. .. Operator LES ISAACSON and his wife, 
ROSELLE, became the proud parents of their first child 
when a daughter named LENA MICHELLE was born on 
July 18 at Weiss Memorial hospital weighing 7 pounds 4 
ounces. ..Supervisor HENRY (Red) GOETZ retired on July 
31 after 36 years of service. Henry, who is moving to Tay- 
cheedah, Wisconsin, P. O. Box 85, invites his many friends 
to stop by and visit. In appreciation of the gift Henry re- 
ceived from his friends, he would like to convey his sincere 
thanks to all who participated. ..Operator ED BOWLER re- 
tired on July 31 after 29 years of service. Ed's plans for 
the future are to relax and possibly a trip to Ireland. ..Op- 
erator EMERY HAYDEN retired on July 31 after 26 years 
of service as a motorman and bus operator. Emery, who 
lives in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, will now pursue his hob- 
by of fishing and gardening... Carpenter ARNOLD WALKER 
retired on July 31 after 28 years of service as a motor- 
man, bus operator, and carpenter. Arnold has been looking 
at houses in Florida, but no decision has been made as yet. 
. . Happy birthdays are extended to CONNIE DI GIOVAN- 
NI and PEARL KRINKE. .. Repair Department Chit Chat: 
The following are enjoying vacations at this writing and we 
wish them a good time: Foreman PHIL O'CONNOR, In- 
WICKI, and Electrician RICHARD ROCH... Clerk EARNIE 
LOTITO and his family vacationed at Colorado Springs, 
Colorado, and throughout the West. Another outstanding job 




was turned in at the garage by Clerk JOHN BILLIS who re- 
placed Earnie. . .Assistant Foreman JOHN HENNELY and 
his wife, ANN, and daughter, MARION, drove around the 
Lake Michigan area and were impressed with the sights at 
Mackinac Island and Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan... Service- 
man RED STAUNTON vacationed at Acapulco, Mexico, and 
had a ball water skiing and enjoying the senoritas... Ser- 
viceman TOM CHIOVINO flew to California on his vacation 
and enjoyed his stay at Los Angeles. .. Repairman LOUIS 
GRABOWSKI suffered a bad bruise on the lower part of his 
back when he was unseated on a recent horseback excursion 
that he did not enjoy... The garage welcome mat is extended 
to Repairman JOHN KASPAREK. . . Instructor WALTER 
HALLFORD and his wife, BERNICE, visited the Smoky 
Mountains on their vacation. Also on the agenda were vis- 
its to Mountain Home, where they stopped to see Pensioner 
ERNIE PIERSON, then on to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Port 
Arthur, Texas. . . Assistant Foreman ANDY KARIOLICH 
traveled to New York City to visit his daughter, Mrs. 
DENISE FRER, his son-in-law, Dr. ANTHONY FRER, and 
his granddaughter, ALLISON. ..A hearty welcome is extend- 
ed to DENNIS MARZECZ, our new combination clerk on the 
a.m. shift. ..The Transit News dinner was held at the M&M 
Club on September 10. It was a very nice affair, and BOB 
HEINLEIN and his staff should be commended for their 
good work in making this evening a perfect one... Congratu- 
lations are extended to the 107 operators at North Park 
who were selected for "Employee of the Year" awards. 
The names of these men are posted on the bulletin board 
for all to see... We take this opportunity to welcome ALEX 
JOHNSON back to North Park where he is now station su- 
perintendent. Mr. Johnson invites his many friends, old 
and new, to stop in and visit him at any time. We also wish 
Superintendent ROBERT KEAG continued success at North 
Avenue Depot where he was transferred as station super- 
intendent. Mr. Keag would like to thank everyone for their 
fine efforts and cooperation while he was superintendent at 
North Park... The Sambruca Club of Chicago will hold their 
annual dinner dance on Saturday, October 30, at Chateau 
Royale on West Chicago avenue. The chairman of this af- 
fair will be Operator PAT SCIORTINO, assisted by Opera- 
MUSCARELLO. The proceeds from this fine event will be 
used to provide scholarships for needy children. ..GAIL, the 
daughter of Serviceman GEORGE and GRACE SERITELLA, 
was married on Saturday, August 14, to Mr. ROBERT 
BORECKI at St. Edward's church. The reception was held 
at Mr. Kelly's on West Irving Park, and attended by 200 
guests. The young couple honeymooned at Cove Haven in 
the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania. . . JEAN and MIA 
VRANKEN of Beek, Holland, spent a month's vacation with 
Operator PETER WILLENSEN and his wife, ANNIE, Jean's 
sister. The Vrankens were very impressed with the many 
beautiful sights of Chicago. ..Operator SAL MUSCARELLO 
managed the Minor "B" Giants baseball team at Horner 
Park where they had 14 straight victories. Sal's son, SAL 
Jr., was a member of this undefeated team, and was one of 
the mainstays of the group. A banquet was held at Gordon 
Tech and trophies were awarded to the team. . . A recent 
visitor at North Park was Pensioner PAUL GUNTHER who 
is now living at 2530 Taylor street, Hollywood, Florida. 
Paul sends his regards to all his friends and invites anyone 
visiting Florida to drop by and visit. ..KENNETH POSNER, 
the son of Operator SAM POSNER, passed his Certified 
Public Accountant examination and will begin work for an 
accounting firm in the Loop.. .The rumor of the day is that 
Operator HAROLD JULITZ was stopped at the Missouri 


State border and his fishing gear and icebox were given a 
thorough check to see how many undersize fish Harold was 
bringing home from Forsyth. . . TOM MARCHISOTTO, the 
son of Operator PETE and FELICIA MARCHISOTTO, was 
married on Sunday, August 19, to Miss MARIA LUPE at 
Immaculate Heart of Mary church. The reception was held 
at Ferrara Manor and was attended by 150 guests. The 
young couple honeymooned throughout Europe. . . Operator 
JOE CITRO and his wife, THERESA, flew to Honolulu, 
Hawaii, on their vacation. The Citros visited the islands 
of Hilo, Maui, and Kauai. The Citros enjoyed visits to 
Pearl Harbor, the sugar refineries, pineapple fields, the 
different night clubs, and many restaurants on the islands. 
..Mrs. EDNA BENSON, the mother of Operator DAVID 
BENSON, and the wife of Operator ROBERT BENSON, 
Limits, was hospitalized at Edgewater hospital for major 
surgery and at this writing is recovering satisfactorily... 
Operator HAROLD (Red) HANSEN was hospitalized at 
Weiss Memorial hospital for major surgery and at this 
writing is recovering and looking forward to returning to 
work. . . Happy anniversaries are extended to: Operator 
JOHN COSGROVE and his wife, HELEN, their 30th; Opera- 
tor WILLIAM STEENSPRING and his wife, DOLLY, their 
42nd; Operator LYNN BUTLER and his wife, ANN, their 
17th; Operator HILLARD DERENGOWSKI and his wife, 
their 21st; Operator HENRY THELIN and his wife, HAR- 
RIET, their 31st, and Superintendent JACK MORRIS and 
his wife, DOROTHY, their 42nd.. .Happy birthdays are ex- 
tended to the following: Operators RICHARD HALLIGAN, 
Supervisor GEORGE HAND, Mrs. MERVA HAND, Mrs. 
KOZIOL.. .Operator LES NELAND retired on October 1 af- 
ter 37 years of service. Les and his wife, PEGGY, will be 
doing lots of traveling and fishing from now on.. .Operator 
WALLACE BRADLEY retired on October 1 after working 
for 43 years. His plans for the future call for traveling 
and a chance to attend the Kentucky Derby sessions for the 
39th consecutive year. 

OPERATIONS (Transportation) - 

MARTY LUKES and his wife, SHIRLEY, and their chil- 
dren went to Gun Lake in Michigan for two weeks. They 
were accompanied by Shirley's brother and his family. 
They went water skiing every day, went boating, swimming, 
got a lot of sun, and Marty even got out on the golf course a 
few times. The second week, CARL SCHMOOK, a bus op- 
erator out of Archer Station, and his wife joined the group. 
They went to enjoy their grandchildren and the scenery. 
Everyone had a real good time. . . BILL DOEDEN and his 
wife drove to Missouri for two weeks of fun and relaxation. 
They stopped at Table Rock Lake where Bill tried his luck 
fishing. When asked what he caught, all he said was the 
fishing was lousy. They went on to the Ozarks where they 
stayed for five days. The weather was nice and so was 
their vacation... JERRY JOHNSON and his wife, RAYE, and 
their four children drove to Arkansas on their vacation. 
They, too, tried their luck at fishing and enjoyed the good 
old-fashioned hospitality out there. His son had the most 
fun because he caught his first fish.. .The RACKER family 
recently made the most of a weekend when they drove down 
to Springfield to attend the State Fair, which they really 
enjoyed. They also liked traveling through the southern 




part of our state, stopping at several places along the way. 
..JAMES R. TUCKER just returned from a three-week va- 
cation during which time he did a lot of traveling. He be- 
gan his trip by driving to Lebanon, Tennessee, and then to 
Nashville where he visited friends and relatives for about 
five days. He returned home for a few days of rest and 
took off again. He went to Vermillion, South Dakota, where 
he spent two days visiting with JOHN WHELTON, a retired 
conductor and one man car operator who started at Noble 
Depot in 1915. It was on to the Bad Lands and Black Hills, 
then to Virginia City where he visited a friend and his son's 
family, and to Nevada City, Montana. On his way back 
home he made stops at Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Laramie, 
Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Minden, Nebraska, to conclude a 
very nice vacation... Your scribe and her parents, FRANK 
and ROSE SZCZEPANEK, went to Springstead, Wisconsin, 
for a week of relaxation. Believe it or not, fishing was 
good until the rain and cool weather arrived. We caught 
some nice size crappies and bass which we brought home 
with us. Even though the weather could have been better, 
we had a wonderful time. ..RUSSELL ELDERKIN Jr. worked 
his way to the finals of the Illinois State Tennis tournament. 
He competed in an age group of boys ten years of age and 
over, finishing second in a field of 24 boys. Congratula- 
tions! Sure looks like he is following in his father's foot- 
steps. ..We wish KATHY KRUEGER the best of luck in her 
new job in the Engineering Department, and would like to 
welcome LORRAINE BRAZZLE back to Transportation. A 
couple other new people in our department are JESSE 
BARKER, information clerk, and CATHERINE KUDELKA, 
telephone operator. We are happy to have you with us and 
wish all of you the best in your new jobs. ..On August 1, 
RAYMOND STRATTON, information clerk, began his re- 
tirement. He plans to take life easy, relax, and enjoy him- 
self. On September 1, Line Supervisor BURCHARD W. 
POGUE also joined the ranks of the retired. Coffee and 
cake was served at an open house honoring him on August 
31. Many of his friends came to wish him well and pre- 
sented him with a gift. We extend our wishes to both of you 
for a very happy and healthy retirement. ..On Sunday, Au- 
were united in holy matrimony at 5:00 p.m. in the Norwood 
Park United Methodist church. Many friends attended the 
reception which was held at the Belvedere, and all had a 
good time. The newly weds spent their honeymoon traveling 
through numerous states. Congratulations and best wishes 
are extended to the happy couple, and to BOB and JUNE 
QUETSCHKE, the parents. .. Our sympathy is extended to 
ELI FREEDMAN whose father, LEO, passed away. Funeral 
services were held on Tuesday, August 24. Interment was 
at Shalom Memorial Park cemetery. 

(Utility and Emergency Service) - 

Retiree PETE CARPENO stopped in to say hello and let 
us know that he is making arrangements for a mobile home 
in sunny Florida. .. PAT PORCELIUS vacationed in that 
lively place called Las Vegas. He saw some shows and 
many performers, and even tried his luck. Pat didn't hit 
the jackpot, but had a good time anyway. . . Mr. and Mrs. 
O. W. JOHNSON spent their vacation at various places in 
Wisconsin enjoying the scenery. ..We are happy to see that 
T. KRAUS is back to work after an extended illness, and 
hope that he is feeling great... We would like to extend our 
sympathy to AL SCHMIDT whose father recently passed 
away, and to BOB CASEY whose brother-in-law passed 
away...C. OLDHAM and H. WOODS are back to work again 
after spending some time at camp with the National Guard. 


(Traffic Planning) - 

Congratulations and the best of luck to JIM TOOLIS who 
recently transferred to the Purchasing Department... TOM 
LORENZ began his vacation by flying to Miami on a big 
747 jet. From there he went to the Port of Miami where he 
boarded the ocean liner Freeport. Tom spent a week in 
Freeport, Nassau, and Miami doing a lot of sightseeing, 
swimming, and relaxing. He had beautiful weather and a 
real good vacation... NANCY JOHNSON and her husband are 
the proud owners of a raised ranch house in Woodridge, 
Illinois. She has a lot more house to clean now and a spa- 
cious front and back yard to work in. Congratulations and 
the best of luck in your new home. 


It is always sad to have to say goodbye to a co-worker. 
In this case it is ED COATES who retired on August 1 after 
having been with CTA for 45 years. He was presented with 
a beautiful television set, which he proudly displayed in his 
office, along with a lovely golf club tie clasp. We wish Ed 
many years of enjoyment in his retirement. ..Congratula- 
tions to BOB McCARTHY on his recent promotion as as- 
sistant to the superintendent of Purchasing, replacing Mr. 
Coates. Congratulations are also in order for JIM TOOLIS 
who replaced Bob as a buyer in the Purchasing Depart- 
ment.. .A belated "welcome" to GEORGE HAENISCH, grad- 
uate trainee in the Specifications Department. We're really 
sorry about the delay, George, but we're still thinking of 
you.. .ROD DAUGHERTY, Specifications, and his wife, BEE, 
spent several days in Walterboro, South Carolina, with 
their two children, DELLA and KEITH, who are twins. 
Delia and Keith took part in their cousin's wedding, Delia 
being flower girl, and Keith was the ringbearer. On their 
return trip to Chicago, the Daughertys stopped in Kentucky 
to explore Mammoth Cave. . . A luncheon was held in the 
M&M Club in the Merchandise Mart on July 29 in honor of 
THERESA BARRY who retired on August 1 after 23 years 
of service with CTA. She was presented with some lovely 
gifts. We wish Theresa many happy hours in her future 
retirement years... The "welcome mat" is extended to 
WILLIAM SIEJA who replaced TOM RYAN as clerk II in 
Stores, G.O. Tom was transferred to South Shops as stock 
clerk I. Bill formerly worked in the CTA Mail Room in the 
Mart. Glad to have you with our team, Bill. ..It's always 
nice to hear of additions to families — and this month we 
are joyous indeed on hearing that former stenographer in 
Stores, G.O., LYNN BELL, recently had her second child, 
a baby boy. CHARLES ROBERT BELL Jr. greeted his 
family with a smile on August 3 weighing in at 7 pounds 9 
ounces. His father, CHUCK, is in the Electrical Depart- 
ment. Chuck stated, "Our son will enter Notre Dame uni- 
versity in about 18 years and will be their number one 
football star!" Hope your wishes come true, Chuck and 
Lynn, and the best to the four of you.. .GEORGE MIKOTA, 
assistant to superintendent of Stores, gave everyone in the 
office a scare upon his return from vacation. He informed 
us that he was replacing the roofing on his garage and lost 
his footing. He's still wondering how his leg happened to 
go through the roof — but none of us will ever know. No 
serious injury occurred as a result of his unfortunate ex- 
perience, just a sore knee.. .J. T. HARTY, superintendent 
of Stores, spent a very delightful week with his family. He 
romped around with the grandchildren; and although he 
feels it in spots, he stated he enjoyed himself very much. 




Glad to hear that, Mr. Harty...Your co-reporter, JOHN 
GILL, almost seems a stranger to Stores, G.O. After all, 
he spent a five-week vacation in Ireland. John arrived at 
Shannon airport where he was greeted by his wife, two 
children, and his brother-in-law. They stayed at his wife's 
parents' home. They visited friends and relatives in Lim- 
erick and County Mayo ; and they got to view Ashford Cas- 
tle. The Gill family joined in the merry festivities held in 
the Old Shilling, a singing pub in Dublin. They were kept 
busy much of their stay and even attended a wedding in 
Castlebar when his wife's sister became the happy bride. 
Two nights were spent in a trailer on the beach by the At- 
lantic Ocean. John says he even tried his hand at milking a 
cow, but apparently the cow was in no mood for it kicked 
the bucket and the milk spilled all over the place! Practice 
makes perfect, John. John's wife and children spent an 
extra two weeks in Ireland, but John was not so lucky... 
Our CHESTER SKORA, Stores, G.O., stayed in the states 
while on his vacation. He and his wife, CHARLOTTE, 
traveled to Florida where they visited St. Augustine and 
Clearwater and got to take in plenty of sun and swimming. 
While in Silver Springs, they took a ride in a glass-bottom 
boat. At one point on their vacation, they drove up to a gas 
station where they were greeted by a young lady in hot 
pants dispensing gasoline. Gas up, boys!. .MARY CAHILL, 
Stores, G.O., is a volunteer worker for the U.S.O. In July, 
she was among approximately 75 others chosen as guests 
on the largest coast guard cutter in Lake Michigan at the 
time of the start of the annual Mackinaw sailboat races. 
Mary had a doubly enjoyable time, as her boyfriend is in 
the coast guard and was on one of the tugboats that ac- 
companied the contestants as a precautionary measure 
during the race. ..The second annual Purchasing, Specifi- 
cations and Stores, G.O., picnic was a huge success ! About 
40 people attended. Brezina Woods was the site for the fun 
that day. CECILIA TRUCCO, Stores, directed this picnic 
and arranged all the games. Eating was definitely on top of 
the agenda. There was a rope-pulling contest (Co-reporter 
JOHN GILL was elated that the side he was on lost), and a 
water balloon throw (the girls were wet from this one). 
Other activities, such as badminton and darts, were also 
enjoyed. We hope the picnic we plan for next year will be 
an even greater success. ..ART EGGERT, divisional store- 
keeper, Stores, South, and his wife, STEPHANIE, roamed 
all over Wisconsin, sightseeing for two weeks. Their main 
point of interest, however, was in Manitowish. Upon their 
return, Art and Stephanie took their daughter, MURIEL, 
who also works for CTA, and her husband, JERRY, to 
dinner to celebrate Art and Stephanie's 33rd year together. 
Wow! That's a long time together, and we just know you'll 
both enjoy the next 33 years together just as much. ..JACK 
GUBBINS, assistant divisional storekeeper, South Shops, as 
of this writing is spending his vacation in Bakersfield, 
California. He's visiting with his sister and her family. 
We'll have more details in the next issue... CHARLES BEN- 
NETT, stock clerk I, South Shops, got a chance on his vaca- 
tion to do something he's long been waiting for — to paint his 
house; Stock Clerk II HANK BRANDENBURG painted his 
house, also, and TONY VELCICH, stock clerk II, has just 
returned from a trip to Acapulco. Tony learned how to 
water ski while he was there. He states that the weather 
and girls were great. . . GRANVILLE CHEATHAM, stock 
clerk I, South Shops, went fishing in Savannah, Illinois, and 
caught nine northern pike. Each of them weighed 7 to 8 
pounds. He says, "Next time I'll try to catch more fish and 
larger ones, too. "..Apparently Ireland had much to offer 
this year, for not only did JOHN GILL have a good time 


there--so did three other employees who work in Stores. 
First, JOHN SHERIDAN, stock clerk I, South Shops, vaca- 
tioned there for three glorious weeks. He traveled alone 
and toured southern Ireland. John visited County Sligo and 
also Dublin, and visited with his mother. John says it is 
one of the most wonderful vacations he has ever had, and 
we're glad that he enjoyed himself so much. Second, PAT 
CANNON, laborer, Storeroom 48, decided to tour the Irish 
countryside, also. Pat says he ordered a car for his arriv- 
al at Shannon airport, and when he got there, a donkey was 
waiting for him ! He traveled all over Ireland visiting with 
his relatives. This was Pat's second visit to Ireland. On 
the plane with Pat was Pensioner DICK CAULEY, formerly 
of Transportation Department; PATRICK NALY, Black- 
smith Shop at South Shops, with his wife and children, and 
JOSEPH KILCULLEN, fork lift operator, Stores, South, 
with his wife and children. Joe and his wife and three chil- 
dren just loved their vacation in Ireland. They went to the 
Blarney Castle where they kissed the Blarney Stone. Joe 
says those four weeks they spent there, which included 
boating and fishing, among other things, were beautiful and 
the children just loved their very first plane ride... May 11, 
1946, is just another date to you and I, but to GEORGE 
LINDEN, assistant divisional storekeeper at Skokie, and 
his wife, MILDRED, it marked their first 25 years of 
wedded bliss. A party was held in their home with their 
family and close friends. We wish you both 25 more years 
of happiness. Also, our sympathy is extended to George 
and his family on the passing of his brother. ..PAUL JAN- 
KOWSKI, stock clerk I, Storeroom 43, returned to Spooner, 
Wisconsin, for more fishing. This time he and his friends 
caught 47 northern pike, one of which Paul presented to 
MIKE KORZEN, divisional storekeeper II, Skokie. Paul 
also went on a sea-plane ride which he says was really 
fun. We're very happy to hear the news that Paul presented 
INGRID BOES, Public Information, with a sparkling dia- 
mond ring on June 8 at the Golden Horns Steak House. Paul 
met Ingrid while he worked in the Employment Department 
in the Mart. The wedding date is set for June 10 of '72. 
. . G. S. GRAYBIEL, superintendent of Stores, Specifica- 
tions & Purchasing, spent his vacation visiting colleges with 
his daughter. After driving 4,600 miles and stopping at 18 
different colleges, they had plenty of time to stop and visit 
with relatives in the Midwestern and Rocky Mountain 
States. ..ANN JOBARIS, purchasing clerk I, has returned to 
work after a lovely vacation with her daughter, MARIANNE, 
in California. In San Francisco they ate in Chinatown. 
They also visited Disneyland and Garden Grove, where Ann 
has relatives. They continued onward to Las Vegas where 
they saw Sammy Davis Jr. perform, then stopped at Lake 
Mead and Boulder Dam. Unfortunately their luggage was 
lost on the return trip and still has not been recovered. 
Ann also tells us that Marianne recently became engaged. 
Congratulations, Marianne!.. BILL SIEJA, clerk I, went to 
school on his vacation. Bill drove his son, MARK, who 
worked at Wilson Shops during the summer, to the Univer- 
sity of Illinois at Champaign where he will study to be- 
come a chemist. . . After a relaxing two-week vacation, 
JOAN THOMAS, clerk III, is back from Teaneck, New Jer- 
sey, where she visited her sister. Although Joan got some 
rest, her sister kept her busy seeing the sights, such as the 
Bronx Zoo, Palisades Park, a three-hour boat ride off 
Manhattan, the United Nations Building, and for a very long 
stroll down Fifth avenue. .. JOHN LARKIN, specifications 
engineer, and his wife spent their vacation trying out their 
new camper. They were in Door County and Westboro, 
Wisconsin, where they encountered clear weather on all but 




one day... Condolences are extended to DON BUDOFF, stock 
clerk II, Storeroom 48, and his wife on the passing of Don's 
father-in-law. . . It seems as though this is the year for 
California. JACK GUBBINS, assistant divisional store- 
keeper, was also in California. He stayed in Bakersfield 
and went to Disneyland, Big Bear Mountain, and Balance 
Rock. Jack said he had a good time... In closing, we would 
like to include comments from former Co-reporter CATHY 
CLOUGH who left CTA to await a visit from the stork 
during January: "Thanks, everyone, for making my short 
year as a Transit News reporter so enjoyable, and for 
making this task so easy. I've enjoyed it so much that I 
will really miss it! It's so nice to keep up on all the hap- 
penings around the CTA locations. Again, thanks, but no 
goodbyes are necessary, just so long for now." 

- (?■ ealta 7vca* & foU $itl 


Double congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. TED SWIDER, 
Howard, on the birth of twins on August 15. Ted's wife 
presented him with a daughter and a son, each tipping the 
scale at 7 pounds. Incidentally, this is their second set of 
twins... A surprise visit was paid by Pensioner FRANK 
LITTLE. Frank, who retired about ten years ago, stopped 
in to see his friends at Kimball... Congratulations to JOHN 
DANIELS, Congress, who became a grandfather. John re- 
ceived the good news from his son, Marine Lt. DENNIS 
LEE DANIELS, that his grandson, SHANE, was born on July 
9 and weighed in at 6 pounds 1 ounce... Safety does pay off 
as it did for A. GIBSON, Congress, who won a $5 certificate 
during the safety award celebration at Congress terminal... 
Vacations north and south of the Mason-Dixon Line were 
enjoyed by J. CANNELLA who went to Hot Springs, Arkan- 
sas, and D. SANDUK, Congress, who journeyed to Minneso- 
ta. ..Congratulations to M. STOSICH on his promotion to re- 
pairman and his new position at Wilson... Best wishes for a 
speedy recovery are sent to Pensioner A. LONG who is re- 
cuperating at home after undergoing a gall bladder opera- 
tion. Hope to see him up and around real soon. ..Congratu- 
lations to R. STYBURSKI on his promotion to machinist at 
Skokie... Welcome to L. BONIFAY, new serviceman at Con- 
gress... Our sincere sympathy is extended to the family of 
LOUIS COLLINS, Wilson, who passed away on August 12... 
Sorry to hear that M. GALLAGHER, R. HOLMES, and C. 
GUSICK, Wilson, are on the sick list... Stories of how the 
big ones got away are being told by H. LOOMIS, Wilson, 
who spent his vacation fishing in the lakes of Wisconsin... A 
hearty welcome is extended to new Repairmen F. MIFFIN 
and M. STOSICH, and new Car Serviceman T. BERNERO 
from all the boys at Wilson... CTA American Legion Post 
1216 held their annual elections with the following results: 
Commander, PETER SABADOSA; Senior Vice Commander, 
TENBERG; Finance Officer, EDWARD SHIELDS; Adjutant, 
JOHN TRACY; Chaplain, FRANK BRISON; Medical Officer, 
Dr. GEORGE IRWIN, and Service Officer, JOHN CANNEL- 
LA. Good luck to all of you in your new positions. All the 
members of Post 1216 wish to thank the committee who ran 
the Skokie Shops picnic. Everyone had a wonderful time 
and they are all looking forward to next year... Warm and 
wonderful mid-summer vacations were enjoyed by M. 
J. RUIZ, and V. COX, Wilson.. .A note to all our sports- 


minded friends—JERRY McDONOUGH, Congress, is form- 
ing a bowling team and anyone wishing to join should con- 
tact him. 

A retirement party was given by the boys at 61st Street 
for Repairman F. NEALY who retired on August 31 after 
35 years of service. Best wishes for continued health and 
happiness. . . Glad to see that G. MICHAUD, clerk at 61st 
Street, is back at work after being on the sick list for three 
months... Indian summer is a beautiful time for a vacation 
as proven by L. CARR, G. PLEASENT, J. SHANAHAN, S. 
BUTLER, J. BURFORD, and H. CARTER, 61st Street... 
Congratulations to LENA and DENNIS PAPALEO, Con- 
gress, on the birth of their son, SCOTT, on August 19. 
Daddy's pride and joy tipped the scale at 8 pounds \Z\ 
ounces and stretched the measure to 20f inches. All the 
boys say "thank you" for the cigars. ..A tropical paradise 
set the vacation scene for W. BEHRENS, Congress, and 
family who spent two weeks in Hawaii. ..Atlantic City and 
the famous Boardwalk were vacation attractions for M. 
VASQUEZ, Congress, and family. ..M. KEATING, Congress, 
is back at work after a short vacation... Congratulations to 
Mr. and Mrs. E. CIARDULO, sister and brother-in-law of 
JOHN CANNELLA, Congress, who celebrated their 35th 
wedding anniversary on September 6. ..HERMAN IZZO and 
his wife spent a ten-day vacation in Hawaii visiting with 
their son, EDWARD, who is stationed at the submarine 
base in Pearl Harbor... PETER SABADOSA and his family 
spent a week's vacation at an Indiana resort. Everyone had 
a wonderful time. . .Congratulations to E. STAMBORSKI, 
clerk at Kimball, who became a grandfather. His daughter, 
KAREN WITTMAN of North Ridgeville, Ohio, presented 
him with a grandson on August 7. Grandpa's delight 
weighed in at 7 pounds 5 ounces... After 35 years of ser- 
vice, R. JANICKI, Kimball, retired on September 1. In the 
past, Ray was active in Division 308 and served as com- 
mitteeman for the Shops and Equipment Department. . .A 
hearty welcome to new car serviceman at Kimball, VITO 
McPARTLAN, Kimball, spent their vacations starting on 
fall clean-up. ..Resting and enjoying the end of the baseball 
season is how Q. BONDS, W. THORNTON, L. STEWART, C. 
NELSON, and G. NICHOLSON, Dan Ryan, spent their vaca- 
tions... The boys at Dan Ryan want to know why there are 
never any scores from the Friday night golf games between 
SHELDON RITA. Does anyone ever win ? . . Late summer 
vacations were enjoyed by LARRY MONOGHAN, DOMINIC 
MECA, and M. BUCHANAN of Wilson. 


WILLIAM P. DEVEREUX retired on October 1. Bill 
joined the CSL on October 8, 1928, as a traffic checker. He 
was promoted to schedule clerk in 1935 and to supervisor 
of schedule clerks in 1945. The schedule maker classifi- 
cation became Bill's in 1950, and it lasted until his retire- 
ment. An open house was held in honor of Bill on Septem- 
ber 10, and his numerous friends joined his co-workers in 
wishing him a healthy, happy, and long lasting retired life. 
. . ED JOYCE and his wife drove to Wisconsin to spend a 




HOWARD S. ANGELL, 74, Way & Structures, 

Emp. 4-13-23, Died 7-19-71 
DAVID BAY OR, 84, Lake Street, 

Emp. 9-24-23, Died 7-22-71 
PATRICK J. CASEY, 83, 69th Street, 

Emp. 2-9-10, Died 7-19-71 

Emp. 5-20-25, Died 7-2-71 
LOUIS COLLINS, 57, Wilson Shop, 

Emp. 10-30-45, Died 8-12-71 
DANIEL CONSIDINE, 68, 69th Street, 

Emp. 8-26-41, Died 7-6-71 
JAMES K. DEMEREST, 66, North Section, 

Emp. 1-4-27, Died 7-6-71 
JOHN P. DOLAN, 59, Beverly, 

Emp. 2-16-31, Died 7-24-71 
RAYMOND A. DOUGHERTY, 77, North Section, 

Emp. 6-26-22, Died 7-1-71 
JOHN A. ENGBERG, 72, South Shops, 

Emp. 1-22-29, Died 7-25-71 
ARTHUR E. FRILLMAN, 83, North Section, 

Emp. 11-21-08, Died 7-29-71 
OTTO A. GIESE, 78, Keeler, 

Emp. 6-13-27, Died 7-2-71 
JAMES E. GORMAN, 74, North Section, 

Emp. 1-9-30, Died 7-26-71 
HENRY HARRIS, 62, South Section, 

Emp. 12-4-50, Died 9-8-71 
NORA HAYES, 76, West Section, 

Emp. 7-8-47, Died 7-31-71 
THOMAS HIGGINS, 72, 77th Street, 

Emp. 10-2-42, Died 7-4-71 
CARL A. HIRSCHNER, 70, Electrical, 

Emp. 4-1-48, Died 7-30-71 

WILLIAM C. JENSEN, 81, Cottage Grove, 

Emp. 2-11-11, Died 7-4-71 
JOHN H. KEIL, 83, Lake Street, 

Emp. 11-9-10, Died 7-19-71 
FELDC S. MARACICH, 82, 77th Street, 

Emp. 4-1-20, Died 7-13-71 
FRED MEURER, 74, Keeler, 

Emp. 3-14-24, Died 7-12-71 
ACHILLES MIRABELLI, 69, Electrical, 

Emp. 3-7-21, Died 8-1-71 
CHARLES H. MOSCHGAT, 57, Engineering, 

Emp. 5-4-42, Died 9-1-71 
JAMES NAUDEN, 56, 52nd Street, 

Emp. 2-6-35, Died 7-3-71 
LEROY E. OWENS, 63, Forest Glen, 

Emp. 1-3-46, Died 7-19-71 
WILLIAM C. RAABER, 64, South Shops, 

Emp. 10-9-28, Died 6-28-71 
FRANK RAIO, 80, Laramie, 

Emp. 5-9-21, Died 7-18-71 
FRANK SHERMAN, 74, Archer Avenue, 

Emp. 12-28-22, Died 7-18-71 
FRANK G. SIMEK, 53, North Section, 

Emp. 8-30-46, Died 7-27-71 

Emp. 3-1-08, Died 7-8-71 
ILIJA E. TOMOVICH, 78, Way & Structures, 

Emp. 11-20-30, Died 7-23-71 
JOHN T. URBAN, 64, Schedule-Traffic, 

Emp. 2-5-30, Died 8-9-71 
LESLIE H. WHITING, 68, 77th Street, 

Emp. 8-28-42, Died 7-5-71 
JOSEPH M. WIGGINTON, 83, South Section, 

Emp. 9-17-07, Died 7-9-71 

week of their vacation with his niece and her family... Happy 
birthday to Superintendent L. C. DUTTON, Assistant Su- 
perintendent R. N. GOLDSTEIN, and Bill Devereux who all 
had birthdays